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KpopCharts Update: Baddest Wolf Love

June 1, 2013


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CL “The Baddest Female” – Vote for it Here!

Well this is quite a dilly of a pickle we’re in. We have CL and EXO making their debut/comeback all in the same time period and we want to talk about both videos. Hrm. What to do what to do?!! Well let’s start by looking at CL. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her solo song. Would it be rap or pop or R&B? But then I felt like from the teaser pictures she was going the rap route…even though she totally stole my hairstyle. The hairstyle stealing wasn’t what hinted it to me. The decked out hiphop crew gave it away. So many bandanas and face masks. I remember when my high school banded anyone from wearing bandanas because there were too many gang related problems happening. Doesn’t seem to be a problem in Korea. Unless you meet that b-boy gang in the park that will breakdance you to death. Or the notorious Gangnam gang who will give you cut eye for having a more expensive bag. And the EYK Crew is notorious for their amazing street dancing skills. Yes, lots of scary gangs all well dressed and wearing matching outfits roaming around Korea. But seriously, it seems the YG family is returning to their rap roots with GD, Taeyang, and now CL. I’m a little torn about how I feel about it considering they’re using the hip hop lifestyle as a fashion statement rather than a reflection of their actual lifestyle. I don’t know, I still have to think more about it and get all my feelz together. If you haven’t seen CL’s new single “The Baddest Female” check it out here.

Exo “Wolf” – Vote for it Here!

Next up is EXO with their comeback video for “WOLF” or as we call it, “OULF”. There is a Korean word for wolf BTW, this is just them using the English word…in a terrible way…*sigh* Anyhoo, totally shocked once again. I didn’t expect this sound out of EXO. I avoided listening to any of the leaked stuff, so their legit video was the first time I heard their comeback sound. It’s not that I hate it, and it’s not that I love it, I just, I just…I just don’t know. Maybe kpop sounds are changing? We’re kind of torn about the whole thing and I think just like CL’s song, we need some time to listen to it and watch the videos again. I mean, the dancing is freaking awesome, that’s for sure, but the song as a whole…not sure about my opinion on it yet. I still feel like we’re going to review both of these songs because even if we pick one, the other will make it up for next week so i don’t want to elaborate too much on my feelings now. If you haven’t seen EXO’s crazy comeback, check out WOLF here.

Shinhwa “This Love” – Vote for it Here!

Last, but not least, is Shinhwa with “This Love” which is a song we actually really like, but the video is just kind of a typical meh kpop video with close ups of the band and their dancing, so we weren’t really moved by it. I did find the dance to be really unique, I loved the almost domino effect of each person moving bit by bit, but I found some of the dance moves to be a wee bit…feminine? And I don’t even know how to explain it because why should one dance be made for girls and not guys? I had the same reaction when I saw 2PM’s A.D.T.O.Y bum dance, it just seemed kind of a hip sway dance better suited for a less make-out song related video. I don’t know how to explain it, both Shinhwa and 2PM’s dance seemed almost ballet like? Like slow rubbing made for a slow R&B song? Digging a pit. Someone help me!!! Anyhoo, check out Shinhwa’s awesome song “This Love” here.



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