4Minute “Is It Poppin” – Vote for it Here!


Oh Martina: when will I be able to convince you to like a 4Minute song? I think maybe Martina’s guards are up, because it’s easy for us to remember the anger we received for talking about Hyuna, similar to the anger we received when talking about Shinhwa, so we’re a bit hesitant. And for Martina, maybe that resulted in her just not liking 4Minute’s songs as much.

I ain’t scurried, though. I’ll like their songs and poke fun at their videos like I always do. “What’s Your Name” was great fun and hilarious. “Ice Cream” was a ridiculous goldmine of 10 Music Mondays that we never got the chance to review. This video is not as potent as the other two, but it’s still got its strong points. We’d love to talk about it. Well, I would, at least. Still gotta convince Martina!

B.A.P. “Coffee Shop” – Vote for it Here!


Ok, I’m gonna go out and say this: I think this might be my favorite B.A.P. song ever. It might not be their best song ever, but it’s my personal favorite, I think, for a few reasons:

1) Apart from this song, I didn’t like any of their non-asskicking songs. So let’s wipe those from the table right away.

2) The asskicking songs of theirs that I like, I only like in limited doses. I can listen to “Warrior,” but that stops me from doing anything else. I gotta yell “WARRREEEYURR HUH!” and focus on that. I’m more into background music, stuff I can listen to as I’m working on videos. Something in the background so that, when I step away from editing videos I can hum or sing along to, you know? That’s why when people check out our Last.fm account, they’re surprised to see that a lot of Kpop isn’t on there. That’s because Kpop is too ostentatious and explosive to be played all the time. It’s great when you’re in the mood for dancing around and getting hyped, but it’s not great in all situations. “Gentleman,” for instance, is our favorite song of the year, but as soon as it’s on we must all stop doing anything and start bellowing out along with it.

B.A.P.’s “Coffee Shop,” though, is great for our workday. It’s soothing and jazzy. It won’t put you to sleep, and it’s nice to step into at any part of the song. Just a really, really lovely track. I hope you like it as much as we do :D

Xia “11AM” – Vote for it Here!


So, there are songs and videos that are really pretty and interesting, and there are songs and videos that we like that might not really be the best for a Kpop Music Monday. Xia’s “11AM,” ladies and gentlemen, falls into that category. It’s really pretty, and it’s touching and moving and powerful and a lot of good things, but is it good material for a Kpop Music Monday? I’m not really sure. We should give it another few look overs and see, but, at first glance, this song and video are really stripped down and bare. All for good effect for the song, sure. I’m just not really feeling inspired for it, you know? As much as I’d feel inspired to make fun of sun hats :D Thoughts?

  1. Maybe Xiah is not the best idol, but he must be the best singer. He loves his music. I love his voice.

  2. I know how you feel about Kpop not being the best in all places to be played. I tend to listen to music in school ( only in 3 classes because my teachers spend more time yelling at the class then teaching and i’m a good student who doesn’t get in trouble) and my IPod has mostly Kpop and it’s quite distracting. I would be in my math class listen to kpop while trying to do my work for the day and its distracting. I always end up pausing my music, doing ALL my work and teach myself the lesson since the homework is posted on the board and its always in our textbook and we pick up our classwork when we walk in, plus my teacher was very bad. Once I complete all my work for the day, I kpop it out for the rest of the class and talk to all my homies!( and no, I NEVER got caught by my teachers since I run the cord through my hoodie and I have long hair to hide the exposed cord and bud. Plus i’m the quite girl in school and the teachers never pay attention to me since they believe I would never do anything bad. Listening to music is one of the baddest things I ever did in school, now at my home, that is a completely different story…)

  3. Has EYK ever thought of making an “iHeartRadio” station? I could see such a station doing rather well compared to the limited K-pop it has.

  4. Martina doesn’t seem like her usual happy self. I hope your EDS isn’t acting up too much!!

  5. hmm… i feel like junsu’s song belongs in a musical… it reminds me of ‘on my own’…

  6. I say, wait to do Xia. He is going to be releasing a smexy Junsu dance song/mv very soon and I feel like you guys would have more to talk about :D

    do BAP this week :]

  7. To be quite honest, you guys are really harsh on Hyuna for no reason so THANK GOD you’re (probably) not reviewing 4minutes song. Maybe you should never do 4minute or Hyuna. They are usually not your most pleasant kmm and it always more shamming than it is a constructive review of her and 4minutes songs.

    Nothing against you guys, but just wanted to give you my honest opinion.

    • I don’t know, I like to blame her company. They always put her in this generic sexy kind of role, but its so hit or miss that it just makes it hard to take seriously even during the times its done well. But also, 4minute is just kind of hilarious sometimes, so any critic making a paycheck can find a lot to say that might come off as alittle harsh. It just means Hyuna and 4minute should have their management teams step it up a little ^_^

  8. Xiahs 11am seems more like a movies scene rather then a MV.

  9. I see what u did there, Simon ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

  10. Junsu’s 11am feels like a scene from a musical. The sound and also the look.

  11. wow Xiah’s singing and acting was amazing as per usual. The lyrics and him singing to those lyrics actually made me cry a little

  12. I totally agree with Martina~^^ I love BAP’s new song because it’s jazzy cool. I think I need to put it on repeat. It’s so smooth.

  13. Hey! Im not sure over here. Does Kpop music monday come every week or every two weeks??

  14. “And if you don’t like it, we can never be friends”
    Don’t worry, I like it :3 we can be friends~!

  15. I really can’t tell what songs you guys will or will not like anymore, lol. I want to know what happened to KMM as well. I usually don’t care, but I really wanted to see After School reviewed since you’ve never done them before…

  16. 11am, the ‘what is love’ of Junsu

  17. I love Xia’s voice because it’s strong and soulful~ He is a legend!! ♥.♥

  18. Is It Poppin? (I wrote “Is It Pippin?” and ended up listening to taking the Hobbits to Isengard -_- ) – I really like this song! The video was pretty boring for me but out of the 3 listed today it probably is the best KMM material.

    Coffee Shop – indeed, this is a song that I’d like to hear in a retro-style coffee shop while sipping coffee from a lovely hand-painted cup… So even though I think it’s a nice song, I don’t replay it that much because I’m simply not in right mood for it. Btw, after “Monday, Tuesday” I always want to continue with “better day”… ARRGH, CN BLUE! The video is really well done but there’s one thing that makes me ask myself “what the..?” and I think you know what I mean… them hats!

    11AM – http://www.ornitofaunistika.com/lvp/balsis/acraru_song_2002-05-10_rudbarzi_i.folkmanis.mp3

    But really, it’s definitely worth mentioning because Junsu sings live in this video which has never happened in Kpop before. As for KMM though, I think that instead of reviewing 11AM it’s better to wait for the “real” MV.

  19. I think 4minute is the most deserving of these 3, not because it’s my favorite of the 3 (coffee shop is amazing) but the video is the most zany and KMM-ish.

  20. Okay I’m really off topic here but uh. Martina are you gonna redye your hair of just keep the platinum blonde? Is the non-pink hair from the lack of dye or something .___. I’m just really curious cuz I dyed my hair purple/red from your inspiration so yeah xD

  21. I rather see you talk abotu 4Minute and them stupidly pointing at the fire instead of B.A.P and save Junsu for next week

  22. 4 minute this week, then Junsu next week. Because then we get four minute and Junsu can hold his top 3 spot for a week so we get Junsu too. I don’t really care for B.A.P.

  23. This playlist is pretty legit. I don’t LOVE this one like I have others in the past, but these songs are good. Anyway…

    So, I was really disappointed with What’s Your Name. My first exposure with them was Volume Up, and that was a BEAST song. Like seriously, I spent many a day watching MNet America just waiting for the K-Pop blocks to come on, so I can shake my groove thing to that song (and miss A’s Touch, among other songs). I guess I was expecting a lot from 4minute XD When I saw that Brave Brothers was producing the song, I should have lowered my expectations. A lot >_> He ain’t bad at what he does, but his work or more hit or miss to me (unlike some like Duble Sidekick, who I pretty much like every song they’ve produced :3). So yeah. I was really nervous about this one. I didn’t know if I’d really like it or not, but I do. I still see that Brave Brothers is allergic to using a substantial amount of bass in his songs, but I’ll go. This time -_- That *is* the reason why I don’t like What’s Your Name, btw; that and the chorus totally screwed up the flow of the song XD

    Another song I was cautious with was B.A.P’s Coffee Shop. I kind of liked Rain Sound and I eventually came around to Stop It (I still think TS Ent. was just trolling us, because that song is ’90s crack), but I really liked when they came back with the bombastic One Shot. It was the B.A.P that worked best and it was the formula that most people liked the most (also, they looked horribly wooden and awkward in the Rain Sound video XD). Anyway, this song kind of blew me away. Not because it’s all mature and jazzy, but because it was easy for this to go wrong. HORRIBLY WRONG!!! But it didn’t and I thank the Jesus that that’s the case, because I LOVE Hip Hop with heavy jazz and RnB overtones and influences. Swing’s Would You? and Infinite H’s mini album are all replayed HEAVILY on my iPod. It just sounds amazing. Like oh my gosh, it’s amazing ^^

    Okay, am I the only one who can’t watch Junsu’s 11am because of the feels? Like seriously, I can’t remember when I first watched it, but TEARS FLIPPING EVERYWHERE!!! It was ridiculous XD Not to say this song was bad, because it wasn’t; it did it’s job. It did it’s job very well. Junsu knows how to use that monster voice of his, no matter if he’s singing about sexy things or about being emotionally scarred. I just can’t listen to the latter; it overloads my emotions with feels!!

  24. 11AM sound like an OST for a movie or drama or even musical. Moving and beautiful, but not something that would fit into what i consider kpop music monday music. It honestly sounds as though he sang the song live during the video (if someone knows do tell). Very beautiful song over all and i really like it. it’s got a sad but peaceful feel to it.

    This is obviously a per-release track that is more for fans than a stage performance.(i.e. [special clip] It sounds kind of like the intro or opening to something else. Something to build up to a more dramatic piece. (like you would find in a musical)

  25. Warning, girl comment incoming:

    Martina, your hair looks soooooo pretty! I think white bleached hair like you have today and bright pink would make a very nice match (and suit you very well^^). I know you probably just bleached them in order to dye them again, but have you thought about having a hair fashion that includes both colours? (On second thoughts I’m not that good when it comes to fashion and the likes. But I felt like commenting anyway^^).

  26. I’m surprised you guys like Coffee Shop. Then again, “I” was surprised I liked Coffee Shop too LOL. I was expecting another Rain Sound but nope, it was great! I’m impressed. I’m surprised you guys like 11am too. It’s beautiful, but I agree there’s not much to talk about for KMM.

    My vote goes for B.A.P I guess … until Junsu’s Incredible comes out~

  27. I really like Coffee Shop…. my husband thought it was boring though and wanted there to be more coffee shops in it… haha. We both really like Is it Poppin? though and we’ve been playing it a lot.

  28. 4minute: I love the song, it’s one of best summer songs this year :D I don’t like mv that much (I don’t like party mv’s, they are boring..) but I think it’d be great for KMM just for all english it has on people’s outfits XD Like the Satan 13 in the party.

    B.A.P: I thought you’d hate the song but I’m glad you didn’t. It’s great as background music but I don’t think it stand itself as song so strongly: I mean I still prefer many of B.A.P’s ballads over it as song. But combining both smooth jazzy song and beatiful scenery of mv, it’s really nice mv overall.

    Xia: It’s nice song, but really background musicish like Coffee Shop. The mv is quite plain and I don’t think it’s good for KMM although I like how the song and mv represent raw musical talent that Junsu has.

  29. I love B.A.P – crazy fangirl right here & i love that simon & martina love the song too, but i actually hope they DONT do Music Monday on this song. Cos the video is so muted, i can’t imagine that it would be a very funny one – however that should do it for that 4minute song, what was up with the insanely beefing guy in the video! Come on, that would be one funny Music Monday

  30. Am I the only one who was weirded out by Satan himself dancing in the 4MINUTE video?

  31. Martina! Your hair looked soooo pretty! Did you re-dye it? I liked the lighter parts :)

    edit. nevermind, I just saw the last video.

  32. I love Xia’s voice but I miss his posturing and fierce personality.

  33. Hey guys, I’m not entirely sure where in Itaewon this event is taking place, as I’m having trouble finding it on Google Maps, even with Hangul. Could someone here enlighten me as to the time and place of this event thing?

  34. I wonder what happened to last week’s KMM. :( Had me deprived of my EYK dose and put me into a serious case of Monday Blues. *cue big bang’s blue*

    p/s: I like Simon’s version of ‘What’s Your Name?” more than 4Minute’s one. LOL.

  35. Wash your name Wa Wash your name was one of my favourite kpop songs this year. Go 4Minute Go!

  36. We can’t be friends.

    But after reading the blog post, I see why. I dislike most music that can be considered background music, be it soundtracks or quiet instrumental or elevator or whatever. I like even my background music to be rock or punk or screamo or dance. The quiet or more low-key songs that I like are almost all minor.

    SOOOO of course I don’t like the b.a.p. song, but I can appreciate that it’s light years better than the other “different” songs of theirs, and I did enjoy the video. So good job to them, but I won’t listen to it again.

  37. As much as I love Junsu’s new song, I think we should wait for his title song and vote for that to be reviewed! Please don’t vote just for voting’s sake, it’s not fair and it also makes Simon and Martina’s job harder, because honestly there is nothing much to review on this MV. This is not even a real MV, it’s just a visual rendering to the song, and its simplicity functions to enhance Junsu’s voice, so you can focus on his singing. It’s not suitable for music monday. Please wait for his title song Incredible!

  38. Xiah’s real comeback song should be reviewed instead since 11am was a prerelease. He was amazing though to sing the song beautifully in one take :)

  39. I am surprised that Simon and Martina didn’t dislike “11am” because it is very much like something you would hear in a stage musical – and they’ve made it quite clear they don’t like those.

  40. It’s true that BAP seems much less out of place than Batoost and, to be fair, Big Bang (Bad Boy) in New York…

    • I agree with you that they look like they fit in more except for the case of Youngjae and his ladies sunhats. I don’t even want to know what kind of looks he got from Americans walking around and posing in woman’s floppy sunhats.

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