1) SHINee “Sherlock” – Vote for it here!


YES! What an awesome song! Really sorry to the EXO and Bilasa fans out there who have been duking it out on the KpopCharts, and really sorry for not being able to review one of them last week while we were on vacation, but it looks like you’re going to have to wait until next week. SHINee finally released their video after being very misleading about its release date (seriously! How many of you stayed up until midnight refreshing YouTube? Bombaclot!) but now that the video’s out we’re all happy, aren’t we? Anyhow, Shawols crashed our server. Thanks guise.

2) CNBlue “Still in Love” – Vote for it here!


Ok, hopefully you won’t be too angry at us for what we said about this video. We like CN Blue! We loved “Love Girl.” This song is really cool as well, but the video has nothing for us to talk about. It’s them in a studio. It’s really interesting for us because we like seeing behind-the-scenes kind of videos, but it’s not really befitting for a Kpop Music Monday review. Know what we mean?

3) BT-Swing “Rescue 101″ – Vote for it here!


Err. We appreciate the effort in making a music video, but there’s something about this video that’s objectively cheesy. We drew comparisons to JYJ’s “Ayy Girl”, which is one of the most important videos we ever reviewed – only because we made fun of it to high heaven. But we love JYJ! You know that, don’t you? It was just really hard for us to take them seriously. We feel the same way about BT-Swing. Not that we love them, because we don’t really know them all too well yet: we just think that a music video should enhance a song, and not get in the way of it.


  1. Simon being scared of kpop fans…LIKE A MAN!

  2. Does anyone else think the BT-swing song sounds familiar? The music and all that?

    Because I swear I’ve heard it before, I just don’t know where..

  3. The first SHINee comeback rumor I heard was scheduled for January 17th. Imagine my complete disappointment when it wasn’t true.

  4. Then howz about CN Blue Hey You? It has dancing truncheon men!

  5. That chick looking dude in Shinee is OSM! XD He totally reminds me of Aya from “Fruits Basket”. Or a yaoi manga character.

    That CNBlue song was awesome and I really liked the video.

  6. No BtoB’s Secret(Insane)? Please include them, although I’m still going to vote for exo..

  7. The best part of Shinee Sherlock is the laptop is called iWatson

  8. bt swing – hmmm i wouldent say its such a bad video, but it does remind me of a 90′s pop video. it lacks the shine and polish of some of the other mv’s on the list.
    (caugh*——SHINEE—— caugh*)

    would love to hear you guys talk about 2ne1 latest japanese song (Scream) c’mon i know you want to :)

  9. I think the toilet paper is there to mark the edge of the stage in their practice rounds

  10. I’m really disappointed. I was waiting for you to review B1A4 (or EXO) last week. But no KPOP Music Monday released last week, and now you are going to review Shinee’s Sherlock. You should have chosen to review two videos for this KMM instead, but you are sticking with Shinee alone. BANAs and EXOTICs voted eagerly and now being thrown away by you guys. Haist. I really felt bad. Even though I am a shawol too. My votes are wasted in a snap.

  11. Even though you’ve probably already scripted and recorded SHINee’s music monday, I hope you remembered to mention how much this song sounds like 90s Michael Jackson with the breaking glass and “yeah”s and the beginning. And that awesome Escher-esque picture in the background of their office thing.

  12. yay cnblue mv is so good and unlike other k-pop mvs that simon and martina can’t tcomment on kekekeke
    for me that a plus and a good thing to hear hehe
    before reading the cnblue review ..i closed my eyes while scrolling down…. wishing S&M would be kind to the boys
    and i was happy to read the review
    glad you liked the song …it is so cool !!!
    cnblue is the best
    to the top of the world …fighting !!!

  13. ok ill admit. this weeks video is finally getting me into Korean music. i was really into SHINee’s video and the last song by Rescue 101 (minus the God-awful video). te past 6 months i was just into your vids because i was about to move to Korea but now dang-nabbit you got me listening to music too. STOP IT DAMN YOU… sorry… i wasnt trying to be mean. 

    please continue. 

  14. SHINee is BACK <3

  15. the toilet paper is the centre point of the stage, and the cups are the edges.

  16. This may have already been pointed out, but in the practice vid, I’m sure the toilet paper and paper cup were used as stage markers. To show the front center, and the front corners. It’s always best that our boys try to stay on the stage, we don’t want them hurting themselves by falling off the stage, do we?

  17. Miss A, SISTAR, and Secret are also 4 member girl groups. Also, I guess Sunny Hill counts too since their male member is doing his military service now.

  18. don worry martina. i think we all noticed that due to lack of styling expertise, taemin looks like a woman. no need to be worried about your opinion being breaking news to anyone. ^-^

  19. Loved your short cover of Sherlock at the end there, Martina. :D
    My thoughts exactly.

  20. ninirobinsondiederichs

    damn you shinee and your dance skills! lol
    oh and maybe le wild toilet paper in the shinee practice video  is a marker of some sort, a reference point, because there’s is also a random cup to the side.

  21. thatssumgoodcurry

    I’m really excited for you guys to review SHINee and all…but I’m also sort of a disappointed bilasa-raptor as well. I was really excited for you guys to review their comeback and it was in second place and then you guys went on vacation and then SHINee made a comeback and then…well…you know… But I also realize that B1A4 is in second place as of now, so hopefully they can get back in first after SHINee is reviewed or else I might cry…
    I feel like I got jipped. :’(

  22. punkyprincess92

    I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY BOYS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. LOL There’s so many Shawols voting that the Sherlock counter keeps crashing. I’ve taken like 6 screencaps of the number of votes that it had. If it didn’t crash, there’d be around 24,000 votes for SHINee. AMAZING! 

    The power of Shawols shall never be underestimated!

  24. I like SHINee’s dance in Sherlock a lot but the song itself does nothing to me. it is so … tedious that I can’t even sing single tune :/
    the song sounds like being created after the music video to compliment the dance :)
    I’ve heard it a few times already and I don’t really remember it.

    on the other hand – CNBlue’s song… I’ve just heard it here… and I can sing you the whole chorus.

    but, I think, SHINee’s song will be perfect for parties :)

    oh, btw, I kinda like the BT-Swing song and video. they are so natural here… and their voices are so fine and strong, and that is not usual for kpop girl groups [really hate those delicate flowers :) --> but here, hell yeah! :) ]

  25. ninirobinsondiederichs

    oh damn you shinee and your awesome dance skills.
    maybe le wild toilet paper in the practice video was a marker of some sort, a reference point, there’s also a random cup on one side.

  26. “Most likely”?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kpop Music Monday  for SHINee!!!!!`~~~~!!!

  27. I like that they broke out in interpretative dance, kick-ass dance thought! I know some of you are gonna be really mad at me for saying this but what’s up with Taemins weird egyptian/hippie outfit? I like his long hair in Lucifer but here it’s just not working out (in my opinion)?? 


  29. I actually don’t mind the video effects and editing for BT Swing. My problem is with the dance and the girls. To me they looked really uncomfortable with what they were doing and lacked that sassy confident attitude. Their movements were small and timid and their expressions weren’t natural. The editing could be toned down a little but I think they should have did a video without a dance. To me it just didn’t fit song.

  30. I’m so curious yeahhhh… why Taemin looks like a woman??

    hahaha sooo funny Martina

  31. Sascha Wong

    Kudos to you for the Madonna joke! Hahahaha.

  32. LOL… that’s it… Simon… u have got the rest of the commentaries all talking about the toilet paper after this post. SMent… u… are some kind of publicity management…?

  33. Rasha Moadi

    why didnt you also do BTOB

  34. Miss A and Secret are also 4~

    Oh dear, Shawols crashing the server xD
    You now know of our power! (Although I’m sure you did already)

  35. I love SHINee’s “Sherlock” <3 I loved it as soon as I first listened to it, and now I'm completely obsessed with it, listening to it over and over and over :D SHINee all the way!!!

  36. Yehey! SHINee’s back!

  37. Really? Shawols crashed ur server!
    LOL, the power of Shawols is no joke!

  38. omg what about miss a? they are 4 :P

  39. guise, that toilet paper is there because it marks the centre of the dancefloor! I
    t like helps the middle dancer to set himself so he is in the camera view and the side ones set themselves by the middle dancer, so that toilet paper is actually very important! …but srsly they could’ve just picked a water bottle orsmth less awkward for that =_=
    T-ara had some random can in the Cry Cry dance version that looked really random but much better than a toilet paper roll ._.

  40. Why isn’t BtoB’s Insane MV on the kpop chart? Why?!

  41. vaxanne

    Oh my beloved SHINee is back with yet another average humanly impossible dance choreo, nice  concept and great vocals. The song, however, with the exception of the chorus, sounded like a spin off from their old songs. This seems to be SM’s practice of late, I wonder why…

  42. Oh my god! I so love you Simon and Martina! You don’t know how thankful I was when I found your blog about Kpop! I’m getting tired of those EngSubs but still, I love Kpop and SHINee! Please be a little gentle if ever they get to Music Mondays, please!  And because of you, I learned a lot about Kpop! I also started scrutinizing music videos and saying, “Oh yeah! Simon and Martina’s right!” You’re like my opinion leaders about Kpop! Hahaha. Keep on doing a good job guys! SHINee is back! :)

  43. sort of funny in the end of the shinee video, the computer is an iWatson

  44. Yeah, I definitely liked the vocals on BT-Swing, and the breakdancing, but the video editing did get in the way.  I still voted for them though.  :)

  45. Oh guys I love you more then ever!!! SHAWOL FOR LIFE!!!!

  46. CNBlue actually has some very important elements that I would want from any band:

    1. Skillz in playing musical instruments
    2. Compose their own songs – and doing a good job of it
    3. Good singing skills
    4. Good looking.
    (I mean there’s other stuff like live performancing skills, meaning of the lyrics, their personal lives etc, but I don’t know enough about them to comment on that)

    Unfortunately, their songs aren’t quite my style. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the jazzy feel to it? I’m really not a jazz person. This song, however, I really liked. youtube-mp3 FTW :p

  47. ╬████╬╬█╬╬╬╬█╬█╬█╬╬╬╬╬█╬╬████╬╬╬████╬

  48. █───█──███───█──█






    SHINee :D

  49. SHINee 







  50. SHINee is Back!! SHINee is Back!!! SHINee is Back Back Back Back Back!!! ♥♥ Vote for SHINee XD

  51. I thought the Indie list was a one-time thing, but have you changed the K-Crunch playlists to only 3 songs? Not that I mind.

  52. simon and martina you are not fair
    this week you didn’t make a kpop music monday and exo was in first place and now it’s sherloc you should do 2 kpop music monday this next week to also do a review for exo cuz the deserve it (especially their pants dance) 

  53. Wait… where’s BToB?? 

  54. I am shawol, so SHINee the best~ C.N Blue, I also wish that there was a cool MV for that song, because song is nice..  And new group hm… At first I though that this was a model show or smth like that. >< Monday with SHINee yeppy~

  55. I think it’s not fair that Bilasa was not reviewed. Fans voted for it and they deserve a review.  I know you guys went on vacation and all, but they should be reviewed. Maybe a special short segment will do. BTW, I’m not a Bilasa fan and I did not vote for them, but I still think it’s not fair. :/

  56. I dunno where my chill logical fangirl side went, but I am legitimately irked that neither Bilasa or EXO are getting reviewed this week. :((  I love SHINee, but I’m worried it will be like Miss A’s Touch and they will never make a comeback after being roflstomped. ;__; *first-world issues*

    Aside from my issues though, the dance really is awesome. 

  57.  “(seriously! How many of you stayed up until midnight refreshing YouTube? Bombaclot!) but now that the video’s out we’re all happy, aren’t we? Anyhow, Shawols crashed our server. Thanks guise.”

    *raises hand* I admit staying up and being disappointed when SHINee’s video wasn’t released. Luckily I caught the video 5 mins after it was released but the bummer was when I watched SHINee’s comeback stage on M! Countdown, Minho whispered seductively “SHINee’s back” then Mnet cut off -probably from the international Shawols crashing the server. Promplty after that, the program ended before I got to even start watching SHINee. Ahh the bad luck…
    But you guise released this Kpop charts update on my birthday so all is well~ :D

  58. is it me or on the last scene of SHINee’s MV the back of the laptop says ‘iWatson’ … very original :)

  59. Ga-in’s new song/MV is not on K-Crunch? :(

  60. I really like how when I voted for Shinee’s video on the EYK kpop chart, it had 800 votes. And I thought to myself, “self, I’m surprised that it has so few votes…. well, maybe by the weekend it’ll change.” Um, next day, 6,000 votes!!!!!! Oh Em Gee!!!! 

    SHINEE’S BACK!!!!!! Why do they turn me into a 14-year-old girl!??!? Do they offer rehab for this kind of thing??? Cause I needs it. KEY 4 LYFE!!!!!!!….. Help me. 

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