Big Bang – Bad Boy

  1. beataddicted

    my favourite of the album♥

  2. Guys, vote for nuest here.'re not hoping to be reviewed anymore. We just wanna go out with a bang. Though it wasn’t reviewed. It was on the top 5 for 4 weeks. That’s something to be proud of.

  3. kyaaaaaaaaaa bigbang los reyes del kpop

  4. love this song so much

  5. omo!!! daebak.. i love bad boy so much .. VIP :))

  6. Karley Dvorak

    The only reason I keep voting for this song is because I want to see the marker hit 10,000 votes. ^_^

  7. VIP keep voting for BIGBANG !!!

  8. I vote for all three! Blue, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby <3

  9. Melisa Bano

    Guyss, time to vote for Fantastic Baby MV now <3 Let's make a triple crown on Music Monday shall we ;)

  10. Hey..Fantastic baby…………….DANCE!….

  11. on repeat/refresh mode on youtube!!! BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!

  12. so random and surrealistic but I love it :) Seungri is not my favorite, but unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have many scenes in  this MV. TOP and GD look gorgeous and Taeyang looks like he changed from asian to indian boy.  BOOM SHAKALAKA!



  15. now tht im used to gd’s hair… nd his ridiculous fashion. I LOVE IT :)

  16. so Fantastic Baby comes out in 2 days….. hello Music Monday’s again. I feel bad for the Miss A fans :p

  17. Yay! Bad boy for kpop music mondays! <3 Fantastic Baby is up next! :)


    VIPs We doing BIGBANG THREE weeks in row…that is if papa yg decide to release fantastic baby next stay tune..BOM SHAKALAKA!!!!!!

  19. Melisa Bano

    VIP, get ready for Fantastic Baby mv that will come out in one or two days. Let’s support BIGBANG since it’ll be the last mv from this album :)

  20. Fantastic Baby!!! A bit over 24 hours and it will crash your site again, so watch out >:D LOL

  21.  VIPs, see you tomorrow for Fantastic Baby MV :)

  22.  YG Life Update (120305): “BIGBANG – FANTASTIC BABY M/V Counter”
    *NOTE: The MV will be released on 120307 12AMKST

  23. Karen Vang

    Yay! I love that big bang is #1 right now!!!!!


    Busca este video  2012 BIGBANG COVER – BAD BOY (Adaptación femenina en español) by kathahit

    da LIKE  en la pestaña y REPRODUCE este video y dal eme gusta en youtube

    GRACIAS…… disculpen las molestia

  25. Can’t to see this be reviewed! I LOVE this song and MV! and ofc WOW FANTASTIC BABY hopefully next week! :D

  26. “They are beyong awesome, because of this they work so hard to give us first quality music and performances, They are in other level in so many ways, BIG BANG World Domination ;)

  27. awesome how much votes BB gets :D <3

  28. bouhbouhification

    hehe, this month will be a full Big Bang Kpop Music Mondays :p i’m sure you’re happy 

  29. I just saw the teaser for “Fantastic Baby” and I KNOW i won’t be disappointed! The song itself is so good! And I have a feeling people are going to hate on GD’s hair again, but I, once again LOVE IT. I have been WISHING for GD to do some pink/fuchsia in his hair and he finally has! It looks absolutely gorgeous to me and well, haters gonna hate ;)
    And I love how they are all sitting on thrones, THE KINGS ARE BACK :D
    So S&M will review BadBoy on Monday and Fantastic Baby next Monday…this month is going to be awesome for sure!

  30. guys fantacy girl is comin out so its big bang 3 weeks in a row , whos with me ? lol

  31. yay the counter is fixed ^^

  32. Karen Vang

    Yay for Big Bang!!!

  33. Jui Patel

    You guys ready for Fantastic Baby MV next week…..the teaser is of course off the charts. Go watch it now

  34. María Eugenia Pereira

    I love this song! It’s a shame it didn’t get as much views as Blue :{  It’s such a good song