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KpopCharts Update: Girl’s Day vs Crayon Pop vs LED Apple

June 29, 2013


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Girl’s Day “Female President” – Vote for it Here!

Okokokokokok hold up. I’m writing this post after having filmed the KpopCharts, so I can’t go back to ridicule what I’m about to ridicule. This dance is called the “nine-tailed fox dance”? What the flock? They are wiggling their asses back and forth. There’s no name for that dance. It’s just called “shaking your ass.” Giving it a fancy pants name doesn’t make the dance any more special. Hay: Girl’s Day, I got your next dance for you. It’s called the Norwegian Gold Medal Skiing Dance. Sound complicated? It’s not. Make two fists, bend your elbows, and bring your fists towards your hips over and over again, like you’re skiing. Or you can just call it the hump-dance for short. PFFFFFT. It’s just like people who run their own blogs and call themselves the CEO of their company. Giving it a special name doesn’t make it more special! WARRRBARRRGGLL! Or is there more to the dance than just the butt shake? Please tell me. Sorry if I seemed to harsh. This just seemed a bit ridiculous to me….

Crayon Pop “Bar Bar Bar” – Vote for them Here!

Ok, so watch this video, enjoy it, and then look at this stick that I’m going to flash in your eyes (that was a Men in Black reference, by the way).

We like Crayon Pop. We liked them since Dancing Queen, which was also pretty fun. We weren’t sure if they were a one-trick pony, though, and if they’d go to some boring aegyo after getting some recognition, but BARBARBAR is still as fun, if not more fun, than Dancing Queen. OH GOD I’M SO WORRIED ABOUT CRAYON POP! Well, not really worried. I’m not going to lose sleep over them. I’m just saying, whenever they come out with a new video, I’m going to approach it with hesitation, with a feeling that – yes – I know they can make some awesome, fun videos that I’ll love, but also with the feeling that if they fall of the horse I’ll be so disappointed.

Question: is “fall off the horse” even a phrase? I googled it. It’s not a phrase. What am I thinking about? I don’t know, but I’m sure you guise understood what I said, right? It makes sense, doesn’t it? I hope so!

Anyhow, it’s 2:30AM right now on Thursday and I should be sleeping because tomorrow we’re all going on an Eatyourkimchi road trip and I’m too excited to go to sleep. YARRP!

LED Apple “Bad Boys” – Vote for them Here!




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