AOA – Elvis

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  1. I’m blackjack to the end, but zmog!!! this song is awesome!!! It’s such a relief to hear vocals in the lower octane, we get so much highs in K-Pop… >.<

  2. I think that the fandom’s name could be WINGS

    Every angel needs a wing, dont they? ;D

  3. AOA is so cute^^ AOA fighting!!

  4. I don’t whose my bias yet but I really like this song and dance. I am really looking forward to more by AOA!

  5. i love the concept of this group!!  I love Y, wished she did more than just play the drums. Her style of playing them is cute as heck  Does anyone know if they really play their instruments? I’m convinced Y is a drummer but not so sure about the rest of the band.

    Also is there a member that just dances and plays an instrument and doesn’t sing at all? I read that there was.

  6. i actually think, they are one of the best rookie groups this year !!

  7. Surely the best debut song for a girlsband <3.
    AOA is sooo good ♥.

  8. I heard about AOA through MTV K on facebook, but wasn’t thrilled with the concept initially. When I finally heard this song though, I fell in love with the song! I love it!

  9. Emily Leung

    this group is great. i’m not too sure if there’s much to say about the music video itself, but their live performances are awesome, especially when they do a live band session for the beginning of their song. they can play instruments and look awesome on stage

  10. duckbutt909

    they’re all right…meh…

  11. i hope they review this eventually X3

  12. I’m so surprised that i actually like a girl group… and a rookie one at that XD i’d really like to see what they have to say about them ^___^
    so far jimin is my favorite… it’s difficult to be the leader of a group with so many divisions ;A;

  13. So… Y doesn’t dance? At all… but she’s so cute and stuff.. She like the little puppy of the group… who plays the drums and has blonde hair. =)

  14. bfehfe AOA are so good <3

  15. THIS SONG. I just can’t believe that a girl group has caught my attention so quickly!! I really hope they get reviewed. Y! she’s cool brahhh. xD

  16. It would be pretty exciting if AOA could have their debut MV reviewed. :D I wonder what S&M thinks of their concept.

  17. O___O wow~ i really really REALLY love this song!!! i raped the repeat button XD

  18. I love this song and group!! <3<3<3 AOA Elbis has left the building

  19. Please make a review of this MV! :D AOA <3

  20. I don’t know why..but I like it :) It is catchy and just sounds different…

  21. Chanmi & Solhyeon! :D I like them but actually Yuna & Choa are also super pretty & Hyejeong & Mina & Jimin & of course Youkyoung. I think I like them all :/ oh well! AOA will be my bias just like FTISLAND is my ultimate bias :D

  22. This is the first time in a while that I’m so positively impressed with a rookie group, they’re fun and have distinct personalities, and the song is really catchy. I love the idea of having a drummer.

  23. Denisse Olivares

    This song is really catchy, I find myself singing this every day :D Jimin is my fave, her hair rocks, and her voice is totally perfect for rapping n_n
    I hope this gets reviewed!!

  24. Khamomeal

    I know the concept for them is that they play as well as sing but, am I the only one who feels like in this video every time they are playing it looks totally faked? Not too impressed. Not bad but less than what I hoped they would give for their debut.

    • Well, if you look at the videos from their showcase, the band version is 100% live. You can tell it especially by the sound of drums and bass guitar. Maybe it just looks fake in the MV, but the girls definitely know what they’re doing.

      • Khamomeal

         I know they know they know what they are doing. That’s why I hate this MV so much. (Cause I’m positive its the version they are promoting over the band version.) Why take the extra step to make it look like they’re faking?

  25. I love Jimin(The one with the Blue Highlights on her hair)~♥

  26. I want them to review this D:

  27. quickly becoming a FNC Stan :3

  28. Wow, we’ve climbed up rather quickly! We’re in the top ten now. c:

  29. Really want to get them reviewed!! So awesome :D

  30. It’s not what I expected but it’s cute :)

  31. A very strong debut! I hope they can rise higher in the charts!

  32. sad_lifeQQ

    this song should be review, i can see Simon & Martina picking up details that would otherwise be oblivious to us ^^.

  33. Not a bad sound, and a very well produced music video. The song itself doesn’t do it for me, though. I was definitely expecting more in the lyrics about Elvis.