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Ailee – I Will Show You

  1. SuperJuniorINFINITESHINee

    I LOVED THIS SONG! it had so much meaning and her voice was to die for. G.O from MBLAQ did well, i feel sorry though that a lot of people only watched for G.O! since Ailee is an AMAZING singer! Hope they chose this for K-pop Music Mondays.

  2. Oh this song should have been reviewed. I will still vote for it.

  3. I really like this song but the MV doesn’t match the song at all!!! What were they thinking this song is not aegyo stupid girly type of song…

  4. I wish they could of reviewed her song > <

  5. why isnt this one even reviewed shes soo awesome!!!!! <3 her!

  6. Ahe needs to win!

  7. Need Ailee to win!

  8. argh sooo sad cause this MV wont get to be reviewed argh ailee needs more love XD she is awesome

  9. My favorite soloist in kpop XD

  10. I didn’t really like Heaven (just not my type of song) and while I do love Ailee’s voice, I do have qualms with this song. It starts off so melancholic, and then breaks into a lively upbeat tempo…. while it fits the music video and the lyrics, I think it’ll be hard for me to get into it because of it’s sudden character-change.
    Also, Ailee is fantastic at hitting those high notes but I’d love to hear more of that husky low voice. Meow!

  11. she has such nice facial structure
    and of course her vocals are the bomb

  12. This video deserves more votes even more then the rookie Lee Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I LOVE the song. Ailee’s got such a gorgeous voice and the funky disco beat is super fun.

    But the video (especially the last 20 seconds or so) makes me just, so ANGRY. The song is about getting revenge by changing FOR HERSELF and being awesome and teasing him with what HE CAN’T HAVE because he was a shallow jerk. To take him back (even if it’s so she can dump him later, which would make her the jerk) contradicts what the song is all about. I know K-pop videos aren’t exactly known for their feminism, but COME ON.

    Song = Awesome

  14. awesome song (i don’t understand the meaning :P) i love the song and the beat

  15. I don’t see this getting in, but Ima gonna vote for it anyway.

  16. she’s great, i love her voice , this song is so catchy

  17. I’ve been playing this song for two days straight.

  18. so many doors….sorta takes away from the awesome song

  19. Love her voice, can listen to it all day!!

  20. For the longest time, I thought stronger voices couldn’t be used for kpop, but this just blew me out of the water. Ailee is my inspiration, she combines the talent and expertise of a classical/well trained singer with that of pop, and frankly does it extraordinarily well.

  21. Luv her new song!! but i kinda felt sad since im a guy and the song about her being a better woman after gotten rejected

  22. Love it right till the point she takes him back in the end! Up till then I was like work it sister! Thats right your better off with out that jerk face!!! Show him who’s boss!!! Girl Power!! and then she takes him back!! everything she just did for her self esteem is shattered by taking him back! It would have been a better message if it stated that if a guy can’t see the real you without the make up and can’t love you for who you are and not what you look like then he is not worth your time!

  23. this song was great! Should be reviewed! ailee needs more recognition! haha,

  24. hehe whenever i listen to heaven or this song and other songs ailee sang i really have to remember to turn my volume down a little

  25. guys and girls who like girl power videos, can you please help out Miss A this week as well? We haven’t had a girl group video in soooo long, and Miss A is currently in second place (well, first, actually, since Block B already got reviewed). Please Please Please help out! Thanks to anyone who decides to help out!

  26. She deserves more. Her video was so cheap. I still love her! ALIENS GO GO

  27. She is such a good artist, she even surpasses other girls groups! She has the whole package times infinity. I expect a lot from Ailee because i know she is really awesome!

  28. This is THE BEST post break up song EVER!! I love ailee!! She’s strong and independent and her vocals are AMAZING!

  29. She’s definitely a great soloist. I didn’t expect to fall in love with this song. The set was pretty cool~ I like how she’s walking in the same corridor but with different confidence and clothing (really matches the song). And she’s looks so beautiful~ But for the lyrics, I don’t totally love since I think girls dressing up for guys to show them how pretty is degrading themselves…Like if you really got over him, you wouldn’t do that. And, if the guy got back with u cus you look pretty now, he’s a jerk and you should never be with him. Love yourself~

  30. Too bad she didn’t win kpop music monday. Well lets keep voting aliens!

  31. i dont know why other people keep calling her fat when she is already so perfect! anyways, she is the best solo for me out of Gilme, BoA and IU…

  32. AWESOME.

  33. Looooove her. Fave rookie evar. <3

  34. I really didn’t like the message of the song, well, the message i got from it, that is.
    She get dumped by her boyfriend, and because of him, she changes everything about herself. To me it seems like she changed herself to get back at her ex, and not because she really wanted to, seeing as her motivation for changing was the fact that she was dumped.

  35. I loooove this song cuz’ I feel identified. She’s the best single rookie of the year for me. She has all, is beautiful and her voice’s so powerfull

  36. Ailee is the best rookie EVER!

  37. Ailee is utterly amazing. Her vocals are top notch and should be what all singers in ever group aspire to be like. I can’t wait to see more and more of her. :D


    Here’s her Music Bank performance. I think she sounded much better and not as strained in this one.

  39. Am I the only one who wishes that the song stayed sad all the way? :P The beat is upbeat and catchy and all, but I really wanted to see her ballad this all the way to the end. It would’ve been beautiful.

  40. She’s really good !
    Girls who have had their hearts broken can relate to this song.

  41. GO GO GO GO AILEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is the best female solo singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  43. I really like the song, but i don’t like the message and the MV AT ALL… So I’m really happy the song is in korean so i can’t understand what she’s saying when i listen to it =)

  44. Have people seen their ‘couple’ photos? They’re so cute!

  45. I Love Ailee! the song is AHHmazing and the MV is great

  46. I love the fist pump “woo!” part :D


  48. love this song so muchh!!!

  49. Ailee is so gorgeous and her voice is amazing (: Honestly when the music video started I thought that it was going to be a ballad, I was so surprised and blown away when the tempo became upbeat (:It’s so catchy, power and upbeat. However the ending really disappointed me, why did she take him back in the end? That was the only major flaw I really saw in the music video.

  50. wow this was great, she is so beautiful like always and her voice is awesome ^^

  51. The song is great. It’s catchy, upbeat, powerful, full of energy. The video was equally as great…until the end. The end of the video totally let down the song. Here we have this girl whose boyfriend leaves her for a girl he thinks is much prettier and sexier than her…so she boost her own confidence and picks herself off the ground, showing not only her ex but everyone around her she can shine. Her ex notices her and all the attention she’s getting with her new found confidence and transformation and immediately wants her back so… she takes him back….WHY?!?!?! Really bad ending message. Take back the guy who treats you like garbage and throws you away for something new and shiny… = she should have walked away, because no one needs someone who treats them like that.

  52. wheee go Ailee! such an amazing song :)

  53. this is a greeeaaattt songgg!!! love it so much! she`s got a wonderful voice! vote people!

  54. this mv is seriously low in budget, come on, she is greater than most of the singers of korea, yet her funding is so poor.

  55. I haven’t been able to stop playing this on loop ever since it’s release :>

  56. omg omg omg love love love love the song so bad… actually no… LOVE HER FRICKIN ALBUM SO BAD!! her voice is still A MA ZING

  57. c’mon Ailee <3

  58. The part where G.O. chokes on his drink cracks me up every time. xD

  59. I like her… A LOT.

    But I agree with some people, I don’t like the end of the MV.

    This week is killing me, I’m jumping from ship to ship every day! (Exhausting!)

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I’ve given up. I’m just commenting on whatever strikes me and voting willy-nilly. Once B.A.P and Epik High comesback I’ll probably concentrate on them but until then I’m all over the place (although I would like a girl/girlgroup to win this time since they never win.

      TKIR: I just wanted to punch G.O. in the face (although for some reason half the time I see him I would like to punch him in the face…don’t know why but I do. I’m like that with Siwon from SuJu too).

      • Well Miss A shall be having no competition from NU’EST so there’s that hurdle.

      • What did G.O do to you? I am really curious, because I really wanted to punch him in the face too just from his smarmy annoying character in this video.

        I also am a lost sheep, voting willy mildly for everyone I take a fancy to. Save me!

        • unicornsgalaxy

          LOL. That’s the thing, G.O. did absolutely nothing to me. It was just something that I looked at him and wanted to immediately punch him. There’s no reason, except something in his face makes me dislike him (I have no problem with his personallity as long as I don’t look at him). I’m like this with Choi Siwon from Super Junior too…I just have an intense dislike of them based on their looks.

          I’m hoping once B.A.P and Epik High videos come out I’ll have a bit more focus for voting. Half the time I forget to vote and just keep commenting.

        • Lol. I do the same thing to. I have to remember to vote because sometimes I just check in my dashboard and don’t come to the page, especially if I am at school. I am so all over the place, voting for different videos.

          I’d like to punch Siwon in the face too, but because he’s an ass.

          I still don’t get why she took back G.O in the end. It is perpetuating the, he’ll treat you bad but you still take him back stereotype.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Oh Thank You! I agree about Siwon and I love SuJu but just don’t get why everyone is all oh Siwon is so handsome and great and I’m sitting there going he’s a bit assy and smug for me (ELF reading this, sorry but I just don’t like him!).

          The fact that she took G.O back kinda puts me off the video. I was right up there with her going “yeah you go gurl! Show him what he’s missing! Make him beg on his knees for you to take him back and then just laugh in his face…oh what’s that? You’re taking him back…wait you’re just playing with him right and are going to shove him away going ‘as if’…what no you really are taking him back…stupid!”

  60. she have a very wonderful voice!!! Just wow!!!

  61. all i have to say is…. REVIEW HER ILL SEND IN HUNDREDS OF PLEAD EMAILS FOREVER, COME ON ALIENS WE CAN BUST THROUGH THE CHART VOTE VOTE VOTE. if ailee doesnt win im gonna cry and just cry more


  63. Guys should be scared now that there’s songs out like this and “I Don’t Need A Man”. xD

  64. unicornsgalaxy

    Does anyone else get the Disco feel from this? Like at one point I half expected to hear “It’s raining men! Halleluiah!”. I was totally loving it (I love the odd updated disco songs!)

    Kinda disappointed at the ending. I mean she took him back. She should have made him suffer a lot longer and really found someone else, someone better!

    • I came here just to say this. I was all yey! She is so showing him that she doesn’t need his love now and… She takes him back in the end? That just perpetuates the idea that she needed to be ‘pretty’ in order to deserve his love. She was always pretty but just was not va va voom obvious with it.

      So apparently we all just need a makeover to have men dropping at our feet.

    • It really reminds me a lot to Donna Summer/Tina Turner’s songs :D that dancy feeling the song has it’s awesome when combined with ther voice.

      And the ending… When she was about to hug him back I kinda expected her to push him back and keep walking. But no. I was almost at the point on scolding the screen: “are you dumb or what? he dumped you and now he wants you back because you look “pretty” -_-” Just no.

    • It’s completely disco-like! The beginning reminds me of a different song though… Can’t remember what it was. Was it Stronger…?

    • The softer beginning and then the strong chorus (backed with disco-like beats) and girl empowerment message gave me an “I will survive” feeling. Which I LOVE, so all is well.

      I was disappointed at the ending as well. In the teaser that smirk was like I’ve gotten my power back in this relationship. However, in the MV context, it would be stronger if she found someone else. But then, no G.O…

  65. no one can match the depth and emotion in her voice! go Ailee :D

  66. I saw her post a picture of her in the braided pigtails on twitter but for some reason I didn’t connect it to being in her MV at the time. xD

  67. Finally it’s up! I was waiting all last night! xD She sounds just purely beautiful and looks great too~

  68. Love the song .. i love how at first is like a ballad then it turns into a dance song and ailee soo beautiful.. and GO omg how could u do that to precious Ailee XD lol

  69. still gonna vote for it

  70. i like the song but hate the end because after all that im gonna be better than you she stills goes back wtf x______x

    • I imagine that her smile at the end could mean something like she’s going to get revenge… I don’t know but that’s how I like to see it.

  71. Ailee needs more attention. She is a great female soloist.

  72. Ailee~!! :D

    I love her voice! It’s amazing, so, uh, soulful and resonating?

    Skip Beat anyone?