OKOKOK WAIT. We didn’t include Batoost’s “Shadow” in this week’s videos because we filmed this on Thursday, and Batoost came out on Friday. Hell: WHY SO LATE? Anyhow, here’s who we talked about:

B.A.P. “Hurricane” – Vote for it Here


The Engrish of this song is too damn high

Infinite “Destiny” – Vote for it Here


Oh man, this is great. Really great. I want to review it. But I want to know more about Version A before we make a decision as to whether we’ll choose this or postpone it till later. Anyone know if Version A will come out? If so, when? If we talk about this, we won’t talk about Version A, similar to Exo’s Wolf. We can’t review the same song twice. So what should we do? What if we delay reviewing this and then Big Bang and Girls Generation come out with two videos? Infinite will be screwed and you’ll hate us forever. It’ll be like the Chaser all over again. So many choices, guise. Why can’t labels just release the videos at once, you know?

Xia “Incredible” – Vote for it Here


Xia! I see you rolling down your sexy windows at us. That’s clearly a reference to your old dance from Ayy Gurl, isn’t it? You even have a dispassionate American rapper featuring on your song. Quincy’s lines aren’t as memorable as Kanye’s, though. WHAT’S YO FRIENS ATTITUDE WHY SHE SO DAM RUDE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Oh man, that was classic. Also, my apologies for being so out of touch with Western music, but who the hell is Quincy anyways? Is he a big deal now? It’s hard for us to keep up to date with Western pop music, because A) We don’t hear it here and B) We barely give a shit. Ha! I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Chris Brown or Drake before in my life, really. I did listen the hell out of Frank Ocean last year and Kendrick Lamar, but they’re not really mainstream, are they? I don’t know. Point is, Quincy bored me, Junsu would have done better without him, but would have done BEST if I was involved. Just saying…

  1. Um…I’ve loved Xia since TVXQ but um…while I love the song…hm…how to put this…do the people in this video realize they are about 10 years too old to be wearing those cloths? Not happy with the visuals.

  2. There are clips of the A version of Destiny on fan cams from their One Great Step tour, but it looks like they just have a few scenes included with them standing among ruined airplanes. INSPIRITS were all hoping there was a cool story line that we were missing, but sadly, it was just extra shots of them looking fantabulous… oh wait, that’s good, too. Just go for version B, IMHO.

  3. Please, don’t drop down the Kpop Charts Update segment, I need it sooo much, it makes my weeks easier to go through, really.

  4. Hey, we love the Engrish XD

  5. I dont get the B.A.P. reference D:

  6. The loof is on fire! Ahh this made my day :D

  7. BAP in vegas…that’d be a good show :)

  8. yeup~ never heard of quincy =D

  9. normally i would be all BAP BAP BAP BAPBAPBAPBAPPPPPPPPP but seriously this time? Infinite. that dance. so boss. mmmmmmmmmmm boss status

  10. Gosh, guys, I don’t know, I’m as torn as you are. O.O So many gold mine videos, lol. Uhm, I guess good luck choosing. Though I do lean more tends Junsu. He just seems so nice, hehe.

  11. I miss your longer Kpop Music Mondays too :( But please include points you’ve not got time for in your video on your EYK site page!! <3 It's always great hearing S&Ms opinions even if hearing all of them would perhaps make the video too long (really I just want an extended talk about Incredible XDDDD).

  12. I miss the longer KMMs…
    Anyways, my vote went to all 3 *lol* So much for this KMM…I don’t care who wins xD
    It is going to be fun either way ^-^

  13. The best thing about “the loof is on fire” is Himchans straight face :D

  14. “The loofs is on fire”

    I had to stop the video because I laughed so hard.


    Thanks BAP

  15. agreed… the shorter kmm is not enough… like S&M skip mny part to talk abt…

  16. am i too greed hoping 3songs to be review for this week KMM?? all of them r glorious song/mv to b review… dunno wat song i wanna choose

  17. is it just me or does anyone else feels like Xia is channelling G-Dragon in this video?? especially with his fashion choices? :/

    all great videos though, looking forward to KMM!!

    PS: i liked the longer KMMs! KMMs can never be too long, guise! :p

  18. Never heard of Quincy until now and I live in the US. Lol guess I spend too much time listening to kpop. You could totally take him Simon!! haha :)

  19. I’m fine with either Junsu’s Incredible or B.A.P’s Hurricane. Both videos are Music Monday GOOOOOLD!

  20. STOPPPPPPP!!! Im ready to wait to the ver.A if you promise to review It!!!!!!!

  21. in the B.A.P song…. are they in LA??

  22. as much as i would LOVE to see BAP reviewed as i am a baby, but DAMN Junsu’s MV was much more glorious and i immediately loved it upon first hearing! Quincy’s part was a bit of a turnoff though, but still JUNSU FOR THE WIN!!

  23. Quincy is somewhat P.diddy’s step son….. you see the mom of was p.diddy’s on and off girlfriend…. so they have no blood relationship but the consider eachother stepson/dad.

  24. You should review B.A.P though because they are one of my most favorite groups ever :3 (this is a very valid reason)

  25. quincy isnt a big deal in america at all … review BAP :)

  26. Actually they have been shorter for a while now. And it is true that the majority of people prefer shorter videos. If you are a fan of EYK it would not matter how long it is, but the majority of viewers are actually casual watchers. Also, that is sort of the purpose of the bloopers. If you want more you can always watch the bloopers.

  27. Okay, so I think BAP should be reviewed for KMM- and that is really hard for me to admit because I am in LOVE with Xia’s new track. Like listening to it on repeat all day in love. Even Quincy’s awkward and totally lame rap doesn’t deter me from this awesome song.Okay, to begin:

    BAP: I’ve always liked them and their aggressive tracks and this song was decent. If it came down to KMM being strictly about the song itself, I probably wouldn’t go with BAP (that would go to XIA). But KMM is about the VIDEO and BAP has dropped a hot mess in your lap, Simon and Martina. Combine the freakishly high amount of Engrish with their attempt to appear badass, and I think you’ve got a winner.

    Infinite: I’ve always been a bit indifferent about Infinite. They’ve never really caught my attention before- until this song. This is a really great, really solid song. It actually sounds like one song- not a patchwork of several different genres. Sometimes the quilting method works, sometimes it doesn’t. I like what Infinite went with. I will definitely be adding it to my ipod. As for the video, if BAP doesn’t get voted in, Infinite’s definitely comes in second place. What it lacks in WTF’ness that BAP has, it makes up for in sheer cheesiness. Everything- from the dance moves to the acting just reeks of stinky, stinky cheese.

    XIA: As mentioned above, I am totally in love with this song. I’ve added it to my jogging playlist and it really helps me power through. The video is okay- it was cool to see the variety of the backup dancers. I will say though that the dancers had completely different expressions on their faces than I am used to in KPOP videos. Like serious grinning and laughing going on. It was refreshing- a big difference from the “Oooh I’m so sexy but not supposed to outshine the main star” I see so often. As for Quincy’s rap, I wonder if it was kept simple on purpose. This is a Korean Pop song, made for Korean audiences. Or maybe I am giving him too much credit. Anyway, the song is great, the video is fun, but not KMM worth.

    Okay, finished with the novel. Have a good day!

  28. The Engrish in Hurricane…you know you want to talk about it . Hurricane. Loof… with the Bonus: sexual dances…and a pole. This should be very convincing

  29. Junsu should be classified as a national treasure or something. Seriously.

  30. Wow, I rarely agree with Simon but I think Incredible is the best song of the three. Although I am more of a BAP fan than a Junsu fan. I’ll keep voting for Junsu (although any of the three would be great).

  31. Ummmm….Not much of an Inspirit (sorry Infinite, I like you, but…), I’m a BABY though, but…XIA! OH MA HOLY BAJEEZUS, REVIEW XIA! LOOK AT HIS SOCKS! THE CREEPY WHITE GIRL OUTSIDE HIS WINDOW, THE THRUSTING ON THE BED, ITS A GOLD MINE! *faints. Besides, its ma jam, and the best song to come out this month in my opinion.

  32. I’m gonna be a happy girl no matter what gets reviewed :) 1) Junsu’s song was instantly stuck in my head. I love it. Probably my current favorite song. 2) Long ago, I decided I will love my blonde bunnies no matter how much engrish they throw at me. I liked the video for hurricane (and the highlighting of both Jongup and Zelo’s dance skills) and I enjoyed the song. 3) Infinite seldom disappoints. The figures they create when they dance are just amazing and the song is great.

  33. Okay, everyone’s on level playing field now, well not everyone cos JUNSU is in a league of his own. One of the few feisty, gutsy and smothering sexy solos thus far. I love INFINITE to bits but JUNSU or anything JYJ supersedes all else. INFINITE can wait. I trust voters not to dethrone them. Regardless of BB and GG’s comeback, I beseech all voters to take it REAL SLOW this time round ayy ;) one at a time

  34. I vote Junsu! but then again when don’t I? <3

  35. I think we should wait just at least week to see if Ver. A comes out. They said they’re favorably considering releasing it, so chances are that they’ll release it. Because I was a bit disappointed as well when the drama version of Wolf came out and you guys couldn’t review it ‘cuz you’d already reviewed it. I think we can hold on a week. …Then again, then Batoost will be in the Top 3 with Shadow… DAMMIT! We can hold on for three weeks, right guys?! …right?

    Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered having a corner that reviews only drama versions of MVs (if there is more than one version of the MV, that is…)? There are a lot less of those, so you could easily just do it once a month, and not miss any MVs. That would be really neat. And you’d have a lot of time to film it, etc. and make it as epic as the original. Hell, I wouldn’t mind watching 10-20 minute reviews of them if they were only once a month. Just an idea I thought I should voice…

  36. Guise, PLEASE don’t keep making KMM shorter. I loved the longer ones! Now they feel so short and, I don’t know about everyone else, but I always want more at the end…it feel too short. I love seeing your faces on screen and hearing your opinions so please don’t make it shorter =/

    • Unfortunately, as much as Nasties would love to watch really long KMM’s, it makes it difficult for the casual viewer, and sorry to say, the casual viewers actually make up a large percentage. But the consolation is that the bloopers are usually nice additions to the video.

      • It’s also incredibly tiring to make videos that long; the screentime to actual shooting/editing/polishing ratio is super low, and EYK has so much more on their plate than their weekly segments. I think they’ve been hitting a happy medium recently which will allow them to do more road trips, WANKS, and FAPFAPs without getting so burdened.
        Plus they’d better schedule in some vacation time. Like, non-filmed, just-hanging-out, no-work-obligation vacation.

      • love us Nasties moreeee T.T

  37. u guys shud definitely listen to the funny song-Junsu.. XD

  38. Gold is so overused, as is spontaneous combustion… I’m not terribly excited about for any of 3 the videos. The music is catchy, the singing is good, English a little under the weather, yes it sounds like just another day in kpop.

  39. Junsu has less views because both Loen and Cjes put the video, so views are split…

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