B1A4 – Tried to Walk

  1. Banas, dont lose faith.! love u all.! i’m crying right now that this mv is still going strong in top3 after 3 weeks.!!

  2. we can win this.! we can win this.! we can win this.!!!

  3. BANA NEEDS TO VOTE B1A4 FOR BEST POTENTIAL AWARD!!! I dont think this will be reviewed but if they win the award, S&M might do a review as a award, so please BANA VOTE VOTE VOTE. Let show that we dont disappoint because BIILSA CONQEROR OF KITTES AND TEENAGE TEENAGE GIRLS’HEART

  4. B1A4 deserve more love, these boys work so hard and gives so much fanservice. I hope they gain more and more fans and hope the fandom grow.

  5. oh my gosh this page crashed and now im able to reopen it. Apparently this mv holds the record for highest number of comments posted ever in EYK that’s why it crashed. I love this mv so much it’s great and Baro definietely expand himself with the rap, it’s very fast at one point. Hopefully with the power of BANA we can still get this mv back to the top

  6. monsieurme

    I wonder if it is still legit to fight for another week ? Just can’t get over the fact that we’ve lost :p

    TKIR: great mv, great song, great acting, great outfits..:) (yeah i’ve talked about them waaay too many timess XD )

  7. Blueberries

    There is a way to open the site without worry of it crashing: google “b1a4 tried to walk eatyourkimchi”. Beside it there should be arrows: >>. Click it and then “open cache” or something similar in your own language; next to url. It opens page in it’s past time (for me 1. December 2012 01:19:33 right now) but you can comment, reply and stuff.

    Hope this helps those who wants to comment.

    TKIR: Personally I love turtlenecks!

    • monsieurme

      Thanks, this have been a great help.. ^^ I hope to know this way earlier :(

      TKIR: And i don’t like it as much as Martina :p

      • fuuko4869

        LO/Es (Nu’est fans) know everything about this site, seriously. They fought to the death every time Nu’est comes out with an MV, and learnt exactly how the charts work in the process :p

        • monsieurme

          Wow, they are so serious :) I would be glad too see Banas are like that too :(
          So i’m wondering what’s the point difference now? I think both tvxq and yoseob;v mv have had their decay right?
          Is there any chance for us to catch up.. again? ;p (yeah i know it’s ridiculous XD )

        • fuuko4869

          They’ve come a long way. Yet none of their videos were ever reviewed – they just had really bad timing, and had to go up against the likes of Super Junior, Psy, EXO, and Junsu. :(

          Point difference….TVXQ is waaay ahead, so yeah, no chance. Plus there’ll only be 5% of Bilasa’s total score by Saturday, which is impossible to win with. Sorry. m(_ _)m

        • monsieurme

          None of them!? Oh,they are cursed mored than us T_T At least their fighting spirit was just amazing :O They must have been have proud of themselves^^

          5%? lol XD Yeah nevermind, we just gonna try the next mv :p Thanks for your time ^^

  8. WOW. 1072 comments just on this! :D

    Wow, from the 9k comments, 1k is mine. :D

    K, I’m happy about this now. :D

  9. Not gonna a lie, I’m really disappointed. D:

  10. Just 34 more comments to get it to 9k. :) We BANAs should be proud. :)

  11. To all those BANAs who voted and commented like crazy. Kamsahamnida. :D We managed second. :)

    Is there any point of TKIR-ing anymore? Noone will answer.

  12. Ok, whether we win or lose, atleast we tried. Thank you mods for your help. :D

    Especially to fuuko. :D Thanks. :D

    Atleast we broke a record. :D

  13. Ok, now it’s freaking me out. How am I the only person who’s able to access this page even when it has ‘crashed’?

  14. Can a mod tell me the point difference now? It’s seriously nerve-wracking right now.

    TKIR, if you’re a b1a4-biased mod, who’s your bias? Apart from Fuuko’s being Baro. xP

  15. BANA~ And everyone else!

    What is your absolute favorite thing about B1A4? As for me, I really love how hard they work for their fans. Especially with this last comeback, I think their effort shows. ;w;

    • I guess it’s now grounded they are. They haven’t let the fame get into their heads, and they’re thankful to each and every fan of theirs. :D

  16. mulberrycheesecake

    How come they’re in second place now? NOOOOO!

  17. Zoomlikearocket

    Omg! Love ittt. :D I reaally want my babies to get reviewed. They really do deserve it.

    • True. The MV’s gorgeous. :D And they really put a lot of effort into it. :D JinYoung composing and writing it, with the help of Baro makes it even more special. :D

  18. I reeealy want Simon and Martina to review this song. It’s such a catchy song and the music video fits perfectly with the song. Or at least for me. Lol

    • I think it does.. For everyone. lol. It’s really different from the other groups. And even their dance is unique (like theie sprout dance) :D Makes me proud to be a BANA. :D

  19. I love B1A4…

  20. BANA~ Let’s keep going strong, okay? We can make a comeback! Let’s make our boys proud!

    Let’s say that, one day, you accidentally find yourself in an elevator with B1A4! Now is your chance to tell them your feelings!! What would you do/say? :D

    • monsieurme

      I’ll give them a punch to each one of them so they will remember me forever as the only fan ever gave them that :)

      • then one day you’ll see your face on articles and everywhere lol

        • monsieurme

          with the title: A Fan Give b1a4 the Sweetest Gift ^^
          (oh and the smiling eyes at the end is obligatory)

        • Yep. And along with it comes a restraining order. lol. xDD You’ll get banned too! xP

        • monsieurme

          Lol, i’ll definitely make it more popular than you :p in a bad way :(
          hey, can you try advertising to twitter or facebook to the other banas to keep on commenting through the dashboard.. we could use a help over here ^^

        • Yea, I’ll try. :D

          But hey. B1A4 will like me more since I didn’t try to dislocate their facial features! Hahaha~~ xPP

        • monsieurme

          Hey, perhaps my punch will make their face even better.. :p
          They’ll forever thankful to me ^^

        • Lol, and if it doesn’t? xPP You’ll be in a worser state than me. xPP

        • monsieurme

          Lol, if it doesn’t, there’s always plastic surgery :p
          They will have reason to do plastic surgery and change other unaffected area..XD again, thats all thanks to me :)

        • Pshh.. XP But they’re perfect without plastic surgery. xP Lolol. They’ll probably be cursing you since plastic surgery’s expensive. xD

        • monsieurme

          Lol WME will pay for them plus they got insurance :p
          and its a big chance for them to do it.. they couldn’t possibly resist it XD

        • But.. D: Lol, No! Lol, I like them natural. ;DD They’ve already born with the perfect flower-boy looks. Why go for plastic surgery? xPP

        • monsieurme

          All right then, so just go the plastic surgery to repair the damage i’ve done:p lol i won’t punch too hard then..

        • K, you’d better now. lol, or you’ll have millions of BANAs punching yours. xDD

        • monsieurme

          Hey, i’m doing a favor for banas right now XD
          and probably many of them will try to steal my ideas :p

        • Hey! We just need another 86 comments to get it to 9k. :D

          Ok, once you punch them, they’re in the hospital. They get a break from their hectic schedules. Aahh.. I see what you mean by a favor. ;)) Lol xD

        • monsieurme

          That’s great ^^ Just informed me when we reached to that point :D
          (and our point different is 4000, yeah i think you knew :p)
          Yeah.. see? i create lots of good things to people around me? and i will be honored to do so to b1a4 ^^

        • Lol, k. I will. We need another 46 more. :D You’ll feel honoured punching them? Lolol. You’ll be the first. K, I shall warn them in advance not to take it so seriously. xDD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, i’ll inform them after that XD
          wow, we’re getting close ^^

        • Just another 9 more comments to get it to 9k. :D

          Fine, lol. You inform them. xP I wanna be there when you do, and see their reaction to it. xP

      • OMG LOL They’d be all uhm wth happened

        • monsieurme

          Never in their lives ever did they thought of being punch :p
          lol that’s really sounds tempting.. i wish that day will come ^^

        • Aren’t you afraid you’ll get a restraining order or something? xD

        • monsieurme

          Lol you know guys.. fighting is what make us boys closer ^^

        • Lolol. And if they punch you back? (I doubt they would) but then.. Baro might.xD

        • monsieurme

          hey, glad you can still open the page.. i think many others still can’t get it open including me..:( i reply to you using the dashboard..

          Yeah, they won’t punch me back because i’m their fan ^^

        • Yea. I can open it. It’s freaky how no one else can. I guess I really do live in Antarctica. So different from everyone else.

          They’re too considerate. They might forgive you. xDD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, they’ll forgive me :)
          Maybe Dubai has advantage at all from all those restriction :)

        • Yea, they’ll forgive you. They’re too sweet not to. xP

          Maybe, though it does ban A LOT of websites. So. Idk. It’s weird. lol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. it’s for your own good like now.. it’s only you who can open the page :p

        • Yea. I guess. But how’s that even possible? No one else can open it! Oh, well. I might as well comment randomly and try to increase our points. lol, but wasn;t it working in between?

        • monsieurme

          Perhaps you’re the only one from Dubai :D
          Yeah, comment randomly is something i always done before XD
          whatver you’re doing keep it going ^^

        • Lol, I just join random convos and comment some really random stuff. lol.

          Yea, I shall. Even though I’m hungry. Lol, I always am. xD

        • monsieurme

          hey, you can always take a break :) we need to live too right XD

        • Yep, I did. Hahaha~~ I needed to pray and all. :D Hopefully, we’ll overtake them. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, its so close to the final minutes.. Better double up our efforts ^^

        • Yea. I tried on Tumblr. But, idk. Not many are a fan of KPop Music Mondays. D: So sad. T.T

        • monsieurme

          Oh yeah.. i just realized that facts.. owh whatever.. we’re almost finish.. whatever result it is i’ll accept it ^^

        • But I wanted them to win! T.T

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, and we will ^^
          More question: so sandeul is your bias.. any particular reason for not choosing the other members ?:p

        • Lol, I actually was confused between Baro and SanDeul cause they have this hyper personality (My biases are the one who have a really hyper.childish personality). But then.. In Sesame player, I really really really liked SanDeul and his adorableness. Like, how he acted when he saw the duck meat shop, and when he takes a bite out of CNU’s sandwich. lol

          Then, I also liked how hard he tried and worked. Like to lose weight, and then when he sings. So.. Yep. :D

        • monsieurme

          Lol if it’s hyper than it’s none other than Sandeul XD then you got a solid reason :)

        • Yes. Lol. I love hyper guys! And childish ones! Lol. :D So SanDeul won. lol

        • monsieurme

          Lol, be careful Baro might coming over and ruined your bias list :p

        • NOOOOO!~~ He isn’t allowed to do that. lol. I’ll stay loyal to SanDeul till the end. xDD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, stay loyal while he doesn’t even know you :p

        • Stop bursting all my bubbles! xDD Let me be happy. LOLOL. xPP He’s knows me.. Just hasn’t realized it yet. xP Lol.

        • monsieurme

          Haha.. yeah ok, someday fate will unite you two XD
          And he still don’t know who you are o_o

        • You’re one of the meanest people I know! xPP Fine, I’ll meet him one day. xP Then, you’ll see. xDD

        • Yea. Whether we win or lose.. At least we tried. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, the song influence us a lot.. tried to walk, try to win :D

        • Yep. And if we lose, Trying not to flip tables. Lol, whether we win or lose, I guess the main think id that we tried. :D

        • monsieurme

          yeah, and try not to cry..
          yeah, we’ve tried and that’s exactly what the song eant us to do :D so practically, we won^^

        • I_U_I_U_I

          we’ll try to walk a road without the review. XD I’m feeling better now. Sorry for ranting just now.

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. no need to rant..it’s ok to not have the review since we at least hold a great record ^^
          glad to have other banas here ^^

        • I won’t cry.. Although I will be disappointed. Oh well, we tried our best. :)

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, and now looks like the effort is really paid off :)

        • Yea. We broke a record. :D

        • I_U_I_U_I

          we tried our best. =)

        • Yeah. Guess it wasn’t meant to be. :( Let’s just look forward to the small surprise which they planned for us. I’m trying to focus in the positives despite how tiny they might appear to be. :)

        • Haha call the police!!

        • They might not. lol, they’re too considerate. xP

    • demikkfan

      can i hug all of you?LOL

    • peterpanchild

      Puhlease, like I’d be able to talk cohesively. Plus, my Korean vocabulary pretty much consists of oppa, molla, hwaiting, and daebaek, but I would try to muster up a saranghae. They’d probably think I’m weird or something though.

      • They’re probably be surprised and honored~ As for me, I’d probably stare at them like an idiot and say nothing. LOL

        • SAME! lol, I’d just stare and gape visibly. lol Instead of me running away, they’ll run away screaming xP

    • I’ll just admit that they are awesome and take a selca with the members so that I have something to brag about!

    • I LOVE YOU BARO MY LIFEU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  21. its just soo pretty!!!! i still cant stop watching it

  22. Forever trying to get my mom to convert to a BANA. Sob.

    At least she knows who Jinyoung is now? XD

  23. This song is amazing <3 I hope they get a chance to have their song reviewed ^^ B1A4 hwaiting!

  24. Is there a particular part of the song or mv or performance that left a deep impression on you? For me, I really liked the part of the choreography when five of them were standing on the bench and baro did the appudah thing (okay I don’t know if I spelt that correctly) then the other members went down down down down four times. That movement was just sharp. I’ve never seen a sharper movement from than that. ;)

  25. demikkfan

    i really hope this video will be reviewed. the sceneries are beautiful and my bias baro is the lead actor again for the third time. his facial expressions are really good in this video but i like him more when he looks funny. whenever i have a bad day, i just look at his funny photos then i will start to smile or laugh. haha i love him for that! their concert is next week already. can’t wait for it. i’ll be flying to korea to see them. i really hope i can see them up close. any international banas out there going to watch their concert too?

    • OMG. I’m so jealous. My parents would never let me go to Korea. (Maybe cause I’m still 15) but still.. D: Have fun. :D

    • wow! where are you from? goodluck bana!

    • monsieurme

      Wow you’re lucky :) and they are awesome to hold a concert in such an early year.. ^^

    • I wish I could omg. HAVE SO MUCH FUN! <3

    • Wow!! I’m really envious! Please come back and do a live report for us. :3

      • demikkfan

        yes i’ll try to make a fan account. i am actually going there alone.it’s going to be my 3rd time in seoul but this will be the first time i would see them. they didnt have promotion when i was there last time. LOL. i am actually worried because it’s winter in korea now. i’m from a tropical country so i’m not really sure how cold it is there right now.but for the boys, i’m willing to sacrifice standing in queue in the cold weather just to support them. my mom is kinda mad at me for going back and forth korea.LOL.

        • OMG. I’M SO JEALOUS. My mom won’t even let me go near the map of Korea! lol. She probably thinks i’ll elope. Lolol.

  26. I’m feeling really tempted to spam comments lol. But I won’t ’cause the mods are watching.

    • Talk about the song or the performance or the video. There’s so many things you can share! Don’t just spam. You can actually scroll down and join the conversations below. That would be more meaningful!

    • Lol no. let’s just talk about the boys ^^

    • monsieurme

      You’ll see at the last minutes before the voting closed there will be thousands of spam :p

      • Yep. Definitely. lol. We love our boys too much. xPP

        • monsieurme

          well, if the page is still not fixed until the closing then we won’t be seeing people spamming T_T oh, i mean I won’t be seeing it :(
          Keep on doing whatever you can! ^^
          I hope it’s not too late..

        • Yea. Me too. D: But.. it isn’t even our fault. D:

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, but since it has happen before to other groups we can’t say it unfair :( it’s just luck is not on our side..
          whatever it is, we should try all other method we can ^^

        • Yea. Uff.. We’ve tried everything now. D: But.. we’re seriously cursed.

        • monsieurme

          Yeah a big one.. but i believe after a curse there will be a miracle following ^^ fighting !
          question: so if gongchan is the next lead, what will the song be about ?

        • Miracles. Yes. We need one.

          For GongChan.. I guess unrequited love. About how he loves this girl from far, but she like/loves another guy and he’s too scared to confess? What about you?

        • monsieurme

          I think it’s like him liking a girl but she doesn’t like her because he’s being childish and immature.. then he asked for help from his friends and finally transforming into a brave. mature man who saves her from being robbed ^^

        • Oooh. I like this idea. Hopefully, for the next MV GongChan will be the main lead. Especially since he’s the visual. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, i’m a good script writer XD
          The next mv must be gongchan or you should write another letter to WME again :p

        • Yep. I’ll start learning Korean from now onwards then. xP Lol.

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. since you’re gonna live with Sandeul who can’t even spell elephant :p

        • So mean. xDD Lol, fine. He’ll teach me Korean, I’ll teach him English. XD

        • monsieurme

          Why don’t you guys just learn new language and speak that language:poh, what about french?XD

        • Lol, ok. Then, you join in too. xPP I shall ‘inform’ him now. x)) He needs a french teacher. You willing? xPP

  27. This song made my mum a bana too! She watched music bank with me last night and kept on telling me how awesome sandeul was. She said they can’t do without sandeul! Ohh mum’s in love with the duck! :) just curious, because b1a4 said that they earned lots of older fans from this song, how many of you become fans from the song? How many of you know older people that became fans?

  28. I Like It !! Thank you for Jinyoung and Baro :)) My friend said , i’m true bana . yes , i think . haha , I’m very wanted to saw b1a4 perfomance at my place Perlis , Malaysia . Everytime B1A4 came to malaysia , they always went to Selangor and Kuala Lumpur ! I’m so jealous and dissapointed . It’s ok ! i hope b1a4 win all the competition ! :)

    • monsieurme

      Lol they come to KL last time i don’t even go.. even though i’m there at that time :p

      • I. AM. SO. JEALOUS.

        Lol, it’s like KPop artists don’t know that there’s a place named Dubai. They never come.

        Ok, my mom wouldn;t let me go anyway. But still, I ‘Might’ meet them in a mall.. Lol, or I’ll simply stalk them. xP

        • monsieurme

          Lol i’m sure they know :)
          They might be going there somedau or perhaps you can go to Korea meeting them ^^

        • If they do, they like ignoring it. xD

          My parents won’t let me go there either. D: So unfair. lol. They think I might run away. lol

        • monsieurme

          Then why don’t you just go to a college there? it’s a good reason to stay in korea for studying ^^ and take advantage stalking b1a4 :p

        • Yea.. But once again.. Parental problems.. lol. I’m pretty sure, my parents think that if I study in Korea.. I’m going to elope with a guy. lol. Considering the way I fan-girl, they’ll never let me go anywhere near Korea. xPP

        • monsieurme

          Lol, then you should just act mature from the time being until the day you graduated :)
          then you probably gain their trust and might let you go to Korea :)
          question: what;s the real name of baro? it can’t possibly be ham ba ro..

        • Lol, Ham BaRo is what the fans call him. His real name is Cha SunWoo. :D He was called HamBaro cause he lookes like a hamster or squirrel or something like that. lol.

          Lol, my parents already know I’m not a girl who’s ‘mature’, lol. I act so kiddish, hence they;re never sending me abroad. lol. Maybe I’ll go there for a ‘holiday’ once. xD

        • monsieurme

          Lol, i just know his real name today XD
          Haha, you could start today though :p suddenly becoming mature will probably scared your parents :p
          hey, have you probably heard new information from the mods?

        • I will. My parent’s will probably think something’s wrong with me. lol I got this..

          “Hi NaimAsma, sorry but Simon said he’s already done all that he can for this page. FYI, this video currently has the highest amount of comments of all time, beating out BAP’s Power record. ^^;;
          The only think we could do to fix it at this point would be to buy a new server, which is extremely expensive and impossible to set up within 2 hours anyway :/
          I’m so sorry guys.
          But I tried to think up a way around it:
          Follow these people on Disqus, reply to their comments that were posted on this TTW page, and tell them to reply to you via http://disqus.com/dashboard/
          These are the last 10 people to comment on TTW’s page:
          Btw I’m really impressed how you and monsieurme have kept the convo going for so long ^^b
          and yes I copypasted this comment don’t judge me T_T”

          Yea.. Guess there’s nothing else we can do. :(

        • monsieurme

          Lol i got the same one :p
          But i don’t understand how following others can help :p
          Hey, the page totally crashed but we still have this method nevertheless ^^
          Let’s just keep it going since we’re just break a record XD

        • Yea. We somehow managed to break a record which I though was impossible at the beginning. Let’s try getting this to 9k. :D Maybe, we might come first in the process (Highly unlikely, tho)

        • monsieurme

          It’s impossible to catch up right now with 4000 difference but to break the 9k it’s just the matter of time ^^Let’s do it
          here the tkir :p : when is the next b1a4 comeback ? XD

        • yea, really impossible. But let’s reach 9k. The first video to do so. :D

          Lol, they just had one, I doubt they’ll be having another one for a few months at least. xDD lol

        • monsieurme

          So we need to wait until next year? oh -_-

        • Woot! Woot! 3 more comments! :D

        • monsieurme

          Hey there, i guess the times is up? what’s our final points? did we achieved the 9k?

        • Assalamualaikum. In case you didn’t know. EYK now has awards, and B1A4 is nominated for the ‘BEST POTENTIAL KMM’ Infinite is now first while we’re second. Here’s the ‘miracle’ you were talking about. xD Let’s keep voting, k. :D

        • Yep, we managed 9014 comments. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. we finally did it.. hey they might probably feature our record breaking in the next music monday ^^(i hope) and that;s the end of this i think.. thanks for being a very awesome acquaintance^^ couldn’t have done it without you..i wish you good luck in your study, graduating and becoming a great person in the future :D you’re a nice girl :)
          Continue to be a great bana as i won’t probably be long since i’m getting matured day by day :p
          Assalamualaikum et ma’assalama ^_^

        • Yea, InshaAllah. :D

          Thanks to you too. Couldn’t have broken this 9k record by myself. ;D You’re a cool guy too. :) (Except when you’re being mean. xDD) Hope you pass your exams (college) with flying exams. :D

          I’ll be a life-long BANA, no worries. :P

          Wa’Alaikumassallam. :D

        • Idk. Lol, just until they have a comeback? lol, since it’s December already, it will be next year. xDD

      • oh no why you didn’t come?

    • When they came to my country, I didn’t get the chance to see them too! (I was having exams and I’m a nerd.) I hope you get to see them soon! But traveling is really tiring so I’m prepared to wait until their schedule isn’t so hectic like now… :)

  29. monsieurme

    Is there no m’countdown last thursday? is it because of mama? then what’s b1a4’s position this week?

  30. Was anyone else really upset that B1A4 didn’t get no.1 on Music Bank? :( They lost to Psy, who hasn’t even performed on MB since August–I really think they should have a cap on how many times a person can win for one song. >.<

    Actually, the boys look really tired lately because they're burning the candle at both ends with the promotions and concert preperations, so my question is: given that this song is so awesome, and doing so well, would you prefer for them to keep promoting and try to get their first no.1, or take a break and get some rest? I really don't know what I would want. :(

    • Honestly, I can forgive Psy. Just this once LOL

      He made such an impact with his song, it’ll be hard to beat it. But our boys came close, huh?

    • I AM T_T they truly deserved it.

      yes they should rest after this promotion. channie needs rest.

    • We should just consider them as first! Since psy is such a strong opponent. They are first in my heart!

      • True. I mean, it went viral! That’s hard to beat. But they were second only to him. :D Which means, they’re first. Lol, my logic. xDD

        Yep. They’re first. :D

    • Maybe a rest after new year?? tbh i’m still worried for Channie’s health i hope they have an awesome first concert nad that they get to promote and have a good time in the concerts of end of the year. But i think that after that they should take a rest. The end of the year concerts look like they drain all the energy of the artists i’m always worried for them at these times..

    • monsieurme

      Yeah, it looks sadder when they tried hard not to cry and forced smile in their face :(
      I think they should rest after concluding this promotions.. it has been hard for them..

    • Yeah, i was really hoping B1A4 would win. About them being tired, i dont think that they need a rest yet because it’s not too long enough since their comeback. Maybe after a few more weeks, then they could need a rest.

      • But even if it’s only been a short time they’ve been working non-stop. :o Variety shows, performances, flying to other countries, practicing for their first concert…they said in an interview that they aren’t getting more than thee hours of sleep a night ㅜㅜ

        • Yeah, but that’s normal for an idol. They need to sacrifice energy and time to get great achievement. If they didn’t do something like that, they will not become as good as they are like right now. :)

        • Yeah it is common for an idol, but I’m also really worried for gong chan. The rest of them seem fine, but gongchan seemed to have lost so much weight after his surgery. He lost his smile too. I’ve always known that a kidney surgery is a big surgery. I know of people who can’t walk and eat for days after the surgery and it would still hurt after sometime… I have a feeling that they didn’t allow chan to rest enough after the surgery… :( he’s still so young, health should be of utmost importance…

        • I didnt know about Gongchan having a surgery. When was it? Did the surgery really change him?

        • True. He has this tired look whenever he performance. And you can see his muster up a lot of strength for the fans. It’s beautiful, but saddening. Maybe after these promotions the boys can get a well-deserved break?


  32. This deserves a review please!!!
    I have seriously watched the MV lmore than 30 times…i just love the song, their looks that go so well with this season (can i have a boyfriend that looks so warm in this cold season-or forever-?).
    Also i’ve been trying to crack up WTH is going on in the story. I thought it was only a break up (?) the song makes sense with that idea but then i searched and the poppy Baro took everywhere means death…so is she death? when they saw each other, then both are death? and why WHY when they met again he isn’t pleased? look at him he likes to remember her, he likes to think on their memories but when they met and she either stays or leaves he isn’t happy. Maybe I’m crazy and i’m looking explanations that doesn’t exist but i really want Simon and Martina’s (and whoever is here) POV jdsbvjhdbvjhdf

    • thesuitelife547

      This is my take on the music video, the meaning behind it, and kind of the relation between the song and the video.

      Baro and the girl’s love has faded. They once loved each other very much, but over time, they found themselves slowly growing detached from one another. The happy colors and the one with the flower, leaving out what the flower is and what it actually means, could be just sort of a happy place where their love still continues. I’m not really sure if the girl is dead or not, but the lyrics just imply that they’ve broken up after they no longer care for one another like they used to.

      On the other hand, the dark Baro is part of reality that he has to come and face that they are no longer together since the song lyrics imply that he still loves her but basically the breakup was inevitable for the both of them. I also believe that the girl probably isn’t dead since the lyrics also talk about forgetting the girl and erasing the memories that they had together and also talks about both people changing in the relationship. Even though the girl isn’t in the video, she was only in the beginning to give the ring back and then in the end, I just think that it’s mostly showing a happy Baro who is still in his fantasy relationship believing that he and the girl could be together forever.

      Maybe the happy Baro is kind of like the memories that they had together where they imagined a future together. When the happy Baro embraces the girl at the gate, maybe that’s the happily ever after that they both thought of, both of them just being together. Or maybe it’s because he was walking to find the person that he thought was going to be with him forever. On that part, I’m not entirely sure.

      Then the dark Baro in the end when he meets the girl in the snowy background and she leaves, maybe that’s him finally coming to face the reality that they can’t have a happily after ever and that he’s alone once again without her. That maybe he’s slowly come to the realization that they have broken things off and won’t be together ever again like they had once imagined in the happy times. And maybe the thing in the background, the bones or the ship frame, whatever it may be, maybe that represents like sort of an abandoned dream.

      The lyrics as a whole seem like it’s the thoughts of the guy after breaking off the relationship and turning home. Maybe that’s why Baro’s walking so much in the video in both worlds and then stops at the gate, when he’s with the girl, and in the snowy background, where the girl finally leaves. When he stops walking, he’s reached the end of his journey to see that they can’t be together forever like they hoped. The lyrics, if applied to the concept that they are the thoughts that the guy is thinking after breaking off the relationship, can be kind of a way for the guy to convince himself that it was the right thing to break off the relationship than keep going at it.

      As far as the flash of light goes, when I originally saw the music video I thought it was a car accident, but thinking about it more and watching the video more, I’m not entirely sure anymore. Maybe that’s the point in the walking and thought process where Baro finally realizes that he and the girl can’t be together and where the realization hits that they’ve broken up since after that Baro’s part talks about hurting and missing the girl and kind of convincing himself that leaving was a good thing. He was also kind of attempting to convince himself that he should stay away.

        I loved your pov srsly you just made me pay attention to some details… yeah i ‘m pretty sure the song and the video are really intertwined and i agree with everything you said, totally true in my eyes :) And i also love how you interpret the duality between happy/sad baro and his surroundings i wasn’t 100% sure how to see that but now i’m happy someone thinks like me and have a clearer idea than me, it helped me.
        At the beginning i thought the same about the mv, but then when i searched about the poppy and that kind of flash that looked like a car accident made me think that they might be dead tho the lyrics don’t make that much sense with that idea (still i want to know why she’s dressed all white and without shoes at the beginning and also the end)…
        Anyways, i went to watch the video (again) after reading your comment and it just made “click” on my mind that the poppy might not symbolize the death of any of them BUT the death of their love. He treasures their memories, their love but when he saw her again and drops the flower it’s just that he knows things can’t be the same, it’s over and he doesn’t feel the same for her. Like you said, that light and the fact he’s always walking is his journey to heal and face the truth over their break up: the isolation, sadness and also the nostalgia and remembering good memories i think it shows exactly who we can feel over a break up. I still don’t know how to interpret when they met at the gate and she stays but in the snow she leaves…for him he knows it’s over but why did she return? So he could face and notice the change on his emotions?
        Thank you so much for your opinion it helped me so much, new questions but a clearer vision where i had some doubts <3

        • thesuitelife547

          Yup no problem. Glad I could be of some help :)

          I also think that she may be without shoes and all white, not because of the fact that she’s dead, but because maybe she’s just a figment of his imagination, like maybe she’s not really there and he’s only imagining the breakup and then the realization of it along with imagining the happy ending that they could’ve had together.

    • oh also sorry (?) i haven’t read past comment so i don’t know if some of you already had this discussion haha >_<

      • monsieurme

        Lol the storylines have been discussed countless times yet no one actually know the truth XD
        Guess we’ll just see what simon and martina would say about that :)

        • Can my christmas wish be Simon and Martina interviewing them and asking them what the freaking storyline of their mv is?! hahaha

        • monsieurme

          Lol i suppose that would be a great present for you ^^

        • lol if B1A4 knew what EYK says about them…lol i just can imagine Sandeul’s expression hahaha

        • monsieurme

          Lol i doubt they can understand EYK except for Baro..Still if they understand ,Sandeul must be laughing until he died..XD

        • Haha they need to learn English first. XD

        • monsieurme

          Haha.. especially Sandeul XD

        • Lol, yes. I still remember his spelling of elephant. E_________t. lolol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah,, i think he can pronounce well but he just can’t spell it right:) It’s ok, he’s a singer not a writer ^^

        • Yea. lol. They aall say it as ‘punt’ not ‘phant’. They usually mix up f anf p. And r and l. So.. Idk. Maybe if they were taught/trained.. :D

        • monsieurme

          lol they just speak english with korean accent..:p
          Still they are in the middle og trying.. wouldn’t surprise me if someday they will release a full english song ^^

  33. monsieurme

    Anyone else was surprised when Baro raps in Beautiful Target’s mv?.. I can’t believe that deep voice coming from him..:O

    • Honestly, I still get shocked. Cause his rapping improves with every comeback of theirs, and I seriously can’t belive it comes from this baby-faced person.

      Every time I get used to his rapping, he comes back with an even more powerful one. :D

    • Looks like he’s 12, sounds like he’s 40~

    • a cutie and young face with deep voice <3

    • hahahahaha the first time i saw him and then rapping i was like WTH?! that can’t be his voice! D: in beautiful target he looks so cute and squishy and then his voice…omg haha >.< and now with Tried to Walk…my jaw dropped when i saw/heard his rap so fast o_o he's awesome.

      • monsieurme

        Yeah, i don’t believe it either..I thought he must be using sound effect or something.. turns out it’s his real voice!
        mind blown :O

        • ikr!!! hahaha i couldn’t believe it either. I love his voice and he really kills me on Baby goodnight when he kinds of whisper his lines OH MY GOD fvbdjhbvhjf can’t stop myself from fangirling

        • monsieurme

          yeah, his raps keep better and better in each song.:)
          I think his singing is great too ^^ like in this song..

        • i really enjoyed his singing on this song, i know he’s the rapper but i would love to hear him sing a little bit more :) and yes i just love how he’s getting better each song you can see his growth every new MV

        • Hahah~~ Even though I heard his sing, every time I think of Baro singing I’m reminded of his singing in Sesame Player. >>Baby, I’m Sorry<< And SanDeul apologizing on his behalf. lol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, his solo with Min is great too.. He’s so talented :)

        • Yep. I was expecting Baro to rap while Min only sings, but then.. they surprise me once again. :D They all are really talented.

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. Baro and Jinyoung are multitalented ^^

        • True. All of them are, when you think of it. Like how CNU can rap/sing (high pitched even) and is their lead dancer.

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, but i’m worried about gongchan.. but i still have a strong feeling that he might be very suitable for variety shows, mc-ing or acting.. thats multitalented too ^^

        • Yea. He had training in acting. So, he probably would be able to. And even MC-ing. I think in one ep of Hello Baby he did. True. All of them are. :D

  34. Honestly, I never realized how talented the B1A4 boys are as vocalists, composers/producers, and at just being awesome. I’m really, really ecstatic that this new album (esp. this song!) expresses all that. It even got me into watching/stalking all of their performances and variety shows appearances. I always knew they were almost squeamishly cute/adorable/lovely, but having all that previously unexpressed talent is just…mmm. Must actually go learn Korean now so I can sing along with the music stuck in my head, hehe.

    • And – omg, how’d I forget to mention it – this music video is so decadent and full-of-pretty-colors and amazing. Even the turtlenecks (I’m not fond of them either, Martina) and the bones-with-built-in-staircase-lol-wut meshed in well. Ahhhh, if this was the only k-pop song/MV left in the world, I don’t think I’d be sad. At all.

  35. Damn. I love my boys! They are always amazing, and I love everything about them. This isn’t my favorite song by them, but it’s still great. B1A4 fighting!

  36. monsieurme

    Which outfits do you like the most? Animal costumes in Beautful Target, cowboys from Baby Goodnight or turtlenecks from Tried to Walk?

    • I have to say I really really like those brightly colored clothes and jumpsuits they wore during the ok performances! But I liked them wearing the cowboys costumes too. I didn’t really like the fact that they are wearing expensive designer wear now, but still think they look awesome. I just hope they never never wear those pajamas and animal costumes they wore during beautiful target and those costumes with their blood types at the back….

      • monsieurme

        Yeah.. i don’t like them wearing expensive things too..(lol i’m jealous) when was they wear the costumes with blood types at the back? I don’t remember seeing it o_O

        • When they were performing only learnt the bad things. They had this costumes with As and Bs behind them. Was terrible.

        • monsieurme

          Lol that song with that costumes.. Even hearing it sounded wrong..
          I’ll try and check it some other time :)

    • I like the more normal ones so from Tried to Walk I guess. But I don’t really pay attention to guy’s outfits that much lol..

      • monsieurme

        Yeah,, normal is always the best but you cannot unsee their outfits in this mv especially the res one Baro wearing..
        It’s just too bright XD

    • Actually I like their normal-ish clothes from OK best. :D Although the fall/winter clothes from this mv are a close second. :)

    • i like the outfit from this tried to walk, it’s old fashion but yet modern at the same time, very fashionable. the boys looks so so handsome and looks their age as young men.

      • monsieurme

        Yeah,, they look mature in them.. Just the risk of the turtlenecks XD

        • Yea.. And the expenses. I can;t even afford a shoelace! It’s so damn expensive. I’m not even sure if my whole wardrobe is that expensive!

        • monsieurme

          I guess it’s a sponsored clothes and it should be given back?

        • I guess.. If it’s sponsored. But damn. They were expensive. It shocked the life right out of me. lol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, even the smallest accessories has the price of a full dress! I would prefer going dinner in an expensive place and full my stomach XD

        • Lol, ME TOOO! I LOVE EATING! Hahahahah~~ xD But seriously. 450 USD for shoes/chains is too much.

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, its not like you’re going to wear them every day -_-
          Lol,we buy food just once, we’re full and feeling satisfied. done :)

        • Exactly! Hahaha~~ True. I love food. lol. xDD

  37. The turtlenecks in this video make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I also especially like the super turtleneck, I would like one of my own btw. WOOO GO BILASAAAAA great song and video and wow great show my friends, great show. Gongchan needs more screen time. D:

  38. i really want you to review them, this is srsly B1A4’s best song until now..and it JinYoung who made it..BILASA FOR THE WIN!

  39. OmgItzMimi