Henry “Trap” – Vote for it Here!


Yes, I like to make up silly names for bands. Even though this is Henry’s song, it’s still heavily featuring Kyuhyun and Taemin, so I tried to make a name of all three

Henry + Kyuhyun + TaeMan = Kyu-tae Ry = Cutery.

-This name is ok, but not as good as the next name:

Henry + Kyuhyun + TaeMan = Human Hen

The Human Hen! Sounds like a Marvel Superhero from the 60s.
Spiderman sidekick: “Watch out Spidey! The Human Hen is about to attack.”
*Human Hen throws eggs at Spiderman*
Human Hen: “Buahaha! This battle will be…OVER EASY!”

I mean, umm. I like Henry’s song. That’s what I should be talking about…

Sistar “Give it to Me” – Vote for it Here!


Sistar’s back with another great song. They’re consistently awesome. And, could it just be me, or does Sistar look like the most “adult” out of all the girl bands out there? It’s hard to explain, but Sistar seem more mature than other groups. It’s hard to put my finger on. It could be the way that they dress or dance. They just seem more…womanly. Not that the other bands don’t have women in them. They obviously do. There’s just a maturity to Sistar, while other bands have different images that they’re going for. I can’t quite pinpoint it.

Anyhow, I’ll stop fumbling with words and ideas here. I’m just happy they’re out with another awesome song. It’s not their best song ever, but it’s still cool. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet :D

T-ara, The Seeya, 5Dolls & Speed “Painkiller” – Vote for it Here!


I feel like this song should sound like one of those cheesy christmas specials where you get two sentences from every member of seven different bands and it forms some OOO AHHHHH song chorus that involves people smiling and holding arms, yet, this song sounds nothing like that. Totally surprised! It is actually a serious song and one that sounds pretty good too. It’s not my most favourite song since this is a ballad and ballads tend to not really move me (unless it’s very special) but it still sounds really nice! The video though, attempts to be kind of artsy and while I appreciate that, it pushed the obvious symbolism category via the “painkillers” and the literal turning back of time, yet it still left the plot unclear. I saw a whole bunch of people in the comment section trying to explain it to one another and each person had a guess different then the next. The fact is, the director of any music video will have a concept or plot, which will convert into a script for the actors/actresses to work with, but it comes down to how they capture his/her ideas. I’m not saying I need a super clear plot, but there are ways to film and hint what you’re getting at, for example Nell’s “The Day Before” wasn’t crystal clear at first but as the video went on, you began to understood that this was two different time periods and that his friend in the video with him had committed suicide. What was unclear about the video was if they were lovers or just friends or family, but those are the kind of details that are okay to be vague about. In this video, I think it’s okay that we aren’t sure what kind of breakup she is dealing with, but the rest of the video’s motives were still really unclear. It’s too bad, I think it had the potential to be a super moving video.

  1. I just want to ask if any from this group of kpop charts update will be in kpop music mondays. it’s just there is a new set of update for coming monday but there was none for this week’s monday. what happened?

  2. nah I think Rania still wins as most mature girlgroup

  3. Of the three, I really liked Henry the best. However, none of the three really had that wow factor for me. They were all good, but I just didn’t feel like any were great.

  4. I actually looked up toronto mayor crack….is that bad?

  5. Henry should really get to show his talents more in SJM, shame there’re still some die-hard elves that hate him

  6. Both the song and video were touching, and jiyeon’s acting is unparalled; they should review Painkiller.

  7. I get what you’re trying to say about SISTAR being more mature than other groups. I think it comes from their vocals. A lot of girl groups (a main reason I don’t like many girl groups) have a breathy, immature vocal sound. SISTAR has more of a strong vocal ability. Hyorin contributes to this heavily but Soyou has a strong sound too. Dasom is a little on the lighter side but that’s okay because it brings balance to the group as a whole. And even though Dasom’s vocal is light, it doesn’t sound as though she’s baby-ish; it still sounds mature. I’m a SISTAR fan but this song was meh for me. It’s good, but not better than Alone or Loving You in my opinion.

  8. Creepy music box with twirling ballerina song = Shinee’s Orgel

  9. I watched Henry’s live performance on mnet and he sang it alone…i thought everyone was going to be in it but i actually didn’t think the song needed Kyuhyun and Taemin, sounded just fine without them…

  10. Love how the top comments are about Henyr’s Trap. Really, really want Simon and Martina to review it.
    How about this, let’s tweet the youtube link to Henry if Simon and Martina review it and ask Henry to come to EYK’s studio for interview. I mean, if lot of people tweet about it, probably Henry will notice it and consider the interview.

  11. Henry could have easily done Kyuhyun’s part XD Did you *hear* that note SM tortured out of him at the end of Maxstep? That boy is coming for Changmin and his ultra high notes XD

  12. I seriously laughed out loud for the “over easy” part in the blog post! I also think Sistar looks more mature. Maybe its because they are always choosing more mature concepts. I don’t remember seeing Sistar do any major Aegyo videos. I like that they act their age, it’s more relate-able for me. Have a great anniversary guise!

    • They did Shady Girl and Loving U, which were kind of aegyo. But Sistar have this kind of image of trying-to-be (cute, classy, someone you’d take home to Mom). Like they want to be seen as eligible & respectable but no matter what they do you can still sense their hidden gangster side.

      (Talking about the group image, not necessarily the group members.)

  13. none of the songs this week did it for me
    henry’s song sounds very western pop-ish, kinda like 1d and justin bieber…not that it’s bad just nothing i’d turn up and sing along to
    sistar’s song is better than most of their older releases but…i’ve never really liked them and this is just another song that didn’t win me over
    the ccm ent (that’s their company, right?) song was my fave out of the three but i don’t see the video as a great music monday…maybe because it’s hard to understand, idk.
    personally i’m hoping for mblaq or after school because the songs i originally wanted didn’t make it into the top 3

  14. Henry – solid performer and uber talented. I liked the song/video fine. But as a SHINee uber fan, Taemin was so distracting. Sistar – the lyrics deterred me at first. It sounded like 4 horny girls…but the song is good. Hyorin should just fly solo with those powerhouse vocals. The end of the video was AWESOME! T-ara: BEST VIDEO EVAR! omg so good like the song too. Rock it Ji-yeon! I didn’t need a clear plot. It rode on emotion for me and it was like you feel after a break up. scattered, lost….

  15. I fully understand what you mean when you say you see sistar as more womanly as other groups. The reason i don´t feel unconfortable whatching their sexy dance moves is because i see them as someone older and more matured. I think well ok they are old enough to dress like that and dance like that. Whenever i see other girl groups do sexy concepts i feel so weird because they are nearly as old as me or at least often seem as old as me (even if most of them are sometimes even 10 years older as me) so i think that they are too young to do things like that. The thing is that my imediate reaction when i see someone who could be my age do such sexy `things` i think “well that´s slutty!”.

    Ok long comment…..

  16. not suprise with sj’s mv…. but i wonder…y SM didnt produce any MVs as awesome as their VCRs in every super show?? if u watch Sj VCR in every super show…its like 2 diff management that produce vid for sj…

  17. sorry rainbow….i think their song is not S&M type…so, to avoid the fans will mad to them… lets not talk abt their song at all…

  18. Sistar might really be one of the matue looking girl groups but you are forgetting Brown eyed girls here
    (and i here you hinting at happy pledis with the christmas special songs haha)

  19. I don’t think SM will let that go thou… He’ll probably end up back in a box *lol*
    SM probably started chasing after him but we didn’t see that part >XD

  20. omg it would be sooooooooooooooooooo awesome to interview henry *q*

  21. Hahaha love the names of the Henry group thing! Although I automatically thought of Teri-Q. Because I could go for some teriyaki chicken, and well Tae-Ry-Kyu. Yeah. Plus ya know, SJ’s Bonamana dance is very…chicken-ish.

    Oh god. I have problems.

  22. Seems that in Painkillers she is trying to kill herself with the toxic poison because her boyfriend died. maybe she was in the hospital with him? or in the loony bin for trying to kill herself at a different time and was cool to go home until she found all his stuff still there? just an observation!

  23. “Oh this is going to end poorly” LOLZ


  24. First off, I just wanna say happy anniversary!! You guys are such an adorable couple, and whenever I watch your videos, it just makes me want to long for that special someone that I wanna grow old and die with that much more!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME :D :D :D

    *ahem* Onto the music!! ERMAGHERSH!!! HENRY HAS FINALLY BE LET OF OUT SM’S SHINY DUNGEONS!!! Seriously, Henry is definitely the one artist at SM that deserves their own solo debut. The dude is crazy talented, and it’s such a shame that SM has relegated him to a SuJu sub-unit that only promotes new music once every two or three years. I do have to say that, at first, I was a bit confused at the Taeman and Kyuhyun (btw, can someone please explain where the Cucumber nickname came from; like is there is a story behind it :3) being featured so heavily in this song and video, but now that I’ve seen it, it’s plenty obvious that SM didn’t think that this debut was going to chart much without some outside help. Since SM didn’t torture us by forcing a rap out of either of the guests (which I was really scared they were going to do when Kyuhyun came on XD), I can’t be mad that they’re there. At the end of the day, SM is a business and they gotta make dat papah :3 Once again, I’m just glad this dude got to debut XD

    So, I know I can’t be the only one thinking this (I know I”m not, but I wonder if anyone here is thinking it); that Give it to Me sounds like an upgraded version of KARA’s Pandora. I’m not saying that Sistar or Duble Sidekick intentionally ripped them off, but both song have the same dramatic keys and funktastic feel to them. I’m not complaining because I loved Pandora and I love this song, but I just thought I’d point it out. The video was very well done, to me. I liked how each member had a specialty dance that went along with their parts; it was choreographed very well and I liked it a lot.

    Quite honestly, I am a little sad that CCM has given up on Co-Ed School (the group that spawned 5dolls and SPEED, if you didn’t know), because I liked the concept. It was cute seeing both boys *and* girls interacting and singing/rapping together. Guess it wasn’t meant to be XD Anyway, I don’t really think I can comment on this song too much. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s nothing that really draws me too it. The video is really depressing, and I almost cried while watching it (not going to spoil, but holy mother of love, I am never watching that video again XD).

    • Hey Josh!

      Kyuhyun’s Cucumber nickname comes from Martina’s inability to pronounce his name properly, like Eukhyuk and Ryeowook, and I think it came from the A-Cha or Mr Simple KMM Blooper reel. I’ll have to add that to the EYK Dictionary soon.

      I think, out of the 3 in this week’s Kpop Chart Update, Henry could make the KMM. He faces the EPIC NEON PAINT DANCE PARTY, though…

      Anyways, hope that answered the Cucumber question!

      P.S. Did anyone feel heartbroken that the grand piano caught on fire?!

      • Hmm… I’ve seen both of those KMM’s, but I don’t remember ever peeping the blooper reels for them. Thanks for the info :D I am uber torn about who I want to get reviewed… I think After School should definitely get reviewed because a) I love the song, b) that is some serious choreo they’re doing, and c) they’ve never been reviewed before, but!! Smoking Girl is so good, and Trap is an epic song XD THE PRESSURES!!!

  25. ‘Trap’ exemplified SM’s MV concept: TRAPPED in oddly-lit rooms. Love the song, don’t mind the video, don’t like the hip hop clothing… it doesn’t fit the song, at least for me anyway. Human Hen reminds me of Human Centipede too much *shrugs* I suggeset Mak3 (Pronounced Mach 3, after all, they’re the 3 maknaes)

    SISTAR’s ‘Give It To Me’ is a lot like WG’s ‘Nobody’, video wide the shiny curtains and the outfits. And I agree, Simon, SISTAR is doing more womanly images than the other girl groups out there.

    T-ara&Co’s ‘Painkiller’ sounds great, but the video is all over the place. Oh, and no one simply stops coughing up blood, unless they clot quickly. And those pills must dissolve pretty quickly to have an effect on her in < 20 seconds. Jiyeon, have you got a blood disorder that needs sorting out?

  26. Yaay! A sixth year anniversary! I always think anniversaries are very sweet, and it must be because of my Grama and Papa. My Papa died on a little before their 25th anniversary, but despite the fact that we were still mourning, my Grama still got him a gift. It was a one of those little display plates with “Happy 25th Anniversary” written on it. And even though my Papa died several years ago, my Grama still celebrates that day. Since Simon and Martina are celebrating theirs, I really wanted to share my little story. :)

  27. wow you weren’t kidding hey about the T-ara and etc. MV being super depressing.. my goodness

  28. Human Hen: “Buahaha! This battle will be…OVER EASY!”

    That was too good to not post again.

  29. Toronto REPRESENT!

    It’s kinda awesome living in such a multicultural city where it seems like there are four degrees of separation between you and the kpop industry. Like a friend with a relative in Boyfriend or another friend’s older sister that got Henry’s old textbook in high school.

  30. So from the intro of Henry’s song I thought I wasn’t going to like it, but I really did! That said, Henry’s yellowish/brownish short suit should win some award for being extra terrible.

  31. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I apparently can’t type today, took me three tries to get that right… XD

  32. Its the Maknae group xD They mentioned it in an interview. SHINee’s Maknae, Super Junior’s Maknae and Super Junior-M’s Maknae :D ‘Human Hen’ has a better ring to it, although I’m getting some bizarre mental images of a giant chicken with a human head >.<;

    I was hoping you'd mention Chocolat's Black Tinkerbell – http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/chocolat-black-tinkerbell/ One of the members Tia even voted for it https://twitter.com/Tia_0315/status/344871092692844545 It one of my favourite songs on the charts at the moment, along with VIXX's Hyde and Nell's Ocean of Light! :D oh and Broken Valentine's Aluminium http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/broken-valentine-aluminium/ :D

    Too much gym Martina? Is that why your obliques hurt?
    Congrats on the 6 year anniversary!~

  33. It’s a real shame that you guys never reviewed VIXX’s Hyde, it’s been the best video on the chart for like a month…/sigh

  34. after school for another week chart update?

  35. Human Hen… Simon, it’s official. You are a genius. o_o
    I agree that SISTAR has a pretty consistent sound… And oh Martina.. That thrusting. o-o
    Cool beans, you actually mentioned Painkiller! Yep, still bitter that SPEED and 5dolls were listed separately, rather than just putting Co-ed School. .__. It’s like saying Co-ed School doesn’t exist together anymore. T_T
    But whoa, those music video clips’ audio… Was that to avoid copyright issues or something? o.o
    Congrats on your anniversary!~~ ^_^

  36. yay s&m are sistar fans!

  37. NOOO don’t mention Nell’s MV for “The Day Before!” Just thinking about it makes me want to cry pools of tears. There’s no other video that makes me cry more than that one. Amazingly the song doesn’t though…I’m must disassociate the two.

    Great reviews this weeks guys. I really like Henry’s song and Sistar’s song but I shall commence with my devoted voting for MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl!

  38. So…just watched painkiller for the first time…I’m sad now.

    On a happier note, Happy anniversary!

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