MBLAQ “Smoky Girl” – Vote for it Here!


Ok: this song is great. Great I tell you! Absolutely great! You know how we’ve felt this year with the trend of Kpop songs to be mashups of between three and seven different genres and sounds in one. That might be some people’s cup of tea, but not ours. We like consistent songs that evolve, rather than patchwork music, you know? This song, let me tell you, is consistently awesome. Like, whoa. We’re blown away. And it doesn’t sound Kpop-ish. It sounds so different.

Look, we don’t know what to say. We’re gushing about the song and we’re trying to save our words just in case we do review it for Music Monday. By then, we’ll have formed something more eloquent than just fangirl gushing.

VIXX “Hype” – Vote for it Here!


So, this is the first time we actually given a decent amount of attention to VIXX, and – we gotta say – they’ve got some really good songs now that we’ve taken the time to explore their music. Hyde’s great as well, and it’s got a relevant music video!

But honestly, we’re struggling to keep up with all the new kpop bands coming out, and in turn we’re struggling with the criticism we’re receiving for not talking about all the rookie groups for KMM. There was such a huge influx of new kpop bands over the past year that it’s just impossible to keep up with all of them, while still respecting the other bands that have been working in the kpop scene for a long time.

It’s such a difficult thing for us to balance. We came to Korean in 2008 and just got into kpop then, and some of our favourite bands just came out or started to break into the scene around that time. But now that those groups are popular, we’re supposed to dump them because they’re “too popular” and stick only to the newest rookie bands? What about our favourite groups and our excitement for their returns?

We’re really stuck between a rock and a hard place because on one hand, we want to talk about bands we’ve followed for a couple years and are finally having comebacks, but we also want to talk about new bands. And then, the bands that we did review while they were rookies, like B.A.P, B1A4, EX-O, Lee Hi, are now considered “popular” groups, and once again we’re criticized for not giving the newest of new groups a chance! AHH!!!

Anyhoo, the point of this is to say that I know VIXX fans have been dedicated to try and get VIXX in for a KMM, but they’ve been surrounded by the return of some of our favourite groups. One thing I will say for sure is that I’m grateful for their persistence because it caught my attention so I browsed their videos and they’ve made themselves new fan. So even if we don’t review them for this KMM, I’ll be keeping my eye on them!

Wonder Boyz “Tarzan” – Vote for it Here!


Ok, so Martina loves this song a lot more than I do. It’s not a bad song. I like it. I just don’t love it and rave about it the way Martina’s going on. It’s a good song! It’s ridiculously catchy. FIMINIMI FIMINIMI TAR-ZAN! FIMINIMI FIMINIMI TAR-ZAN! I’ve been singing that incessantly. Side note: I think this is the first time in a long time, if not the first time ever, that we’ve really enjoyed all three songs on the KpopCharts update and have had great things to say about each.

We don’t know much about Wonder Boyz so we can’t say much more about them, since this is our first time being exposed to their music, but if they keep stuff up like this we’ll become huge fans. This is really original, really, for Kpop music. Reggaeton? When I heard that someone was trying it out in Kpop I thought it’d be embarrassingly bad, but it’s actually really well done. Check it out. You’ll like it!

  1. Thank you simon and martina. For introducing me to Wonderboyz and Tarzan. I have been singing Tarzan for the past three days till my brother got sick and tired of it. My brother knows how you feel Simon :)

  2. I hate to make this correction, but I LOVED the Tarzan song too so I looked up the members and their names – and the “Come closer let me hold ya” guy isn’t Young Boy – His name is Master One.

    But one thing I found kind of eff’d up about the MV is that they put the leader in the back and in the beginning when Young Boy’s part comes in, it only shows Young Boy even though that part is back and forth with Young Boy and the leader (sorry I can’t remember his name!) AND THEN they don’t do any close ups on his face and always put him in the back. I mean, I get that he doesn’t have the same body type as the other members, but they’re a group and I think they should all be equally represented because they’re all so talented. I don’t know. SORRY! THIS WAS AN UNINTENTIONAL RANT!

    But did anyone else notice that/feel the same? Hmm…

  3. Graciela Ivonne

    i love each video in this kpop update! i actually didn’t love smoky girl on first listen, but let me know mblaq always manages to work their magic on me…. now it’s the catchiest thing evarrr. and i love the smooth dance in the video. loved the other 2 on first listen. great videos and music especially since this is my first time listening to anything from wonderboyz. now i have to check out their other music.

    side note: martina, it’s pronounced “reggae-tone” instead of “reggae-ton”.

  4. absolutely love Mblaq “smoky girl”

  5. wow, i didn’t listen to the tarzan song very closely. but, it is a very nice song.

    At first, I was like… tarzan? so corny… but it’s cool. ;D.

  6. SMOKY GIRL FTW! I can’t stop singing it … smoky girl smoky girl smoky girl smoky girl ♥

  7. Gemma Deacon

    I love the Tarzan song. It’s so friggin’ catchy! And the video is brilliant as well as a bit creepy. I’m confused about the spelling of ‘smokey’ now because I always thought it was spelt with an e but when I type ‘smoky’ it doesn’t come up with a red line. And I’ve just looked it up online and both words have the same dictionary meaning. Have they changed the spelling or have I been spelling it wrong all these years? I’m so confuzzled! @_@

  8. I think I need to give Smoky Girl a chance to grow on me. The first time I listened to it Thunder’s “Smiky Girl” part made me laugh my ass off, which made me feel really bad :(, and I wasn’t able to really take it seriously after that. That and I don’t usually like songs like this, but it’s MBLAQ and they haven’t disappointed me yet so I’ll definitely try and listen to it more^^

  9. Simon – gum in mouth is distracting :D

  10. the three mvs and songs were pretty awesome :) thanks for making these updates guise!! i love you!

  11. You guys should make a teaser video of your next KMM. Maybe use some of the behind the scenes footage or something.

  12. My mind has been blown. Officially. Yeah. Love Tarzan. LOVE IT.

  13. Great choices, all 3! The funny thing is, I hated each and every one of these songs the first listen through, but they all immediately grew on me like WHOA! I admit, I was a little let down with Hyde at first–I had just discovered Vixx with the awesomeness that is On and On. But I totally respect them not pulling any lunches with their out there concept! And the song grew on me for sure. Tarzan took me a couple of listen throughout to wrap my brain around the genre mashing, but now I’m seriously diggin it and can’t stop listening. As for Mblaq, all I can say is SMOKY GIRL SMOKY GIRL SMOKY GIRL GURRRL SMOKY GIRL forever in my head :)

  14. I love every song on this update! I’d be happy with any song chosen, but maybe for creative freedom S&M can incorporate aspects of the top three they like sort like have “Tarzan” rescue the “Smoky” girl from “Hyde” so they can just choose what parts of the videos they’d like to include in skits that they found funny/interesting. Anyway just a thought since the best KMM are the ones where S&M are having fun. I’m off to add to my ever growing Kpop collection :)

  15. Yes finally VIXX in the chart! Honestly it’s fine if you don’t review them I’m already estatic that you mentioned them on the charts and said you really like them! (Like whenever you talk about Dalshabet I’m sooo happy)

    And wow so you updated about Wonderboyz as well! Well it is an amazing song and notyour typical kpop sound~ I really love Bakchigi’s (afro) rap parts he’s so amazing.
    Some of the lyrics are like a thrilla in manila or an island and neomu naeui Jane I’ll be your Tarzan~ love those parts! Others I just sing gvhdwugcgjTARZAN LOL
    Just a little trivia Wonderboyz was created by Kim Changryul and was aimed to be the new generation’s DJ DOC. You should listen to their debut song ‘Open the Door’ such a fun song and they deliver great performances even id only 2:40min long!
    The song will forever be my phone alerts (the firsl line is even yoboseyo xD)

    As for MBLAQ since I’m not opening my laptop and it’s exams week I haven’t heard their new song yet :x

  16. Martina!!! Why did you say Zee? It’s Zed =D

  17. I’ve played to song Tarzan for my friends so many times they hate it! xD I love the style of the song the only other kpop song I’ve herd with a similar style is FieStar’s “Wicked”.

    I loved all the songs in this weeks update!!!! (Smoky Girl Smoky Girl Smoky Girl Smoky Girl)

  18. I was wondering the same thing about the EXO drama MV for Wolf…. I was excited about the teaser (I love drama MVs), so was like “what the….” when it was the dance version. :( Oh…. you guys should totally interview VIXX :) Especially now that Martina’s a fan!

  19. Stephanie Dubuque

    I have to say the opening video with Simon was really distracting as I kept focusing on what was in his mouth instead of what he was saying. But I did take the time to watch both Vixx and Wonder Boyz and I liked them but I think I enjoyed Tarzan more. I agree that it was nice to have a music video that was relevant to the song title but I was a little creeped out with the spiders and snakes in Hyde. -shudder- I liked the special effects in Tarzan and I do agree it was a bit creepy and stalkerish for “Tarzan” to watch the Waitress from his apartment but I was glad that he finally got the courage to go out and meet her face to face. It kind of had a mild vibe of being like Flower Boy Next Door but that might be because I had finished watching it about a month ago and that was the latest drama I’ve seen. All in all I like all the songs for this weeks update and I hope Vixx and Wonder Boyz get a bit more recognition.

  20. I’ll be happy if any of these three mvs get picked for KMM. I really like Hyde and Tarzan and Smoky Girl is growing on me too. On a side note, with Tarzan, you can dance a samba to that (which makes me like that song even more because I am a latin/ballroom dancer)

  21. I really like the MBLAQ song, but you really need a good set of speakers to get the full impact. The first time I watched the video, I was on my laptop with really bad speakers and I was like “Meh, this is ok.” Then I watched it again from my desktop with much better sound and was like O.O “Oh snap! This sounds so much better when you can hear the bass!”
    Tarzan and Hyde are both really good too! OMG I am having such a hard time trying to choose what to vote for this week.

  22. I Love Wonder Boyz Tarzan!!! Thanks S&M for showing me this Amazing Song!!!

  23. I don’t know if it was confirmed or not but I remember one of the EXO Facebook groups said there was a rumor that since so many people have been trying to hack into SM’s database/system and leaking videos, they might not release the drama version. It is unlikely though since they should’ve filmed it by now and it’s stupid to let it go to waste.
    There was another rumor someone said that if the Korean version of Wolf reaches 2.5 mil views then they’d release it.

    Dunno which one’s true or if either are true but that’s what I got from Facebook lol

  24. Actually the kiss scene was in the teaser video and I’m sure a lot of Kai biased fans were upset that he kissed a chick, but it’s just acting. Anyway, the rumor I heard on why SM wasn’t releasing the Drama MV was because some saesang fans were trying to hack into SM’s systems to leak the video. I just don’t understand some fans!

  25. I just love that Wonder Boyz incorporated the Tarzan call into their song. Awesome!! I love the attention to detail.

  26. Martina fail! It’s not Young Boy who does the “Come on closer..”-part, that’s Master One ^^

  27. I really liked Wonder Boyz’s song so I went to check if they have other good songs, and 문을 여시오 was crazy fun, with kind of a Indian/trot feel, if that makes any sense. (I might be totally wrong with that feeling though, since I’m not familiar with Indian music or trot) Also I listened to 신난다 신나, and I think these guys have a really unique sound. I really hope to hear more from them soon!

    Now I’m off to listen to Vixx’s older songs :D

  28. Simon&Martina I share your cup of tea!! I like Smoky Girl soo much!

  29. Smoky Girl is so….underwhelming…..the chorus sounded awesome in the clip and then it played and it was slower than I expected. Then again, the first time I heard Hyde it was underwhelming too and now the song is stuck in my head all the time. And On & On is amazing!

    Tarzan is probably the first time I have solidly agreed with Martina on a topic because it is FANTASTIC and everything you said is completely what I feel (especially you could dance to it in a club)! The girl is Hyeri and she’s really good, isn’t she? It’s not her first time acting and she’s not bad at it at all. Master One does the “time’s a-wasting, stop debating” but and it’s my favourite too. :D (K, the singer, is the male actor in the video. He’s pretty good too–if, yes, creepy.)

    • RE EXO’s drama MV: The kiss was in the teaser and people freaked out, crying and threatening to kill themselves over it, so SM basically said “screw it” and cancelled the whole thing. EXO said recently that if people reeeeeeeally want the drama version they’ll see what they can do, but to pleaseplease not freak out over the released product (if it ever gets released).

  30. ok guys,first off i gotta say that DOES ANYONE ELSE HEAR THEM SAY “SPOOKY GIRL” ? XDD
    now that i’ve got your attention…i actually have some thoughts of this video ,like,don’t hate i’m a guy so i’m not changing my pov based on fangirling or so ..
    ok,so mblaq’s been one of my favorite groups of kpop since the “good luv” days ,i do like thier music sooooo much..never thought they would disappoint me ….but (here comes the but ..) ,
    you see,i like the concept,i like the style they went with,but the song itself was kinda boring and felt like..there were more than one song placed together that it was really hard to make a grasp on what is actually the “main song” of them ..at least that’s my opinion..
    beside,the dance was like “meh” ,sorrta “been here did that” kind of dances,nothing special really..i liked the interactions in the dance alot more in this is war….
    overall the song is good it’s not that bad,but it just feels like it has no identity you know ? like i don’t know if this is a sexy song,a sad song,or a happy upbeat song (after seeing joon’s smiling lol xD )
    well …if this one got reviewed,at least make one little joke about spooky girl xD ,or even better make a spooky girl vs bat girl :D

    also…lot’s of love to vixx , they impressed me in hyde ..still though on and on is my favorite song from them,still a really good video and lyrics and i like this song too ^^

    and oh,tarzan is just a pure thrilla that you can find only in manilla (or an island for that matter :D )
    thanx for your time reading,i know i’d be thanking myself for reading such a lenghty comment… so yeah,kudos to you guise :)

  31. I think Spudgy needs to do a segment to talk about Rainbow’s new tummy touches dance :)

  32. Simon & Martina please do MBLAQ´s Seu-mo-kee gurl! Please, please please!… Martina are VIXX fans called Vixxens? VIXX fans what is the name of your fandom? Let´s be friends with A+ .3 <3. An just me being random they are other Kpop songs that sound Reggaetonish look at Fiestar´s Wicked and GI´s Beatles Beatburger remix I´m not saying they are XD no offence please. (cus there are people who don´t like Reggaeton) Personally I do not like Reggaeton but is due to the lyrics they are way to explicit and sometimes vulgar (refering to Spanish lyrics)… but that is not my point I think WonderBoyz producers did a great job with the rhythm. Kpop should go Reggaeton! YAY! (with the rhythm not lyrics please) *derp

    • VIXX’s fandom goes by ST☆RLIGHT. I believe it’s because they think that the fans are the stars to VIXX, not themselves.

  33. I love the Tarzan video. The song rocks, but I have to admit, that I consistently laugh at what a bad shot her bodyguard is. Also, by the fact, that he really just doesn’t seem to be that impressed with her or her survival skills. He’s all like, ‘Jesus, you fell again. O’ look, something to shoot!’ Then he misses every shot, while the Tarzan is just sitting there like, ‘What you shooting at? Wait… me…ohhh…leaving.’

  34. bigbangfosho

    I’m so glad VIXX fans have voted them to the top of the charts. I wouldn’t have checked them out otherwise, and I REALLY love this song! It reminds me of some older kpop songs, and thankfully, it’s not a mashup of random melodies. It’s quite good. But WHEN IS THAT DRAMA VERSION WOLF COMING OUT?! Don’t tell me SM just put in some random scenes for a teaser….

    I actually didn’t like tarzan that much. When I first heard it, it was too repetitive for me, and it just didn’t wow me.

    • Allegedly fans freaked out so badly over the teaser for the drama version SM just cancelled the product.
      EXO said on the radio if people really want it they’ll see what they can do.

      • bigbangfosho

        ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Freaked out as in spazzing, or freaked out because of Kai’s kiss?! that’s ridiculous. :( I was really looking forward to that, and I’m sure the boys put in a lot of effort too.
        That’s disappointing.

        • Cairistiona

          Kai’s kiss upset some fans so badly they threatened to kill themselves. I wish I were joking.
          And they did, and it was expensive, too. Still holding out they’ll release it eventually.

        • bigbangfosho

          ??!??!?!!? Oh my lord…I didn’t know exotics were this….die hard. I love exo dearly, but man, the fact some fans would threaten something like that is ridiculous. But I heard SM’s releasing it the 14th. I don’t know how true of a rumor that is though.

  35. No matter how many times I listen to Smoky Girl I just can’t get into it. It’s not a bad song, but there’s nothing there that grabs me or makes me want to put it on repeat *coughTrapcough*. LOVE Tarzan and Hyde, though — I bought Hyde when it came out, but I think I’m going to have to buy Tarzan, too. Curse you, EYK, you Kpop-buying enablers! ;)

  36. Guys! In the description you put VIXX’s “Hype” instead of hyde

  37. I’m so torn about the Tarzan song!!! I like the song. But I’m from Puerto Rico, land of raggaeton and I have a personal vendetta against it. Most of the raggaeton songs here are diminishing towards women and I made a point just to not listen to it. They have gotten better through the years and there is actually good songs now days but my distaste towards it is still there. That brings me to my point. I really like the song! It’s catchy! I don’t know it’s cause I’m biased for kpop or what. I swear I have no reggaeton on my playlist and this song it’s in it.
    The first time I heard this song a few weeks ago I started laughing so hard that my boyfriend started looking at me all weird cause I was watching music bank. I proceeded to unplugged my headphones and his incredulous face was priceless.

    Him: “it’s that Korean reggaeton”
    Me: yep!
    Him: face palm (he hates reggaeton too)

    In conclusion… I love Kpop. Hate reggaeton. Torn!

  38. yanagiba yusuke22

    i thought trap will b in the list…

    • Too soon! They’ll most likely mention it in next week’s Update. :)

      • I hope so – it is an amazing song, first solo since Kangta, Amazing piano skills, good dancing, and it has TaeMAN in it so…

        • Hey, you’re back. :) Enjoyed Taemin’s presence, did you? xD

          I really love the song too, and I hope Simon and Martina are enjoying it as well. There’s tonsss to talk about for a KMM.

        • I AM BACK! Have been for a while, but I am the lurker type….
          HELLS YEAH I LOVED TAEMIN’S PRESENCE! I actually watched it for henry because i love him – he is my SUJU-M Bias so…..it was Perfection. I Break Down when I see it….. Ok that was bad. The video…matches the song. OOH SM is being sassy. “SM’s videos are always in box sets” – makes video in box set.

  39. Maya Hayslett

    Sorry, I really don’t get smoky girl.

    But I love hyde. I not sure now whether I would rather have EXO or VIXX reviewed this week. Either would be great.

    And thanks for showing me Tarzan, what a fun song and video!

  40. You would just make my day if you review VIXX! Every time they come out with a new song I’m like “SIMON AND MARTINA MUST REVIEW” hahah
    I’m so glad that you’ve started to like their music too! They really are a great group and they’re starting t ofeel less like rookies to me now :)

  41. I love the way Martina says reggaeton. xD I was actually not aware this song was done in reggaeton style (as a Hispanic person, I admittedly don’t listen to a lot of Spanish music and much less reggaeton) but now that you’ve mentioned it, I totally understand why the song sounds so awesome to me and has me up and dancing like a fool whenever it comes on. xD

    This K-Pop Charts Update is delightful – three songs I genuinely adore, all of which will not be reviewed, but at least spoken for! ~1) MBLAQ’s new song took two listens for me to get hooked (agreed, we waited soooOOOOOoooOOO long for a comeback! I thought for sure after their tour, but nuuuu) and I think the video is really classy with the black and white (although admittedly at first I was all “Omg neon this reminds me of those cray outfits from “Y” D:”).
    ~2) YAY YOU TALKED ABOUT VIXX MARTINA LIKES VIXX ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. Ahem. I really love “Hyde” and the video is slamming. That choreography and their alternating outfits and the double personalities are just sublime. Really amazing. (And can I just say thank you Hongbin and Hyuk for making more of an effort to sing live #props)
    ~3) As for “Tarzan,” aside from the aforementioned, I love how the choreography mimics Tarzan-esque moves like the beating of their chests and the swaying from side to side. Wonder Boyz are relatively young (the leader Bak Chigi is a 92 Liner, Young Boy is a 93′er and K and Master One are 94 Liners) and they only debuted October of last year, which is sort of astounding. They’re great! Can’t wait to see what they bring to the music scene in future.

    Lastly. Aside from the fact I hope you guise talk about Henry next week.

    • P.S. (Man, I try to keep my comments short ㅠㅠ)
      About EXO’s “drama” MV – the “kiss” scene can be seen in the teaser for EXO’s MV for “Wolf” (link below); Kai basically just kisses the girl on the cheek (said girl is apparently an SM C&C actress and has a boyfriend(?), from what I’ve read on YT). Fangirls die. It happens. I’ve heard SM won’t be releasing it for the reason you heard, Simon – that fangirls disapprove – but quite frankly, I don’t think they’d spend a ton of money to film that many shots in different locations and make up this entire plot for EXO just to keep it in the vault. Seems silly. But hey, it’s SM. (Similarly, you don’t see them removing “Club No.1″ from Super Junior’s Super Show 5 choreography and that sure has fangirls in cahoots the world over. lolz.)


      • AzureShade

        ugh.. so in other words, we will never see it unless all the fans who don’t dream of dating or marrying Kai make a bigger stink than the fangirls? *face to palm in a smack my head motion*

        I really hope they change their minds… not that I don’t appreciate the choreography, but It’s like being told you’re getting cake for your birthday and being served bread with a candle in it.

        • I heard Baekhyun said in an interview it will be released “soon,” but who knows what soon means? Baekhyun’s my bias so I trust him either way, lol.

        • AzureShade

          YAY! :) I’ll take that as good news.. now they just have to release it in four days.. because that really is my birthday lol ^_^

        • The rumour mill reports it’ll be out on the 12th, Korean time. Early birthday present for you? :P

        • AzureShade

          sweet! You are awesome and totally made my day! :D

        • Aw, you’re very welcome~ I hope SM grants your birthday wish! :)

      • Club No.1! Lol! When I heard a rumor that SM wasn’t only not going to release a drama version but that they never actually filmed one beyond a hodgepodge of footage for the teaser, I really wasn’t surprised. I think they DID film it, but whether it’ll see the light of day or not we’ll never know. I guess I’m resigned either way! I love the hell out of Wolf regardless.

        Also, all these Kai fangirls flipping out over a chaste little kiss on the cheek need to GTFO. I get their feels, really, I do. If it was Luhan kissing a girl I’d definitely cry…but only if he was ACTUALLY KISSING HER, not just a little peck on the cheek!

        • Angela Merritt

          And even if my bias was all up on some girl in an MV, I like to think I’d be reasonable and still love the MV anyway! The teaser looked so badass! T_____T

  42. I didn’t know MBLAQ’s song but I totally loved it, and the video as well. I hope you review that one. Althought Wonder Boyz vid is kinda ‘funnier’, maybe? Reggaeton just isn’t working for me (My rock roots are telling me enough, you already listen to Kpop!!). And Vixx was ok, but Smoky Girl is so much better.

  43. WOW my fav 3 songs now are in one K-pop update…. and Martina is loving them…. I’m so happy now XD *crazy dancing Sumanabadjabano Tarzaaaan* hahahahah

  44. Smoky girl smoky girl smoky girl smoky girl girl smoky girl smoky girl smoky girl girl smoky girl smoky girl smoky girl smoky girl – this is what’s going on in my head lately. This song is really, really amazing!
    VIXX’s Hyde is cool as well (and so was On And On… no, it was even better!).
    But Tarzan doesn’t really do it for me. The chorus indeed is memorable but I’m not a fan of this song. I did like the video though!

  45. Smoky Girl, one of the first K-pop video’s that have some relevance to the teaser images? xD

  46. I think this is actually one of the best selections for a chart updates. But perhaps that’s because I’m biased and absolutely love all of the songs and knew about them all before they were on the update, so I had a massive feel-good moment because I was like “I know them all! And I like them all!”

    There’s a part of me that wishes 100%’s latest single would be on the charts, because they’re one of my favourite rookie groups, but hey, there’s always next time, right? It’s not like you can mention every single song that came out recently or the updates would practically be a weekly documentary on k-pop songs.

    (And also, I agree with Martina about On and On! It got so close to the top of the K-pop charts, but not reviewed :( It’s one of my favourite K-pop songs.)

  47. I really love “Hyde” and I recommend the dance practice vid so you can appreciate the choreo even more than the official vid/music show performances allow. Actually my fav song off of the album is “Stop Resisting”.

  48. I’m an A+, so of course I want MBLAQ’s song to be reviewed, but damn! VIXX’s song and video are a pleasure to watch (does it make sense? English is not my first language), because EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE! The song, the mv, the makeup, the dance (uhh, and I LOVE this dance). Even if I don’t become VIXX’x fan, I think I’ll be lookig forward to their next songs.

  49. what i’ve learned from the tarzan is that it is acceptable to be a stalker only if you are hot lol jk it is actually catchy

  50. Isn’t the “Come closer, let me hold ya’” part rapped by Master One, and not Young Boy? :3

  51. thisisjustforfunval

    This update is GREAT! (Que in Tony the Tiger) Thank you for introducing me to Tarzan, it was really upbeat and I don’t even like normal reggaeton music, what the. Thanks for including Vixx, I had only half paid attention to it a few times, but I really watched it this time and it really is something awesome. And MBLAQ, oh my gourd I’m crack addicted to Smoky Girl and I don’t know what to do with myself. I freaking insanely love that song right now. Standing Still had been my favorite song this year but this one, as well as This Love by Shinhwa, have taken the first and second place in my heart respectively.

      Just wanted to jump in because well. Why not. (“Oh my gourd”? A+ /pun intended) xD

      • thisisjustforfunval

        HAHA! I sing, and by sing I mean yell, that lyric at the top of my lungs when no ones around, usually in my car while I’m driving. That song makes me uncontrollably hyper.

        • I’m sure you and 4D Leader Eric could have one hell of a jam session then (even though it’s Hyesung’s line, idgaf). xD

        • thisisjustforfunval

          HAHA that would be one fun out of control car ride that would result in my car voguing on the freeway XD

        • Always vogue safely! #VoguingVal

    • Ditto on Standing Still! Glad to hear its still getting love–this latest UKiss comeback blew me away! Also ditto on Tarzan and This Love being super catchy and wonderful!

  52. Persephone Basilissa

    I’m going to again recommend seasonal Rookie Round-Ups. Four times a year won’t be too much of a work load, and it’ll give you a chance to discover (and share) some lesser-known gems like C-Clown and WonderBoyz.

  53. I’m pleasantly surprised you included Tarzan in this update. That song is pretty old by now. I mean it’s been out for 3 weeks already.

  54. Sherry Skinner

    Just a minor note, VIXX fans are called


    • They should make keyboards with mandatory star buttons. I forgot the code to create a star using the numerical keypad, but if it were a button I could just go ST☆RLIGHT errwhere! Among other fun things I could do with stars in text. Bwoop.

  55. Hey! Two of these songs made my video for my Top Five K-Pop songs of May. Guess which two lol.

    • Hey, when you link vids from your mobile it goes a bit funny. That link doesn’t work for me :S
      Try removing the “m.” and “/my_videos#” so the URL looks like this: youtube.com/watch?v=1tJeQrJ3DvE


  56. If wonderboyz manage to make it up the charts like monkeys chasing bananas, I’m liking the idea of Simon dressing up as a wondergirl fangurilla for the wonderboyz….Martina as Tarzan…..you all know you want to see that too.

    Sidenote: I have to agree MBLAQ annihilated with “Smoky Girl”….that is what a comeback is all about. Even though shenanigans with Wonderboyz would be fun…gotta hand my vote to MBLAQ…actually I’ll vote both (as I usually do) and make my vote worthless…yay democracy.

  57. unicornsgalaxy

    Smokey Girl was one of those songs that I knew needed to grow on me. I love MBLAQ but I didn’t immediately love Smokey Girl. I did, however love Mir’s rap! excuse me while I go a little fan girl here! There is something about Mir’s raps that I just love. Anyway, Mir Killed it in his rap. The rest of the song has grown on me but I don’t think it’s my favorite of theirs.

    Vixx’s Hyde disturbs me on so many levels and I love that!! The video creeps me out so much (and it doesn’t help that I’m severely Arachnophobic). even their live stages are creepy. The song is pretty awesome.

    Tarzan is one of those earwormy songs (which can be a good thing!). It’s gonna creep up on everyone now and they’ll all be singing different versions of it!

  58. i will personally be happy if any of these 3 amazing MV’s got reviewed!

    They all have great imagery, dances, and choruses in my opinion~

  59. Thank you Martina for Introducing us to “Tarzan” by Wonder Boyz. What a freakin’ awesome song. And the video was so well made. I am now jamming to that song while trying to dance to it with some reggae moves.

  60. this kiss scene from exo you are talking about is from the 2nd video teaser, there is a lt of hate going on on that video

  61. Yay!!! I am so glad you are becoming VIXX fans! They have been doing so well this year. And YES!!!!!!!! I CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO TARZAN!!! (And they guy rocks this curly fro thing – they are great dancers in live performances as well). I am so glad you love it Martina!!! And Smoky girl – AH, SO GOOD!!! Please excuse the caps…I just LOVE these songs!!!

  62. I think one of (because there are many) great things of MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl is that it transcends K-Pop and is easy to love because of its awesome composition and incredibly infectious beat. I really liked MBLAQ before this song, but this just pushed them to another level. I’ve been hitting replay for days now!

    I can’t wait to see how well they do live!

  63. The awkward moment when the ad beneath the Smoky Girl video says “Guys don’t like girls who smoke.”

    DUN DUN DUN :p

  64. Hey guise! As I always say, just do whatever you want and us Nasties will follow you. Talk about the groups you want and have time for! BUT! I just really have to say this cause it’s honestly been bugging me for a while – though I understand that it can be hard if you’re not a dedicated fan: it’s EXO. It’s pronounced like one word, like the first two syllables of “exothermic”. It’s not E-X-O, and it’s not EX-O. It’s EXO. Hope you don’t take this in a negative way, I just… feel the urge to correct mistakes when I see them. And I’m a die-hard EXOtic :)

  65. Glad to hear Vixx has a new fan.
    In all honestly, there are just too many rookie groups these days and only a few stand out and are worth mentioning. Luckily for Lee Hi, Exo, and BAP, they stood out from the get go and gained an influx of fans. On the other hand, groups like Vixx and B1A4 slowly break away from the cluster of rookies and build up their fanbases as they release new music. So it really isn’t about having to spotlight the newest of the new rookies (cuz ain’t nobody got time for that + most times there is nothing worth mentioning yet), but about shining light on rookies that are straying out from the pack and have the potential to break out of the rookie label. Vixx is a good example – they have been gaining fans with each release (especially when they released “On and On”) so its only a matter of time until they release that one song that will push them to the next level and out of the rookie label.

  66. I feel like a K-Pop Hipster, because while Martina was talking about VIXX, I was all “I knew about them before they were cool”. :D Ha! I really liked their song “Rock Ur Body”, so it all started from there. :)

    “Smoky Girl” is also really awesome! At first I was all “Meh”, but I played it again and I grew on me really quickly. I think one of the reasons it’s so good is because it sounds like something that Zion.T would make, and I know that he did work on this album, along with Primary and Simon D.

    This is something unrelated, but the plot for “Tarzan” reminded me of the drama “Flower Boy Next Door”. You know, with the whole staying in the hosue and staring at a person all day with a magnifying device. It’s a great song though! I’m surprised I haven’t heard it yet.

    On the EXO thing. I heard that so many crazy fans were trying to hack SM’s server to leak the Drama version, that SM just cancelled it because they were done. This also one of the best K-Pop Chart Updates ever, because all of the songs are great.

  67. Wow… Every single song is very catchy and entertaining. Is it the summer songs finally making an appearance? lol Same as dramas! There are so many good dramas on right now! I had to make a list just to keep up haha

  68. OMGEE! Martina <3 Tarzan! I agree, that song is awesome!

  69. This week’s update is so amazing, that I just wanna roll around on the grown and fanboi (because fanbois don’t fangirl :3) all over the place… *gets weird stares* What? These songs are *really* that great :D

    I think that MBLAQ have really topped themselves with Smoky Girl, and the entire Sexy Beast mini album. Like seriously, Smoky Girl has taken Y (my former favorite MBLAQ song) and thrown it off a building to it’s death. Yes people, this song has stolen my heart XD It’s got this smooth (and consistent :3) RnB feel that’s wrapped in a laid back danceable package. It’s too good :3

    As for that VIXX song… It ain’t bad either ^^ When I first heard VIXX, it was their song “Rock Ur Body”, and while it seemed like something I would like, it was just too typical to me. Like, they didn’t try *at all* to make it their own, imo. Also, idk about y’all, but if a video game was telling me to “come closer” (the part of the video where the bridge is playing, for those are confused), I would throw it in reverse, go “beep beep! wide load!”, and proceed to exit the building!! I don’t care if the boys inside are hawt, I’ve seen enough horror movies to know what happens when the stupid person (because everybody acts like they ain’t got no sense in horror movies -_-) follows the creepy instructions instead of high tailing it out of there. *ahem* Where was I… Oh yeah, hyde :D It’s a great song ^^ I must confess that I found the intro really cheesy (Like, BYG’s intro to One Shot cheesy), but once I pushed past that part, I was totes into the song. And I must agree with Martina, dat video… Good Lord, that spooked the mess out of me XD (I’m a huge scaredy cat, sue me :P). Idk if I’d qualify to be a VIXX fan because I started paying attention to them during their On and On promotions, but I’m totally digging everything they’ve released (except Rock Ur Body). I cannot describe my feels for Super Hero (let’s just settle on it’s my jam :3), and On and On was a nice step up on that latter. Hyde is not my favorite song by them , but I like the progression into this darker sound.

    Okay, I know I’m sounding like such a geek here, but 2NE1 actually experimented with Reggaeton on Clap Ya Hands and SuJu’s Bonamana kind of a touch of the Reggaeton beat (my sister was actually the one who pointed that out to me; one night I was acting a fool to it as I cleaning up, and she came asked if it was Korean Reggaeton. I was like lolwut XD). That aside, I really like Tarzan, as well. Like, really like it XD I don’t know much about the Wonder Boyz either (and honestly, I always thought they were JYP’s attempt at making a male version of the Wonder Girls XD), but they pulled this song off with ease. They were *not* playing with this song, because they definitely brought the heat!! I hope this song really gets them noticed, because it’s really great. It’s kind of sad that a lot of the good rookies aren’t being hyped by the big three are being drowned out in a flood of excess debuts.

    • I am amused on so many levels that you mistyped Sexy Beat as Sexy Beast.

      • In my defense, MBLAQ has several of them, so… :P Seriously, though; I must be *that* tired to have typed XD

        • entirelysayali

          Haha, it may be a typo but let’s be real, they could have just called this album Sexy Beast and we would all have been like, “Yup, that is correct. Carry on, fine sirs.”

        • that is so true! XD

        • “MBLAQ will be unleashing their Sexy Beast on June 4th.” Yep, nothing misleading about that statement. ;)

        • entirelysayali

          OMG, I just died a little!

        • Josh Chinnery

          Yeppers XD

        • I’m surprised that I haven’t made the same slip yet myself. :P They’re sexy beasts with sexy beats.

          Too bad Beast’s comeback is still a little further down the road. Sexy Beast sounds like an MBLEAST collaboration.

        • Josh Chinnery

          That sounds like it’d be interesting. Like, very interesting :3 I’m not much of a Batoost fan, but I’d totes pay attention to that

        • I am not sure you understand how much I laughed at MBLEAST.

        • I can’t be sure of course, but probably about as much as I did writing MBLEAST. :D Did you also have a goofy grin on your face? ‘Cause I did. :D

        • I snurted. It sounds like a cross between a giggle, a honk, and a snort.

        • Nicole Krzys

          Why must you mention MBLEAST?! *cries piteously for lovely leader duo-ship with Seungho and Doojoon*

    • On the Raggaeton subject (kinda I think?), has anyone heard DJ Masa’s mash up of Mirotic? I’m not gonna pretend I know the other song or anything about it, but I loved this as soon as I heard it, almost if not more than the original! http://youtu.be/TY5UbXo-8GM

      • YES!!! That is such an amazing mash-up!!! <3 It's more of a Latin crossover through, rather than Reggaeton…

        And, I also found that with his mash-up of Why (Keep Your Head Down) and Shy Boy…. Seriously, I was listening to Shy Boy this morning and was singing Why (Keep Your Head Down) instead of the actual Shy Boy lyrics :D

        • Haha I love the Why Shy Boy mash up! I can’t take KYHD seriously anymore after hearing it :P
          And yeah, I’m not all that clued up on Reggaeton (hence the ‘kinda I think’ part of my previous comment lol), I just remembered seeing the word used a lot in the comments so that’s why it came to mind :)

        • irritablevowel

          Don Omar and Daddy Yankee are both huge Reggaeton artists, and that was the music used in that mash up, so you’re safe :-)

        • Ahh thanks for the info :)

      • Dude, I fangirl over DJ Masa like crazy. His Shinee/UKiss/Suju/Nirvana mashup “Smells Like Easy Ding Dong” changed my life!

        • Yeah I love his stuff, I really like the big end of year mash ups too, especially the ‘Kpop till the world ends’ and the ‘Good-bye Party’ ones :D I remember the first time I heard the ’til the world ends’ one, I pretty much only recognised the TVXQ and Big Bang songs lol, whereas now I know every song… I think this mash up definitely encouraged me to explore kpop a lil further (and then I discovered S&M and the obsession was cemented) :P

      • I’m so going to make a playlist. Anyone more suggestions?

  70. Hey you guys should watch their performance on SBS Inkigayo. Their choreography not only are well executed but also actually makes sense. The beauty of Hyde concept is in their choreography.

    I have to say that VIXX’s production team did a really good job with this promotion cycle. Everything is complete: the song, the video, the outfits, the makeup, the choreography. Last evening they managed to get to #6 on Music Bank. I’m really happy for them; they are getting the attention they deserve.
    P.S.: Martina is now a fan of VIXX!!!!!

    • I agree the music video doesn’t do the choreography justice. I kept on replaying their dance practice video (I actually recommend watching that instead of inkigayo) because it was so cool and I got hooked on the song :3 I don’t know if martina noticed this but the choreography actually matches the korean lyrics on many parts!! -this was true for on and on as well.

      • Agree!
        Watch Inkigayo to see how VIXX corporates their concept into the dance routine.
        Watch the dance practice to see how glorious the dance routine is.


  72. I just want to say, for your reggaeton comment: Stony Skunk. Nuff said. Both the other songs are great as well. I don’t have any complaints either. But seriously, if you haven’t listened to Stony Skunk, do it. Do it NIAOW. You’ll thank me later ;P

  73. YESS! SUCCESS! VIXX was finally mentioned! Tbh, that’s all I really wanted xD I don’t mind if you guys don’t do a full review on them (even though that would be totally AWESOME) because I understand the dilemma you are currently facing because MBLAQ is AWESOME and so is Smoky Girl. And it’s great to know that you actually explored VIXX and their other songs because they were great too and didn’t get mentioned by you before so it’s really really great to hear your thoughts. I love both MBLAQ and VIXX so I’d be happy with either one :)

    And I rather wait for the Drama Version of EXO (unless it like never comes out O_O) because Wolf has really grown on me for some reason. Well the majority of the song :P And there’s also Henry’s Trap (WHICH WAS JUST MIND-BLOWING) and then there’s a bunch of other comebacks….Looks like you guys have a lot tough decisions ahead of you.

    • I totally agree with everything you said… seriously!!!

      I really hope that they can manage to review Henry’s Trap, because it’s such a beautiful song, has amazing singing, awesome dancing, Henry showing off his REAL piano skills, and the guests are the respective maknaes of their groups! How much better can it get??? <3

    • I looooove MBLAQ’s song, but KMM is mostly for the video, right? And I think VIXX has the most interesting video out of all of them. (the choreo live, too? Insaaaane!)

  74. Am I the only one who thinks the one guy in the forest with the girl ( in Tarzan ) looks like Doojoon from Batoost?

  75. Brittainy

    Really happy to see that you guys love the same songs I’ve been obsessed with recently ^^. All three of these songs have been my JAMS since they came out!

    Holy crap, Smoky Girl is amazing. Everyone should check out the whole album – it has a sweet disco funk/electronic theme throughout that I LOVE. It’s cohesive and has no “throw away” songs – I’m super impressed with it as a kpop album.

    I’m really happy to see Vixx gaining so many fans (≧◡≦). Jellyfish has been doing some great management/marketing! They’re a super talented group and I’ve been in love with them ever since I saw their cuteness in person at kcon. Even if you guys don’t review Vixx, I’ll honestly be okay with it because it’s enough for my fangirl heart to know that you like them now :).

    The Wonderboyz are really adorable and I hope they keep gathering more fans (their official twitter just barely passed 2k followers recently o.o). I do think it’s sad though that baek chiki doesn’t get as much appreciation as he should (despite arguably being one of the most talented) just because he isn’t a flower boy…. Anyway, here’s the official twitter link for anyone who wants it (hint hint): https://twitter.com/w_boyz102

    • Well you can consider that twitter followed. I can’t believe I didn’t know about them before!

    • Wonderboyz will have an interview on Arirang Radio(all in English boyz and girlz!) on 13th of June 12-2PM Korean time on the lovely Isak’s K-poppin’
      Let’s join the show on the message board and show them some love! :)


    • The Wonderboyz…. OMG!!!! who are they, where did they come from and WHY THE HECK have i not heard of them before?!?! this song is THEEEEEEE fracking awesomeness!! i jizzed. i kid you not it was so awesome. wth?? it blew my mind! *cueSUJUreference* i followed their twitter. any links to any videos, interviews or variety shows about them? i HAVE to know more about em like, OMG.

      • Their first music video was….pretty offensive with its cultural appropriation so the international fandom kind of covered them up, which is why few people have heard of them, but they have 5 more songs from their debut mini album (including a song featuring Lee Haeri from Davichi) and they’re not half bad. Not as good as Tarzan, but good.

        The members are Bak Chigi/Park Chiki (the rapper in the hat), Young Boy, K (the singer) and Master One, and they’re aged between early ’92 (Bak Chigi) and ’94 (K and maknae Master One). Young Boy is a ’93er.

        I don’t think they have many/if any well-known interviews or variety shows. No, wait, I lied: http://kpopaddictworld.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/eng-051413-wonder-boyz-wonder-tv-episode-1/ This is their FY Tumblr and there are a couple of translated interviews on there, too: http://fywonderboyz.tumblr.com/

    • Thanks for the twitter link! Didn’t know they have one o.o I do agree it’s sad bak chigi aren’t appreciated more he’s got mad rapping skills and well he is the leader of the group :/ well even if I say this my bias is Masterone. those eyes are so mesmerizing and he reminded me of an ulzzang ex-idol I used to love :3

  76. You guys need to stop telling me about all this great music. I just went and bought Tarzan.

  77. VIXX!

  78. Henry’s trap is missing here u.u

  79. Oh, and Simon there was a kiss scene in the 2nd teaser for Wolf

  80. I think it’s really coincidental that all three of the KMM update songs are the songs that I’m obsessed with right now. I’ll be stoked if any of them get reviewed but I’m hoping for VIXX because of how through that videos concept is.

    Also, you all should check out the Wonder Boyz’s “Open the Door” too. It’s like a mix between kpop and trot like Tarzan is a mix of kpop and reggaeton. Good stuff.

  81. I want VIXX to be reviewed so badly it hurts!!! I swear, if they get reviewed, I will cry tears of joy!

    • I will too ^O^ I mean Starlights have worked really hard to have it in the top 3 for like 3 weeks now! That’s rare with newer and not super popular groups..
      I really think VIXX deserves a KMM! It’s a good song and amazing MV! Jellyfish put a lot of work into it, and like Martina said, the MV, the choreography (not to mention the outfits in the performances), the song, and everything else fits with the Jekyll and Hyde concept. That’s also rare with kpop releases lately

  82. I love all these songs so I don’t mind which one wins hahaha

  83. I’m a hardcore STARLIGHT (VIXX fan), but I’m currently torn between their Hyde video and MBLAQ’s comeback. Smoky Girl was just too great, I’m learning the dance moves. Thunder’s pink hair IS SO AWESOME!! and my darling Lee Joon looks so great wearing that fedora hat, omg!!
    Last week I was a lil bit disappointed because I could only see VIXX in the charts, I didn’t really care about EXO or CL (they are great, but they don’t have my heart haha). But now, with MBLAQ up there in the charts, I’ll reeeeeeally be happy with whoever you guys review! The charts right now are driiving me crazy because I don’t know who I want you to review more!!! (except EXO haha, exotics, please don’t hate me ;_; I like Kai.”shalala-ulf, shalala-ulf, sa-rang-hae-yo~~~”)

    By the way, I’m also expecting SISTAR’s comeback, which looks like it’s gonna be tango-ish and I looooove tango!

    Al my love from Mexico (:

  84. Isabel Ruby

    i feel like simon basically said they would watch smokey girl in ripito flipito sipi slow motion in order to find stuff to turn into skits :P

  85. Veronica Aline Gomez

    MBLAQ never, NEVER, dissapoint fans! Ahahaha… I’m an A+ an I’m pushing non-kpop friends to vote for smoky girl to be reviewed… ¡You gotta review Smoky Girl! >w<

    PD: I just remembered the time you came to Mexico and we did our small banner of "We love EyK and MBLAQ"… Such a great day TwT

  86. I think the problem people have with big name groups being mentioned is that it kind of makes no sense for a kpop charts update. These updates have at least some influence over how people vote, and you end up having to hedge so much so you don’t mention something you’d mention in a KMM. If SNSD, Big Bang, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, etc. releases a new song, everyone and their brother knows it. Mentioning it in the update and then (most likely) turning around and reviewing it is just essentially rehashing the existence of a song everyone already knows about. Do we really need an update to hear for the zillionth time that these big name, top tier groups released a song?

    I think it’s not about “dumping” old favorites, but about giving just a teeny bit of attention to a group people aren’t otherwise going to even know exist. (Case in point: literally your first, and only, mention of ChAOS was in the end of year EYK awards. And then they were competing with nine other groups nominated in the same category. And now they disbanded, and the most common comment was “I didn’t even know they existed.”)

    • I remember seeing a K-Pop Chart Update with ChAOS being the first video in the playlist, so… :3 And that really sucked!!! I kind of liked them XD Their song Kiss Kiss is addicting ^^

    • I actually disagree with you here! I think you’re forgetting that there are many different types of kpop fans that watch our updates: some follow all kpop news, some follow several kpop groups, some follow just a few favourite kpop groups, and some follow just one group dedicatedly. The Kpop Chart Update is just meant to be a tiny 3-video slice of what’s happening in the kpop world. It wouldn’t make sense to update people every week on just three smaller bands, thus, we try to mix it up with a blend of more well known bands, like MBLAQ, as well as some lesser known bands like VIXX, WonderBoyz, to get them some more exposure. And I really think you’re forgetting that there a gazillion new kpop bands that sprout up every week and we can’t talk about every single one of them! Kpop bands are like cute dancing mushrooms! :D

      • “Kpop bands are like cute dancing mushrooms!”

        That was one adorable picture that popped into my head. xD

      • I think you guys do a good job of this. I notice that you often try to include a lesser-known group or song in the chart update, particularly if it’s something that you personally enjoy (like Wonder Boyz this week). I know I can’t keep track of all the new groups coming out all the time so I don’t really expect you guys to do it either.

    • Oh man i didn’t know that ChAOS disbanded…that really sucks!! I loved loved She’s coming(그녀가 온다) song. I thought their voices and how they sung that song was so awesome and different sounding.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      They mentioned ChAOs’s Racer in a chart update. That was actually how I had heard of them and fell in love with Racer. I’m sad they disbanded. :c

    • It would be weird to not mention a big name group in the kpop chart updates since the point of the updates is to mention what’s new (video-wise) in kpop. It would be even weirder if they mentioned only lesser known groups and rookies (defeats the purpose of the updates and essentially becomes more like a new up and coming groups segment). Either way people are going to vote for the groups they like no matter if their top tier, rookie, or in between.

      As far as influencing, I do think S&M say subtle things in the updates to draw interest, but I don’t think that alone gets loads of people to vote for that particular video just to hear more. If they were going to say something like “Omagod Wolf is such an awful song, we have so much we say about the awesome dance and let’s talk that box room, BUT you have to vote to hear us talk about it on KMM,” then yeah that would definitely be crossing the line and would influence voting greatly. But for the most part, lately they’ve been keeping themselves in line in terms of not influencing voters to a certain video. [By the way... we don't know how they feel about Wolf yet so don't take my example to heart..... by the way I actually like Wolf so please don't attack me]

    • I think you have a different definition of what a Kpop Charts Update is. Isn’t an update of the chart supposed to show what is happening on the chart? It makes sense to show big name groups because it’s just a snapshot of the chart, it’s not just a promotion of rookie groups.

      I often don’t watch a lot of the big name groups until the update because I only follow a few groups, not all of them. So the first time I see some of these videos is actually on the Kpop Charts Update. Not everyone knows everything that every big name group is doing.

      I don’t think it’s Simon and Martina’s job to place so much emphasis on rookie groups. Many disband, but at the same time, many should. There are way too many rookies groups and they do need to be culled. It’s unfortunate but that’s how the music industry works. If you think there needs to be more focus on less popular groups perhaps that is a niche that would be popular for a blog- and perhaps someone else could do, but I don’t see that as Eat Your Kimchi’s duty and I don’t think they should be criticised for not emphasising less popular or rookie groups.

    • What chaos disbanded??? Noooooooo I really liked them ;_; is there management still active though I’ve heard no news of norazo and piggydolls like they disappeared ._.

  87. I sing Tarzan like that too!

    Asdfghjkldfghj TARZAN! Sghgkdscfvbg TARZAN! Aadfghjkljhgfds TARZAN! TARZAN! TARZAN!

    • Brittainy

      My personal rendition is: Shaminaminamina TARZAN

      • Lol! Mine changes every time I sing it. I have no specific translation.

        • LOOOOOOL!!!! You sing the song of our household.

        • There’s a line that goes ” Make a thrilla in Manila or an island”. No lies here, you can check the official lyrics if you think i’m lying.


        • …Isnt Manila on an island……..

        • It’s a reference to a really intense boxing match in Manila in 1975 so i don’t know. I didn’t write these lyrics, why do you judge me like this D:

        • I’m mot judging you! Aynish is friend, not food. (see I can quote too :P) Ahh, just pointing out the stupidity of the line. songwriters have no idea about geography obviously.

        • Angela Merritt

          Yeah! My Dad heard me listening to it and said “Thrilla in Manila? Are they referencing Muhammad Ali??” Lol.

        • I drive my sister nuts with that sentence. LOVE IT! :D

      • DUDE y’all are right, this stuff is mega catchy. All I knew about Wonder Boyz previously was that they call B1A4 ‘sunbaenim’ so I was scared of their nuguness ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

        ANYONE WHO LIKES THE REGGAETON-ish SOUND: Fiestar’s ‘wicked’ is frigging awesome. No MV, but an amaaaazing song.

        • Amanda Brohman

          Holy crap thanks for the wicked reference. Mind blown with awesomeness.

  88. I honestly fangirled when Martina said she’s becoming a fan of VIXX. It’s like the joy of converting a friend to k-pop XD So glad you enjoy listening to them too, Martina. ^_^ Yay!!!

    • I fangirled too. I might have even fallen in love with Martina just for that hahaha :D (don’t worry Simon, it’s just merely platonic)

  89. Usually I skip watching a music video in your updates if I’ve already seen it, but dude, I just CAN’T SKIP Smoky Girl. I can’t and don’t want to get it out of my head.

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