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KpopCharts Update: Henry vs Sistar vs T-ara

June 15, 2013


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Henry “Trap” – Vote for it Here!

Yes, I like to make up silly names for bands. Even though this is Henry’s song, it’s still heavily featuring Kyuhyun and Taemin, so I tried to make a name of all three

Henry + Kyuhyun + TaeMan = Kyu-tae Ry = Cutery.

-This name is ok, but not as good as the next name:

Henry + Kyuhyun + TaeMan = Human Hen

The Human Hen! Sounds like a Marvel Superhero from the 60s.
Spiderman sidekick: “Watch out Spidey! The Human Hen is about to attack.”
*Human Hen throws eggs at Spiderman*
Human Hen: “Buahaha! This battle will be…OVER EASY!”

I mean, umm. I like Henry’s song. That’s what I should be talking about…

Sistar “Give it to Me” – Vote for it Here!

Sistar’s back with another great song. They’re consistently awesome. And, could it just be me, or does Sistar look like the most “adult” out of all the girl bands out there? It’s hard to explain, but Sistar seem more mature than other groups. It’s hard to put my finger on. It could be the way that they dress or dance. They just seem more…womanly. Not that the other bands don’t have women in them. They obviously do. There’s just a maturity to Sistar, while other bands have different images that they’re going for. I can’t quite pinpoint it.

Anyhow, I’ll stop fumbling with words and ideas here. I’m just happy they’re out with another awesome song. It’s not their best song ever, but it’s still cool. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet :D

T-ara, The Seeya, 5Dolls & Speed “Painkiller” – Vote for it Here!

I feel like this song should sound like one of those cheesy christmas specials where you get two sentences from every member of seven different bands and it forms some OOO AHHHHH song chorus that involves people smiling and holding arms, yet, this song sounds nothing like that. Totally surprised! It is actually a serious song and one that sounds pretty good too. It’s not my most favourite song since this is a ballad and ballads tend to not really move me (unless it’s very special) but it still sounds really nice! The video though, attempts to be kind of artsy and while I appreciate that, it pushed the obvious symbolism category via the “painkillers” and the literal turning back of time, yet it still left the plot unclear. I saw a whole bunch of people in the comment section trying to explain it to one another and each person had a guess different then the next. The fact is, the director of any music video will have a concept or plot, which will convert into a script for the actors/actresses to work with, but it comes down to how they capture his/her ideas. I’m not saying I need a super clear plot, but there are ways to film and hint what you’re getting at, for example Nell’s “The Day Before” wasn’t crystal clear at first but as the video went on, you began to understood that this was two different time periods and that his friend in the video with him had committed suicide. What was unclear about the video was if they were lovers or just friends or family, but those are the kind of details that are okay to be vague about. In this video, I think it’s okay that we aren’t sure what kind of breakup she is dealing with, but the rest of the video’s motives were still really unclear. It’s too bad, I think it had the potential to be a super moving video.



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