A Pink – NoNoNo

  1. Jenny Equality Lau

    At first, I didn’t like this song since it was far too much that kind of weak, weird aegyo that I’m not too fond of (the song, not the girls). But lately, both the song and bits and pieces of the choreography have been stuck in my head. And now… I’m kind of addicted to it.
    And I really like how cute and smiley they all are. At the Inkigayo pre-recording, I kept feeling like they’re this adorable, giggling mess. They recorded both times professionally and waved to their fans both times even though they came out twice. And then when they were on stage with 2NE1 with Kwanghee and the other two host waiting to record, they looked like they were all just giggling among themselves. I found it adorable.

  2. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    I really like the chorus (except like the last line) and I like the music right after the chorus.
    But I don’t like the verses at all, hmmmmm, unfortunate.

  3. Michikohime

    This song seems to be doing extremely good in Korea’s music charts. Over here, it’s so-so, maybe because they are not well known.

    That said, I’m not really into any of the songs they’ve release lately… Maybe it’s too much aegyo for me (though I thought that wasn’t even possible o_O)

  4. Gabriel (Shallsaur)

    How can this not be at the top??
    UP! UP! UP!

  5. lumierenoire

    This is such a happy color filled music video, which goes well with such a catchy song.

  6. this song made me an apink fan! so good

  7. Cassandra Bosquet
    Cassandra Bosquet

    There are very few kpop girl groups that don’t make me toss my cookies, and A Pink is one of them. This is a fun and great song, especially for the summer. What I can’t understand, however, is the new dance craze that is sweeping the kpop nation?!?!? Is it all the rage now to do what I’m deeming to be the “aqui es mi bum-bum” dance? First Sistar, then 2PM, then 4Minute, and now A Pink!?! Looks like the wisdom of Sir Mix-A-Lot has transcended into k-pop….people do like butts and they cannot lie, NoNoNo those other brothers can’t deny!

  8. kimsour chea

    a pink, fighting!!!

  9. Lara Patricia Dela Cruz


  10. Melody Btob

    APink Fighting^^ Eunji Sarnghae

  11. Zahra Alvirahma



    i really feel like No No No should be reviewed,now I kkkkk i know you guys don’t really like ”cute” staff but apink wasn’t reviewed yet :-( and you didn’t talk about apink before,right? so i just really interested in what do guys think about them, the song
    thak you,kkk <3

  13. Dexter Lai

    Saranghae <3 #에이핑크

  14. I voted this one up. But I doubt S&M will pick this one, even if this reaches top3.

  15. I feel so sorry for APink to have their LONG AWAITED comeback at the same time as other huge groups. They have been gobbled up in the charts to never be seen… No matter, this song is cute and refreshing~ I don’t like as much as Hush, but I still have been playing it non-stop since its release. ^^

  16. A pink Fighting! ^^

  17. A pink so cute ^^


  19. Freddia Bryce

    Last comment, I promise. Lol.

    Yeppuda Apink to me you are always number one!

  20. Freddia Bryce

    The awesome API NK!! :-)

  21. Freddia Bryce

    A pink new and hot song is out! OMG! I love the song its very catchy and refreshing. For those of you who don’t listen to A pink “like that” I’m asking you right now to give them a try and see what you like. Don’t just judge them because their all cute you never know you might find yourself liking it!

    APink saranghae! You are DAEBAK! <3

  22. Mahendra Putra

    Come on Guys spread the love for Apink to world :))
    The girls deserve to win more :))
    Apink hwaiting !! Lets’s keep voting for Apink !!
    NoNoNo !!!!

  23. When the MV came out, I listened to it twice… 2 hours later I was still singing “nonono”
    Its super catchy. I like it :D

  24. Luiz Park


  25. Apink No No No♫

    we love apink and i hope they win frome arabic pandas

  26. twopm nur

    Aweeee I hope APINK can win on Music Programs!! Waited for them to make a comeback for toooooo long! Let’s keep supporting these girls and make them win!!! :D APink Hwaiting!!!! <3

  27. Itzmeysrealgurl

    i like the song and its catchy to me

  28. Honestly I hate forced aegyo but Apink is just naturally full of aegyo. This image suits them nicely.

  29. MidnightEkaki

    I’m not usually big on girl aegyo, but idk there’s something about A Pink I really like (apart from Eunji). This song is really nice, I like the light & catchy feeling, Cube always has great music (or A Cube, same thing). And their uniforms are so cute~ :3

  30. Gabriel (Shallsaur)

    For us Pandas, the wait is finally over. APink is back with a new song that is bubbly and fun.
    Look forward to the shipment of my album ^^

    Secret Garden Daebak~! APink Daebak!!

  31. Lee Gikwang AJ

    A PINK , pretty