A-Jax – Hot Game

  1. Really hoping to see these guys reviewed eventually, no matter how long it takes. I still say that I’m betting they’re gonna be one of the next big names in Kpop. They certainly have the potential for it.

  2. I sincerely thought that this group didn’t have many fans seeing as how I’ve only met two other A-LIGHTS and they’re my friends (I introduced them to A-JAX) So I’m so happy to see this :DD A-LIGHTS fighting! ^^V
    I love this song and listen to it almost everyday along with One 4 U and Never Let Go haha :D

  3. Just heard them today for the first time on MB and I really like the song, it is surprisingly addictive. :)

  4. This song, it’s one of my favorites. There’s something about their harmonies that is just…enticing. The video, sure, isn’t as crazy and out there as most k-pop videos but the dance is eye-catching and the song itself is just amazing. Why doesn’t this song have more attention? It deserves it. A-JAX is phenomenal. Hopefully people come to realize this soon…

  5. They definitely need more recognition!!! i think MV is AMAZING, Good Choreo!! i love their voice too… A-jax DAEBAK!! A-jax Fighting!!

  6. There’s not much A-Light here? We must collect votes now!!!

  7. A-jax owesome!! Love this song!!

  8. It’s a new week maybe we can get them at least into the top ten for this week? I really want them to get reviewed/acknowledged! I love them so much! This song is just so damn good!

  9. Steph Yom

    This Song is sooo Catchy!!!!

  10. A-JAX is really underrated, seriously. The song is great, and I really like that tapping foot dance<3 Even if they can't get first now, at least get them into the top 10. That way more people will see it and they'll hopefully get more fans c:

  11. song is amazing don’t know why it hasn’t got alot of views or votes

  12. they deserve more attention. i like nu’est action too but ajax’s vid was better. they need more love!

  13. this song is so amazing! and the group members are definitely charismatic and lovable! they definitely need more recognition!!
    Everyone, please continue to support A-JAX! They truly need your support and love! <3

  14. What a slut, going after every member! I take it back, LOVE Nicole and KARA too.

  15. I love this song they need to get recognized!!!

  16. I love this group, this song, this choreo, this mv, Nicole, sets, outfits, and plot! They are so under appreciated & under-known (new word? oh well, lol)! They are rookies but they are so … WOW! Really would like them to get noticed more! Hope they will be reviewed on K-Pop Music Mondays soonly!

  17. Ummmm…. I would like to play this game…. xD ♥♥♥ This song was freaking amazing! These boys don’t get near the credit and attention they deserve. They are one of the most amazing rookie groups out there and they deserve to have more people love them. They’re awesome!!♥♥♥

  18. hilary-yana

    I love this song so much. I love A-JAX!!!

  19. T___T way better than nu’est imo T____T

  20. Nicole is so damn hot in this MV! <3

  21. Shahad Hernandez


  22. I’m surprised that NU’EST is in a higher position than A-JAX, not that I dislike NU’EST new mv, and the songs, oh my god, both songs are amazing. It’s just that I think (and please don’t kill me!! T.T) that the A-JAX mv has a little bit more going on than just another boy group in a weird setting doing a really good choreography and singing an amazing song. But hey, this it’s just my thinking, I could be wrong, so please don’t take this personally!!

    • I agree with you! I cant believe I didnt listen to their songs before, now that I did… They’re really cool LOL xD Though all of Simon&Martina’s review’s are extra+hilarious I cant help but think it’d be rather awesome if they reviewed A-JAX as well ^^ I hope they do one day…

  23. A-JAX fighting. I’ll keep supporting u <3

  24. i love this song so much >\<

  25. She’s playing a HOT GAME <3

  26. Please Please do a review on this