2NE1 “Falling in Love” – Vote for it Here!


Touch me over here
Touch me touch me over there!

Whooooaaa…this is so catchy! It’s exceptionally un-2NE1 isn, but damn is this song ever fun. We even catch Soo Zee staring at her computer and singing it randomly, then yelling at herself for singing it, because it’s stuck in her head and she doesn’t want it to be stuck in her head. Though this definitely doesn’t feel like the 2NE1 we’re used to, it’s still a fun song. How

MYNAME “Baby I’m Sorry” – Vote for it Here!


Funny side note about the video: did anybody notice the hitting sound effect? It was the same sound effect used over and over again, regardless of what part of the body they were hit in. Face, stomach, balls: all make the same sound! Yay for lazy editing! We notice these kinds of things, being in front of the computer editing all day.

And – hey – we can’t be the only ones who thought of Big Bang’s “Lies” with this song and video. We don’t have the terms at our disposal to explain why the similarity strikes us, but it definitely has the vibe of “Lies,” no? Come on! Admit it! You thought it, too, right? Right?

Also, this is the first song by MYNAME we’ve heard, and – hell – it’s got a lot of views! 1.3 million views from a band we haven’t really listened to before? Not that we’re the be-all-and-end-all of Kpop, but we try to keep up to date with Kpop as much as possible, which isn’t easy considering the vast amount of Kpop bands everywhere, with the major percentage of them not doing too well. So, yeah. 1.3 million views is pretty rad. I’m impressed. Gonna check out some more MYNAME stuff. BRB.

Jay Park “I Like 2 Party” – Vote for it Here!


What a super original name for a song, “I like to party” with a 2! No seriously, I bet that was because “I like To Party” was used so many times that it would create too many search hits and drown out his song, so I’m serious when I say it’s a smart idea for a song name. Unless I’m just pulling at thin air and Jay Park was all like, “yeahhh man, instead of ‘to’ let’s write ‘2’, ’cause it be so fly”. I can see him saying that too. Anyways, the point of all this is that this is a good old fashion club song right here. I’m not sure if it’s just because we’ve listened to so many kpop songs, but we’ve been disappointed this year in terms of finding kpop songs that were truly addictive and enjoyable to listen to, but I do like this song! It doesn’t blooooooow us away like “Smoky Girl” did, but this is still a great song without any bizarre breakdowns or unpredictable beat changes. The 2:41 mark does have a little rap/dubstepish breakdown, but the overarching sound of the song still lingers in the background. The chorus is really built up fantastically before it just BOOMS. And I have to say I had a good laugh at the comments on our site because someone mentioned how it wasn’t a Jay Park video without him showing his abs, but I couldn’t tell if it meant Jay Park didn’t show his abs this video or if he did show his abs, but once I watched the video, I understood. Jay Park sure loves showing off his abs. Hahaha!

  1. i like how Jay Park doesn’t have just Koreans. There are people from different countries and I thought that was very cool!

  2. 2NE1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just have to say that I appreciate all your correct usage of ‘to, 2, and too’ in your I Like 2 Party written description. The grammar nazi in me approves!

  4. I’m really starting to not like 2NE1. I feel like that they just come across as spoiled girls and not musicians. After “I Love You” video, I just felt like they were really full of themselves and out of touch with reality. : /

  5. I love the whole Falling in Love concept, mv, styling, make-up, dance moves, you name it. Simply Bum Boggling

  6. The 2NE1 sounds kind of like a No Soubt song, but not quite edgy or punk enough.

  7. This song totally sounds like an almost No Doubt song, but it didn’t make the cut because it isn’t quite punk/ enough. What say you?

  8. Is Park Bom wearing a cape? lol.

  9. You should know MYNAME video was cut from 30 minute to 7 so editing is not best for a reason. They had problems broadcasting with 19 rating so last minute edits had to be made. Please dont disregard them, they have so much talent!!

  10. Update time :D
    2NE1 – What? “exceptionally un-2NE1 ish”? When I first heard it, I thought “not what I expected but still very 2NE1-ish” lol. I’m still not fully convinced but the chorus and that touch me over here part got stuck in my head (high five, SooZee).
    MYNAME – YAY, I’m happy that you guise have talked about them! To be honest, this was the first time I’ve watched the whole video, because at my first attempt, when the song stopped and I realized the video was over 7 minutes long, I postponed watching it until “later”. Oh my, that was probably the most brutal Kpop video I have ever seen, LC9 look like kids next to this (probably because they weren’t as realistic and noone died there). But I liked it! It was really impressive and I was pretty moved by the end of the video. Can’t say much about the song because I couldn’t concentrate on it, but I get what you mean regarding Big Bang’s Lies. Indeed, there is something similar about them. As for other MYNAME’s songs – their debut song, Message, was actually one of the first Kpop songs I’ve known. It came out around the time I got into Kpop and even though I wasn’t up to date back then, I stumbled upon it. I like it a lot, it’s very catchy. Go check it out! (don’t expect a cool video though, it’s only dancing in boxes – quite cool dancing btw). YALALALALALA O-O-O-OH! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZoLmKy9tGA
    Jay Park – Abs? Check. 4 different hats on Jay? Check! Jay Park video status: acknowledged.
    But seriously, less than 2 minutes after watching Baby I’m Sorry it felt almost inappropriate to watch this MV ;] I’m not really into club music, but I didn’t dislike it so there is a chance that it will grow on me. Maybe.

  11. *sniff sniff* WAAAHHHHH (T^T) Holy Crap was that MYNAME MV depressing. I’m completely loving the song but I don’t think I can rewatch the vid for my sanity. I get where you’re reminded of Lies though. The song itself has a very similar vibe.

    I loved the Jay Park song too…and I liked elements of the MV too but overall I’m just not crazy about women dancing around in their underwear :/

  12. ˝i think we should all sign a petition to get Jay Park to pole dance” AMEN, A-FUCKING-MEN, Martina <3, also as you said, it jus wouldn't be jay park if his abs didnt show up- as to the dubstep switch that's been going on in music lately (specially jpop and kpop) i am much more partial to jpop, i am OBSESSED with kyary pamyu pamyu's dubstep on her new tracks such as invader invader and i feel like jpop is so much more bubbly and fun, however i am glad to see it going on in kpop as well, like on cl's song for the baddest female (do the unnie's been stuck in my head for AGES now). This takes me to 2ne1's new song, it's so unexpected and fresh that i just love it, but for me the hit of the summer was 'The baddest female'… That other video you reviewed, the one with the bunch of violence… i don't know. iN PREMISE, it was perfect… schoolboys involved in gangs and fighting? come on, it was perfectly put, but somehow the video seemed dull and boring after about a minute. Poorly executed in my opinion… wow, i've been rambling for a long time, anyway just wanted to put out my thoughts, love you guys so much!

  13. Whoa, color me impressed by the quality of MYNAME’s MV. I was more entranced by that then the song. Whomever directed that I hope directs a lot more MVs so that quality gets passed around.

  14. I didn’t really like 2ne1’s video or song. To this day I am the Best is still the best song they’ve ever done.

    I love MyName’s video. I like it a lot! It accurately shows the bad side of gang life. Near the end I got very sad. I noticed that even that one boy that didn’t want to fight still got killed at the end. It shows that innocent people die as well. But for the two main guys in the gang, you see them happy that they are in the gang, at first, because they get watches and stuff, and then you watch it all go down hill. I was very impressed with the MV. As for the song, I’m going to have to listen to the song without watching the MV to decide. It’s hard to focus on the song when the MV is so good.

    I surprisingly really liked Jay Park’s video and song. I wasn’t expecting too. The video is much more interesting that expected. Did anyone get that sad feeling in the video? I can’t help but feel that their is this sad undertone, despite the point of the song. I feel like it adds an extra something, or am I the only one to get that feeling?
    As yes! Men on poles! Let’s make it happen!

  15. Simon I know you have beat box skills but you went with the thigh slapping, why?

  16. Never heard of MYNAME but they have a bunch of professional fighters in their vid which is pretty cool…like Kim Dong-hyun and Chu Sung-hoon.

  17. Jay Park on a pole? Me think that’ll turrrrrrrrrrrrrn me on

  18. I think Simon and Martina should review MYNAME since they haven’t been reviewed yet and you have 2 admit it 2NE1 are so big and their 1st place on the kpop charts so i think that next week they will be reviewed anyways. Also Jay Park’s I Like 2 Party is a good song and everything but hes already been reviewed before. I reckon MYNAME should have a chance since Baby I’m Sorry is such a epic song and video :P

    I love everyone of these idols so im not hating but this is my opinion :)

  19. One of the main guys in the 2NE1 video is a good friend of TOP and GD, so I’m assuming they are friends with 2NE1 as well and that is probably why he was in their video.

    Two of the gangsters in the MYNAME video were just on Running Man Episode 150 (Choo Sung Hoon, and Kim Dong Hyun). It seems like Running Man is how I learn about non-kpop actors/actress and popular sports figures in Korea.

  20. For this KMM , my vote went to 2NE1… for the next KMM, it goes to Ailee…

  21. jay park music always amazing

  22. Hello guise!

    “Touch me over here
    Touch me touch me over there!

    Whooooaaa…this is so catchy! It’s exceptionally un-2NE1 isn, but damn is this song ever fun. We even catch Soo Zee staring at her computer and singing it randomly, then yelling at herself for singing it, because it’s stuck in her head and she doesn’t want it to be stuck in her head. Though this definitely doesn’t feel like the 2NE1 we’re used to, it’s still a fun song. How…”????????*you didn’t continue the idea there…

    I can imagine that XDD. I think I’d do the same. It can’t be helped right? with Simon singing the chorus all day in the office. Spudgy must’ve learned the song by now too :))

    “I’m not sure if it’s just because we’ve listened to so many kpop songs, but we’ve been disappointed this year in terms of finding kpop songs that were truly addictive and enjoyable to listen to..”

    This year has been so far a pretty good one for K-music (saying “Kpop” it kind of makes me cringe… cause usually when I think of kpop I think of all those fanservicy kind of videos.. I don’t wanna mix the groups that I like with the fanservicy ones…in that regard…it’s been a bad year for kpop) U-Kiss and Ubeat…Crayon Pop with “Bar,Bar,Bar” …D-Unit got two songs out to which I got pretty easily addicted to…VIXX with “Hyde”…then BTS(love their album) …then Kim Ye Rim (though I didn’t like “All right” that much… “Alice” and “Like you know it all” are my faves from her album) ..and SLEEQ – “Lightless”….

    Out of the three songs I think I like “Baby, I’m Sorry” the most… though I’m kind of turned off by the video – . –


  23. guys, are you not doing silly titles anymore for the k-pop chart updates?? I liked those!

    this was a pretty good one.

    1. I don’t understand what you thought was “un-2NE1-like” in their video… besides the reggea vibe of the song, it didn’t seem that much of a stretch to me.

    2. I’ve been seeing adds for MYNAME everywhere here in Japan all year, so maybe you guys haven’t heard of them cuz they were busy promoting over here? who knows… still, that’s a pretty damn high budget video for an unpopular band! actually, there used to be a lot of videos like this when i first got into k-pop (over 10 years ago… i’m old). maybe it’s a trend that’s coming back?? the song was nice though. it’s a shame we can’t really hear much of it since it keeps going into cut-scenes…

    3. i was surprised by the Jay Park song. Honestly, he usually annoys the crap out of me, but both this song and video were pretty snazzy!

    looking forward to see who you pick for KMM!

  24. I’m so happy MYNAME is being mentioned. All of the songs they released so far (Korean & Japanese) are all so good. They all dance well too.
    Even if MYNAME doesn’t get reviewed… I am still happy they are getting more attention now. ^^

  25. You guys should check out A-JAX’s “Insane”! The mv is cool! :D
    Did MYNAME fans cry when they watched th mv because I’m not even their fan but I think my eyes got a bit teary. XD (I’m emotional especially when in comes to dying… OTL) The blond guy who was afraid became my fav. He seems cute. haha
    I wanna see Jay Park pole dancing so I vote for YES!

  26. Good to hear you talk about less known groups (with awkward names)! I hope you mention A-JAX next week. They’ve got a quite crazy video.

    I usually like 2NE1, but here for me they totally messed up. Not as terribly as CL a few weeks back, though. At least this time the different parts sound good separately, but together… Blaaah!

  27. Baby I’m Sorry actually looks like a promo for a new movie coming out called Friend 2. It has an actor from it in the MV and the storyline is kinda similar to the original movie from the early 2000’s, which is actually quite iconic and I’m sure SooZee would know about it if you asked :) Also, I was just plain surprised by the star power in the MV lol. The actor is like REALLY respected and the rival boss dude that shot one of the boys in the end and his number 2 are both big MMA fighters. I was just like whoaaa when I was watching this hahaha

  28. I don’t know, guys. Musically, “Falling In Love” is pretty genius…that alone should be worth mentioning. I don’t listen to reggae, so no commentary regarding how well it represents the genre, but there are some filthy loops, and a lot of complex layers, each with a very interesting rhythmic pattern. The the harmonies in the second verse? Beautiful. The three part harmonies in the second verse? Complex, masterful composition, and moreover, it makes use of *interesting* intervals (instead of sticking to the same old, same old, either M3 or m3 intervals used). It’s not a standout video, or a song that hits you in the face, but for a comeback, I couldn’t be happier. More than anything, it’s the music that matters to me, not what is expected of them, or a flashy video, and this is *good* music. I want for nothing more right now ^^; Also, that choreography has some intricate stuff happening.

    Of course, when you say this isn’t the 2NE1 you (and the rest of us) are used to, we all know what you mean; they definitely cranked up the sexy vibe.

  29. The sound effects in Myname’s song bothered me so much when I saw it the first time hahaha, glad it wasn’t just me!

  30. Poor Simon and Martina, you can never be in the middle when it comes to 2NE1, BIGBANG, and any of SM’s groups. You either love it or hate, and if you say otherwise, you’re dirty dirty liars :D Oh wait, no smiley face there XD *ahem* This week’s playlist is pretty darn solid. It’s not blowing me away, but not everybody is the Wonder Boyz :3

    Anyway… My opinion on 2NE1’s Falling in Love has morphed and evolved so much over this past week that I can honestly say that if I jumped back in time to when I first listened to it (Sunday at around noon) and told myself that I would be apathetic to it by Saturday, I would have laughed myself silly. But that’s really how I feel about this song right now. If I were to write a song about how I feel about Falling in Love, it would be titled #NoCareNoCare. Seriously XD If I had to choose between this song and the Baddest Female (another song I’m not too fond of), I’d choose the Baddest Female hands down. This is not a comeback single, especially when your fanbase is practically rabid from waiting for new music for so long. And yes, I *do* know that this was supposed to be a follow up to I Love You (supposedly >_>), but even then, I wouldn’t think lightly of this song. In my honest opinion, this is more of a b-side off of the album (because if they drop a mini, me and Papa YG are gonna have words -_-) that’s supposed to drop in October. And even then, I’d prefer everyone but Minzy to sit down and let her have this as a solo (because she was the only one who sounded right with the beat). Overall, I’m over this song and anticipating the next one. *If* there aren’t any delays, that is >_<

    I have two things to say about MYNAME – 1) I'm loving the song and the mini album that came along and 2) OMJ, THE TEARS, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Jay Park, I like you. I think you have serious balls to ditch one of K-Pop's biggest boy bands and stick around. You deserve a cookie :3 I am really liking I Like 2 Party. The name sounds like something I would have thought up when I was in middle school, but the song is a definite club banger; please believe that I would act a serious fool to this song (and this boy don't act a serious fool for any ol' thing :3). This kinds of songs are totally up my alley (see previous statement, along with me liking the feel of the bass in my headphones), and I wish there were more by established groups. Look, I get that being experimental is the in thing now, but experimental is *not* always a good thing. Especially when you're doing it just to do it.

    EDIT – One last thing; Martina, if any male idols were to pole dance in public, there the pregnancy rate would spike to an all time high *and* there would be billions of exploded ovaries everywhere XD

      • Joon meets stripper pole will always be relevant. They are not however helping with this Lee Joon crush I’ve begun to harvest the past few weeks. These clips, but especially his Black Swan clips from SNL have killed my ovaries and yet still managed to impregnate me multiple times. XD

        PS Lee Joon with a drill causes ovary explosion on it’s own.

      • Lmao at Joon getting his smolder on like a real stripper and then Eunhyuk derping around, getting his jacket stuck on the pole…but I’d still choose Hyuk xD

        • Eunhyuk’s performance turned into comedy gold. I think he intended to use his jacket to slide back down the pole, only problem was that it went through the arm hole. XD Joon and Lee Teuk disassembling the pole with a power drill is one of my favorite Strong Heart moments.

        • Yes! Eunhyuk will forever be a huge dork (bless him). However, I found it surprisingly sexy to see Teukie with the power drill…

        • I like Eunhyuk’s dorkiness. Please stay that way!

          lol Agreed: the power drill was a turn on. XD Though it feels so cliche to admit that about men and tools…

        • Cliche smliche–handsome men with tools ftw. And Eunhyuk’s dorkiness is what brought me to Suju in the first place lol. The first time I ever saw him was when he and Leeteuk had a cameo on Shinee’s Hello Baby when i first got into K-pop. I’d never heard of Super Junior, but those two were so adorkable I had to check them out! Sorry to bore everyone with my little ELF love story, but any mention of dorky Hyuk takes me back <3

      • Didn’t you read any of the comments to those videos? There were bunches of girls that got pregnant from it!! Also, how dare you post a male pole dancing compilation without Rain, the sexiest of them all?!?!


        Random thoughts – Eunkyuk and Joon are both really skinny, and Eunkyuk must have some real strong leg muscles in order to jump up on that and *stay* XD

        • Exactly. There’s even a warning in the description box that watching Joon pole dance may cause ovary explosions. So your male idol pole dancing predictions had already been proven true. :P

          I’d never seen that clip of Rain pole dancing, but if I ever happen to post another male pole dancing compilation in the future (HA!), I’ll be sure to include it. ^_~

          You’re right about Eunhyuk needing really strong legs to stay up on that pole. Never thought about it before, lol. I think the best part is actually Joon and Lee Teuk using a power drill to get Eunhyuk’s jacket off the pole. XD Idols with power drills, haha.

        • Gurl… You better make sure you’re real good before those Rain stans get you, because that siege will be long and hard. I must say that that video of Joon made me challenge the title of sexiest of them all *sees Clouds on the horizon as well* Oh crap Y_Y RUN FOR COVAH!!!!

          *ahem* I love that Eunhyuk basically pulled a Jo Kwon and just delivered an ultra hammed up performance. I really was surprised when jumped on that pole and stayed; my thigh muscles hurts just looking at it XD Much respect to you :3 And speaking of Jo Kwon, I figured he’d be all over something like pole dancing.

  31. Kinda of want to vote for “Baby I’m sorry” just because of some hardcore man thighs mid-video …>O>;;



    • Her comeback wasn’t uploaded early enough to make it. As is the case with every new song that’s good that doesn’t make it. Every single time.

    • THIS!!! I would honestly rather see a KMM of Ailee’s U&I than 2NE1’s Falling in Love or Jay Park’s I Like to Party XD

      • Yeah! Cuz I’m all like “WTF WHERE IS THE REVIEW OF THE BEST SINGER IN KPOP?!?!?!” But I still want 2NE1 to be reviewed because I feel like they actually deserve it more since Blackjacks kept getting promised a comeback. Course it took YG forever to actually do it.

        • If Simon and Martina were to do a KMM for 2NE1, I’d prefer it be on a different song. Right about now, my opinion of Falling in Love isn’t too nice, so I’d prefer they wait till the next one drops.

        • Meh, I kind have the same opinion, but like I like to hear other people’s opinions. Wasn’t a big fan of the song or video, but maybe Simon and Martina like it.

        • From the looks of it, they probably like it a lot. I mean, it’s definitely got a chillax summer feel *and* is extremely catchy (I randomly sing the “touch me over here” hook all the time).

  33. I remember MYNAME’s ‘Message’ (i think that was the name of their debut song) and thought that they would survive their debut year. (they debuted what…late 2011?) But after their first song i didn’t keep up with them. I still sometimes sing “I got a messagie” and do the little hand gesture thing when i see something in my inbox.

    • Oh, my gosh, thank you. I am sooo relieved to hear that I am not the only one who sings “I got a messagie” sometimes, especially when there is an actual message. It’s just one of those songs that can apply to real life, right? Kind of like “I’m so curious, YEAAAA!”. Ha!

      • Not only do I sing the messagie part all the time still, but the very beginning of the song (“You gotta message”) used to be my ringtone on my old phone! I have to figure out how to set the ringtones on my new phone because I need that back in my life haha.

  34. I’ve followed Myname since debut, and Baby I’m Sorry is by far their most successful release. They’ve always put out really good songs though, even their Japanese songs are good (original songs, not remakes). I’ve always personally thought they were underrated, they have great dancing skills (they are able to “b-boy”) Please do check out their debut song “Message” and the dance version of “Hello and Goodbye”, these songs are perfect examples of their strong dance skills. Also they have good vocals, and their rapping has improved immensely with each release. They’re more well received in Japan than Korea, their Japanese agency had eyes on these boys even before they debuted. You probably didn’t hear about them before since they’ve spent quite a lot of time over in Japan instead of Korea. A bit of background though: they were put together by Hwanhee from Fly to the Sky, and were dubbed as Hwanhee’s Boys before their debut. I’m glad they’re getting some recognition now, they’ve worked so hard for it. :)

  35. Garsh darn it Simon. I didn’t hear it before but I know exactly what you mean about MyName’s “Baby, I’m Sorry” having a BigBang “Lies” feel to. I don’t know how to explain it either, but it surely does have that feel. Like you said, not that they’re the same, just the tone and beat are reminiscent.

  36. #JayParkonaPole MAKE THIS A THING

  37. I think the MV is a bit dark and violent for Myname, which draws the Lies comparison, but song wise it’s only the piano. The structure and melody are otherwise different.

  38. If MYNAME’s MV didn’t get the ‘Ban Hammer’ my mind would be blown.

  39. I have the same problem with “Baby I’m Sorry” as I did with that LC9 song, “Mama Beat”. The video is really cool, but you pay more attention to it more than the actual song. You have to watch it twice to actually listen to the song. Although, maybe that is what the companies want… They get more views! :O Now I know why the view count is so high!

  40. I have a question that does not relate to this at all, but how do i add a picture to my profile? I can’t seem to find it!

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