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100% – Bad Boy

  1. In my opinion they are the best male rookie group of the year, because their voices and dancing are really awesome and outstanding. Who thinks so too?

  2. *Song

  3. how did this sogn drop so low it was 3th at first and not its 8th o__o?

  4. These guys are ridiculously talented. I actually had decided to ignore them because there are so many male rookie groups and I really can’t pay attention to all but their live practice version of this may have made me a new convert.

    I don’t think I have ever seen a group have such a in sync and complicated dance, and sing live with no amplification and still manage to project and hit awesome notes and keep in tune. No backing vocals to help them out. That is impressive.

  5. Really hope this get reviewed. It’s one of the rookie group i followed even before they debuted. you gotta love them <3

  6. I swear, the guy who sings from :31 to :45 sounds like he could be a member of The Wanted. I keep replaying that part… it’s just so good! Apparently the guys who mixed the song thought so too, as it’s layered under the guy who sing-raps at 1:38 to 1:52. lol. Didn’t they put him a British flag for the live version too?

  7. make every day voting,then this mv will get reviewed…

  8. i really love this song so much x3

  9. I really like this group, but I don’t know why xD

  10. I really hope this gets reviewed. I think these guys are so talented, and for a ROOKIE group?! Woah. They dance just as well as Infinite! I know some people are saying that they could have had a more unique concept, but I see this video as them just giving us a taste of their talent. I don’t think they need a lavish music video for their debut song. Remember Exo’s video for Mama?(Which is technically their “debut” song) What was up with that intro? And the Illuminati chanting? My point being, 100% showing their pure talent was enough to grab my attention, waiting for more. :)

  11. I love the song and the choreography :DD The video is meh, because it’s not unique at all.
    I’ve already developed biases, Hyukjin, Rokhyun and Changbum.
    I will have to keep an eye out for their next release, while I enjoy this song ^^

  12. Finally I can hear one of their songs!! I was so curious since i’ve been watching Teen Top Rising 100%!! lol!!


  14. VOTE FOR THIS VID <333

  15. pretty good for a debut song, imo one of the better ones this year!

  16. LOL ” GD wants his parka back…. and his song title too” cracked up when simon said that !!!

    i do like them… they’re better than other rookies this year !!! 100% FIGHTING~

  17. SuJu’s Don’t Don meets BAP’s Power meets U-Kiss’s Manmanhani.
    But I kind of dig it.

  18. The song is pretty good, I bought it as soon as it came out, but daaaang their dance moves are so in sync *-* It’s by far one of the best debuts I’ve seen this year!!

  19. This really is an awesome group!!! I watched their debut stage and the singing and dancing was near to perfect. The were perfectly synchronised and the singing was really good after the warmed up!

  20. pretty boys with talent ^^ supporting them in their debut

  21. This is a must-review!! Loving these boys so much, I’m interested to see what Simon and Martina think of it!

  22. I really want these boys reviewed!!

  23. I seriously wish they would win.. They’re amazing.

  24. The high notes are just wonderful ! good luck to them :D

  25. I <3 them soooo much!!!! I just bought there first single album today!!
    I can't wait to get it :D

  26. Wish them the best with their Career and that they will be successful alongside Teen Top. Teen Top and 100% I love you so much. Fighting. <3

  27. Not really a standard kpop song, ok nothing so original, but… I like it!
    Plus I like the lyrics ^_^

  28. They’re at #9? A rookie group!? Angels (Since I’m pretty sure at least 90% of 100% fans are Angels) GOOD FREAKING JOB! I salute you all. *Bows*

  29. BaekPoSenTeu!!!<3<3<3


  30. Really this is one of the best Debuts I’ve seen in a while. They all can dance and can sing/rap. 100% are just as good live as well. 100% FIGHTING!! ROCKHYUN

  31. god they are too cute >///<

  32. soohyun has DIMPLES
    >>>SO CUTE and also he raps ^_^

  33. i liked this group because of their dancing abilities and vocals FIRST LIKE ROCKHYUN dorky laughs at teen top rising 100% MUST WATCH VARIETY SHOW you won’t regret it.
    started to pay attention to them at this song which i kinda like
    AND THE FIRST PART WERE THEY SAY 100% NO DOUBT that guy has a cute accent

  34. This is my new favorite group! And to consider that they’ve barely debuted, that’s pretty amazing.

  35. Love these boys, love their song!

  36. I love these boys!! And their performances are so awesome!! They are working so hard for their debut!!

  37. Not the most original song or mv, but I still enjoyed it!!! The dancing impressed me, although, like most kpop videos, there was that one dace move that made me smirk a bit. ;D

  38. I’ve been waiting for this song to be released for few weeks now!! So happy it’s finally out! Rockhyun’s singing is completely daebak and really stands out! I totally fell more in love with his voice when I watched Teen Top Raising 100% and this made me love it even more!! Changbum(?i think that’s his name? The blond rapper in the phone booth?) His rap needs a bit of work, but other wise it’s good. I love just about everything in the vid!! I really like the dance. It’s simple but totally looks a bit complicated to learn. I can’t wait to try!!

    OH and I want that studded hat so bad!!

  39. Rokhyun have to be the most adorable person in the world… He seriously took first place in my bias list and you should know that I haven’t been able to place a first before… o.O 100% FIGHTING!

  40. Now that U-KISS is going to get a review, I can go back to my usual votes :)
    My fave part of the song was Rockhyun’s OORI GA WAEEEEEE so powerful, I always find myself randomly singing that part every day :P

  41. Lets get them higher up on this list! 100% <3

  42. Starsania

    Pretty cool song, I like the dancing a lot.

  43. lets make this work guys! baekpercent hwaiting! <3

  44. Not just because they are cute the have AMAZING TALENT ! Anyone who hasnt voted vote NOOOW ! im begging !


  46. I have to say that the vocal aspect of this group had definetely impressed me. :)

  47. LOVEEEEEE THIS SONG!!! 100% is AMAZING!!!!!!!! ^^

  48. We’re at 8th place now!! Keep voting and get these boys reviewed!!

  49. Simon and Martina please review this song<3<3 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Ahhh after religiously watching Teen Top Rising 100% I was so excited for them to finally debut they really deserve it ^_^
    I looooove the song I’ve had it stuck in my head ever since it came out. And I know I’m really biased towards them but I’m really really, impressed with the choreography in this video. For a rookie group, it’s a little more complicated yet intricate and clean than a lot of what’s already come out this year. They all are very competent in dancing to some degree and it shows.
    Also, they look SO GOOD and I’m soooo happy it hurts. Jonghwan you’re killing me with that sleeveless shirt thanks bb TT~TT oh, and I can’t forget- they all sound so good!! Another reason I was so excited for this was so that I could hear them sing more. What they did on TTR100% was such a tease and I wanted more and this definitely delivered. Rockhyun was on point (I love his little, “No… No… NO” bit at the end), Hyukjin (sighhh #2 bias is dreamy) was amazing, Jonghwan (what me Jonghwan biased no never) exploded my ovaries, etc etc etc ughh I really can’t spazz enough about this MV. I can just tell that they’re going to do so well in the future and I’m happy they have such a solid debut all across the board. 100% HWAITING!! <333 (wow that was longer than I initially planned 100% look what you boys have done this is all your fault)

  51. They’re so amazing~~~ They dance skills and voices, wow! ^^ The song and MV is really nice too ^^ Love them already

  52. I’m seriously in love with this dance and song :] I’m voting for it, but I don’t think it’ll get past U-Kiss or GD to be reviewed.

  53. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this group cuz they seemed kinda ordinary, but seriously, I REALLY LOVE this song. Its really really good. Its been stuck in my head since it came out. I was gunna ignore them, but I’m glad I didn’t. The vocals sound really nice and the rap and instrumental are good too. Their dance is like infinite’s dances. Please review this song. If you guys don’t review it, at least add it to the kpop charts update and listen to the song S&M! They are one of the good rookies this year!

  54. Let’s get these boys to number 1 and have them reviewed!

  55. I’ve fallen for this group ever since the first episode of Issue Maker with them and Teen Top^^ I really liked their personalities, dancing skills, and singing skills before but now I’m IN LOVE with everything about them<3 100% FIGHTING!

  56. I was anticipating they’re debut since the start of Teen Top Rising 100% and I’m so happy that they’re finally debuting, 100% IS AMAZING~!!!

  57. I was waiting for them since Teen Top Rising 100%!!!
    And I’m so happy that they finally made their debut!!
    The song, choreo, concept, and mini album are all amazing!!!!
    And I can’t wati to see their live stages!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Try watching the video without sound, the dance gets more pronounced. I think it’s more impressive than it looks. It’s sharp and fast-paced, I want to see how they do live. Anticipating

  59. The dance to this song was really good and their vocals are amazing.

  60. I’m already loving these guys! <3

  61. omg. i love them~ they’re too cute!

  62. Wow!! They’re 12th now?? Good job guys, keep voting!!

  63. This group has incredible potential! I really hope this video gets noticed, I want them to have as much attention as they deserve for their incredible effort.

  64. I love this guys!! By watching Teen Top Rising 100% I fell in love with Sanghoon’s weird imitation of Kim So Hyun and Rockhyun’s laugh xD always makes my day to hear it~

    In respect to their song and video, it gives a Batoost (pre midnight sun)/U-kiss/MBLAQ/infinite kind of feel, but these guys really have their own identity, and well they have surprised me, the song is quite good, the rap lines fit well in the song and the “Get up” phrase was what made me listen to the song over and over again, really catchy.
    And despite the dance wasn’t so eye-appealing, they are so in sync o_o

    And lastly: I saw that studded cap again and correct me if I’m wrong but, wasn’t that furry jacket the same one GD used on tonight’s MV?

  65. Woah, this group has me pleasantly surprised. The singing and dancing were spot on.

  66. awesome song!!! Especially, I like the GetUp-Part so much :D and the rapper seems really nice ^^

  67. FINALLY. I’ve been waiting for them to debut^^
    Hehehe Rockhyun~~~~

  68. post this page to all your all social network,(facebook twitter myspace) so this mv gets voted… 100% hwaithing!!!

  69. We’re up 12 places from 28th!! Keep voting guys :)

  70. I don’t know what they’re singing about but they’re good

  71. Ok, I really like this song, and this group is good so far I think. But I think that they should do something different and unique with their concept. I mean, I can totally imagine U-Kiss singing the exact same song with the exact same video. They don’t stand out in terms of image. But they are obviously very talented vocally, and the song has the potential to make me want to buy the album (give it a few more listens).
    So I like this group so far. They are MUCH better than some other rookies this year. I look forward to what they have in store for us, and I really hope they do something epic for their video next time and not just walking in a desert and dancing in an oddly lit room.
    Kpop really seems to be lacking story-based MVs nowadays I feel~

  72. they are sooo good and love their personilities

  73. i loved them since Teen top rising 100% xDD <3

  74. URI GA WAEEEEEEEEE~ =)))))) Rockhyun <33

  75. The song wasn’t bad! There was actually a little harmonising right at the beginning, and during the chorus. The long, drawn-out notes were nice. In short, it wasn’t stunning or particularly unique, but it wasn’t bad either.

    The video was nice….nothing really struck me there except the dancing, I guess. They somewhat remind me of Infinite.

    But seriously: First BAP, then Batooba, and now 100%?! That rhinestone cap is sure making its rounds! o.O BROHOHO!!

  76. I love this song! ♥ . < :c I like his "URIGAWEEEE~" part C: