B.A.P. – Power

  1. I love the simon – martina voice dub <3 Its amazing

  2. Woah our home is fixed! :D

  3. moonstar89



  4. YAAY!!! (n__n)/ Party celebration before going to school~~ (~ -__-)~   ~(-__- ~)

  5. JammySmoochie

    YES!!! The page is back!!!

    Congratulations to B.A.P and BABYs for winning this week’s KMM.

    And we made history. Just freaking amazing. :))

  6. Glad they fixed this page! (I’m having an emotional attachment to this page, don’t judge)

  7. moonstar89


  8. Tayla Paraha

    We got the poWAAAAAAARRIIOR HU!


  9. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    Pic trans:

    If there happens to be a shortage of bread and the world is cold, then this is not the fault of the rain, but because people have too small hearts. – Jean Rousselot

    trans. cr; hyejin @ baptrans

  10. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    @babypham1:disqus  I’m still able to see comments only because I’m seeing a cached of it

  11. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    lol, it could be something that he just found and wanted to share.
    I wouldn’t be surprised though if he wrote it

  12. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    lol, I’m going to type POWEERRRRR for everything now just to annoy ppl at work

  13. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    @babypham1:disqus  that’s because we still got the POWEERRRRRR to crash this site

  14. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    Yongguk just tweeted  “작은심장 “, along with a pic, but I have no clue what it says.
    Does anyone know?

  15. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    We still got the POWEERRRRR to crash this page  >.<
    I couldn't see the comments for awhile (I refreshed the wrong page)

  16. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    KissMe, Inspirits, BBC, NU’EST fans and every other fandom that came to help us BABYz out:

    ♥ THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

    Big Corporation vs The Underdogs week and we stayed on top!
    I know that not all Sones were on here because they have issues with EYK, but that fandom, along with EXOtics, are still pretty damn strong, even if not all were here.

    • cherry_vanilla01

      Yeah same here THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
      I feel so proud as Babys we did such great thing…I will miss u guys so much but we’ll reunite again for B.a.p’s new mv to support them even more.right?*hugs*

  17. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    Voting for mnet ends Monday (9AM – KST) ~ so less than 7hrs left

  18. onionviper

    ewww where are so losing on Mnet,I have my sister’s facebook account, Imma vote three times olololol

  19. When I see the spray part i think in Daesung Smeeeeeeell

  20. Simon and Martina ‏ @eatyourkimchi
    Scripting now :D RT @Sirii1403: Simon and Martin, when will you start scripting for this week KMM?

  21. yay they are scripting now 

  22. I heard in an interview that the spray was like icy/hot and got into their eyes T_T

  23. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    “We’re reviewing whoever’s #1 at the moment :D”

    edit: Didn’t know novembersixteenth already said that, sorry :(

  24. novembersixteenth

    They said they’re reviewing whoever’s #1 at the moment on Twitter just now…that’s US! We now have officially won! Nice to see it in words. Now I must go to bed :)

  25. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    “We had, like, a 5 hour nap at 5PM. We’re pretty awake now”

    someone asked why aren’t they sleeping  
    I feel bad for them.

    • I don’t know it this applies to them, but some people just work better at night.  Less distractions and you don’t have too much energy to be super aware of what happens around you, but rather just enough to stay focused.

  26. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    someone asked S&M via twitter, and they said they are scripting now

  27. Mir◕‿◕Usako


  28. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    @babypham1:disqus lol, nice

  29. onionviper

    I like the fact that Zelo seems to have definitely ditched the megaphone

  30. 10K, I think we broke the record for most FB shares too!

  31. should be studying!! D: instead of watching BAP!!! xD  what can i say!! i <3 BAP!! :)

  32. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    Don’t forget to vote for our boys on mnet if you haven’t already and would still like to… if the voting thingy hasn’t closed yet that is

  33. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    @(F_F)  I have so much love and respect for Yongguk

  34. Any official news as to what’ll be reviewed tomorrow?

  35. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    Everyone, IF the review is NOT in B.A.P’s favor, please don’t freak out or get angry. 
    It’s their opinion and obviously they are allowed to express it.
    People are still going to watch the ‘Power’ MV, resulting in more views and hopefully, it will trigger ppl to become a bit more interested in the group (like the viewer can just draw his or her own conclusion).
    You guys are allowed to express your own opinions too, but just don’t bring BABYz or B.A.P down with you.

    • I promise I won’t. Actually, most of the times, I find myself myself agreeing to their opinions, even the negatives, and even if I don’t, I won’t go all berserk or anything. I have an integrity as a Warrior and a human as a whole to be taken care of. ;D

  36. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    I get so incredibly happy when I hear the fanchants and cheers during B.A.P’s performance.

    LOVE hearing the whistles!

    (I’m watching their Inkigayo’s performance)

  37. i find it funny that we reply each others’ comment until a extent that the reply button is no longer showing there anymore..lol

    • thanks i just reblogged this 

    • Situation
      -If your girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on you?: Slap them
      -If your friend randomly cut ties with you?: Slap them
      -If your voice cracks when singing to someone you like?: Make the person I like pass out
      -If I tried so hard as if I were going to die, but ended up failing?: Then I’ll really die
      -If the world ends tomorrow?: Do what I wanted and eat what I wanted, I’ll do it all

      CREDITS: NAVER (SOURCE); HEODANG @ TUMBLR (TRANS); take out with full credits!

      -Omg, I can´t imagine the gentle shy Jongup as violent slapping anyone though O_o Just can´t imagine it:p I always looked him as the baby of the group.

    • LOL! he is really 4D..HAHHAHA!