After School “First Love” – Vote for it Here!


Holy smokes, is this dance ever awesome! We haven’t seen lots of pole dancers before, but when two girls are on the pole at once, and they link legs and swirl down the pole: whoa! That’s really impressive!

Also, we read the headline about one of the members of After School getting her pelvis injured, and then I was going to make some inappropriate joke about hurting your pelvis on the pole, but then I read more about it and realized that it’s a serious injury, that she supposedly fell of stage? Whoa. That’s pretty intense.

Side note: I’m not sure if all pole dancing is like this, but shouldn’t the poles be attached to the ceiling? It looks so wobbly when they’re on it and definitely unsafe. Are those the standard poles for poledancing?

Dal Shabet “Be Ambitious” – Vote for it Here!


Damn you John Conti!

Here’s the webiste.

Here’s the YouTube Channel

How…how big is John Conti? Is it big in the US? How have his shirts been in two Kpop videos? When I saw it the first time in 4Minute’s “What’s Your Name”, I thought it was just a shirt that they found at some random thrift store, and so it looked cool and appropriate for a Kpop video…somehow. But now it’s in two videos. Is this a trend? Who’s printing these shirts here? Did John Conti set up shop here in Korea? It…it doesn’t make any sense! Guise! What is this?


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Lee Hyori “Going Crazy” – Vote for it Here!


Lee Hyori is so pretty! And she’s rather convincing as a dude, which makes me feel conflicted, like Lee Hyori must be less pretty as a result. No way a pretty girl can look like a dude like that, right? Must be something less pretty about the girl. Or no? I’m just confused. I do know, though, that we’re impressed with this video. Lee Hyori’s a pretty girl, and pretty girls in Kpop videos usually show off how pretty they are, with closeups of their faces and sexy dances and whatnot, but Lee Hyori is not going that route. She’s hiding how pretty she is, and dressing up like a dude, and making you think more about Kpop videos and how they’re made. No? Is it just us seeing it that way? I’m not sure. Alls I know is I’m impressed.

  1. Oh Boy I was totally blown away by Lee Hiyori’s Going Crazy. I mean, how often can we see girls confidently dressing up as men in K-pop (and even other kinds of) MVs?

    I don’t really think that beauty has anything to do with looking good as a dude, I think it’s more a matter of attitude (I guess?) Like in this MV Lee Hiyori looks confident and swag and manly, while still not trying to hide her sexiness as a woman (if that makes sense) And I don’t know if that was her original intention, but to me it shows that to be sexy as a woman you don’t necessarily have to wear tight clothes and rub your lips or anything, but can be dressed up as a guy and still be mind-blowingly awesome.

    Ah sorry this feels like I’m rambling, but I totally fell in love with this video. And the song is great too, I feel like it will play on a loop on my laptop for a while^^

  2. the john conti tops are from korean brand stylenanda, sooo many of their clothes are used by k-pop idols. here is the link to the top on their official site


  3. That john conti shirt… maybe Dal Shabet and 4minute have the same stylist?


  5. I don’t get how 내 다리를 봐 translates to “Be Ambitious???” Wtf, it means “look at my legs…”

  6. Can you guys please please puuleeeeez make an “I’m not ugly, I’m exotic!” shirt.

    (and then send one to me because I asked so nicely)

  7. P.S: It would’ve been awesome if you could include BTS in your next kpopchart update… their album is so awesome

  8. I don’t know which video you’ve picked since it’s passed midnight….

    “She’s hiding how pretty she is, and dressing up like a dude, and making you think more about Kpop videos and how they’re made.” Kind of…

    Still I don’t like the direction kpop is heading….. I get the feeling that the company treat the groups like they’re objects… looking at After School… they actually got a lot more hurt than what you guise mentioned…

    I wish you guise could become a company that would have their own kpop groups… that! would be a new start for kpop

    Thanks for the update guise! :)


  9. So when Martina was talking about Sulli in To The Beautiful You, I thought at first she was saying “Silly. I think it was silly.” And I was like HELL YES IT WAS SILLY. She looked nothing like a boy! To be fair though, Maki Horikita looked nothing like a boy in the original Hana Kimi either. *sigh*

  10. OMG that After School dance is amazing. I do agree with the waaaaaay awkward DJ scratching that immediately brought me back to the 90s :/ But otherwise, “First Love” is one of those songs that I progressively like a little bit more the more performances of it I watch. I went and found the photo with all the crazy scary bruises the After School girls sported from learning the dance and just have to say props to them. That dance is wicked cool looking and I cannot imagine how many hours, days, months it took to learn those moves. I hope they win a music award, if only to be vindicated for all the injuries their other members have had. (However, that scene in the video with the poles framed by the purple metal structure? Reminded me to Sistar’s giant jungle gym in “Alone”)

    I don’t really like “Be Ambitious.” “Have/Don’t Have” was definitely way better. And while I like the dance of “Be Ambitious,” the whole flashing concept is just freaky to me. Awesome costumes, but not liking the flashing.

  11. The girls of After School work really hard!

  12. No pole don’t need to be attached to the ceiling but they do need proper base weight and support and they usually have weight suggestions. In many cases the poles are free standing, I’m guessing you guys haven’t been to many strip clubs back in Canada if you haven’t seen that most poles are free standing since clubs often have high ceilings.

    The lyrics of the song are sad so I get the sadness, they are longing for their first love and are singing about regrets and wishing they could have them back. For some reason lots of songs about strippers have regrets as a theme (Thinking CityHigh here and well all those songs about guys regretting hooking up with strippers and T-Pain I’m in love with a stripper also has a smooth slow flow going).


    If not, then don’t be surprised to see your hat missing one day…………

  14. Maybe Dal Shabet and 4Minute went to Thailand recently? There’s a clothing shop (Winsome Closet Shop) there that sells the t-shirt: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=483136101759801&set=a.481271315279613.1073741828.128643990542349&type=3&theater And it comes in white too…

  15. With Lee Hyori and LED Apple and Sunny Hill (anyone else?) I’m guessing that the new trend is 50s?

  16. Simon! I WANT YOUR HAT!!!!!!!!!

  17. Why is that hat not in the store yet?! I need one!!!!

  18. You guise discontinued that black logo shirt? The only one available is red… I really wanted a black one TT__TT

  19. I want Simon’s hat something fierce!

  20. Yeah I think the pole dance thing might be cursed. First Lizzy hurt her ankle, Raina hurt her wrist, then Nana fell off stage and hurt her pelvis (After the performance from what I heard).

    P.S. They broke Orange Caramel.

  21. ohhh, I so want to see Simon doing the pole dance thing!

  22. First love came out on April 12th? XD

  23. Lee Hyori looks like Vivien Leigh at the end with those contacts in.

  24. I started laughing hysterical at the detentioners.

  25. I want Simons hat soooo bad. And hats dont even fit me. Still want it.

  26. Is it just me, or is there sort of a “stripper” theme going on this week, between After School’s stripper poles and Dal Shabet’s flashing? I am totally sure the fans are going to tell me it’s all completely innocent :P so I am not going to touch that conversation with a 10 foot…..er……pole?

    I really like the Lee Hyori song and video. I do like Bad Girl better for dance-ability but Lee Hyori has such class that I kind of put her in a different category where that’s not all I care about from her music-wise. She makes a great guy, I think that make-up and wardrobe helped a lot. There may be some girls that can’t make themselves look convincingly like guys and some guys that can’t look convincingly like girls but I think it’s 50% what you start out with and 50% what you do with it. Lee Hyori is very beautiful but I think that it helps that she doesn’t look like she’s had work done (??) she still has her epicanthic folds and everything. On a side note to that, I think that Martina is beautiful as well and once while I was watching a F-ART video, my husband walked in and said “Wow! She makes an amazing Asian boy!” and I agree with him. Maybe that Hana Kimi drama just had bad people on wardrobe…..or they weren’t really trying to convince people. Hana Kimi – I loved the manga until I got to the suckiest ending EVAR!

    Cyber_3 – That hat was awwwwwwesome! XD

  27. Simon, your hat is sooo nasty. I must have it~~!

  28. I’m hoping for a First Love review. I agree the song and MV don’t seem to match but its still great. the other songs on there album are good as well like Love Beat and Times Up.

  29. It’s okay Simon. There will be a time where K-Pop idols will be lining up in a queue… Well, not exactly, since the T-Shirt are sold online. Okay then, a “virtual” queue. And all idols will be wearing it just to show everybody how awesome they are. Imagine it, Taemin wearing a Taemin, TaeMAN, TaeMaximum / Soy Un Dorito T-Shirt, while listening to TaeMAN. And CL wearing your Viva La Spudgy Shirt because she just love the cover of “The Baddest Doggy”. The EYK shirt will be in all music videos. It is the hottest trends now.
    Awesome, isn’t it?

  30. oh and Simon will you guys put the hat you are wearing in the eyk shop???

  31. well Martina I have a question: if Ren is a boy why can’t Sully pretend to be one and pass as a boy???

  32. So… SIMON HAD ON A “OH~ YOU SO NASTEH!!” HAT!! I KNOW I SAW IT!!! I WANT ONE!! I. WANT. ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! /demon voice

    *ahem* I’m so very sorry for that, I just saw the hat and I thought it was cool looking… *puppy dog eyes* PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!

    *double ahem* Random outbursts are always fun? Anyway… This week’s K-Pop Chart Update is good. I like all three songs, but I’m not going nuts over them. After School’s First Love sounds like Brave Brothers just rehashed “Gone Not Around Any Longer” , but slowed the tempo down and made it more sensual to go along with the pole dancing. And I agree about the awkward DJ scratches, but oddly, the vocal samples fit to me. This comeback works for me because of the pole dancing. It’s done so freaking well, and it’s not as trashy as it could have been. I have mad respect for After School for that.

    In an odd turn of events, Dal Shabet’s Be Ambitious has caused a bit of controversy because of the lyrics. I honestly don’t want to go into detail about it, because it’s 3am where I am at, but I honestly can’t listen to the song the same. I feel dirty XD If you wanna know what I’m talking about, go here http://www.asianjunkie.com/2013/06/music-video-lessons-dal-shabets-be-ambitious-is-about-getting-mad-diq-is-sort-of-rapey/ (Warning – PG-13ish language)

    And lastly the Hyori song… Man Hyori gives me the creeps. And that seems to be the point, so A+? Idk, I couldn’t pay attention to the song the first few times I watched the video, because it was just so weird knowing that it’s Lee Hyori. It really wasn’t what she was doing to the girls (okay, I might have been a little creeped out if the girls weren’t so… responsive to it XD), it was just she looked so convincing… I really hope I’m not offending anybody here Y_Y

    Anyway, has anybody seen this? http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/11323275.html I used to really like YGent, but this is nutso. I know that the world of K-Pop (and the entertainment industry at large) is cut throat, but I can’t watch something like this, much less participate in it. I hope he doesn’t screw with Akdong Musician or Lee Hi, because he’s going to pay for it big time.

  33. Oh wow Lee Hyori looks stunning as a man D:

  34. Martina, though I *love* First Love, I thought you might find this interesting: http://beyondhallyu.com/k-pop/sad-but-sexy/. Maybe that’s part of what you’re feeling….

  35. I like all of these (not entirely sure about After School’s yet but there’s still time) – but what about LEDApple!

  36. dal shabet…that’s what happens when you date an otaku

  37. I love First Love. I think the pole dancing fits with the beat but may be not the lyrics. Pole dancing to me is very elegant and the song is very smooth so that didn’t bother me. They just wanted to do something different. I wish you would of mentioned BTS and Chocolat :(

  38. Could a U-KISS member wear a Viva La Spudgy shirt? Or could you get a Batoost member too…ooh! Let’s get Batoost to get interviewed…and make a skit with one of them wearing the shirt! Or perhaps a f(x) K-pop calculus shirt with Dr. Meemersworth instructing (you know, like one of those chalkboard skits you guise did – those were fantabulous!)…and Amber can wear it!

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