B.A.P – Stop It

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  1. [email protected]

    they didnt make a eat your kimchi thing for stop it T_T

  2. disqus_v6x3te3czg

    noticed Bang Young Guk tail, it get squeezed in the end LOL

  3. ShinyBeltBuckles

    As cute as BAP might be…?

  4. disqus_FctXEjfWRZ

    how come this isnt on the chart anymore?
    they didnt review it either…
    what happened?

  5. Spudgyiscute

    I don’t know if I want this to be reviewed or not,since I remember Simon & Martina saying that they didn’t have anything good to say about B.A.P..but either way,they still make me laugh so I don’t know..


  7. Wow I know this mv is technically “old” now, but within about 8 hours it dropped from 7th to 59th. I know the older it gets, the amount of points it can get gets more and more reduced, but that’s a dramatic drop

  8. BABY’s I’M BACK

    I’m moderating the top two videos right now and there is so much spam TT I love love love you BABY’s and I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu

  9. These guys are truly amazing individually and together. They are my bias. I wish they’d win. They’ve worked so hard this year. They deserve all the awards they wish to win.

  10. It’s sad that this MV will not be reviewed é_è

  11. disqus_X61bGHdV0L

    aaah I love this video. But I’m a little confused? It has so many points but it’s only in 7th place. Why is this?

  12. Come on Babys~! Vote, Share, Promote, Tweet and Comment~! ^^

  13. At this rate, B.A.P will never get to number 1 T^T

  14. BangingYongguk

    Waiting for this to be reviewed!!!!

  15. Come on! B.A.P is now at no. 4! lets go Babyz

  16. Okay, it’s not my favorite B.A.P song but I really liked the video. It’s great, funny and even made me laught (which doesn’t happen very often)^^

  17. I hope this mv gets reviewed by eyk… really want to hear their views on the devil/angel thingy… but its on 7th place now… :(

  18. disqus_LDzecLmoRL

    Love this MV!

  19. This mv makes me fanboy all over and also laugh, a LOT! Just the visual of many pretty korean boys that are all the same color of blond and all in almost identical outfits jumping up and down and chicken dancing made me lose it. lol!

  20. I have no idea why I am so obsessed with Simon and Martina talking about this. Maybe because *I* make fun of it so much XD Dear EYK, if you get the chance please interview them and make Bang Yongguk uncomfortable because its hilarious when he’s uncomfortable. Thank you.

  21. mahnvee deo

    Please please please
    do a Music monday for them!

  22. disqus_WZTsfXySdM

    UGH i really want this to get reviewed D:

  23. Elizabeth

    Hahaha Love this Vedio

  24. I really want this MV to get reviewed SOOO BADLY seriously :C

  25. noooooo stop it was so close to getting reviewed! STUPID JANUS!

  26. Shin Young

    They’re just trying a different concept. I don’t why people think that they’re sell outs. I mean, seriously guys?

  27. B.A.P’s cute side…never again, please. At least, not like that.

    The only good thing about “Stop It” is the all blond concept…which reminds me of Warrior…which is still so far the best B.A.P song/MV/concept/everything!
    I’m very sad to think that they may never do better than Warrior. I think they are the most talented rookie group of 2012 but if they don’t do great songs, the talent is here for nothing. While some other groups are not as talented as them, but they have way better songs, and they keep on improving. I like B.A.P members but I don’t dig their recent concepts an that’s why I can’t call myself a Baby (also because I don’t like that name XD)

  28. I am actually very disappointed by this song.The first song i listened to was power and i was crazy about the rithm the music video everything seemed right. and as a bonus they weren’t trying to be pretty boys. so when i heard that they were going to release a new mv i was hopping for something a loooot better then this. it feels like they’re sell outs.

    • It also seems like they don’t enjoy this style. In their live performances they seem awkward, like they aren’t feeling it. As far as selling out I wouldn’t put it that way since they’ve always been under corporate record label. They’ve always been a highly produced Idol group. If they had any control over their music, their image, their style , their Music Video’s songs like this would never have been recorded by them. I think the people that own them…. I mean manage them are trying something different hoping it will sell. So far there seems to be a lot of Babies that love it and A lot regular fans and Babies that don’t. I still think they need to stick with what they excel at and what their artist want.

      • I know that they aren’t the ones that decide the songs that they’ll do, I’m just disappointed by the ones that do have the power to make this decision not just by the group itself. It just seems like a waste of talent from my point of view. they have really nice deep voices their rap is really good and they even dance well, and yet in ‘STOP IT’ i saw little to none of these things. i’ll just wait for the next music video and hope for the best.

      • yup they did seem a bit out of it when they did their live and i agree that the ones that have control over what the band sings and the way the mv’s are shot is the record label it just seems a shame to make them do this kind of music when they are such amazing rappers their voices are great (nice and deep) and don’t get me started on their dancing. in this one i saw none of the above and i was disappointed not necessarily in them but the ones that make those decisions.

      • I also just want to say that at first I really didn’t like this song and I was so disappointed I stopped watching the MV. Later I wanted to give it a fair chance and listened and watched the Video several times. You can’t help but notice the cuteness and the song is nice and I actually put it In my playlist. It’s not what I love about B.A.P but it grew on me. I think once you love them you can’t go back.

  29. disqus_vWONO5HlvL


  30. They cannot be put off any longer!!!! GOOO!!

  31. Honestly I think B.A.P would have won over Lee Hi last week if S&M didn’t discourage BABYz from voting for this video by saying they’d say bad things about it. :/

  32. honestly, i’m just voting for this to see Simon and Martina tear this video apart. I love B.A.P. but this is way too cutey boy for me.

  33. b.a.p are always amazing and I’m sure they wil comeback with a song like “Power” :) this song is very good :)

  34. Ok seriously. three weeks I think.
    SKFLJSD YOU GUYS HAVE TO REVIEW. It would be..hilarious xD

  35. Vote for BAP! it already lost to Janus – Boyfriend T-T