B1A4 – Beautiful Target


  2. B1A4, please keep making me smile with your awesome vidoes

  3. B1A4 Fighting ! Banas always with u ! <3

  4. Anonymous

    LOVE B1A4!!! 


  6. B1A4….. Bana’s Love you……..

  7. I voted for them because they have did a great job climbing up this fast :D I also like their creativity of clothings and so on :) THIS SONG IS FRIGGIN ADDICTIVEEEEEEE

  8. Anonymous

    this group is lively and this song makes you want TO DANCE RANDOMLY IN YOUR ROOM! *starts to randomly dance*  B1A4 FIGHTING! ^u^

  9. They are such dork but awesome ones! Hope they gather more fans over time. B1A4 Fighting! :)

  10. They’ve grown alot since they’ve debuted, not only vocally but as a group together. Watching their video’s (lives, music vidoes, fan meetss) have always been able to cheer me up since they always are very fun and cheerful and goofy, always finding a way to make me laugh. They  way they communicate with thier fans has been very inspiring and I feel other kpop groups should follow their example.
    I really hope that there group will improve and become more popular in the future.
    I’ll be waiting till’ then, fighting~ :)

  11. Anonymous

    First of all : I apologize for my bad english. I voted for this because their dance moves in this movies are fun, addictive, and easy to follow .
    First the “i like it” dance really catchy , everytime you hear “i like it it like it like it” you just want to shake your body like that. Then the curvy lady dance. In the chorus you can see their hand waving downward like that. It’s proof that S lines body type is worthed of being a beautiful target. Maybe their dance is a form of awareness of the importance of the body fat . Hmm maybe .
    Finally, the “sudden-death-because-of-gun-shot-sound” dance or you can call it “kill-your-own-friends-while-singing-reggae-chorus” dance (phew~ long name) , I don’t know how to make your body can bounce like that and hanging facing the floor when dead people can’t supposedly stay on their feet like that. ( I don’t know how to explain it).
    There’s a lot ( well , not really) more fun dance moves in this song that aren’t on this video that everybody can check them out in their zoom zoom version or their live performance. Thankyou

  12. lemonadesoda29

    B1A4 fighting, i really like their songs! So energetic and fun to hear! 

  13. ALWAYS do the “I like it” dance

  14. Mimi Navales

    the “i like it” dance is very contagious. Recently, when i express my liking to something or someone i sing that part and dance. XD

  15. B1A4! I mean, BILASAAAAAAA!! ♥♥ XD
    Well this is just the cutest MV ever! I love it! And. And their engrish is so adoraribidible!:3 Random sprout dance. Cute dances. Ahhh. B1A4 is so adorkable XD

  16. I’ve never given my attention towards any rookie group b4,but I dunno i found B1A4 and became a fan *conquered noona’s heart<with Simon's voice lol*
    anyways, B1A4 have such a really unique style and they stood out amongst rookies this year~ and the joom joom is cute :3

  17. BILAAAASA!!!! ♥
    A really random video with an awesome engrish. Really, the best engrish in videos this year ♥ “If u wanna pretty”, “I wanna with U” or “This is mordney present” are not close to “You Joom Joom my heart like a locket!” Haha xD ♥ The best engrish line of 2011 ♥
    I hope you’ll understand me xD

  18. I love all the dancing in this video, it’s so cute, even if the “plot” makes no sence

  19. Why is the youtube views 0? they have 2,666,145! ): Please fix?

  20. I have followed this group from debut. I love them so much <3 They bring the fun into my life with their music. Whenever I do anything fun their songs play in my head. Whenever I am happy I hum or sing their songs. I always talk about them to my friends. They have my absolute full support. I always vote for them in everything <3 They are my favorite boy group. Jinyoung Figthing! Sandeul Fighting! Shinwoo Fighting! Baro Fighting! Gongchan Fighting! B1A4 Fighting~! :D <3

  21. This song is so cute~. The sprout dance is adorable, and the engrish is hilarious~ ^^ 

  22. Anonymous

    Antother thing you can do whe you are bored outside? sprout-dancing! And I owe all that to the bad bad engrish

  23. Anonymous

    Nothing can beat the sprout dance….NOTHING! This was one of the most chill and most RANDOM mvs I’ve seen. Their happiness/energy is soo contagious. 

  24. Nevena Milic

    BilAsa made me use the phrase ‘it jooms jooms my heart like a locket’ in everyday life too often for the things I like.

  25. No longer can I go to the basement floor of my university building without saying, “B1…AAAA4″. Nor can I sit through my marketing class lecture about target groups without singing “Oh my beautiful target”. And finally I can’t talk about my interests with friends because I just start saying, “I like it, like it, like it.” Thanks BilAsa!