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4Minute – Volume Up

  1.  I don’t know about other 4nias but I just keep voting for 4minute xD Yes I know they won’t be reviewed again and I don’t want that , but I just love this song so much ! I can’t describe it … =)


  3. I LOVE 4MINUTE !!!!
    my favourite is hyuna.. =) win win win win win win !!!!

  4. I think I’m addicted to this song.

  5. I just can’t understand a thing… Why are people comparing 4Minute with SISTAR? They are like totally different groups. It’s like comparing pink with blue. And that’s the point! You can’t. I see everywere on YT comments in witch people metion a fan war between Star1 & Sone vs  4nia and some other fans. I didn’t know this is worth a war. It’s just music and I believe people should shut up and enjoy it! And if you are in that “war” because you don’t like one of the groups, then just simply don’t listen to their music. It’s not that hard.

  6. they would be considered conservative in America…

  7. i’m from Romania and I love k-pop(especially 4minute)  and i enjoy watching your videos because i can see what other people (that are not korean) think about k-pop …so review this song because i really want to know if you like this song as much as i do  

  8. pretty sure they’re gonna review Volume Up tomorrow xD

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  9. I’m so awaiting this to be on Music Monday tomorrow :D
    4Minute <3

  10. please review this awesome video and song >< 

  11. when’s the specific time for Simon and Martina to close the voting time? sorry for my bad english.. :)

  12. the thing that I like about this song compared to SISTAR’s Alone is that each member’s vocal sounds the best in their individual part, each member’s ability was highlighted. I don’t like GaYoon’s voice before, its just not my favorite but man her part in this song really really reaaaally suit her voice! and everyone else too! I also love the leader’s part, the dance (idk what type of dance is that, ballet? not really right? lol) and her voice are just damnnnn, i got shivers at her part. i also read comment about the lyrics, and they are just…true. which even makes the song more meaningful. 

    SISTAR’s Alone on the other hand…IMHO it just suits Hyorin. the others did good too but its just that Hyorin’s outshine everybody; it felt like it was Hyorin’s song, and the others are just the backtracks. the song is goooood but yeah, Im dissapointed that the others still don’t shine like Hyorin. that’s the main problem with SISTAR; without Hyorin, they are pretty doomed.

    • Tango. :) Jihyun’s part was the tango.

    • Well in that case ppl could say the same about 4Minute without Gayoon or Jiyoon if ur just going in terms of vocal abilities or there’s the nickname ppl throw around as Fail-Minute & say 4minute’s doomed without hyuna. 

      Sistar’s members shine in their own ways as well. What you see in 4minute, others see the exact same thing in Sistar.

      • that’s the difference now; you said that 4Minute fails without Hyuna and I said SISTAR fails without Hyorin. there’s an obvious difference to them; Hyorin is the vocal and Hyuna is just the attention magnet. Im comparing in term of vocalwise and your argument is just because of Hyuna, which we all know is famous because of her sexy image in TV. 

  13. I think the saxophone reminds me of an opening song of a soap opera :/ other than that, I am digging the song.

  14. you know what i love about this MV? the more you watch and think about it, the more meaningful it is…
    the whispers behind HyunA’s back when she walked in at the beginning of the MV but then it suddenly stop when she turned around, it illustrate all the cowards can’t even say it in front of her face, they can only do it behind her back..
    and i knew that the snake represents all the haters and hateful comments
    the girls received, it connects to the fact that it represents the
    serpent that told Adam & Eve to eat the apple in the garden of God,
    so it also demonstrates the lies and things that you should never
    listen too… just ignore haters and keep supporting the girls!!!

  15. Me Encanta, Las amoooooooo!!! ♥♥♥ 

  16. god perfect interpretation I hope the will review this!

  17. Awesome VIDEO!!!!!!!

  18. Sohyun and Jiyoon looked like they changed a lot. Jiyoon sounded really awesome and Sohyun is a lot prettier now (not saying she wasn’t beautiful before). 
    This song is just so much more BAMF-y than a lot of their other songs and I really like that.
    Just started listening to it today and listened to it 15 times.

  19. Pretty messed up how the video Face by Nu’est was never reviewed & it was number 1 for 2 weeks in a row & now its completely gone….Ughhh 

  20. Please make a review ad please put subs

  21. i would be very interested of what simon and martina’s review of this would be 

  22. vote people vote. i wanna see simon in a vampire get-up

  23. i’m gonna be real disappointed if i dont see this song for Kpop Music Monday :(

  24. I am not satisfied with this song ….but I want to see the MV and song reviewed….
    I am curious as to what Simon and Martina will say about it ^-^

    * I did like the scenes with the snake, thou filming with that type of snake might have been a little scary…. XD

    ** I am not a fan

  25. 4Minute owns it<3 I love the concept, they're dominating the kpop charts<3

  26. best song ever~!!!!!!!! love the sax ^______^

  27. FIGTHING!!

  28. OMG! its currently number 1 yay!!! :D

  29. This is THE video for Simon and Martina to review! xD
    And I really love the song…

  30. CURRENTLY NO.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  31. I so wanna see this reviewed on monday, wanna hear what Simon and Martina have to say about Hyuna XD

  32. 4Nia…I can’t stop listening to this song. its so addicting lol :)

  33. I’m in love with this song, they have to win

  34. 4minute isn’t even my bias girl group but i love this song. jjang!

  35. 4Nia’s don’t vote for this !!! they are so rude to 4Minute !!! don’t vote !!! 

  36. the more i listen to this song, the more i love it :D

  37. Volume Up is 1!!!!!!!!! Keep Voting!

  38. 4Nia’s don’t vote for this !!! they are so rude to 4Minute !!! don’t vote !!! 

  39. I beg you to review this ;D <33
    Im not a 4minute fan but its certainly the best one ive seen :3
    (its not in itunes yet but in korea T_T )

  40. Supporting 4minute again ! 4Nias we can do it !

  41. Hope you guys will review this!

  42. please do VOLUME UP!!! Im actually a 4minute fan but i think you guys should review it, because if the meaning and the message of the song!

  43. this song is super addictive!!!!!!!

  44. Sohyun is my bias…but i think all the girls of 4 minute are pretty…jihyun, sohyun, hyuna, gayoon, and jiyoon…I luv this song so much that i keep coming back lol

  45. THIS

  46. Really looking forward to see this MV in Kpop Music Mondays. Keep voting guys! ^_^

  47. Woohooo! I love this song! plz plz plz do this for kpop music mondays!! 

  48. I am in love with this song!! The saxophones and the singing are awesome!!! Good job 4minute!!!!

  49. so goooooood!!! im gonna be honest, i think this is better than sistar’s… i mean, who can’t love that sexy saxophone in the back?!

  50. i guess S&M liked Vlume Up since they had 4Minute’s teaser photo as their background in EXO’s MAMA Music Mondays xD

    now let’s vote for them!!!!

  51. Pls 4NIAs vote! I don’t want an other boyband this Music Monday!

  52. 4Nia’s don’t vote for this !!! they are so rude to 4Minute !!! don’t vote !!! 

  53. i think it will be funny to see S&M review this MV in a vampire mode (maybe with Mordney ?) so i vote for 4Minute (oh and i really like this song ^^)

  54. come on people vote it up! :)

  55. I really want to see this in Music Mondays, the video is interesting!

  56. 4minute is freaking awesome! i love this song! <3

  57. I really love this MV. Gayoon is so beautiful. Pls review this!

  58. guyes we have to make them #1

  59. Come on 4Nias , Vote this up #1 , we can do it !
    <3 4minute fighting !

  60. Girls dry humping – check. Random Grinding – check. “Tune-in-Tokyo” and various chest rubbing – check. Blaring saxophone – check. 4 Minutes of my life I will never get back – CHECK. Ugggghhhh – Having just been introduced to this band I am not impressed…especially with the videos. But judging from the things I checked off – I may not be their target market ;-)

  61. Keep on voting for 4Minute!!! Let’s do it!

  62. i love 4minute and i can’t get enough of this song…i think i’ve watched it like 50 times  by now

  63. this definitely needs to be reviewed! :D

  64. few more votes guys!~ .. let’s do it!

  65. Support Support Support 4minute !!!

  66. i absolutely love this song, please do it!

  67. the first music video im actually gunning for to be reviewed!

  68. i think 4Minute will be able to beat Shinhwa after “Kpop Charts Update”, Simon & Martina will probably do it on Saturday…

    GO VOTE 4NIAS!!!!!

  69. I think if 4minute doesn’t come in 1st, you guys should make the exception of doing a double kpop music monday! PLEASEEE! :( 

  70.  this MV is deserved your review SIMON!!! ekeke

  71. I really hope this get reviewed T^T love the song & MV ~


  73. jiyoon!!!

  74. now 4minute is  no 2….. a little bit more .. YEAH!!!

  75. 4minute noonas (and dongsaeng), i may not call myself a 4nia (im getting there) but please remember that lots of people love you .. i really love you guys most specially after this song .. lots of people here love you .. please don’t lose hope .. fighting!~ good luck on your performances!~ your live perfs always rock them out!~

  76. I’m not really a 4nia, but this is an AWESOME song.

  77. Please review this :)

  78. Totally love this fierce sexay looking 4minute!!!

  79. 4MINUTE ! xD

  80. This song turned me into a 4Nia!~ I hope it gets reviewed. :3

  81. Such a good song….At first I thought this set looked familiar (some MBLAQ music video, Cry, maybe?), but then I saw it more clearly, and it’s beautiful. Magnificent. Perfect for this song. I love it.

  82. Me Gusta. I hope 4minute beat Shinhwa. This song and video was so much better than their’s.

  83. Really liking this song, all the members look exceptionally beautiful. Saxophone tune is so catchy and the song is addicting. Hope this gets reviewed for kmm

  84. I love the part of Jihyun, is so sexy and beautiful.

  85. that sax is delightful, there is so not enough of it

  86. Loved it !!

    Hope it gets reviewed !!

  87. omg it would be so awesome if you just reviewed this, the fierce ladies of 4minute deserved to be reviewed!

  88. POMINIT FIGHTING *————————————-*

  89. This is like my favorite 4minute song now! You guys HAVE to review it. :D

  90. i just love this song and mv ><

  91. i love love love this song =D and the MV i hope it gets reviewed =D

  92. I really would like a girl group to be reviewed again as well. The domination of male groups is rather annoying when girl groups are coming out with new great songs as well. 

  93. I love both Sistar and 4minute, but I would really like to see what Simon and Martina say about the deeper message in this song. 4minute hwaiting!!! 

  94. I really love how 4minute’s lyric actually means something <3 ^^

  95. I like that it has a deeper meaning that is relevant to them. Not many girlgroups have meaningful and/or relevant lyrics these days.

  96. 4nias come one support 4MINUTE more and more!! 

  97. You should do this purely for the Kenny G sax bits in it. LOL.

  98. awesome!

  99. please review this . i am sick of boy bands :(


  101. C’mon, 4nias 
    support support support 
    support support support 

  102. 4mania’s need to pump up the volume up XD im not one but id really love for this mv got review. seriously its by far best mv from 4minute, even from cube. the use of live snake on gayoon and the doberman with hyuna. and weird touchy-backdancers-girls. not to mention the warddrobe is amazingly fabulous and chic. all the girls look amazing, not just hyuna, especially gayoon

  103. 4 minute!! Sohyun is really pretty!!!

  104. Nu’est went so far down the list it has no hope of being music mondayu, so I’ll vote for 4minute now, I still like Shinhwa, but this song is really catchy :)

  105. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE review this this MV is just amazing <3

  106. lollllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa

    i really want this song reviewed 

  107. Please review! It’s such an awesome video/song 

  108. *praying hard so that Shinhwa won’t make it* Seriously they’re scaring me…*pout*
    And it’s been a while since I liked a 4MINUTE MV (the only and last one being ‘Hot Issue’…-__-”)


    • because they probably bought and used the same music samples?

      in the description “The song contains some audio samples from Freak Samples (licensed to Mindroc Dan Adrian, ID #1293063880)”.

  110. please do a review for this epic song!!!

  111. wow we need more girl groups reviewed….go 4minute!

  112. I love you 4minute, I hope Simon and Martina review this. :D

  113. support support support ! this song definately needed a review !


  115. lollllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa

    really love this song

  116. C’mon, 4nias. Let’s Samba ’till the top of the charts~!

  117. Seriously one of the best songs I’ve ever heard from 4minute. Really.

  118. I like this song. I hope this video won’t get banned in Korea though. Isn’t the dance a bit too sexual for the Korean public?


    4Nias please vote for our girls, we CAN defeat Shinhwa!!! I really have high hopes that they will win big this time :)

  120. Volume Up Review please<3 With ranch on top! 
    I would also love it if you guys search up the meaning behind the video cause that will help you review it from a better perspective! Psshhh It has to do with society views on girl groups ;)

  121. These girls brought me back to kpop again from jpop it would be nice to see you review this MV :3

  122. This song is hot! I really love the vocals and I love the sax!

  123. This Song is really awesomeeT____T

    I just hope there’ll be more lines for Namjihyun our leader!!><
    and good luck to 4minute on their long awaited comebackkk!!!^^

  124. 4minute’s comeback is gonna be so awesome! their mv is spectacular, and all the visuals are amazing. it is a little touchy-feely, but can’t want to see you guys comment about that. other than that, i love the song and the mv! can’t wait to see what their dance will be like..i hope it’s as intense as their previous choreography. looks kinda plain in the mv.. :c but 4minute fighting!

  125. 4minute has done it again! I love the song. The video makes me feel..violated? But! I heard that cube used the video as a protest or something because it seems to be okay for a guy in the kpop industry to hip thrust, crotch grab, take off shirts and being all sexy and what not. But as soon as a girl slightly raises her shirt (Rainbow’s A for example) it gets banned and how that’s a double standard. So it’s basically like an “In Your Face Banners!!” or something. Take this into an account Simon and Martina~~~>.>

  126. The MV set is gorgeous, and the song is great! I love the saxophone in it, for some reason it reminds me of the whistle in Troublemaker, just as catchy 

  127. Did you guise watch their EXO review yet? The background was 4Minute’s Volume Up….

    I think they liked the song/MV!!!!!! xD

  128. Please review it you guys! I love this song! :)

  129. Question: What if EXO-K remains #1 on this week’s KMM? Will the #2 automatically be reviewed or another review of EXO-K will be made? Just curious though.  

  130. I think it some girl bands need to be reviewed! It’s been a totally sausage fest after you guys reviewed the Grasshopper song. So guys we need to vote for this song or at least Sistar new song. Can’t wait for next week’s music mondays hopefully these girls win.

  131. lollllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa

    this cong is the coolest

  132. Why must Hyuna act awkward sexy in this mv!!!! D: on another note love the song just not hyuna’s awkward sexy, although i would love to see Simon  act out Hyuna’s awkward sexy. That would make my day : )

  133. Sigh why must hyuna have to act awkward sexy in this mv!!!!! D: …..on another note love the song just not hyuna’s awkward sexy but Simon acting out hyuna’s awkward sexy will definitely make my day

  134. 4Minute!! I really want to see Simon dance to that song!! :D

  135. 4minute is so pretty in this MV! and, i really want to see Simon’s reaction>_< plese review this~

  136. OMO, so people do read those interpretation I made in AKP. BTW, I just saw the 4minute’s wallpaper in EXO-K’s MAMA review. Great to see Simon and Martina are supporting 4minute.

  137. I forgot to say how much I love the outfits in the mv. God, every single one of the outfits is gorgeous and the girls look gorgeous in them. ;___; I’m a big fan of the leather vests and the loose skirts outfit. And the saxophone just makes everything better. And I love the choreo, especially the part where they beat/hit their chests. And the mixed long note by Gayoon and Jiyoon is gorgeous.

  138. The saxophone in this song is just amazing! You just have to review this, I would love to see Simon’s reaction to this video.

  139. Haha, I noticed 4minute’s photo on your computer in this week’s Music Monday, you guys. Subtle hint. c; But ugh, I just love this comeback. I’m a huge 4nia and I just adore this comeback. I was a bit iffy about where they were going with Mirror Mirror but this is flawless. I love the saxophone. And the girls look fabulous. I’m really happy about Jihyun’s part in the video as well. Everything about this comeback just shows how hard these girls work and try to improve. And they never fail at making an impressive comeback. c: I’m a big fan of the use of the snake in the mv as well. And Hyuna… It’s as if with each mv she’s in it gets worse and worse. :p Not to say that I mind, I guess by now it’s obvious 4minute’s the girl group that tries to shock. This is such a summer song as well! I’m just so in love with it, hearts everywhere. And the vampire-ish concept they’re going for is sexy as hell.

  140. 4MINUTE 

  141. come on 4Nias keep on voting. I’ld like to know what’s Simon and Martina think about this MV. spread the word 4Nias!!

  142. Sohyun and jihyun look so beautiful and elegant. Please simon and martina review this sax-y music video that is so over the top fun amd catchy.

  143. GO 4MINUTE!

  144. Guise, read this! (it would also be cool if Simon and Martina read this as a source for their review)


    To those who are being misleading, let me clarify each and every thing about this MV. This MV and the song served as a mockery to the society nowadays, clichés about girl groups and promoting female empowerment.

    For the teaser image, there’s two. An innocent image and vampire image. The innocent image signified pure and girlish concept, which most people relied on nowadays. It’s an oppression since women have the rights and power to stand as tall as men, but showcasing a girlish image means that you’re agreeing to the stereotypes about women.

    The vampire image signified trends. Such as trends in the world (Twilight, Vampire Diaries and almost every shows nowadays). It mocked each and every artists who didn’t to bring something new and instead going with the trend.

    As you can see, HYUNA wore a white, revealing dress in the MV. She had a few scenes where a bunch of ladies touched her. It symbolised people nowadays, who went crazy over some womance or bromance in the KPop world. You can see that she’s smiling or giggling in some parts, and it challenged those who didn’t dare to cross the borders and be oppressed unlike her, who show extreme sexiness even though people all around the world continue to label her with offensive titles.

    GAYOON symbolised being daring and bold. Hence, you can see the snake around her. She wore a crown, meaning you should be proud of yourself, and the snake symbolised those little things that you are worried or afraid of can be overcome. The part where she constantly hit her chest signified her disappointment over the world, and she yearned for more.

    JIYOON is the hardest to interpret. She symbolised inner limit. Meaning what and how much one can do to impress the society. She acted all cool, wearing stunning clothes and jewellery, along with eye-catching hairstyles, but to no avail, it failed to impress or change the society, which was showcased by the guys and girls who are constantly watching her. In the end, she didn’t care about them and continue to show what she can do.

    As for SOHYUN, she symbolised things that happen when an artists died. The skull reminded people of death, and she’s wearing black attire that reminded those to funeral. She also seen praying if you checked frame by frame. When someone known is dead, he or she will be forgotten from the world. The small binocular thingy symbolised people will pay attention to the death for a brief moment.

    JIHYUN is the most interesting. She symbolised being constantly watched and sadness. Her part was so melancholic. It meant the pressure or being constantly under the camera or society’s eyes make her sad, and they will judge. This is shown in the part where she showed a little tango, but it was brief and people walked around her, symbolising the bashes she received.

    And the song is not about moving around to the beats of music, no. It’s like their own story, how people first give attention, but then after a while, they don’t care about them and move along. They don’t give chance for them to prove themselves. Yes, it’s not your ‘OMG, you bish’ song, but it’s sung melodiously and written from a sad perspective, and the chorus reassure us that they’ll be stronger. Meaning those things people do won’t weaken them.

    Yes, some of you may argue why Hyuna dominated half of the video, it’s because she received the most backlash from people. So, she’s the perfect example for this song.

    SOURCE: capri96@allkpop

  145. No.3 already!!!!! But they already did the review for MAMA so they are currently No.2 right now xD

    Spread the love so everybody would vote for them, I really want to see S&M reviewing this awesome song!! xD

  146. I see Double Yoon at the end !  Aww really hope this song gets reviewed !
    <3 <3 <3 4minute


  148. Can’t believe they actually pulled off a saxophone… Very impressive…

  149. GUYS!!! KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP VOOOOOOTING!~ .. OKAY? .. this song is so awesome ,, and im done with missA’s touch not being reviewed TT.TT .. please let us not do it to 4minute TT.TT

  150. i really like this songg :D please review it 

  151. I like this song. The melody is so nice, 4minute is so beautiful and the clothes is really pretty.

  152. Who else saw 1:57 and did a double take, then proceed to rewatch that bit many many many times? Also dayum Gayoon is hot.

  153. I can see so many things that you can comment on in this video. It’s an amazing song and a good video. And Simon, I know you have a lot to say on this

  154. soooo love this mv/song plz review this next week!

  155. HOMG – This is an OSM music video. Just adore it!

  156. Sohyun is so pretty..I luv 4 Minute

  157. I really love the intro and i think the saxophone really helped this MV. 4minute FIGHTING! <3

  158. todosvota no 4minute! -q

  159. please review volume up *o* this vidoe is so awesome

  160. rlly good song! The sax sounds really nice!

  161. Please review this! This song is awesome!

  162. I so wanna see what Simon is going to say about Hyuna’s sexiness.


  164. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE their comeback :).. and their colorful outfits!! I just wished it was so focused on HyunA being akwardly sexy sometimes o(><)o. 

  165. This song is awesome! And the lyrics have a great message! Please please please do this for music mondays! 

  166. Simon + A wig + Sexy Hyuna and the girls = I NEED IT…..          just saying….

    Saludos desde Argentina!
    Eyk rulez ♥

  167. Love the saxophone!! Awesome song and video! Can’t wait for their comeback performances! Please review this video! :)

  168. this song/mv really NEED To be review!!!

  169. The video and song are amazing!

  170. That Saxophone melody reminded me of something, but I can’t put my finger on it….other than that it’s a good song buuutt (I know I’ll be hated for that sry) I didn’t like it as much as their other songs…the melody turned me of al little…sry again


  172. I just want to know what Simon is going to say about this one!

  173. please make it to KMM!! i really like the song!! :D

  174. 4Minute Queens <3

  175. 4Nias!! KEEP ON VOTING!!

  176. please please review! this is the first video I’ve bothered to even vote for 

  177. Amazing song and video and the english bits will be great to pick at! PLEASE SIMON LET THIS HAPPEN, I’M SICK OF BOY BANDS BEING PICKED EVERY WEEK :c Look what happened to Miss A.

  178. One of their best songs since SuperStar……..just me ^^

  179. you guys need to review this! this song is powerful and seductive!! pls!! TvT

  180. This is not just some catchy crap that you liked at first but then get bored right after a few times playing it…. Volume Up will stuck in your head once it absorbed into you!!!!

    SIMON & MARTINA, this awesome song needs a review!!!! I want you guys’ opinion… :)

  181. I really love this song! I hope it’ll make it for next music Monday. :D

  182. I love my Queens! They’re Goddesses~ I want them win and have an amazing comeback. 4minute should own top of charts coz they’re fabulous!

  183. This music video is awesome!! the song is so good! love the sax OMG!

  184. aww!~ .. 4nias push this video up the charts!~

  185. AWESOMEE :) 4MINUTE IS BACKK :) Our prettiest vampire ~ :]

  186.  I love the jazz feel of the song ! The music is great and the video is so classy ! This needs to be reviewed so badly !!!!!! 4minute Fighting !

  187. This music video is the best 4minute video it earns a review

  188. Please review this Simon and Martina! This MV is so awesome! Simon you know you want to!! :D

  189. lollllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa

    this is such a good song

  190. The music and video are awesome <3 Hyuna is so beautiful and sexy. Jihyun is so pretty. 4Minute the best <3

  191. This song’s really catchy and not just electropop… I like it.

  192. lollllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa

    i love the sax in this song

  193. This song is awesome! It saxophone reminds of Moldova’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, aka. Epic Sax Guy. 

  194. This song is awesome

  195. This is fabulous comeback for them. Such a good song. Parts of the video are a little… awkward. Like HyunA bringing back that choking-trying-to-be-sexy move from the Troublemaker video. Also, HyunA’s solo shot at 0:53 is slightly comparable to SeungRi in the Fantastic Baby video…. Just me?

  196. still dont have a clue about snake and vampire connection LOL..but i really2 love this MV!!!! 

  197. The more you listen to the song, the addictive it is!!!!!!

    But it is not the easy to absorb, but once you listen to it more, you’re basically hooked to it :)

    Best song of 2012 so fa xD

  198. The intro music is awesome :D
    And they all look gorgeous here

  199. DAEBAKKK, the sax is awesome