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KpopCharts Update: 2NE1 vs Jay Park vs MYNAME

July 13, 2013


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2NE1 “Falling in Love” – Vote for it Here!

Touch me over here
Touch me touch me over there!

Whooooaaa…this is so catchy! It’s exceptionally un-2NE1 isn, but damn is this song ever fun. We even catch Soo Zee staring at her computer and singing it randomly, then yelling at herself for singing it, because it’s stuck in her head and she doesn’t want it to be stuck in her head. Though this definitely doesn’t feel like the 2NE1 we’re used to, it’s still a fun song. How

MYNAME “Baby I’m Sorry” – Vote for it Here!

Funny side note about the video: did anybody notice the hitting sound effect? It was the same sound effect used over and over again, regardless of what part of the body they were hit in. Face, stomach, balls: all make the same sound! Yay for lazy editing! We notice these kinds of things, being in front of the computer editing all day.

And – hey – we can’t be the only ones who thought of Big Bang’s “Lies” with this song and video. We don’t have the terms at our disposal to explain why the similarity strikes us, but it definitely has the vibe of “Lies,” no? Come on! Admit it! You thought it, too, right? Right?

Also, this is the first song by MYNAME we’ve heard, and – hell – it’s got a lot of views! 1.3 million views from a band we haven’t really listened to before? Not that we’re the be-all-and-end-all of Kpop, but we try to keep up to date with Kpop as much as possible, which isn’t easy considering the vast amount of Kpop bands everywhere, with the major percentage of them not doing too well. So, yeah. 1.3 million views is pretty rad. I’m impressed. Gonna check out some more MYNAME stuff. BRB.

Jay Park “I Like 2 Party” – Vote for it Here!

What a super original name for a song, “I like to party” with a 2! No seriously, I bet that was because “I like To Party” was used so many times that it would create too many search hits and drown out his song, so I’m serious when I say it’s a smart idea for a song name. Unless I’m just pulling at thin air and Jay Park was all like, “yeahhh man, instead of ‘to’ let’s write ‘2’, ’cause it be so fly”. I can see him saying that too. Anyways, the point of all this is that this is a good old fashion club song right here. I’m not sure if it’s just because we’ve listened to so many kpop songs, but we’ve been disappointed this year in terms of finding kpop songs that were truly addictive and enjoyable to listen to, but I do like this song! It doesn’t blooooooow us away like “Smoky Girl” did, but this is still a great song without any bizarre breakdowns or unpredictable beat changes. The 2:41 mark does have a little rap/dubstepish breakdown, but the overarching sound of the song still lingers in the background. The chorus is really built up fantastically before it just BOOMS. And I have to say I had a good laugh at the comments on our site because someone mentioned how it wasn’t a Jay Park video without him showing his abs, but I couldn’t tell if it meant Jay Park didn’t show his abs this video or if he did show his abs, but once I watched the video, I understood. Jay Park sure loves showing off his abs. Hahaha!



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