Baek A Yeon – Sad Song

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  1. I really love her voice. I watched Kpop Star because I’m a huge fan of Lee Hi, and fell in love with Baek Ah Yeon in the process. She has such a purely pretty voice. I liked this video a lot. It was artsy without feeling too far out there and I thought that her voice hit the emotional points well and they had some good dramatic timing with all the things blowing up to match that.

  2. chiakaiyuki

    very beautiful song! I love her voice.

  3. Jacqueline Brown

    i like the fact that jyp thinks about people outside korea sm town throws stuff on the wall like girls generation but does not think that every artist is not the same so the marketing needs to change

  4. Jacqueline Brown

    it by jyp so i guess it will probably be in english at one point

  5. Jacqueline Brown

    i wonder if this song will be in any kdrama if anyone saw it in one hey tell me

  6. Jacqueline Brown

    i wonder am i the only person that does not like korean sad song or really slow songs they just sound so down not reallty enmotional

  7. Jacqueline Brown

    i like the fact that the song more a western sound not the sad songs from korea that all sound the same

  8. Jacqueline Brown

    i really like it a fav it on youtube and been telling people about it

  9. Jacqueline Brown

    i really like this song i wonder how it sound in english i think it would really good

  10. This is such a beautiful song! Even though this is her debut, and she’s not extremely well-known, she has a lovely voice. I’ll certainly listen to more of Baek A Yeon’s songs after this!

  11. Ah Yeon unnie hwaiting! <3
    This song is sooo beautiful and she's really good in the music programs, congrats!
    I'm glad she's signed with JYPE ^^

  12. Gorgeous song and a beautiful video as well! Hoping to see more of Baek A Yeon in the future.

  13. I really like this song. I think it was very tastefully done

  14. This video includes english captions!!! D: I’m a fan now xD

  15. PN Manchira

    Wow she’s awesome!! ^_^

  16. This song is perfect for her voice. I don’t know any Korean, yet I still managed to get chills and all super emotional >.>; The video is beautiful & does an amazing job at getting the gist of the song across. The use of colours (and lack of) was done very well. Lovely video. Lovely song.

  17. This music video deserve to be reviewed. This is a lot better than GD’s Crayon.

  18. JYP Nation artist always have the best emotion in their songs. They sing with so much passion. I love it! Let’s keep voting!

  19. Infinite makes an appearance at 0:58!
    Just kidding, but actually this song is fantastic.

  20. I am in love with her voice in this song, especially that last high note!
    I kind of feel like Ursula… I want to steal her voice. o.0

  21. Such a gorgeous voice and gorgeous girl! I love how well the song is magnifying her voice. It’ll probably never get reviewed, but people should listen to this song. Amazing voice!

  22. I love this song… something about the way she just projects her voice during the chorus makes me feel… like the tv being shot (but in a good way)
    plus, if she looked cute on kpop star, she’s looks absolutely beatuiful and womanly now <3

  23. I love her since the beginning of Kpop Star. Even if i’m a bit disappointed because there is only ballad on his début album (and we know that she can do more !!) The songs are good and suit her voice perfectly.

    I’m so excited to see the others debut from K-pop Star !

  24. I love this song <3 it is filled with emotion, and her voice is beautiful :)

  25. I love this song!! She’s going to go far~


  27. magaaliii

    fantastic debut

  28. OMG Her voice is so great! PLEASE VOTW FOR HER!

  29. She deserves more votes!

  30. Does anyone know if Park Jae Hyung will debut as a solo artist or in a group?

  31. Aoren1703

    This song is beautiful, it will prolly never get reviewed but you all should still listen to it. Baek A Yeon does an amazing job for her debut song and even achieved an all kill as well as hitting melon’s roof yesterday. Baek A Yeon,fighting!

  32. Her VOICE is SO BEAUTIFUL even this song is PAINTFUL! <33

  33. Unless I Google her I don’t know who she is. I am not a balled person, unless I am driving around town in a funk. But this is a wonderful song she has such a strong voice. Beautiful. And yes I went straight to the white chairs and S&M.

  34. yay, finally. it’s out.
    she looks pretty here. &her teeth is different!
    let’s get voting people ! :D