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    became a Bana because of this song…I was a Kpop fan for sooooo many years but i never really had the time to get to know B1A4 because there were so many new groups. Anyway…a friend of mine tweeted that “B1A4’s new song is really great! It has the potential to reach no.1″ I was intrigued and I looked for the MV…and i was pleasantly surprised! The song was sooo good…their voices are sooo good and I was impressed with the MV itself. It was darkly humorous yet sad. Even though I haven’t checked the English trans then…I kinda got the impression that it was about letting go. I was again really really surprised when i knew later on that Jinyoung composed the song. I suddenly realized that…there’s hope for Kpop if kids like them exist.

    Really impressed with B1A4 as i listened and BACKTRACKED A LOOOOOOOT of shows and songs.
    I was cheering for them during their promotions of LONELY and even though i am new fan…I felt so proud! ^^

    Will stan these boys forever coz their music is really good :)

  2. Tam

    I really do hope this song gets more credit; it deserves a lot more than it’s getting. B1A4 did an amazing job with this song and video. ^^

  3. Valeria Narváez


  4. Wildheart888

    By the way, do you guys know how they rank the Charts? :P It’s not only by number of votes, that’s for sure, since we do have more than GOT7~ XD So how do they do it? Just wondering~ ^^

  5. Zaskia Makarim

    Man, they’re going to the top! B1A4 FIGHTING! Totally LOVE the song, the mv, everything! VOTE LONELY!

  6. they really should do b1a4 for music monday! They made b1a4 wait for 3 weeks at the top! :D

  7. paulpederson

    B1A4 better win! You’ve had them waiting 2 weeks already!!!

  8. Lidia Castro

    I’m seriously addicted to this song. And I love that dance step at the end, reminds of the the old-school boy groups.

  9. Hi everyone! I think we should start up conversation to bring B1A4 back to #1.

    What are your top 3 B1A4 music videos and why?
    1. 못된 것만 배워서 Only Learned Bad Things – I was in love with song when I first heard it, and I was really addicted to their dance. After watching this video on repeat, I knew CNU was my bias. (^-^)
    2. 이게 무슨 일이야 What’s Happening? – I like this video because it’s so entertaining. There’s never a boring moment!
    3. 잘자요 굿나잇 Baby Good Night – Because CNU is my bias, of course I adored this video. The dance is magical. (>_<)
    Lonely and Beautiful Target are a close 4th. The really unique element of lonely was their tie dance. It looks pretty cool during live performances.

    • 1) baby I’m sorry – I just love this song so much and I remember the excitiment over the MV, it was for B1A4 big change. Although I was a bit afraid before, in the end I was more than happy, The beginning with Baro, Sandeul scenes and the dance in the club, the choreography… :)
      2) what’s happening? – MV fulled with uncountable funny scenes, the elevator scene and killing Ken… I think it’s clear :)
      3) Tried to walk – No dancing in the box, no strange lighting, the plot matches the lyrics and I just love the scenery, the garden, the streets outsides, the autumn trees… we don’t have much masterpiece MVs that shows us not just sexy faces and bodies of members but also and mainly, as I said, the nature and sceneries.

    • Puckish Rogue

      3: 없구나 (Lonely)
      Sad and beautiful. It is amusing in the “vacuuming under the floating corpse” kind of way, but so sad as well in that he struggles to keep her close to him only to realise that it is time to let her go. The use of subtle colours in the MV serve to make the mv feel cold and lonely, even when there is 5 of them in the screen. Really well done. Very B1A4.

      2: 걸어 본다 (Tried To Walk)
      The cinematography of this mv was really very beautiful. Great use of the props and the arrangement to create two completely different feelings in the mise en scene. The bright colours of discovery a stark contrast to the dark colourless loneliness. I felt that it lacked proper conclusion but that did not detract at all from what it did create. Baro’s portrayal of the two different journeys from the same person contributed so much to the entire music video that it really is no wonder he is getting his name out there for his role in Reply.

      1: 이게 무슨 일이야 (What’s Happening?)
      B1A4 down a rabbit hole and fighting over Alice. It drew perfectly on the miscellany of wonderland without surrendering its own identity completely. The entire feel to this is far more fun than the subject matter should be, which was exactly Jinyoung’s intention when he wrote the song. The director has captured this really well in the music video and that itself is what makes this music video so good.

    • ohhh~~~ i hope simon and martina review this mv >..<) i really liked the japanese vers of it too

    • Wildheart888

      Yes yes, let’s bring them back to #1~!! :D

      To answer your question:
      1) Haha, my favourite MV was also Only Learned Bad Things! I think it was just soo cute, Baro and the girl, their storyline was just soo sweet and adorable~ >~<
      2) I think my second favourite is gonna be..Lonely! I don't know wny, but I absolutely loved it from the beginning…the snow, the floating-ness of it, it was really artistic! And of course you can't forget their scarf dance!! *~*
      3) Aaaaaand…….I think Tried To Walk would be 3rd. I really thought it wasa beautiful MV, I loved the color scheme and the contrasting settings…Baro's hair tooo~ XD


      • I really liked tried to walk, but the whole ‘In the wind’ album was awesome! I got into B1a4 through “My love” so it holds a special place in my heart.

        Also I really liked beautiful lie!

        • Wildheart888

          Hahahaa, I loove ALL their albums!! XD But you’re right, “In The Wind” was amaazing~ CC:
          I got into them the first time I stumbled upon their song “Hey Girl”! I think the moment the song started, I knew I loved them~ >~< It's still one of my favourite songs by them! So happyyy and carefreee~ XD

  10. This song is beautifully melodious. I hope it gets reviewed this time around since it hasn’t for the past 2 weeks that it’s been #1. T_T

  11. N.

    Please a music monday for this awesome piece of beautiful art ♥

  12. OH NO got7 is leading now guys HALP

  13. Minaal Zahid

    Please review this song! :> I like Got7, but personally I like this song better than ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’.

  14. hey hey~~~~~ i just heard about this just now but i just really really reeeaaaaaally want to confirm this with someone who would know the answer
    sooo is it true that b1a4 is cleared for the sajaegi controversy!?! i heard that dispatch looked into it and said that WM just had a good marketing strategy and that the boys had really strong fans~~~ ^^
    ohhhh i feel like dying of happiness right now, i hope its true~~~

    • Puckish Rogue

      It is indeed true that this is the conclusion Dispatch came to after they investigated the claims. In addition to this, Hanteo has also come out in defence of WME (putting their entire reputation on the line) to confirm the purchases as legitimate. GAON chart shows they sold more than TVXQ for that week and Cassies do not dispute that TVXQ sold 56k based on Hanteo meaning the figure is larger on GAON so B1A4 indeed sold more copies than 56k. Also PonyCanyon has said they shipped 80k units.

      All of this does point to WMs innocence. However there are some people who are suffering from a bout of cognitive dissonance so no amount of proof or information will convince them that WM did not buy back albums. They can’t be helped. We will deal with their snide remarks for the remainder of B1A4s career, but look at it from the bright side. It means B1A4 are playing in the big playground now.

  15. B1a4 for the win, be the one, all for one! ♡♡♡♡ B1A4 hwaiting! saranghae! ☺☺☺

  16. I dont really know where to comment about the sajaegi issue but i’d like to ask simon and martina personally… Do you guys think that the sajaegi controversy B1A4 is facing right now is real? In your opinion, did their company cheat? The issue seems to have blown up here internationally, but how does the Korean fans of kpop take this? I think this is what’s hard being an international fan, we’ll have to rely on (and wait for) translated data to pile up the evidence. [It’ll be great if you can do a TLDR for this; Thank you]

  17. Donichan♥

    Congrats to our boys!! They won again and I believe they deserve it. ♥ :) proud bana here ;)

  18. They won again~~ :DDDDDDDD I’m just… I feel so nostalgic.

    Jinyoung-ah, B1A4 oppadeul, you guys are amazing to me~ once again congrats and you guys deserved it~
    you guys deserved it before, and didn’t win, now that you did win, that means you deserve it more than you did before! Does that make sense?
    Whatever, B1A4 go and be more talented musicians~

  19. builtbymachines

    I liked it so much that I bought the album instantly ovo

  20. Yayy! They won again on Music Bank! :DDD I’m so proud… they deserve it!

    I hope they can keep on writing, composing their own music cause they are awesome like that~ I hope they grow as musicians and let everyone know that they deserve it, because of the pointless controversy I was flaming inside, but now that I think about it, because of the controversy from those haters, we feel the need to protect and prove to them B1A4 deserves all this, so we vote twice as much to show them, thank you haters~
    Of course, Haters need love too~ ;D They must be having a horrible life hating the lovely adorkable dorks B1A4.

    Yay! B1A4!!

  21. Donichan♥

    We can do this Banas :) ♥ Fighting B1A4!

  22. 풍선여자♥

    I really love the Music Video!!! it’s like the best drama music video that B1A4 ever made TT~ I was so touched.. and nearly cry.. the video really have a great and deep meaning on it!! Jinyoung acting is so great till i can feel his loneliness and sadness.. omg.i don’t even know what to say.. this is just perfect TT *CRIES*

  23. B1A4 is in a sajegi controversy:

    It seems they didn’t even bother to actually buy the album. Instead they just passed the barcode through scanner.

  24. They just won on Show Champion!! I’m so proud.

    Just… a beautiful song Jinyoung-ah~

  25. Aminah Henne

    just watched a live performance of this and it was wonderful. their choreo was done really well! much love from this bana :D

  26. My little 6 yr old sisters interpretation of the song, after asking so many questions, her conclusion-: The guy likes the girl, but the girl wants to fly away, that girl is so mean.
    Then she walks away. I lol-ed so hard.

  27. Kaitlyn Garrett

    This is still very lovely after watching it a few times

  28. OOh!! fell in love with this song the minute I listened to it! Can’t believe they’ve grown so much since their OK, Girl days!!! Going to keep playing this video on youtube!! Forever a BANA!

  29. CeceAvila

    Simon and Martina haven’t released any videos in a long while. Are they out of the country again?

    Anyway, great song, and great video. Although I feel like the idea would have been better expressed if the scenes with the girl on the string about to float away were shot in an outside setting. It would have given off a much more scarier feeling. She’d be drifting away into a big open sky, imagine how scary that would be?! And it would have made his struggle with not letting her go all that more challenging. I feel like the missed out in a great opportunity here.

  30. [Insert comment on how amazing B1A4 is]

  31. Valeria Narváez

    WE have to hold it until next week! BANAS WE CAN!!

  32. ItsFuckingDianYeah®


  33. This might just be my theory but I feel like it’s about a relationship where the couple is drifting apart, hence why the girl is literally drifting away and the guy (sorry, i don’t know names yet) is holding her by the string in an attept to keep her there. However he looks pre-occupied for many of the scenes where she’s on the string, showing how he can’t help but start to fel disconnect from her too and at that point, he’s just stringing her a long-literally- to try and preserve what they used to have. However in the end, he knows it’s not working so he lets her go, and when he floats away, he’s moving on as well.

  34. Valeria Narváez

    yay we are in first place!!! :D

  35. Wow… so beautiful… I really love it, b1a4 fighting

  36. Lonely it’s the best ∞

  37. SuriXOXO Pinkie


  38. These boys will just steal your heart away. I love them. (^_^)

  39. I’m in LOVE with b1a4 and this song!!! but will it not be on music Mondays because of the group who won the: potential kmm award on the eyka’s????