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KpopCharts Update: Infinite vs B.A.P. vs Xia

July 20, 2013


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OKOKOK WAIT. We didn’t include Batoost’s “Shadow” in this week’s videos because we filmed this on Thursday, and Batoost came out on Friday. Hell: WHY SO LATE? Anyhow, here’s who we talked about:

B.A.P. “Hurricane” – Vote for it Here

The Engrish of this song is too damn high

Infinite “Destiny” – Vote for it Here

Oh man, this is great. Really great. I want to review it. But I want to know more about Version A before we make a decision as to whether we’ll choose this or postpone it till later. Anyone know if Version A will come out? If so, when? If we talk about this, we won’t talk about Version A, similar to Exo’s Wolf. We can’t review the same song twice. So what should we do? What if we delay reviewing this and then Big Bang and Girls Generation come out with two videos? Infinite will be screwed and you’ll hate us forever. It’ll be like the Chaser all over again. So many choices, guise. Why can’t labels just release the videos at once, you know?

Xia “Incredible” – Vote for it Here

Xia! I see you rolling down your sexy windows at us. That’s clearly a reference to your old dance from Ayy Gurl, isn’t it? You even have a dispassionate American rapper featuring on your song. Quincy’s lines aren’t as memorable as Kanye’s, though. WHAT’S YO FRIENS ATTITUDE WHY SHE SO DAM RUDE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Oh man, that was classic. Also, my apologies for being so out of touch with Western music, but who the hell is Quincy anyways? Is he a big deal now? It’s hard for us to keep up to date with Western pop music, because A) We don’t hear it here and B) We barely give a shit. Ha! I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Chris Brown or Drake before in my life, really. I did listen the hell out of Frank Ocean last year and Kendrick Lamar, but they’re not really mainstream, are they? I don’t know. Point is, Quincy bored me, Junsu would have done better without him, but would have done BEST if I was involved. Just saying…



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