2PM “A.D.T.O.Y” – Vote for it Here!


So, we just talked about the name of the song, which we don’t like, but we didn’t talk about how much we like this song. IT’S SO MUCH BETTER THAN THEIR FIRST SONG WITH AN ALSO AWKWARD NAME. This song is really, really catchy, and Martina’s been singing it all day. There’s a lot to say about the video as well, which will – surely – result in Fangurilla taking over majority of the show so she can scream. Still, this song isn’t as overwhelming and bombastic and explosive a return as we’ve been anticipating from 2PM, but it’s still a damned good song. Just something totally different from what we thought we’d hear from them. We’re still happy, though! What are your thoughts? Pick one: ADTOY or CBWYHTS.

LC9 “MaMa Beat” – Vote for it Here!


Ok, so, yes, this is strikingly similar to B.A.P.’s “Warrior.” We were even told that this was supposedly the same set? We don’t know. Can’t confirm it, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. Where is this set, anyway? We need to start WANKing at Kpop Music Video sets. Anyhow, the B.A.P-ness of this video aside, how funky awesome is this song, eh? EH? I’m Canadian! Answer me when I say Eh! Speaking of being Canadian – particularly, a Torontonian – supposedly Toronto’s mayor smokes crack. How many of you can say you have a crackhead for a mayor? Didn’t think so.

Yes, that was unrelated. I’ve drank a lot of coffee between the paragraph on 2PM and this paragraph, and I’m feeling hyper. Both of those songs are great. I’m not really even sure which one I like more. 2PM’s song is really good, but I’m biased to funkiness. And this sounds like Video Game funkiness as well. It’s very 8 bit. I dunno. What I can say, though, is that this is one of the coolest debut songs I’ve heard in a long time, apart from Warrior. I would say the same about EXO, but I don’t know what their debut song actually was, because there are so many names for different songs and what the crap I don’t know. What is Love is the greatest song of all time is all you need to know, Debut or not. This song, though not the G.O.A.T., is still really cool :D

9Muses “Wild” – Vote for it Here!


Hey. Who noticed that awesome jersey in this video? You know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, check the video and come back to me. Ha! That jersey’s awesome. Problem is, boys can’t wear something like that. It’s creepy when guys are called perverts, but for a girl to have a pervert sign on doesn’t seem as icky, no? Just me? A guy can see a girl with a pervert shirt on and be like “pooh that’s kinky!” but switch it around and girls might be like “ewww gross.” Ladies? Am I right. Wait: I’m gonna ask Martina. She’s sitting across the table from me now. Wait a sec.

Just confirmed it. Yep: she says it’s creepy, like the guy would try to look up her shirt or something. Hmm. Interesting.

Anyhow, this video’s super sexy and I’d love to re-enact the scenes for you and destroy any arousal you might feel for the next 6 months. I DON’T THINK YOU READY FOR THIS JELLY MY BODY’S TOO BOOTYLICIOUS FOR YOU BABE. Question: why didn’t my computer autocorrect or even underline Bootylicious for me? Is that really a word now?

  1. Lol, they are Canadian, not from the US, but I certainly understand what you mean. Hell, there are so many different permutations of English around the world that it is ridiculous. I live and teach in the Caribbean and today I had to explain to my students the difference in meaning of the English word ‘ ignorant’ and our dialect bastardisation of the word ‘ igrant’. Fun times language, fun times.

    • OMG! I almost wrote at the end …you’re probably from Canada! To tell the truth I tend to just include them in any conversation about North America. Canadians are kind of like cousins whose place in the family tree we can’t quite figure out.

  2. Oh! Oh! Washington D.C. had a mayor that smoked crack! Twinsies!

    I know I’m not the only person hearing “booty ya” over and over again with that 2 p.m. song.

  3. English Major Bartender in the house whoot whoot!!

  4. A.D.T.O.Y. is awesome! I love the vibe it gives off, its so…Omph!!

    Oh and Wild is awesome too! THe song is too catchy for words! It’s so good!!! Ah! I can’t pick!!!

    Martina! Your eye makeup looks GREAT!

  5. I have to admit, I really enjoy the T&A poses at 1:18 in 2pm’s video. That’s now my favorite dance move from any boy band video.

  6. Agreed. I mean, we do have the very MANLY effect, but this is even more bad ass, BAP was badass with their brutal dances, here LC9 are brutal in the video
    very cool

  7. *raises hand* I like violence

  8. Nope~ I’m here :DDD
    I liked that violence hehe, and the electro beat is awesome. I’ve been watching and listening to this song all week xD

  9. I like Living Person. It’s a beautiful song that showcases their good vocals

  10. 2PM song is soooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood not just caz I’m a hottest :D

  11. Those 2 things sound just like my brother who majored in English.

  12. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the fact that THREE OUT OF THE THREE videos this week has English subs. How awesome is that?

  13. “a donkey tickels Onew’s yoohoo” ahahahahahahahahahah!!! oh my gosh i’m crying!!!
    i clicked on this from twitter and was thinking what the hell are you guys on about?? (i was even more curious since it was about a SHINee member!!)
    poor Onew…..not knowing how his ‘yoohoo’ is being talked about!! ahaha!!!

    O_O that LC9 mv………freakin’ creepy!!! yeah i’m not the kind who wants to watch a music video and see someone with an axe in them!!!
    the video made me think of Fight Club! (even though i watched that movie like maybe more than 10 years ago so i don’t actually remember it that well!!!)

  14. Hmm I don’t think I’d even thought of BAP watching LC9 if Martina wouldn’t have mentioned BAP. Only resemble to me is scenery where they are fighting… and that’s about it XD

    • I didn’t see the similarities that Martina saw, but I was reminded of BAP because 1) they didn’t debut with a cutesy sort of video and 2) I’ve got BAP on the brain :P lol

      • Well yea they have quite badass image. But I thought I was gonna find more similarities but they don’t sound like BAP at all and they didn’t even have dance XD Closer resemble’d be Block B since they have this more of this gang image when BAP are alien-warrior-bunnies XDD

  15. BILASA was in previous week’s kpopchart update. Kpopchart update isn’t for what songs are top 3, it’s for mv’s that are high in charts and they haven’t talked about before. So check last week’s update for BILASA:

  16. I am so glad you guys described LC9’s song as funky. I thought so too. Whoever made that part of the music did a good job and gave it a layer of depth. I loved the video. It shows that Kpop boys/young men are really just decedents of Sayians; and they got to fight each other or else they would destroy whole planets and stuff. If I had to make a Kpop video, I would much rather do a violent fighting one than to have to do a sleazy “sexy” video where it looks like I got all of my dance training from strip clubs and cat houses….ahhem….. 2PM and Muses.

    Simon, i tried really hard to correct my grammer. Not really

  17. It means “All. Day. Think. Of. You.” You can put up the captions on the video and the lyrics repeat that over and over, so I’m pretty sure that’s it…Oh lol you just said it right while I was writing this lols.

  18. Martina, your make-up is amazing! Big WOW! I do love it!

  19. A Donkey Tickles Onew’s Yoohoo, I’d like to be that donkey. Wait that’s just wrong…I’m not a donkey. XD

  20. I’m sorry – I really need to get something off my chest about 2PM. I’ll start with saying how much I DO like them and their songs. They are really really good – here comes the ‘but’ – but I don’t think that they are as good as dancing as people always say… If you only watch ONE of them when they dance it is fine (cos individually, they can obviously dance well), but they are terrible at being cohesive with each other. They don’t always move at the same time, aren’t in the exact same positions/angles. It gets to the point where I would argue they are doing parts of the dance completely differently to one another.
    I’m not saying it is easy, I’m not saying I can do it. But alot of/most other groups (naming no names – no fan wars are gonna start here) manage it better (often with equally as difficult choreography). Maybe it is just me – but I mention it here cos ADTOY is particularly ‘bad’ in this respect.

    • hmm have you seen their MV for “Beautiful”? I think that would change you’re mind…drastically. There dancing is pretty much flawless and they’re all very in sync with one another.

      • Wow – thanks for introducing that MV to me – The choreography and dancing is amazing! Thanks :)
        I totally agree that this is a HUGE improvement (not flawless) but probably in sync as much as all the other bands I refused to name earlier…. But I still feel like this is perhaps an exception… and also brings up the question ‘why is this the exception – why do they feel so uncohesive normally, when this shows that they have managed it in the past?’ I’ll watch it/other-vids-of-them-dancing again a couple of times tommorrow/this month (I am meant to be revising…) to see if my opinions change. But thanks again for introducing that video – really impressed :)

        [EDIT] – maybe it is just about the amount of time they are given to prepare. For debuts and japanese promotions a lot is at stake so maybe they are given longer to practice/edit things to make them perfect? ‘Beautiful’ has shown me that they can definitely do it – maybe they had less time to learn the ADTOY dance? – just a theory

        • Well I would say with any of their Japanese videos (I’m Your Man, Ultra lover, Maquerade) I’ve never seen them fail to be cohesive…but now that I think about it, besides A.D.T.O.Y, I can’t think of any videos in which they weren’t cohesive. Could you name some other videos that you felt they were out of sync with each other? But as far as adtoy goes, and I hate to say it, but I felt there were times that they were a bit out of sync with each other…like when there standing on the chairs. But I didn’t really notice it too much because I was too distracted by their butt dance lol

        • oh yes – that butt dance was very distracting! haha.

          I didnt think ‘Comeback when you… etc’ was very cohesive at points, some of ‘I’ll be back’, ’10 out of 10′ (tho they were young there and the dance didnt need cohesive-ness tbh) and some stuff on variety shows, but none of them were ‘worse’ than ADTOY. Also, I feel that they rely on tricks (and muscles… but I’m defintely not complaining about that. Haha) on variety shows (and in early videos) instead of actual dancing/being cohesive.

          I hasten to add that I am judging them very harshly – I am comparing them with ‘the best’ only because I dispute the idea (which I have heard being said quite alot) that they are ‘the best’ dancers in Kpop. I think they are hugely above average – but not the best. In my opinion, they are probably the best acrobats (who are also amazing at dancing). (Also I’m judging them as a group – individually, they might be able to contend for ‘best individual dancer’)

  21. I didn’t think about Warrior at all while watching Mama Beat… I don’t know, the feeling is very different, Warrior sounded serious, while that video was funny in a very dark way, Warrior also seemed less realistic than this one despite the video game references… I loved the song, except for Ga In’s part (sorry Simon, she sings greatly but it felt awkward in this song, as the rap part feels in at lot of sung songs)

    Great playlist guise! Hwaiting for this hectic weekend!

  22. am I the only one who feels seriously uncomfortable about lc9’s video?

    on the day the video came out, I was just watching the news and it was all about the lawsuit against some guys wo beat another young guy the didn’t even know to death at a public place for no reason….and then right afterwards I saw the lc9 video, in which they beat up each other in a way, that could kill them (come on, an axe?!) and seem to think it’s fun.
    that’s just…no. too much violence for me, sorry.
    but the song is still cool.

    • the axe part really grossed me out x__x I was like “ouch” and cringing throughout the whole vid. Made me rather uncomfortable.

    • My take on LC9’s video is that they are just being boys. Boys like to fight, it is natural. My cousins who are guys, that is what they did for fun. My brother, same way. Him and his friends would just randomly fight. My nephew is 2, and he always wants to wrestle. Guys like stuff like that. In the video you can tell that they’re friends from the beginning scene and the fact that they are laughing together at the end.
      I haven’t really read into the translations of the lyrics, but I know that the song itself is actually talking about fighting. In what context, I don’t know. But it didn’t bug me at all that they were fighting, it just felt normal beyond the super powers.

    • Although I watch anime’s and movies that have lots of violence.. I still didn’t like LC9’s mv. Yes, it was really uncomfortable. For me the biggest reason was that there wasn’t any reason for that violence. They just tried to kill each other (if you hit someone head with brass knuckles you can’t be joking around) and still were friends at end. I don’t think anyone would laugh with his hand almost cut of with axe either. It just felt really unnatural and unreasonable to me. Some of moves and effects were cool but the unreasonable and over-the-top violence ruined whole thing.

      • I don’t believe Sajyans would fight like that – they don’t need axes or bricks. Moreover they usually fight to save the world ^^ I still like LC9’s song though. But I won’t watch this video again. They could make a dance version MV for me :)

        • Well, it’s true the fighting is so over the top that you can’t take it seriously. But my sensitive eyes can’t stand watching it twice :) But then like you say it’s also very different from other kpop videos and makes them stand out right from the beginning :) And I really like the song though, it’s really cool and I agree with you that this is an awesome debut! I watched a live performance thanks to your recommendation and the dance looks fun – nice foot work :D I will definitely keep an eye on them and check out their future releases ^^

      • Well DBZ surely doesn’t help me understanding this one..

      • Only explanation that I could come up with that they are on drugs. And not in sth mild drugs like weed; those kind of drugs that makes you jump of building thinking that you are a bird.

        • Lol, no, boys just like to fight. A fact of life I don’t understand. Most of the guys I know like to fight for fun, it is like an instinct or something.
          Fight Club is basically starts out as men getting together to beat the crap out of each other because they think it is fun and manly and whatever.

        • If it was sparring session I could get it. But with axe? Throwing tile on someone’s head? I doubt I can ever get this mv. They should have included some kind of plot.

        • I don’t think this video is something you have to ‘get’. It is just guys fighting. Using the axe and throwing the brick and have it do nothing to the guys has to do with the super powers (aka the glowing punches, dude’s eyes changing colors). I think a plot would take away from the video in all honesty. They’d have to work hard to justify what is just a fight. Fights don’t always have a back story and in most kpop videos that have fights, the back story is pretty crappy from what I’ve seen. I’m glad that they didn’t even bother with it. There is enough explanation there without putting in so much. They are friends and fighting for fun and of their own free will.
          Someone said in a comment somewhere that I’ll probably never find again that the lyrics have to do with being an idol is like fighting and the song describes that fight. So, as an idol they ‘fight’ against friends in the industry, it is their own choice, and as idols they’re like ‘super powered’ because of what they idol status grants them. The video relates it pretty clearly in my opinion. Granted, that is based off of someone else’s comments and I don’t look into translations myself because I like not knowing.

        • So they are like superheroes.. well that explains why they aren’t dead yet. But why aren’t they saving people and fighting against evil then? XD Idk this mv was just really odd to me and I don’t think I could start liking it.

        • I’m going with: They are still young and immature. They are rebelling from the status that usually comes with that of a super hero. They don’t want the labels that society gives to them.

          Lol, yes it is odd and that is probably why I like it. And there is nothing wrong with not liking it, you don’t have to. I’m just having a discussion, you say why you think something and I counteract it and try to help make some sense of the video. But yeah, I know fighting isn’t everyone’s thing.

        • Hmm the odd thing here is that fighting actually is my thing, i love action movies XD But not just this one.. Anyway, yea I can see your point too :)

        • Oh, that is kind of odd lol. Most people I know (personally) who like this MV are really into action and fighting. You’re just the special exception I guess? Its the lack of plot that does you in, right? :)

        • Yea that’s probaply it :)

  23. i liked the fighting, but got so distracted by how unreal some of it was…. i don’t care if you’re a robot/alien!! if someone cuts you in the shoulder with an axe, you shouldn’t be able to lift your arm up!! simply because necessary muscle/ligaments etc will be severed/damaged…. plus getting in the back of the head with a brick AND a lead pipe? you go down and you STAY down cuz you are unconscious! GAHHHHHHHHHH and the fight choreography was so lovely ;n;

  24. Nine Muses’ fandom are MINEs (My + Nine/Nine Muses). xD

    I would love for Simon to tear that video apart; my only gripe with it was that the contrasting filters made the girls look extremely washed out and they are all super gorgeous so it was kind of sad. But love it otherwise! Their live stages are great too. :)

    Have fun/be safe in Singapore, guise! Spread the nastiness~

  25. I like CBWYHTS (I hope i wrote it right XD) more: The song is so catchy and I love mv’s that have some catch in them. I like ADultTOY as well but I don’t like the mv as much as I like CBW… The song and dance are great but the mv doesn’t just do it for me. I hope that 2PM gets reviewed, not this week but maybe next or week later that. Simon has to ruin/improve that dance!!

    Then LC9. Hmm, I usually do like action and fights and stuff like that. But I’d like to see some rational reason why they are fighting and almost killing each other. And in the end they all seemed happy, although one of guys arm was almost cut of with axe XDD Well I can’t just get myself liking this.. it’s like Violence without plot. About the song: i like it but it’s name Mama beat.. sounds little weird to me XDD

    9Muses.. I like styling of the girls, they are really beatiful. But the rest isn’t just my style.

  26. So, I don’t really care for 2pm that much beyond my fondness for Wooyoung. The few songs of theirs I’ve heard I haven’t really liked, I just have a hard time getting into this group. I think A.D.T.O.Y. is probably the one I like the best. Mostly because the MV and the song kind of have a Justin Timberlake-esque feel to them, in my opinion, and I really really love me some JT lol. But really, I like this song and I like the video, very simplistic. I dig it.
    I will say this about their dance: the part where they move their hand down their side, the only thing I can picture is someone pretending to make-out with someone. Where you turn around and then run your hands up and down your back/sides like someone is hugging you. I can’t look past that image in my head watching this.

    With LC9, the only similarity I see with B.A.P’s Warrior is the set and that the lighting is the same. The sledgehammer part didn’t even feel similar, probs because one was attacking a random car and the other is trying to kill his bandmate….I read somewhere someone saying the songs MaMa Beat and Warrior sound the same, to that I disagree 100%. And even though I’m an extreme Baby, I like this better than Warrior *ducks for cover*. It is face-paced and the beat and all that is more my style. As for the MV, I love the fighting! Yay violence! Lol, jk, but really this is cool. It isn’t overly violent (such cheesy fake blood, it kills me) and the fighting is choreographed to the beat really well. I really love this song, video and this group. This is definitely the one I’m rooting for to be reviewed.
    Oh, and speaking of being Canadian (which I’m totally not), one of the guys in LC9, the one who gets hit with the axe, is apparently from Canada or at least was raised there.

    As for the 9Muses song, it wasn’t bad, but it doesn’t make me want to really look into the group. And I was distracted the whole time I tried to watch the video because all I could think was how annoying it is that the reds they have standing out as accents aren’t the same shade of red! Some have a lot more of an orange look while others were more deep reds, and that bugged me to no end. Other thing I thought of while watching this video, the short haired blonde rapper, at times her face makes me think of the twins from Boyfriend. **I have never seen anything else with this group, I don’t know anything about that girl, just to me I see similarities in their facial features with the quick glimpses this video gives you.

    • I have to agree with you. I don’t particularly care for 2pm either. I haven’t liked any of their singles actually (wait, I really liked the song they did for the ED of Ao no Exorcist. That was really good!), but I do like some of their other tracks. I still think they are very talented and amazing artists, but… eh. not my thing.
      Anyway, I didn’t know anyone else felt this way and still liked Wooyoung. Hhhahahhah. my goodness. (:

    • The LC9 MV didn’t remind me of Warrior at all either. It made me think of Street Fighter or Fight Club; BAP never even entered my head.

      I also love me some JT. :P

  27. I know you picked up 2PM for last MusicMonday, but OMG this new video… There’s so much material for a MusicMonday in this MV, my head is exploding everytime I’m watching it (and my ovaries too, but that’s another issue).

  28. Martina love your eyes makeup but the eyebrows were a bit too cartoony !

  29. Martina! I love your eye make up in this video! can you do a tutorial?! PLLLEEASSEEE! :D

  30. sexy videos i love BUT when they try too hard to be sexy it ends up being something else So no i don’t like this video,,,the music and song are good thou

  31. yes, Bootylicious is in the Oxford Dictionary. LC9’s music video was a bit jarring for me at first, but now I just can’t get the song out of my head! All the video’s are great choices, and i’ll be happy for whoever makes it. I do have to say though, out of the two title tracks for 2PM, this one is DEFINITELY my favorite!

  32. I’m flying out on monday too! From Taiwan to Hong Kong! Please tell me you’re stopping over in Hong Kong!!?

  33. After Simon suggested it, I cannot watch the video of Wild without imagining a girl barreling down a steep hill on a bed, clutching the sheets in a desperate attempt to avoid vehicular death via … bed crash? O_o

  34. I loved ADTOY better. Melody is more catchy and dance is better. At first that main dance point was a bit eem, not so good, but now I like it.
    I want B1A4 and 2PM MM, what should I do? :o

  35. Random comment: Martina, your eye makeup in this KpopCharts Update is so pretty. SO PRETTY. :D

  36. I know that the video won’t come out until after voting has closed for this KMM, but have you guys seen the teaser for VIXX’s Hyde?

  37. their video was posted after they filmed the kpopchart update

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