B.A.P – 1004 (Angel)

  1. Elanor

    Ah, I haven’t been here for ages… but as I can see you guys disappeared too… or did you guys moved some other forum? :)

  2. Skully

    Seriously what’s wrong with the EYK page? >< It's been almost a week since I was last able to open it!! But it must work for some since the charts have comments, but not for me why?! T_T

    • ChocoPandaa

      Mine’s been like that for more than a month I think, that’s the reason why I wasn’t here for so long haha

      • Skully

        This is getting ridiculous……
        I’ve also had problems for weeks now, but normally I could open it once every few days. But now nothing for over a week….. I assume the others also have problems, that’s why they’re not commenting?

        • ChocoPandaa

          Maybe.. But are you coming to this page through Disqus too?
          I don’t get why the netizens are blaming the show. The picked idols have a choice whether they want to participate or not.. I don’t see what’s wrong with the show because it’s just…playing football and a fun thing? I’m sad that Woohyun’s shoulder’s injured but it’s not the show’s fault that he ran into the goalpost. :/ His shoulder is definitely not dislocated though, if not it’d be in an arm cast and he wouldn’t even be able to film the drama he’s in. His mum said it’d take about a month for it to recover ;A;
          Haha not really but that’s probably because I’m not on and I don’t have a tumblr? That reminds me, I still haven’t finished watching This is Infinite LOL.. I’m waiting for Inspiritsubs to sub the remaining 6,7,8 episodes because I want to download it full in HD but it’s been weeks already and nothing :/
          They won on MCountdown and Music Bank too!! That’s three wins (and more to go)! hehe :D It still kinda sucks how Woohyun has to hold his belt because his left arm needs to heal… oh why did he have to run into the goalpost ):

  3. ChocoPandaa

    Is it just me that has a problem loading the EYK page for this..? I’m posting through disqus right now.. but oh well, at least the background color isn’t blinding me >< Looks like I've been missing out on some conversations haha xD

    • Skully

      Tell me about it. I haven’t been able to open it for 3 days now! Good that you can access it through the disqus main page….

      • ChocoPandaa

        HIDDEN TRACK in Season 2 album
        It’s been cut short… but it sounds so good!!! >< See, they couldve released this song instead of the two same ones from before!


        • Skully

          With the guitar and the clapping rather than a song recorded in a studio this sounds like they are singing it while at the beach or a bbq or something XD

        • ChocoPandaa

          Now that you’ve mentioned it.. It’s like they’re gathered around a cozy campfire and singing haha :D

        • Skully

          Happy belated birthday!!! :D

          If she saw you in person the same day she sould have congratulated you again imo.
          Me and my friends don’t give presents usually, only on rare ocasions (e.g maybe some chocolate if we haven’t seen each other in a long time). But if you get a present you should return it. She should have bought you something that time. Did you talk with her about it? It’s important to tell your friends how you feel. Little things like this might seem stupid but they actually really matter….

        • ChocoPandaa

          It’s already been weeks but thanks xD
          I was pretty sure she would when I went to her class when the break bell rang but she didn’t and was just focused on her own studying (she’s one of the really smart ones..). I actually asked her about it like right after I typed that and she said I didn’t wish her in person when it was her birthday… but I did.. BUT that’s still a stupid reason lmao…
          lol my idea of present giving is: If you don’t give me one, I won’t give you one either. That’s the main reason why I don’t like it when some of my friends have earlier birthdays than me xD
          Don’t forget that I’m all the way in Asia and Milka in Europe and imported stuff are expensive LOL I love Lindt chocolate too and I usually buy the one in the cylinder tube and that costs like 70 or 80 here.

      • ChocoPandaa

        Bwahaaha INFINITE COMEBACK! I couldn’t wait 6 hours to get home from school so I lied to the teacher saying I needa go to the toilet and watched the MV. .__.” It’s amazingggg… I’m just going to listen to the album right now. Is it just me who always feels nervous to play the album when a group comes back? It’s this feeling where I really want to listen to the songs (of course) but I just can’t get myself to press the play button… >_>”

        • Skully

          I have a bit of mixed feelings about the song. The good thing is that it sounds like Infinite! When I first heard the title I was worried it’s gonna be like Man in love which 1) I don’t like and 2) doesn’t sound like Infinite. Same with the choreo, it’s Infinite :D
          The bad thing is…. even if it sounds like Infinite, it’s just not as good as the previous ones imo. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, it’s just that it’s not at the same level as Be mine, The chaser, BTD etc.
          The MV though….. lol Woohyun chasing after the girl all the time, but his love isn’t strong enough to make the effort to go around the bookshelf…. XD
          Myungsoo’s hat though…. he has to get rid of that. And I’m glad
          Dongwoos orange hair is gone, still don’t know how I feel about Hoyas
          blue one (Spudgy calling) XD
          Jongie really matured! I was shocked when he first appeard on that sofa! And his voice isn’t as feminine anymore. Sungyeol…. in F’s song I didn’t recognise him sometimes. I knew it was him because it wasn’t one of the other two…. Their song is better than I expected btw. The beat is a bit too much, but for
          it being the maknae line and not having a powerfull vocalist it was
          good, thumbs up :D
          My favourite songs are also Rosinante, Breath and Shower XD I also like Memories, but could make it without the durudu part. And Reflex is definitely something else XD
          The ones I was the most dissappointed with are Gyu’s and H’s songs. Alone is good, but their album was just so great… and Gyu, I love his voice so much and his album was so good and Because is also so great, but Light is just ok….
          I didn’t know Follow me and Person like me were released in ’12 o_O BTW I really like Person like me (and I’m not a ballad fan – which is why I don’t like Woohyung’s song…..)
          I think that overall the album is good, I’m just missing something that blows me away like Hysterie, Tic Toc or 1/3

        • ChocoPandaa

          Yeah I get what you mean. I’ve always really loved all of Infinite’s title songs and they easily become one of my favorites but this one was just like an average. Hoya did say that the concept for Last Romeo is unisexual and so they put in mild dance moves that have a strong presence lol But I do love that move where they move their hips in the chorus (who doesn’t?) haha

          I find the bookshelf and arms stretching out part so extremely cheesy but stupid.. I literally shouted at the screen “JUST GO TO THE OTHER SIDE!”. But the part that killed me was the scene of Woohyun flying around in the sky and then he dies? Like.. what? I guess that’s what happens when you have to refilm the whole MV again (because of the sewol tragedy and they had a part with lots of water or something).

          Naw I actually think the hat’s cute xD I’m guessing Dongwoo’s orange hair is just hair chalk. Hoya’s hair is now blonde! I really didn’t like this blue hair. It just doesn’t suit him. >_>

          Sungjong and Sungyeol’s really changed, their voices I mean. They’ve improved a lot. I always put lyrics and members part for songs in my ipod and it took me quite awhile to figure some members lines out. There was this voice I didn’t recognize at all then I realized Sungyeol didn’t have any lines so I was like “SUNGYEOL?! wow..” I’m really proud of Infinite F. There are some saying they’re doubting it, but Woollim’s smarter than that. I can’t wait for their debut! I’m guessing it’ll be like next year March or April, but then I could be totally wrong xD

          Oh yeah we’ve got the same favorite songs!! :D But what! I love that dududurudu part! I really don’t know why but the first time I heard Reflex, I thought of Rick Astley’s never gonna give you up LOL

          Sunggyu’s one caught me off guard since it’s so different, but it grew on to me. Alone has that verse Dongwoo raps and it repeats 6 times in the songs in pairs. I don’t like that part but I can’t help but want to listen it. Weird.

          Haha I recently became a fan of ballad. I used to hate them because they’re like so boring and slow-ish. But now I love them, just like rock songs, used to hate them.

          I prefer Season 2 over OTT, but either way I still love all of Infinite’s songs. I’d love to see that scene.. I hope Infinite wins, goddamnit EXO! D: lol that reporter from sportsseoul has been trying to bring Infinite down since last year.. sigh. It’s been cleared up and the thing was misinterpreted, they’re just close like uncle and nephew.

          But I’ll still speaks my thoughts on it. It really makes no sense if Sunggyu and the CEO are related. If they were, it wouldn’t make a difference because Sunggyu’s really talented. If he wasn’t then that would be a different story. Plus why would Sunggyu audition for different companies multiple times if he could easily gone to Woollim? smh

        • Skully

          Haha I think everybody yelled at the screen there XD
          Yeah I guess that’s what happens. But they really have no luck lately, first Destiny and the airplane crush and now this…..
          The book scene is really cheesy, but at least it was Namgrease, imagine one of the other members doing it XD
          I wouldn’t mind the hat if it wasn’t for TOP, Taemin and Youngjaes hat. It reminds me to much of those dark days…. ><

          I kind of feel like this whole album is just a B version of the previous one, it's good, but for every song they already released a better one of the same style…..
          I feel like this album is more to show the improvement of the members than about the songs. Escpecially the maknae line, Myung and Jong are waaay more stable now, and Yeol finally sings (it's not amazing but way better than before).
          That said, now that I saw the live version I like the song way better. I really like watching them. Actually I normally don't watch they're drama versions, only once or twice. But I can't count the amount of times I've seen the dance versions and lives….

          How does everybody know about this stuff!? I only get my info from common news sites, how do you find all that gossip and all the blogs? Or am I the dumb one here that doesn't know anything?

        • ChocoPandaa

          Well….. the main character of the MV was actually Myungsoo but it changed to Woohyun when they refilmed it. The original is probably different though.. but the thought of having Myungsoo doing those scenes LOL
          I’d be completely speechless if another tragedy happens during their next comeback. It’s too much to be just a coincidence! >_>”
          I hate the hat but I find Myung looking okay with it. Then again, I’m probably just focusing on that face of his xD
          Haha I get what you mean but I don’t think they’ve done anything like Sunggyu’s solo or Reflex before. I’ve always thought Myung was an okay singer and previously when some people said he’s horrible at singing, I’d be mentally disagreeing with them. He’s sung solo at their concerts before and he’s great.. There’s also something about his voice that magically soothes/calms me down and puts me into a relax mode. I’m most impressed with Sungjong for obvious reasons xD And I just realized that Hoya’s singing more and maybe he even has more singing lines than Sungyeol .-.
          Woollim said they’d release it if Last Romeo MV has 2,222,222 views by uh, today (korea time of course). It’s stuck on 1.9million views but that’s just youtube again. I think it’s already over 2 million, maybe we even passed 2,222,222 but who knows D:

          Whenever I really get into a group, I’ll always search up facts about them, fanaccounts and such and I guess some of the info just sticks to my head. Oh if only I could remember things like this in studies.. xD

  4. Skully

    The next lawsuit:
    Since this happens just a couple days after Kris’ one, they are selling it as a second Kris, but considering that it’s the whole group for me it’s more like Block B.
    Even if this situations are bad for the group and can even distroy them, I’m glad that idols are standing up for themselves. I really wish that things like this would change the way idols are treated, but I doubt it wil….
    Here come the bad news. Ppl are saying it’s BAP!

    • ChocoPandaa

      I doubt it’s BAP… BAP’s sales are great and their concerts in the USA were sold out.. But who knows.. :/ Some people are saying it’s Teen Top or Boyfriend but it can’t be because “NEW” hallyu idols.. There’s others saying it’s VIXX but I doubt it’s true, their company is great and they’re even having a comeback soon lol …maybe it’s some nugu group..? .___.”

      • Skully

        They like to use the term “hallyu” very lightly, so it can be basically everybody….
        Even if they sold a lot (and it isn’t that much), sales don’t make much money. The most comes from CFs and sponsorship and they haven’t had that much. And concerts are really expensive, not to mention 2 world tours….
        What really surprised me was that ppl are considering Infinite, like really? Come on there is no way! They bought like houses and restaurants and cars and are living in one of the most expensive areas!
        But what makes me doubt all this is how vague they are beeing. It’s been days since the rumors and still nothing. I mean if this is true, by not revealing who it is they are giving other ppl time to find out and they can loose the exclusive. That would be really stupid on of them. That’s why I think it might be just a rumor….

  5. Skully

    U kiss added a new member….. don’t know how I feel about this. I mean I don’t follow them so I don’t really care. It’s just that I find it unneccessary and I doubt fans will like it, they already had so many changes. In fact I think Kevin, Eli and Soohyun are the only original members left….

    And they don’t need a new member. They are fine as 6, even as 5 when AJ is studdying. They have 3 main vocalist and 2 rappers, what do they need more? What is the new member gonna do? Another vocalist? Too much. Rapper? I already found it weird when they had 3 with Dongho, 2 is enough….

    • ChocoPandaa

      Kinda wished their company would tell fans about it beforehand instead of suddenly announcing UKISS will be having a new member >_>

      That new member called Jun though.. He’s only one year elder than me. 17.. SEVENTEEN! (which reminds me, what ever happened to that upcoming boy group seventeen..?) I wish the kpop industries would put a limit to the debut age. If the age got any younger, I don’t know what to say anymore .__.

      • Skully

        He’s so young compared to the others! He’s 3 years younger than Dongho and 8 years younger than Soohyun.
        That extremly young kid from Seventeen bothers me…. he’s like 12!
        Funnily enough, I just read an article about debut age a couple days ago. So this girl actually made this really big effort to look at the debut age of idols from 2005 onwards. Guess what! They are getting older actually!

        • ChocoPandaa

          I wonder if he’d feel awkward, just barging in a group that are already so close. Or maybe they knew each other since trainee days…
          oh god that kid. Someone could just kidnap him on the streets and ask for ransom.. I’m being a little harsh but that’s the truth.. the kid’s only 12.
          Wow I didn’t know SNSD debuted when they were like 16/17 :O I can’t imagine doing things like they do at my age… sleep for the win! ><

  6. Skully

    Kris is leaving EXO!!!! O_O
    The kpop comunity is going crazy and knetizen are showing their racist side since of course he is backstabbing Exo cause he is chinese and chinese can’t be trusted…. *sigh*

    So this is what I got reading the comments: He has had problems with SM since the beginning, even before debuting. He wanted to quit various times as a trainee (I read a comment that said he didn’t want to be an idol to begin with but an actor), almost didn’t debut because of that. He already tried to leave the group once before Wolf era, went home (to Canada) but the company convinced him to come back. The main reason for him leaving seems to be that he’s been exploited financially
    Also he filed the lawsuit a month ago and not now in the middle of promotions, it just wasn’t made public until now

    • Elanor

      I still don’t know what’s happening… If he is really leaving or is it some kind of misunderstanding, but looks like it’s not… I read that he don’t want to leave just change his contract. Ah, I don’t know, it’s shady, SM won’t tell us anything and I’m not even sure if the updates from the members are their actualy updates or SM tries to convince us that everything is Kris’s fault and they ar a nice company who don’t have stupid contracts… But I really try not to lean to any side and just see what happens and try to figure out what news is trua and what not…

      • Skully

        It’s weird indeed. Also the members are unfollowing him on twitter, but Luhan who also unfollowed him, put a galaxy as his weibo backround (galaxy is Kriss’ nickname). So does that mean that SM is macking them unfollow him?

        • ChocoPandaa

          SM staff are definitely doing that. It happened like that with DBSK too. Tao and Lay are closest to Kris, it’s very unlikely they’d do such things..

          Plus.. not sure if you know but Kris is leaving because he has a heart disease, myocardium or something.. The symptoms were showing up late last year and that’s when rumors started that he’s leaving.. Guess it turned out to be true.

          Whatever happens, I really hope SM doesn’t add another member to EXO-M to “replace” Kris. Sure EXO-M and EXO will be unbalanced without Kris, but if they added a new member, just imagine how much worse the situation would be like. Super Junior added Zhou Mi and Henry and they weren’t replacing even replacing anyone and some fans still wouldn’t accept them as members… sigh

          and those knetizens are just.. ugh. I suck at history, but I know that China helped Korea out a lot during the war. Korea wouldn’t even be Korea without China. Racist people…

        • Skully

          Funnily enough, before Tao and others left comments about Kris, a supposed cassie left a message predicting that SM will do exactly what they did with DBSK. Use the members close to Kris and the maknaes to gain support from fans. Shortly after Tao left that betrayal comment. She was also right with Suhos speach…. Coincidence?
          Adding a new member or not, both have consequences. If they do add, hate from fans, if not, imbalance in choreo. i guess at the end it’s a matter of what is the best out of 2 bad options….

        • Elanor

          I also read that Tao’s post was send from Android app and Tao is using iPhone… ahh I don’t know I just don’t want to be played with so I don’t believe anything. I like Kris I think he is the funniest one in EXO and if he really wants to leave I’m sure he has a reason.
          But I can imagine that he just wanted to improve his conctract to don’t be a slave contract but well… we kinda know how SM handle this kind of situations… -.-

        • Skully

          What post? Haven’t seen that….
          There’s also a discussion going on about what Suho said when they won M!Countdown, also about some other stuff he said (it’s on AKP). There also seem to be some misstranslations going on…. don’t know
          I haven’t seen much from them (well I actually saw Exo showtime), but from what I saw I liked him, but he’s weird lol

        • Elanor



          Gonna give the allkpop one since it’s easier than find it again on Tumblr.

          Yes he is wierd but I guess that’s why I like him xD Ah I can’t wait to find out what happened… if we ever gonna find out…

        • Skully

          Right now I won’t believe anything. So much stuff is comming out right now that it’s better to wait until things calm down and stuff is “comfirmed” before trying to figure out the truth (not that I think we will ever know the full truth….)
          Haha yeah I think his weirdness is also what makes me like him lol Have to say that when I watched Showtime he seemed to be apart from the rest most of the time (except for Tao). But it’s also true that he had this cold, cool guy image…..

  7. Elanor

    Oh, I’m here. Hello everyone! ^^
    I didn’t follow kpop in the last few weeks… well it’s also because there haven’t been many things going on because of the accident. But I also didn’t start to watch Doctor stranger even though I’m so excited about it. I just don’t really have time, I spend most of it working and being with someone who is gonna leave in a few weeks. Don’t start dating when you know that the other will go far away soon… it will hurt I can tell that now. Ah xD
    So what happened with you guys? Any interesting happening in life or in kpop what I missed? :)

  8. Skully

    So I watched the first episode of Roommates yesterday. The members are encouraged to date, newly born couples get oversea trip trickets…… that’s just ridiculous. I got second hand embarrassmet seeing them “flirting” if you can call what they did flirting. I even had to pause the video, I couldn’t watch….

    • Elanor

      Hm… it’s a really strange concept for a reality.. I mean… I get it that having a couple is now kinda neccessery in this kind of shows but forcing it like this is not very appealing for the audience I think…

  9. Tessa Ledeine

    Austria won this years Eurovision. I’m so happy, I liked the song and the message in it. Seeing her reaction every time she got points made my evening, I even teared up a little ^^’ “This night is dedicated to anyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are. We are unity and we are unstoppable.”- Conchita Wurst

    • Skully

      I laughed my ass of with the spanish commentator “She’s crying”, “Now she’s crying even more”, “If this continues she’s gonna have a heart attack”, “She can’t even speak”, “I think she really is gonna have a heart attack”, “Now the guy is crying too. She’s crying, the guy is crying, everybody cries. How is she supposed to sing later?”. XD
      I had a discussion with my housemate about her winning because of what she is rather than because of the song. She didn’t like it because Eurovision is supposed to be about music. She is actually right, but then again it hasn’t really been about that for a while now, I mean come on a couple years ago the russian grandmas almost won! And Conchitas song is actually good! If Austria made the Bond themes this would be it. And she had one of the best voices of all the contestants! And we all knew this year politics would play a really big role in Eurovision because of Russia.
      But reading the YT comments is really depressing. So manny ppl calling her an ‘it’ and saying that she’s disgusting, that it makes you vomit and that she’s a shame. That Europe and especially Austria should feel ashamed because of her. That now the whole world is laughing at Europe….. it’s really depressing. And exactly because of that I love it that she won, because she is nothing to be ashamed of! Years ago the same fuss happened with gays, but now we’re used to them, seen as normal and a lot of ppl don’t even care (sadly not all)

      That appart…. I have so many problems with Disqus!! It won’t open most of the time. It’s so frustrating!!!

  10. Skully

    Seems like the music hiatus is over, groups are slowly releasing again, starting with Suju Exo Overdose
    Come on this is totally a Suju MV! 2box sets + an intro that has nothing to do with the rest to introduce the members. It has SM written all over it….

  11. Skully

    So I went to Media markt a couple weeks ago and while I was walking past the TVs without paying attention to them, something catches my eyes. So I stop and look at the screen… and see Minzy kneeling beside a dog. They where playing 2ne1s Can’t nobody! My housemate looks at it for a second and is like “that’s weird” lol
    I was really surprised! I never saw something related to kpop here besides Gangnam Style….

    • Elanor

      Once I was in a party and we were in a pub at 6 in the morning still and they had the music channel on and I was watching it and bum… GD Crooked was on. It was really cool to watch it there. :D

    • Tessa Ledeine

      I think that’s a Media markt thing. Because I’ve seen 2NE1 MVs there before. Maybe the owner of MM is a Blackjack :p

  12. Tessa Ledeine

    The first time in a long time I’m able to stay up late because I don’t have to work tomorrow so I decided I’d watch Eurovision. I give up on the stupid thing, the cake song won’t be going to the finals https://31.media.tumblr.com/9c7bbc0a40d17dfa2f03bc64682a06a2/tumblr_inline_n567t7OSXx1ra0w2v.gif

    • Skully

      There is a cake song? o_O
      I never watch the semis, actually I never watch anything before the final. I often only know my own cause I hear it somewhere casually….
      But I heard that there is a trans thats causing some trouble in the east, especially Russia (of course it’s Russia….)

      • Tessa Ledeine

        I never watch it either but I didn’t have much else to do xD It was kinda boring, too many ballads. I don’t like ballads, I need more crazy Eurovision songs xD.
        There’s 2 cake songs, the one I like (Latvia) and a cheesecake one.
        People actually booed Russia when they got through.

        • Skully

          I have to say that the lyrics make the song sound quite stupid tbh. But the melody isn’t bad though… and it sounds familiar somehow o_O
          I like some of the crazy songs, but most of them I just find stupid. I didn’t like the Russian grannys for example. But if there isn’t at least 1 funny song I feel like something is missing XD
          I feel like this ESC will be a battle between the east pro Russia and the rest….. + sympathy points for Ukraine

  13. Blueberries

    Akdong Musicians Melted’s mv is so good.. and the song too :D I almost cried watching it ^^; I wonder if you guys have seen it already? I recommend watching it, it’s like little movie ^^

  14. Block B’s new MV, Jackpot, is out and I LOVE IT. It’s so playful and fun :D

  15. Tessa Ledeine

    I’m reading the newspaper and what do I see? Ian Thomas (our own Justing Bieber knock off) will do a collab with TinyG. I don’t know how TinyG’s popularity is in S-K but in the article it says that they are ” a popular kpop group”.

  16. Elanor

    Guuuuuys! I met with Teen Top… I met with them in the fricking railway station in Hungary while I was on my way home. I still can’t belive that it happened with me. xD Now I have Niel, Ricky and C.A.P’s sign too… the others didn’t have time to sign it, since there were 3 of us, so it took some time, but Changjo was already in the line to sign… he was soooo cute. :D

    Anyway here is my fanaccount about it if you are interested. And now I’m gonna get ready, because the concert start soon. :)


    • ChocoPandaa

      OMIGOD First you met Lee Jong Suk and now Teen Top?! Gahh you’re so freaking lucky!! xD

    • Tessa Ledeine

      OMG, you’re so lucky :D

    • WOW, that’s amazing luck!

    • Skully

      Ok so first Lee Jong Suk and now Teen Top?! This is like your lucky year or something XD
      I bet they were surprised to have fans approach them overseas, especially non asians and ones that weren’t like 14 or something
      It has to be nice for them to have fans come to them in a normal way (I’m totally asuming here you didn’t freak out and went into crazy fangirl mode lol)

      • Elanor

        Nah, we were totally chill and polite while they were there. But of course they could see that we were happy. Their manager was so nice asking us if we want more autograph :D Also we got some fanservice… I mean don’t tell me that they are always that playful and feeding each other and stuff like that… while looking at our direction if we are still there. xD They made me into a bigger fan now. :D
        And yeah looks like I’m lucky. Even after the concert I met with so many awesome people to have an after party. They were korean and chinese students from here.. and from Vienna… and of course some hungarian as well. We played so many korean drinking game. Ah fun weekend. :)

        • Skully

          How does it feel to have the fanservice directed directly at you? It has to be really different from seeing it through a screen
          Glad you had a good time :D

  17. Skully

    Hey guys!!!!
    Wow I haven’t been here in like 4ever! I’m really sorry and I missed you guys soooo much!!
    I haven’t been connected in months, haven’t been on any kpop sites or anything. I don’t even know how it happened! I didn’t mean to. And I feel really bad for not saying anything :(
    So how are you all?? I see most are still here :D
    Edit: I just noticed that somehow I have 20 followers now O_O What?!?

    • Tessa Ledeine

      Hey!! *waves*
      Good to see you here again :D I feel like we’ve run out of things to talk about, maybe us not being here 24/7 might give us some more topics for the future.
      I keep getting mails that I have followers too. Not sure why now, it would have made more sense if they started following us when we were actually talking all the time :p

      • Skully

        Hey!!! Good it’s good to be back :D
        I know right! If we get followers then it should be when we’re actually active XD

        • I heard an interview with him on the radio and the radiohost asked hime if they are a popular group and he said ” euh … yes…” I have to admit, I laughed xD

    • OMG, Skully, you’re back! *glomps you*
      We all kind of fell out of communication… funny that us, the group that broke disqus with comments fell quiet… the Epik page is still going strong tho.
      I’m still into K-pop – I’m addicted to netizenbuzz and kpopkfans, and now post social media for theoneshots.com (we recently had a Bias Tournament – I stuck in Jongup, thinking he’d get trashed, but HE BEAT ZICO AND HOYA! Lost to Eunhyuk tho).

      LOL, yeah, I have something like 46… I think it’s because if you click the Eat Your Kimchi section of disqus, you’re amoung the top commentators for the site :) And new commentators on EYK sometimes follow as a result, I think.

      Hope you’ve been well! How is medicine going (that’s what you are studying, right?)
      IDK if you’ve been keeping up with BAP, BUT THEY’RE COMING TO EUROPE! *can’t contain excitement*

      • Skully

        Yay I’m back! *hugs*
        I know! It’s like we talked so much that after a while we didn’t know what to say anymore….. well it’s nice that the page is still alive even if it isn’t as active anymore :)
        Yeah it was medicine I’m studying. I’m doing fine, had exams february and now I have a bit free time before the next start…..
        Well it’s normal he lost against Eunhyuk, it’s Suju after all, but my Hoya :'( …. LOLZ
        It’s about time they come to Europe (especially Germany)!! Are you going?? I haven’t been keeping up with them tbh. I mean I listened to their new song and everything, but that’s about it, no variety or anything…..
        Is there gossip or anything I should know about? You always know everything going on in kpop XD

        • I was so proud of him for beating Hoya… like, I thought he had absolutely no chance! But he did it :D
          I KNOW! I’m going to London (it’s closest/cheapest) with 3 friends, so it should be good fun :D
          Are you going to BAP? :D

          Bangx2 is really good, tho there is a LOT going on in that song. Tho when Zelo started doing his little rap bit, I thought of Rage Against the Machine for some reason, lol.

          Gossip? Um… SM is under tax evasion scrutiny, but attention has been detracted from that by so many of the SNSD members saying they’re dating (Tiffany/Nichkhun, Yoona/Lee Seunggi) and Hyoyeon’s ex-boyfriend calling the police to keep her from jumping off a building (so many unclear things about this story… I honestly don’t know what to believe), and Shindong now dating a model (seems he’s no longer getting married).

          and a LOT of idols went to see Bruno Mars in Seoul – Shindong, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Sooyoung, Jo Kwon, G-Dragon, etc.

          Oh, and Bieber got a tattoo of a traditional Korean mask and his name in Hangul (idk if you were around for Bieber’s trip to Korea http://www.theoneshots.com/2013/10/justin-bieber-infiltrates-yg-entertainment/ )

        • Skully

          I heard that some SNSD members were dating, but with Khun!?Didn’t know that….
          Wait so Hyoyeon tried to commit suicide?!?! O_O

        • Well, that’s one of the rumors going around, that she tried to commit suicide because she’s being bullied by the members of SNSD.
          But there’s too much unknown to really judge if that’s what happened

    • Elanor

      Heey! Long time no see
      Yeah we are still kinda here, but not that much… I would have time now, but nobody visit that place that often. :(
      How have you been? What were you up to without kpop? :D
      As for me I’m going to a Teen Top concert on Saturday… I’m super excited.
      Also Lee Jong Suk hugged me! xD So yeah that’s pretty much sums up everything about me. Oh no, 1 more, I changed my job :)
      I have followers too, I guess because we are on the EYK’s disqus community page as most active commenters xD

      • Skully

        Hey!!! I know it’s been ages….
        I don’t know I think I needed a little pause. For 3+ years it has been only kpop 24/7 and I can’t say got sick of it, but I guess I needed to turn it down a bit and the fact that last year the music wasn’t as good didn’t help…..
        But I still listened to some, well 3 groups basically (Infinite, Shinee and Exo) and watched their realities, just didn’t look up gossip and stuff like that. But it was actually totally unconscious, I just noticed one day it had been weeks since I visited those sites….
        Wow Teen Top, didn’t know you were into them. Have lots of fun!!! :D
        Lee Jong Suk…. wasn’t he in Secret Garden?? Well anyways… congrats!!! Lucky you! :P
        Hope everything goes well with the new job! :D

        • Elanor

          Yes the gay boy from Secret Garden… and School 2013 and I hear your voice. But he wasn’t gay in the last two… or welll I’m not that sure about School 2013 xD
          I know sometimes a break from kpop is good. Even though it can be hard to catch up even after a few weeks. xD

        • Skully

          Yeah catch up….. lol not even gonna try, it’s impossible XD

  18. Elanor


    This is sooo ridiculos… So Jongsuk was at the airport when a fan came to him and wanted to give him her present… He was in the rush and also his manager came between him and the fa wanted to take the present, but the fan grabbed his sleeve… Jongsuk was flustered and now everybody say that he was rude… I don’t know I think the fan was way too pushy and Jongsuk didn’t notice her as well at first.
    Ah what a stupid controversy.
    I mean he was really nice here… well of course he didn’t smile all the time but whenever a fan waved at him he waved back and when he could give autograph he gave it, because there were time that if he start to give them he would have to stand there for so long. xD Also there was a time when only 2-3 girls went to him and asked for autograp, but his manager said no, but he still took the paper to write one but the manager took it from him and gave it back to the fan. They were really said and he said sorry so many times and hugged them instead… and now that person is acused as someone who mistreat fans… ehh, upsetting, really upsetting…

  19. Jongup lost.
    But it was to be expected. At least there wasn’t a large margin between him and Eunhyuk!

  20. Tessa Ledeine

    After casually listening to VIXX every now and then I have given in to these dorks. I’ve hopped on the ST★RLIGHT train and I don’t think I’ll be getting off any time soon xD

    • Blueberries

      They are the group who has done creepy concepts lately?
      I think they have rather good songs and intresting dances as well :)

    • ChocoPandaa

      I became a Starlight at the end of last year… I’ve always loved their songs but watching their variety shows shot them up to my favorite group list xD

    • I keep hearing that they’re good. I mean to check them out someday, but they’ll have to join Infinite and MBLAQ on the waiting list

      • Elanor

        Have you seen Sesame player with both group? Or the Ranking king with Infinite. Btw Ranking king is one of my favorite variety concept it was so good to see their real personality. I don’t understand why didn’t they make more show like that, the concept is much better than for exaple Showtime’s concept.

        • I haven’t seen any of their variety shows, but people keep telling me to check them out, so that’s what I hope to do this summer ^^

        • Elanor

          You should :D Ah now I’m excited about the new Block B variety show. :D I think it will be fun :)

        • omg, I’m so exited for it as well! Should be crazy xD

    • Elanor

      I can’t decide if you made a good or bad decision with this… xD Ah, but I love those dorks too, they are so funny. :D I watched Mydol with them first, because of MBLAQ and they convinced me. :D

  21. Okay, unashamed plug time.
    Jongup is losing to Eunhyuk in the Bias Battle (he already beat Zico and Hoya, and I’m proud of that).
    He probably won’t beat Eunhyuk, but at the same time, if he’s gonna lose, I’d like it to be so there isn’t a large gap.
    We were at 26%, but are back up to 40%.
    You can vote once every few hours, and on multiple devices

  22. Elanor

    Have you guys seen Jackie Chan’s boy group? What do you think? I was so confused at first, because I saw pictures of them first and there were 5 members, but then in the teaser there were only 4… then they debuted with 5 members in live stages… and now in the MV there are only 4 again… like whut? Okay I realized that one of the member was sick for the MV filming… but couldn’t they wait a few days for him? -.-

    Btw one of the member looks like GD during Heartbreaker. xD


    • Apparently one of the guys, Prince Mak (Mac?) was too sick to film the MV.
      They’re okay. I’m not really a fan, though the SimBa guy is hot

    • ChocoPandaa

      I still don’t get why he couldn’t name the group JCJC instead of JJCC since JC stands for Jackie Chan.. >_> The MV was meh, but it reminds me of EXO with those super powers of theirs. The song is good though. It’s relaxing! :D All those members look like a mix of a couple of other idols .__.” And I didn’t think the voice of that brown hair guy would be deep haha
      And I know right.. What’s wrong with waiting for a member to film the MV? It’s his freaking DEBUT MV ffs!!

  23. Blueberries

    Ah there everyone is :D Hey, longtime no see? ^^

    What’s happening with everyone? What about kpop have you kept in touch? I have been over in allkpop’s forums quite long time now so I got all my infos about kpop there XD Lately I have loved 2NE1’s comeback, the album is amazing, and Lee Michelle’s debut :D

    • ChocoPandaa

      Omg people are slowly coming back! Hi :D
      I’m always keeping in touch with kpop (since I’m still young and in high school). Kpop(and drama) is basically everywhere for me. Twitter, facebook, friends, and I’m also in a KPS forum lol I can’t avoid it even if I wanted to! xD I’m not a fan of YG music so I didn’t even bother to hear them out. YG and I just can’t mix.. Been loving all the releases from the boy groups I follow though, except for 100%.. The chorus for their comeback song is catchy and I love it but other than that…. I can’t say anything about their album though since I actually haven’t listened to it yet xD

      • Blueberries

        Hey ^^ I have been also watching some pokemon.. but I have watched it since I was kid XD It was like number one show then I still watch the new seasons..

        It seems like I’m only YG fan here lol XD YG is like my first love when it comes to kpop, BB and 2NE1 as my fav groups ^^; I’m also looking forward to Winners debut.. if only YG would stop postponing everything (they were supposed to debut last month but still no debut >_>).

        I saw ToHearts debut mv and song but I didn’t care about it much.. I think it’s the Key’s rapping never been big fan of that : /

        I’m doing well anyways, focusing on my university studies and lately I have been quite into videogames :D They have took a lot time from kpop ^^;

        • ChocoPandaa

          I just found out Pokemon was created a year before I was born… And they’re STILL airing. I’m speechless. xD
          And it’s like I’m the only person who isn’t a fan of YG at all… That reminds me of EXO and their “fandom name”.. SM said it’d be announced at the ending of November last year but nothing came out.
          LOL we must have total opposite tastes in music >_>” I don’t quite like Key’s rapping but (sadly) I prefer his over Minho’s…
          What video games do you play? Online ones or single player ones? I just downloaded a ds emulator yesterday and pokemon black 2 rom and I’ve been playing it for like 8+ hours straight .___. When I get a 3ds, I’m not sure what I’ll become. I’ll probably be playing it in my room all night long xD It felt like only a year since Pokemon Black/White came out… I didn’t even know there was a Black/White 2!!

        • Blueberries

          Yup many animes have aired something like 20 years even.. it’s crazy XD

          I play lot of videogames, both online and singleplayer but mostly singleplayer. From online games I’m playing LoL (League of Legends), I have got many friends from it even IRL friends XD For singleplayer games like fantasy, scifi and strategic games. Dragon Age, Skyrim and Mass Effect are my favs ^^

          Yea it seems like we have different taste of music though we both like kpop ^^; YG is the reason I got into kpop and it’s the reason why I have stayed ^^ I love groups from all labels but somehow YG’s groups will always be number one for me. Though YG makes me crazy sometimes, they postpone everything XD Big Bang was supposed to comeback last november, Winner was supposed to debut February, Akdong Musicians debut has been pending long time, Lee Hi’s and Taeyang’s comebacks has been pending a longtime too. YG really makes me pull my hair out sometimes XD

        • Elanor

          I love YG too. Well there are a quite a lot groups what I like more than their groups, but I’m still following them. Well actually I follow all the companies anyway. xD Ah and agree Winner should debut soon -.-

    • Hey :) Glad to see you here again.

      I’m keeping up with K-pop via theoneshots.
      I liked 2NE1’s comeback, though parts of “Come Back Home” did feel like IGAB 2.0, but the MV was really wow.
      SNSD’s was a little underwhelming, but it wasn’t bad either.
      I AM IN LOVE WITH ORANGE CARAMEL’S “CATALLENA.” Srsly, I adore the MV, I think it’s really fun and creative.
      And I LOVE Lee Michelle’s debut! It’s so.. provocative and heartfelt. Honestly, watching the MV, I’m glad she left YG. They wouldn’t have let her do something like this, IMO, and I love this style. If she had stuck with YG, she might have had to adhere to YG’s very rigid style. With DIMA, I think she’s gonna be able to do a lot more provocative pieces like this and will probably have a lot more artistic freedom.

      Actually, it feels like there are a slew of good girl group comebacks atm.

      • Blueberries

        It feels like girls are dominating now.. for at least to me ^^ Though I really liked MBLAQ’s recent comeback, the song is really good.

        I think Come Back Home is quite like patchwork, the unplugged version of the song is much better. I love the whole album actually and I think it has better songs than CBH, for example Crush which is quite badass song XD Scream is my favorite at the moment though.

        I like Catallena a lot too but I’m not huge fan of the song. The mv is really awesome though, OC always makes me laugh :D

        I don’t think YG has rigid style since it has many different kind of artists behind it and various genres like eletropop, hip hop, rnb and poprock ^^ But I doubt YG would have made mv with strong statement like that : / I’m glad that Lee Michelle was able to do it elsewhere and I hope she will do well ^^

        • Yeah, I like MBLAQ’s Be A Man as well ^-^

          Yeah, it is very patchwork. But the netizens on NB seemed really impressed with it, so I think 2NE1 did quite well in Korea all the same.

          Well, when I saw rigid style, any of his real poppy songs sound like a YG song. You listen and go “oh, that’s so YG.”
          And he definitely wouldn’t have let her put out such a MV…

        • Elanor

          Ah MBLAQ, I think this MV and song is great… they are so manly without trying too hard. Ah love MBLAQ. *-*
          Also I really liked 2NE1’s MBLAQ but well with cyberpunk concept everyone can buy me easily, I really liked that. Didn’t really like GG’s comeback though, i think it wasn’t that great.
          Also Lee Michelle really suprised me, such a good song and meaning I like to see this in kpop. :)

        • Yeah, MBLAQ are definitely manly without ripping open shirts or something like that xD
          it’s got a smooth, sauve feel ot it.

          Lee Michelle impressed me so much. I was like “whoa, the dual meaning in this is amazing”

    • Elanor

      Hey there! Ah I miss disqus from that site though. xD
      I still follow kpop, but i wandered to kmovie land for a little. xD

      • Blueberries

        Hey ^^ I’m already used to not having disqus XD

        Ooh. I don’t follow kpop anymore as intensively than I used either but now that 2NE1 had comeback I’m more pumped up XD

  24. Elanor

    So we ae here now. Yeah I found you guys! ^^ I have more time these days, so I might come more often. :D
    And I have 2 good news. :D

    1. I’m going to the Teen Top concert. Well it’s not B.A.P unfortunatelly I can’t affourd that with the travelling to the concert, but this will be my first kpop concert so I’m happy ^^

    2. Lee Jong Suk hugged me!!! :D He came to Hungary for shooting his new drama and I was really lucky and made a lot of friends rom the staff :D

    How is everyone? ^^

    • ChocoPandaa

      You’re back!

      AND YOU’RE GOING TO TEEN TOP’S CONCERT?!! >< Who's your bias? are you gonna make a fanboard? :3 xD
      My 2nd favorite (he was my favorite but he dropped to the 2nd after kim soo hyun came to my heart..) actor hugged you! How was he like? Did you guys talk haha.. Damn you're so lucky!! wait.. you made friends with the staff…? wow xD

      Other than school, I'm doing pretty much okay.. How have you been?

      • Elanor

        My bias is C.A.P, but L.Joe is such a ruiner. xD And my friend is comeing with me, so I won’t be alone. But I would meet with some friends there I’m sure since because of the Lee Jong Suk filming I met a lot of hungarian kpop fan and most of them are going to the Teen Top concert. :)

        Btw LJS was really nice… he was hiding a lot tough, because he didn’t want fans to take too many pictures of him and also his schedule here was tiring and he just recovered from swine flue at that time. But I was so lucky, because when I first went to the filming location we could mix with the staff and cast quite easily and when they had their lunch break I was alone there because my friend left for about an hour, so I was sitting in the sun alone, just chillin’ when some stuff and actor came next to me to eat their hamburger and well… they offered me one to eat with them. *-* First I couldn’t believe… and one of the actor even gave me some from his coke *-* And if it’s not enough after a few minutes Jongsuk came to eat very close to me too. xD Then one of the actor (who was really handsome btw I think I had a crush on him xD He was playing in Faith btw)) came to me to ask about good party places so I showed him some on his phone. xD
        Thanks to it I was in quite good terms with the staff so that handsome actor and Jonguk’s stuntman showed me the shooting location for the next day. I went there with some tangerines as a thank you for the lunch. When I arrived Jongsuk was walking next to me and I gave him 2 tangerines and he stoped and thanked it. I also gave one to the all staff and actors who were there. Because I was the only fan there LJS didn’t hide and I could see him a lot. Then he came where I was standing and I could give him some present what I brought (not much just some snacks) and then he gave me 2 autographs.. we talked a little about how he like Hungary and he asked how old I am… and he misspelled my name xD And when I wanted to give him the present it stucked in my bag so it took me about 2 minutes to taak it out and he was just standing there smiling about how clumsy I am… and at the en he gave me a clumsy hug, hehe. :D
        I went at the shooting the other days too but I mostly kept contact with that ahndsome actor (we still talk on facebook sometimes) and with the stuntman (same), but Jongsuk always waved when he saw me.
        Ah it was such a happy experience. :D

        • Wow, it’s like something out of a drama or… idk, it’s like a dream come true! So lucky!

        • Elanor

          Yeah it felt like a drama… there were… well some interesting parrt to how some other fan behaved with me. Like at the last day the stuntmn didn’t have much to do because they didn’t film any motorcycle scene for the rest of the day so he came to me to talk… then tha fans saw this and they flew there for autograph or to hang out with him too… and later when I read fanaccounts about it they said that the stunt was sitting alone looking at his phone… like I was invisible. xD When the girls came I left, wanted to let him enjoy his new papolarity xD But like after 15 minutes he came to talk again… but it last for 10 minutes again, then there were so many girls again. xD Also I couldn’t even talk with the actor the last day oly could wave to each other because he needed bodygurards just like Jongsuk when he came out from the set. xD Their popularity raised quite quickly here. xD
          Also I made some ‘friends’… well more like some girls started to follow me around… and there were some who ingored me… well it was interesting for sure. xD

        • Omg, you were literally in a drama! haha, had the interest of the guys who the other girls were trying to get the attention of! xD
          That’s amazing. LOL, you’re so cool.

        • Elanor

          But it was a short one. xD Ah and I wasn’t cool at all, they were laughing on me a lot. Like when I was eating with them one of them asked me if I can guess how old is one of the staff… and I said 42… then they told me that he is 25… and I was saying sorry so many times… then they told me that actually he is 47 and how cute that I believed that. Like they totally saw me as an easy target… -.-

        • ChocoPandaa

          Haha L.Joe is my bias but Changjo is the ruiner for me.. I’ve also started to notice CAP these days xD Ugh you people are so lucky you’ve got friends who like the same groups as you >_>
          OMFG I’M SO JEALOUS!! You have no idea.. My mouth was opened the whole time I was reading… ;___; It’s like a fanfic that’s come to life! xD I didn’t watch Faith but the only actor I know who acted in Faith is Lee Min Ho (the main guy).. omg they offered you their food >< But hey wait, the staff can speak english? :o
          You were the only fan there? Is it because the stuntman showed you the shooting for the next day and no one else knew? xD They kept in contact with you too! Wow hahaha GUUUUUURL you're so lucky! I'm jealous but I'm happy you had such a great time :P

        • Elanor

          Yes they tried to keep some of the location secret, so only I knew that they will be there. The actor shouted ‘good morning’ at me from so far when I went there, so the staff let me in. xD And this actor could speak english quite well, but not all of them could but there were interpreters who helped or the ones who could speak english or just by giving them a tangerine we became friends. xD They were nice.. btw they are all working for SBS.
          And yeah I kinda felt like I was in a dream, like it was so different from my world xD Ah I want to go back. Even though I still keep in touch with some…. it’s quite hard with the stuntman because of the language, but for example now he is sending me pictures about his job.. friends… and his dinner. xD He is so nice. :D

        • ChocoPandaa

          But I’m wondering why they didn’t tell it to another fan or two and only decided to tell it to you… heheheh *grins like a fool* Now that’s one way to be friends.. giving food >_> So it’s the shooting for that upcoming Doctor Stranger drama? A stuntman for a doctor drama.. now this is gonna be interesting xD
          What a nice stuntman haha you guys can just communicate by sending pictures :P

        • Elanor

          Yes it is. Well there will be quite a lot of action in it. :D Especially in episode 6… that episode will be in Hungary, haha. xD Ah but you guys can’t believe how long a shooting is, like they were filming the same 10 seconds so many times from different angles. Anyway I have some pictures and video, but we can’t share it until the drama is out.
          Well other fans found out usually too, but only after i spent 1-1,5 there alone. xD
          Yeah but poor stuntman like in 1-2 days he gained so many new friends on facebook.. they found him, and I could see on forums that they are talking about if they should chat with him or not. I wonder how many write to him everyday. xD Some even found the actor but he don’t really accept them. He wasn’t THAT nice as the stunt. :D

        • ChocoPandaa

          They even told you which episode it’s for? Cool xD They shot the same scene again and again with different angles?! Couldn’t they have just put cameras in all directions… >_>” It’s only gonna start airing on 28 April. That’s gonna be a long wait, but I’d love to see it! I’ve always wondered what the bts of a drama looks like :D I didn’t actually know what the drama was about but I just read the summary and, it is interesting. The name of the hospital though… DONGWOO University Hospital hehe xD
          LOL. That made me wonder how many mentions/comments an idol gets on twitter/instagram/etc.. a day.. xD Oh yeah, I forgot to ask.. Did you take pics with them?! or an autograph from the actors? :O

        • Elanor

          Well, I guess it was because the background that they were doing it like that. Btw it was cute, because Jongsuk had to shout in the scene and he was quite quiet at the beginning but more canfident after a while. xD Ah I can’t see to watch the drama, it will be so interesting to watch it like this.

          Oh and I can show you some pic, because I uploaded 2 already… well they are not spoiler and stuff. xD



          Also here is the stuf during lunch break :D


        • ChocoPandaa

          I can’t wait to watch it too! Seems like dramas this year are getting better and a little more different than usual. I’ve been enjoying all the dramas I’ve watched this year so far :D
          Ahh those pictures >< How many more do you have?!

        • Elanor

          Not many, because after a while I prefered to just watch or talk with people rather than taking pictures. :D

        • ChocoPandaa

          Well at least you know how to enjoy the moment that comes either once or none in your lifetime :D

    • Omg, that’s amazing! Have fun at Teen Top!

      And you hugged Lee Jong Suk! OMFG! That’s fantastic! xD

    • HI!
      That’s amazing!! At least you get to see Teen Top :) I won’t be able to see BAP even though they’re coming to Germany :( Too expensive.

      Is Lee Jong Suk really that tall? :D

      • Elanor

        Well I hit his ching with my head and I’m 163 cm and was wearing high heels, so yeah, quite tall. xD But not thaaat tall, only in Korean standars. But he is soooo slim now, I guess he lost weight because of his swine flue too.

    • Hey there ^^ Yeah we moved to this page~~
      Oh your first concert thats awesome !! scream and fangirl as much as you can ^^
      really Jong Suk !! how did you survive from that hug! haha

  25. I got tickets for BAP LOE London 2014!

    They’re not VIP stalls like I wanted, but still! Regular stalls is good too :)

  26. Tessa Ledeine

    My mom is driving me insane. My fiancé and I are busy planning the wedding and everything important is planned so we’re taking our time planning all the little stuff now. But everytime my mom sees my face she’s freaking out about decorations, flowers and gifts. Like really freaking out, she’s yelling, flailing her arms, running from one side of the house to the other. And when we go to the store everything she sees would fit the wedding. She’s giving me a headache right now … xD

    • Aww I didn’t know you were getting married, Congratz :D :D
      Well, I think every mom is like that, try to understand her! also if she kept doing this she will make you nervous too! Just try to calm her down…. I hope everything will go perfectly ^_^

      • Tessa Ledeine

        Yup the 18th of July ^^ I get why she’s (and half of the family) freaking out, I’m the eldest of the grandchildren and mommy’s first baby (^^’) but still there’s no need to stress because the important stuff is planned already.

    • ChocoPandaa

      Haha isn’t the bride suppose to be the one being all frustrated about the wedding stuff? xD Tell her to calm down. Freaking out like that won’t help and could possibly make things worse… ><

      • Tessa Ledeine

        It’s not like she’s causing trouble or anything. It’s just that’s she’s making a big deal out of this and my fiancé and I are really chill about the whole situation xD As long as we can say “I do”, we have family/friends there, food, drinks and music we don’t care about anything else.

        • ChocoPandaa

          So I guess you’re just going for a simply wedding? :P Are you gonna play any kpop songs..? xD

        • Tessa Ledeine

          Considering how expensive a wedding is, it’s better to keep it simple. Ofcourse there’ll be kpop, we both like different styles of music so we’ll have to have a bit of everything :p

        • ChocoPandaa

          Omg that’s awesome! (this reminds me of a video I saw of a korean wedding and they played Block B’s Very Good and partied xD) What songs are you going to play? :D Does your family and relatives and whoever is going know what kpop is? xD Oh and when’s the wedding? :o

        • Tessa Ledeine

          His sisters listen to some groups and a couple of his cousins too but to all the rest it’s “the groups with a lot of pretty asian people that we don’t understand” xD I’m not sure which ones I want, we’re still going over the list of songs we really want to hear. Very Good is a great one for a party :p The wedding is on the 18th of July ^^

        • ChocoPandaa

          LOL. That’s understandable. My relatives also think the same. xD omgomgomg you should totally add Infinite’s Beautiful to your list! It’s the perfect song! (I’m probably just being biased) or maybe CNBLUE’s LOVE Girl hehe :D

    • OMG, you poor thing.

      You could try telling her that even if everything isn’t perfect it’s okay…? I have no idea what to say.
      Maybe slip her some valium? :P jk

      • Tessa Ledeine

        Maybe I should just take away her coffee … She just got back from a babyshower from one of here friends and now she’s going on about wanting to being a grandma. This woman needs to calm down. That valium sounds tempting … xD

        • Lol, she probably can’t wait to see what cute babies you’ll make!
          You might have to tell her to calm down, lol. Tell her you’ll make the babies in your own time, and have fun doing so! ;)

        • Tessa Ledeine

          She saw his baby pictures recently so “You’ll make such cute babies” is now a thing.

        • OMFG, your mom is kinda awesome, lol xD
          TBH, I’d probably be saying the same thing :P

  27. More shameless plugging sorry not sorry

    Please VOTE JONGUP in Round 2 of the Bias Battle http://www.theoneshots.com/2014/03/march-madness-round-2-the-best-of-the-bias/

    Surprisingly, Yongguk lost… but he was against Daesung.
    Now Jongup is up against Hoya *cries rivers* and is getting crushed my baby I’m sorry I threw you into the pit, please forgive me *ugly sobbing*
    I am way more invested in this that I thought I’d be, lol. I honestly didn’t expect him to make it through the first round.
    But in the last round, the gifs were on prominent display, whereas this time, there are videos, and I think people are more inclined to just vote for their bias rather than watch the clips and judge based on that… but I could be just an overwhelmed voter, lol.
    At this stage, I’m half-considering tweeting Himchan to get support for his favourite puppy :P

    • Tessa Ledeine

      I’m voting everyday. Is it a 1 vote daily system or go crazy?

      • IDK tbh.
        I think you can vote more than once in a day, but have to wait until the option to click on a name comes up again, and it doesn’t just show the results bar

    • Ohh looks like he is winning this round too :D

      • Does it O.0
        *runs off to see*
        I can’t believe this!
        . . .
        I’m not going to mention it to any of the TOS people, in case Hoya’s girl starts another twitter campaign.

        Spamming the inboxes of Jongup stans was worth it! :D

    • ChocoPandaa

      bwahaha voted.
      I had to keep my urge to vote for hoya, but he’s winning so far so whatever :x

      • Yeah, I should have picked a better clip.
        Why didn’t I go with my first instinct and use the clip of BAP getting their butts measured on Weeky Idol…? *sigh*
        But I’ve been assured by my Inspirit friend that the Ho-God would have won regardless.
        Oh well

        • ChocoPandaa

          At least Jongup made it through the first round! That’s good enough :D

        • True! I honestly didn’t expect him to. I thought BBCs would have crushed him.
          Just goes to show, sex sells! :Pjk

        • ChocoPandaa

          sex does sell, it’s a known fact xD
          but it doesn’t really sell for me though >_>

        • Meaning, you need something more subtantial?
          Kinda the same, tbh. Like, it was his cutiepie smile that drew me in.
          And now I can never escape the feels, OTL

        • ChocoPandaa

          OMG Jongup is taking the lead! -votes for Hoya- .. just kidding! xD

          I’m not exactly sure if I have the right definition of that word but, yes. I’m more into the cute/adokable/4D ones. xD

        • OMFG, please don’t! I wasn’t going to say anything to the team in case the girl whose bias is Hoya would start her twitter campaign again (it’s so successful), but unforuntately one of the other girls noticed and mentioned… and with 12 hours still to go *sigh*

          Yes, the adorkable ones are the best~~

        • ChocoPandaa

          I said I was just kidding, and Jongup won~ woo xD He’s gonna be up against Eunhyuk next heheh

          Sexy is soooo overrated xD

        • He won! and I’m so happy! But IDK how he’s going to beat Eunhyuk, as big SuJu fanbases keep retweeting the girl whose bias is Eunhyuk

        • ChocoPandaa

          You never know what could happen… Maybe a miracle happens and Jongup would win again! xD

        • Let’s hope so!

  28. GUYS, GUYS, GUYS!!

    France and Germany are for definite, and they might add on more places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so fucking excited! *hyperventilates*

    • ChocoPandaa

      OMG! You finally get to see them!! hehe :D
      I think they’d come to malaysia too, since it’s a world tour right, but I’m afraid I might not have money since Teen Top is also doing a world tour, and I’m also saving for a new phone.. >_> damn money problems .___.”

      • Hopefully. I’m preparing for a ticket war on Friday, lol.
        AND! I’ve got some friends coming with me! :D

        My sister can’t make it though (she has exams)

        But still! I’m finally going to get to see MAH BABIES~
        *drowns in feels*

        • ChocoPandaa

          Haha ticket war. The only thing you need to do is be there early. There won’t be any war if it’s organised and I’m sure it will be. The real war is the concert day and when the doors open~ xD
          Damn you’re lucky you have friends who are going with you ><
          Do you think you will take some pictures or are you just going to enjoy the moment?

        • LOL, that’s what I plan on doing. Though there’s 4 or 5 of us flying over for it, so we’ll have to make sure we get the same place.
          I know! and two of them aren’t huge BAP fans but are coming anyway ;A;
          I won’t be taking pics – I haven’t got a camera, or a camera phone. And if I did, I would be too busy dying from feels to take pics. And honestly, enjoying the moment is better – I can participate and focus on their performances more~~~

        • ChocoPandaa

          Hope for the best and that nobody gets lost or anything~ :P Which concert are you guys going to?
          Wow your friends are really nice…. but they’re paying themselves right? xD
          Yeah that’s kinda true. Enjoy them while you can! :D There are fansites to provide us pics anyway. I only took 2 pics when Infinite came here, first one was the concert venue and the second one was when they were on the extended stage sitting on chairs. >_>

        • Yeah, paying for themselves. I didn’t ask them to come, they said they were xD and one of them is also a BABY (who got to see them in Singapore) so I’ll have someone to scream with.
          Fansites have pics, and I’m sure people with better cameras than I will take fancams and pics, so it should be all good.
          When did Infinite come to you? did you tell me about it, and I forgot already? OTL

        • ChocoPandaa

          If my friends ever did that, it’d be a miracle! xD
          Hm I’m sure I did talk about it and you weren’t visiting the page and it probably got lost in the bottom somewhere when you came back. But they came last year in October. xD

        • Well, one was going anyway, cuz he’s a BABY, and idk about the other two, they just said they would xD so happy!!
          . . . I think I remember that.
          Sorry orz
          It must have been amazing

        • ChocoPandaa

          I laughed more than I thought I would when I read “cuz he’s a BABY”. xD So when are the tickets going on sale, if it’s even been decided yet?
          Lol it’s fine, we can’t remember everything. ..if not we’d be geniuses.
          It was! :D Just wish I had a better closer view! And that I was on the right side of the mosh pit and not the left side because Woohyun was positioned on the right side… sigh ;___; But he did look at me and my fanboard a few times and that makes rainbows and unicorns burst out of me xD

        • LOL. Tickets are going on sale early Friday morning (I’m going to be at my uni when I buy them, as the internet is waaay more stable than at my house).
          OMG! You got the grease to look at you! xD So cool!

        • ChocoPandaa

          Wow that early? I thought it would be weeks from now or something. Funny how internet at uni is better than your house one… Shouldn’t it be opposite since there are way more people using internet in uni? xD
          hehehe I know right! When they were moving around and bowing, he even showed his stupid greasy smile and waved at me (and I’m not being delulu or anything because by the end of the concert, nobody was behind me at the railings anymore since they moved to some other place so yeah..) asfhsklhflka I nearly melted on the spot ><

        • Yeah, it’s 8 am here, I think they’re going on sale.
          and I can’t breathe, because i think to get the presale tickets I have to have a UK O2 number… which I don’t ;______;
          the internet at my house isn’t very stable, and there are a LOT of people in the house that use it.
          and that early in the morning, there won’t be as many people using it./
          and the uni internet is usually very good (it would have to be to cope with the number of students we have).
          and OMFG! that is soooo cool! xD My inspirit friend would be soo jealous! (she’s grease-biased, lol).

        • ChocoPandaa

          I don’t think the tickets will be sold out but BAP is popular in Europe so…. xD by the way, which type of ticket are you getting?
          Are you living in a guesthouse?
          Haha I think every inspirit (except for korean ones because they get way more better interactions so it’s probably nothing to them >_>) would be to have any one of the member do it to them.. but of course if it’s your bias, your insides will burn much more xD

        • I am hoping to get VIP stalls, but to do that, I’ve to get a British O2 sim card and set up a priority acc (which I’m doing today – met a girl last night who said she’d give me hers that she doesn’t use! :D)

          It’s kind of a guesthouse, yeah. Lot of people, and I’m pretty sure some of them mess with the internet trying to make it work better for them (‘course, I could just be paranoid).

          Lol, I bet they would.
          I’ll probably be dead after seeing BAP!

        • ChocoPandaa

          Omg luck must be on your side!! Go get those VIP ones! :D
          Haha well that explains that. Lol if someone wanted the internet to work better for them, they should just change the wifi password.. (unless it doesn’t have one) xD
          That saying could go two ways — dead because of feels and dead because of the crowd. LOL. But careful not to get hurt or anything. Some people can get so crazy.. >_> I thought fans here were fine since they all seemed so friendly but when the concert started, most became wild animals omfg .___.

        • Thank you!!!!!!!
          True. Someone did that once. I got super pissed (but didn’t say anything).
          LOL. I survived the moshpit at the Lamb of God concert… kinda (I was tired and ended up moving to the sides).
          but with fangirls, I’ve to be weary of hair pulling and stuff… I mean, I heard of people falling at Infinite NY and getting trampled on (like WTF, pit rules are you pick up the fallen!!)
          But I think it will be okay :D

        • ChocoPandaa

          Honestly if I were to be in a guesthouse, I would totally do that sometimes.. .__.
          Lamb of God lol okay I’m not even gonna ask about it xD I could survive being in a moshpit because the fans were mostly in front and I stayed behind with a few others and some fansite masters. Speaking of them.. they’re smart.. They totally camouflaged themselves in the darkness. They wore black hoodies and pants and even put black cloth around their cameras. xD
          Hair pulling?! seriously? wtf are they that crazy?! If their oppas saw it, they will be shaking their heads >_> Oh I heard about that news too.. It’s so saddening. :/ If I were there I would help them up (unless if I fell down too since I’m so short..)

        • Will you be going to see them in London?

        • WBU? will you be able to see them in London/France/Germany?

        • Gonna do everything I can to see them. Me and a few friends are planning to go. We’re gonna be up early to buy tickets on Friday, and one of them said we could get a plane ticket for €40.
          The only thing that might stop me is if I have exams (we still haven’t been given our schedule OTL).

    • Awesome! I hope they release dates soon :)

      • They released the dates!

        B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH UK 2014 on April 27, 2014 at O2 Brixton Academy, London (UK)
        B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH France 2014 on April 30, 2014 at Le Zenith, Paris, (FR)
        B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH Germany 2014 on May 3, 2014 at Mitsubishi Electric Halle, Düsseldorf (GER)

        and BYSfansite put up info on the venues
        It will be amazing if they can fill the German one (7,000+). It’s just under what they did last year in 4 US cities ^_^

        • Tessa Ledeine

          NOOOOO!! I have to work :'(

        • NOOOOOOOO! Seriously? You can’t wiggle out of it?

          but it’s likely they’ll come back again – I mean, it only took them a year to return to America. They’re bound to comeback to Europe within the next two years

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I want to go but with the money I need for the wedding and the house there’s no way I’ll not go work. B.A.P will come back in the future right, I mean they have to :p

        • That’s unfortunate. But at least you’re doing something lovely with that money :)

          They probably will come back. They went back to America in a year, they might do the same for Europe.
          And I think the concerts will be a success, which will make it more likely.
          And Bang is such an artsy farsty person, he’ll probably come back to look at museums and stuff xD

        • Tessa Ledeine

          Kpop concerts in Europe are always a succes because it always takes forever for a group to come here. And when they do it’s in those stupid tiny venues.

        • True. Though the 7,500+ German one is kinda daunting, IMO.
          And I bet fans will go crazy for merch.
          It will probably be such a success that they will come back again.

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I can only imagine what a kpop concert is like. I’ve only gone to metal gigs so I have no idea what the fans of other genres are like during a live xD

        • Same. This will be my first non-metal/rock concert… I’m wary of fans pulling and trampling each other (like what happened at Infinite in NY). Like, metal concert goers know the pit rule – if someone falls, you pick them up. But idk, some fangirls are mega-crazy and inconsiderate. I hope everything will go okay without incident.

        • Tessa Ledeine

          Mosh etiquette should be something that’s applied at any concert. But then again metal/rock has more of a community feel to it compared to other genres. Although, a lot of the people I meet online that are I-kpop fans are into metal/rock, so you’d think that they would take that mentality with them to a kpop concert

        • I wish it was stuff that was broadcast regularly before the shows.
          There are, but I feel like there will be a number of inconsiderate or perhaps younger fans present who won’t get that they should look out for the people around them.

        • Thank you!!! :) :) I might actually be able to see them, my uncle lives near Düsseldorf, and it’s a saturday so I don’t event have to take a day off :) I wouldn’t be surprised the they could fill the German one, it seems like they’re quite popular here, at least in the “kpop-scene”. :)

        • I hope you make it and have an amazing time!! Best of luck getting tickets :)

      • I know! ^^ It’s going to be amazing. Got some friends who said they’d come. I’ve a bit of money set aside anyways, and am going to go job hunting (well, more earnestly xD) to raise some extra funds.

  29. The battle of the bias piece is up! Yongguk and Jongup are both contenders, if you guys wanna vote

  30. ChocoPandaa

    Hmm I wonder when they’ll stop doing Japanese versions of their Korean songs..
    I don’t know why but I still can’t get used to hearing BAP sing Japanese xD
    And I really like the set of the MV :D

    • I’m not really a fan of the Japanese versions of any song. They often don’t sound “right” because the song was origially written in Korean and just changing the language often takes away from the overall feeling of the song. I really hope they have original Japanese songs soon. I understand why the company would do his though.

    • I think at first they will do this until they are more popular in Japan and then maybe they will release original Japanese songs … other groups do this too, for example Shinee, at first they released Japanese version of the korean songs, but after a while they started releasing new japanese songs.

  31. Okay, re: the bias battle thing, I went with a gif of Jongup thrusting from 1004, because it fit in with what I was saying about there being prayer circles for the women he will end up banging.. lol
    But he’s going up against Zico, who has a lot of fans, so idk how it will turn out.

  32. Okay, so theONESHOTS (K-pop site I work for) are having a battle-of-the-bias thing for March.
    I (obviously) chose Jongup, and for round one I have to come up with a few sentences on why he’s great and a gif to go with it.

    My problem is, which side of him do I represent? His adorkable self, his sexy self, or what?
    Any suggestions?

    he probably won’t go very far in the battle
    because he will be up against more popular idols (including Yongguk)
    but I still want to do a nice piece

  33. Sooo, how’s everyone? :)

    • Right now I’m spending time home doing nothing, I’ve been trying to get a job cause I graduated last year and since then I’ve done some interviews and stuff but still no answer … Here is really hard to find a job after graduation! -_-”
      anyways I hope you’re good too :)

      • Ohh, I know exactly what you mean. I graduated in November 2012, and it was hell at first, because there are hardly any jobs in my “field”. and then they’re like “Oh but we want 5 years work experience” :/ I took an internship to pass time and gain work experience, and then I found something quite fast, but I’m horribly underpaid now, that’s why I’m looking for something else.

        What do you want to work as? Do you have the same problem?

        • aha I see well I hope you’ll find something good soon. Yes I have the same problem! most of them are looking for 2 years or more work experience, I studied business management and that department is so underrated here, no one wants it, they get scared when they hear that.
          I personally like to work something that is similar to what I’ve studied and learnt in the past, but the best job you’ll get with that degree is a receptionist unless you’ve some work experience and then maybe they’ll give you a better position.

        • business management sounds like a well paying job, I can’t believe that they don’t want people in that department. They always tell me I should’ve studied something similar to that :D Germany wants you. My boss literally told me that what I’ve studied is more of a hobby than a real working basis.

        • Oh thats sad that your boss told you that, I think we are having the same problem. Maybe I should move to Germany :D haha … And yes they don’t want it, weird I know!

    • ChocoPandaa

      My school life is hell. It’s all serious business now. If I miss one day of school, I miss a bunch of stuff.
      My kpop life though, is the complete opposite. With all the Infinite things going on: Infinite comeback, Infinite H comeback, Kim Sunggyu comeback, Infinite F (maknae line: Sungyeol, Myungsoo, Sungjong) debut, and the Woohyun and Key collab unit, it’s heaven. xD
      I haven’t been visiting EYK for a long time too because we’re all busy with life and barely come on here now >_>
      I wanted to ask how are you but Terri and Tessa already did it so I’m not sure if I should still ask it but it’d be kinda “rude” not to so: What about you? xD

      • Haha, don’t worry :D It’s fine, you didn’t have to ask. School sounds really crazy, I hope you’ll have a break soon o.o.

        • ChocoPandaa

          Yeah my first assessment is next week, 10-13. And the first day is when Toheart (WooKey unit) is debuting… >_>”
          A holiday sounds really amazing this year… I’m going to cherish the holidays more haha xD

    • Pretty good. Life has been busy, so I haven’t been coming here as often.
      How are you?

    • Tessa Ledeine

      I’ve had the most boring day at work, I’m so happy I can sit down right now xD
      How have you been?

      • Oh, good that it’s weekend now.^^

        Fine, I guess. Some ups and downs, but that’s normal, right?^^ I’m pretty tired, work was exhausting. And I won’t have much time to relax this weekend, because I’m moving into a new flat. Which is also kinda cool :D

  34. @MrsKpop:disqus

  35. Mjong GhuPpie

    hello baby bap ….iam comming ….where is jonglo