B1A4 – Baby Good Night

  1. I_U_I_U_I

    Hi any BANAs around? Our tried to walk page crashed. shall we continue discussing here?

  2. maharanitashan

    baby goodnight,, jaljayo goodnight xD

  3. ukiss2008

    I love this song so so much and it should defiantly be reviewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  4. i found that SUJU with their Sexy Free And Single vote lower than this video, REALLY NOT FAIR!!

  5. i think this video get MANY VOTES from everyone and also about 30k now but why they dont review it? since other video’s vote fewer than this video they should review this video :( i dissapointed :(:( (sorry for terrible grammar and english ^^)

  6. i still visit this page and vote though i know nothing will happen. this mv will not be reviewed anyway. but still, i’m voting. it’s not that easy for me to give up.

  7. please, oh please~! please review this~~ TT.TT

  8. Jinyoung looks so cute in the mv!! This is now one of my favorites! :D

  9. simon and martina~~ please why is it in 69??? T^T banas worked sooo hard on voting T^T

  10. Brittney Chau

    how come i cant find this in the kpop charts?

  11. HOW DID WE GET FROM 5th TO 77th place??? this is not cool!!! why why why why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!???

  12. ok dude… this is sad… after all our hard work…we’re givin up??? ANDEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! why cant i find it in the charts?? :(

  13. is it just me or i cant find this video at kpopcharts?? like seriously its OFF THE LIST T^T

  14. come onnn people we all know this will be the funniest review !

  15. Mariel Santos

    yeah.. this will never be reviewed :(

  16. Are we winning guys? If not let’s work harder

  17. Elizabeth Marie

    Simon and Martina wanted to give away BILASA T-Shirts if they reviewed the song! What are we waiting for? Votevotevote 8D


  19. I will never turn my back from B1A4~. Im happy and grateful to their mother’s for givin birth to those 5 lovely boys~ :) They cheer my bad day with their catchy sweet songs~^^


  21. B-1-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-4-4-4-4!!!!!

  22. and yet we still manage to stay on 5th place!!! i love you all!! <3 keep on voting guise <3

  23. *sigh* if the wild-west was really like this
    I probably would have paid more attention in history class

  24. I want this to get reviewed ! :3 Please ? :P


  26. oh my! i got the courage from you, BANA !

  27. Isabel Ruby
    Isabel Ruby

    mannnnn i just really wanna see cowboy suit spudgy……

  28. Niel Ahnda

    Can I just call attention to their fashion and say Baro is wearing an Apple-Basketball shirt. Yeah, thanks. I like Baro’s face so much.

  29. I am a new BANA and I really want to see them win. I haven’t voted for anyone this much before so I hope my efforts will pay off

  30. GO B1A4 they have to win this time. I will always vote for them.

  31. i love this music video even tho i said i don’t think B1A4 should go back to being cute after Baby I’m Sorry, but i honestly love this song….after the first day i listened to this song like 40 times no joke….love it