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KpopCharts Update: Baddest Wolf Love

June 1, 2013


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CL “The Baddest Female” – Vote for it Here!

Well this is quite a dilly of a pickle we’re in. We have CL and EXO making their debut/comeback all in the same time period and we want to talk about both videos. Hrm. What to do what to do?!! Well let’s start by looking at CL. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her solo song. Would it be rap or pop or R&B? But then I felt like from the teaser pictures she was going the rap route…even though she totally stole my hairstyle. The hairstyle stealing wasn’t what hinted it to me. The decked out hiphop crew gave it away. So many bandanas and face masks. I remember when my high school banded anyone from wearing bandanas because there were too many gang related problems happening. Doesn’t seem to be a problem in Korea. Unless you meet that b-boy gang in the park that will breakdance you to death. Or the notorious Gangnam gang who will give you cut eye for having a more expensive bag. And the EYK Crew is notorious for their amazing street dancing skills. Yes, lots of scary gangs all well dressed and wearing matching outfits roaming around Korea. But seriously, it seems the YG family is returning to their rap roots with GD, Taeyang, and now CL. I’m a little torn about how I feel about it considering they’re using the hip hop lifestyle as a fashion statement rather than a reflection of their actual lifestyle. I don’t know, I still have to think more about it and get all my feelz together. If you haven’t seen CL’s new single “The Baddest Female” check it out here.

Exo “Wolf” – Vote for it Here!

Next up is EXO with their comeback video for “WOLF” or as we call it, “OULF”. There is a Korean word for wolf BTW, this is just them using the English word…in a terrible way…*sigh* Anyhoo, totally shocked once again. I didn’t expect this sound out of EXO. I avoided listening to any of the leaked stuff, so their legit video was the first time I heard their comeback sound. It’s not that I hate it, and it’s not that I love it, I just, I just…I just don’t know. Maybe kpop sounds are changing? We’re kind of torn about the whole thing and I think just like CL’s song, we need some time to listen to it and watch the videos again. I mean, the dancing is freaking awesome, that’s for sure, but the song as a whole…not sure about my opinion on it yet. I still feel like we’re going to review both of these songs because even if we pick one, the other will make it up for next week so i don’t want to elaborate too much on my feelings now. If you haven’t seen EXO’s crazy comeback, check out WOLF here.

Shinhwa “This Love” – Vote for it Here!

Last, but not least, is Shinhwa with “This Love” which is a song we actually really like, but the video is just kind of a typical meh kpop video with close ups of the band and their dancing, so we weren’t really moved by it. I did find the dance to be really unique, I loved the almost domino effect of each person moving bit by bit, but I found some of the dance moves to be a wee bit…feminine? And I don’t even know how to explain it because why should one dance be made for girls and not guys? I had the same reaction when I saw 2PM’s A.D.T.O.Y bum dance, it just seemed kind of a hip sway dance better suited for a less make-out song related video. I don’t know how to explain it, both Shinhwa and 2PM’s dance seemed almost ballet like? Like slow rubbing made for a slow R&B song? Digging a pit. Someone help me!!! Anyhoo, check out Shinhwa’s awesome song “This Love” here.



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Kpop Charts Update


KpopCharts Update: Baddest Wolf Love


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  1. I agree with the “Wolf” song … it’s a bit awkward how the music changes the beats kind of too fast… but the English pronounciation was alright
    …and Shinwa . I agree. Awesome song! video not quite… but ppl when they watch a music video they’re listening mostly for the song. totally buying worthy!

    2 years ago
  2. VIXX’s music video for “Hyde” is more on the serious side and I like it when they’re not examined too much (these types of music videos)… but I think they’d have to say something about the actress, that didn’t play too well at that part where Leo can’t control himself and grabs her neck and the look on her face while staring back doesn’t show anything… maybe it was at the director’s instructions… they should’ve done a re-take… maybe it’s just me…other than that the video’s perfect….well nothing can be perfect…

    …well they were mentioned in the kpopchart updates :) *hope you saw it*

    it’s an instant fave, the song!!( at least for me)

    2 years ago
  3. Shinhwa was awkward…. :0

    2 years ago
  4. Funny that CL got the butt end of the “gangsta” as fashion statement versus lifestyle. I remember that was my biggest beef with YG Family. I mean when you wear bandanas, underwear showing, and shirts half on while singing about the YMCA for a movie about baseball in Korea, it just seems a little – weird (BTW G-Dragon is in that video was before Big Bang) I never really got bothered with it with G-Dragon because he is just uh weird with some of his fashion choices. I mean, mixing in a little Axl Rose in his One of Kind is just odd. But in a good way.

    EXO reminds me SO much of H.O.T. It is like SM thought “Hey, let’s try and make them work again” They have a much more “rock-gangstaish-drama-pop” that seems pretty much exclusive to Korea. I mean H.O.T I loved since everything about them seemed like a mish-mash of stuff. They would be dropping n-bombs in castles, and in the middle of the song with be beautiful ballad singing AND screamo yelling. It really made no sense, but that is why I LOVED THEM.

    I like Shinhwa’s feminine dancing. I feel like guys get ripped off. Girls can wear pants and dance “manly” (or at least not in a obviously sexy way) but guys can’t. Or rather it just seems weird. My guess they were trying to do a vogue-ing throw back, or trying to make a dance so the female fans can dance to in clubs.

    2 years ago
  5. CL is great but somehow I don’t see how “bad” she is in the video. White backgrounds with hip hop fellas are becoming the YG boxes somehow… =/
    EXO was way too boring.. maybe the drama version adds something?
    Shinhwa has the best song out of this 3. I found the “voguing” idea great but I couldn’t stop thinking about Locomia through the whole video ajajaja =). Anyway, Shinhwa, fighting!

    2 years ago
  6. I am lovin’ CL’s song and video. It’s right up my street! I’m not a bad gang person, I’ve just always enjoyed hip-hop/rap music. Especially if it’s a female singing/rapping. I’m just a bit confused about ‘the unnie’. I know unnie means older sister and/or close friend but what is ‘the unnie’? How do we do ‘the unnie’?
    Yikes too many slashes in this comment ////////////

    2 years ago
  7. This is irrelevant but… Martina, you could be an actress in a K-Drama! You do the aegyo so well!! I wish I could do it as well as youuu… T-T
    *epiphany* GASP Teach us! Open the happy! :D

    2 years ago
  8. next next week….im waiting for henry’s MV KMM….

    2 years ago
  9. Please do Hyde!! I know for sure CL and Exo (although I want drama ver.) can stay in for another week, and CL will have plenty of opportunities most likely, and you’ve never done Vixx before (on the other hand, you haven’t done CL before, but she’s part of 2NE1, so technically you have…? No? Yes?_

    2 years ago
  10. the baby in 3:46 is so freakin cute!

    2 years ago
  11. By the way, it’s since been removed so I can’t figure out which video playlist “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk got accidentally tacked onto (I think it was Signapore Social Awards day 5?) but thank you Simon and Martina. I do love Daft Punk but I enjoyed this song and the whole album so much that I think that this will be the first physical CD that I will buy in the last 15 years (if they still sell CD)s. Sorry for straying off topic.

    2 years ago
    • I love the song too. The first time I heard it, I didn’t realise it was my beloved Daft Punk at first but I was grooving to it from the start. So happy they have a new album. May have to buy that CD as well. Pony if we could figure out where they sell them.

      2 years ago
      • I didn’t realize it was them either – LOL! There don’t really seem to be any “record stores” around any more, but you can get it at amazon.com, even on VINYL!!!!! “Lose Yourself to Dance”, “Giorgio by Moroder”, “Motherboard”, and “Doin’ it Right” also similar sounds and very dancy, the rest is good as well but more classic Daft Punk-ish. I listened to the album on youtube last night and it is really one of those great ones you can just put on and listen from beginning to end.

        To make this somewhat on topic (erg?) S&M were singing “We’re up all night to get nasty” in the latest livechat – which also works really well XD

        2 years ago
  12. CL’s video and song to me felt very unoriginal, like a mash up of GD and M.I.A. and EXO’s Wolf actually made me cringe it was so ridiculous. I mean as a long time K-pop lover you get used to all sorts of crazy fashion, weird English usage, not to mention lots of other things that makes K-pop distinct and wonderful, so it has been awhile since I have seen anything that actually made me cringe. All I could think was that if this was the first K-pop song or video I had ever seen, I’m not sure I would have given the genre a chance to hook me like it has, and that makes me really disappointed, not only because it is from a group I really like, but also because I know out there this is the first K-pop song someone is seeing right this very minute and maybe we are losing a possible fan. I will admit though that either video would give Martina and Simon lots of skit material, no matter how much I would prefer to hear them talk about Shinwa or VIXX.

    2 years ago
  13. So I was really confused by the blog post for a second. You wrote your school “banded” bandannas. i was like “they put wrist bands on people who wore bandannas?” Then i realized you meant ” banned” :) S&M Engrish for the win :)

    2 years ago
  14. the high pitch ‘saranghaeyo’ in “wolf” makes me remind of GD

    2 years ago
  15. I liked some parts of CL’s song actually. The part where she is on the swing is really good but the song as a whole is not my thing… Same with EXO’s Wolf. There are some really good parts in it but the chorus is … quite awful. A shame because the rest of the album is really great! (BABY DON’T CRY TONI-IGHT!)
    And Shinwa was a nice surprise! I’m not a big fan of Love (V)(P)enus but dayum this song is catchy! And the vogue-esque dance is something I have to get used to I guess. ^_^

    2 years ago
  16. that Cl video, i thought she would kinda be gangsta but not completely gangsta like she just went!! i mean she has gold teeth!! like ewww!! i hate gold teeth!!!
    ahahahaha i’ve always wondered about the ‘hood’ in Korea and the more gangsta type people in the k-industry!! i mean they look gangsta and they have gangsta songs and stuff but are they really even gangsta?? do they know what’s it’s even like in the ‘hood’? i actually feel like i’m more gangsta than these Korean singers, with the place i grew up in and the people around me and the crap that happens!!
    seeing videos like that really make me cringe!! (not sure if i’m making sense here…..sos if i confuse you!)

    *shudders* i hate that EXO ‘Oolf’ song!! the choreo is awesome though and the graphics is awesome with the members turning into wolves and stuff!!

    i like the Shinhwa song!

    anyway i wanna watch you guys review either CL or EXO for the hilarity!!!

    2 years ago
  17. The title badgirl? Or bad bitch. Or the baddest female? Heheh im sure you’ll understand it after watching it with subs. Its a bad with quotation marks. Not bad bad but “bad”. Changing bad girl to baddest female have it perks. 1, its not similar to hyori’s. 2. Its CL’s nick, signature, fansite etc and personal for a debut song title. Better than a generic forgettable one imo

    2 years ago
  18. Side note: in the Exo-M version, the “w” is much more pronounced.

    2 years ago
  19. Does no on know that Shinhwa challenged ‘vogue’ dance style for their comeback. It’s meant to look sassy.

    CL & EXO: both stuck in my head, so catchy! I’m leaning more towards Exo cuz of the performances, though listening to the song alone makes me sort of confused.


    2 years ago
  20. Martina – get some sleep babe. You deserve it.

    2 years ago
  21. CL: It’s not my cup of tea but would make a good MM. It definitely wasn’t boring.

    Exo: So torn! I thought the video was pretty cool with the intro and dance and everything, but the song made my head go a little crazy.. There were so many cool elements but I couldn’t focus on anything because it kept switching to something else! It could have been at least four different songs. Aish. I really, really liked the chorus (I think it was the chorus, the 1:15 mark. Or maybe the “oulf” part is the chorus?) but I wanted to hear it more! I hope this schizo trend dies soon…

    Shinhwa: I’ll say it, Simon. They’re old! And they’re wavy-hand/chest popping looked silly!

    *runs like the wind and hides*

    2 years ago
  22. Out of all the 3 songs, I like Shinhwas the most. But when it comes down to the next KMM, I will vote for CL…
    I have no idea what to think about the ‘wolf ‘ song…it was hard on my ears when I listened to it…

    2 years ago
  23. Oolf is such a tune. Well impressed, something in Kpop that doesnt make me want to vomit when it shows dubstep influence.
    Also, you could do a whole KMM on just the haircuts, be fair.

    2 years ago
  24. Emma – The Netherlands (though currently living in UK) – more nerd or even geek than gangster – I really like the first time CL jumps around at those numbers on the floor, but the rest of the song is kinda… boring I guess. I do like all the colours… HOWEVER, I just hate this whole ‘bad girl’ idea… Even though she clarifies that it’s not about bad, but good bad *confusingXD*

    2 years ago
  25. This week’s Kpop Charts Update is the Too Much Awesome Simon Manly Hair Edition :D

    (brb after watching all these videos!)

    2 years ago
  26. You have some tough choices this week.

    With CL’s ‘The Baddest Female’ I felt kind of disappointed. Not because it’s a bad song, I actually like it, but because I was expecting something that sounded like a punch in the face and this did not do it for me. I was expecting a fiercer side of her with a sound that didn’t evoke 2ne1 so much. I also don’t think the name was appropriate, I don’t think they should’ve backed out from calling it ‘Bad Girl’ because often we see CL calling herself the Baddest Female and she doesn’t even mention it in this song and that just gives off that it was just pushed there as a last minute thought.
    As for the video I really liked the last scenes, the ones after the gang gathering scene where she’s with the other girls. It seemed like she was enjoying herself there and I wish there would have been more of that through out the video.

    And speaking of the odd gang scene, GD looks like what I think would be a Tim Burton representation of a pimp villain in a movie and I don’t think children should be allowed to approach him when he’s like that.

    With EXO, they’re the kind of group that I don’t particularly follow but I listen to them and watch their stuff because it’s good, you know? And I never saw the teasers or listened to the leaked version that I didn’t even know existed, and I had zero expectations about this video and song and OH MY GOD WHY DO I LOVE IT SO MUCH????
    The song is stuck in my head, it’s epic-ly hilarious but not as in a joke, I thought it was going to have a better welcoming and it blows me away that most of the things I read from other people are negative, even from proper fans.
    The choreography is amazing, but I would say that if there’s going to be a Drama version that would work better for a KMM.

    Vixx’s video, I don’t know why it isn’t here, but I think it has potential. The song is good and it has continuity (as in, it annoys me when the song has a certain vibe and the chorus seems like it’s from another song completely), their choreography is really good in my opinion, the video has a plot and it has various wtf moments. I found it rather entertaining and also it would be nice to have KMMs of groups that aren’t as well known.

    But I guess it would be difficult to ignore the many many fans of both EXO and CL.
    (Not talking about Shinhwa because I don’t particularly know their stuff well and I didn’t finish watching the video and also because it seems like a sore subject…… o.o)

    2 years ago
  27. Please do both! I will wait patiently.
    “This week’s KMM is the back to back edition”
    I shall wait patiently :)

    2 years ago
  28. I choose vixx :)

    2 years ago
  29. Before Simon starts beating up SMEnt with the English rating bar, please take a moment to read this because for once I’m going to defend them in the English department (what a shocker, right?). I already wrote a few comments on this over on the Wolf thread, but I’d like to splice them together over here for you two to read.

    늑대 [neuk-deh] is the original Korean word for wolf/beast, which you can see used in the Korean title, “늑대와 미녀” (literally “Wolf/Beast and the Beauty”), as well as hear them sing/rap in the song.

    Another word for “wolf” in Korean is 울프 [ool-p/feu] which is derived from the English “wolf”. That’s just how the English word “wolf” is written and pronounced in Hangul because Korean doesn’t have some of the sounds English does. Exo isn’t mispronouncing the English word “wolf,” they are properly pronouncing it according to the standard Korean adaptation of it as a foreign loan word. Foreign loan words are words taken from another language and transcribed using a different language’s alphabet/syllabary (in this case, Korean). That transcription is adopted and it becomes an official word of that language, albeit with roots from another language. This is how the English word “wolf” became the Korean word “울프”. The transcribed Hangul pronunciation is what you are hearing in this song. It is a Korean word, not an English word.

    Do you really think that if the Exo members were instructed to sing “wolf” the English way, that they would fail that badly? I give them more credit than that. But the point is that they’re not trying to say it the English way. They are pronouncing it the accepted Korean way. When the English word “wolf” was transcribed into Hangul as a foreign loan word, that transcription of it, 울프, became an official Korean word with an official Korean pronunciation. Listening to the song, it’s obvious that they’re singing the Korean word.

    I think what’s tripping people up is that they’re assuming that because the English title of the song is “Wolf”, that the English word “wolf” must be used in the song. That’s a faulty assumption because “Wolf” is simply the English title SM chose to give it rather than directly translating it from Korean and titling it “The Wolf and the Beauty.”

    Think about all the other kpop songs with English titles. How about Rain Sound? That’s the English title of the song, translated from Korean, but nowhere in the song do they say “rain sound” in English. And no one automatically assumes that they will just because that’s the English title. An English title does not mean that those English words will be part of the song.

    In this case, Korean “울프” just happens to sound very similar to English “wolf” because (duh) it’s taken from English, so while people think they are hearing a badly pronounced English “wolf” because they’re faultily assuming that it will be in the song based on an English title chosen to cater to international fans, what they are actually hearing is a correctly pronounced Korean “wolf”.

    2 years ago
    • I don’t really buy that as an excuse. I mean, if you look at the lyrics, it’s 그래 Wolf, 내가 Wolf, with Wolf written in English as opposed to the hangeul 울프. It’s not a faulty assumption to pronounce a word written in English the English way; and I’m specifically talking about the lyrics here, not the title, because I understand that much. (And even if it was in hangeul in the lyrics, I still wouldn’t quite accept it. I’m pretty sure “F” isn’t a sound native to the Korean language and following the same logic as the “oo” part, it should be pronounced “oolpeu.”) Maybe you can explain that in a way that makes “oolf” make sense, but that’s how I’ve been thinking about it.

      2 years ago
    • Beautifully coherent post as usual, jas ;)

      I happen to come from a family of linguists, so I totally get what you’re saying about loan words :p

      For example, the English word ‘television’. In Indonesian, it’s ‘televisi’, pronounced ‘telefisi’. In Thai, ‘ทีวี’, pronounced ‘tee wee’. In Japanese, ‘テレビ’, pronounced ‘terebi’. Although they all stem from English, when I’m reading the loan words, I pronounce them according to their respective languages (otherwise nobody would understand me). Reading it the English way would just be rude.

      HOWEVER, when the original word is used in a text – shouldn’t it be pronounced the original way, and not the loan word way? It’s easy to just use the loan word pronunciation out of habit, but it’s incorrect, might not make sense, and you’re at risk of being laughed at by the native speakers (I’ve had my fair share of being laughed at).
      Eg. Let’s say a Thai text said, “การออกเสียงของทีวีในภาษาอังกฤษคือTV” (The English pronunciation of ‘ทีวี’ is ‘TV’). When reading that sentence, the loan word ‘ทีวี’ is read as ‘tee wee’, but the English word ‘TV’ must be read as ‘tee VEE’. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense. Get what I’m saying? :/

      It also works the other way around. Let’s say ‘karaoke’. In English-speaking countries, it’s pronounced ‘carry-oh-key’. And that’s fine, when used among other English speakers, because it’s just a loan word from Japanese which has developed an English equivalent. But when you’re reading the original japanese word ‘カラオケ’, written using the original Japanese characters, it MUST be pronounced in the Japanese way – ‘car-ah-okay’. Many English speakers might be tempted to read it ‘carry-oh-key’, because that’s how they say it in English – but Japanese people would be like ‘wtf are u saying’? It’s like…those English speakers won’t even make an effort to say things properly, and would rather stick to the pronunciation that they’re used to. It’s a shame.

      So this brings us to EXO. From what you say, and from what we hear, they are definitely singing ‘oolp’ – the loan word pronunciation. That’s fine and all, IF the official lyrics actually said ‘울프’. So I looked it up, and in all the hangul lyrics I found, the word written was ‘wolf’, not ‘울프’.
      I can’t actually be sure until someone buys the album and scans the official album lyrics, but I suspect that the word written there would also be the English ‘wolf’, not the loan word ‘울프’ – since the official Chinese lyrics also use ‘WOLF’ *picture attached – ermagawdchrisissohot*.

      In short, the word used in the song is the English word ‘wolf’, but they’re saying it like the Korean loan word ‘울프’ – which is completely different, and incorrect.

      NOW WAIT – this isn’t always a bad thing. I remember helping my Japanese cousin with her English speech for a school assignment, and she wrote out and read out the entire speech in katakana, lol. I swear not a single non-Japanese English speaker would ever be able to understand it. But since the audience were her Japanese teacher and classmates, I just let it be. If she practiced doing her speech using the correct pronunciation, her classmates would never understand, and might even consider her snobbish. So I was like, yeah, katakana away :p

      If EXO-K was trying to cater for the Korean fans, then it makes sense that they intentionally said the English word ‘wolf’ using the loan word pronunciation. Incorrect, yes, but at least the Korean fans might get what they’re trying to say (although, according to Google Translate, the loan word ‘울프’ is very rarely used: http://translate.google.com/#en/ko/wolf – that’s probably why Nic’s husband finds it strange).

      But how about the English speaking fans? Don’t they care about us at all? :3

      If they keep reading English words using the loan word pronunciation, it’s about as annoying as Americans who go to Japan and say, ね、ね、CARRY-OH-KEY に行こう!!<–???!!!

      Note: It could be as you say, that the EXO members themselves CAN and WANT to read it as ‘wolf’, but the directors/producers told them to read it as ‘oolp’. In that case, well, it’s clearly the producers who are at fault here. As usual. And the producers for the Korean version and Chinese version must be different people, because the Chinese version seems to say ‘wolf’ correctly. (Yay!! Chris <3 <3 <3 <3 *O*)

      2 years ago
    • Thanks for taking the time to write this. Here are my thoughts on the matter:

      We talk about English in songs not because we’re hyper anal English teachers who die on the inside if something is mispronounced. English is my second language. My parents learned it with me as I was growing up. I don’t ever tease them for mispronunciation, or anyone else trying to communicate for mispronunciation, either.

      The reason we talk about the English in Kpop songs is because we’re trying to consider Kpop’s globalization. When they use English, then there ARE going to be people who will hear mispronuncation and be turned off. My best example of this is with Yoseob’s Caffeine, which was a gloriously beautiful song, but the English is painfully off. Which means that, when you try to introduce that song to someone who isn’t into Kpop, and they hear “Girl you like a caffeine,” then instead of liking the song, they’ll think about the Bad English.

      We don’t want mispronunciation to get in the way of Kpop’s globalization efforts. If you know you’ve got an audience that is speaking English, make sure you don’t fuck up with the English. If you want to get new English speakers (because the US market is, like, the holy grail for Kpop companies), then make sure you don’t needlessly hinder yourself with easily correctable mistakes.

      Sure, Oolf may be the way Korean people pronounce Wolf. How many non-initiated listeners of Kpop are going to wikipedia that? How many listeners and potential new fans were lost as a result? That’s my issue with English mispronunciation here. If you want Kpop to be mainstream, then polish out those wrinkles. Fixing the English, or avoiding potential English hurdles, is easy to do, and there’s no reason NOT to do it.

      2 years ago
      • I don’t think it’s fair though! Sure, Kpop companies want their artists to be known around the world- I’m sure that’s most singers’ dream…but they are Korean and they are singing in Korean so they shouldn’t be laughed at because they are doing what would be in Korean as perfectly normal (besides howling like a wolf).

        The mistake goes to the fans because SM only entered the word “WOLF” so the foreign fans can easily look it up- a favor that they didn’t have to do. WOLF is not the official title of the song, it’s in parenthesis after the official title of “늑대와 미녀”.

        By the way, thanks so much for your post- I was curious about the ‘oolf’ being Korean or English, and I’m sure it enlightened many people :)

        2 years ago
      • whaaaat happened at M!Countdown? O_O

        2 years ago
        • Oh boy, it was ugly! I wasn’t there personally, but I’ve heard people discussing it all over (cant vouch for accuracy). Basically a bunch of fans camped outside the M!Countdown building all day to get seats for the Exo comeback stage. When it came time to let them in all the non-Korean fans were put in a separate line and not allowed in. This European fan was tweeting about it…sorry I don’t have the link (more hearsay–hurray!). Anyway, now fans are calling SM racist on their blogs and all kinds of stuff. But the new album XOXO drops today and is going to be EPIC! I resisted listening to leaked tracks so far which was soooo hard but I’m so excited!!!!! We’ve all waited far too long for the full version of Baby Don’t Cry! Exo fighting! ^^

          2 years ago
        • Daym! I hope it’s some sort of misunderstanding or M!Countdown is in for it =_= ‘
          i really hope that’s not true though…. :(

          2 years ago
      • I really agree with everything you said. Most of the time, I’m not bothered by mispronunciations. It’s sort of cute to me. Although it really freaks me out when I look up the lyrics and I realize that a part that I thought was Korean was actually slaughtered English. It’s just really hard to get people who aren’t into Kpop to give it the time of day.

        And *I* wasn’t going to look up to see if “oolf” was a Korean word. I just assumed “oh, they can’t pronounce wolf. Okay…” If it was written in Hangul, I might have. But as it is, no. I would not have even thought that “oolf” was Korean.

        Even knowing that it’s the Korean pronunciation now from reading jas’ post… I don’t know. It still sounds silly. And if feels like they’re purposefully trying to exclude their foreign fans…

        2 years ago
      • Nic

        Even Korean people laugh at it too. My husband could not take that video seriously. He is not a fluent English speaker, he is more comfortable in Korean, but he felt the way they were pronouncing it was not right at all. It completely ruined it for him.

        2 years ago
    • I’m SO glad you came out and explained this! I was too cowardly. Seriously, it’s not like the guys couldn’t say “Wolf” with the English pronunciation if they were instructed to. It’s just that SM has a (deservedly) bad record with English and I think people are quick to be dismissive these days.

      2 years ago
  30. Am I the only one who thought Wolf sucked big time? When I heard the leaked demo track I was like, OH GOD PLEASE NO. TELL ME THIS IS SOME TERRIBLE JOKE. But no, it’s really the song. I was totally bummed. And while I’m excited to see CL do a solo track, the song is kind of annoying to me. UGH. I wanted both of these comebacks to be great. I really did. Vixx’s song was awesome though!

    2 years ago
  31. Vixx anyone? It’s in third place! Why didn’t you include it? Honestly, you guys don’t seem very excited about EXO or CL’s videos, so why not look at third place? You rarely make videos about rookie groups, and there was a lot going on in Hyde. I’d love to hear what you two have to say about all the makeup and bug shots. Please don’t overlook them just because they aren’t as well-known as EXO or CL! Those two can easily be in the top two for weeks, but Vixx won’t.

    2 years ago
  32. I couldn’t hear a word Simon said during this update. His chest hair was too distracting.

    2 years ago
  33. I am looking forward to Music Monday though definitely wait for EXO’s drama version. Also, thanks for sharing some of your views on Shinhwa’s This Love because I really like the song and was disappointed that it was not likely to be reviewed though I have to say that I have a hard time not laughing when I am watching the video (hands, poses, etc.) especially during the dance part where all of the members are grabbing their belt except one who instead is like “I am going to frame my crotch.” You soooo nasty.

    2 years ago
  34. CL: She looked pretty. That’s about it.

    EXO: I liked the dance, it had many intresting parts like the tree and wolf’s hand crawling behing it. Song had some nice parts but otherwise it sounded really SMish.

    Shinhwa: Well.. not memorable to me.

    2 years ago
  35. For some reason all I can say about The Baddest Female is that I’m starting to wonder if GD has a thing against wearing pants… and that the Vid looks like YG stuck CL in a mash up of GD and Taeyang videos… I think you guys should do EXO, the new sound is a huge contrast to what has been coming out of SM lately, the Choreo is really well done, and the boys are rocking their new style.

    2 years ago
  36. Wolf is a mess. And someone needs to figure out how to fix the Romanization of “w” from Korean to English because it really doesn’t translate well. The dancing was AMAZING…but the song was…confusing at best. But I think the review would be really funny.

    I think CL’s song was boring and a waste of her amazing talent. I just felt like the song was completely in the wrong register for her voice. She just did not sound comfortable singing in that register.

    I personally think Shinhwa’s song is amazing, and so does the Korean K-pop scene it seems. They have been winning a lot of the music shows for their phenomenal live performances. They certainly have the moves to keep up with the younger and newer generation of K-pop idols. They are also amazingly hilarious (as the original variety idols they are). They are fabulous live, they can dance, they have amazing bromance, and the song is AMAZING!!! And for everyone who is getting all hissy fit about the voguing because it is so big in they gay community (not that I care if any Shinhwa members are gay, I have just seen some people being a little upset about it). Vogueing actually originated from the Harlem 1980’s ballroom scene – mostly Latin and African American styles of dance. Only later did it develop into something the gay ballroom scene has embraced. Many prominent artists who are not gay have used it, including Madonna (she’s the one who made it popular in her song “Vogue”, Chris Brown, and Beyonce, among others. It’s a highly stylized art dance form and takes a lot of hard work, strength, and form to complete it as magnificently as Shinhwa did. They wanted to do something that other K-pop idols haven’t been doing with dance, and they KILLED it!!! Shinhwa hwaiting!!!

    2 years ago
    • couldnt agree with the first part of your comment more, about the songs. IMO exo’s “Oolf” is a disaster, CL was very disappointing, i expected so much better from her being my bias and all, am not even a fan of shinhwa but i can objectively say its the best out of all these 3 songs. choreo wise though exo would take it but the song is just horrible

      2 years ago
      • I actually like Shinhwa’s choreography more because I think it’s more artistic and perhaps more challenging to perform. I do love EXO’s bombastic choreo though, but I feel like it’s showing off more than actually being super artistic, oh well. EXO is not a group I am particularly in love with, but I really love “What is Love”, “History”, and “Two Moons”. I haven’t watched enough live performances of “Wolf” to compare though. I like to watch live performances before I fully make up my mind about a song…and there is a reason why Shinhwa have won so many awards with “This Love”. Voguing is hard, and they ROCK at it! And I just really love Shinhwa.

        2 years ago
  37. ♪Unnie ahh! Unnie Unnie Unnie♪ that part of CL’s song makes me want to dance. I hope EXO does more MVs for Heart Attack, Baby Don’t Cry, Black Pearl, etc.. Please don’t let this be their only MV of the year SM.

    2 years ago
  38. Korean Hood Locations:
    YG Studio
    Sniper Sound Studio
    Jungle Entertainment Studio
    EYK Nasty Studio…I mean, WHAT? O.O in all honesty, I am a hardcore YG stan, AND a hardcore EXOtic. It doesn’t help that I’m a Chanjo (Shinhwa fan) either T^T YOU PUT UP ALL MY BIASES!
    But getting back to it, I would pick CL. I love Wolf, but there wasn’t anything but dancing. WHICH WAS GREAT, but I think more material is in order. And as much as i LOVE the Shinhwa video, there isn’t much there either T^T so CL seems to be the best choice. BESIDES, IT HAS TEDDY PARK, MASTA WU AND CHOICE37 IN IT! -_-‘ *Oops, my YG bias is showing *runs away

    2 years ago
  39. Exo or CL?

    Oh I know…. You guys should review Vixx instead and have the Exotics and Blackjacks battle it out for another week. There, problem solved.

    But really though I think a drama version of Wolf would be more interesting to talk about. As a Blackjack I think CL’s video and song is alright, but videos from YG seem repetitive these days (has the same feel as It’s Over and Michigo – kind of like “random and a bit weird but that’s ok because we’re YG and we do what we want” feeling). Vixx’s Hyde has been holding steady in the top 3. For a rookie group that’s pretty darn good. More rookie groups should be reviewed for KMM. As for the video and song, I think Hyde is the best out of the top 3.

    2 years ago
  40. Korean Hood Locations should list the Nasty Studio ;)

    2 years ago