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Ailee – Heaven

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  1. I found the name of the Jesus guy!His name is James Lee McQuown and his a model.Hi’s so cute >___<

  2. I’ve been voting this like crazy so I got shocked when it suddenly got knocked out of Top Ten just like that.

  3. MY jeezus, this chick is talented. This song is so perfectly fresh and satisfying. I dig it.

  4. Mainstream K-pop seriously NEEDS more singers like her! I CANNOT believe that she isn’t in the top ten :( 

  5. <3 she'll be huge in the kpop industry <3 her voice is AMAZING

  6. This song has been such an earworm for me in the past week that I’ve come across it, and I have greedily searched for her past covers like the hungry Cookie Monster that I am not because she is just so utterly amazing at what she does.

  7. Something is wrong with the chart, cause Ailee isnt even in the top 50 and she has enough points to put her in the top 10.

  8. why is ‘falling’ higher than heaven? because when i compared all the points ailee should rank higher…


    i love ailee!

  10. Love her heavenly sound, Ailee hwaiting!


  12. How did Ailee’s points on thumbs up go from 800 and some to 22?

  13. I love this song. Ailee is such an awesome talent. I hope that she releases more music in the future and receives the attention and love she is due. The video, to me, is more of a platform for her to showcase her awesome song and voice. There are great things in store for her! 

  14. Didn’t even know Ailee was releasing her own song! Found it today and feel in love so catchy, plus the MV is brilliant!

  15. I want this one reviewed!

  16. Her voice is ♥

  17. Still trying to find a word that sufficiently describes her godliness…

  18. OMG!! 

    I loved Ailee ever since she was on Singer and Trainer with Wheesung
    She’s an amazing singer hope she’s on music mondays :D

  19. Ailee is climbing up the charts… hope she’ll still be featured..

  20. I feel in love with her voice. But I have to agree with Simon though…the MV editing sucks. Over exposed much? 

  21. this is seriously the best song ever..♥

  22. This is the only music video in a while that actually has a plot in my eyes for a while.  This NEEDS to win, I don’t care HOW many votes it has, we need to vote this song up.  

  23. i really hope they review this. i love this song <333

  24. Can’t stand the MV, but her voice is amazing. Second to Park Bom, probably. Wow…

  25. I love how that one guy looks like Jesus if he was a Korean :d

  26. her voice is amazing! I’ve been going through all her old youtube videos ever since i heard this song…She’s amazing!

  27. Ailee has easily surpassed IU <3
    i love her.. een though the whole MV is flashing lights :)

  28. She’s literally my favorite female soloist. 

  29. i love her voice… so beautiful <3

  30. i didn’t know who she was when i started watching dream high 2 but now I’m totally obsessed with her voice and talent… i think her voice is better than IU and taeyeon’s…and that saying a lot for me! I can’t wait to see how far she’s gonna go!

  31. Love her gorgeous voice!!

  32. The song isn’t that strong or exceptional, but Ailee brings it to life with her pipes and gives me shivers (in a good way). Please let this song go up to the charts before Miss A comes in and crash the charts.

  33. or is it ***song’s

    probably is xd


    If you don’t do it though, I’ll…. cry. xc No, but the song is awesome and Ailee is such a great singer. It would be a shame if this got forgotten and and and then the… THE TEEN TOP EFFECT :o Every songs’ worst nightmare.


  35. chick has a great voice and i like the mv too. the “jesus-looking” guy looks almost exactly like my friend’s bf. XD i freaked out when i first saw it. go go go ailee~

  36. I can’t Believe she’s a rookie this song is amazing 

  37. Totally love her voice!

  38. love the song and her vocal! the mv kinda reminds me of halo by beyonce though.

  39. love the song and the vocal! mv kinda remind me of halo by beyonce though.

  40. she used to be in america, NJ, but she moved to korea… her parents are still in america…

  41. i want the ratings to go up faster!!

  42. this would be an amazinggggg kpop music monday review. I don’t usually listen to korean music, but I really like this one.

  43. Her voice is SO powerful! Love~~

  44. I’m in LOVE with this song!  I hope she gets really famous :3

  45. i really like this song! i hope they do it next week, or even tomorrow! im like, checking it every ten minutes to see how votes have been added! lol!

  46. I love this song SOOO much♥

  47. love her voice

  48. Has she by chance released a mini-album yet or is this just a single? MUST. BUY. ON. iTUNES!!

  49. Hope eventually this will be no. 1

  50. most amazing voice, what a debut song!!

  51. Though this music video is something like awkward and the man…………
    Ailee’s sound is amazingly good! Please make review for her. Thanks!

  52. Her voice is sooo fantastic. I’d like to see how you guys interpret this MV, because I’m sure it will be different from everyone else’s.

  53. I really want to know how this song goes and if translations will be given and if they will point out she’s an ex-youtuber!

  54. This is a awesome song….please review it..

  55. She’s a amazing singer !!!!!!! Ailee

  56. Just one word why this MV should be appear on next week’s Kpop Music Monday: Jesus

  57. this song is amazing!

  58. An amazing singer! Beautiful no doubt about that! And such a sweet video!!!

  59. she is truly a singer…beautyful voice, beautyful song, beautyful music video…great and perfect, what is there more to say?

  60. I want to marry this song. It’s amazing to an ineffable degree. 

  61. I Thought a bunch of ppl would be voting n commenting for kikwang… apparently not.

  62. jay park sent me here

  63. I really love this song! 

  64. i literally cannot stop singing this song

  65. Korean Jesus approve ! Ailee is very talented <3

  66. Her voice is heavenly.
    She looks like an angel.
    The mv looks like it’s taking place in heaven.
    She’s got an asian Jesus with her.


  67. This song and Ailee’s voice are both so beautiful. This girl has serious talent and I’d love to hear what you guys think! :D

  68. such an amazing voice!

  69. ohmygawd. she is amazing.
    i just listened to this
    and i was blown away again.
    daebak. :O

  70. omg, her vocals are AMAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!

  71. Ailee fighting! i hope she could be featured in Music mondays…
    she is such an amazing singer. <3

  72.  she has such an amazingg voiceee!!

  73. I love this girl to bits she’s soo amazingly talented

  74. is it ok if i keep on comenting on my own? i really wish this song would make it to music mondays!!!

  75. her live singing is just as awesome as the recorded sound! SHE’S a SINGER that can sing live!! which is amaizing! especially in the k-music industry!

  76. i’ve seen her on singer-trainee and she blew me away the moment i saw her!

  77. love love love her voice! 

  78. Her voice is so heavenly! :)

  79. shes so good i wish simon and martina could do this on music mondays. Guys keep on voting!!

  80. She’s gonna make it big :O Her voice is so unique and awesome!

  81. OMG!!! I love her voice!!! It’s so unique!! I also really love the meaning and the music vid! noona!! goodluck in dream high season 2!! Fighting I’m rooting for you!!

  82. she is amazing i loved her even before her debut so i think you guys should do music mondays on her song
    but tbh im pretty sure severely by ftisland is gonna win :’(

  83.  This girl is AMAZING!
    I don’t usually follow any girl groups or female soloist, but I will definitely
    be following her!

  84. keep the music alive! best live performer :D

  85. Her singing is AMAZING! :D BEST ROOKIE THIS YEAR X)  

    Simon and Martina, you guys have to do this for Music Monday!

  86. Best rookie ever debuted. Sounded nothing like a rookie. Her voice is insane. Her live is ALSO insane. If this doesn’t get on Music Monday, we know it’s because of stupid fangirls drooling over their oppas that voted for their oppas non stop

  87. Ailee really deserves this win!

  88. I NEED THIS ON MUSIC MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ALL ANGELS!!!!!! (my nickname for Ailee’s fans hehe)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. I love this song! It gave me good shivers! Please go up on the charts!

  90. Come on guys!!! Ailee!!!

  91. She’s too great to be a rookie in my opinion.

  92. I love her vocals! She got a really strong voice and the song is both touching and in a way heartwarming. The again, what do you expect from Loen lol, they only produce high quality singers and groups xd

  93. Ailee is absolutely amazing. Korean Jesus dude is so sweet. Get people to vote for Ailee! <3

  94. I hope she gets on Music Mondays I would love to see what Simon and Martina has to say about her.

  95. Her voice is very strong and she has a wide vocal range that allows her to hit the higher notes with ease. This simple song a gorgeous ballad and even with the beat in the background, her voice ultimately dominates this songs. This debut song showcases her vocal abilities beautifully. I loved the meaning behind the video. It shows how her ex-lover watches over her and wishes her happiness. It shows how she was able to move on and not hang onto the past. I look forward to her future songs :)

  96. LOOOOOVE her!! Amazing voice!!

  97. Her views in youtube are going up really fast :)

  98. She’s the best rookie EVER. Let alone the year… This song is seriously sooooooooo goood

  99. omg this song is so freaking good. ailee’s vocals are so freaking good
    i really hope simon and martina get to review this song!! I’ve been waiting for ailee’s debut since forever ago :P

  100. I really like this song and I wanna know what the video actually means so ! I VOTE FOR AILEE NYQ !

  101. Yay she debuted!! And I love this song. It really showcase her vocal talents.  Go Ailee!

  102. <3 she's so awesome : )

  103. So amazing, this needs some votes, Ailee definitely deserves to be huge!

  104. the video just came out today 2/8/12, her voice its just AMAZING!!!!!!  i been waiting for her debut and its finally here =^.^= please support her!!!!! hope she would be in the next music mondays ^O^

  105. Yes Ailee, she finally debuted! I love her voice and her charisma~! She’s really someone to be proud of ^_^

  106. she has a really nice voice