B.A.P – No Mercy

  1. polapolaristar

    see you again in the next BAP’s video!! I’ll miss you guys!!
    I’m glad that we won!!
    thanks for Mod as well!! :D
    Today’s performance was a blast!! as expected from BAP!! :D

  2. alexa0602

    Babys keep voting like crazy in Mnet! we still have more hours :D don’t stop

    • Blueberries

      I just voted for 3 accounts (Mnet, Twitter and Facebook). I hope they could at least win internatiol votes for this one cause that would show them how much their fans support them.. and also how many international fans they have :). Let’s see, maybe they’ll even win next M! Countdown!

  3. Yay! Come on babies, we can make it!!! <3 I wanna see this reviewed SO MUCH! <3

  4. BABYs, I have weird feeling. I think I’ve fallen in love >/////<

  5. 베이비 Bei♥

    So BAP got a lot of votes. WOAHHHH. Nice one BABYs!! I’m so proud to be one! ♥

    I LOVE BAP!! <3

  6. zgirl4ever

    I love BAP! They come so far so fast! BAP Fighting!!


    Someone tweeted this to Simon and Martina just now:

    B.A.P’s No Mercy MV got 52k votes. I think it’s the most voted MV ever. What do you think? :)

    And they answered:
    I think you might be right!

    DAE to the BAK!

    • jakemanroe

      Let’s go break our record again at with B2ST MV! It’ll be a good way to lift up their spirit & support the group for having the courage to be themselves.

      To keep it relevant – Just like B.A.P who have the courage to be who they are & not conform for the sake of album sales ^-^


        I am indeed. Felt like I cheated Batoost (am actually a huge fan of them, kid you not) throughout the week of voting BAP but I just want it to be reviewed so badly. lol. Sorry Batoost! I’ll make it up to you this week!


    Ah, so worth it voting my ass off for them. I’m proud of us BABYs for getting this far! I think this is by far the highest number of votes any EYK’s video review ever get. DAEBAK.

    To those who’re voting for B2ST for next week, see you there! :D

  9. lunibelle

    I miss this already. TT_TT See you all next time, or in the B2st comment section if you’re voting for them now.

  10. For all Babys who support B2st now for next KMM – meet you there!! xD Good job all together!! Maybe next time we can reach 60,000 votes! xD
    Anyways, we definitely showed No Mercy!!! And it helped… :P

  11. Blueberries

    Oh god, at least I got this open!

    I heard the good news! Yay for BAP! Cherrytomatoes for everyone! I’m so glad that BAP made it to KMM. And I haven’t seen scores this good ever! Well done job guys!

  12. cherry_vanilla01

    Hey Babys/Warriors I’ll miss you guys so much….Let’s support and motivate each other next time as well…good work everyone♥♥♥…!!!.
    B.A.P 대박 Babys 짱 !!!!

  13. Congratulations to all ! can’t believe this is going to be reviewed ! I’m super excited ~`

  14. Hey Simon our fancub name is BABYs or BABYz sooooo you know Simon when in the end of the video you say ‘Thanks to all the [insert B.A.P’s fanclub name ] for voting B.A.P’s NO MERCY’ don’t say fappers plz.It makes me feel awkward but it’s really funny though. xD

  15. Just stopping in to say I love you guys!!! I’m glad we won, of course, because all of you BABYz are freaking amazing and even though we are fans of a Rookie Group, we still fought tooth and nail to reach 50k votes, 7k comments, 6k tweets, and about 7k shares total. Can you guys believe that? Plus we got a mod to put in a good word for us ^_^ BABYz, we are a force to be reckoned with! I am so proud of our fandom and our boys, and it has been a blast voting with you all. Can’t wait to see you at the next voting!! Let’s keep breaking records!

  16. jakemanroe

    When & where will we be doing our appreciation posts for Mod, Simon & Martina?

    And to keep this relevant – Seeing Yongguk twice in Inkigayo would be a blast (^_^)

    • fuuko4869

      If you want to thank S&M, do it on the KMM post.
      Don’t thank me, because I didn’t do anything. In fact, if you’re too nice to me, people might think I helped you.
      In actual fact, I deleted 2000 comments from this page.
      Just saying.

      • jakemanroe

        Okie, thank you for all your hardwork Mod! Sorry we gave you so much work though. Ermm…if B.A.P has another comeback this year, do get yourself ready for another round of baby power! See you around once in a while (^_^)

  17. YAY!!))) Again BAP proves their power on EYK by surpassing all records for most voted video ever))))


  19. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    Congratulations Babys!

    quick reminder:
    B.A.P will be on Inkigayo today (3:10PM KST).
    Gummy will also be featured in Gilme’s performance as well at the program.

  20. moonstar89

    Congrats Babys for all the hard works..:) See you again in the next B.A.P’s MV..XD

  21. jakemanroe

    Woot! Finally managed to get this page to load properly. Thanks Mod for explaining things to us. And I’m so so glad we made the review. A big thank you to everyone who voted, shared, commented & gave support to B.A.P. [Big bear hug] (^_^)

  22. chara_sweetmelody

    Congrats BABYs! Although I wasn’t able to vote that much this time, I’m very proud of you guys ^^. Can’t wait for this review XD

  23. Honestly for me, I’ve known a lot of K-Pop groups and liked them, even loved them and watched their shows but not even once have I considered myself being a part of their Fanclub. That totally changed when I got to know B.A.P. At first I thought that they were really scary (with their song Warrior) but then I watched Ta-Dah it’s B.A.P and I seriously died laughing for all of the 10 episodes. They’re so cute, handsome and adorable! This is like first group that I think, (I know) has the x-factor. They’re the first group that got me voting for them on Mnet and Kpop Music Mondays. It’s also so hard for me to pick a bias. :))) but anyway, I’m so proud and happy for B.A.P :)) they’re the best!!!

  24. I wonder if they’re gonna make a follow up from their album (hopefully Voicemail – its like really awesome!! )

  25. fuuko4869

    You guise are still here?! =_=
    Lots of people seem to still not know how things work around here, so let me explain.
    – Simon and Martina pick the winner for KMM every week at Sunday 00:00AM KST. EVERY WEEK. No matter what. They’ve only started doing this for a month or so, after the Big Bang incident where some people accused them of shifting the ending time to allow Big Bang to win (when in fact it was due to the time difference in Korea vs Canada). So imagine this: Saturday 11:59pm KST, Simon and Martina sit in from of the Kpop Charts, pen in hand – 00:00 – Refreshx3 – So-and-so is still No.1? Ok, they write down ‘So-and-so’ on a piece of paper, then they go to bed.
    – Sunday morning they wake up, have breakfast, maybe have a shower, and start scripting. They may or may not tweet about it. Then they start filming KMM. They may or may not tweet about it.
    – Monday morning they continue filming for KMM (skits and stuff), then start editing, editing, editing – then at almost midnight they export it, upload it, and publish it. And THEN the voting closes.
    The reason why they don’t close the voting until then is….well, just in case you didn’t win, to give you 2 extra days for voting for the next week, and even if you did win, you could increase the vote count a bit more to break a record or something? Or do you think they should freeze all voting for 2 days, since it doesn’t affect this coming week’s KMM?
    In short, I don’t really care if you continue voting, but S&M have already chosen the winner 9 hours ago, and no matter how much you vote now it will not change their decision. Even if another group gets No.1 now, the group that was picked 9 hours ago will not change. Cheers.

  26. ITS OVAR 9000 times refreshing to access this page. what happen? anyway, have S&M said anything about who’s winning yet?

  27. eridania141

    it really annoys me when people say b.a.p did the same concept for warrior, power and no mercy. If havent actually listened to the album how can you be judging :(. to prove my point look at the photos .

    • people like to troll. When Power come out, they said same concept with Warrior. Nothing difference. But when No Mercy come out, they said why the concept not powerful with Power and Warrior.

    • fuuko4869

      Those people are not on EYK. If you’re annoyed at them, talk to them where they are – not here. Cheers.

      • eridania141

        but im trying to talk about the differences in their music :( what if i change it?

        • fuuko4869

          Yup, feel free to use the [Edit] function :) It is possible to spazz about your own group without putting down others (even if they are trolls). I understand you mean no harm, but comments like these usually lead onto full-fledged angry comments ‘YEA I HATE IT SOOOO MUCH WHEN PEOPLE BLABLABLA’, so I want to prevent it from happening altogether. I’m sorry.

  28. BunnyLilFluffy

    I think we broke the comment section again. T_T My posts and replays are acting up.
    Too much power from us mighty warriors?

  29. BunnyLilFluffy

    Umm.. guys? You all do realize that with just one gif all our minds landed in the gutter?
    B.A.P. has an interesting influence on us.. or maybe we just spent too much time on this video, though I don’t regret it, it really is a great video, even with them dancing in a room and all.

  30. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    Something else to keep us going until a review this Monday is out or an announcement or hint is made before that.


  31. I hope they win this time….i will be mad if they don’t..: I

  32. Guys, unfortunately S&M don’t ALWAYS announce when they’ve started scripting or who won, I know they didn’t last week… So if they do, that would be great since I know a lot of people want to know, but let’s not automatically expect it ok… And if only Bang showed his collar bone in the mv, then my life might just be complete, or over… *___*

    • BunnyLilFluffy

      BABY’s are having so many good ideas to make this M/V better. I remember comments that Himchan could have been with no shirt and now Yongguk showing his collar bones. I think TS should consider it for the next M/V xD

      Are we BABY’s turning into pervs? >.> (Must be the influence of being on EYK so much, we get nastier with every minute.)

      • Having Band leader being the King of the pervs (just watch that crotch grabbing and those sexy looks he gives to the cameras…) I wouldn’t find it strange if Babyz are a little pervy too (I know I am) xD

        • BunnyLilFluffy

          I actually found it a lot sexier when he grabbed his belt on one performance (when he was having that all red outfit, don’t remember when that was, have seen too many performances by now =.=’) instead of his crotch. I was actually drooling them.

        • that’s true! I found that extremely sexy as well! He did it in the video as well and needless to say I found it very appealing ;D

        • Since a lot of his influence comes from hip-hop, and hip-hop artists are quite known for taking of their shirts and being overall smexy onstage… I say we can expect greater things to come… or at least I pray we can!!! hahaha But those sexy looks into the camera and the way he raise his arm above his head… yup I blame him for my pervy-ness lol

      • hahaha IKR!!! Well what can we expect when their motto is “Oooh you so nasty!” But this might be the only time I’m not above the influence lol xD

      • lunibelle

        Himchan without a shirt WITH an acoustic guitar…

        • BunnyLilFluffy

          That would be hot, i admit it, but probably not so practical while dancing on stage. Imagine him trying to dance to ‘No Mercy’ while holding a guitar. :P

        • oh dear lord, mother of all creation… yeah i’m not even going to comment… my thoughts aren’t quite coherent when it comes to imagining that o_O… xD

    • to quote martina: “byg is dreamy” LOL
      look at that shy smile ;)

  33. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    to those asking, it’s only 5:42AM in Korea – pretty sure Simon and Martina are still sleeping. Give them time.

  34. Wahh..Babys workin hard. Babys workin hard. I like it. :).

  35. LOL, just asked my mum which one of the members she likes most… xD
    And it’s again the one most liked by Ahjummas -> Commander Derp xD

    Anybody knows about how much left until S&M start scripting? I’m getting tired a little – not of voting of course, but cause it’s night time here.

    • lunibelle

      You asked your Mum?? :D I wouldn’t dare to do that. She would be like “Are you in your right mind, child!?” :D :D

      • Oh, I can ask my mum everything, she doesn’t mind, but… I always have to be prepared with the worst and all kind of answers, she says what she thinks straight away without any shame xD
        I know she’s not into Asian AT ALL, but somehow I was sure she’s going to like at least one of B.A.P! And I was right xD But first she thought they are all around 16. And zelo a girl… xD like i said – she’s straightforward O_O”

        • lunibelle

          I sometimes tell my parents about Simon and Martina :D But I never showed them my Kpop music, but they must’ve heard it before :D Damn you thin walls!!

          I have to admit, that I usually think they’re all younger than they actually are, too. :D They just look so young.

      • BunnyLilFluffy

        LOL My mom wouldn’t even look at my screen long enough to pick one. She even questioned if I still can use my native language a while ago when I was commenting here, because English isn’t my native language and I have been spending hours here talking to fellow BABY’s.

        • lunibelle

          I just change the tab to google if my parents walk in :D:D:D:D:D:D:D pretending I wasn’t stalking Kpop groups..

        • BunnyLilFluffy

          Stalking? I don’t understand what you mean? What does that name even mean?
          *again using the sliding away move*

  36. BunnyLilFluffy

    When do Simon and Martina usually wake up? I really want them to finally officially announce the winner so I can go help B2ST with no worries.
    BTW, I love it how in “No Mercy” and in “Beautiful Night” we can see a blue suit (though Hyunseung’s has shorts) does that mean that blue suits are gonna be in in Korea now? If so, maybe Simon needs to get one? xD

    • And Dongwoon + Himchan in red suit! xD
      I’ll do the same – vote for B2st after BAP wins (if that’s the case) ;))

      • BunnyLilFluffy

        Yeah, BATOOST have a really good comeback with a catchy song (actually all their songs are catchy for me) and that after such a long time, they really deserve it to get our votes and a KMM.
        But till it’s all official I still wanna stay here and show my support for these 6 guys. ^_^