After School – Flashback

  1. EunYoung Gabby Nie


  2. PLAYGIRLZ & BOYZ EVERYBODY MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. simon and martina please review this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!

  4. How is this song number 33? It definitely beats all the songs above it. After School deserves to be wayy more popular. They’re the most talented girl group I know of.

  5. Stella Lau

    I’m really confused as to the position of this MV, because it’s gone down to page 4 and the MVs before it don’t have that many votes so is it #33 or is it higher than that?!

  6. Please review this mv!! :D

  7. Stella Lau

    Please keep voting guys! After Psy’s Gangnam Style is reviewed we should start voting A.S.A.P. So we can get this reviewed ^^ Don’t give up, all is not lost!

  8. I adore After School.

    This comeback really showcased neglected members in a very nice spotlight! Me – likes!

    <3 I LOVE AS!

  9. this is really disappointing


  11. kimanjin_10

    let’s keep voting guys

  12. naekkoya~

    go after school<3

  13. lizzy_roz

    please review it

  14. I miss you Bekah~ After School Fighting!

  15. I love how after school is still on the first page, but we have to keep it that way, wondergirls are here, and i really want to get this mv reviewed first!

  16. I’m no playgirlz but his song is amazing! want to see this get reviewed!

  17. Best Group Ever! :) loved them from day one

  18. NU’EST’s Action comes out this Wednesday ( 7/11 ) We will avenge AS! Must have Pledis Monday at least once…..

  19. After School needs to win an award for once!

  20. WTH!? this needs to be reviewed!

  21. dun give up !!! keep voting

  22. I HOPE THEY WIN !!!!

  23. In such little time iv’e became a Massive fan of After School , this song NEEDS to be reviewed im not stopping untill it does – Plus i wanna see simon ruin the dance :)

  24. It be nice to watch something other than SM artists again.

  25. Yay after school we love you xxx

  26. iZeroSeven

    LET IT WIN!!!

  27. if after school doesn’t win hopefully 2ne1 does and not super junior, sorry elfs but my love for these girls is bigger, still not giving up on after school tho.

  28. i wish this video to be reviewed. i love this song & i hope s&m would love it too! :)

  29. Anna Wahlstrom

    i really hope they win soon i’ve been voting for them every day D: i like super junior but i feel like there’s nothing they can say about the video… its the same as all of their other videos…..