4Minute – Volume Up

  1.  I don’t know about other 4nias but I just keep voting for 4minute xD Yes I know they won’t be reviewed again and I don’t want that , but I just love this song so much ! I can’t describe it … =)

  2. khalifah muhammad


  3. I LOVE 4MINUTE !!!!
    my favourite is hyuna.. =) win win win win win win !!!!

  4. varshini121297

    I think I’m addicted to this song.

  5. I just can’t understand a thing… Why are people comparing 4Minute with SISTAR? They are like totally different groups. It’s like comparing pink with blue. And that’s the point! You can’t. I see everywere on YT comments in witch people metion a fan war between Star1 & Sone vs  4nia and some other fans. I didn’t know this is worth a war. It’s just music and I believe people should shut up and enjoy it! And if you are in that “war” because you don’t like one of the groups, then just simply don’t listen to their music. It’s not that hard.

  6. nanno dandi

    they would be considered conservative in America…

  7. i’m from Romania and I love k-pop(especially 4minute)  and i enjoy watching your videos because i can see what other people (that are not korean) think about k-pop …so review this song because i really want to know if you like this song as much as i do  

  8. chocolee21

    pretty sure they’re gonna review Volume Up tomorrow xD

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  9. I’m so awaiting this to be on Music Monday tomorrow :D
    4Minute <3

  10. please review this awesome video and song >< 

  11. ruka kuniyoshi

    when’s the specific time for Simon and Martina to close the voting time? sorry for my bad english.. :)

  12. the thing that I like about this song compared to SISTAR’s Alone is that each member’s vocal sounds the best in their individual part, each member’s ability was highlighted. I don’t like GaYoon’s voice before, its just not my favorite but man her part in this song really really reaaaally suit her voice! and everyone else too! I also love the leader’s part, the dance (idk what type of dance is that, ballet? not really right? lol) and her voice are just damnnnn, i got shivers at her part. i also read comment about the lyrics, and they are just…true. which even makes the song more meaningful. 

    SISTAR’s Alone on the other hand…IMHO it just suits Hyorin. the others did good too but its just that Hyorin’s outshine everybody; it felt like it was Hyorin’s song, and the others are just the backtracks. the song is goooood but yeah, Im dissapointed that the others still don’t shine like Hyorin. that’s the main problem with SISTAR; without Hyorin, they are pretty doomed.

    • Well in that case ppl could say the same about 4Minute without Gayoon or Jiyoon if ur just going in terms of vocal abilities or there’s the nickname ppl throw around as Fail-Minute & say 4minute’s doomed without hyuna. 

      Sistar’s members shine in their own ways as well. What you see in 4minute, others see the exact same thing in Sistar.

      • that’s the difference now; you said that 4Minute fails without Hyuna and I said SISTAR fails without Hyorin. there’s an obvious difference to them; Hyorin is the vocal and Hyuna is just the attention magnet. Im comparing in term of vocalwise and your argument is just because of Hyuna, which we all know is famous because of her sexy image in TV. 

    • Nova_REMIX

      Tango. :) Jihyun’s part was the tango.

  13. I think the saxophone reminds me of an opening song of a soap opera :/ other than that, I am digging the song.

  14. chocolee21

    you know what i love about this MV? the more you watch and think about it, the more meaningful it is…
    the whispers behind HyunA’s back when she walked in at the beginning of the MV but then it suddenly stop when she turned around, it illustrate all the cowards can’t even say it in front of her face, they can only do it behind her back..
    and i knew that the snake represents all the haters and hateful comments
    the girls received, it connects to the fact that it represents the
    serpent that told Adam & Eve to eat the apple in the garden of God,
    so it also demonstrates the lies and things that you should never
    listen too… just ignore haters and keep supporting the girls!!!

  15. sofia moreira

    Me Encanta, Las amoooooooo!!! ♥♥♥ 

  16. god perfect interpretation I hope the will review this!

  17. BHappiness1998

    Awesome VIDEO!!!!!!!

  18. Sohyun and Jiyoon looked like they changed a lot. Jiyoon sounded really awesome and Sohyun is a lot prettier now (not saying she wasn’t beautiful before). 
    This song is just so much more BAMF-y than a lot of their other songs and I really like that.
    Just started listening to it today and listened to it 15 times.

  19. Alejandra Servin

    Pretty messed up how the video Face by Nu’est was never reviewed & it was number 1 for 2 weeks in a row & now its completely gone….Ughhh 

  20. Please make a review ad please put subs

  21. Gelareh Dejder

    i would be very interested of what simon and martina’s review of this would be 

  22. adam mohammad

    vote people vote. i wanna see simon in a vampire get-up

  23. Jspororo 89

    i’m gonna be real disappointed if i dont see this song for Kpop Music Monday :(

  24. I am not satisfied with this song ….but I want to see the MV and song reviewed….
    I am curious as to what Simon and Martina will say about it ^-^

    * I did like the scenes with the snake, thou filming with that type of snake might have been a little scary…. XD

    ** I am not a fan

  25. 4Minute owns it<3 I love the concept, they're dominating the kpop charts<3

  26. best song ever~!!!!!!!! love the sax ^______^

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  28. Shelly Zhang

    OMG! its currently number 1 yay!!! :D

  29. scarletttrish

    This is THE video for Simon and Martina to review! xD
    And I really love the song…

  30. chocolee21

    CURRENTLY NO.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  31. I so wanna see this reviewed on monday, wanna hear what Simon and Martina have to say about Hyuna XD

  32. 4Nia…I can’t stop listening to this song. its so addicting lol :)