100% – Bad Boy

  1. In my opinion they are the best male rookie group of the year, because their voices and dancing are really awesome and outstanding. Who thinks so too?

  2. _AskingAshley


  3. _AskingAshley

    how did this sogn drop so low it was 3th at first and not its 8th o__o?

  4. These guys are ridiculously talented. I actually had decided to ignore them because there are so many male rookie groups and I really can’t pay attention to all but their live practice version of this may have made me a new convert.


    I don’t think I have ever seen a group have such a in sync and complicated dance, and sing live with no amplification and still manage to project and hit awesome notes and keep in tune. No backing vocals to help them out. That is impressive.

  5. Really hope this get reviewed. It’s one of the rookie group i followed even before they debuted. you gotta love them <3

  6. I swear, the guy who sings from :31 to :45 sounds like he could be a member of The Wanted. I keep replaying that part… it’s just so good! Apparently the guys who mixed the song thought so too, as it’s layered under the guy who sing-raps at 1:38 to 1:52. lol. Didn’t they put him a British flag for the live version too?

  7. make every day voting,then this mv will get reviewed…

  8. _AskingAshley

    i really love this song so much x3

  9. Maggie Sigh

    I really like this group, but I don’t know why xD

  10. I really hope this gets reviewed. I think these guys are so talented, and for a ROOKIE group?! Woah. They dance just as well as Infinite! I know some people are saying that they could have had a more unique concept, but I see this video as them just giving us a taste of their talent. I don’t think they need a lavish music video for their debut song. Remember Exo’s video for Mama?(Which is technically their “debut” song) What was up with that intro? And the Illuminati chanting? My point being, 100% showing their pure talent was enough to grab my attention, waiting for more. :)

  11. I love the song and the choreography :DD The video is meh, because it’s not unique at all.
    I’ve already developed biases, Hyukjin, Rokhyun and Changbum.
    I will have to keep an eye out for their next release, while I enjoy this song ^^

  12. Finally I can hear one of their songs!! I was so curious since i’ve been watching Teen Top Rising 100%!! lol!!


  14. VOTE FOR THIS VID <333

  15. pretty good for a debut song, imo one of the better ones this year!

  16. LOL ” GD wants his parka back…. and his song title too” cracked up when simon said that !!!

    i do like them… they’re better than other rookies this year !!! 100% FIGHTING~