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A-JAX – One 4 U

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  1. So let me be the one 4 u!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. The first time I watched this, I was concerned that there wasn’t going to be any asians in it.

  3. This is such a good song from a rookie group!

  4. I have a feeling the video will get deleted from being too old, we’re gonna have to step up our work! It has to get either next week’s review or the week after that, because i don’t think we can jump up to the top in 2 1/2 days…

  5. Turns out A-JAX isn’t a powdered cleaning product that decided to make a song… no, it’s a hot korean boy-band!
    I love the MV, so crazy!

  6. are they shouting out to Shinee or are they saying something else?

  7. martina gets her wish in this song, except its not T.O.P (the guy who screams and a shockwave comes out destroying everything) yea, that’s pretty epic.

  8. nice MV
    nice Song
    nice Voice
    nice Dance

  9. iWonder how Simon and Martina will analyze their strappy stripper-ish costumes XD

  10. This song sounds too much like they took songs from SS501 and Kim Hyun Joong and mixed it together. The video is interesting though.

  11. The beginning reminds me of Kim Hyun Joong’s Break Down…

  12. There’s so much to say about this! You have to review it! :D:D

  13. I do like them and their song.I love A-jax. They are in my favourite list. A-JAX FIGHTING!!!

  14. Hmm, not sure how interesting the song is on its own, but the video sure does have plenty of stuff to analyze. Like all those evil waegukins. Tsk tsk.

  15. c’mon!!!! A-JAX fans vote vote vote~ we can do it!!! yeahhhh<3 :P

  16. i want this to be reviewed so badly >_<

  17. OMG OMG OMG !! I LOVE A-JAX ~<3

  18. Vote for A-JAX ♥ A-JAXVNFans with LOVE

  19. hope they can win b/c this song is so awesome

  20. AJAX fighting! I love u <3

  21. love A-JAX <3
    best rookie in 2012!! hehe

  22. A-JAX totally should appear on Music Mondays…please please let it win DDD:

  23. Wow, blonde guy and his abs o.O I like the song and MV but it’s nothing fresh :) Anyway I wish them all the best!

  24. Finally!!! A-JAX Daebak!!!! They are really great :D

  25. Oh my god this has to be on Music Mondays. Kudos for the high production values but I thought it was very funny!

  26. A-JAX Fitghing!!!
    Love and support from Vietnam!!! ^^

  27. So this video is finally on this site. I’ve been trying to post this video and “Never Let Go” ever since it came out..but never appear on the lists.

  28. So far 2012 rookies just haven’t disappoint me.

    In case of A-JAX, this MV is just EXPLOSIVE!

  29. ♥♥♥♥ A-JAX ♥♥♥♥

  30. finally this is up on EYK. i kept trying to submit it but it wasn’t working.  it does have an exo feel to it but i heard the same person produced the songs so may be that’s why.

  31. definitly wanna hear what they have tosay about this vid/group… gonna watch it better later but yeah I agree it has a little Exo mama feel when listening/watching for the first time

  32. “I like this video!! It’s pretty good. But kinda sounds like EXO-K…..or maybe it’s the style.” ~ my sister


  34. It would be interesting if you guys review this :p

  35. WOW!!! Look at all them white people!! :p

  36. This video caught my attention like no rookie group has ever done.  I just hope that if this video makes it to the top spot, Simon won’t try the “back-down” move. It looks dangerous!