4Minute “Is It Poppin” – Vote for it Here!


Oh Martina: when will I be able to convince you to like a 4Minute song? I think maybe Martina’s guards are up, because it’s easy for us to remember the anger we received for talking about Hyuna, similar to the anger we received when talking about Shinhwa, so we’re a bit hesitant. And for Martina, maybe that resulted in her just not liking 4Minute’s songs as much.

I ain’t scurried, though. I’ll like their songs and poke fun at their videos like I always do. “What’s Your Name” was great fun and hilarious. “Ice Cream” was a ridiculous goldmine of 10 Music Mondays that we never got the chance to review. This video is not as potent as the other two, but it’s still got its strong points. We’d love to talk about it. Well, I would, at least. Still gotta convince Martina!

B.A.P. “Coffee Shop” – Vote for it Here!


Ok, I’m gonna go out and say this: I think this might be my favorite B.A.P. song ever. It might not be their best song ever, but it’s my personal favorite, I think, for a few reasons:

1) Apart from this song, I didn’t like any of their non-asskicking songs. So let’s wipe those from the table right away.

2) The asskicking songs of theirs that I like, I only like in limited doses. I can listen to “Warrior,” but that stops me from doing anything else. I gotta yell “WARRREEEYURR HUH!” and focus on that. I’m more into background music, stuff I can listen to as I’m working on videos. Something in the background so that, when I step away from editing videos I can hum or sing along to, you know? That’s why when people check out our Last.fm account, they’re surprised to see that a lot of Kpop isn’t on there. That’s because Kpop is too ostentatious and explosive to be played all the time. It’s great when you’re in the mood for dancing around and getting hyped, but it’s not great in all situations. “Gentleman,” for instance, is our favorite song of the year, but as soon as it’s on we must all stop doing anything and start bellowing out along with it.

B.A.P.’s “Coffee Shop,” though, is great for our workday. It’s soothing and jazzy. It won’t put you to sleep, and it’s nice to step into at any part of the song. Just a really, really lovely track. I hope you like it as much as we do :D

Xia “11AM” – Vote for it Here!


So, there are songs and videos that are really pretty and interesting, and there are songs and videos that we like that might not really be the best for a Kpop Music Monday. Xia’s “11AM,” ladies and gentlemen, falls into that category. It’s really pretty, and it’s touching and moving and powerful and a lot of good things, but is it good material for a Kpop Music Monday? I’m not really sure. We should give it another few look overs and see, but, at first glance, this song and video are really stripped down and bare. All for good effect for the song, sure. I’m just not really feeling inspired for it, you know? As much as I’d feel inspired to make fun of sun hats :D Thoughts?

  1. It has only felt like every other week lately since they’ve missed three lately that I know of. First was they were in Japan and didn’t have one, then Martina lost her voice so they skipped another and last week according to them Hodor stole/ate it. Hopefully Hodor won’t eat this weeks KMM XD (Hodor is a Game of Thrones ref just in case)

  2. Xiahs 11am seems more like a movies scene rather then a MV.

  3. wow Xiah’s singing and acting was amazing as per usual. The lyrics and him singing to those lyrics actually made me cry a little

  4. No. I thought the same thing!!! xD I was thinking like, “This would make a great skit for S&M. Simon could be fangurilla and Martina could dress up as the guy wearing the Satan 13 shirt.”

  5. I totally agree with Martina~^^ I love BAP’s new song because it’s jazzy cool. I think I need to put it on repeat. It’s so smooth.

  6. It comes out every week. But last week, they had problem uploading the music monday so it didn’t came out.

  7. Okay I’m really off topic here but uh. Martina are you gonna redye your hair of just keep the platinum blonde? Is the non-pink hair from the lack of dye or something .___. I’m just really curious cuz I dyed my hair purple/red from your inspiration so yeah xD

  8. 4minute: I love the song, it’s one of best summer songs this year :D I don’t like mv that much (I don’t like party mv’s, they are boring..) but I think it’d be great for KMM just for all english it has on people’s outfits XD Like the Satan 13 in the party.

    B.A.P: I thought you’d hate the song but I’m glad you didn’t. It’s great as background music but I don’t think it stand itself as song so strongly: I mean I still prefer many of B.A.P’s ballads over it as song. But combining both smooth jazzy song and beatiful scenery of mv, it’s really nice mv overall.

    Xia: It’s nice song, but really background musicish like Coffee Shop. The mv is quite plain and I don’t think it’s good for KMM although I like how the song and mv represent raw musical talent that Junsu has.

  9. I wonder what happened to last week’s KMM. :( Had me deprived of my EYK dose and put me into a serious case of Monday Blues. *cue big bang’s blue*

    p/s: I like Simon’s version of ‘What’s Your Name?” more than 4Minute’s one. LOL.

  10. Wash your name Wa Wash your name was one of my favourite kpop songs this year. Go 4Minute Go!

  11. We can’t be friends.

    But after reading the blog post, I see why. I dislike most music that can be considered background music, be it soundtracks or quiet instrumental or elevator or whatever. I like even my background music to be rock or punk or screamo or dance. The quiet or more low-key songs that I like are almost all minor.

    SOOOO of course I don’t like the b.a.p. song, but I can appreciate that it’s light years better than the other “different” songs of theirs, and I did enjoy the video. So good job to them, but I won’t listen to it again.

  12. I think it crossed the time limit… or whatever it’s called, just like what happened to CNBLUE’s I’m Sorry :( [why there was no 3 choices system back then?! *flips the table*]

  13. I don’t know what last week’s KMM was supposed to be, but from your tweets about it being very different I’m just going to assume you tried making a pole dancing video XD

  14. agree with you simon… i really like BAP’s Coffee Shop for exactly the same reasons as you do…

  15. Well no Xia for KMM please! >.<
    Yes I love ballads and this one is really touching but that's not a KMM material unless you (Nasties) want a depressing start of the week :P
    I predicted that Cassies will swipe the charts but guise I really wanted AS First Love to stay in the top 3 *pout* (just imagine Simon doing the pole dance and you'll know why xD )
    *sigh* but ok I'll vote for BAP hughhh! ;)

  16. So what did happen last week with KMM? Was it a skit related accident?

  17. Oh don’t worry Simon Xia Junsu will be putting out a glorious self loving bananas video soon which will be KMM worthy.

    I love this song, I’m seriously in love with Junsu’s voice. He is as you say my favorite singer in the universe even before powerful Klingon singers. I vote for the video to bring attention to the amazing powers of Junsu’s voice and the one shot live singing recording of the video. I though am waiting patiently for the glory I know “Incredible” will be.

    • I agree it does sound like a K-Indie song which I love. It’s such a wonderful musical surprise from B.A.P. and hope they produce more music like this. Has me intrigued to hear the next two songs they will be releasing.

      And I believe I know exactly which hat scene you speak of. When he puts it over his face lol so not cool. And at around the 2:11 mark he looks so cute like an ajumma, With his floppy hat and his jacket draped over his shoulders. Youngjae’s too cute for this look lol.

    • That hat cracked me up! They looked so hot and cool and then…there was that hat! I guess it did add some humor to the video…or something…

  18. hi guise :)
    i don’t know if you know this or not… you might be purposely pronouncing Xiah that way.. but just making sure.. Xiah is short for “Asia” but without the “A” at the beginning… :)

  19. I has a sad because BTS were in the top last week and now they are not…. Oh well!

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