2NE1 – Happy

  1. Samantha Schröder CHe

    ok really, how long do we have to wait I’m voting every week but it’s always someone else!

  2. Giulia Soriani

    When Dara has ama normal look is prettiest so why that hairstyle??

  3. I hope you’re H A P P Y

  4. So great! all the songs on this album were EPIC!

  5. James Jerric Cortes
    James Jerric Cortes

    I was hoping for a double KMM, but its alright

  6. Keep it up Blackjacks! Double KPMM!!

  7. I honestly loved this song little more than Come Back Home. I wish they also made a video for Crush, such a badass 2ne1 style song.
    However, speaking of happy, I really really love the song. Such a cute and adorable tune. I think this one will last a while in my playlist.

  8. Nova_REMIX

    I love the contrast between the song’s lyrics and meaning and how sad it is to how happy and cute and upbeat the video is!~ Though this isn’t my favorite song off of the album, this is still a really good song!~ I love it. Hopefully within the midst of all the other comebacks, this gets reviewed as well.


    i really love this song and the video is so cute, yes it’s sad but their is nothing better for a person than truly wishing happiness or others no matter what the situation happens to be……and the outfits are awesome!

  10. Gia Goertzen

    I really like this song and music video but two things really bothered me.
    The first was Dara’s hairstyle, really not digging those weird slicked bangs.
    The second is the line “I wish you’re happy.” I’m not one hundred precent sure but that doesn’t sound grammatically correct to me. It bothered me each time I heard it.
    Overall, really happy to see new 2ne1 music/music videos! Hopefully double 2ne1 music monday? :D

    • I’m pretty sure that’s grammatically correct. It’s no different than saying “I hope you’re happy” or “I think you’re happy” or “I see you’re happy”. Pronoun, verb, contraction, adjective. All the same.

  11. ShineShimmerSplendid


  12. Double 2ne1 KMM!!! Let’s go!

  13. Brickface chick

    Get 2ne1’s Happy to at least #3 so we can have a double!!

  14. “You turned me out” is slang for “you made me a prostitute” — not sure that’s the meaning they meant to convey. Although it doens’t help that they’re cavorting around an area of LA known for prostitution.

  15. Akira Miyashi

    the MV’s really happy but the song is actually sad if you look at the lyrics… it’s wishing happiness for your ex. so sad. lol…but I really loveeeeeeeee this song!

    • I know, right? It’s an opposite kind of song. I wish the lyrics were more positive — that they didn’t need a man and that they can make themselves happy. It could have been a positive song.


  17. Keep voting BLACKJACKS! We might have double 2NE1 Music Monday or even a combo between Happy + Come Back Home Music Monday….=DDDD

  18. Roxandria

    A fun contrast to Come Back Home’s dark meaning.

  19. double 2ne1 KPMM? hopefully?

  20. Mara Winter

    I just love this video, it looks so fun even though they are just walking around


  22. Cecilia Avila
    Cecilia Avila

    This is such a fun and happy MV, I love it. Its so super simple but so fun to look at. Their outfits are incredibly amazing and colorful. I love that Jeremy Scott makes a cameo since I imagine he is responsible for their styling in this MV and as we know many of their outfits. It put a smile on my face to see him. The outfites are really wacky and over the top but they each pull them off so well. The girls look so beautiful too. I know people give Dara’s hair a lot of grief but I’ve come to really look forward to seeing what wacky hair styles they put her in. Its become her thing and I am glad they have continued it. She pulls it off and they balance it well by having her in normal straight brown hair which makes her look absolutely stunning. O.O They all look so good! Everyones hair looks great. Bom in particular looks so cute with short hair. I think I also liked her wacky outfit the best.

    And Minzy… oh Minzy I really am starting to miss your old nose. She still looks very pretty now though.

    • Rebecca Sprang

      I know what you mean about her nose. It doesn’t look bad, I just don’t recognize her at first. It could be the makeup style that’s really bringing out the new nose shape, but it’s REALLY apparent in these two videos.

      • Cecilia Avila
        Cecilia Avila

        Yeah, she doesn’t look bad at all, just really different. At first I didn’t think it was that big of a difference. But there seriously have been times in which I don’t recognize her or it takes me a minute to process who I am looking at.

        • Just checking, you do realise that the Happy video was filmed 2 years ago and thus, this -is- Minzy’s old nose. I was just confused as to whether you were referencing her nose in this video or the a one Back Home video.

        • Cecilia Avila
          Cecilia Avila

          Yes, I know this is 2 years old, and that its her old nose in this video. Watching Come Back Home and then Happy made me see the difference in her face more which is why I brought the point up…

  23. Marilyn Rodas

    Maybe if we get this video to the number two spot, Simon and Martina will do a double 2NE1 feature like the triple feature we got last KMM with all the b named boy bands.

  24. I love how 2ne1 can be cute but still be fierce! Those are my girls~!

  25. It sounds really light and colourful but they’re dressed like during their Ugly promotions…I like it a lot! : )

  26. Does anyone know how the f*** Dara’s hair works in the beginning? lol

    • I actually think in the front it is a tattoo, but the ones where you can just wash off. They stenciled it in like when they did fake tattoos on Dara for the ugly mv.

      • Cecilia Avila
        Cecilia Avila

        Looking at the video again it looks like what they did was gel up small strands of her hair really well. Like made it really we with it and carefully lasted out her hair on her face. The gel helped it stick on and stay in place. It doesn’t look drawn on since it looks wet and like it looks like it sticks out a bit.

  27. pumpkin_spice

    This video was shot in La like 2 years ago I have been WAITING to see the results and it is absolutely cute and amazing!!!!

  28. I love this song and MV but I hate Dara’s hairstyle :'(

  29. Oh my god, I’ve been counting hours.
    They’re BACK!!!

  30. Aq Jhs

    It was my least favorite song on the album but the video makes it soooo entertaining ._.

  31. Like this song more now because of the MV.

  32. I love how we got both adorable and badass 2NE1 comebacks in one go. Yes we’re HAPPY