B1A4 – Tried to Walk

  1. One of B1A4’s BEST song! <3

    • Yeah! Really love all the feelings that were captured in the song. I don’t even understand Korean but I still felt that. Almost teared up when watching their performance on music bank last night cos there was so many feels in their eyes!

  2. Such a beautiful song! :D (keep voting ;D)

  3. this has over 30,000 votes but 60sec only has less than 20,000 but why is it second place ?

    • monsieurme

      They have the points reduced for a video after it has been released for certain amount of time ^^

      what do you think the first thing s&m will talk about this mv aside of the turtlenecks… XD

      • I think they will interpret the two sides in such a complete new and unique way that we’ll all be mind blown. I mean look at FT Island’s I Wish -mind blown-, B1A4’s Baby I’m Sorry the baguettes…

        • monsieurme

          Lol the kill-her-with-a-baguette things is just so unpredictable!.. Their sense of observation is just too high XD
          Gotta look out for FT Island’s..

        • yeah exactly!! that’s why i love EYK!! they really observe the details and find a creative way to make fun of things that not all the fans saw or thought about or when they find things we can’t explain it just blows my mind like Fantastic Baby and their make up and stuff i was really impressed o_o

        • monsieurme

          I’ve just saw a few EYK videos and it;s really interesting how they review a song in a whole different angle which we don not expect at all.. more than anything, it’s funny XD

        • Lol, honestly speaking, the first time I watched the review for BT, I was a lil offended (It was the 1st S&M review I watched) lol, but it grew on me, now I can’t wait for the review to release.

        • monsieurme

          Lol, its hard for me to get offended.. Plus, they only speak the truth.. whatever it is :p and that what makes it funny ^^

        • Lol, true. They have an amazing way of speaking about the nonsensical stuff. lol. >>Once again the baguette<< lol. And everything they speak about IS true. And I really didn't notice that the staircase in BIS lead to nowhere. They've got really powerful/eagle eyes. xDD

        • monsieurme

          Lol, they can zoom like 50 time closer to each scene and investigate every single pixel of it XD

        • Hahahahahaha~~ Yes. And then notice even the slightest mistake. I really wanna know the ‘mistakes’ in this MV too. lolol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, you won’t be expecting anything normal XD

        • Lol, probably. Martina might not even talk about the turtlenecks and might instead go off abut something which we hadn’t even noticed. lol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, it’s possible Martina has get over her turtlenecks ‘addiction’ :p and complaining how much she hates flowers XD

        • But flowers are pretty! Lol, I’m being such a girl. xP

          Maybe, or she’ll come up with this totally new unexpected phobia/hatred. Like.. Idk. lol. Only Martina does. xP

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, like hatred towards bones?

        • Maybe.. Although some poeple are like it looks like a ship’s hull. Used to signify a journey or something like that. lol, we need Martina’s opinion. :D

        • monsieurme

          Seriously a ship looks like that? That will be too small o_O
          I will go for whale :p

        • I don’t know.. I’m too lazy to look it up. Hahaha~~ I thought the skeleton of a whale too. Though, I’ve no idea how it relates to the MV.

        • monsieurme

          I suppose it has something to do with the afterlife they said..and i think they just put it there to make it beautiful and make people confuse :p

        • Lol, I swear, it’s like B1A4 loves confusing us. xP Whoever gave them the idea for this MV certainly put a lot of thinking into it. Or just some randomness. xD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. they just wants to look artistic but in fact, they just put all element together :p surprisingly for this video, its kinda make sense and make us more confuse XD

        • Hahahaha~~ Yes. It made sense in a confusing way. XD I think.. The only thing which makes sense right now is Baro being a vampire. lol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, that probably is.. Don’t be shockes if that’s what Martina conclude too XD

        • Lol, As much as this fits the MV perfectly, I can;t help feeling Martina will come up with this totally new and cool theory about what happened. lol

        • monsieurme

          yeah.. perhaps we should start our own eatyourkimchi :p

        • Hahaha~~ Maybe. Lol, except that S&M will sue us for copying them. Hahahahahha~~ xDD

        • monsieurme

          lol, they might welcoming a new chalengers(ok how do you spell it XD)…

        • Challengers. Yea.. I think so. lol. Yep. Although, since we’re biased we’ll probably have only BANAs following us. xP

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, and every b1a4 mv will automatically be reviewed XD

        • Yep, there’s no need to vote for any B1A4 MV. Haha~~ Oh, and we need funds in case of a server breakdown like this. Cause, they’re expensive. xP

        • monsieurme

          Lol then we can’t do it then since we are poor XD

        • Lol, maybe get donations? xP From rich BANAs? xPP

        • I_U_I_U_I

          Lets just start a website called drink our soju! haha then we shall be veryvery B1A4 biased.

        • Omg. The website name. ;DD Hahahahahah~~ Yeah. Very Very biased. xD No need to vote, B1A4 gets a free review. xD

        • I_U_I_U_I

          XD B1A4 gets an hour long worth of praises from us biased fans. XD We might get really popular and get to interview B1A4. omgomg. spazz. fghjkl

        • OMG! I wish! So bad! Lol. I’ll learn Korean just for them. @Monsieurme had the same idea of staring up a website similar to it. ;DD

        • I_U_I_U_I

          XD Maybe we can call it drink your blood. Since B1A4 is named after blood types. XD But then it will sound lame. XD

        • Lol, it’ll be Vampire-ish. ;DD (Tho, I don’t really like them. xP) Lol, I actually like DrinkYourSoju. xDD

    • peterpanchild

      It’s been out longer than 60sec has, there’s a whole time factor which must be taken into account for. :

  4. i really want this mv to reviewed , there’s more to talk about than the 60sec mv …

  5. monsieurme

    Finally the page worked again ^^
    Dear mods, can you guys please give the final updates of the points difference since we’ve lost 12 hours just to see how far do we have to catch up..

    TKIR: so let’s say this mv is just featuring an actor and actress without showing any members of b1a4 at all.. who will it be?
    (with the same storyline as Baro’s)

  6. I love Baro in this video, this video is so beautiful

  7. verónica gabriela almeida padi



  9. So sad they didnt win, they look letdown. So unfair.


  11. If you could make a MV for any B1A4 song, which one?

    I’d like to make one for Smile, where all the members would propose to their girlfriend in different ways att different places. And they would all have different girls!

    • Your idea is good (esp. re. different girls for each member! yes please!)

      For me, I think I would like one for Wonderful Tonight Unplugged. It could start with all the members seperate, doing the parts in different places looking all melancholy and sh*t. Then they could come together in like a music room or cafe near the end. idk, I would just like something chill and contemplative. ^^

    • that would be so romantic, the best, melting just thinking if this could be real mv

    • monsieurme

      I’m going for In The Air, they’re having a vacations and having an open-air concert where fans got to see them for free:)
      They can be in the mv too ^^

      • Yep. And I’ll be one of those fans. lol. I wish.

        • monsieurme

          Lol i won’t..i will a passerby coming near them looking away uninterested..then they will invite me on stage with them ^^

        • Nope. Lol, I’ll push you away and run onto the stage myself. xDD LOL

        • monsieurme

          Lol, and the other Banas down there will stare at you and be like ‘what is she doing in front of b1a4 ?’ XD

        • Lol, yea. But I’ll make a lasting impression on B1A4 as the girl who made a fool out of herself infront of them. LOLOL. xD

        • monsieurme

          Lol no.. you must not remember the i-punch-them-in-the-face-inside-the-elevator comment XD
          They’ll remember me forever ^^

        • Oh! Yes. Ok, fine. They’ll remember both of us forever. lolol. Though, they might get restraining orders against us both. :P

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, we are going to be banned from being banas forever XD

        • Lol, NOOOO~~ They can;t ban my ever-growing love for B1A4. That’s just cruel. lol Nope. I’ll run away then. Hahahaha~~ xDD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, go run away.. bannes is still banned :p

        • Pshh.. NO! Lol, just no! Hahahah~~ You’re so mean! lol. xDD

        • monsieurme

          Lol.. haha you’ve forgotten i’ve been banned too :p

        • Yea.. but. Lol, k. We’re both banned. Hahaha~~ Maybe.. we can ask them to lift the ban? Provided we never do that again? lol xD

        • monsieurme

          yeah, if we won this battle for them ^^

        • Yea. I guess. All the more reason to work hard. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah try hard if you don’t want to get banned ^^

        • Pshh.. You too! xP lol Not just me!

        • monsieurme

          Lol, i never care of being banned :p what that has to do anyway ? XD

        • Uhh.. You can’t meet them? Lol. I HAVE TO MEET THEM! Lol, my dream. Hahaha~~ xDD

        • monsieurme

          Hey, i enjoy their music more ^^
          and to be virtually in touch is better for me because i don’t actually like socialising..

        • Same here! Omg. I hate talking/socialising with people in real life, I get so awkward. Lol, whereas online, I’m like a social butterfly. xP

          But, for B1A4, I would make an exception. xP I’d make many exceptions for B1A4. ;DD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, i bet you’re going crazy when actually meeting b1a4 :p

        • I doubt that actually. I might just stare at them wondering if they’re real. And once they go away, I’ll curse myself for just standing and staring at them instead of staring some intelligent conversation. xP

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, you practically turned into a stone o_o

        • Yea. I will. Lol, I’ll just stare. Like, Eeeeeek! I see B1A4! Lol, if I do talk, they’ll probably get scared and run away. xP

        • monsieurme

          Don’t talk then.. just punch

        • Nope, that’s for you. Mine to run in front of them doing something idiotic. lol, 2 possible outcomes. Either SanDeul/Baro join in doing something idiotic as well or else they all turn and run away. xD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, i bet for the second outcome :)

        • You’re mean. D: Lol, nope. I’ll make SanDeul and Baro join in by.. Oh! Bribing them with food! xD Why didn;t I think of this before! Lol xDD

    • peterpanchild

      O gosh. I’m not sure what I’d do, but props to you for such a creative question. c:

  12. Pearl Chen

    myehhhhhh i want them to win!

  13. mintytarget

    BANAs, how many vases would Baro need for all of those flowers laying everywhere in the first room (where the girl is sitting)?

  14. I’m just curious…

    When you first heard the song, before you saw the music video, what type of music video were you expecting? What did you think the video would look like?

  15. Ah, thank goodness this page is fixed now but it’s kind of unfair that
    we lost like more than 12 hours of voting time.. at least comments worth
    but it looks like we were still able to stay number 2 by other methods.

    But I was looking at the English Translation for this song to try to understand this mv better and this line I find interesting
    “my burnt and blackened love”
    Now there’s multiple theories about if the girl is dead or just left him..
    For me I think this line means that she’s dead since their love is dead (burnt). What do you guys think?

    • monsieurme

      I think it’s like his love is on fire and very strong towards the girl.. yeah,i don’t know..

    • When I read that line, I thought that it meant that their love sort of just faded and that the separation was inevitable in the end.

      • That was the impression I got too. Like maybe their love was powerful once, but it just burned out unti lthere’s nothing left.

        • thesuitelife547

          Yeah, that’s what I thought when I first read the translation because it sounds like the guy doesn’t want to break up but he’s leaving anyway, since it’s implied that he’s the one who broke it off. And most of the lyrics of the song talks about them kind of growing apart and not really wanting to leave one another.

  16. At all the mods, why aen;t our votes increasing either? I mean, surely at least by one? But, it’s been the same since yesterday. D':

    • fuuko4869

      It looks fine to me? I even voted just to check, and it increased by 2 (which shows someone else voted at the same time).

      Also, sorry about the page dying. It happened to us last week on Epik High’s Don’t Hate Me page (which is really old but we hang out there just for fun), because Disqus couldn’t handle that many comments. In fact, it happens to all pages with over 8000 comments. We foresaw it happening with Bilasa’s page too, but we couldn’t do anything about it until S&M got back. At least they DID get back and fixed it just in time? :D
      When Nu’est’s page crashed, it took a week before they could comment on the page again….I dunno how comforting that is, put you have my apologies and sympathy for this happening to you during this crucial time.
      m(_ _)m

      Anywhooo, in the worst case scenario of this MV not getting reviewed, we have a surprise for you…. *dun dun dun*

      • Yea. It wasn’t increasing. It honestly scared the hell out of me. Especially when I saw SungGyu’s increase drastically. lol

      • monsieurme

        I think she meant like the vote not increasing 21 hours ago… now it appears to be fine ^^..
        Wow, nu’est took a week? Then we;re lucky enough for just 12 hours :D

        TKIR: SInce you’re a moderator, could you still probably have favorite member in b1a4?:D

        • Yea. Exactly what I meant. I’m not even sure if we stand a chance right now. We lost so much valuable time. And many people can;t access the page again. T.T

        • monsieurme

          We’ve doing very great last few hours suddenly it crash again T_T
          We should be prepared for the worse to come but still, i’m not giving up X)

        • I don’t want to too.. But, idk. I’ve been dsappointed for the past 2 weeks, I don’t think I want a 3rd one.

        • monsieurme

          Right now is there any other Banas can open the page like you? you should join forces with them and comment continuously.. i’m sure we can make it ^^

          yeah, it would be a waste if this mv is not getting reviewed :(

        • Idk. There’s hardly anyone commenting. All the BANAs I know can’t open it. D: So frustrating. D:

          This MV deserves the review. ^^

        • monsieurme

          Oh,so the winning or losing is all up to you then ^^
          Lol, then it’s ok to be losing with a valid reason :p

          Still, this isn’t right :( we have to win this !XD

        • Omg. No. “All up to me” sounds scary. D: If we lost due to lesser fans or something is fine, but.. This is seriously not our fault! D:

        • monsieurme

          Haha..well considering you’re the only one who can open the page XD
          That’s ok, we’ll lose with dignity :p lol
          no we’re going to win ^^

        • That’s seriously freaky, how only I can. It’s wrong. lol. We’re such dignified BANAs. lol.

          InshaAllah, we’ll win. :D Hopefully. I’ve been waiting/commenting for 3 weeks now. I need it to win! lol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, we should just win it the first week..:( it’s easier for us but make it impossible for boyfriend though -_-
          Well just try whatever we can until the voting closed ^^

        • Exactly. Why’d some BANAs help Boyfriend. D: So unfair. D: Oh, well. It’s in the past. We just have to keep trying till the voting closes which is in 5 hours and 21 minutes. D:

        • monsieurme

          It’s obvious they don’t want this to be reviewed..
          They don’t want to see b1a4 get mocked, it’s good of them too ^^
          bestfriends do help us as much as we help them :) and its not that much

        • Yea, I tried to get blogs on Tumblr to promote it, but many don’t want to cause they don’t want to see B1A4 get ‘insulted/mocked’. It’s a good thing.. I guess.. But B1A4 also gains more fans/recognition thru this. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, seeing some of banas know b1a4 from S&m videos..
          but i’m positive this time it will be a good review with less mocking.. although there will still be about the turtlenecks XD

        • Obv. That’s undeniable. A turtleneck rampage is guaranteed. lol, but yes. More positives I guess.. Since, there really isn’t much faults with this MV. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah like no english.. but i’m not sure about the storyline though.. we might think it has deep meaning but what if they think it’s all nonsense XD lol just endure it :)

        • Yea. We’ve got nothing to lose. Hopefully, we’ll win this week, then get it reviewed and then increase our fanbase. :D lol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, we’ll do a big favor for them.. seriously, their lost in music bank yesterday made me more want to win this XD

        • True.. But then, they were up against PSY whose video/song went viral, so they literally came first. They beat out all the other artists and that makes me proud. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, but they still lose in the eye of others :(
          Hey but that’s really a good achievement.. i can’t even think of them being in the top 2! XD

        • Exactly, being in the Top 2 is something which hasn’t happened before, I think. So.. a huge accomplishment. But many expected PSY to win, so they were looking forward to who will come in 2nd. So.. That’s a good thing, I guess. :D

        • monsieurme

          yeah, its already surprising to many of them too the fact that they are no 2 :D

        • Lol, it even surprised me! xP Hahaha~~ :D But, that’s an accomplishment. They’re on their way to their top. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, next comeback they will win triple crown ^^

        • Hopefully. Tho, what exactly is a Triple Crown? I’m not that good at these show things.

        • monsieurme

          It only exist in mcountdown only where you win for 3 times and after that you’ll be removed from the chart^^ life would be better if psy is removed from music bank :p

        • Oh, lol. Yep. He should be removed. lol. InshaAllah, B1A4 will get a triple crown for their next comeback. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, maybe we should just hope for them to get a crown first :p

        • Lol, yes. Baby steps. ;DD

        • fuuko4869

          YES BARO :D

          Especially if he has a beard!!!

        • Hey Mod. Many can’t access the page again. WE’RE CURSED. I’m telling ya. Def. D':

        • fuuko4869

          Sorry just got back. I’m so sorry about this!!! >_<

          I think we might need to change the whole commenting platform if this continues. Anyway gonna email S&M now.

        • Ok. I guess. We can’t really do anything. We’re still trying nevertheless. :D

        • fuuko4869

          Hi NaimAsma, sorry but Simon said he’s already done all that he can for this page. FYI, this video currently has the highest amount of comments of all time, beating out BAP’s Power record. ^^;;

          The only think we could do to fix it at this point would be to buy a new server, which is extremely expensive and impossible to set up within 2 hours anyway :/

          I’m so sorry guys.

          But I tried to think up a way around it:
          Follow these people on Disqus, reply to their comments that were posted on this TTW page, and tell them to reply to you via http://disqus.com/dashboard/

          These are the last 10 people to comment on TTW’s page:

          Btw I’m really impressed how you and monsieurme have kept the convo going for so long ^^b

          and yes I copypasted this comment don’t judge me T_T

        • I guess you did all that you can. :) No one’s judging you. Thanks for you help anyway. :) Maybe another time.. cause it is kinda hopeless now. D:

        • Honestly, I’m pretty shocked/surprised at how we kept the comments/convo going for so long too. It’s like we’ve been knowing each other for years, instead of just a few days. It’s ok, I guess. Nothing we can do. D:

          Atleast we tried, :)

        • fuuko4869

          You guys are so positive and lovely!! *tear*

        • monsieurme

          Hi fuuko.. we can’t open the page again :(
          i hope it will be fixed soon as we don’t have much time left T_T

        • fuuko4869

          Hi monsieurme, sorry but Simon said he’s already done all that he can for this page. FYI, this video currently has the highest amount of comments of all time, beating out BAP’s Power record. ^^;;

          The only think we could do to fix it at this point would be to buy a new server, which is extremely expensive and impossible to set up within 2 hours anyway :/

          I’m so sorry guys.

          But I tried to think up a way around it:
          Follow these people on Disqus, reply to their comments that were posted on this TTW page, and tell them to reply to you via http://disqus.com/dashboard/

          These are the last 10 people to comment on TTW’s page:

          Btw I’m really impressed how you and NaimAsma have kept the convo going for so long ^^b

        • monsieurme

          Thanks, you guys have tried everything you can and there’s still ways for us to comment though via dashboard ^^
          And that is what we’ve been doing..:)
          And highest amount of comment all time?! wow, we did achieve something great ^^ thanks for that wonderful info XDDD
          btw, is it still possible for us to catch up with sungkyu’s mv?
          or is it not counted anymore since the page is crashed?
          sorry to be bothering you, say thanks from me to simon and martina :)

        • fuuko4869

          Yups most comments of all time. Considering how a bunch of mods and nasties hijacked the Epik High pages for almost 2 months and used it as a random off-topic forume, and then you guys come along and overtake us in just a week or so….that’s pretty impressive. Not to mention all your comments are totally on topic, whereas ours were just random conversations (it’s an old page so it doesn’t matter). Also, BAP holds most of the records on EYK, and it’s reaaally hard to beat them. Crayon beat them for Most Points, and you just beat them for Most Comments. Very impressive!! ^^b

          As for beating Sung Kyu, yea why not? The points keep updating even if the page crashed.
          But you’re about 4 000 points behind at the moment, and that’s not an amount that can be gained solely from comments. You’d have to get a lot of tweets and facebook likes for that to happen.
          I think Banas have tried really hard, and we’re trying to think up something to make it up to you (and all the other videos that didn’t get reviewed cos S&M were away)

        • monsieurme

          So looks like we’re never going to catch up..:(
          Nevermind, it’has been a great experience for me to participate in this ‘war’^^ one lost would not mean we’ll lose in the future :)
          We plan to make it until 9k comments before this finish! Wish us luck and thanks for everything :DD

        • fuuko4869

          Well…on the moderator page, you already have 9,541 comments??!! xD
          (it probably includes deleted comments)

        • monsieurme

          yeah, probably including the deleted comment.. the voting is finished right? did we achieved the 9k?

        • I_U_I_U_I

          (reading this from the discus dashboard and I’m really thankful.) I think BANAs is the most awesome fandom I’ve ever been in. I’m really proud. And I’m now feeling very apologetic for sending rant tweets to S&M. 4000 points is alot. I understand. We’re not going to win anymore. But i still feel proud of the BANAs over here. Our boys would be happy that we have such a supportive bunch of fans here. I would be so happy if we get a surprise. Thank you. =3

        • fuuko4869

          Banas are great fans :)

          Btw someone suggested getting Bilasa members to do Movember (y’know, when you grow a ‘mo’ = moustache in November). I’m looking forward to it. Hahahaha xD

        • I_U_I_U_I

          huhh i still don’t understand. XD More information please. XD
          Subject: [eatyourkimchi] Re: B1A4 – Tried to Walk

        • I_U_I_U_I

          Hi, I’m glad we got the highest amount of comment of all time. I don’t think its possible for us to catch up anymore. I’m sorry I had to rant just now. I’m really disappointed. Thank you Simon and Martina. /on the verge of tearing up/

        • monsieurme

          Hey do you know what’s the point difference? Is it really not possible to catch up? Still we have to continue and do our best ^^

        • I_U_I_U_I

          i read somewhere its 4k. this morning i counted and we had 5k difference. even though the site crashed we still stayed strong. Something to be proud of definitely! We wouldn’t be able to win already. Lets just aim for 9k comments. or 10k? hehheh lets just hang out here when the page recover. (will the page ever recover? If not I’m going to miss this place i spent three weeks in… D=)

        • monsieurme

          Since it’s 30 minutes left 9k is the most acceptable :)
          I don’t think the page will ever recover since we broke the record, we also broke the page :p

        • I_U_I_U_I

          awwwwww BANAs are awesome spammers. XD I really hope that this page can be recovered tho. =( Are you commenting via the dashboard or on the site?Do you have twitter? we can be friends! ;DSubject: [eatyourkimchi] Re: B1A4 – Tried to Walk

        • monsieurme

          lol yes we are ^^
          i don’t think the page will ever recovered though :(
          I’m commenting via dashboard too :(
          No, i don’t socialnetworking XD ( this is a special case :p)

        • monsieurme

          Lol, you love baro with beard so much..:p
          try gongchan with beard XD

        • You think he would look good in a beard? But I don’t think I have ever seen a kpop star with a real beard before…

        • most yellow skin asians tend not to have alot of facial hair, i was suprised to see G.O with facial hair in MBLAQs debut MV.
          oh any b1a4 members with beard= lol

        • fuuko4869

          I present you with my infamous image of BARO WITH A BEARD :D :D

          No seriously, Mithra from Epik High has a beard most of the time (if you count Epik High as kpop stars?)
          He’s the model for Baro’s beard btw :p

          Also, Taeyang is also often spotted with stubble.

          I think I like it cos my dad is so hairy lol

        • maybe next year/future, Banas can challenge B1A4 to do a no shave November month? lol The possibility of that happening might be low but who knows…

        • Nuuuuuuuu T^T if baro had facial hair i will not know how to react when I see him acting all cutesy and hyper in variety shows….

        • Omg. This. I’ll probably have a seizure. When I see him act all derpy while having a beard/facial hair.. Yep. I’ll need to book an emergency room at a hospital in advance.

        • Maybe like when Simon dresses up the “Ugly Exotic One”? xD

        • I’ll cry! Lol if Baro dresses up like that I’ll leave the fandom. XD jk! I love them too much to leave.

        • I’m not actually seing the picture of Baro? just Mithra and Taeyang.

          Choi Min Soo is an actor that often has an awesome beard!
          (my dad has a beard too, lol I think they’re cool ^^)

          Not sure the bilasa bbs could pull off a beard in real life though >< They have such baby faces, I'm not even sure they can grow whiskers. XD

      • peterpanchild

        asdfghjklsdfghjkl!!!!!! Oooooh secretive mods speaking of surprises…… fufufufu. <,<

  17. Ok, I’ve run out of things to discuss. D: TKIR has become so difficult. D:

    BANAs, we need to win this!!~~ ;D

    • just go back through the old comments. ^^ there is plenty to respond to.

    • monsieurme

      I’m back ^^

      Lol we just to create ridiculous question out of imagination..:p or just repeating a long time questions
      TKIR: So is turtlenecks are only wore in winter? Cause i never see anyone wears it in my country..
      perhaps its because i live in the countryside :(

      • Maybe? Lol, I live in Dubai where the temp. reach 50+ during Summers and only 20 during Winters, so I haven;t really seen people where them either. But, I’m guessing only winter.

        • monsieurme

          Here we don’t even have winter :( the temperature stay the same everyday..

        • Oh. lol. Our winter.. is 20 degrees which technically isn’t even cold. Just.. a little less hot. So, no turtlenecks. D: But they look comfy.

        • monsieurme

          actually i can’t stand 20 degrees:(.. perhaps the normal lowest temperature here is 24
          hey, i gotta agree with Martina, it doesn’t look cool wearing turtlenecks XD

        • NOOO~~ WHAT? Turtlenecks look good. On some people. lol. And they’re comfy looking (depending on the material, I guess.) Lol. xD

          But I guess during Summers.. 24 is better than 50+. It’s boiling literally. You can’t step put of the house (Not like I do go out anyway. xP)

        • monsieurme

          Yeah its the truth..
          perhaps you should wear something something else to cover the turtlenecks then only it looks cool XD

        • Oh, that.. Maybe? Lol, Baro’s beige trench coat! That looked good with the turtleneck! lol :P

        • monsieurme

          I have no idea what type of coat is that XD
          but i assume it’s the brown one baro wearing? yeah, it..looks normal..:p

        • Yea.. That one. Light brown-ish. Pshh! I don’t like you! Lol. xDD It’s not normal. It looks good! Hahahaha~~ xDD

        • monsieurme

          Haha.. yeah it looks fine with him :)

        • Not fine. Good. Lololol. xDDD

        • monsieurme

          Ok it looks awesome in Baro :p like everyone who wears it :)

        • Ok, now it’s fine. He looks amazing in it. Lol. I’m so persistent. xDD

        • monsieurme

          Lol, lets just get over it.. What do you think of jinyoung’s? Haha, we’ll just keep discussing of each member’s outfits XD

        • JinYoung’s.. Lol, I honestly didn;t notice the outfits so much. He looked ok? I mean, the turtlenecks didn;t look horrific on him. So.. ok? lol

        • monsieurme

          Lol, i actually like jinyoung’s black and white ‘pyjama’ in the end :)
          i wish to have one ^^

        • Oh! The plaid one. Looks good-ish? Lol. I just noticed Baro’s red suit in the beginning cause it’s so bright and stands out a lot!

        • monsieurme

          Wow, i can’t believe you dont see that..XD that’s the most out of place thing in the mv.. though it did makes baro stand out..by a lot..

        • Pshh.. I tend to miss out on the obvious at times. :P it’s only when people mention them, I notice them. xPP Lol, but why so bright red? It contrasts the MV a lot.

        • monsieurme

          That what i mean.. you cannot unsee that red outfit :p
          Thats why people say Baro might be a vampire XD

        • Yea.. Blood-Red suit. He IS a vampire. lol. It all makes perfect sense, especially since they’re wearing turtlenecks to cover up the bite marks. xP

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, that’s the actual purpose of the turtlenecks XD oh my,then that explain why Martina hated turtlenecks so much ! she is onced attacked by a vampire disguising as a human wearing turtlenecks! And she nearly got bitten !XD

        • Yep.Probably! SHE PROBABLY HATED THE TWILIGHT SERIES AS WELL! Lol, no wonder,she hates turtlenecks and goes on a rampage when she sees idols wearing them! She knows that they’re vampires! xP

        • monsieurme

          yeah, and there are so many vampires everywhere! Martina actually trying to save us XD

        • Yes! Lol, she warned us. If we get bitten by vampires.. It’s our fault. lol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, thanks to b1a4’s mv, they revealed everything XO
          And it’s still confusing too but we manage to break the code :p

        • EXACTLY! Hahahaha~~ Now I’ll stay away from everyone who wears turtlenecks! But.. I like them! D: lol

        • monsieurme

          Lol, i’ll practically will try to check his teeth first XD

        • Lol, he won’t open his mouth. xP

        • monsieurme

          Oh yeah? i’ll just gran his turtlenecks then XD

    • I know! -.-
      After 3 weeks almost everything has been said several times already…

      • peterpanchild

        I’ve just been replying to everyone, even if whatever I type sounds really dumb. I’ve stopped trying to make insightful comments and now just say whatever comes to mind.

  18. This song is so beautiful~Knowing this is composed by B1A4 themselves makes me more eager and excited to listen to this song!

  19. Loveee this song so much!!!!

  20. I’m so blown away by this song, B1A4 is always releasing songs that are so amazingly addictive, but this one was so amazing I just freaked out.

    • monsieurme

      Yeah, and the facts that they made the songs themselves make it more super amazing ^^

      • True. And when you consider their ages.. O.O He’s so young and the songs he writes and composes are so amazing. :D

        • monsieurme

          yeah, the future of b1a4 is going to be great ^^

        • True. And they’ll be one of the greatest boy groups there is. :D Makes me proud to be a BANA. :D

        • monsieurme

          Right now let’s just make sure they win one of the music programs..
          it’s a good indicator for them to be acknowledged as a successful group ^^

        • Yea. Hopefully Music Bank next week? Hopefully, they’ll be nominated again. :D I think they did gain some recognition from this week’s Music Bank, cause people were expecting PSY to win, but for B1A4 to come in 2nd.. That’s huge. :D

        • monsieurme

          It will be a miracle if they ever got nominated for first place again next week.. honestly, there are too many competitions :(
          Still, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible ^^

        • Yea.. That too. With Humanoids and Caffeine and 60 Seconds. D: Yea, “Nothing’s Impossible” XP

        • monsieurme

          Maybe we just hope for them to stay in top 10 until next year :D
          at least that have more hope XD
          Hey, did the comment counts even move? How many is there right now?

        • Lol, yes. I guess that’s more likely.

          Yea, it does. There’s now 8610 comments. :D Which is good.

          There’s also 35291 votes. 3619 FB shares. 2093 Google+ shares and 4298 tweets.

        • monsieurme

          So from what i’ve been tracking from last two days
          b1a4 = 7700 to 8610 / 910 increase
          sungkyu= 1300 to 1970 / 670 increase
          see? we actually can do this ^^

        • Yea. Now, I think so too. Cause I just visited their page out of curiosity and they’re not really that active. it’s mainly cause our page crashed. And we need another 367 comments to get it to 9k, which we hopefully can (Hopefully, the page will be back up) and.. we keep voting via the main KPop chart page. I guess, we’ll be able to win it that way. :D

        • monsieurme

          I hope we can take over them at the last minute so they don’t have time to catch back.. but it’s worse if we can never take over them :(
          Keep fighting until 9000!

        • Yea.. That’s be good. :D Maybe we can. Hwaiting!!~~ :D

        • monsieurme

          Yes we can ^^
          and there is another bana online..mintytarget
          are you currently creplying on him?

        • 300 more comments to get it to 9k. :DD

        • monsieurme

          Wow, it’s so close.. lets take up to 10k until the closing XD
          lol i don’t know if it’s possible :p

        • Idk either. Let’s just keep commenting and see where it reaches. ;DD

          Oh, which is your fav MV of all B1A4’s?

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, that’s the only way :)
          My favourite mv is actually Only learned The Bad Things.. its really sweet and light.. plus, the girl looks so much like IU ^^

        • Yea, she’s really pretty. I think IU’s my fav. female singer. Her voice is really powerful for someone so tiny. lol

          The MV’s really good and I like the feel of the song. Once again, Baro’s the lead. ;DD

        • monsieurme

          I don’t like IU voice actually.. It’s strong but just no.. i prefer aille or lee hi over he ^^ still she’s the cutest and most adorable ^^ lol i’m fanboying :p
          yeah, and baro’s hair is black that time ^^

        • Ailee’s voice is really powerful too! Lol, it’s not illegal to fanboy. xPP You can fanboy here, Hahahah~~ She’s really cute, and she has this baby face. Which is really adorable. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, ailee has great potential! haha, iu is acting younger than her age yet she’s actually very mature too.. i love her in runnig man XD

        • Oh, I haven’t watched that ep. I’ve just watched a few random ones. Ailee’s voice really is amazing. I’ve been hooked ever since I heard her sine Halo by Beyonce. :D

        • monsieurme

          Lol my friend and i are like a big fan of running man..but i’m getting tired of it lately :p
          I know ailee from dream high.. no idea she’s a great singer ^^

        • Really? SHE’S AN AMAZING SINGER! Seriously. :D I know she acted in Dream High 2, even tho I haven’t watched it? Is it good?

        • monsieurme

          Yeah and she’s like one of the coolest cast there ^^
          She sings a lot too..

        • Yea, cause she’s a singer. lol. xD

        • monsieurme

          Oh yeah.. silly me Xp

        • Hahaha~~ xP Yep. Silly you. xD

        • Really? Nope. I didn’t even know.

        • monsieurme

          Have she commented on you yet?.. it would be great if we have another members..:)

        • Nope. He/She follwoeed me, but I can;t find any of their comments to ‘talk’ with them.

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. we need to start conversation in the page.. oh well..
          just do what is possible ^^
          So, what is your favorite song from b1a4? (i think we’ve talked about this but lets just start it over again :p)

        • I really liked Crush and Only One. And Only Learned Bad Things and Baby I’m Sorry, and Super Sonic. lol . Yours?

        • monsieurme

          I like all songs you listed except super sonic.. and smile,ok,hey girl, ready to go.. for the new album, i like if and in the air, and this song too..:D

        • Lol, I don’t even know the meaning behind Super Sonic, I just found it adorable how they mixed up Unicorn/bunnies/Sexy bomb/Love iconic in one song.

        • monsieurme

          And the mixed up english doesn’t make sense at all XD

        • Lol, not one bit. It’s just catchy, hence I like it. I know nothing about the meaning. :P

          Oh Simon can’t do anything about this crash.Here’s the exact comment.

          Hi NaimAsma, sorry but Simon said he’s already done all that he can for this page. FYI, this video currently has the highest amount of comments of all time, beating out BAP’s Power record. ^^;;
          The only think we could do to fix it at this point would be to buy a new server, which is extremely expensive and impossible to set up within 2 hours anyway :/
          I’m so sorry guys.
          But I tried to think up a way around it:
          Follow these people on Disqus, reply to their comments that were posted on this TTW page, and tell them to reply to you via http://disqus.com/dashboard/
          These are the last 10 people to comment on TTW’s page:
          Btw I’m really impressed how you and monsieurme have kept the convo going for so long ^^b
          and yes I copypasted this comment don’t judge me T_T

        • mintytarget

          At least I can reply to people I follow.. Ehehe. :3

        • Lol. :D Who’s your bias?! Lol, that’s the 1st qstn which pops into my mind! I love their duck. ;DD

        • mintytarget

          Teehee~ My bias is Sandeul. He’s so cute and derpy and I love his “mental breakdowns”. xD

        • OOOHH! Another SanDeul-bias right here! I love him so much! xP And his breakdown in Sesame Player was epic. I didn’t know what he was saying. I had to pause it and read. xP

        • mintytarget

          Everyone loves ducks! <3
          I'm still laughing over his Sesame Player breakdowns. I really love those people who sub those kind of shows. x3

        • Exactly. I’ve no idea what I’ll do without those subs (I’ll still watch obv) but I won’t understand his hilariousness. xP

          His breakdowns were the best. And his and Baro’s acting during his ‘surprise’ birthday party was epic.

          I wish they’d have another variety show soon. Maybe after some rest/time off cause they’re working so hard right now. :D

        • mintytarget

          I find it much better to understand what they say. It feels weird to laugh of something when I don’t know what they’re talking about.
          I laughed alot when Sandeul suddenly is all like “Are you an idiot? You know I can’t act!”
          Yeah. I wish so too.

        • I think SanDeul’s word and the tone in which he says them in are hilarious enough. lol. Lol, and I laughed like crazy at his reaction to the duck meat shop. lol.

          MAybe, we’ll get some variety show of them soon.. Maybe. :D Hopefully. :D

        • mintytarget

          That’s true~ ^^
          I loved how Jinyoung acted when he saw Sandeul’s reaction. lol.
          I hope they get invited to Weekly Idol again. The last times were so funny~ :D

        • Lol, trust SanDeul to have the most extreme reactions. :D Lol, yes. Maybe.. And when SanDeul cooked up some of his own dishes and the members surprised faces. :D

        • mintytarget

          Sandeul is so awesome. :D
          Those dishes must have tasted good. I’m surprised he didn’t eat all of the ingredients. xD

        • Lol, ntohing more can be expected from SanDeul. xP Lol. I was quite shocked. And yes! He’s so awesome. I really want to meet his one day. The whole of B1A4 nd just tell them how much I/International BANAs love them. The deserve to know!

          Oh, on a brighter note, this video is officially the most commented video on EYK beating BAPs. :) Something to be happy about. :D

        • mintytarget

          Meeting B1A4 would be a dream come true. They really deserve to know that I-BANAs love them. :3
          That’s something to celebrate! Even though we might not get reviewed, we have set a record on EYK. :D

        • Yea, I guess some good came off this. :D I really want to meet B1A4. :D Like, more than any other wish of mine. Maybe, someday.. :D

          They’re so level-headed and grounded that they probably don’t even think they have any international fans.

  21. Anyone online here right now? Lets have something to discuss here.. ^^

    • monsieurme

      Yeah, let us…

      What will you do if b1a4 ever released a not-so-good song..
      Would you be honest and tell them it’s not really good ? lol hard question :p

      • Umm.. I might.. Maybe, if it was horribly terrible. lol, otherwise I might just suck it up and listen to it. xD lol

        • monsieurme

          Lol, i’ll just listen to it one time and looking forward to their next song and when when it’s released we can say, hey, this is so much better than their previous one:)b1a4 is improving ^^ lol

        • Lol, That’s good. Hahaha~~ And we aren’t lying that way. lolol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, and neither will we bashing our own group :)
          ‘when we are at the bottom, the only way to go is up’ ^^

        • Hahahaha~~ True We’re loyal BANAs. :D We can say that they were just having an off day, or off month. lol.

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, we just say it’s all in the past and they have worked hard to improve ^^

        • Yea. And that they’re humans too. They can’t be perfect always. Although they can.. most of the time. lol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah,, all we can see is they just keep improving and never once going down ^^ Its a good sign :)

        • Yea. It’s really good. Considering the fact that they have no sunbaes in their agency. Really good. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, they are the pioneer and will be legendary sunbaes to their future ..hoobaes?lol i don’t remember the words XD

        • Yea, it’s correct. But B1A4 as sunbaes is kinda unimaginable cause.. lol, they’re such derps! lol. I can;t imagine them acting as sunbaes ang giving out advice. JinYoung/CNU maybe.. lol

        • monsieurme

          Lol, perhaps they are the one asking for advices on how to acts cute and childish since they are growing matured and wanted to keep the image :p

        • Maybe.. Lol. Lol, I can’t imagine a serious Baro/SanDeul. Seriously. lol

        • monsieurme

          I think Baro seems fit to be serious but seriously not Sandeul being serious :p

        • Lol, yea.. Maybe. I guess from Baby, I’m Sorry, I can sota picture Baro serious, but derpy SanDeul is not possible. lol

          Oh, I tried promoting on Tumblr, I’m not sure how mnay will vote though.

        • monsieurme

          Yeah,that Sandeul will only be serious when he sings ballad song^^
          Hey, you’ve tried:) it’s good enough, now we just wait and hope :D

        • Yea.. Hope.

          I was quite shocked when I saw SanDeul sing and thn his normal self. Like, so different! But his seriousness is restricted to singing only. That’s it. He uses up all his seriousness when singing, so he acts all hyper later on. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. he puts a lot of feeling when singing.. It’s just what i search in a singer :)
          And that what make me even like b1a4 :D

        • Yea, his voice is what made B1A4 my bias group (and their personalities). I searched for his predebut videos and what i heard made me shocked. His voice was so strong.. He’s really an amazing singer.

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, he’s like one of the best singer out there ^^
          so you like him even when he’s chubby?

        • Yep. His cheeks were so adorable! lol, and there was an article once (I think when BIS came out) about how SanDeul (and 4 other singers) are the most promising rookie singers there are, and how much potential he has! Woot Woot! Lol. I’d like him anytime, despite his looks. :D

        • monsieurme

          Wow, his talent is really recognised by others ^^
          lol cheek? adorable? haha..

        • IT IS! I don’t like you.. Again. lol. Just like how WooYoung from 2PM (Bad example, you don’t like 2PM. lol xP) SungYeol from Infinite! Their cheeks are so adorable! ^^

          He’s got talent which is hard to go unnoticed by people. I think it was how he did the high notes in live performances which caught people’s attention.

        • monsieurme

          Lol i dont dislike, i hate them :p
          oh and i don’t know any members of infinite too except for L :p
          Yeah compare to them i’ll go with sandeul ^^
          Yeah, and sandeul high note in immortal song just opened the eyes of the netizen of how great b1a4 is ^^

        • Exactly! B1A4 gained so many older fans from IS2.
          And SanDeul’s cheeks are adorable! lol
          Lol, Ok, fine. Though, why’d you hate 2PM? Just curious.

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, i see the audience really feeling the song by sandeul ^^
          Lol my friend like 2pm so much and i need to be the opposite of him.. always..o_o and that’s why..

        • Lol. That’n not a valid reason. xP

          Yep, the audience was really touched and moved by it. :D Hope he continues to sing so amazingly. :D

  22. peterpanchild

    As we all know, B1A4 is notorious for their Engrish, so I was wondering, which bit of Engrish do y’all find the most adorkable/ridiculous. My personal favorite is the “dancing party time”, but I also really like “I’m not fool, baby”.

    • Beautiful Target is the gold standard. :P But I also like “Super sonic, love iconic”

      writing credits should be given to google translate. XD

    • monsieurme

      ‘baby i’m sorry we got the better ‘ is the most ridiculous..
      ‘joom2 my heart like a locket’ is as well but its adorkable ^^

    • “Faster, faster, girl I love you faster” sounds… wrong. At least in my brain. Even if technically it’s correct.

      And Super Sonic in general… Dynomite, sexy bomb, super magic, love iconic and unicorn in the same song XD

      And “Joom Joom… ” , that one is obvious.

      • Lol, B1A4 is the only group I know who can use the words sexy bomb and unicorn/bunnies in the same song yet still sound adorable. lol

      • monsieurme

        Lol.. they just add whatever words they think is cool :p

      • peterpanchild

        That does sound wrong. Hrm. OMYGOODNESS SUPERSONIC!!!!! I hadn’t heard that song before, but it’s just a gold mine of Engrish. Kpop hasn’t made me laugh that much since Don’t Don by Super Junior. D’awwww, they’re so adorkable, but I really hope Jinyoung didn’t write that song.

    • “Dancing in the moonlight..?” Lol, tho it’s isn’t exactly Engrish. xP But when I first think of Engrish. “Oh my beautiful Target, you joom joom heart like a locket. I like it. Like it. Like it.” is what comes to my mind. That’s just so adorable. :D

      • monsieurme

        And the mv has nothing to do with the moon..:p

        • EXACTLY! It’s not even night. So.. it doesn’t really make sense. lol

        • monsieurme

          Lol b1a4 english never make sense.. they do right thing to not have include any in this mv..

        • Yes. JinYoung’s learning. lol I wonder if the watch EYK reviews.. With Korean subs. xP

        • monsieurme

          Lol, i don’t think an english joke will be as fun as it is compared to when it is subbed to other language XD

        • Hahaha~~ Yes. But he might understand the fact that he needn’t write any more Engrish in his songs. xP

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, then he probably watched it before seeing this new song don’t have english put on it :p

        • Yea. Probably. Wow. S&M’s reviews can actually be educational. lol

        • monsieurme

          Of course.. since they only speak the truth and not being bias..:P
          ok they do being bias sometimes XD

        • Lol, sometimes.. :P Hahaha~~ xP

        • monsieurme

          Of course,, simon like snsd and martina like big bang.. so far the videos i watched :p

        • Shockingly, I don’t really like Big Bang. I just don’t.. It’s nothing to do with the manly concept cause I like 2PM, but Idk. lol. SNSD? Typical. Hahahaha~~ Nearly every guy likes SNSD and HyunA. lol xDD

        • monsieurme

          Lol, i like some of their ballad songs like Haru Haru and lie ^^
          And i don’t like 2pm :p And i’m a sone too XD but not hyuna..
          oh, i’m picky :p

        • Cool. I don’t like HyunA either. lol. She’s just.. lol. Yea.. Nope. Lol, B1A4 is daebak. The best. Finished. lol xD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, but none can beat b1a4 ^^ i don’t dislike hyuna though :p
          just never listen to her song.. oh except gangnam style XD

        • Lol, I dislike her. ;)) Hahaha~~ :P Lol, everyone’s heard Gangnam style, even thoe uninterested in KPop.

          Yep. No one can beat B1A4. They’re the best. :D *So biased. lol

        • monsieurme

          Lol Hyuna is popular though :p
          Yeah, you are bias and always be :p perhaps you’ll find another group better than them in the future ?

        • It’s so sad. :P The few KPop fanboys in my school go crazy over her! :@ lol, nope. Not possible. After B1A4, I also fell in love with UKiss and Infinite but they rnk below B1A4. :P Nothing can ever beat B1A4. I think.. lol

        • monsieurme

          Lol, yeah Hyuna is actually very talented XD
          Well, i’ll just see about that.. it’s ok if you’re fine with whatever concept they show because they can’t stay cute and immature forever :p

        • Yea.. Maybe. But, I still don’t like her. xP

          Yea, I like any concept, but I miss their cutesy-concept and GC’s aegyo. D: That was so adorable. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, if you’re flexible than you’ll be their fan forever ^^
          hey, the cutesy-concept won’t stay forever as you grow :p

        • Yea, that’s saddening. but, I can always re-watch Ok/BT/BGN, as long as they have some variety show in which I can see the goof around. :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. that’s a long way to go.. just fangirling as long as you can for now :p

        • Lol, I will. xP Someday.. they’ll have a new variety show. Then, I’ll fan-girl all over again. Haha~~ :D

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. and by that time you’re getting old for this fangirling things..;p

        • No!~~ Lol, It won’t take them years.. (Hopefully!) Besides, you’re never too old to fan-girl. xP Hahaha~

        • monsieurme

          No.. you’re going to be too old for this thing :p

        • No, I’m not! xPP I’m still 15 and 3 years younger than their maknae. Lol. It’s NEVER too old to fan-girl. x)

    • “you joom joom my heart like a locket..:” is the best i think. haha XD

    • “you zoom zoom heart like a rocket”
      I find it cute and it’s almost correct!
      “You zoom zoom my heart like a rocket”
      I mean zoom is a verb and the repetition is simply for emphasis so if a “my” was added in it would technically be correct?

  23. Which color do you like best on Baro? The blond with color mix, the blue with color mix or the pink with color mix?
    I personally like the blond ^.^
    And do you think the colors mean anything besides differentiating the worlds?

  24. i love their bench choreography its amazing ^__^

    • i love it, with the slow-motion and freezes, but the song isn’t very suited for a dance. I understand why they would do one, but i would be happy if they just stood and sang lol

    • monsieurme

      Well, i just don’t like they dance to this song :(
      Seriously for a person who broke up why would he dance?

      • Lol, cause they’re unique and do unexpected stuff. I didn’t really expect a dance, tho.

        But, the bench dance is awesome. I was expecting someone to fall off in the middle. xD

        • monsieurme

          And they are too many backup dancers too..:(

          yeah, i was hoping for that day to come XD hey, what if the bench broke and everyone just fall off? must be a total havoc :O

        • They’ll get hurt too! Did you see that one performance in which SanDeul’s finger is bleeding? Ouch. It’s all red from the blood. D:

          When I 1st saw the back-up dancers, I thought they would dance while B1A4 just sang.. but they both danced. lol. I should stop assuming stuff when it comes to B1A4. They always surprise me.

        • monsieurme

          Well, i read comments about that but i still can’t see the part where his finger’s bleeding :(
          Yeah, i think their dance has special marks and always different from other group :)

        • I didn’t too.. I saw it at the end. His forefinger on the left hand. The top is all red. And yet he’s smiling.. :’D

    • I really like it too! ^o^
      Do you think they should have added parts of the dance to the mv?

  25. monsieurme

    Don’t give up..^^ It’s a new day (for me :p)

    TKIR : So what do you think of their dance? Does it match the song?

    • YEP. THEIR BENCH DANCE! Lol. I found their bench dance really unique. Cause I haven’t really seen other groups do it.

      It’s like a B1A4-thing. Just like their sprout dance.

      • monsieurme

        Yeah.. it’s unique but… i just don’t agree with the dance :(

        • True. The dance doesn’t go with the song’s meaning. But for someone like me who has no clue about what they’re singing (unless I check the Eng meaning, which I don’t do often) it looked good. lol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah,,that’s what special in kpop song.. they can sing a song about cheating you while you just enjoying it like being praised..
          Advantage of not being korean XD or is it disdvantage?

        • Uhh.. Advantage? lol, you can;t ever get mad at them cause you don’t know if they’re singing about a good o bad thing. lol

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, until you go and check the lyrics :p
          Still, fans will just consider it as them being naughty or something else -_-

        • Yea.. Naughty? Pfft. Not really. American songs are.. lol Asians are more reserved. lol

    • peterpanchild

      I thought it really went well with the song, and it was really unique and stood out just like the song, so yeah. Good stuff B1A4. c:

  26. i also like their album songs they sound so amazing!!!

    • fuuko4869

      Hi Strawberry, we’d appreciate it if you could put your comments into one post :)
      Several posts made by the same person in a short period of time is often deleted as spam, so try to join them together into a comment that stays relevant to the song / video / artist.

      Bilasa fighting!! ^_^

      • What happened to the website. So many BANAs on twitter can’t reach the comment page. It’s unavailable. D: We’re losing valuable points here. D':

        • The disqus plugin seems to have failed and dragged this page down with it. We are trying to work on it. Please let the other Banas know that the page is unavailable for now. But that you can still reply to each other using the disqus dashboard. ( http://www.disqus.com/dashboard )

        • Well the page is working now so thank you for fixing it :D

        • Yea, but they can;t comment on the video or anything, hence the points aren’t coming. It isn’t fair. (Not trying to me mean or whiny or anything. I’m just exhausted. It’s the 3rd week already. D:)

      • monsieurme

        Hi there mod.. could you please let us know the point difference right now because it’s been a while since we’re stuck at no 2.. I’m kinda worried about this :(

        TKIR: if the flowers are meant to be real.. how can they possibly grow in a room with little sunlight reception?

        • fuuko4869

          Assalamu alaikum Bana fanboy (yes I stalk y’all, it’s my job :p)

          You guys have been close all week, have swapped places between #1 and #2 several times, and will probably keep swapping until tomorrow ^^;

          Giving out total points isn’t really my job, and I personally think that knowing it doesn’t make much of a difference. But since you asked so nicely, it’s 45k, 42k, 23k, and 16k.

          TKIR – Maybe…they have a sunroof which is opened several hours during the day? :D oh listen to me BSing we all know it’s fake lol

        • monsieurme

          W’salam..yeah i stalk people too ^^
          Thanks for replying on me..it has been hard for you :)

          Haha i know they are fake XD i shouldn’t probably continue this question..^^

        • Wa’Alaikum Assalam. XDD

          lol, 3k difference. Damn. We need to do this. lol.

          TKIR, Lol sunroof? Hahahha~~ :P Maybe.. But, I was going with the idea of Baro being a vampire x) (It would explain the blood-red suit in the beginning, all those turtlenecks to hide the bitemarks and the lying in the middle of the road since he can’t really dies) xP So.. Isn’t light supposed to burn him or make him sparkle? Or is a newly evolved vampire species. xP

        • monsieurme

          I don’t quite get the link between flowers and vampires but the theory of Baro being a vampire does make sense! :D

        • Lol, no sunlight for flowers because sunlight might burn or make vampires sparkle. lol xD

        • monsieurme

          Lol, now i got it XD still, vampires only wakes up at night, Baro can stay still inside his coffin during daylight XD

        • Lol, yes. But I see no coffin, maybe they hid it somewhere.. Trying to not let people discover their secret. xP

        • monsieurme

          I’m sure detective Martina will soon find out where he kept the coffin XD

        • Hahahaha~~ Yes. Nothing goes unnoticed by Martina. xPP It’s probably hidden underneath all those flowers. ;D

        • monsieurme

          Hey wait, then why can he looks at the mirror without having his reflection disappeared? Lol, i think that’s why he’s sad.. he has turned into human and have to killed his girlfriend who is a witch..(woman vampire? )

        • OH!I DIDN’T NOTICE THAT! Lol, and that’s why he breaks the mirror, cause he doesn’t like what he sees! lol He probably doesn’t want to be hurt by the girl. lolol xD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, he just can’t accept he’s turning into human :( poor vampire baro can’t get together with a witch XD

        • Yea.. I feel bad for him. Separation from his toher half must be painful. lolol. No wonder he breaks down towards the end! xD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. he wants to die again and become a vampier again.. :) only then will he be able to meet his girlfriend again ^^

        • True.. Lol, then what’s the reason for toher members being so serious? lol, sharing his pain? xD

        • monsieurme

          Lol the other members are also vampires.. they just jealous the girl still dislike them even after baro has turned into human :p

        • Oh, LOL. Hahahahah~~ I was wondering. Perfect. Even though they’re vampires while Baro’s a human, they still got rejected. xP Hahaha~~

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. and when Baro died and turned into vampire again.. there will be war !!XD

        • Yes. Oh! That’s why he was lying on the road. He was waiting for a car to run over him, so that he can die and become a vampire again! Yes. We’ve got the MV figured out. xD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, so we probably don’t need the review anymore :p

        • Yea.. I guess. Lol, but I wanna see Martina’s rampage once she notices the excessive turtlenecks. ;DD

        • monsieurme

          Yeah.. i’m kinda worried of her health too.. what if she got heart attacks from that ?XD

        • Oh, yes. She might have. Better not to have her see it. (Lol, trying not get disappointed cause of the ‘No review’)

        • monsieurme

          Lol, so that’s the benefit for not having this video reviewed.. to protect Martina from being killed !XD
          Hey, we know there is this possibility right :) Cheer up^^
          We actually gain something: breaking the records XD

        • I_U_I_U_I

          Hahaha maybe the system have this protective function that prevents all videos with turtlenecks from winning so as to save Martina from disasters. XD lets aim 10k comments! have we reached 9k yet! I can’t see from the main page. D=

        • monsieurme

          its like 30 more comments to 9k :) and we’re not going to make it for 10k.. it’s ok..9k is already great XD

        • I_U_I_U_I

          thirty more!!! lets go! XD I really like you boy BANA! XD you’re so enthusiastic. Subject: [eatyourkimchi] Re: B1A4 – Tried to Walk

        • monsieurme

          i think the time is up by now? i wonder if we achieved the 9k?
          haha.. i like the’enthusiastic’ word.. whatever it means XD

        • I_U_I_U_I

          I don’t think we’re there yet. =( They have a new immortal song! I wanna watch! Subject: [eatyourkimchi] Re: B1A4 – Tried to Walk

        • monsieurme

          14 minutes ago, we just need 3 more comments though :p i think we have more than enough right now ^^
          Oh yeah, i better watch it after this :) thanks for everything and till we meet again^^ (i mean, chat again?)

        • I_U_I_U_I

          YAY we achieved so much in three weeks. Love you BANAs! =3 Too bad we can’t continue hanging out here. Subject: [eatyourkimchi] Re: B1A4 – Tried to Walk

        • Yea. We did break a record. :) And I made some pretty cool friends. :))

          Ok fine, for Martina’s health. I’ll cheer up. x)

        • monsieurme

          Yeah, see? there’s alot of benefit ^^
          and the winning mv just practically won a review^^ most banas don’t even want them :p (says someone who’s going to lose T_T)

        • Yea. I guess so. :) K, I’m not going to be disappointed. Ok, Maybe a little. But, ok.. Fine.

        • Maybe it’s the special flowers :D I know some plants don’t grow well when they are directly in the sun.

        • monsieurme

          Lol, i just got an idea.. its a special flower which needs darkness to keep them grow..!

  27. this song makes my day everyday

  28. i don’t know why but i always have to play this song everyday :D

  29. it’s so beautiful ;___;

  30. and i was like yoooooooooooo this song is amazing ^___^

  31. noooooooooooooo as much as i love sunggyu as well, this mv really deserves a great review. they need to get back up to #1
    *side note* i didn’t mind the turtlenecks at all but i know martina has a rage with them lol

  32. I want another turtleneck rage.. I WANT IT!!!

    • If Martina gets really upset with 1 turtleneck I wonder how she would react to this one. From what the others were saying there were like 6 of them..
      Maybe turtleneck is all the rage this fall fashion season…

  33. Oh no, it’s not number one anymore :(

  34. =_= i don’t understand how b1a4 is losing!!! rawwwwwwww come on BANAs!!!! we need to win this :D B1A4 fighting!!

  35. Ah, it’s a pity this was #1 and has been for most of this week, but now we’re falling. :(

  36. no es justo B1A4 tiene mas votos tiene mas comentarios tiene mas likes en facebook … mas en compartir en google mas en compartir en twitter y mas visitas en youtube …. por que no esta primero ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?

  37. I can’t stop replaying this song or this video. Both are amazing but I’m starting to wonder why Baro is the main focus in this video. Not that I don’t like Baro but I’m just wondering. Is he the visual?

    • monsieurme

      They probably made an audition to select the main and Baro won it cause he has amazing acting skill ^^ perhaps…

    • Maybe he has the best acting skills? I was watching Match Up and part of it was during the filming for the mv “Only Learned Bad Things” which Baro also did and a lot of the members said that they would feel kind of awkward/embarrassed if they were the ones doing it. Though there was a lot more girl interaction with that one…

    • He’s good at angsty acting. :) Like in “Only Learned the Bad Things” and “Baby I’m Sorry.”

    • Actually the visual is GongChan. I;m not sure exactly why he’s the main lead. Maybe cause they thought that his acting was the best suited. Maybe.

  38. NOOO not second place again! Keep voting! D: