2NE1 – I Love You



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  1. Teodora Aleksic

    Blackjacks we are begging you!! Help NU’EST win this week!! We have already lost once after 3 weeks of voting cause of EXO! Action has been on the chart for too long and I don’t know how we can take another defeat. Help us win and we will launch Psy to first place next Monday!! B2ST and B.A.P are coming out so YG will definitely have our support when that happens.
    What do you say?

  2. Let’s vote for PSY to support the family…the video’s awesome. :3

  3. Rahmat Republic


  4. we need to vote on MNET guys .. 2ne1 is still at no.4 so vote

    Sexy, Free & SingleSuper Junior


    Sorry I`m SorryKim HyungJoon


    Sexy LadyWooYoung


    I Love You2NE1




    e vote vote

  5. iloveminhyun

    Hey Blackjacks! Congrats for keeping this song up there for so long! Now, I have a preposition for you guys. =) I know you guys want to help out PSY because he’s part of YG and all. PSY came out just yesterday and still has a spam of 3 weeks as a chance to get reviewed. But Nu’est has already passed one week, and for Nu’est it’s basically now or never! So I would like to request that you go over and help Nu’est for next week, and then the LO/Es will be so thankful to the YG family, we’ll help PSY against BAP and B2ST the week after that. What do you guys say?
    We’re quite a small group, and we’ve been working very hard, and we’d be very sad to see it all go to waste. Please help us out! Kamsahamnida, fellow Kpop fans <3

  6. im in love with this song .. kya~

  7. Nick Bouzinekis

    the intro and first verse is like a drug, hooks you in and the sexy girls keep you entranced with their bum shaking and what not. what could be better?

  8. Yay let’s make sure 2ne1 make it this week >..< ~ We were so close last week but I don't think we could of made it anyway…ELF's can get crazy….

  9. this song has an awesome vibe to it

  10. yey 2ne1 :) you guys should review wonder girls too… :S

  11. ok so stop voting for 2ne1 since they already won. start voting for psy!! please. im a 100 blackjack so dont take it the wrong way but i lovve psy with 2 v’s pleas

  12. Rosie Geist

    dont get me wrong i LOVE 2en1! but i dont think that this was a very good song. cant wait til i hear your opinion! 2ne1 fighting!

  13. Hey Blackjacks!!! Pretty please help a fellow YG family member out and vote for Psy’s new MV? The dance is hilarious and seeing Simon&Martina do it will be even funnier ^^

  14. the train set reminds me of iu’s you and i mv

  15. after this we should vote for

  16. Blackjacks! Would you be kind enough to vote for T-ara’s “Day by Day?” Queens would really appreciated if we could get it reviewed the following KMM after 2NE1. Congratulations on getting “I Love You” reviewed this Monday!!!

  17. must. get. a. review. on. this. XD

  18. Aisha Campos

    go blackjacks

  19. Im really happy that they have been posting dance ver. now for their songs! XD

  20. hey blackjacks,

    congrats on the video review!!!! We LO/Es noticed a lot of blackjacks on the youtube comment page for NU’EST Action so we wanted to reach out for help to you….can you please help NU’EST get a review??! we have a strong small loyal fanbase and we are putting in a lot of effort for it stay high in the chart but we have already learned through experience with FACE that we fall off the charts when other powerful artists come out….We would love it if we could get your support in getting next week’s reviews!! Personally I want to see Simon in a Ren wig…..haha

  21. Lets all be nice and respectful to each other. Every single group has worked hard to get where they are. Fan wars are unnecessary :)

  22. Pliz do a Kpop music mondays of 2NE1!!! Pliz!!!!

  23. guys, after S&M review I Love You, WE HAVE TO get PSY’s “Gangnam Style” to the top! OMG THAT IS LIKE MY SONG RN XDD Let’s do this, for YG FAMILY!

  24. Hwa Young Gong

    I love kpop music mondays. So fun! I can’t wait!

  25. Lostnaparkinglot

    YAY!!!!! They’re getting reviewed!!!
    Fellow Blackjacks, I ask you to vote for PSY “Gangnam Style”.
    Let’s celebrate TWO WEEKS OF YG :D

  26. So I have this very small gut feeling that 2ne1 is going to be review this week, like since the moment the song came out.. just a little thought (A)

  27. Dear Blackjacks, Simon and Martina said on Facebook that they’ve already started filming the 2NE1 review. So instead of wasting your votes here (I guess nobody could get past you anyway XD) I’d like to encourage you to vote for T-ara (only if you like of course ^^). Let the girl groups fight together! Queens also support 2NE1! T-ara would really deserve to be #1 next week! 2NE1 & T-ara hwaiting! <3

  28. pancakeee

    2ne1 is awesome and i love this song

  29. 2ne1 i love you i wish you this award!

  30. 2ne1, i love you woooo hoooo hooooo..