Ailee – Singing Got Better

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  1. Love the song. love the MV. Love Ailee. Hwaiting!

  2. So I played this song as a background music and didn’t watch the video at first and I thought it was pretty good so I came back to actually watch the video and uhmmm, hello there Lee Joon! They look good together. Vals, have you watched it?

    • thisisjustforfunval

      AGATA! I feel like a terrible Joon informer! I thought you knew he was going to be in Ailee’s MV. After I watched I wondered if I should send it to you but I was actually so grumpy feeling about him playing a cheater I completely forgot and haven’t seen the video again. Till today that is. I have no clue why it bothered me, especially since he’s so adorable throughout out the rest of the video. Joon smirks! Then I never commented here because I didn’t want to make a Joon-fest but uhm I’m shocked to see only one other comment here. SO YAY! JOON!

      The song is impressive. Ailee always has stunningly amazing vocals. It’s a nice song to have pop up and hear from time to time.

      • I had no idea! I rarely visit AKP and Ailee didn’t write anything about the MV on Twitter. IKR his smirks are bright like sunshine (man I sound cheesy).
        First G.O played a shallow guy in I Will Show You and now Joon played a cheater, I can see a trend here and I wouldn’t mind if it continues. Who’s next?

        • thisisjustforfunval

          I almost never visit AKP either. The way I found was from J.Tune camp. They posted the video when it came out on twitter and Facebook. Prior to that I saw info it on a blog I follow. His sun shine smile is so warm he’ll melt your cheese in a puddle of loving cheesiness. XD

          Since Ailee seems to be following my MBLAQ favorites list, it would have to obviously be Seungho next, since he still manages to trump the special Joon love I have going. But I could really see Mir being next.

          Side note: Ailee’s red hair is awesome and I’m having hair envy since that could would look horrific on me.

  3. Thursty4aznbois

    I’m glad to see she’s going strong after her nude picture scandal