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B.A.P – Hurricane



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  1. I LOVE B.A.P~

  2. Puffycake

    Maybe we should wait for their 3rd song (Badman) to come out, I feel like its gonna be their most epic song out of the 3.

    • Well, now it gets reviewed. – But yes, I’d have loved to see the triple KMM about the three MVs – but now it is like this and that’s fine as well. – And who knows, maybe Badman will be reviewed as well? (though; I kinda doubt it ^^)
      As of now; I hope the Drama Version of Destiny will get reviewed, when it’s out.

  3. the engrish of this song needs a review <3

  4. lol zelo looks like lambo yayayay !

  5. Not really BAP’s usual style but I’d still like to see this get reviewed ^^ THE LOOF IS ON FIRE

  6. lmao I can just see this Music Video Monday happening

  7. Why do you guys still vote for this?
    S&M are going to choose either Beast or Infinite… Infinite because they are still on 1 and Beast… well we all know they like them a lot.

    • Blueberries

      Why not vote? They like B.A.P lot too and they might choose them as well. I’m sure that Hurricane would make great KMM with all glirous english it has :)

  8. this song is so awesome xDD

  9. My loof is on fire. That’s probably why Himchan has a convertable.

  10. Laura Cavezale Grisi


  11. Renee

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  12. Renee

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  13. Renee

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  14. Renee

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  15. Renee

    Love this song! Love this song!

  16. Renee

    Love this song!

  17. Renee

    Please review this! Please review this! Please review this! Please review this! Please review this! Please review this! Please review this!

  18. Renee

    Please review this! Please review this! Please review this! Please review this! Please review this! Please review this!

  19. Renee

    Please review this! Please review this! Please review this! Please review this! Please review this!

  20. Renee

    Please review this! Please review this! Please review this!

  21. Renee

    Please review this! Please review this!

  22. Renee

    Please review this!

  23. Renee

    Uri B.A.P! Uri B.A.P! Uri B.A.P! Uri B.A.P! Uri B.A.P!

  24. Renee

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  25. Renee

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  26. Renee

    Uri B.A.P! Uri B.A.P!

  27. Renee

    Love B.A.P Love B.A.P Love B.A.P

  28. Renee

    Love B.A.P Love B.A.P

  29. Renee

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  30. Renee

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  49. im hurricane

  50. Awesome song – I’m addicted to it.

  51. The intro beat totally reminded me of 4minute’s Imymemine

  52. Please do a triple threat music monday for BAP’s Comebacks! :D You know you want to hehe :D

  53. hopefully this will get r/w… or I shall not watch music Monday this week! :P

  54. hop into himchan’s car cuz it has no loof ^^

  55. #Done#Jul 26, 2013 Fri#6:36 PM # From 17,554 ► 17,588

  56. Renee

    Pleeeeeeeease review for Monday. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  57. At first I thought that Bang Youngguk said. I don’t wanna smile. Then I found out that he said ” the world is mine.” My reaction is WOOOOOWWWW

  58. This needs to be reviewed!

  59. B.A.P forever!!!

  60. anyone still voting for this? XD

  61. Go B.A.P FIGHTING~~ <3

  62. Chanyeol-Exo-Kikwang-B2ST

    Okay so 4minute’s Is t poppin, the roof was on fire and they just stand and stare. 2NE1′s falling in love CL said “Aint no body stop the fire let the haterz sit and stare. Now B.A.P’s Hurricane Himchan said the Loof (Roof) is on fire. Kind of funny if you ask me LOL ^^

  63. Babyz get over the failed English part, it’s so old news…

    • Well… I guess it is really hard to get over Himchans English part. – Not that it’s a bad thing .. it is just so … one can just not ignore it…

  64. caaasssasian

    OMG Daehyun!!! >< ♥ love Himchan's "The loof, the loof, the loof is on fire." totally RLAB xD

  65. OMG, THE LOOF IS ON FIRE?????? THE LOOF???? (> <)

  66. ¤ like the high notes parts *
    ¤ like the white + gold combo on the clothing
    ¤ like the hair styles
    ¤ funny how most of the time there is a problem with pronouncing L in MVs but here it is R ( just saying xD )**
    ¤ liked the song

    * I am probably high-note biased when it comes to high-notes in singing…brings my mood up xD

    ** I can imagine Simon rating the ” Loof ” part down *lol* … and maybe the other english parts

  67. I really really want to see how Simon reacts to the loof is on fire. :’)

  68. vote vote vote …

  69. It would be an awesome music Monday comon babies!

  70. I’m not fan of B.A.P but this song is amazing <3333

  71. forever loof-ing on himchan’s infamous loof ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  72. This is so addicting! And of course the highlight part is the ‘the loof is on faiya’ LOLOL

  73. Omg bap hurricane da loof da loof da loof is on fiyah

  74. love this

  75. Ariadne Locket

    Dear Simon and Martina, this song has waaay to much juicy details (oh the glorious engrish!) for you not to do a Kpop Music Monday on it! Pwease??

  76. jelo ramen hair is.. HAHAHHAHAAA…. but oh yes yes yes.. jongup is really hot in this MV.. but i’m particularly sad with himchan’s part.. why so little… aigoo himchannie..

  77. Billie Christine Beckstead

    It seems like their two newest music videos are both in America (I mean Coffee Shop and Hurricane). That was actually the first thing I noticed. The Loof Is On Fire!!!!

  78. it’s been a while since B.A.P was reviewed on kmm. lets get them to #1 babyz

  79. hoping they win sooo much <3

  80. Oh, how curious Simon and Martina decided to change the title from BAP to B.A.P later on XD

  81. I hope S&M review B.A.P…

  82. I need to see the review for this videoooooooo, plsssssssssssssssssssss *-*

  83. i love this song so muach…. this is diferferent

  84. omg when do we have the friday livestream like where do we watch it on twitch or what also what time is the livestream for PST? please respond back…. :)

  85. Sophie Tiffany Vanderbilt

    I wonder if they know that their English speaking fans LAUGH when they hear this song. I’m sure S&M already did some kinda of TLR on this before, but I’d love to see how fans in S Korea respond to the atrocious Engrish. Does it sound OK to them? Are all the fangirls so proud of BAP for setting a loofah on fiyah? Do they all proceed to “hurricaine” in the clubs (however you do that….not quite sure) ?

    Side note….I personally love this song and I’m a big fan of club style music. It has a special place in my heart, right next to bad engrish. :)

  86. i was going through the comments to find out if the majority of people thought simon was talking about zelo’s hair or himchan’s english in the kpop charts update… but it looks like its half and half of what people are talking about

  87. Me so sad… I wanted them to review this song, =(. If they had lost to Junsu I could take it because I love his bananas, but I’m not really into Infinite.

  88. I love this song so much! I love that they try different things. But even when they do, people complain that they did something different lol

  89. This song is more suited for a group like SHINee or LC9, not B.A.P. It also seems more like a song for Daehyun. I miss the bad boy image and choreographed dances. And Zelo’s hair bugs me so much… fufufufufufu >.< HOWEVER, I do like the song by itself. (P.S. The loof, the loof, the loof is on fire)

  90. Pleaaaase review this for KMM! :D

  91. the first time i saw this i thought himchan said “da looove (love) is on fiyahhhh”

  92. I love B.A.P so much and I think they rocked this song (minus the loof and omitting their articles)
    Plus, I’m not normally a fan of like instrumental/electro breaks in the song that include dance sequences but Jongup and Zelo freaking nailed it and even when I listen to it on my ipod, I don’t mind the break in the song
    But seriously watching the maknae line dance freely was so visually pleasing ^_^

  93. yanagiba yusuke22

    any1 know y they didnt perf the latest 2 song live esp in 4 main music show?

  94. love this

  95. I was slightly disapponted this time around with this song. It’s so not their usual style. The little falsetto pieces before and after the chorus by Daehyun and Youngjae were my favorite parts, and I mean, I like it, but it’s not even close to up to par with their past songs. And OH DAEYUM THE ENGRISH. Now, I know their still working on their English due to their growing American fan base and the English in their songs isn’t really ever up to, say, YG standards, but I can usually count on them to say the main chorus lines correctly. The word “Hurricane” came out more as “Hurl a cane” and if I hadn’t known the title I would be very confused as my friend’s father was when we showed him this MV. Also: “the loof, the loof, the loofah’s on fire”…..need I say more? From Zelo’s blatant Ramyun afro to the strange breakdown, I have to be honest; it just didn’t cut it for me. Of course, even with my disappointment in this song, I am still an extremely strong B.A.P. fan, and I’m always looking forward to more from them, but this didn’t do it for me.


  97. Himchan: The loof is on fiyah!
    CL: Can’t nobody stop the fiyah let them haters sit N stare !
    4minute: …

  98. All the Babies really need to get on this. *Crosses her fingers and really hopes that Simon and Martina reviews this one*

  99. Rissy Myers

    I think they really deserve it because they were in the US for 10 days and had recorded 2MVs, 4 concerts and an MTV show….. That’s a lot of work.

  100. At first I was like, “why didn’t they teach Himchan how to pronounce “Luv” right?!” ….. then I checked the lyrics xD

    Aaaaah but never mind Himchan (and the others ;-)) ~ BABYs will always love you, no matter what your Engrish is like ♥

  101. at first I was like, what is this?! But then I listened to it again…. and again… and now I absolutely love it! It’s a totally different style, but they worked out well ^^

  102. please review! i wanna see simon complain about “the LOOF”

  103. Half the song is in English, practically. But even so, the English is so God damn funny. It’s like a goldmine.

  104. This is so catchy!

  105. This video reminds me of Big Bang video “Tonight” :-/

    • Blueberries

      It has same Vegas feel and they have shooted same things: driving car around street, hotel shots, standing on “desert”. But there is many differences: BB has love triangle plotline when B.A.P are just looking cool and partying around Vegas.

  106. The loof lol


  108. Wasn’t incredibly impressed with this at first, but now its the song I listen to when I need to cheer up. Its not my usual style of music, so it took a bit to get used to. I like the switch-up of the beat every now and then and the general feel of the song. Himchan’s engrish is always amazing (cheejuburger anyone?), but I didn’t like the gold suits, and I thought Zelo looked like a cross between and overgrown baby and an old lady with that silly alphabet suit thing and hair. He’s still adorable though :p

    I’d still like to know what “We’re Hurricane” means though…

  109. I really hope this will be reviewed because I really want to know what S&M think about it, especially about the engrish lol

  110. Sophie

    The first time I heard this I busted out laughing when I heard Himchan… Especially since his facial expression is so serious XD Ahhh Himchan didn’t you learn from the chijiburgers?

  111. I want this to be reviewed so badly xP it’s an Engrish gold mine! I think it will make an entertaining review and there would be so much things that Simon and Martina can talk about.

  112. мышь-глупыш

    I find it weird, though, that they have a sausage party in the pole-equipped party!limo :D

  113. the LOOF is on FIYAHHHH!! lmao xD

    all the craziness in that limo.. its so insane hahaha!

    Daehyun and that pole……………………….its mutual

    this is seriously KMM gold.. lets keep voting! i love love the song. it has a sick beat omg i wanna party all night to this <3

  114. To quote a lovely post on tumblr: Please tell me how B.A.P got 2 music videos done, 4 concerts, and an MTV show done in 10 days while they was in the U.S…

    Koreans. They need to learn how to say ‘W’ and ‘R’

    • Oolf is how wolf is in Korean, EXO is fine. Himchan though,is adorable and can have his loof.

      • Actually “oolf” doesn’t mean anything in Korean and the actual word for wolf would be 늑대 (pronounced Neukdeh) which you can see in the original Korean title of the song, which is “늑대와 미녀”. Simon and Martina explained this in the Music Monday for that song ;)

      • lolol! Yeah~ Himchan’s Loof is on fire

  116. Seriously though, they’ve got 2 MVs out in as many months (actually 3 weeks apart, I think?) and that’s right after they came off of their world tour. Do these boys ever sleep?? o.o

  117. I just cant stop laughing when the LOOF IS ON FIRE comes out xD This loof is on FIREEEEEEE haha Alicia Keys xD

  118. I have a feeling it’s not going to win, but i really wish is did. the LOOF!

  119. Hurricane MUST be reviewed, because i’m dying to know Simon’s opinion about Himchan’s “The LOOF Is On Fire”. Yup, the LOOF (btw, do you know what LOOF means, cause I don’t know)

  120. lololol, him chan and his bloodhound gang reference. Otherwise another great video from BAP :)

  121. Park Charli

    -100 OUT OF 5 heheheee

  122. I didn’t like the gold outfits. Anyone with me on that? I thought they looked kinda tacky

  123. It’s been awhile since B.A.P has been reviewed :( and Simon and Martina didn’t review Coffee Shop, but I really wish they had

  124. I am loving the Engrish XD

  125. The Loof, The Loof is on fire xD oh Himchan

  126. I’m a huge B.A.P fan/BABY, but it’s hard for me to like this song because club songs have never been my style. But I’m so happy that so many other people have given positive feedback to this and that it is doing great! And also, the fact that I don’t like this song doesn’t mean I don’t want this to be reviewed. I really really hope this gets picked because it would make a great Music Monday! Let’s keep voting!

  127. Denise

    Am I the only one who loved this song? I mean, I’m not gonna lie it’s really hard to get past the absolutely glorious english, but I really liked the song. It’s very different from regular k-pop and has a great feel to it. The video though…meh. But it’s seriously one of the best comebacks of the year. Loved it.

    • Ur not alone.. I cant get the beat out of my head….. and it wouldn’t be kpop without the Engrish huh.As for the video,i really liked the dance segment with zelo and jongup in the middle…lol

    • I love this song so much but I’m not big on the video, I think it lacked direction and the clothes were a hot mess.

      • Denise

        I agree, the video didn’t match the strength of the song and was so…empty. I couldn’t think of another word to describe it. It lacks something, people maybe? Maybe they should have added some club scenes, IDK. And OMG Zelo’s grandma-fro. Almost as epic as the english.

  128. -continues voting for all B.A.P songs- >:3
    must get them to the top

  129. Guess “The loof is on fire” being the opening sentence for the live-chat is a good sign, right? – But we’ll see

  130. Asela Cheung

    DaeHyun looks really handsome in this MV :D

  131. This is so catchy! and I’d be so funny to hear Simon rating their English xD I also like that in this song the melodic singing prevails on the hip hop one.. it’s nice for a change sometimes :)


  133. DUH you guys should SHOULD do this and make fun of this hihi

  134. i likey

  135. we hurricane, the loof is on fayar

  136. I love this song so damn much! :) I dont know bout you guys but I totally addicted to Hurricane now. My LOOF IS ON FIYAH!! <3

  137. Soo. I guess on Wednesday I said something like “I’ll like this song because I’m biased” … well I might have continued to listen because I am biased, but I couldn’t sleep last night because I had this song stuck in my head (and I listened only like 3-4 times to it yesterday) … so now I can say: I really love this song.

  138. I really liked this song and the more I listened to it I liked even more aha. but the english…

  139. love this at first when i heard i thought it was disorganized .. but then i listened to it again and now i cant stop listening to gotta love the engrish though lol

  140. *Clears throat* I have solved the Engrish mystery of “The loof is on fire.”

    It actually is not Engrish at all.

    According to the dictionary, the word “loof” is an actual word.

    The definition that would make sense here (I guess), is “the palm of the hand”

    So his hand is on fire.

    Huh. Might wanna get that checked out before you get that baby, Himchan.

  141. saeri

    And the fact that they were in a limo with a stripper pole.

  142. the loof is on fire…. enough said this NEED to be reviewed!!!

  143. This has to be reviewed!! Lol I remember in the 2ne1 falling in love review Simon and Martina were talking about how they were making fun of 4minute because the roof was on fire. BAP IS DOING THE SAME THING. THE LOOF IS ON FIYAHHH

  144. THE ENGRISH >..< I hurricane and Am hurricane

  145. Ok who else thought of that spanish song when himchan said “The love is on fire” ?:D

  146. I like the song, but not for B.A.P, it doesn’t feel like them.

  147. SImon is dying because da loof is on fire… I had to stop the video and laugh.

  148. Honestly, I loved this song. This first half of the year, kpop has been really disappointing because it didn’t have as much WOW factor as it did in 2012. But when BAP came out with Hurricane, I was blown away. This song is a dream kpop song. It included everything from the vocals, rapping, dancing, and entertainment. Besides the konglish, this song is AMAZING.

  149. LAS VEGAS!! did dey gahmble?

    • THAT is a good question. – I could imagine that they wanted to try … but I doubt they even had the chance. Their schedule was so packed, that I doubt they even had time to sleep a proper amount of time.

  150. Wow! I’m totally amazed by this song! It achieved the place of my favorite BAP song instantaneously. Before, it was No Mercy. The song has a decent beat and melody and I love the change of rhythm and speed. Finally, the line The loof, the loof, the loof is on fire. made the song just epic.
    I like, I like, I do like this song!

  151. Overall, I liked the song a lot. I like club songs fairly well, and greatly enjoy songs in this vein for the sheer amount of energy they contain. I would like to say right now, it has never bothered me that B.A.P experiments with each comeback. In fact, it’s something that I’ve come to really enjoy about them. They’re unpredictable (except in the quality, but I’ll get to that later), and that makes them fun, exciting, and about as far from stagnant as you can get. I’m always looking forward to what they’ll bring to the table next, and they have yet to disappoint me by not managing a concept exceptionally well.

    As far as ‘Hurricane’ is concerned, it’s not my favorite track by them. However, it’s still a song I could see myself singing along to loudly in the car, stereo up to full blast grooving like an idiot for all of traffic to see. It’s incredibly energetic, and quite catchy, and everyone pulls of their parts… well, if not flawlessly, at least hilariously (coughhimchancough). A lot of people have been saying that they’re upset that YongGuk has a smaller part in this song than normal, but I think it’s kind of nice to shift the spotlight sometimes. Though it’s been slowly changing with their last couple releases, YoungJae, DaeHyun, YongGuk, and Zelo tend to get the majority of the focus, so I get inordinately excited whenever HimChan or JongUp get a line. The only one to really get a hard focus in this song would be DaeHyun, and though I’m absolutely in love with that boy’s voice, I think it’s a bit overdone here. It’s hard to have a repetitive chorus like this without having him come over really harshly on it, and I think that TS sometimes forgets that you don’t have to have power vocals on a chorus for it to be powerful and enjoyable.

    My main beef with the song is the dance break, though. It reminds me very much of the dance bridge from Nu’Est’s ‘Action’, in that it comes out of nowhere in a way that throws you out of the song for several seconds as it tries to integrate back into the original beat. The visual was, as normal, fantastic, with JongUp and Zelo proving again just how amazing they are, but I think it could have been handled much better.

    The quality of the song is exactly what I’ve come to expect from B.A.P. They’ve taken a concept that they haven’t really tackled before (they touched on dance/club songs with ‘Dancing in the Rain’, but this is a whole new level) and made it their own without it feeling forced, which is a problem that I often get with boy and girl groups alike. They’ve even seem to have gotten more comfortable in a body-language capacity in their MV’s (especially JongUp, the poor awkward boy). Their constant improvement has been a pleasure to follow over the last year and a half. The MV, though simple, is very colorful and visually pleasing, and aside from the egregious faux pas that Zelo’s stylist has committed with that hair, they all look fantastic.

    It doesn’t have the sheer wow factor or serious subject matter of ‘Warrior’ or ‘One Shot’, nor the lighthearted fun of ‘Stop It’, nor the beautifully calming atmosphere of ‘Coffee Shop’, but I believe that ‘Hurricane’ achieves its intended objective just as well as any of those: It’s a fun, upbeat club song that you don’t have to think too hard about to enjoy. If their third release is even as good as their first two, I’ll be more than happy with B.A.P 2013.

    I’m interested to hear what S/M have to say on it.

    • i couldnt agree more with everything you said. its like you heard the insane jumble in my head and put it into understandable words lol. especially with the break dance part. on its own its awesome (the maknaes’ dancing always is) but i think they could have transitioned into that part better

    • and also with Daehyun’s singing. as amazing as it was, it was kind of all over the place. first really high then really loud and strong, so thank god for Youngjae’s smooth and consistant singing.

  152. At first I didn’t really like this song just because it’s hard for me to get in to this style of songs but now I LOVE it!

  153. Well guys. The best part about B.A.P is that they have one more song next month, and that’s the one that they’re promoting. So, if S&M don’t review ‘Hurricane’ next monday, and to be honest with Infinite and Junsu in the top 2, they wont, they have to review the last song.

  154. I am 100% sure they will do Infinite for this week

  155. i can see so many jokes martina and simon will make from this mv it will be brilliant!

  156. wow that mv was really sparkling gold…but I loooooved the song!!!!it makes you wanna dance!!!

  157. I love the song (just talking about the song here, not the music video) although many people aren’t too sure on it. This mini album has been VERY different from their past songs but i think it just shows that BAP is maturing as a group. To me their most recent videos seem less Korean and more North American in general which makes me think that this is meant to be an appeal for a larger international audience which is why I think people feel mixed about this: because it’s not the usual Kpop. I think that their music is still great despite the many directions they’ve been trying. I guess to me, I just can’t expect ANY artist (Korean or American or anything) to not try new things and to not develop throughout their career. They just debuted a little over a year ago and their still trying to establish their place in the music industry.

    Unlike Stop It and Rainsound (which I liked but weren’t my favorites), I feel like this direction their trying is more natural to them and not as forced. For example, Stop It was trying too hard to be typical cutesy Korean like Boyfriend and Rainsound was trying to hard to be adult and kdrama-ish, like MBLAQ. For Coffee Shop, I can actually imagine these guys being torn by a lost love but still trying to hide it although they struggle with her memory (because their tough guys cx). For Hurricane, I do see these guys going to have a night out all dressed up and then just randomly start singing and dancing in the street and just having fun. My friend said that for some reason, Hurricane reminded him of a toned down GD style (not visually, musically) which I think is generally what they’re aiming for: international fanbase and a place in Korean hiphop music.

    Overall: What I’m trying to say is that, although I love Warrior, Power, No Mercy and One Shot, I do like the light, fun side that they are trying to show. Their “hardcore” songs are great, but I do think that too much of the same exact style would be a bit tiresome for the fans. I like the way they’re trying to change things up and I view this as a sign of growth and development for the group. The music video is okay but too much rapid camera changes and awkward dancing but I feel like it is a more natural look at the group’s nature. Song = GREAT. Music video = it’s okay.

  158. Júlia Eduarda Alves

    Perfects! I Loved <3


    • First 2NE1 and now B.A.P. too… Something tells me the K-pop world is teaming up against 4minute: “DOWN WITH THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE DUMB FIRE REGULATIONS! D:<"
      (I'm kidding, of course)

      • It’s a funny coincedence, thought. ^^

        And the drama continues! Who will team up with 2NE1 and B.A.P to stop 4minute from pointing at fires? Or maybe someone will protect 4minute in this amazing battle. Find out more in the next episode of Regulation Brawl (the best name I could think of .___.)!

  160. You all wanted Zelo’s ramen hair to be back… and when its back, You don’t like it ….
    What should our poor Zelo do !? I think the problem is the color of the hair… xD

  161. This is just perfect for music mondays! The engrish,Zelo’s hair,and the song is awesome!

  162. Laura Cavezale Grisi

    I simply loved this song so much ^o^
    But I don’t know why I have a feeling that Simon and Martina won’t like it :P

  163. Sudden realization Zelo says YOLO at 1:45. Heh. //can’t help but think of Onew. EYK, what have you done to me?
    Also, I find it funny they had some solo shots in front of a playboy bunny.

    • Playboy bunny? *shock* SCANDALOUS! D:<

      • Right now I can’t quite help but to imagine how difficult it must’ve been for Daehyun to stay serious while the photographer was like “move a little to the left – you neet to cover the bunny completely!” (and in my head it goes on like “But Mr. Photographer. – Our mascot is a bunny – where’s the problem?” – “You don’t have a playboy bunny as a mascot!” “… I know… but I thought it was inspired by one…” )

        • Hahahaha or even better “But I don’t understand Mr. Photographer. What’s so special about this bunny that it needs to be covered up? *big eye blinking* Please explain. In full detail.” / DaehyunYouTroll

        • HAHA! Awesome, the face of the photographer xD if there waas a “thumbs up”-button for Daehyun being all troll-like I would hit it to death.

  164. As a Baby who has been with them from the start, I must say I love this song(No Mercy though is still my #1). The engrish though was hilarious lol. At first I felt really stupid because I was trying to figure out what the hell was a ‘loof’. Oh Himchan, you amuse me lmao. The boys though look really good in the MV. I know they’re not gonna promote this, but I do hope they perform this live sometime :D


    • We said That Loof word so much, I think Himchan will correct himself in a live version, and he will say ‘the roof’ xD

      • I think he can’t even pronounce it correctly even if he wanted and tried. … I still think if they wouldn’t have said “roof” but “floor” it would have been better in some ways; He could’ve pronounced it right and it would’ve made more sense. Well, anyhow; we’ll see

  165. I LOVE this song!!! Yes, that english is hilarious but the song is SO catchy. I can’t sit still when I hear it! And S & M would have so much fun with this in a MM :)

  166. Although I give them points for novelty and trying out new genres, I really think this is one of their weakest songs to date. The melody feels weak and unstructured, relying on an overcompensating Daehyun to hook it all together. Plus the freestyle is hard on the members who don’t have an innate dance sense. It’s a good dance clubbing song, and the Engrish is hilarious, but overall this is one of my least favorite songs from BAP. :/

    And this is coming from a Baby that has bought all their albums and flew to LA to see their concert so I do love them!!

  167. 2013.07.15 or 2013.07.16?

  168. I LOVE THIS for so many reasons!!! At the intro beats alone, I was said to myself this was going to be ridonculously awesome. The rhythm, the style, the fun feel, but most of all the Engrish… it all blew the loof off!! Now if only the natural events of hurricanes were this much fun and and non-destructive, then I would not still be hating Hurricane Sandy here in New Jersey 8 months later.

  169. OMG there is just too much to talk about in this video!~

    Starting with “The loof is on fayah.”

    This song NEEDS to win for the week.

  170. On first listen, I like it. I don’t love it as much as some of their other songs, but I like it. Quite decent. The video was fun, but I prefer videos with a plot or some kind of story or at least something to create a bit of tension.

    And I did keep “baa-ing” when I saw Jello’s curly hair.

  171. B.A.P You never fail to impress me. Always coming out with amazing songs and personas. I really love this song! Though it’s a tad bit different from there normal stuff, at the same time it’s not. Its awesome edgy B.A.P but with a an electric twist. I love you B.A.P but please, take your time. As much as we love the fact that you grace us with your amazing music so very often, please don’t exhaust yourself. This is your fourth single this year and I believe your second album of the year will be coming out. Do take some time to sleep. Your fans will never leave. However, that being said, keep up the good work B.A.P! We await your awesome music.

  172. So epic… I don’t even know where to start. The engrish is so wonderfully terrible ::giggle::snort:: I really love it. There’s no smooth jazz to make my ears bleed so that’s a definite plus. I can just see the director… “let’s film in front of major Vegas landmarks like the MGM Grand and New York New York… oh and Ross, can’t forget the Ross.” I’m not hating though, I love me some Ross. I got the most amazing purse there last week. And Zelo’s curly hair is back… kinda. He curled it and then I think he stuck his finger in a light socket for extra flair. The gold outfits are boss… only B.A.P. and little old ladies can pull that off. There’s so much energy and pizazz so this is my new “wake up and get your butt into gear” song. Anyway… I have to go because my loof is on fire.

  173. Akira Miyashi

    watching the video feels like an awkward flashback of Big Bang’s Tonight. *shudders*


  175. well maybe not HAS to win, but id like it to win. I wanna see how much Martina likes ALL THE SEXINESS

  176. OMG!!!!!! THIS HAS TO WIN!

  177. this song is AWESOME..but the video was kind of not…..that like bad boy ohhh YEAH..but still himchan Loof is on fire is CUTE~!

  178. Oh man, oh man :/ this has got to be my least favorite out of all of BAPs songs. I don’t mind Bang Yong Guks rap part, but the rest is just awful. Poor little Zelo’s hair….that fro has got to get out of here, good god.


  180. THE LOOF IS ON FIYAH! Was Himchan talking about the club loof in 4minute’s video? xD

  181. ok..the loof is on fire part is really bothering me..but no point in dragging it all night long… i dun want to be bash like that either if i were to mispronounce since i am not an english native speaker. but i am learning.. either way..great effort..good song..not hating it.

  182. Note to self: Should not have watched this with food in mouth.

    Sorry I love Junsu all day and night but….This is EPIC. The potential to be the best KMM ever: Zelo afro, stripper pole in the limo, Zelo alphabet soup outfit, “the loof is on fire”, “hurry-cane”, Himchan’s oscar award suit.

    I can’t….just LOL!

  183. I TOTALLY FANGIRLED THE FIRST TIME I WATCHED THIS !!!!!!!!!! I MEAN REALLY !!!!!!! I COULD NOT SIT STILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN I DIED THEN I CAME BACK AND B.A.P. RIPPED MY HEART OUT OF MY CHEST AND PUT ME ON FANGIRLING MODE EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ========DDDDDDDDDDD

  184. Billie Christine Beckstead

    I personally really liked this song. Zelo’s curly hair is back!!! : P

  185. The Ross in the background….

  186. YEAH GO BAP! :D

  187. Okay…DON’T FREAK OUT!! I know that this song can be a little bit strange and overwhelming (to much Dae potential at the same time, you know…) at the beginning while other parts seem to enter to our minds straightly (like YoungJae’s or Bang’s) however I want to emphasize a point…The album is going to be released on August and there still 1 song more to be introduced, isn’t it?? After all, I’m absolutely sure that they are going to do live stages with the last one, the one which is yet unknown and then Babys, then I swear we all are going to agree that THAT’S the song we were expecting xd Nevertheless, yes, for me I’ll need some time to get used to this new song (I love them thus I’m going to force myself to enjoy it eventually xp) but come on, they put again all to the fire and the result is quite interesting ^^

  188. I <3 this song. Another amazing song.

  189. Simon and Martina need to review this song for Music Mondays because: #1. Coffee Shop got so many votes and was no1 for about 4-5 days, until 2ne1 monsters(in a good way, luv 2ne1) took over the no1 spot, and yet Coffee Shop did not get to be reviewed so Hurricane review would be the redemption. #2. The Engrish of the song is EPIC. #3. It is such a cool song, great for clubbing. #4. BAP are going out of their comfort zone once again, trying a new style and as usual end up sounding amazing.

    BAP fighting!!!!!

  190. I love BAP but I love there harder powerful songs way more. I didn’t mind coffee shop but I hope this is just temporary. This song is ok, and the english is amazing ahahaha Himchan is the best one ” i wanna baby” “the loof is on fire” ahaha . The title too “hurricane” it’s like they just google power and used synonyms for all their songs and this was the last one. It doesn’t see to be the word they are looking for. What is with Kpop lately and fire roofs? 4minute, 2ne1 and now BAP. Finally, Zelo’s hair.. He finally lost the ramen hair and now he’s a poodle?

    ahaha i love BAP <3

  191. the loof, the loof is on fire.such a cutie our Himchan

  192. omg i love youngjae’s parts :3

  193. In all honesty when I first heard and saw the MV I was like “eh I don’t really like it, it’s okay but not really loving it” THEN after watching it like 5 more times because I’m a crazy fangirl I’m completely obsessed with the song. idk if anyone caught that little jazzy part that Dae and Jae have going on at around 1:05-1:20 but to me it just sounds amazing it’s so dam smooth. as for the rest of the song it’s supper upbeat and a great song to dance/jump/fist pump to. yea there was some things that could of been changed in the song to make it better but over all I think it’s great. as for the MV it’s all gold, lights and flashiness which I love. not to mention it’s filmed in the US so international babys are totally hyped about that. Even though this might not be BAPs “style” I don’t give a crap because the music they are coming out with is still amazing! they have been working so hard this year and I really hope they get great recognition for it. like hello! when they were here in the States for only 10 days they were able to film 2 MVs, have 4 concerts and a live show at NYC for MTVK. holly crap, I hope they have been resting themselves. okay I think I’m done ranting. any who let’s vote them up so S&M can finally review them. wooo BAP and babys FIGHTING!!!!

  194. BAP is really the only group I consider myself as part of their fandom
    OH God, I didn’t understand half what they were saying…

  195. It does not have B.A.P feeling to it,im do sad!

  196. Ritti

    The song was most likely dedicated to their BIGBANG hyungs ;d so many similarities to Big Bang’s “Tonight” MV + Himchan has probably been taking English lessons from Seungri ;d da loof is on fiyah hahaha I cannot, this song is brilliant


  198. I don’t know about you guys, but this has got to be my new party song. Sure it’s not as powerful or got that in your face thing like warrior, power, or one shot, but it’s got a good vibe and beat to it, like a clubbing song. (Though i wouldn’t know about that whooops). I absolutely love it, but everyone has their own style of music. Sure albeit, it’s a little messy and got a random hodgepodge of stuff like most kpop songs this year, but listen to it a few times and it’ll grow on you. It sure did for me. And yes, their engrish is quite funny. Go bap!

  199. So… I will never be able to watch this MV again without getting the wrong idea. – Why? – Because a friend of mine (huge B.A.P. fan as well) asked me at some point “You know right” “What?” “There’s a pole in their Limo…” “… okay…?” “Daehyun sits in front of it” “.. yah?” “Let me show you in slow motion” *watching* “Alright, alright – I get it now.” *moment of silence* “You think he thought the small pills with a smiley are sugar?” “Could be…” “I mean… he enjoys himself there… and that his hair is a total mess does not really do something against the inner cinema.” “True…”

    And something else I remembered that moment; didn’t Simon and Martina complain that poles were only in the MVs of girl groups? – Well, here we have one in a B.A.P only-boys MV. It’s not exactly dancing what Daehyun does there… but it’s a start, I guess…?


  201. tbh.. I really like this song.. IK the english needs some work.. and Himchan must have been terrible at fire drills, but its pretty good. I am not a fan of Zelo’s hair in the MV and The video could have been a little better, but the beat of the song is really good.. i just wish the song was more centered around the rap like One Shot, No Mercy, Power etc.. then it would sound a little better…. and Him Chan it is ROOF!!! not LOOF you know like the ‘R’ sound in Warrior….. wait ik why he said loof…probably the writer converted the world roof into hangul and the ketter that makes the r sound also makes an l sound……. btw THE BEAT OF THIS SONG IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

  202. I love Infinite and B.A.P. I thought picking between Infinite and B.A.P. would be tough, but after watching this golden gem (and I don’t mean the suits) I think it is better suited for KMM. I can handle the Engrish, but the breakdown is cringe worthy. I think I’ll go back to listening to Coffee Shop. Why do I feel like most of my groups have let me down this year? EXO howling, Infinite Destiny (boring), BAPs Hurricane (but I did like Coffee Shop), the new Batoost Shadow (meh), and all the girl groups have been so so. At least I liked MBLAQs album. If the group that introduced me to kpop had disappointed me I would have completely given up. Maybe I need to take a break from kpop.

    • Listen to some K-indie…or the new Dynamic Duo album is RAWKIN!

      • Yes! You have made a great suggestion. I just checked them out and I like them. I have also been listening to a lot of Zion T lately. Maybe that is why I liked MBLAQs album. Thinking about it, I also liked Infinite H. Maybe that is where my taste is going these days. Thanks! But I listened to this song again and I did not cringe as much. I just skip the breakdown.

        • Nicole Krzys

          I have more k-indie in my collection than k-pop, even though I got into k-pop first.
          If you like Dynamic Duo and Zion T, you may want to check out some of the following as well:

          Noblesse, 2BIC, Bizniz, Brave Brothers, Electroboyz, Geeks, JP [Kim Jin Pyo], Ra.D, Supreme Team, LeeSSang, Untouchable, Verbal Jint, Primary. These I have in my collection already, but there are many more I even have yet to get my hands on.

  203. Wow, why is everyone so negative towards this song? I thought it was pretty badass and club-like. I was dancing to it the whole time I was watching it. I was feeling so energetic :D I mean, this is a drastic change of their usual style, I know. But B.A.P always tries new things. So I’m used to the changes, yo~ I mean, I had expected something like this when they annouced that there will be 3 comebacks. 3 different sounding musics.

    I understand though, it’s not a song you always get to hear in kpop or anywhere else. But give it a chance and dance to it. You will totally lose it :D

    • I know. I guess EYK just attracts a different audience, and that audience can’t see how awesome the song and awesomely fun the English is.

  204. Hey, let’s stop making fun of the english,ok? Just try to think how would you sound when trying to sing the korean lyrics…
    Okay, I admit, it was funny to me at first, but now everybody is repeating the same lame joke and it’s starting to get annoying…

    On the other hand, loving the chorus and the dance break! whoaa *_*

    • I think that Loof thing is the cutest thing ever ,, It wouldn’t be the same if they said ‘the roof’ :)

    • I agree. I love how he pronounces it. It makes the song more special. There’s no need to bash every mispronunciation because they make music more fun to listen to. I don’t hear people complaining about how fantastic elastic or you joom joom heart like a locket makes no sense. All of these are great examples lines that are super lovable because you won’t hear anything like it if not for kpop.

      • I get your point, but everyone repeating the same phrase over and over the millionth time like it’s the best thing they can think of, isn’t it making the joke less funny? I love the engrish (joom joom) myself but I wish there were more creative jokes, not just repeating the “ahahaha the loof is on fire I’m so funny”.

        On the other hand, I think in some time “the loof” will sound just as adorable and special as fantastic elastic and joom joom :D

    • I’m not trying to start a war, just my opinion. Sinse I don’t speak korean and don’t know pronunciation rules, I would never sing in Korean. And if I had to do that, I would definitly ask how to correctly say it.
      If we drop the serious part, this mispronouncing is really funny and makes song in my eyes more memorable.
      So I don’t know if I’m for “loof” or against it :)

  205. Love my BAP, but this song was an absolute mess :<

    I cringed throughout the whole thing, I have no idea how anyone could like this *shudders*
    But they do look really attractive in this MV though ;D

  206. This has to be voted in if JUST for the priceless Engrish. Oh man….
    We gotta make “the loof is on fiyah” Baby’s new slogan.

  207. lol :D I’m not really feeling this song to be honest. Maybe I need to listen to it a few more times. :D But I really enjoy watching the video, and the “the loof is on fire” had me laughing so hard. I feel bad for laughing… but maybe they should try to work on their pronounciation a little. ^^ It also reminds me of “What’s hurricane in English?” :D :D

  208. I really love their outfits … especially the white suits, they look so good <3
    What you guys think of the outfits in the MV ?

  209. EXO- “OOLF”
    BAP- “LOOF”

  210. The Korean fire department must be really busy following around all of these pyromaniac K-pop stars…

  211. LOL it seems like 2NE1 and BAP is ganging up against 4minute XD “THE LOOF IS ON FIRE!” XD

  212. Honestly, the first thing I thought of was “loofah”. The loofah is on fire.

  213. OMG The English ^^

  214. Can someone please change the name to B.A.P

  215. Chyeah~

    I think it’s a decent dance track. I wouldn’t place it within my top 5 fave B.A.P songs, but it’s definitely in my top 10.
    DaeJae’s vocals were flawless. BangLo’s rap parts fit nicely with the flow.
    I really enjoyed the background beat and track.

    I thought the MV itself came out cool.
    Lots and lots of eye candy (pointing at your pole dancing a**, Daehyunnie). So many wonderful Daehyun shots ♥
    All the members looked very handsome.
    lol, I think “Hurricane” is a nickname for Zelo’s curly hair. idk what the hell was going there……..
    The maknae line dancing came out awesome, but I wished we saw a lot more of it.
    Himchan driving was a nice touch, lol.

    If ppl were complaining that this wasn’t ‘B.A.P Style’, just wait for the 3rd title track and MV. Maybe you won’t be disappointed.

    The loof, the loof, the loof is on fire~

  216. The English is so enlightening….I did not know hurricane was a verb!

    To Hurricane

    I Hurricane We Hurricane
    You Hurricane
    He/She Hurricanes They Hurricane

    I think I have to go re-think the meaning of life now. Besides that….OMG if Simon and Martina did a KMM for this song it would probably be like 20 minutes long (not that I’m opposed to that XD).

    Himchan’s reaction to the loof being on fire is even more nonchalant than 4minute. He doesn’t even point at the fire. What a boss.

    • no Him Chan is not pointing at the fire because he is trying to stare down the fire in the corner of the room… He is also taunting the dumba** roof because it caugh on fire so easily by calling it a loof

  217. the ‘loof’ the ‘loof’ the ‘loof’s’ on fire<— when I'm listening to this part iI'm like"what??:/ don't just sit there himchan, run for your life!!!"
    god this is soooo hilarious XDD
    but i definitely like this song more than coffee shop, it suits B.A.P more~

  218. This song is similar to No Mercy …. I really Like it, I’ve been replaying it since it was released …. :D

  219. such great material for a kpop music monday…buhahaha

  220. The way Himchan says “Fire” is so freaking HOT …. <3

  221. Becky Strickland

    i have mixed thoughts about this song, but i do want to share that my maiden name is Loof, so the “loof (roof) is on fire part is hilarious to me.

  222. I really dont understand some of you guys not liking this song.
    i understand what you guys are saying but geez they went to Las Vegas and one of the most expensive hotel to take this video
    I honestly think you guys should respect the fact that they spent alot of money on this and and tried hard as always.
    Well some of them are true like Daehyun has alot of high notes and whistle sounds.
    I just thing they were trying something new. (:
    I really really hope you guys could respect it :DD

    • So from the moment a video has cost a lot of money, everybody has to like it? Interesting perspective. I think the other way around, actually. If a video is low budget, but still quite good, I’m indulgent with it. But if a video cost billions and ends up being just meh, I think “what a waste!”

  223. well at least s&m can’t complain that no one is running away when the roof is on fire…

  224. thisisjustforfunval

    Oh Himchan Chan Chan Chan, that lyric, why guys why? The Bloodhound Gang just cringed and in this case would let the “mother f(er) burn.”

    And Zelo’s hair, does anyone have Youngup’s floppy hat so we can loan to Zelo?

  225. Beware Hurricane B.A.P . The category is off the Charts. hwuhahahaa (cheap evil laugh). Anyway My favorite part: The Loof, the loof, the loof is on fire!!! I also like 1:05-1:20. It makes me feel happy lol

  226. msinukami

    Lobe this song. But the English is just too funny!

  227. Zelo what did they do to your HAIR…………………………….

  228. If this song gets picked for Music Monday you’ve got to fly out here to Vegas to make the video :)

  229. I’ll skip the horrid Engrish, cause my brain is still stuck on Icon’s Rockster/Rockstir vs Rockstar, and mention what’s really bugging me about this video…. I don’t know the guys names, but what is up with the one guy with the gray-ish(I think that’s the color) hair in a super tight perm looking style. It distracted me every time he was shown,lol.

  230. Blueberries

    Himchan’s “Loof is on fiyah!” reminded me so much of this: . I laughted so much when I heard it!

  231. I wanted to know how much english (more like engrish) in B.A.P’s new song Hurricane. So I searched it up and here are the results

    Yeah B.A.P Let’s Go
    Ready To Fly
    Up & Down
    Rollercoaster Ride
    You know? How We Go
    (We) Gotta break it Down, Break it Down
    Feeling Good Tonight
    Shining Star
    I Wanna Baby, I Wanna Baby (WHAT HIMCHAN)
    Boys, Up in The Sky
    We’re Hurricane, We’re Hurricane
    We’re Hurricane, Hurricane
    I’m A Hurricane
    Radio, TV, News
    Asia, Us, Korea, Euro, South America
    In the Night
    The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire (OH HIMCHAN)
    The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire
    Seoul, Tokyo N New York City
    Beijing, Hong Kong Berline
    I guess, I Gotta Feeling
    Aight (???????????????)
    I Say LA LA LA LA LA Yolo
    Rock & Black Soul
    We say
    We’re Hurricane, We’re Hurricane
    We’re Hurricane, Hurricane
    I’m A Hurricane
    Radio, TV News
    Asia, US, Korea, Euro , South America
    In the Night
    The World Is Mine, Til’We Both Shine (WHHHAAATTT)
    Turn It up Now, Burn it Up Now
    Grab The Mic & Shout Out To You Now
    Turn It up Now, Burn it Up Now
    Grab The Mic & Shout Out To You
    We’re Hurricane, We’re Hurricane
    We’re Hurricane, Hurricane
    I’m A Hurricane

    There is a lot of English (Engrish) in this song. Poor HimChan got the worst parts. Does anyone know what Aight means???
    Did anyone actually hear it in the song??? LOL

  232. Has anyone heard Wild for the night by ASAP Rocky and Skrillex? Doesn’t the chorus sound a bit like it? XDDD


  234. Blueberries

    Not immediatly fan of the song and mv but they will probaply grown to me. I didn’t first like No Mercy nor Goodbye at first and wtf was I thinking. They are my fav songs from B.A.P now. So I think I’ll start liking this one too :)

  235. They can’t pronounce ‘R’ and ‘F’ . I’m glad he didn’t say ” The loop is on fire” xD

  236. There’s the BAP sound that I love and missed. Never was a fan of their slower-more balad type songs. I think this is really catchy and the English is wonderful :P The video is kind of boring though…

  237. Oh, I’m not very happy with this song, I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I love first 50 seconds of the song, to my mind it sounds so good. But then the chorus begins which is ok, but I wish it was less loud. The second verse is also good and then comes this awkward dance break. I seriously hate this new tendency in the k-pop when bands do different styles, tempo in one song. Yes, sometimes it may sound good, but not this time.
    The video doesn’t do for me at all. I don’t like costumes, location and some hairstyles (Zelo’s is just ridiculous) There are some parts of the video that I like, but all together it doesn’t feel right.
    Can somebody explain to me what the hell is LOOF? :D or what it was supposed to be?
    PS. I really love YoungJae in this video even though he’s not my favourite member :)

  238. My loof is on fire! Instant laughing detected! But I liked the song, though I didn’t feel it was like ONE song, but more like 3-4 songs mashed into one.

  239. “The loof the loof the loof is on fiyerhhh..”
    First though was, “what love ? love is on fire..” after 3min I found out it was roof.
    But still it has some beats where I can move my lazy hips.
    Nice song !!

  240. yanagiba yusuke22

    disco beat that s&M like, wat da engrish??, gold outfit like junsu pant, anything s&M will b talk for this mv…. another track that i dunno either 1 to choose after junsu n infinite….. kpop, y u doing this to me??

  241. WE HURRY CAME! lol sorry but that is what i heard
    well even if most ppl don’t want to hear it and i am going to get downvotes i’m still gonna express my opinion.This MV reminded me too much of Tonight, so i’m a bit disappointed for that.But no biggie BAP has other glorious videos
    I love the beat and the song definitely has replay value.Can’t wait to see S&M’s opinions

  242. I really hope Simon and Martina review this one… it would at least make up for the fact that they’ve ignored Coffee Shop.

  243. It’s going up and it’s in 6th already :’D Let’s celebrate by setting fire on the loof and hurricaning all night *O* help

  244. Personally I like this song, the beat and singing are quite unique and catchy.
    * DA LOOF* * serious face* LOL :))

  245. I am completely in love with this song. Although, yes the English isn’t amazing, I found myself singing ” the loof the loof the loof is on fire” for a few hours now. xD

  246. I miss their old style from Warrior, Power, and One Shot. They had this badass, grungy, hip hop sound that was awesome and not something I’d often heard in Korean music. This song sounds like every other club song: Electro beats and bad English.
    Speaking of which, OMG the English… someone’s English tutor needs to be fired.

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      hope they will b cb with another baddass cb like their old day concept…. wat a word that himchan pronounce in this song? ‘loof’?wat is it?is it means love?

    • Old style, really? One Shot was released this winter, it’s been just a few months lol. I kinda agree with you too though, I like their badass style the best. Warrior is still their best song. But give this song a shot. I was dancing around the whole time while watching the MV :D it might just be me though, I like clubbing and dancing so I really liked this song.

      And for the English… what English? :D I thought those were Korean words lol. Except for ‘the loof’ you know… It’s hard to miss :D

      • Ok, not that old. Just older style. I guess it’s not a bad song, it just doesn’t sound like B.A.P. other than the whistle. You know most successful bands have a sound that when you hear it you think “Oh! It’s (insert band name here)”
        They’re still a young group. I hope they’ll grow into their brand.

  247. The beginning reminds me of 4Minute’s “I my me mine” xD.

  248. Pls review this mv! it is so awesome and catchy (: and of course the english is epic XD. The loofs on fire ;)

  249. i love this XD like seriously

  250. I’m so pissed, because the song is BRILLIANT, but I don’t like the video (almost) one bit. The one bit I liked being Zelo and Jongup’s dancing, of course.
    Anyway. BRILLIANT, and I can’t stress it enough. Their releases since No Mercy didn’t really do it for me, although One Shot gave me hope again, but this. This makes me bursting with joy.

  251. I would’ve liked the song a lot better if the party track was constant. I love the chorus even with it’s sucky English, but then the verses kick in and those are kinda boring compared to the rest of the song. It really ruins the entire feeling of the song. I am torn about the song, I like it, but I also really don’t. The use of Hurricane as a verb is also quite painful. I am really getting the feeling hardly any Korean knows how to speak English….

  252. A fancam of B.A.P – Hurricane MV making ….

    • Elanor

      It’s really nice from the uploader to upload it only after the MV is out. :) Btw it looks quite awkward, but a filming is like that. xD

    • That uploader is one awesome BABY,she waited till the MV was out before posting this video online. It would have been terrible if it had got leaked before they official released it coz i can hear the chrous and most lines-”the loof is on fire” included. :)

  253. I really like the song despite the English lyrics (I honestly just pretended that they were talking in Korean) and yes Himchan, the loofah is on fire… Just wished that they didn’t film in Las Vegas for this, it just didn’t fit in right with the song or is that just me? It seemed like they should have only just used a few of the Vegas scenes and some more break dance parts.

  254. So yeah … people woke me up when the MV was released (that was 4 am here) but I decided to sleep. But the first thing I read then was “the loof, the loof, the loof is on fire” … and couldn’t help but to burst out laughing. That was a good start for the day.

    Now about “Hurricane” itself. It has been like this ever since Warrior; first I was a little disappointed. Not like I expected more, or something better – but something different which seemed to be better. Wait, no – One Shot was just awesome, most likely because it was their first real Story-MV. Back to Hurricane: After listening a few times I figured out that I will really love it in the future – but more because I’m biased. … Well that’s not really true. In fact there is only one thing I really don’t like and it’s so … obstrusive (and I have no idea if that’s the right word for expressing in a nice way that something really get’s on your nerves and annoys the heck out of you because there is no way you can ignore it) – and that is this pseudo-DJ-moving-the-Disks-noise. But well… I guess sooner or later I will be able to ignore that …

    I need to say; I liked Coffee Shop a little more regarding the music and how everything seemed to smoothly flowed into one another. I kinda miss that here – but then again; that’s part of B.A.P’s style as well.

    The Engrish had its comments of fame ^^ and I personally don’t have a problem with Zelo’s hair… but more because he doesn’t have the afro-like style all the time and I think it looks quite okay with the cap… so there is only one of the three ways his hair looks … weird – and I can live with that.

    Regarding the lyrics; reading them the first time I couldn’t really decide if they get kinda “too full of themselves” or if they’re “just happy about their popularity”. I guess I just won’t base that on the lyrics of a song. Either way; it’s up to them and really; who wouldn’t get kind of full of themselves? In the end their music is awesome and I like them because they are talented artists.

    Soo… as a final word: I listened to hurricane for the past thirty minutes and except for that DJ-noise I really like it and hope we get this past Infinite in 1st place

  255. The MV is really amazing , and the song is just so PERFECT …. I loBe it ^^

  256. I hear the B.A.P signature whistle sounds again :D Zelo’s curly hair, I don’t like it.. It’s TOO curly… xD I didn’t know hurricane could be used as an adjective :P I love the dance moves… Zelo is totally killing me..

  257. Engrish at its best
    1. the loof is on fire
    2. the world is mine, til we both shine
    3. i say lalalala (Yolo!)

    I love you B.A.P

  258. The Loof, the Loof, the Loof is on fire! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!! XDDDDDDDD

  259. Love the song, but the English is just hilarious! XD

  260. The loof is on fire, man! I’m dying XD
    On the side note, their Coffee Shop was SO much better…

  261. How does Himchan say that with a serious face??? XD

  262. thesillyone4

    Funny English mistakes I heard from this song:

    “Ready to fry”

    “I want a baby”

    “We Hurricane”

    “I’m Hurricane”

    “The loof, the loof is on fire”

    Yes the ENGLISSSSSH!! The song is amazing still though!

  263. I predicted this would be more of a dance track. With three title tracks I figured we would get a ballad, a dance track, and one more ‘hardcore’ B.A.P style. Now we just have to wait until next month to see.

  264. I, too, hurricane all night long until my loof is on fire.

  265. personally, i find BAP’s change of style refreshing… plus there’s a BAP song for whatever mood i’m in :D
    loved the song, but there was so much wrong too
    zelo’s curly hair – no
    loof – no
    gold outfits – no

  266. that song and video it´s sooo B.A.P! I love it!

  267. I can only imagine Krumping with this music. LOL. This song was definitely shinning exclusively on DaeHyun’s talents. But still, Zelo and Yongguk stood out to me the most (coughmybais). ZELO’S DANCING WAS FANTASTIC! MY FAVORITE PARTS OF THE VIDEO.The song itself is such a 180 degree flip from Coffee Shop, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m sure that it’ll grow on me, but for my initial reaction, I don’t think it’s their best. I feel as if it was their try at party/club music, and I think ‘Sexy Clapp’ is much better. Their acting in the video also seemed… off at some points. I won’t bother talking about zelo’s perm and himchan’s precious english. OTL

  268. Everything about this is amazing~ I loved the beat, the bass awesome, the vocals are FANTASTIC and the choreo… jdgfjkdrhkjgtrh LOVED IT.
    Oh and you can’t forget the Engrish ;D the Engrish was SPOT. ON. Magnificent~

  269. The loof is not on fire !!! My freaking heart is on fire !!!
    and I can hear the whistles …YAY~~ :D

  270. Big Bang’s Tonight MV?

  271. Decent song but the MV kinda reminded me of 2pm’s “Hands Up” minus the girls and half of them are underage and couldn’t really be living the high life in Las Vegas….just seemed insincere in that respect. Good song nonetheless.

    • Zelo is the only one who wouldn’t be allowed on the casino floor since he is still under 18. But, really, there would be no dancing there anyhoo – gamblers don’t like those kinds of distractions. ;-)

      • True, they allow people 18 and over to pass through, but they are still not allowed to loiter because you have to be 21 to gamble, believe me security is on their butts if they do…Also I was more insinuating the rest of what Las Vegas has to offer…which generally involves alcohol which you have to be 2 and all but one is under 21. Gamblers definitely would not appreciate a distraction…unless they were scantily clad women…so maybe Sistar or 4minute should film in good old LV.

        • Nicole Krzys

          PFFT. There are enough scantily clad females in Vegas. I would much rather have lovely boys, of any persuasion, distract me. Last time I was there there was an amateur baseball tourney going on. Oh, the amount of handsomeness was overflowing at the Las Vegas Club.

          True, there are those few years where you kind of in limbo in Vegas. There is stuff for kids and the over-21 crowd, but unless you want to hang out at shows and generally sight-see, those tender ages between 15ish-21 are screwed.

  272. I can’t wait to see what Simon has to say about the English in this video.

  273. Am I the only one that thought of Seungri while hearing ”the loof is on fire” ????

  274. THE LOOF YOU GUYS, THE LOOF. Somebody’s been watching a lot of 4minute videos. Also, why are they doing Bigbang’s Tonight video with a different beat? (and, did i hear “I wanna baby??”)

  275. I love everything about Hurricane such as the mv, setting, song, dance but theres one thing that i really want to say… I cant help but crack up at himchan’s part “The loof is on fire” I’ve heard it about 5 times and that part just makes me crack up

  276. Love the song. Hate, i mean HATE Zelo’s curly hair, and Himchans pedo hair….and WAEYO??? is the freaking LOOF on fire? Himchan gets two lines…and one of them is, “the loof is on fire.” WTF. C’mon TS, hire someone that KNOWS english PLEASE!!!…..That is all.

  277. The English was glorious. 10/10 would recommend.

  278. So this year we got Ulf and now Loof? Someone get some ESL teachers to these boy bands, stat! I realize English is a tricky language, but come oooon.


  280. Aq Jhs

    DAMN!! the loof is on FIRE!!!

  281. I love how they include the turntable sound in the song

  282. loof is on fire! ROTFLMAO! “Loof” in hebrew is canned meat, like spam.

  283. I loved Coffee Shop, but Hurricane brings back the more B.A.Pish style with their trademark whistle included in it that we haven’t heard in awhile. This song is really, really catchy and the English is gold. The loof, the loof, the loof is on fiyah! We hurricane. Doesn’t the beginning of the song remind you of I My Me Mine but I stead they say B A P?

  284. There’s a luffa (or loofah) on fire?

  285. Doesn’t it kind of make you guys uncomfortable that the title is “BAP – Hurricane” and not “B.A.P – Hurricane”? Or maybe I’m just too persnickety, don’t mind me. ^^”

  286. *chest bumps and makes a nasty sexy face while doing it*. I just have one thing to say. The loof. The loof. The loofah’s on fire.

  287. Omg yes a perfect workout song. This is a song I will be putting in my workout playlist and listening to A LOT as I try to lose the fat I put on this glorious summer.

  288. So many things I could say about this song… Like seriously. But allow me to say this – I like this song. I like it a lot :D Perhaps I’m used to weird/trippy/unconventional styles of music, but it only two listens for me to really get over the wild transitions in the song (especially the one into the dance break, I almost cray faced). And even though the engrish is so bad (The loof is on fire? We hurricane? Me thinks S&M and are going to set these boys on fire and toss them in a hurricane for this bad engrish XD), I will sing it relentless aloud, because only God knows why I love butchering my own language to high heaven. *ahem* One last thing; another notice how the harmonies sound really SMish? Like, idk how to explain it, but the harmonies sound like someone at SM did the vocal production and mixing. Or maybe someone at TS Entertainment was inspired by Wolf’s harmonies (some of these sound like they’re straight of Wolf)? Idk…

  289. I was Just BLOWN AWAY BY HURRICANE! <3 I died and went to Mato Heaven! x_x…OMG B.A.P NEVER Disappoints! I LOVE how they mix it up with different music genres. The Singing, Dancing and Rapping is epic! No one else can do what they do. B.A.P is on another level! Kings of Versatility! The beat is pounding like you can get down to this and enjoy yourself! I love how B.A.P is having fun with it. Spreading your Artistic Wings is a Beautiful thing! <3

    To all those Hater TROLLZ…"haters can make like bees with no stingers
    And drop dead"…I don't expect you to understand what B.A.P is doing they are Way too Smart and Talented for L-Losers like You! Keep to your bias groups that stay in a caged box artistically or the ones that follow what their ceo's want. <3

    BTW you fools comparing B.A.P to Big Bang is not by any means hurting or dissing B.A.P. Big Bang is also a very Talented Successful Powerful Influential group who's not afraid to try other things so Epic Fail TROLLZ :P LOL

    I'm a Very Proud Satisfied Extremely Happy BABY! B.A.P for Global Domination! Victory, Yes Sir! Trollz and Haters…"Get down, Get down
    Get-Get-Get-Get-Get down
    Get down, Get down
    Bow Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow"…<3

    • Uh… Please direct me at the people comparing this to a BIGBANG song, so I can laugh at them. This sounds nothing like someone G-Dragon and co. have cooked up for BIGBANG XD

      • I think the BigBang comparison comes from Tonight. There are some similarities (my roommate and I were discussing this) such as the location and the lone member driving through the city/desert. I haven’t seen any of the comments, mind you, but I think that’s the basis of them.

        • Josh Chinnery

          I see… I hardly ever pay attention to the videos anymore, so I guess that’s how that happened.

      • It’s not the song, it’s the video, it has many Tonight-like scenes, like the driving through vegas part, the desert part, the same location, etc. That’s why.

    • sorry but i see too much fangirling and it’s kinda hard to take your comm seriously
      Present! One fool right here! but it’s not much a comparison it’s just the first thing i thought when i saw the MV .How is that making me a hater or is hurting BAP.? Anyway everyone is entitled to an opinion so i respect your

  290. I’m going to be quite honest in my opinion here. Out of all of B.A.P’s songs (not just title tracks), I probably like this one the least. The whistle is overused in this, Daehyun has too many high or stretched out notes for my liking, the dance break was… really awkward and made me cringe (but that’s just me because I hate the sounds of records scratching), and everything in my mind looks like it’s forced. Not even going to start on Zelo’s hair or hurricane being used as a verb (but hey, that’s progress from Himchan’s “What’s Hurricane in English?”, right?). Keep in mind that this is only my opinion and you might have a different view.
    I did like Youngjae’s parts and a couple of Daehyun’s parts. I also liked some of the shots in this video. I like to see places I recognize. Heh, suddenly seeing Ross when I paused the video made me giggle. And CVS pharmacy.

    I always change my mind on songs. Who knows, I might end up liking the song by tomorrow.

    • Yeah I kinda feel the same as you. It’s like I like it.. But I don’t like it. I’m sort of torn. But I love it when Zelo’s rap speeds up after the dance break. I feel like they tried to combine two styles into one (club & ‘being tough’) and that’s why it didn’t really work out. But creds to them for trying – it’s pretty creative. I guess you could say that it kind of has the feeling of Gentleman as a follow-up to Gangnam Style for me – that it’s a song trying to do something new, but at the same time they’re too scared to go all out for the new and so they try to stick to some of their ‘roots’ as well, which results in this kind of awkward in-between thing. Another big factor contributing to not liking it as much as I could have was probably the disastrous Engrish and the out-of-place dance breakdown. TS… Wae?

      But yeah, like you said, this is my OWN opinion. I’m a massive fan of B.A.P and I’m not totally bashing on the song. I definitely don’t hate it or anything, it may just take a while to warm up to it, so please don’t hate :<

      • Yup, they definitely get my respect for trying. ^_^ They always try different styles, and whether I like the song or not, it’s nice that they’re trying what they want to try. I remember a while back, Yongguk said he wanted to try something with jazz and I thought, “I’m worried about how this’ll turn out”, but hey Coffee Shop is a lovely song.
        Precisely, it’s not that I hate it. I just… like it the least. ^_^;; Although that’s not even saying much because I love B.A.P’s songs.

    • yep I agree.
      The breakdown in the middle part is weird, and it gets more weird if you’re not watching the video.
      I have listened to the song 46327 times, and I still can’t get over it.

      • Maybe, like Mr. Simple i.e, they dance break will be cut off from the track in the album. I doubt they’ll left that big blank space o-o

      • saeri

        Oh man, that random remixed part during the dance break was just…odd. It didn’t really suit it, at all. It was like someone switched the station or something for a bit, and then came back to the original song. I also wish that they didn’t have the shaky camera during the dancebreak because it really took away from how cool the breakdancing would have looked, otherwise

    • Skully

      I have to agree with most you said. I think the only point I kinda disagree with is, that this isn’t my least favourite song of them, I have 1 or 2 I like less, but it’s in the top 3
      I didn’t like Daes parts, his high and streched out notes were overused, for once I liked Jaes parts better, and the breakdown….. no comment -_-’
      For me they were trying to hard to look cool in the MV and it ends up awkward….

    • i really like the beat… if this song was more rap orientated like one shot and no mercy it would sound better… and if Him Chan just stuck to Korean

      • What I’m tryna figure out is WHY WHY WHY did they get HIMCHAN to do that part………… out of ALL of B.A.P Himchan seems to know the least amount of English (as proven by their U.S tour)…………….. What did TS expect???

    • I agree so much! :) I think this is the type of song that would grow on you when you listen to it many times.. and yes, I really love Youngjae’s parts ^__^

      • i love youngjae’s parts too ^^ really awesome

      • I also love Youngjae’s parts! :) They really fit. I think it’s probably the first time I’ve enjoyed listening to his parts more than Daehyun’s parts :0 Even though Youngjae is my bias…

        • Cherry Belle

          hahaha. I think Daehyun has too many parts in Hurricane :P Youngjae’s part’s were like a breath of fresh air. LOL :) Youngjae is also my bias ^__^ haha.

    • It’s okay to not like a song. It’s a matter of opinion. Maybe you don’t like club songs and that’s fine. I like electro songs too so this really entertained me. If I didn’t have headphones, I would’ve started jumping around in the room lol.

      Maybe you’ll like the song later, these kinds of things usually grow on you as time goes by :D

    • I was very disappointed with the whole thing. I didnt like Stop It and Crash but even then I had to admit they were good songs, just not my style. But Hurracaine… It’s just bad… I dunno, maybe it’ll grow on me but I don’t think it’s a good song right now. I was putting off coming here because I actually don’t know what to say about the song/mv and I’m already tired of the “loof” jokes….

    • saeri

      Totally agree, not my favourite BAP song by any means, but it’s just SO GODDAMN FUN. I think they’re going for an experiment album (Coffee Shop wasn’t BAP’s usual style either but I quite liked it), so I gotta give them props for stretching out a bit, beyond their comfort zone.

      But I think this song is still memorable, if for the ridiculous Engrish alone. And it’s quite catchy, too, which is what I think they were going for, more than anything.

    • Same here. I love B.A.P, but I didn’t really like this song :/
      But I still want to hear Simon and Martina’s opinion on it. Especially the English XD

  291. The English is GLORIOUS. I’m crying so hard. ;v;
    This was a nice change in style for B.A.P musically, but I have to say, that the constant change in their style isn’t always good. Although, they want to show their fans and others that they can do a variety genres in music, it may not always be genre that will rub their fans the right way (oh god. that sounded weird. oh well). Even so, I support their hard effort for branching out to such a wide range of genres in their music in such a short period of time. (seriously, do they not sleep???)

  292. Feygarden

    Oh the English. Oh my. The loof! Could he mean the loofah is on fire? They hurricane, so maybe a nice scrub in the storm? Seriously bad. Otherwise I quite enjoyed the song, especially the record scratching dance breakdown.

    As some one who lives in the Southwest, it’s been a really hot summer. Like able to bake cookies in the car during the day hot. I know this video could not have been shot too long ago. B.A.P. must’ve been dying in those gold outfits, or anything else day or night on the Vegas Strip. Question, if they hurricane why film in a desert? Vegas get approximately zero hurricanes – ever. For a song about hurricanes there is surprising little water. I mean they didn’t even film in front of the Bellagio’s fountain.

  293. I love B.A.P but this song wasn’t their best…yeah. I still want to see it reviewed for the laughs.

  294. love the song…. but the need to work on their engrish ^^

  295. Please do something about this
    The loof… the loof… the loof……….. is on fiyah *with serious face*
    0 out of 5 for Himchan
    We hurricane
    1 out of 5 for B.A.P.

    I hurricane, you hurricane, he she we it they… hurricane
    Hurricaning, hurricaned, hurricanes
    This is really bad…

    • No…I think this is gonna be in the negative out of 5 range lol. Simon probably had a rage stroke at the “loof is on fire”.

      • OMG i can imagine Simon using the green screen and actually setting a loofah on fire and saying “the loof… the loof… the loof is on fiyah” with a serious face

    • Might get some negative number out of 5 *lol*
      But , at least I don’t think it would be ” what the f*** out of 5 ” ( xD ) like on that one KMM…thou I do not remember on which song it was…

  296. Love the song! I feel like its more of a club sound. The music video wasnt all that special in terms of theme but the boys look great and the camera work is fantastic!

    “The loof! The loof! The loof is on fire!” ;]

  297. Love the song but the English is kiiiiiiiiiilling me D:

  298. TONIGHT??!!! o_O

    • thisisjustforfunval

      Thought during the whole video: “Don’t go to the neon museum, don’t go to the neon museum, don’t go to the neon museum.”