B.A.P – One Shot

  1. Zelo’s dance: It was like a crab who walked/ran out from the sea.

  2. About the zelo’s dance I will call it The Dying-octopus Dance ! Simon-ssi about the freaking ending part ! believe me it was Hilarious ( positively ) you know why ?? It’s just unique when everyone thinks the MV ended and no one expects the fact that YJ will betray the guys , that scene comes and throws a bomb xD Don’t you think it’s worth it after all ? I believe winning this CD is almost possible .. 0.000001 -_- I actually never won anything before so I think it’s far but I will never give up as BYG & ZELO taugh me :p GOOD LUCK EVERYONE

  3. BrittBeastly

    So here we were picking out all the things we thought they would criticize and then they go an talk about the one thing none of us thought of: the drive-by piping. xD

  4. Zelo dance! Either “Sexy prey-mantis dance!” OR “Gotta wipe your butt somehow dance!”


  5. animefreakhq

    Damn, they are going to throw shades at 2pm?
    I like it…

  6. This made me laugh http://y-oungjaes.tumblr.com/post/43976202529

    Kpop insults:

    1: Youngjae doesn’t even trust you

    2: SHINee wouldn’t want you as their dream girl even if you had flowers on your face

    3: Dongwoo & Hoya wouldn’t consider you their special girl any day of the week

    4: VIXX says YOU need therapy

    5: You eat more than Daehyun

    6: EXO will comeback by the time you stop talking

    7: Zelo doesn’t even know what you’re saying

    8: It hurt Himchan more to see your face than breaking his fingers

    9: Jaehyo thinks you’re narcissistic

    10: You’re so blind that even Sunggyu sees better than you

    11: Even Kris speaks better english than you

    12: Donghae’s english makes more sense than you

  7. Yaaay we won!… Now what….

  8. KPOP MUSIC MONDAY IS UP, KBYE guys <3 See you soon on the main page :D

  9. Himchan letter to BABYS (I didn´t watch yet cause I think I need to prepare lots of tissues T_T):


  10. Yongguk tumblr update, I don´t understand Bang leader xD:


    can i ask you a quetion?


    what’s the matter?



    i can’t trust no one



  11. Seeing pictures of Daehyun and Himchan together at the concert is really precious <3 It´s because them both hasn´t really showed that they´re the most close members together or they interect as much as the other members. So seeing pictures of Daehyun helping Chan etc is really precious and cute <3

    At the 2nd picture I think Dae and Chan are sitting together at the stage, omg so cute and so lucky the fans who were in that section ^^

  12. Jongup & Zelo – Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How to Dougie” & Kris Kross’s “Jump!
    OMG, I love it <3

    • Also I think Jongup might develope himself into B.A.P future tripple treat, a person who can dance, sing and also rap well! Imagine that, how awesome that would be :D Up just need more time, I think he really has potential <3

    • Woah finally a longer and almost full version of their stage <3

      But maybe it´s the camera but eveyrone looke really short, even giant Zelo looked short rofl what about Jongup then? xD
      But I love how we see the back-up dancers more here, well they´re almost part of B.A.P and have been together performing non stop since 2012 :p They´re also really playful on stage together, one of the dancer between Lo and Up was just awkward during Dougie lol xD

    • Oh, Jongup! teehee
      he and Zelo perform so well together

  13. ‏@eatyourkimchi
    A good one. And we’ll be giving away their CD as well :D RT @hwangmh_: so the group wlll be ………….

    Upload speeds are fast lately, so…hopefully…I’d say…within the next couple of hours! RT @3aza_: how long until it’s uploaded? :D

    I hope it´s B.A.P, will Simon and Martina give away One Shot, Dream Girl or Hello album? :o
    I´m so curious, this new system of KMM is killing me xD

    • Blueberries

      Yeah they just keep us on our toes! (no idea if the idiom works in english at all XD) I’m not sure if I like this new system.. This makes me too nervous!

  14. Zelo is # 4 xD
    “[INFO] who is the Most Loveable Male Idol Group Maknae? #1 Kyuhyun(SUJU) #2 Changmin(TVXQ) #3 Taemin(Shinee) #4 Zelo(B.A.P) #5 Andy(Shinhwa) #6 Seungri(BIGBANG) #7Chansung(2PM) #8 Lee Jungsin(CNBLUE)” http://www.twitlonger.com/show/l5kaha

  15. Tweete approx. 10 mins ago – “Putting in the final details for Kpop Music Monday’Tuesday’Wednesday/Whateverday!”
    xD Yay! Can’t wait (it’s a review of One Shot.. it has to be…)

  16. Youngie Choi

    This should be reviewed! It stayed #1 for many weeks.. Simon and Martina!!!! Please… Review this~

  17. Just want to share with you guys the postage I received today :D
    I was really so happy when I received this so I really jumped around and screamed like a mad person, lol xD

    It´s One Shot signed, Rain Sound and Everything Is Pretty album ~
    And honestly Everything Is Pretty is so cuute and totally lovely <3
    TS should really start selling these promotional albums online so international fans can purchase them,
    I´m sure many are interested :o

    • Blueberries

      I can’t wait to get mine! I really hope the package’d arrive this weeks so I can open it with my friend (I ordered One Shot for her too) :) Whose photocard did u get?

      • Blueberries

        … I didn’t see pics, thanks disqus. Pretty cool that u have every photocard signed : D I have one signed album but only the cover of album is signed.

        • You have No Mercy signed I guess? I also have that album signed :D I remember going through so much hazzle to group purchase it directly from TS =_= But it´s worth it :D

          Ahh the signs is inside the “booklet” of One Shot album xD I just combinated the pictures together, I see it looks like photocard :p

        • Blueberries

          No, I have Nu’est’s Action signed ^^ I hope i could get something else signed too.. but maybe I will wait if I can actually attend fansigning someday ^^

    • xD OMG!!!! one shot signed – i’m so jealous and happy for you XD

    • Skully

      Wait you bought One shot AND Rain sound album???

      • Yes I did :p Lol I´m a crazy BABY who have collected all B.A.P albums since their debut xD
        Hahah now I only need Never Give Up, Going Crazy and I Remember to finish this collection :p

        • Skully

          Wow I didn’t even buy Stop it cause I don’t like it that much….

        • Stop It is my least favorite B.A.P album too, but yeah I bought it anyways. I don´t buy any kpop realated stuffs for other groups so I can save up to B.A.P. But I´m sure if they keep on comeback 1992749348 times a year I will go bankrupt soon =__=

          They should have mercy on their fans *side-eyeing TS*

        • No, no, no, no Mercy! They are the B. A. P.

        • Hahah yeah I know, they pretty much told us they´ll have no mercy on our wallets :p

          Well who can hate on those adorable 6 bunnies anyways xD

        • very few people xD

  18. TS should bring out Matoki onesies!

    cr: alex-lubs-kpop

    Now that Yongguk’s on Tumblr, will he see these and tell TS about all the great ideas BABYs have? ^^

  19. Wouldn’t it be awesome if TS releases Matoki video game?? You can choose a Matoki and the mission is to arrive to Earth safely in order to conquer the world or something like that.
    cr: bapdork4ever

    I want it xD

  20. What I’m supposed to learn from the Matoki Calendar:
    Friendship FTW
    What I actually learned from the Matoki Calendar:
    Shishi is a war-obsesssed daddy that just wants time for his porn.
    Dada is always lost somehwere why aren’t you guys keeping a closer eye on him guys please.
    TS ships Joke harder than you ship Joke.
    Toto is the most adorable little sh*t to exist in the history of everything.

  21. BAP FACT:

    Zelo owns two teddy bears and he cuddles with them when he feels lonely, sad, happy or cold

  22. Ms. Sunshine

    YEAAHHH how many weeks in a row has B.A.P One Shot been in first place?