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A Pink – Hush

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  1. SangSoo

    OMg!! I love apink!! chorong! <3

  2. Well looks like us Pink Pandas aren’t doing enough! Come one guise!

  3. kariwinn

    Must. Keep. This. In. Top. 10!! Loolol. 

  4. We HAVE to make this reviewed one day!!!!

  5. kariwinn

    Guyss try to keep this on the top 10! 

  6. A Pink-Hush deserves to be #1 !! ♥

  7. I hope this eventually gets reviewed

  8. I can’t believe Hush was 5th now 9th… =_=”

  9. kariwinn

    This looks like it’s doing pretty well on Korean charts. WOOOOTT!!! (#4 album with Single “Hush” being #13 on Gaon Charts.)

  10. hey, I love the song and the MV, don’t think wrong because of my previous coment!

  11. I wonder what Simon will say about the English in this song :P

  12. robbinsoncrusoe

    I like it

  13. I absolutely Love You Guys? And now I said that I force you to review this. Or else I’ll kidnap Spudgy until you do. (I’m only joking… maybe?)

  14. kariwinn

    Really hopes this makes it to the top 5. 

  15. shinjicorn

    come on! only a little more to get to number 6! we can do this guys!

  16. COME ON!!!! A PINK’S AWESOME!!!! So Prease????

  17. Tarhmme

    Yay, I love this song!! I hope it makes the top 5! <3

  18. kariwinn

    Everyone should vote for this so we can get to the top 5! :)

  19. kariwinn

    I really like “Cat” and “Bubibu” from their album. SOO addictive.

  20. shinjicorn

    Eunji is my favorite but Namjoo is slowly creeping up to possibly overtake her haha. Let’s keep voting for these girls.

  21. I LUV A -PINK
    especially EunJi She is cute~ ^^

  22. kariwinn

    HUSHHH HUSSHH HUSHH!! Still stuck in my head! Haha…the album is even better. It’s available on iTunes now…WHOOOPP!!

  23. Sher Magararu

    my whole family is already addicted to this song! even my grandpa is humming to it hahaha

  24. I watch this mv almost everyday hehe, really hope this gets on music mondays! :D

  25. kariwinn

    Wooo! The views on this video got higher! :DD

  26. christina chen

    Go! APink!

  27. LOVE THIS SONG..wish the MV was more amazing though.

  28. really hope simon and martina review this song for music mondays!!!!

  29. Maisha Haq

    com’on pinkpanda’s!! we can do it♥
    APink FIGHTING!!~

  30. kariwinn

    This song after a few listens is soooo addicting. Hope this will be on iTunes soon because I’m DYING here. Haha. But not to be rude or anything…how is Hello Venus beating this? Like I said, I don’t think this video is reviewable, but I wish it’ll make it into the top 5 without being reviewed….I’m a very selfish and greedy person. hehe. I mean I like the song but I don’t think the cute concept matches them. Apink kind of has a more innocent cute with some glam but Hello Venus has straight up aegyo cute. I usually like the cute concept but for Hello Venus…it just doesn’t fit.

  31. I like the bangs eunji, I also like her hairstyle => yookyung and namjoo .. A-Pink saranghae yeongwonhi <3 <3 <3 

  32. Emo CupCake

    I wish you’d review “I don’t know” or “My My” those were much better but for us fans its till a pleasure :) the song and dance are still really good!

  33. best engrish ever…

    i don’t know you who you are
    i don’t even know your name
    i don’t know what you say

    other than that, i wish HUSH would win.

  34. billiondollarbabe

    i love it so much^^! 너무 좋아!

  35. C’MON GUISE. The MV isn’t really that special, but the song! And the super elegant DANCE! Gaah. This is totally good! AND THE ENGRISH? Sorry, Yoo Kyung, even if you lived in the States. -.-

  36. “I don’t know you who you are”, COME ONE GUISE!!!! THERE’S SOME ENGRISH IN THE SONG!!!!

  37. EmeraldBoi

    Eunji & Naeun!! <3 this MV~

  38. I’m not a huge fan of girl groups, especially when they follow the typical cutesy concept. But I really, really love A Pink, and Hush is AMAZING! A bit different from I Don’t Know and MY MY, but still catchy and refreshing. They all look beautiful and pull off the huge heels. As for my favorite, Bomi looks flawless as usual. :) Please vote for A Pink so Simon and Martina can review their song for the first time!

  39. kariwinn

    I love this song but I don’t think the music video itself would be reviewable…. :/
    Don’t kill me please! Lol I’m a Pink Panda myself. :)

  40. shinjicorn

    Oh wow they are all so dang adorable! Namjoo and Eunji are too cute!

  41. Jessica Lee

    Hi just want to ask something. Why I can’t share the video?? :(
    By the way, this is the BEST A Pink MV so far ^,^

  42. If you look at the translation for the lyrics…. all their dance moves actually makes sense and are portrayed very cutely by APink

  43. This is so great~ It reminds me of their first two songs, but I like it. Maybe their next song will finally be a little different ^^

  44. Jessica Lee

    Waaa Finally! Their comeback is here!
    I don’t know why this comeback is the one that I really anticipate of.
    I really hope they can win something because their song is nice PLUS I love this MV as well!!

  45. EUNJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Sher Magararu

    This song is really addicting!!! They are really daebak!!!!

  47. MohdZakhri

    Really awesome album to start with, almost addicted to every single 1 of their songs!

  48. I love apink so much !!! love this comeback from them !!!

  49. APink’s first full album and they are trying many different styles in it. 

    Overall a pretty well made album with afew ballads as well as upbeat songs that are really catchy and fun to listen to.

  50. fruitsrouges

    I love this MV even if it’s really nothing special ^_^ But they are so all pretty.

  51. There should of been a story line in this! would of made it waaaaaay better.

  52. Thomas Gardien

    First Comment!! and wow these ladies, never seen them before, but it kind of reminds me of Rainbow I guess.