CL “The Baddest Female” – Vote for it Here!


Well this is quite a dilly of a pickle we’re in. We have CL and EXO making their debut/comeback all in the same time period and we want to talk about both videos. Hrm. What to do what to do?!! Well let’s start by looking at CL. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her solo song. Would it be rap or pop or R&B? But then I felt like from the teaser pictures she was going the rap route…even though she totally stole my hairstyle. The hairstyle stealing wasn’t what hinted it to me. The decked out hiphop crew gave it away. So many bandanas and face masks. I remember when my high school banded anyone from wearing bandanas because there were too many gang related problems happening. Doesn’t seem to be a problem in Korea. Unless you meet that b-boy gang in the park that will breakdance you to death. Or the notorious Gangnam gang who will give you cut eye for having a more expensive bag. And the EYK Crew is notorious for their amazing street dancing skills. Yes, lots of scary gangs all well dressed and wearing matching outfits roaming around Korea. But seriously, it seems the YG family is returning to their rap roots with GD, Taeyang, and now CL. I’m a little torn about how I feel about it considering they’re using the hip hop lifestyle as a fashion statement rather than a reflection of their actual lifestyle. I don’t know, I still have to think more about it and get all my feelz together. If you haven’t seen CL’s new single “The Baddest Female” check it out here.

Exo “Wolf” – Vote for it Here!


Next up is EXO with their comeback video for “WOLF” or as we call it, “OULF”. There is a Korean word for wolf BTW, this is just them using the English word…in a terrible way…*sigh* Anyhoo, totally shocked once again. I didn’t expect this sound out of EXO. I avoided listening to any of the leaked stuff, so their legit video was the first time I heard their comeback sound. It’s not that I hate it, and it’s not that I love it, I just, I just…I just don’t know. Maybe kpop sounds are changing? We’re kind of torn about the whole thing and I think just like CL’s song, we need some time to listen to it and watch the videos again. I mean, the dancing is freaking awesome, that’s for sure, but the song as a whole…not sure about my opinion on it yet. I still feel like we’re going to review both of these songs because even if we pick one, the other will make it up for next week so i don’t want to elaborate too much on my feelings now. If you haven’t seen EXO’s crazy comeback, check out WOLF here.

Shinhwa “This Love” – Vote for it Here!


Last, but not least, is Shinhwa with “This Love” which is a song we actually really like, but the video is just kind of a typical meh kpop video with close ups of the band and their dancing, so we weren’t really moved by it. I did find the dance to be really unique, I loved the almost domino effect of each person moving bit by bit, but I found some of the dance moves to be a wee bit…feminine? And I don’t even know how to explain it because why should one dance be made for girls and not guys? I had the same reaction when I saw 2PM’s A.D.T.O.Y bum dance, it just seemed kind of a hip sway dance better suited for a less make-out song related video. I don’t know how to explain it, both Shinhwa and 2PM’s dance seemed almost ballet like? Like slow rubbing made for a slow R&B song? Digging a pit. Someone help me!!! Anyhoo, check out Shinhwa’s awesome song “This Love” here.

  1. I agree with the “Wolf” song … it’s a bit awkward how the music changes the beats kind of too fast… but the English pronounciation was alright
    …and Shinwa . I agree. Awesome song! video not quite… but ppl when they watch a music video they’re listening mostly for the song. totally buying worthy!

  2. I really don’t like it, I didn’t expect 2ne1 or cl to do suck a boring and bad song (just my opinion ),

  3. I’m surprised that VIXX is still Top 3. They weren’t even mentioned in kpopchart updates.. I was MBLAQ would’ve taken their spot, but seems like they took Boyfriend’s spot instead. Haha S&M you guys should really review VIXX!! The song is great, the dance is amazing and relates to the song, the MV has so many things to talk about, those worms, snakes and bugs, and the black wings!! >< I know MBLAQ is gonna get reviewed but…. I hope I'm wrong D:

    • VIXX’s music video for “Hyde” is more on the serious side and I like it when they’re not examined too much (these types of music videos)… but I think they’d have to say something about the actress, that didn’t play too well at that part where Leo can’t control himself and grabs her neck and the look on her face while staring back doesn’t show anything… maybe it was at the director’s instructions… they should’ve done a re-take… maybe it’s just me…other than that the video’s perfect….well nothing can be perfect…

      …well they were mentioned in the kpopchart updates :) *hope you saw it*

      it’s an instant fave, the song!!( at least for me)

  4. I wouldn’t normally listen to the pop genre of any country, although I like Kpop better than anything in english because at least I can’t get the entire song stuck and looping in my head, but I love the reviews you guys do so much regardless of genre that I always watch them. That being said, I’m not sure exactly what it was about Olf but it just bothered me, and I’m sure you could articulate it better if you reviewed it. One part of the chorus was more like talking than singing, almost as if they were kids in a class being forced to spout out some annoying anthem in monotone- just didn’t like that part and it sounds like they didn’t either. Speaking of forced noises, the growling was horrendous and ruined it for me. I liked the tree thing and the wolf transition animation, but otherwise this song was lacking and it was the least favorite EXO song I’ve heard.

  5. Funny that CL got the butt end of the “gangsta” as fashion statement versus lifestyle. I remember that was my biggest beef with YG Family. I mean when you wear bandanas, underwear showing, and shirts half on while singing about the YMCA for a movie about baseball in Korea, it just seems a little – weird (BTW G-Dragon is in that video was before Big Bang) I never really got bothered with it with G-Dragon because he is just uh weird with some of his fashion choices. I mean, mixing in a little Axl Rose in his One of Kind is just odd. But in a good way.

    EXO reminds me SO much of H.O.T. It is like SM thought “Hey, let’s try and make them work again” They have a much more “rock-gangstaish-drama-pop” that seems pretty much exclusive to Korea. I mean H.O.T I loved since everything about them seemed like a mish-mash of stuff. They would be dropping n-bombs in castles, and in the middle of the song with be beautiful ballad singing AND screamo yelling. It really made no sense, but that is why I LOVED THEM.

    I like Shinhwa’s feminine dancing. I feel like guys get ripped off. Girls can wear pants and dance “manly” (or at least not in a obviously sexy way) but guys can’t. Or rather it just seems weird. My guess they were trying to do a vogue-ing throw back, or trying to make a dance so the female fans can dance to in clubs.

  6. lol. “Bad as in good” It’s funny because it’s ridiculous. I don’t understand all this “I’m so bad” stuff. Like Lee Hyori’s Bad Girl or that one rookie group that was in the update last week being glorified gansters… sometimes just annoys me.

  7. Funny thing about Oolf is at first I HATED it and now I really like it. Regardless of the bad English.

  8. CL is great but somehow I don’t see how “bad” she is in the video. White backgrounds with hip hop fellas are becoming the YG boxes somehow… =/
    EXO was way too boring.. maybe the drama version adds something?
    Shinhwa has the best song out of this 3. I found the “voguing” idea great but I couldn’t stop thinking about Locomia through the whole video ajajaja =). Anyway, Shinhwa, fighting!

  9. I am lovin’ CL’s song and video. It’s right up my street! I’m not a bad gang person, I’ve just always enjoyed hip-hop/rap music. Especially if it’s a female singing/rapping. I’m just a bit confused about ‘the unnie’. I know unnie means older sister and/or close friend but what is ‘the unnie’? How do we do ‘the unnie’?
    Yikes too many slashes in this comment ////////////

    • If im not mistaken Unnie can also be used toward someone you look up to. so… be the role model? I really like the song though ^_^

    • YOOOHHOOO! comrade! was feeling a bit lonely in my CL love here #_# lols yeah I know what you mean, was ‘the Unnie’ the leg/hip twist she did or is it like…..oh i dont know..getting a bunch of younger girls to dance circles around me making me aware of my seniority and the obvious fact that I just may not be as attractive to dance around as CL.. *sad food for thought* lols

  10. This isn’t the first time the image discussion has come up when you talk about YG.

    I’m sure every one remembers when Big Bang made it on world star hip hop and that was the thing most comments talked about, it was even in the title.

    We’ve seen Korean Hiphop done without the mainstream “hiphop/gang” fashion and I’m sure many people like myself like it just the same.

  11. Daayyyuuummm. CL. Love the song and mv, lalaloorrvvee her fashion. Her comeback at Inkigayo was EEERRPPIIICCCC..*cue random dance grooves*.honestly never seen anyone recently own the stage like that. Aca-believe it ~(@_@)~ LMAO

  12. This is irrelevant but… Martina, you could be an actress in a K-Drama! You do the aegyo so well!! I wish I could do it as well as youuu… T-T
    *epiphany* GASP Teach us! Open the happy! :D

  13. I really, REALLY dislike the “gangster” style that is popular in fashion lately. CL’s MV was just chair squirmingly bad to me, and the bandanas and awful corn rows (on beautiful Kai…sob) in EXO’s MV made me downright uncomfortable.

    I also grew up in an area where there were certain dress codes at my high school to discourage gangs. Even now that Im older, the bars or clubs that I go to also have VERY strict dress codes. Some examples are: no bandanas, long white tee shirts, cargo jeans, wallet chains…the list sometimes is ridiculous and will be very specific. Unfortunately, those lists were written for a reason, and it’s mostly to keep certain types of clientele out.

    I know the stars don’t choose their look or clothing. Their representative company picks what’s popular at the moment and decks them out. I just don’t think ‘thug life’ clothing fits Kpop and I think they look like fools for wearing it. I sincerely doubt these Kpop stars, or anyone who’s never been to or lived in an area with real gangs, have any clue what they are representing. I could go into a whole discussion about the idolizing of ‘thug life’ and the misconceptions that fans may have about the actual lifestyle of a gang member, but lets save that topic for your Sociology 101 class, right?

    In a nutshell, people who genuinely live the thug life wouldn’t be caught dead doing TREE OF LIFE dance choreography.

  14. next next week….im waiting for henry’s MV KMM….

  15. Korean Hood = YG Studio. excuse me while I die from laughter.

  16. Please do Hyde!! I know for sure CL and Exo (although I want drama ver.) can stay in for another week, and CL will have plenty of opportunities most likely, and you’ve never done Vixx before (on the other hand, you haven’t done CL before, but she’s part of 2NE1, so technically you have…? No? Yes?_

  17. Please EYK, review VIXX for next Kpop Music Mondays even if they are at the third place. It would be nice to see what you think of them, because you didn’t do a Kpop Charts Update on them :P They deserve it, Thanks !!!

  18. the baby in 3:46 is so freakin cute!

  19. The CL video would be music Monday gold. Save EXO for the drama version where you’ll have more to talk about. When I watched CL I found myself already chuckling at the potential for your skits, would love to see what you actually come up with. Plus that video was crying out for a spudgy cameo.

  20. As a gay man, I am loving the androgynous feel of the Shinhwa video. Aslo, if you really wanna see an amazing blend of raw masculine power with feminine moves, you should watch Kazaky’s video for “in the middle.” It is literaly amazing!

  21. By the way, it’s since been removed so I can’t figure out which video playlist “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk got accidentally tacked onto (I think it was Signapore Social Awards day 5?) but thank you Simon and Martina. I do love Daft Punk but I enjoyed this song and the whole album so much that I think that this will be the first physical CD that I will buy in the last 15 years (if they still sell CD)s. Sorry for straying off topic.

    • I love the song too. The first time I heard it, I didn’t realise it was my beloved Daft Punk at first but I was grooving to it from the start. So happy they have a new album. May have to buy that CD as well. Pony if we could figure out where they sell them.

      • I didn’t realize it was them either – LOL! There don’t really seem to be any “record stores” around any more, but you can get it at amazon.com, even on VINYL!!!!! “Lose Yourself to Dance”, “Giorgio by Moroder”, “Motherboard”, and “Doin’ it Right” also similar sounds and very dancy, the rest is good as well but more classic Daft Punk-ish. I listened to the album on youtube last night and it is really one of those great ones you can just put on and listen from beginning to end.

        To make this somewhat on topic (erg?) S&M were singing “We’re up all night to get nasty” in the latest livechat – which also works really well XD

  22. CL’s video and song to me felt very unoriginal, like a mash up of GD and M.I.A. and EXO’s Wolf actually made me cringe it was so ridiculous. I mean as a long time K-pop lover you get used to all sorts of crazy fashion, weird English usage, not to mention lots of other things that makes K-pop distinct and wonderful, so it has been awhile since I have seen anything that actually made me cringe. All I could think was that if this was the first K-pop song or video I had ever seen, I’m not sure I would have given the genre a chance to hook me like it has, and that makes me really disappointed, not only because it is from a group I really like, but also because I know out there this is the first K-pop song someone is seeing right this very minute and maybe we are losing a possible fan. I will admit though that either video would give Martina and Simon lots of skit material, no matter how much I would prefer to hear them talk about Shinwa or VIXX.

  23. I really loved exo’s comeback with wolf I thought it was unique and different, it was a Hugh risk to do something like this for them but I honestly think they did it well! the dance was amazing. As far as cl’s new song I absolute hated it, I love her but I will never listen to that again.

  24. Honestly, Wolf grew on me. At first I was like ummm WTF??? but then it got stuck in my head and now I LOVE IT.

    For Cl, I’ve only got this to say: Really disappointed. (actually I had more to say :p) The song is so boring (sorry Cl fans, I’m actually one too…) I thought she’d do something more original, but no…

    VIXX: I actually like their song. At first I was creeped out and was all OMG Illuminati 0_0 (Im so screwed by this illuminati stuff. So tired of it) but after my initial shock, the song became good in my head xD

    Whatever u choose for KMM I’m gonna watch cause I love u guys.

    And Wow, never thought i’d actually comment here, like ever. i’m one of those silent fans, watching from afar… But here goes nothing..

    • lol… Your reaction the VIXX video is hilarious!! OMGILLULIMATI XD I’m not gonna lie, that ish got me scurred for about a month or two, but now… It’s just annoying. The entertainment industry is dirty as a mother (look at half the serious scandals that come out of the K-Pop scene as proof), but I doubt it’s all down and dirty with secret societies. The signs and symbols they put in everything is starting to wear on my last nerve, though >_>

      Also, 5 bucks says a pressed Starlight downvoted your comment XD

      • Right!! That’s what I think too. I really don’t care anymore. I first heard about it 3 yrs ago and I seriously had nightmares (for real) for a week. and then I just started to get over it and now I find it really annoying too.

        Hahahahah not shocked if that’s the case. Let them downvote all they want, i said what I had to say. I like VIXX, I like their song, and if people downvote me because of my initial reaction (illuminati thingy), well then I just wonder if they actually read what I wrote :p

        • It’s scary, because those symbols are *everywhere*, and they’ve been appearing in music videos a lot more frequently, but I think they’re there just to make everything look edgy. They just look stupid XD

          That’s exactly why I don’t say I’m a part of a particular group, just that I’m a fan of K-Pop; I do not want to be associated with the super fans, they annoy the crap out of me. You say nice things about their fave till you’re blue in the face, but if you say something that could be taken even a LITTLE offensively, you’re just a jerk and a hater who’s mad at the world for letting someone be more popular than them. Like seriously? Grow up XD

        • I sometimes wonder if they even know the “meaning” behind those symbols or if they use them because, as u said, it makes the videos look cool and edgy (and sometimes creepy)??

          Hahaha it’s like u read my thoughts. That’s exactly what I usually do. I never say what group I like, since honestly, I like K-pop in general and a lot of groups. No need for me to focus on only one group and no need for others to know what I like. I don’t understand how those super fans can be so fanatic. they’re like fanatic religious groups seriously, like, chill yo! :p

        • I love K-pop lots. The music, the people, the crazy concepts, the choreography; it’s real cool, yo :D Unlike me… *ahem* What I *don’t* like are some of the fans. They are way too invested in some of these groups. It’s really unsettling sometimes, and I feel like I’m not allowed to have an opinion about their favorite oppas and unnies. I remember one crazy fan saying that the GAON charts were wrong about their favorite group (they hard barely charted for a week or two, I think) and that more people were definitely buying up the single. It was sad and I was majorly embarrassed for them.

  25. So I was really confused by the blog post for a second. You wrote your school “banded” bandannas. i was like “they put wrist bands on people who wore bandannas?” Then i realized you meant ” banned” :) S&M Engrish for the win :)

  26. Best comment I saw on tumblr was something like:

    “CL is the female GD

    No, GD is the female GD”

    hahah. I must be one of the few that really love it.

  27. the high pitch ‘saranghaeyo’ in “wolf” makes me remind of GD

  28. I was the same way when I first watched the new exo song. Didn’t know how I felt about it lol But I really like it now. :) I guess it grows on you?

  29. I had mixed feelings about both Exo’s and CL’s songs when I first heard them.
    However only Wolf managed to grow on me ^^sure it sounds reaaaaally wierd when you listen to it at first, but (don’t know why) the tempo changes, vocal parts, rap seq I just think it all came together somehow (MY opinion) and for the “oulf” some1 further down said something that they chose to use the Korean pronunciation of the borrowed word Wolf…? Don’t know if that’s true though.
    CL: she’s an amazing artist that I really really respect but this song, no matter how well it fits with her image… I just… no sorry :( :( I’ve tried, really I have, but the fact that I can’t hum or remember the catchy phrases very well after listening to if for more than 4 times means it just wont stick. sorry CL.
    And guys even if you don’t consider VIXX a candidate for this music Monday, pay attention to them ^^ This is really their best concept so far, and they’ve grown immensely since their debut, hell even since their last song On and On!. So give these boys some love as well, please?! (^.^)
    Either way, I’m looking forward to it!

  30. The breakdown, C part or whatever in Exo’s Wolf is the only good part in the song :/ I just hate that squeaky ‘saranghaeyo’ and ‘ulf’ instead of wolf…

  31. i don’t wanna be shot down by any fans but i’m honestly so disappointed by both CL and Exo.

    I don’t know what is happening with YG but everything they release seems so similar lately. If it’s not with the song it’ll be with the mv. idk what i was expecting for CL, but i just felt like watching a female version of GD’s solo. I don’t think her whole album will be like that but when it comes to the title song that was my feeling. The white shooting setting, the bright colours, the whole gangsta YG crew, even the dancing, and while GD was saying how one of a kind he is CL is saying how baddest she is… (okay… both rapping about… themself… and how awesome they are…). And the song isn’t even quite catchy (or maybe it’s just not my taste). IDK, to me YG used to be so original and full of surprises and completely unpredictable but lately they’re being quite the opposite ?… I just hope this is a sort of phase of them.

    And when it comes to Exo, i’m still in denial this song is real and does exist and it wasn’t a joke when we got that leak. So, yeah, what i can say is that at least they’re being… original… yeah… but… still… what about no ? I mean come on they can’t be serious. “Geurae wolf naega wolf” ?? “Awooo-” ??? and this high pitch “Ah saranghaeyo” ??? Urgh. I Can’t. The worst thing is that i actually don’t hate the whole song and it might be a sort of grower but it’s just that i was expecting much more from them, especially after making the fans wait so long. Like a great and imposing and grandiose and mind-blowing Epic song. Instead i get 12 boys playing wolves and awoooing. Great. Anyway. Fingers crossed that the rest of the album will be better, same goes for CL.

    • I’m still in denial of the EXO song, too. The high pitch saranghaeyo just makes my skin crawl. Even worse, I can’t really tell who’s saying (singing?) it cause the whole track sounds too over processed to me and auto tuned….like there are 6-12 robots awoooing at the same time. It IS growing on me though, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m genuinely liking this song, or if my subconsious fangurilla just wants to love EXO songs no matter how random there are! lol

      I at least know that I’ll like a few of the songs on the album because I liked them in the teasers, but I wonder how coherent the album will be with Wolf mixed in there.

  32. Guys do VIXX. That video is awesome and even more cooler for KMM :)
    As for EXO – drama version would be better.
    Blackjacks – don’t hunt me down but – CL’s video seems like another GD video. Yes, it was flashy, cool, quirky… just nothing new :)

  33. I liked some parts of CL’s song actually. The part where she is on the swing is really good but the song as a whole is not my thing… Same with EXO’s Wolf. There are some really good parts in it but the chorus is … quite awful. A shame because the rest of the album is really great! (BABY DON’T CRY TONI-IGHT!)
    And Shinwa was a nice surprise! I’m not a big fan of Love (V)(P)enus but dayum this song is catchy! And the vogue-esque dance is something I have to get used to I guess. ^_^

  34. You guys should do the CL video (more material really).

  35. that Cl video, i thought she would kinda be gangsta but not completely gangsta like she just went!! i mean she has gold teeth!! like ewww!! i hate gold teeth!!!
    ahahahaha i’ve always wondered about the ‘hood’ in Korea and the more gangsta type people in the k-industry!! i mean they look gangsta and they have gangsta songs and stuff but are they really even gangsta?? do they know what’s it’s even like in the ‘hood’? i actually feel like i’m more gangsta than these Korean singers, with the place i grew up in and the people around me and the crap that happens!!
    seeing videos like that really make me cringe!! (not sure if i’m making sense here…..sos if i confuse you!)

    *shudders* i hate that EXO ‘Oolf’ song!! the choreo is awesome though and the graphics is awesome with the members turning into wolves and stuff!!

    i like the Shinhwa song!

    anyway i wanna watch you guys review either CL or EXO for the hilarity!!!

  36. I am SO disappointed right now. I mean, there was talk about comebacks literally everywhere, people flooded facebook etc. etc. with EXO’s and CL’s new songs and I was super excited for a couple of new, really cool K-Pop songs.

    And then I heard EXO’s ULF. Ups. Wolf, of course.
    And it sucked SO HARD! No real melody, absolutely unintelligible mumbling and constant.. rustle or some sort of stuff in the background. I didn’t make it past the first two minutes of the video until I got horribly bored of it.
    And then I heard C’s Baddest Female (and the titel already.. brr. Should just’ve stayed with Bad Girl.) and srsly? I think the video is super cool, but the song is such a copy of GD, while “Unnie” could do so well on her own, that I just shrughed shoulders and frowend a lot, because I felt obliged to like the song (I mean, it’s CL, come on! She’s awesome!) – but I didn’t.

    I will vote so hard for Shinwa / VIxx or whoever is left to save the day (it could be a 100% naked chests, I wouldn’t mind! Ha!), but this? First, they took all the realy instruments out of K-Pop, now they are banishing melody, rhythm and meaning.
    Man.. this is what you get for starting to watch something with really high expectations.

    How is this crap in the Top 3? Honestly! Has anyone listened to Lee Hyori’s “Miss Korea” – and the lyrics? (Btw that is, what CL should’ve done! THIS is gold!) Where is that song? Or the funny, yet catching “Mama Beat” by LC9?

    As someone who normally listens to rock / jazz and stuff I feel enraged that people acutally vote for something, *no matter how bad it is*, just because they *like* the group or one particularly member! If you really liked them, you should be able to
    criticize them nicely – then go on and love them for other things, but that.

    For all who made it to here, getting ready to rip my head off – this is, of course, my personal opinion! If you liked this song for good reasons, man, go on and listen the hell out of it! =)
    For me, it’s just not.. nah..

    • I love The Baddest Female and Wolf (don’t ask me why, the fanboi in me just loves making no sense >_>), but I agree :D I’d prefer them to do Vixx’s Hyde or Lee Hyori’s Bad Girls. Both of those would be legendary :3

    • Even though I might risk to get my head staked up next to yours; I couldn’t agree more, except for the part of having really high expectations.

      Though I have to admit that one kinda get’s a hang on EXO’s (w)olf … though I don’t know if it’s good or bad in this case …

  37. Song wise I liked Shinwa the most as well….

  38. Wait for the drama version of Wolf, there will sure be more to talk about…. AWOOOOOO ;D

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