B.A.P – Rain Sound



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  1. Elanor

    It doesn’t show new comments only after I refresh here as well… how about you guys? -.-

  2. Come on disqus, cooperate xD

  3. why is this back in the top of the chart? it’s already been reviewed !!

  4. Nova_REMIX

    Why is BAP in the top again? They already had their review. BABYz what’s going on.

  5. Katie Gilbert

    Why did this get thrown back to the top… ? *confused

    • Its up again because before there was a mistake and the thumbnail was Jaejoong for B.A.P’s review video …
      sooo they fixed it and it got back to the top again …

      • lunibelle

        I just saw that BAPs video release date is the 12th :( I’m really excited, but Nu’est comesback two days later I think. Ahh, why??? I want them both to be revieweeed. But I think this time it will be Nu’ests time. Unless it’s a super powerful song I think that Simon will probably overpower martina and they won’t choose the song… I’m tooorn. I want both to be reviewed :( Loves have earned it, but at the same time I don’t want BAP to lose, if they have a badass song.

        I’m replying here, because I have no idea where else to talk to BAP fans :D :D :D

        • I know what you mean :( we were afraid that their comeback date will be at the same time… and that happened :(
          I love NU’EST too I want them to be reviewed since they always make it to the top and never win ….
          and I think if NU’EST and B.A.P were on the top, They will choose NU’EST, just to give them a chance unless B.A.P’s comeback will be so good that they would like to review it …..

        • But have you seen Nu’est’s teaser? It sounds like… an angsty love song ._. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGGEEEE L.O./.E. and I would love for them to get reviewed for once, but for me, what made Nu’est stand out was their confrontation of societal issues regarding teens (and possibly young adults) that are usually hushed away, such as bullying and conforming to society’s standards. A love song about heartbreak is just… well, it’s been so overdone in kpop and I was looking forward to another song with a powerful message. Unless it’s about suicide, in which case, I have mixed emotions. Regardless, if Nu’est releases a song S+M doesn’t like and BAP releases a song that’s up their alley, they’ll pick the one they want to review. I’m just hoping both will be equally awesome because at the end of the day, it’s not about who gets reviewed, but rather, enjoying awesome songs from very hardworking and talented groups.

        • You are right about everything you said, and yes I’ve seen their teaser it sounds like a sad heartbreaking song, and B.A.P’s teaser is so Good it looks like their concept this time is powerful and that is what S&M likes…. or they are tired of reviewing B.A.P and don’t wanna do it anymore…..
          I don’t know…. This new system, choosing from the top 3 is making me worried but like you said whatever happens we get to enjoy GREAT songs from AmaZing talented groups.

      • Katie Gilbert

        Ohhh…. That makes more sense lol

  6. still going here even trgh the review is already done…..but……why is jae’s song is here ?

  7. kpopstrawberry21

    I love this song sooo much! Its definetly different from power and warrior. I think they should do a mix of songs like rain sound and still have songs like warrior and power too! ( ^▽^)

  8. SugarBabyG6

    Why is this video here? Rewiew of jaejoongs mine? Well, this should be B.A.P song, shouldn`t it?

  9. Videoooooooooooo !!!!! when is it coming out ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. wow, Zelo is just amazing <3

  11. Simon~~~~~ Why torture me like this?!?! I’ve checked like 15 times already!!! It’s already 11pm here!!! Upload the music monday already… T^T
    Martina come back already!!!

  12. lunibelle

    Guys, when will be BAPs real comeback? I just saw that Nu’est have their comeback on the 13th of Feburary. I really hope BAP won’t comeback around that time :( I really want Nu’est to win the voting with their new video… but I also don’t want BAP to lose. Argh. Please BAP come back at the very beginning of Feburary or the end TT_TT

    • Nova_REMIX

      The good thing about this is if you watched the newest KMM, S&M already announced that it’s their pick now to some degree. If NU’EST can make it into the top three, S&M will choose which of the top 3 they feel they would have the most fun reviewing. :)

    • Blueberries

      I’d be really torn between Nu’est and BAP so I really hope they won’t collide T_T. About BAP’s comeback, there hasn’t been certain day yet. It’s just somewhere in February.

  13. Blueberries

    Bunnies are puffy! BAP on Idol Sport Championship. Zelo’s hair is now dark blue rather than black??


  14. Neko Nguyen

    Ohh my gosh! Zelo’s rap in this song! I love how he starts it, where he sings and his voice is calm omg~~ UNF like that is the only time he has ever sang in their song and had a calm voice. Even though it was only for a bit, i still love it(: Everyone said he looked super hot and much older in Rain Sound, i’m like “uhhh.. he’s always been hot -…-” gosh lol i love Zelo! and B.A.P<3

  15. How the heck is Martina going to comment on her pedo-noona feels for Zelo when she’s gone?! T^T


  17. Blueberries

    I had fun to talk with you guise ^^ Let’s meet at another BAP’s mv’s comment section, I think it’s going to be quite soon :DD I’ll probaply will be in DMTN’s (ex. Dalmatian) mv’s comment section next week if someone wants to come disqus earlier.. coughshamelesspromotioncough. Anyway, see u around!

  18. Love this song and this mv so much, hope it’ll be reviewed this week! :x

  19. Leticia.A.II

    Poor Simon, he is all alone now and on top of that he will have to review sad song XD

  20. lumierenoire

    Happy Anniversary B.A.P (>w<)/

  21. WOW! Time flies! I’m so proud of B.A.P! They’ve achieved so much in this past year. This is gonna sound really cheesy but I got kinda emotional after reflecting on how far they’ve come. I’m so glad I discovered B.A.P and I’m proud to be a BABY/F.A.P/Fried Tofu :) <3

  22. i think jongup needs more lines to sing/rap. he’s really good!!!

  23. Yay….I think we might really do it this week :)

  24. I can already see simon ruining that little dance turning it into something really nasty…

  25. B.A.P’s first anniversary love u guys

  26. I’m going to tweet some more because this damn thing just doesn’t want to trend xD
    I hope I see all of you again when they come back again :p

  27. Skully

    A lot of ppl tweeted in Spanish, Thai and other languages. I wonder if they have ppl to translate!!!

  28. B.A.P 1ST SOLO CONCERT LIVE ON EARTH rank no.1 on concert ranking this week


  29. [!!!] Babys, it seems like the hashtag 1stBAPBABYear is marked as spam (aka not working), so we’re trending #1YearWithBAP

    f*ck you twitter -_-‘

  30. Skully

    사랑해 –>Yongjae tweeted

  31. Skully

    The tweets won’t stop so many BABYZ!!!!!!

  32. Zelo tweeted ^^

    ZELO ‏@ZELO96

    B.A.P 1st Anniversary Thank you for ma BABYZ!

  33. Happy 1st Anniversary !!

    One year passed so fast :’D



  34. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    Happy 1 Year Anniversary to B.A.P and BABYs!


    • HAPPY 1 Year guys!! Can you believe how much has happen in that 1 year? Us babyz are so so spoilt. I feel so lucky – This time last year i didn’t even know they existed – i bet there were really nervous before they debut bless em. I couldn’t love them more if i tried.

    *Dancing around my house*

  36. BTW is everyone ready to crash Twitter? xD

    #/1stBAPBABYear (minus the /)

  37. don’t forget to trend #/1stBAPBABYear tonight at 12a.m KST (the same time the voting time for music monday ends). and keep voting until the countdown end!!