Voting for Music Monday closes at 11:59pm Saturday (Korean time)

Big Bang – Bad Boy

  1. beataddicted

    my favourite of the album♥

  2. Guys, vote for nuest here.'re not hoping to be reviewed anymore. We just wanna go out with a bang. Though it wasn’t reviewed. It was on the top 5 for 4 weeks. That’s something to be proud of.

  3. kyaaaaaaaaaa bigbang los reyes del kpop

  4. omo!!! daebak.. i love bad boy so much .. VIP :))

  5. Karley Dvorak

    The only reason I keep voting for this song is because I want to see the marker hit 10,000 votes. ^_^

  6. VIP keep voting for BIGBANG !!!

  7. I vote for all three! Blue, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby <3

  8. Melisa Bano

    Guyss, time to vote for Fantastic Baby MV now <3 Let's make a triple crown on Music Monday shall we ;)

  9. Hey..Fantastic baby…………….DANCE!….

  10. on repeat/refresh mode on youtube!!! BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!

  11. so random and surrealistic but I love it :) Seungri is not my favorite, but unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have many scenes in  this MV. TOP and GD look gorgeous and Taeyang looks like he changed from asian to indian boy.  BOOM SHAKALAKA!



  14. now tht im used to gd’s hair… nd his ridiculous fashion. I LOVE IT :)

  15. so Fantastic Baby comes out in 2 days….. hello Music Monday’s again. I feel bad for the Miss A fans :p

  16. Yay! Bad boy for kpop music mondays! <3 Fantastic Baby is up next! :)


    VIPs We doing BIGBANG THREE weeks in row…that is if papa yg decide to release fantastic baby next stay tune..BOM SHAKALAKA!!!!!!

  18. Melisa Bano

    VIP, get ready for Fantastic Baby mv that will come out in one or two days. Let’s support BIGBANG since it’ll be the last mv from this album :)

  19. Fantastic Baby!!! A bit over 24 hours and it will crash your site again, so watch out >:D LOL

  20.  VIPs, see you tomorrow for Fantastic Baby MV :)

  21.  YG Life Update (120305): “BIGBANG – FANTASTIC BABY M/V Counter”
    *NOTE: The MV will be released on 120307 12AMKST

  22. Karen Vang

    Yay! I love that big bang is #1 right now!!!!!


    Busca este video  2012 BIGBANG COVER – BAD BOY (Adaptación femenina en español) by kathahit

    da LIKE  en la pestaña y REPRODUCE este video y dal eme gusta en youtube

    GRACIAS…… disculpen las molestia

  24. Can’t to see this be reviewed! I LOVE this song and MV! and ofc WOW FANTASTIC BABY hopefully next week! :D

  25. “They are beyong awesome, because of this they work so hard to give us first quality music and performances, They are in other level in so many ways, BIG BANG World Domination ;)

  26. awesome how much votes BB gets :D <3

  27. bouhbouhification

    hehe, this month will be a full Big Bang Kpop Music Mondays :p i’m sure you’re happy 

  28. I just saw the teaser for “Fantastic Baby” and I KNOW i won’t be disappointed! The song itself is so good! And I have a feeling people are going to hate on GD’s hair again, but I, once again LOVE IT. I have been WISHING for GD to do some pink/fuchsia in his hair and he finally has! It looks absolutely gorgeous to me and well, haters gonna hate ;)
    And I love how they are all sitting on thrones, THE KINGS ARE BACK :D
    So S&M will review BadBoy on Monday and Fantastic Baby next Monday…this month is going to be awesome for sure!

  29. guys fantacy girl is comin out so its big bang 3 weeks in a row , whos with me ? lol

  30. Karen Vang

    Yay for Big Bang!!!

  31. Jui Patel

    You guys ready for Fantastic Baby MV next week…..the teaser is of course off the charts. Go watch it now

  32. María Eugenia Pereira

    I love this song! It’s a shame it didn’t get as much views as Blue :{  It’s such a good song

  33. vippp!! lets make this year, our boys year! :D

  34. I seriously LOVE this song. My favorite from their album… SO FAR!

  35. I really cant wait till tomorrow!

  36. Melisa Bano

    Keep voting <3


  37. I really can’t stop listening to Bad Boy, I wouldn’t be surprised if my eardrums explode x.x Lol. Now that they’ve released a teaser of Fantastic Baby, i do believe they will be releasing it’s music video sometime this week. I really hope so!!! :) And if they do, Fantastic Baby is next in your Kpop Music Mondays. ;)

    Come on martina, isn’t top looking so fabuloush in that music video?
    *look at the way he touch his forehead e3e*

  39. sorry Miss A .. next week it will be 

  40. bouhbouhification

    BB’s Bad Boy must be in your kpop music monday, cause Simon you’re a baaaad boy, and Martina such a gooooooood girl :)

  41. Aznpuff

    -Sets up tent until Bad Boy is officially on Music Mondays- :)

  42. Ladymessha

    be ready MUsic Mondays its BIGBANG invasion..most probably next week fantastic baby will be release..sorry miss A its sad but true another mv nxt week..

  43. FANTASTIC BABY teaser: /watch?v=sGIblOa9Ueg&

    GD looks like a KING =))) It seems like BB will appear on Music Monday MORE than 2 weeks in a row lol. Martina, you need to get well soon to dance your celebration dance at least once :)

  44. ShangYo Chen

    BLUE -> BAD BOY -> FANTASTIC BABY -> ? -> ? -> ?
    BIGBANG kpop music March!  

  45. chrissybello


  46. moopies

    heheheh Fantastic BaBY!! 

  47.  VIPS!!!!!! FANTASTIC BABY MV TEASER IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Big Bang is alive
    the kings have returned

  49. BIG BANG and VIP rock the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. moopies

    This Video isAwesome! I like it. I think its cool, but maybe I am just a fangirl… :O


  52. never going to stop voting :) ever.

  53. Choy Yu Chan

    Its so cold and yet taeyang is wearing something sleeveless…… BET HE MUST BE FREEZING LOL POOR DUDE

  54. we need Big Bang to win, and keep winning :) they deserve it!

  55. Big Bang is so back, I can’t wait for the CD to arrive in the mail ^^;;

  56. I thought that this video flowed really nicely. The transitions between the members were really smooth, but I couldn’t help but laugh when Taeyang tried to pull an “I need a girl” dance move on that poor lady…. :)

  57. ladymesha

    my top 3 in alive album 1. fantastic baby 2.badboy and blue 3.wings and alive(intro)  btw i think im the only one who find the jacket of GD’s cool,i mean if another idol wear it i guess it will totally look awkward but GD really knows how to wear them i really find it cute :)

  58. skairider03

    I love Bigbang’s new sound, but I also want to see a review of Miss A’s “Touch” . . . 

  59. La cancion es hermosa y el vedieo esta genial !!


  60. punkyprincess92

    I AM LOVING THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but *sigh* GD………i hate your hair!!!! really!! i hate it!!! i just wanna go up to him with a scissor-like hedge cutter and just chop it off!!!!!!….could have at least tucked it all away inside your cap….
    for some odd reason i’m addicted to the parts where all the members get together and dance!!

  61. sis_cute

    they said they will for sure using this MV for musicmonday..but i still want to vote!!!! ^^

  62. BIGBANG Must win!!! Come on VIPS! We can do it! ♥

  63. I love the music video i have nothing bad to say about it at all and yea GD is GD with his outfit but that patch of fur on his back have got to GOOOOO!!!! GD I know it’s cold but it look like you have a furry back pack on. BUT LOVE BIG BANG WHOOP WHOOP

  64. I love this song and I love the video, except for Taeyang’s disappearing hat (Seriously, one minute he’s doing tricks with it, then it’s gone, then it’s back?) Might be one of my all time favorite kpop songs actually. It just has such a great groove to it and they all sound fantastic.

  65. I have a feeling Simon is going to have a LOT of negative things to say about this video~but I’m sure he’ll appreciate that each guy has his own girl :P
    A lot of people have been telling me that they hate GD’s outfit+hair but I guess everyone’s forgotten who GD is!! I was shocked to see his somewhat “ordinary” outfit in “Blue” b/c he always goes for crazy. Anyways, I was happy to see GD being outlandish again b/c it really means that HE IS BACK!! I fell in love with GD because of his ability to wear anything and look absolutely gorgeous in it. And the hair? I LOVE IT. I feel alone in this love for GD’s style….am I the only GD-biased VIP over here?C’mon guise, feel the swagger of G-DRAGON! <3

    • GD – biased VIP right here!
      I agree with you about the hair, GD pulls it off extremely well, but the outfit though…. That jacket is a little too exaggerated. I know he is GD and always goes for crazy and damn! he makes anything crazy look extremely awesome on him, but there is a small step from outstanding to ridiculous and i’m not sure where his clothing fits in this MV. Anyway GD is my favorite and I’m not going to change my opinion about him because of one unfortunate outfit, though I hope we will be dressed better in the next MVs ^^

  66. this program will start being called big bang music mondays haha love my fellow VIPz :)

  67. Liz Chai

    BIG BANG HWAITING!!! Yay! :D another music video!

  68. moopies

    omomomo!! no hating guise!! BigBang is Awesome!! I like Miss A’s song, its interesting (hate the mummy outfits though), but BigBang, hands down, errtime!!

  69. kruhgisthtkrubaiogbeu

    Big Bang will win for sure..

  70. ToDaeLove

    i love you guys <3

  71. Big Bang Are Kings!!! THe western world should really appreciate them more!

  72. Hallyucinating

    please bad boy is my favorite song off the whole album

  73. I cant wait till Monday!

  74. Karen Vang

    Yay Big Bang is back at the top!!!

    •  and Blue lol I wonder it doesnt seem as the videos already done gets taken away so maybe we can keep all the BB mv in the top? lol Although it will get harder and harder for the rest of BB’S mv:s to reach the top since they also keep voting each week… Or is there a time limit?

  75. But if one compares the numbers, Bad boy has higher numbers in all… They should be first shouldnt they??

  76. Thuy Anh Nguyen

    So…are we in second because our counter broken (because miss a counter seems to be broken too) or are we in second because miss a caught up overnight??

  77. Ashley O'Regan

    vips keep voting we can’t let miss a’s touch win! fighting!

  78. i think the counter is broken we CANT have only 40 votes! i remember we had more TT^TT come on VIPs!

  79. umm, i think we’re second because the counter broke again…there’s no way we’re below 100!!

  80. COME ON!!! this should SOOOO win over MISS A’s TOUCH!

    b**** PUH-LEASE!

  81. I really wanna hear your review of this~ !! <3 xD Waaahh !! I love this song <3 OuO


  83. JudoSatchan


  84. I really love their concept. I am soo happy they finally each get a girl ^^!!! The mv is nicely made and I cant really say anything bad about it. Just some of the clothes lol and they sure like bandanas. GD seems to have stolen YB’s ahah

  85. cant understand…why are there only 23 vote while more than 5000 share???

  86. Something’s wrong here! How come we only have 29 votes in the green thingi? How come the one for Miss A’s didn’t go down?! I don’t get this, but we had wayy more..How can only the green thing on Bigbang’s Badboy crash? >_>

  87. Karen Vang

    I swear Big Bang better win this week!! I voted like crazy!

  88. veronica_mensah

    Dis we already win?  Is that why the votes resetted?  Cause I voted my ass off… just sayin <.<

  89. Come on VIPs!!! We ARE doing this!

  90. BAD BOY is my favorite song on ALIVE album <333

  91. Guise did we crash your counter AGAIN???


  92. we CRUSHED the vote counter. we CRUSHED it hehehe !!!

  93. vote this :) my laylaylaylady :DDD 

  94. what happened to the votes again?

  95. let’s make this #1 again!! VIPS!!

  96. omg :O  yes.. 
    what happen to the counter??


  98. VIP4Lyf

    what happen to the counter??

  99. Karen Vang

    what happened to the counter again?

  100. almondcrunch

    BIG BANG is number 2 D: oh no! VIP let’s go!



      • almondcrunch

        omgomgomg!!hjukdhskdhkshdjhlsdjflsdhflj it’s amazing! I’m running to the middle from my seat! who cares the guard whatever! I’m the wildest one ther! you have no idea how awesomeeeee sdhfshdjkfhsjkdhfkjsdhfjsdhfjk
        just comeback xD
        I wanna tell you more though kekekekee

  101. *~* I love this MV. Need to watch it with proxys though.. Since Youtube / GEMA decided to block this… Eventhough they didn’t block ‘Blue’.. why the hell ever.. -.- 

  102. I want a mv for Fantastic Baby and Love Dust T__T


  104. VIPs must win this! Big Bang must make it into 1st again D:

  105. I really hope that GD doesn’t keep this haristyle… It’s beyond my least favorite… But none the less I still love him. Big Bang Fighting!!~ :D

  106. aah, the counter is crashed, AGAIN,

  107. LingZRaa

    vote = 24 .. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ???

  108. MIss A is winning!!!! vote like crazyyyy vip’s!!

  109. EmoBunny

    This better be No.1 by tommorow XD
    I guess the counter broke again huh? =3

  110. why is G-Dragon wearing spudgy’s back…? first top’s hair and nos GD’s coat they must really love your dog! :O

  111. Mybigbang

    i was shock for a moment coz miss a is no 1… then realize, aigoooo…it crashed again!

  112. wtf? before the votes for this vid were at least in the thousands… what?!

  113. AudreyKoopman

    the counter crashed again?? it makes me all anxious when that happens

  114. riceballx


  115. Izzy Isa

    C’mon VIPs let’s get this to the top!!

  116. Despite GD’s hair, for me Bad Boy is definitely a perfect song

  117. Sure VIP are busy with BS, so  they don’t have time to vote on this chart. Well…

  118. Lol. Looks like VIPs are too busy to vote because of the Big Show :)) Bigbang fighting!

  119. BAD BOY is on nr 2 again… Comeon VIP’s Lets bring them back to their nr 1 spot!

  120. did the counter crash again? O_______O it only shows like….16 votes. O.o

  121. Did we just crashed EYK’s counter AGAIN??? :/

  122. Honestly of the two new songs I like this one better. They both have a very nice sound but this one just pulls me in more. Despite how much I want to cut GD’s hair…

  123. DID Bigbang’s bad boy drop to number two, because the views are messed up again. 

  124. im in love with big bang since 2008 <3

  125. 1:24 is ridiculous haha if anyone, even Taeyang, came up to me and did those moves I would be totally grossed out lol BUT this song is full of “irresistible likes” like when the beat picks up at 1:42 (I love Top in this moment), the “Boyya boyya” and snaps. Mmm I am loving it all!

  126. love4yah

    This was filmed in my neighborhood!! Big Bang in Brooklyn, FTW!!

  127. Chiara La Rosa

    Let’s get Big Bang on Music Mondays for the second time in a row! Keep voting guys!!

  128. veronica_mensah

    Back-to-back BIGBANG on Kpop Music Mondays!  My life is complete

  129. moopies

    Another reason I LOVE this song and Music Video is because everything they do is pertaining to what they are saying!! so all the little actions are indications of what they are saying/singing LOVE IT!

  130. Everyday I vote for this song…
    Poor Miss A -Touch 
    Forever number 2

  131. pon_zi48

    This song is so chill, and the video is awesome.

  132. vote for BIGBANG – BLUE in  Mnet Countdown

  133. I find it so funny that if you watch TOP in the dance scenes her does as little of the dance as he can, Silly TOP.

  134. Ahhhh their all just over flowing with swagg!!!<3

  135. On here, T.O.P is the arrogant king of swag. But we all know the dorky aegyo baby that lives in that hot body :P Who else is dying to be at the BigShow right now??? :,(

  136. moopies

    the chicks look REALLLY NORMAL.. maybe thats what they were going for, blue had an aspiring model, this one had… ladies they saw walking to class.. or something… Dude, T.O.P.’s abilities are fine, its just that the other guys make them look like they arennt… T.O.P. LOVE! >_<

  137. Martina, you’re Simon’s lay lay lay lay lady~~

    sorry, I just had to. LOL.

  138. i wish BB will have more music videos!   i wish that Miss Martina will get well….

  139. i guess simon and martine will critics why seungri walk and turning around at 2.33 haha… but thats the way BB MVs created recently,,, just think it as a stage, u can do whatever u want on your stage right, kekeke

  140. First video I watch in the morning, and the last I watch before going to bed.  I just can’t get over TOP in this, and he isn’t even my bias.  n.n

  141. Karen M

    I wannna see the next 4 weeks full of Big Bang reviews, How about youuu?!?! That way Martina can do her Big Bang happy dance! ^^

  142. Big Bang is taking over :)
    Bad boy <333

  143. God, I am just loving the whole “Boyya boyya” 0:12-0:25 haha

  144. TOPfanatic

    guys number 2 on the chart is blue..i feel bad with miss a’s song but regardless of what reason VIP works hard to make this vid review so its not like theres a favoritism ..they just release a song in a wrong time..

  145. Yeah, that’s right, we got BigBang on the top of k-pop chart bom shakalaca!

  146. jiyongyongvip

    next music monday: BIGBANG-BAD BOY!

  147. In love with this song. Big Bang round 2!

  148. moopies

    I Love this song. and the video is totally fun, reminds me of older videos when it looked like they were having heaps of fun!! <3 BigBang!

  149. hoping for fantastic baby to have a mv

  150. LET’S GO BB! 
    so thankful they’ve climbed to the top of kpopcharts. 
    not gonna lie. i’ve watched this mv 4 times and i never watch an mv more than once unless i LOVE IT 

  151. 2weeks in a roll bigbang:DD
    and the last vid simon and martina was like asking for more than one girl in the vid
    and look at their new mv(:

  152. Great job VIP .. BIGBANG a always in the TOP ^_^

  153. k just gonna spam. BIGBANG. that’s it~

  154. klesiak17

    just in love with g-dragons lyric 

  155. my awesome babies….tho i’m not the biggest fan of the mv please review it coz the song is so good…

  156. SWAAGGGG! :P
    welcome back BIGBANG :) <3

  157. Beautiful song, wonderful video <3

  158. Glenda Chou

    LOVEEEE the song and MV. <3

  159. Ah damn I am seriously loving this song and video…

  160. it’s cool but I like Blue better. But seriously, is GD’s stylist on an acid trip?Did he/she just skin Spudgy and but it on GD’s jacket?!And what’s up with the handkerchief-scarf and the hair thingy?!

    And why did Taeyang “danced”/”grooved” with that baseball hat?What?What?!

    Damn you, Simon and Martina! When TOP showed up I mentally screamed SPUDGYYYYY!!!!! and saw the rest of the video with Spudgy as TOP -_-

  161. 2 weeks in a row…cool! Simon and Martina you guys should also come up with a new thing to review older kpop videos?

  162. OMG Big-bang Made an awesome come back ^O^  Bad Boy is the best Please use Big Bang -Bad Boy for next Music Monday

  163. Karen Vang

    OMG! Big Bang I love you! Hahaha.
    Amazing how many votes they got in a day! I totally love their dancing at the end. It was just so much swagger to it. =D

  164. hahhahahah at the beginning gds jackets back looks like spudgy’s back!!

  165. moopies

    GD GD BAby Baby! They have all gone SHIRTLESSS !!! for this comeback, except T.O.P. if you guys ever interview them, you should totally ask when T.O.P. is going to go shirtless!!!! XD

  166. I love it! The sound is great, the vocals are great, everything is just GREAT. 

    I told my boyfriend I would love him better if he dressed like Taeyang. Polkadot pants and all.. 

  167. Ah BIG BANG is forever their own genre!!:D <3

  168.  This song is like sex…sex for your ears.

  169. i love the interesting random dance! and the fact that each member has their own girl that brushes them off… i kinda like the girl with GD .. when she pushes his hat down.. ^^
    TOP baby keep on singing! lol

  170. Mybigbang

    please!! this is the only thing i’m waiting in Monday.. monday use to be a hateful day, since the class and all, but after last monday and this upcoming monday, I want my BB monday!!!

  171. GD looks so freaking good with his hair

  172. NEH!!! either they like it or not, if this video gets review it’s bevcause of the support people show, you don’t wantt it to be review, support your bias and shut up! :3

    Is so want you guise to review this one too ><

  173. Melisa Bano

    I dont like it when others are complaining “it’s not fair for BIGBANG to continue winning for music monday” etc2.

    Why complain?!? It’s Simon and Martina give BIGBANG the upper hand.It is purely because people vote more for BIGBANG. Rather than complaining, they should vote for their fave. really … -.-’Anyway.. SIMON AND MARTINA, YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THIS MV.This mv is beautiful and unique.


  174. This is my Favorite song of the year so far!!!!

  175. Ahh this song is just AMAZING, it still fits with blue, but it also has a way more up-beat feel to it!!<3<3<3<3<3<#

  176. this song has a really different feel from blue.. but really good as well!! big bang is really showing their talent with this album~ <3
    big bang all the way! go vips!


  178. I want to know what you guys think about this one. You guys should by Spudgy some bling bling like his twin bro TOP has

  179. PandaPowerK

    I love GD’s spudgy mohawk jacket!!!! XD

  180. I love GD’s flow in this video. Its like a bubbly swag. xD And there needs to be more Seungri

  181. taeyang is doing the cooking dance lol :)

  182. wooooooooo ellos  son tan perfectoss ….

  183. Can’t get any cooler than filming in Harlem, NY, USA. The yellow school bus..yup that’s America.

  184. Love this song and the video, and T.O.P’s pointing and Taeyang’s dancing. This song just makes me happy.

  185. BIGBAND YAYY! :) more than one girl!! SIMON MUST BE JUMPING FOR JOY! ; D

  186. Hmm, do they say “man” or “mean”..? LOLOL.

  187. <3! I actually really think TOP's girl would fit his taste, she's so curvy. Lmao. BIGBANG<3


  189. only gd can manage to look sexy in tht RIDICULOUS fashion nd hair,……. 

  190. told u pplz tht dis is gunna surface touch in less than 2days lol :)

  191. Aren’t they real bad boys for having more than one love interest in a video ? XD

  192. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE: Only GD can look that gorgeous with that hair+jacket. How is it that GD can make ugly jackets (like the one in Tonight, and this one) look so stylish? How does GD make everything he wears look stylish??? Simple, GD has swag, something most kpop singers don’t have ;)

  193. Simon&Martina, you guys know this BB♥ madness is not stopping right? sorry for crashing the site but we love our BB♥ and their comeback!!! still more MVs to come!!! thank you!

  194. Cecilia G

    wtf. if taeyang was dancing next to me like that i would NOT walk away, i would get on my knees and beg him to marry me. THAT CHICK IS CRAZZYYYY.

  195. cant stop listening to it! so catchy…..

  196. Cecilia G

    yeeeeeeh boiiiiiz~
    VIPs keeping votingg<33
    big bang is so frigggggggin sexyyy! what is this?! It isn't fair! hahaha

  197. Emma You

    dfjdflskhildfshldsfhldfsl . flawless music video<3

  198. OMG am so happy another Big Bang Video is out!! yaya I love this song, I still love Blue, but this song has so much swag!! lol 

  199. JasmineAnastasia

    I really can’t get enough of this song!!!

  200. LOL music monday`s are going to be about big bang for a while. c: BIG BANG FIGHTINGGG <3

  201. Sorry Miss A fans…. as long as Big Bang keeps posting new videos NO ONE else is gonna be om Music Mondays for awhile. 

  202. Big Bang is the Best!!!! They will dominate 2012 korean music awards. If not then the industry really are deaf…

  203. Haha,it seems that you will have to review Big Bang again xD

  204. Rebecca Gordon

    I wonder if Simon and Martina will be happy that they finally aren’t all chasing after the same girl. Lol well TOP looks like he is trying to get rid of his….. 

  205. hanaler87

    It got some catchy beat, moves, and lyrics. 

    And it’s not some ordinary song that has no meaning!It portrays so much meaning too. :)

  206. VIPs get voting!
    Lest make it a second week of big bang!!!

  207. please next monday will be Bad Boy

  208. I love this song and the video is so cool!! *O* I also like miss A but i LOVE BIGBANG

  209. milliondollarbabe

    omg! I so love it!!

  210. Bad Boys I love them !!! <3 <3

  211. according to his cap, GD is bad boy outside, but actually a good girl (?) inside. Just kidding :))

  212. Ok so i wasn’t the only one who thought the girls kinda took away from the video but it’s still an AMAZING SWAGTASTIC video nonetheless :D :D :D :D :D 

  213. Love this song….but Gd?? Really?? Gorilla back?? 

  214. Finally a KPop MV where there’s more than 1 girl for the whole band, this has got to get a review!

  215. Martina celebration dance again!!! 

  216. Reviewing this video should be interesting, with all the “bad” elements in it. Sorry miss A :D

  217. LingZRaa

    totally love it ~ no lame !!

  218. ninirobinsondiederichs

    oh wow, totally in love with this song, probably like it more than blue.
    the boys looked amazing and confident strutting all over the streets of New York.
    only bad thing? those models, they killed it… sorry!

  219. Martina, this would’ve been a good song to do a reaction video to. Seeing you spazz and swoon would’ve been awesome and made the process more raw!!

  220. i want it to be reviewed rather than the video of blue. i guess this video has a looooot of things to be talked about. don’t you agree? i mean the outfits, the bad actresses, and many bizzare things hahaha. still, bad boy is the best BB song ever (which the main reason that need to be reviewed). 
    anyway, i feel so bad for miss a. sorry girls, the boys are really bad boys :p

  221. The only thing I worry about with them releasing 6 music videos is–how fast will the interest decline?  I mean, by the second day, Blue had 2 million views, which is incredible and hard to beat, but I hoped Bad Boy (which I like more) would at least have 1.3 million views by now or something.  What will happen by the release of the sixth video?  BIG BANG I LOVE YOU AND I WILL SUPPORT YOU FOREVER but this is madness.  Wonderful, wonderful madness.  I hope it works out.

  222. I’m a good girl who love bad boys    ><

  223. Awesome song!!! Big Bang FTW!! <3

  224. Melisa Bano

    Simon and Martina, DO YOU GUYS SEE THIS CHART??

    BIGBANG – Bad Boy GOT 4000++ vote in one day XD!!!

  225. haha, It rose to first place again after just one day :D

  226. sparksss

    i think you guys will be reviewing big bang for music mondays for the next couple of weeks. hahaha

  227. Yes VIPs!!!We made it to the ToP!The Sun is shining brighter because of our Succes and Victory in the year of Dragon!


  229. Guys let’s also try to get BAD BOY to a million views ^^

  230. how did i know this would be 1st when i woke up? :P Love you VIP!!

  231. VIP you are awesome .. more than 4000 in one day

  232. i really like this song

  233. builtbymachines

    It’s really nice to wake up in the morning and find that the song you spent all night voting for finally slid into first place. Good job, everyone! But keep voting just in case!

  234. Melisa Bano


    It’s a piece of art. A MUST to be reviewed ^^

  235.  Wow I really did not see this coming. While I prefer Blue, this song brings out more old school Big Bang and the chorus really highlights Taeyang well. I think this is gonna grow on me so much that I will eventually just keep pressing the replay button :D

  236. They should change the “Kpop Album Of The Week” for ALIVE >>> TO >>> “Kpop Album Of The Month” or even a YEAR !

  237. khairul anam

    Damn, this song is so nice

  238. Izzy Isa

    I love how they can make any dance look sexy! And I LOL-ed so much when Taeyang danced, it’s like he’s having a seizure! Haha LOVE THIS SO MUCH! <3

  239. My favourite part would have to be TOP moving his arms and legs in his style of ‘dance’ while the rest of Big Bang behind him carry out the choreography. hehe.

  240. sharon chu


  241. osterlundl

    BIGBANG is always the best C:

  242. Amazing song. It kinda reminds me of Stupid lair. 

  243.  I believe the counting system is crashed again

  244. moopies

    Weirdest sensation, listening to Blue and Bad Boy at the same time.. 

    I swear, this is the billionth Time Bad Boy has gotten 292 votes XD

  245. waiiiit, does GD wear Spudgy jacket costume? :D

  246. littlemoxygirl

    LOVE this song! It’s so laidback, so cool & so great to chill out to! You KNOW you want to review this Martina!!! :D

  247. aiggoooo its crasshing again…….

  248. This poor voting system is having some major stress. @_@ omo.

  249. Thuy Anh Nguyen

    Keep voting VIPs!! Miss A Touch had like an extra weeks to get voted….we need to catch up and surpass them and I’m not sure if we’re at that point yet.

  250. Darnn we VIP are too strong for the voting system :) we kept CRASHING IT

  251. Minjin Kim

    I dont mind gd’s hair =) but blond looks wayyyyyyyyyyy better

  252. She definitely does. She’s probably drooling over TOP as we speak. He’s so freaking HAWWT.

  253. ToDaeLove

    YOU HAVE TO REVIEW THIS *_* Martina, you know you want tooo~ :3

  254. Can’t they do Miss A’s Touch AND Big Bang’s Bad Boy?? I want them BOTH.

  255. moopies

    DUDE!!! YOU GUYS SHOULD DO A REACTION VIDEO!!! kekeke next BigBang Video, you guys do a reaction video, Yeah? heheh it would be so interesting!

  256. radiatinghappiness

    VIPs gonna crash the counter again X) chyeahhhh :D

  257. I love the beat and that we get to hear TOP’s awesome singing ^^b

  258. JasmineAnastasia

    I think VIPs are crashing the votes since they keep going down

  259. zetsuemi

    I want to see and hear what do you think about this good song!!!

  260. Yes, this is an threatening note, do this for K-pop Music Monday or VIPs will flood your page. 

  261.  Because this is a very interesting video and i would like to see what Simon and Martina have to say about this.. I’m loving this song and the whole album!!

  262. I still don’t understand why the votes are so… low.

  263. maii lee

    They did a wonderful job despite such a cold weather! Love the beat & sound to this.

  264. wait, did TOP just teleport? ;))
    and did taeyang perform some kind of magic trick with that hat? awesome! *teehee*

    *been watching too many times. and i want seungri’s piercing :P

  265. Mybigbang

    Please Review it!!! the most interesting MV and the most coolest song!

  266. was it really cold so we can clearly see their breathe? and Taeyang only wore sleeveless shirt?

  267. people..let’s kill Big Bang stylist together..for that crime messing w/ GD’s hair and Taeyang’s outfit..

  268. but gosh, missA got thrown out of number 1 twice by Big Bang

  269. oh yeahhhhhh!! the counter still seems to be catching up…

  270. BIGBANG!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

  271. Well this took a while to get to #1. hahaha

  272. The members actually have DIFFERENT love interests! :D

  273. who cares if they are a bad boy lol all the swag <33

  274. I will vote ONE MORE TIME and watch this video ONE MORE TIME, and then I will go to sleep like I’ve been telling myself for the past two hours. >.<

  275. moopies

    I’m thinking of not voting for this… I am scared of the english rating :O

    Until Whenever!!

  276. gdragon bias #1.. get rid of the hair its freaky and kinda gross.. but you still have swag! so hot/ DAESUNG – bias 2- im in love! amazing! …ill support you if you marry me! TOP- swag and sexiness oozing. Taeyang- dance master! Suengri… done well… i give this an A+ .. I like Blue better .. also i wish Dae sang more,,, his vocals are like whoa!

  277. DoMonique Osborn

    Simon, just accept that it is going to be all about big bang for the next month… :)

  278. I left for a while, came back, and the counter is working again! YAY!

  279. My SeungRI is so Sexy and HOT I LOVE HIM…BOM SHAKA LAKA For the NEw MV BAD BOy My FAv BAd Boy Of course SeungRi..^^ BIGBANG IS ALIVE <3

  280. Man this morning at 11 am the votes for this song were only 40 now is more than 3000 votes. LOL o3o

  281. love this song. it’s so addicting. Just listening to the melody makes me feel great.

  282. seriously..the system will gonna crash until at least tomorrow..

  283. This song kind of makes me want to find some gangster type kid and bring him home to mommy and daddy. :3 They’ll be so proud! xD

  284. i am excited to have a physical copy of the album. it’s just superb. 

  285. did the system crash? i’m surprised it’s not number one yet lol!

  286. It’s midnight. I have school in the morning. Wow, my priorities are so out of wack.

  287. They have to make an MV for Fantastic Baby. maybe do like a rave or something 

  288. warriorsarah

    Did I mention that I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG?

  289. warriorsarah

    Also… this MV… I AM PREDICTING… will get in next next weeks KMM OR This weeks.

  290. warriorsarah

    And no offense but I dont like GDs hair -_- It looked ok in the photoshoot but not in the mv…

  291. warriorsarah

    I love this song.

  292. My Big Bang Alive CD is on the way to Indonesia..yeiiyy..xD xD xD

  293. KoreanKoreanKoreanKorean
    Sorry, I’m a bad boy
    You a good girl

  294. sooooo cuteee!!
    I would date them even if they’re bad boys ;D

  295. I check every time, if the video is number 1. Is the video not #1 yet, because we keep on crashing the counting system?  

  296. and i can’t find the twitter share button…again…it’s like a deja vu..the difference is that now the video is titled Bad Boy instead of Blue..

  297. I got so used to replaying this video that when I finally decided to go do something else, I had to come back because leaving felt so weird. 

  298. Miss Filzah

    i have a feeling that simon and martina will have a looot to say for this MV :)

  299. and here i am..replaying for the nth time..and still find the urge to kill Big Bang stylist..

  300. My lay, lay, lay, lay, lay, lay, lady. Love Taeyang voice, awesome, but i’m still bias over T.O.P. LOVE U T.O.P

  301. I feel so bad for MissA if BIGBANG keeps releasing an MV every week , but then again , I don’t really mind :P 
    If only i could be that girl TOP was with , even if it was just a few seconds while she was filming this , my life’s complete ..

  302. myTOPsecret

    its exciting, if shinwa released their comeback ,,its gonna be an epic face off!!!!!!

  303. Strange counter. Spudgy, did you bite it because Bigbang’s too yummy??

  304. allie03

    Big Bang <3 Perfect music video for a great song :D

  305. Karen M

    What happen to the counter?! BIG BANG FOR THE NEXT 4 WEEKS I SAY! COME ON PEOPLE!

  306. I know Simon and Martina eventually wanted to review Touch by Miss A but I don’t think they will if Big Bang keeps releasing MVs every week… not that I’m complaining =]

  307. Thuy Anh Nguyen

    Is anyone voting right now?

  308. Is it just me or did the counter reset? o.O

  309. kruhgisthtkrubaiogbeu

    I know it’s far away… But I have a pretty good feeling they’ll be sweeping awards this year, especially Daesang ones! 2012 will be Big Bang’s year. No scratch that, 2012 onwards, Big Bang WILL RULE. Bow down rookies, the kings are really back. No joke this time.

  310. taeyang is indeed have been spent a little too much time in GD’s wardrobe

  311. I love that BigBang has the most shares in FB and twitter.. that means that people are not ashamed to show how much they like BigBang!!!

  312. This is the BigBang that I love, they should never leave their hip-hop roots. When they do it, they do it so well!

  313. GD’s hair didn’t really bother me, but I’m not gonna say I particularly like it.

  314. I really hope that GD doesn’t keep this haristyle… It’s beyond my least favorite… But none the less I still love him. Big Bang Fighting!!~ :D

  315. woohoo! love this song.. but sorry, i hate gdragons hair.

  316. V.I.Ps come on, let’s make Music Mondays a BIGBANG Music Mondays again!

  317. JasmineAnastasia

    BIGBANG for Music Mondays this song is awesome and there is finally more than one female lead!!

  318. It’s not about the crazy fans, but actually great MUSIC by great ARTISTS…This cannot be denied…BIGBANG for Music Monday!

  319. Fantastic Bad Boy !!! BigBang Fighting !!!

  320. BIG BANG FTW!!!!

  321. It’s funny because I feel like we all know where the English weirdness was xD

  322. it gonna be great if you review bigbang for two weeks in a row..xD

  323. Karen M

    Song is catchy, song is nice, Big Bang is bombbbb.

  324. heyy..simon and martina..they finally have different girls for each member…

  325. Maybe if everyone just votes and comments like crazy, we can beat Miss A before Friday. :3

  326. Cecilia G

    VIPs…come on we can do this. MAKE IT A TWO WEEK IN A ROW BIG BANG FEST ;)

  327. Big be my bad boys!!!!! XD     And I’ll promise to be a good girl!!!!

  328. I’ve been raping the replay button for the past hour.

  329. Ah each member has there own girl!!!:D

  330. oh, i think i know what part simon will comment on for the english rating ;) yes, this will be on the next music monday :)

  331. OMFG, I swear if someone else complains about GD’s hair, I’m gunna implode. I honestly love it. JUST LISTEN TO THE SONG.

  332. Ashley O'Regan

    This has to be one of my favorites by bigbang its so cool this has to be on k-pop music mondays. lets do it vips

  333. this song was really good so smooth and everything omgsh <3 

  334. moopies

    I wonder if this will be Simons new favourite BigBang song, its a nice smooth RnB feel. Smooth, I Love it!! Even though the song is about how they are jerks.. ^_^ BigBang!!!

    I also found it a little disconcerting how this video achieves a lot of the things that Music mondays have been critiquing other videos for … :O THINK YG IS A FAN?!?!?!

  335. Love you GD but that hair is kind of lol :p

  336. there you go~ they finally get their own girl! haha
    looooove the sound and video! oh, and them walking out like a boss after the dance *teehee*

  337. IcyAurora

    The first thing I thought when I saw this was there’s more than one girl interest in the video xD

  338. I bet the vote thing is bad… i mean why just 59 votes? O__o

  339. the vote count is so messed up…

  340. steffishappy

    Okay is it just me or did they go to the academy of bad actresses and robot models to find all of the girls in this video?


  342. This song is classic hip-hop Big Bang with the modern feel of music today.

  343. omg, when taeyang comes in with the chorus, i go nuts! 

  344. Wow, the vote button suddenly dropped to 1… Definitely something wrong there…

  345. Well Big Bang is Back and they came back with everything! This video proves it! The song starts growing on you after listening several times and the video, well I just love it. ♥

  346. Love this! They sound amazing and the video has a very nice flow to it.

  347. bad boy needs to win! it may even be better than blue

  348. The vote is stuck D: WAHHHHHHH SIMON N MARTINA please fix this D:

  349. They sound amazing! I really like the back drop of New York = D

  350. I am so addicted to this song/video.  n.n  It is so good to have the boys back.


  352. Big Bang needs to keep this style of music.. SO GOOD!!!

  353. i mean blue was good but I LOVEEE THIS SONG… and this video made me literally drool the whole time… Their dance is HOT it’s so cute as well. Taeyang’s body wave o_O wowzas! and TOP’s looking pretty HAWT and his dance was different from everybody’s, like it had it’s own lil characteristic.. but Seungri’s new look I”m LOVING and Don’t get me started on Daesung, lovin the blonde! Young Bae, will you be mine?! <3 haha I LOVE BIG BANG!

  354. kruhgisthtkrubaiogbeu

    just wondering…is this like the first kpop vid ever that a group each gets their own love interest?

  355. My sister likes this song and she not a fan. I LOVE IT!!!

  356. Emi Neko

    Lol I didnt know that T.O.P was a corpral because he is wearing the navy blue dress uniforms top for the Marines. That makes me happy.
    Also… Yah they all have seperate girls!

  357. Kirsten Potter

    OMG multiple girls O.O

    • huh! i just noticed that! and look fan girls aren’t going all nuts! did they say that usually idol groups aren’t allowed more than one opposite sex in their video’s b/c it’ll cause too much of a uproar with fans?? haha idk FINALLY they do have multiple girls

    A different girl for each member YAY! lol. GO BIG BANG!!!! ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!

  359. Opinionated Mind

    Heck yeah! Go, Big Bang!

  360. Lorena Abrodos

    2 things:
    - finally a different girl for each one!!!!!!
    - love the video/song at first sight (VIP here) but PLEEEASE review Miss A after this or ….make and special or …..something ’cause we know BB is always going to win, so…. they can wait another week right?? jaja

  361. It would be really cool if we could catch up and make bigbang bad boy rank 1

  362. I want  Simon and Martina review this!!!!!!!

  363. Alive is 8th on Itunes top Albums chart! 

  364. Let’s <GGGOOOOOO!!!!!!  VIP's vote like CRAZY!!!!!!

  365. COME ON VIP! Don’t just assume bigbang will win cause their BIGBANG and VOTE!VOTE!VOTE! Let’s not become the lazy fandom again :P

  366. please please!!! Big bang for the nxt kpop music mondays!!!!

  367. jiyongyongvip

    and there’s no way we can lose to other vids on voting cause we ruled MTV EMA

  368. jiyongyongvip

    This month is ours, VIPs.. we’ve been waiting too long. Others can wait. 

  369. Big BANG! BIG BANG! DON’T STOP! Let’s play okay! OKAY! >> Go>>>GO>>>GO!

  370. BEST! EVER!!! BIGBANG!!!


  371. Love this MV… and song.  I have a book report (final) to do for my college term and Big Bang is so distracting me…  n.n

  372. suncat333

    sorry Miss A but Big Bang is back!

  373. As always, amaaazzzing! I have a feeling you guys might be reviewing a lot of Big Bang…
    Loved TOP in this one! 

  374. dstaten3

    Big Bang is definitely making a totally epic comeback!!!!! ^_^

  375. TOPfanatic

    i feel bad to MISS A keeps on competing with Bigbang..tsk ,it was released at the wrong place and wrong time..

  376. bubblepixie103

    Another Hit Yeah Baby Big Bang Is Back!!! <3 <3 <3

  377. Kevin Min

    Crash?? Oh well Big Bang Hwaiting

  378. Thuy Anh Nguyen

    How come I check, the views are always decreasing???

  379. I think the Voting system crash!??

  380. Second song of the album just as good as the first ^^

  381. And Big Bang does it again. :D

  382. Noona1227

    Bad Boy Big Bang. Alliteration lol

  383. Bpanime

    Yassss!!!! Big bang this is exactly what I needed from u!!!!!!

  384. VIP_Nerd

    I think this song is awesome!!!!!!! I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  385. Nicky Choi

    Sorry Miss A 
    but Big Bang owns this month, they’ve been away for too long!

  386. moopies

    hehehe sorry miss A, Your going to have to wait til april >_<

  387. get ready to review the eff out of big bang :) the whole album is /amazing/ 

  388. I think they will be reviewing Big Bang for at least 4 weeks :D 

    not that Martina would mind lol xDD

  389. Devina Naidu

    LOL i think u guys are going to end up reviewing BIGBANG twice in a row… though i don’t either of u would mind… especially Martine

  390. irritablevowel

    I was trying to figure out what neighborhood they’re in.  Is that Brooklyn?

  391. fuuko4869

    Seriously though, must they always get Robot Girls for their MVs? -_-

  392. Raina Ahmed

    I would pounce on all the BIGBANG members if I was one of the girls………..

  393. fuuko4869

    This video was a bit like a Where’s Waldo extra for me – looking for the people in the recruiting advertisement from last month, and seeing if they fit the qualifications. Not only that, but trying to figure out who and what WEREN’T a part of the set (e.g. The disappearing bus, lol)

    Skateboarder – CHECK
    BMX Bicycle Rider – CHECK
    Construction Workers – CHECK
    Store Owner – CHECK
    7 Featured Extras – Haven’t counted yet :S

  394. Why are these girls avoiding the Big Bang members? If I were one of those girls… 

  395. bigbangfosho

    :OOOOOOOOOOOO AJJAJASDFLAWE;FKJ I LOVE IT SO MUCH~ GUISE, DO THIS PLEASE! My favorite part’s gotta be when TOP points to that girl when she waves bye. And their dance ao;ifa;df So amazing~

  396. ONLY GDRAGON CAN LOOK THAT FREAKING SEXY WITH: THOSE CLOTHES AND THAT HAIR. yeah.I just freaked there. Came home from school, watched the video and died. HOW AMAZING CAN BIGBANG GET? HOW MUCH HOTTER? LOL, k i’ll stop now. NEXT MUSIC MONDAYS IS OURS VIP ^^*

  397. Kokoro Ai

    BIGBANG they did it again!!! they’re simply the best

    man i love this song. 
    NEW JAM! 
    the whole album is like totally beautiful! 

  399. Jes'ka LeBlanc

    This music video is so AWESOME! T.O.P. still isn’t that good at dancing, but he’s still amazing! XD Oh my gosh Seungri was so FIERCE in this song! He’s really grown up. Oh man and Daesung’s voice has got even more amazing! This definitely better win for MM!!!! 

  400. SARANG SARANG SARANG!!! I’m very happy to see their old Hip Hop back in (I love every single song, but this brings back old memories) One thing though… GD, I love your hair. I love your style. I love your voice!! BUT WHY DID YOU OK THAT FUR ON THE JACKET?! YOU LOOK LIKE BOWSER XD

  401. Nicole Alfonso

    Bigbang most definitely!!! One of my faves from the album.

  402. wow great song! do I spy a modified version of the “rolling down ma sexy windows” from Taeyang? I LOVE LOVE LOVE T.O.P. in here. So happy to see Daesung again. and Seungri doesn’t look so baby-faced anymore. NOt a fan of GD’s hair. 

  403. JessicaSnow

    so what happened to BLUE? 

  404. sorry simon… you just have to live with 2 weeks of big bang music mondays and martina’s fangirling moments! happy dance by martina again???????? 

  405. defygravity1221

    DAEBAK!! These boys are so fierce; I love them! I’m so sad I missed them while they were in the city. :( 

  406. Raven Sanders

    Big Bang is gonna do it! They’re gonna successfully promote six songs at once! I’m gonna hear Bad Boy and Blue and all the other songs ALL THE TIME, and they’ll all (hopefully) get reviewed. Fell a little apologetic to Miss A though… hope they don’t ever get bumped too far and get reviewed one day.

  407. Totally into this mv. Feel they’re more free in this mv. Roaming the NY streets.

  408. So in love with this mv!

  409. breathelovelove

    Seriously love the beat!

    Great job choice37 and GD! Whenever choice37 is involved in a YG song, I am sure it will not disappoint.

  410. it would be …..WT… if t hey jump to 1

  411. another awesome song from bigbang

  412. i definitely love the songs they have been releasing in this album so far~ REALLY! no autotune!! YAY!!!! their voices are good enough for that.  but… is it just me or is it really awkward to see them dancing as a group while they were in the middle of a fght with their “gf” in the pv? AND LOL. TOP. yes. you. top. i love your dancing style. :D and taeyang is grooving and shaking while trying to mend the fight  with his gf/ XD if i were the girl, i would immediately forgive him. XDDDDD and the big contrast between gd’s “luxurious” bad boy image/look and dae’s simple bad boy image.. i can tottally see the differnce who’s supposedly the “fashionable” one.

  413. fuuko4869

    LOL. The BUS. The disappearing bus :p

  414. This song, the vid I love it *_* <3

    'cept for the lay lay lay lady actresses. LOL.
    I mean, I didn't like the way they acted XD

  415. The still of the video before it starts… Taeyang, you’re making me uncomfortable….

  416. Simon and I are probably jumping up and down. I am a hip/hop R&B chick myself and this song has hit home. This is a perfect song for me. I like this better then Blue. Still love Blue but I am completely in Love with Bad Boy.

  417. Did anyone else see it?! There is more then ONE girl in this video! THEY EACH HAVE ONE! O.o 

  418. Please let’s do it!!!!!!! I really really really want this to win!~ Come on VIP’s we can do this!!

  419. It would be so funny if they did Bad Boy straight after Blues.

  420. It’s an amazing song that should be on KMM next monday!!! 

  421. Big Bang needs to be on music monday again!!!!

  422. im trying to vote using google+ but when i move the cursor to click share it disappears T.T

  423. iamtumadre

    LOL, did the charts crash or something? >.<

  424. BIGBANG music monday for this month, please!

  425. Haha sorry Miss A but I think Big Bang is gonna win this again. I absolutely ADORE this song, and the video was pretty cool. I would really like to hear EYK’s thoughts on the vid, tho. I personally had a quibble with this video, and it seems to be a reoccurring thing in their videos lately. I’m just shocked this happened in this vid because, as some one point out, this is filmed in Brooklyn? Or even Harlem? So, why is there is a lack of diversity in their women? Yes, it’s good that they got 5 different women this time, but there are no Asian, Black, Latino, or Middle Eastern women in Brooklyn or in NYC as a whole? I’m not even asking for all the girls to be different, but maybe just two? Anyway, I just found it very interesting. Other than that, I enjoyed the video and I loved drooling over them and their suave moves in the vid.

  426. hrsksky

    Win win win win win win

  427. Simran StrangerDanger

    Wasn’t so sure about it at first, but then it got stuck in my head and I replayed it over again and I fell in love. Once Big Bang catches you in their trap, they hold on hard and never let go. AND DAESUNG You soooo hawwwttt!!!

  428. I really didn’t think I was gonna like this song, but IT IS BLOWING MY MIND!!

  429. annadowney

    니가사랑하는나는 sorry i’m a bad boy, 그래차라리떠나잘가요 you’re a good girl <3 BIG BANG HWAITING!

  430. I like this song better than blue!! :D
    and TOP’s rap-singing again!

  431. it mostly takes me a couple of replays to really like kpop songs but this mv already at the first play just makes me wanna dance! XD

  432. Miranda Crowe

    I always love how in the choreo section all the members put their own spin on the moves and they are never all doing the same thing! Congrats on the successful comeback Big Bang! Stay strong Jiyong and Daesung! Fighting!

  433. Winter_Rose

    i love this song and mv!!!! its still good without going over the top….idk if that made sense. i feel bad for miss a though their mv might not get reviewed for awhile :(

  434. OMG. TOP’s hair matches with his shoes :o

  435. i love this song and they all have their own girl this time amazing!!

  436. fuuko4869

    O.M.G. This is SO GOOD. xD

    What can I say? The concept is interesting, the filming location is unique (and REAL, none of that Flaxton Street business lol), and I love the continuous filming from Love Song and Lonely. Their clothing is crazy, but well, they’re BAD BOYS? xD

    My only complaint at this stage is A. All the robot girls, and B. YG really needs to step up the lip-syncing in their MVs. Or video editing, whatever, I just want the lip movements to match the song, otherwise it’s distracting….especially TOP T_T

  437. Midori Carneiro

    We soooo crashed the counter again >____> Well, blame it on BIGBANG who drives VIPs crazy~

  438. .   I like this one more then Blue – but I really like Blue also.  I’m just more addicted to this one then Blue ^ ^

  439. Bad Boy!
    Big Bang!
    <3 <3 <3 

  440. Minjin Kim


  441. I seriously love it… so awesome… sometimes it takes me a while to warm to kpop songs, but this has me at hello…

  442. awesome song!


    but loved the dance moves near the end! BIGBANGUPDATES already made funny GIFs using this vid and showing the 5 different types of guys and why they are still single… 

  443. that guy at 2:09 in the back is creepy  O.O

  444. Agon Creative and Director Han Samin and his team did an AMAZING job with this MV. I’m loving the color filters and the dynamic camera! The photography was nice too. It showed off the beauty of the streets of NYC very well.  The smooth transitions between members reminds me of how Han Samin directed Love Song.

  445. OMG!!! love GD’s hair,and Big Bang too~^^

  446. It’s gonna be crazy if Big Bang is in 2 Music Mondays in a row! A record! But I will vote for my boys, because I am VIP!

  447. Endless loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for this album!!!!!!!


  449. Yazbeet Marquez


  450. WHO is that guy hiding 00:19??? Guess GD was too much for him to handle he FROZE!!!

  451. This video is so hot that I don’t even know. Wow. I LOOOOVEEEEEE the MV and I LOOOOVVVEEEEEEEE the song!!

  452. medarda edrea joseph

    <3 Props to Bigbang for another song and MV that restored our, well at least my, faith in K-POP! Good song, good MV. But T.O.P's huge bling? that I don't get! 

    LOVE IT! Go Bigbang Go!

  453. Creepy guy in the beginning of the video that GD passes. @_@ 

  454. Simran StrangerDanger

    Big Bang is freaking amazing!! I can’t believe I just got into them like 2 months ago. What was I thinking… I’m sorry Shinee but I love Big Bang just a little bit more than you right now.

  455. I can’t stop watching it. I didn’t think I could be so obsessed with a song.

  456. y da number keep decreasing ??? dis is so weird??

  457. Alzira Fernandes

    lol um guise i think we crashed the counter

  458. Alzira Fernandes

    SONG IS SO AMAZING PSILKHFNZ OMG bigbang<33333333 VIPS LET'S GET EVERY SONG TO THE TOP!!! and they finally have more than one girl!!! omg i can't stop humming this~ especially taeyang's part :D wooooooowwww

  459. cloiebuggeater

    Earlier today,I looked at this song and it was at #13. Now it’s #2. Behold the power of the VIPs :)

  460. soooo many fangirl moments today!!!

  461. what happend? D: there where already 500~ up votes and now it showes 20?

    Did we crash it again? 

  462. common guys :D! let’s get bigbang on k-pop mondays 2 weeks straight! :)

  463. Yiyoungbay

    martina got her wish when she said BB needs to stop using one girl in the video. now each of them have one! (pretty sure GD’s girl was asian) I can’t wait to hear what simon and martina has to say about this video. I can’t even watch Blue the same anymore w/o cracking up on certain parts. 

    FYI the dance moves they are doing, esp Taeyang, is from their friend Lyle Beniga – Bait choreography!

  464. Hahahaha! Tae scared the poor girl by his random Monkey-dancing moves!! LOL!

  465. BIG BANG IS SO BAD ! A REAL BAD BOY because I become a BAD VIP =DDDDDDDDDd !

  466. Martina you should do this for music monday because you’re a good girl XD

  467. KoJunTVXQ


  468. SariRainMJ

    This video had me so mesmerized….. This album is just amazing. 

  469.  LOVELOVELKDSOKAPOSGPASGJMAMGa -fan girl moment- :D

  470. The style of the MV is very different from what you typically find in KPOP
    I like that they aren’t just making an MV but pushing themselves and experimenting
    no boxes for BigBang!

  471. Mayra Venegas

    Ahhh! I’m freaking out in my room!! All alone… Why can’t my friends like K-pop? BEST ALBUM YET! I can’t wait to get it in the mail! WHY MUST I LIVE IN TEXAS? WAE??!!! iTunes, please don’t tempt me, I know it’ll be a few weeks but I will get it… :-(

    Now on to voting nonstop for ALL the songs! Yay!! :-)

  472. BigBangGirl1

    well hello seungri…. you are all grown up! ;)

  473. AudreyKoopman

    i really like this video. i enjoy their dance/walk thing haha. 
    although GD’s hair bugs me…
    (love love love daesung!!!!!!!!!)


    THIS is bigbang for the world…

  475. in love <3 their album is #9 on itunes!! :D

  476. WAHHH LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS VIDEO!! I Love Daesung but this video goes to TOP!

  477. kate adby

    Totally love this song!!! Hang on, no , surely not, it’s not possible, there couldn’t actually be FIVE different girls in a kpop music video?!

  478. oh nd i TOTALLY bet tht DIS is goin to surface Touch in lik 3 day lol

  479. varasahko

     First I was going to turn BLUE ’cause I was missing BIGBANG so bad, and I
    was thinking “This AIN’T NO FUN” but then I heard that BIGBANG is ALIVE
    and I was thinking “I LOVE DUST ♥”,while I was cleaning. Then I hear
    BIGBANG’s new songs, and I think “This is FANTASTIC BABY” and had WINGS
    to my back. To all you haters I have message :- “Don’t be a BAD BOY and
    BOM SHAKA LAKA, BIGBANG is back~!!”

  480. JasmineAnastasia




  483. i really love this song!
    VIPs!!! lets keep this at #1

    does any1 else think GD’s jacket look like Spudgy??lol

  484. and t.o.p can dance , suddendly ..:D And I love GD’s hair, if smb else woul d wear his hair like that it would just look weird and Ilove his and Taeyang’s style  <3

  485. next kpop music Monday #definitely :D

  486. Sorry I’m a bad boy ,nananaa, you are a good girl ….
    Baby don’t leave me , I know u still love me , nananana, my lalalalala lady , my lalalala lady :D 
    First Kpop mv , where every member has his on girl !!!

  487. Laureen Madani


  488. this song is amazing!!!!!!! big bang daebak!!

  489. Simon and Martina, YG must be watching your videos because now they all got a girl. ;)

  490. Oralia Ramírez

    i realy like the rhythm of this song is so catching… i don’t know so slow but at the same time is fast i love it!!


  492. Lulzparty

    Come on VIPS! Let’s make it two consecutive Big Bang weeks!

  493. I would love to see this on kpop mondays.. :)

  494. I really wanna know what are your comments about this MV. Is it good or bad to you? 
    I know the song is awesome.. I love the song! The meaning seems perfectly good! 
    But to me I dont like the MV at all.. This MV really seems rush to film and edit. Everything seems so out of place.. One min taeyang is holding the cap and another he is not. Then one min TOP pass the ice machine another min he pass it again. Then the end where the bus is there and it isnt there and it is there again. Another problem I have is the change in the night and day scene.
    When the MV started I really like how they portray GD standing at the corner and how the scene is black and white. But after that everything seems to go down hill.. My own opinion this is one of the worst MV BigBang had produce/film. But isnt the director the same as Blue? But Blue was nicely done. 

  495. jiyongyongvip


  496. Melisa Bano

    This song is DOPE!!
    It even hit the roof of melon ryt away.

    See s&m, there’s more than one girl in this mv.. hehe..
    It’s BIGBANG vs BIGBANG everywhere ^^

    They’re ruling kpop!

  497. Love this song!! vote vote vote VIPs so BB will be the first group that will be on MusicMonday for  6 consecutive weeks lol if they’ll review the other songs without MVs ^^

  498. Love the song and what surprised me what that they didn’t have just one girl in the M/V. ^ ^

  499. com one V.I.P’s VOTE:)♥♥♥ 

  500. Lol I was about to mention the one girl thing too but I really liked this video kinda reminded me of the stuff I used to watch back in the day

  501. Now Simon you can’t complain about them all going for ONE girl :3

  502. maybe they heard simon!! uwooo…. GD looks like quasimodo…

  503. ToDaeLove

    LOVE this song. sorry guys but you are going to be spammed by vips as long as our boys keep making music videos :)

  504. Love this song, but GD’s hair needs to go… at least cut it shorter.

  505. Maple Crow

    this is probably the first time i’ve ever completely just did not like what gd was wearing. i wanted to rip off that weird fringe thing SOOOOO bad. but apart from that, this song was AWESOME!!!! and look simon! you complained about the one girl thing in the last music monday. now all of them have their own girl to complain. it’s simply MAGICAL! :)

    • the one with GD is kinda asian though

    • WOW. who cares, it’s always interesting to me how people’s first impression of someone is always race, specifically asians including myself are so peculiar about these things. in trying to describe a person to someone who’s never met them, it’s always, she’s white, she’s asian, she’s indian. sigh..

  506. COME ON! This have to be on next Music Mondays just to see Simon doing the happy dance of Martina again!

  507. loli123

    everyone keep voting this for kmm next monday!!! loving the album <3

  508. This MV shall appear on KMM next monday! THIS WISH MUST COME TRUE!! plsssssssssss! xd

  509. with BIGBANG video keep on coming, I guess the other idols would not win the battle..

  510. Prediction: Big Bang will dominate music Mondays and become the 1st group to ever have their songs reviewed back to back 3 times in a row mwahahaa

  511. I am so proud of BB for making such awesome songs…i was beginning to lose hope after the last mini-album…totally in love with bad boy and blue

  512. the counter isnt working very well …. lol but I wanna see how many has voted so far…. lol

  513. Spudgy’s hair is now on the back of GD’s jacket

  514. bellabonkers

    Do this for Next Music Monday! kthxbai

  515. Damn TOP looks good in this one… Still Taeyang’s my favourite lol

  516. LizLisaVip

    swagg!! GODs of Kpop <3

  517. I think this will be a song that’ll grow on me

  518. Karen Vang

    Yea! Another Big Bang MV!!!!!

  519. BIG BANG <3 GD YOU ROCK! Love all the songs and the lyrics!

  520.  I can’t watch it -_______- Im from germany and the gema don’t allow to wtch it in my country..baaahhhh..
    But I looove Big Bang <3

  521. Great Video! Great Song!

    But what kind of animal had to die for GDs jacket?

  522. Woah just an hour ago it was ranked 14 and now it’s 2nd! VIP are amazing!! ^^

  523. madelinemaureen

    love it! except for GD’s hair. not a fan of the extensions on the side of the face

  524. gdalyng

    they’re just amazing!

  525. Dear Big bang (really YG) please, stop using western model girls on your videos. Yes, I get that they are somewhat pretty but the lack in acting. Seriously, they look like robots with no emotions what so ever!
    On the other hand, great song guys! :D

  526. Wanna see your opinion of this Simon, Martina, Spudgy xDD
    I have to say I still cant digest it, but I think I will like it soon, all I mean, I like almost all, is just that GD’s hair and his moan at the beginning shock so much…
    Sorry for Miss A, but I will vote for them after this, i promise! :)

  527. Midori Carneiro

    The most awesome part is that: there’s more than one girl! ;) I really really really want to see this on Kpop Music Mondays~

  528.  GD looks like turtle with this fur on his back ^^ and I love his pants~ TOP’s skull is soooo big~ Dae and Tae aren’t they cold… they are in sleeveless shirts! Brrr~ ^^ But Tae looks active(dancing all around ^^) and Seungri – love his voice in song..again like in Blue~ ♥

  529. Song is amazing~ Sweet and lovely~ Yeah this is Big Bang!
    Video is focusing on boys and I love it~ Not only one girl for all members – and I love it too ^^ Love Taeyang’s part ♪My lay lay lay lay lady~♪ ♥

  530. I might kill myself if u dont review in MUSIC MONDAY!! MARTINA DO THIS FOR T.O.P

  531. Miranda Crowe

    This is beautiful! I love the dancing and the song is unique to Big Bang’s style! The entire album is amazing as well!

  532. I’ve a feeling teenage mutant ninja turtle references might arise. Awww Simon, let martina have her spazzy moment alright? TOP is not my bias and even i have to say he’s the most outstanding here.

  533. Damn freaking epic, relaxing, chilln, and cool MV!

    I love the hip-hop and street style of Big Bang, finally back to their root again! Everyone looked sexy in this MV, and the dance is so sex omg I just can´t… <3


  535. Lostnaparkinglot


    Its mature, but still has swag!!!

  536. Big Bang going back to their roots…hip hop
    This is just A M A Z I N G

  537. I have this song on repeat :D <3

  538. VIP4Lyf

    another wonderful song from BIGBANG

  539. GD seriously looks like Boy George!
    I love him but I can’t help but laugh ^_^

  540. i freaking LOVE YOU my BAD BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *TOP <3
    *GD <3
    *TAEYANG <3
    *DAESUNG <3
    *SEUNGRI <3

  541. 21anis

    such a cute n sweet rnb song~ i love listening to this over n over again~ gotta love taeyang’s part :D and finally, they’re not sharing love line with one woman lol XD

  542. Wow there are multiple girls! Lol anyway, I can’t really say much besides the fact that the song is GOOD…kind of get the impression of a solidly-good track after listening to it…almost…wholesome? (that’s not quite what I’m going for…)

  543. Daesung looks hella awesome here! 
    And gotta LOVE this SONG!

  544. Simon take note, they are wearing summer cloth in the freezing NY winter…brrrrrrrr
    Daesung, oh my I could eat him anytime :)

  545. Marylou Grenier

    I just love how they always try to do something new ♥ So talented~~

  546. I almost hate that I am doing this, but I really want to see you guys review as many BB songs in a row. Plus, Bad Boy is really amazing if you can get over the ridiculous video…

  547. TOP and Seungri are smoking hot.

  548. *___* this is just puuuuuurrfect :))

    just Tabi can pull out blue hair like this ^_ ~

  549. I love TOP but I’m puzzled by the Day of the Dead choice of bling.

  550. totally spazzing & losing the battle here!! How are you Martina and fellow VIPs doin’? Also, how can GD frickin’ wear all THAT (incl. hair) and not look, for lack of a better word, a weirdo!! totally amazed…and, can we talk about the S.W.A.G!! where’s that oxygen mask Dr, Jiyong?!

  551. wait y da number keep changing n decrease???????????

  552. Midori Carneiro

    BIGBANG’s old style is back <3 This song is really catchy, I want to know what you guys think of it~


  554. Simon&Martina, you guys always say ; there’s only one girl for all the members.
    DO YOU SEE THIS, so many girls hahah ^^ 

  555. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH FREAKING THE HELL OUT! THIS HONESTLY MADE MY DAY! The part where they all started dancing together I spazzed, no idea why, maybe just because I have never really seen them all dance together? Wow love this song and I am totally fangirl-ing and I’m not even a hardcore V.I.P! GO BIG BANG GOOO !!!why are they so freaking sexy?!!!!!!

  556. BigBangGirl1

    I totally love TOP in here… n_n

  557. Mybigbang


  558. Mybigbang

    please review it!!!!! after Blue today, just have to be bad boy nxt week!!!! awesome song.. not longer blue coz i have bad boy today!

  559. You have to review this because of their attitude, GD’s hair and the dance!

  560. AAAHHHH represent HARLEM!!!!!!!!! love of my life in NY on my BDAY ..dream come true!!!!! dae swag.. luv it!

  561. Well you have no choice but to review this Big Bang this week to!

  562. I love how only TOP has the girl going after him and not the other way around. XD

  563. I love the song! Perfect! I love the video as well, they shot it beautifully. The tone, the color, the transitions among the members. I can’t ask for more! Scratch that! I want more videos for all the tracks! I can’t get enough <3 Bigbang is back! They're ALIVE! 

  564. Cassiopeia is here to support Big Bang ^_^ VIPCassie forever <3

  565. sorry Miss A.. It’s Bigbang time.. I love GD’s gesture in this MV.. But seriously, they looks like a creepy stranger who annoying the girls here (except for TOP).. And why did GD came from the back seat? Who’s the driver??

  566. They’re taking over the world with this album. :) 

  567. Love the song… but um, GD… why are you wearing a furry turtleback? haha

  568. I really like the Swag feeling of this song! and TOP Rappinging? cmon! we all know we want to see Martina spazz all over let’s vote vote vote!! 

  569. I NEED 5 weeks of Kpop Music Mondays with BIGBANG!!

  570. i think we’re having a month-full bigbang music mondays…

  571. the melody is really soothing and I really like the mv! also,this time it’s not only one girl :P they listened to you,Simon and Martina :D

  572. Atusha Chowdhury

    1. I love the expressions on the random NYers that they were passing by in the MV ^^ ESPECIALLY the scared looking one at 0:19 2. What was the fashion concept suppose to be? New York was so cold that you can see their breath yet Taeyang has a sleeveless on and Daesung looks like he could use a coat too  O_O 
    I hope YG doesn’t start to follow in Bollywood’s footsteps and make the boys wear skimpy clothes in the middle of a snow filled mountain in Switzerland  

  573. this song is soooo GOOD!!! and the video! see! they heeded to your wish! there is a girl for each  of the boys now! XD

  574. the melody is so soothing…then come in their voices. im in heaven

  575. micaaVIP

    This video is so fuckin GOOD 

  576. I don’t even know… dsfkjsdnmfa efdsbfnmsd,fknasm,fnsdmfn 
    This is just… WONDERFUL!!!  

  577. MmMMMMMmmmmmmmmm T.O.P!!!! It’s not even fair to the other men in the world how sexy you are!!! ;D

  578. Amazing song, amazing video, amazing TOP’s vocal!

  579. I can’t watch this video in germany :((( but what the sure its a wonderful video so its gonna get my vote anyways :D

  580. I can’t wait for you two to rip this video to shreds.  In all of New York, how did they find only cardboard girls for the parts? At least there’s more than one.

  581. YG has heard the suggestions from you guys about all band members crushing just one girl. :D HOORAY!


    although it doesn’t feel like kpop anymore

  583. flunknight

    Blue and Bad Boy are by far my favourite tracks of 2012 so far

  584. Cause Simon wanted to review BB videos for month. Yeah, I know you want))

  585. Anyone please tell me, will they really release 6 MVs?

  586. hin lee Cho

    I love the way they stand, walk, hang around w/ gurls
    this song is awesome, no, the album is awesome


  588. Simon’s wish got true! Not just one girl – five! =D

    The song hasn’t got me yet but…GD at his best!!!

  589. Soooooo many things that I love about this song and video. First of all, the background track reminds me of Childish Gambino <3, TOP is "singing" and "dancing", and THERE'S MORE THAN ONE GIRL IN THIS VIDEO. Mind. Blown.

  590. i love this song who in there right mind would deny big bang. I want Gd’s hat its so cute <3

  591. More than one girl in the mv !!! 

  592. Literati Tempo

    Tell Me this wasn’t GLORIOUS just try and tell me.

  593. LOL instead of chest hair, GD had back hair XD sorry…that jacket’s really funny…hahahaha~~~

  594. orgasmic alsdjasdjalskdjalskjds melted 

  595. Oh wow, different girls, well that’s different and awesome.

  596. i wonder how many times Davey Havok would cringe looking at G-Dragon’s look… memories of 2005, in 2012! :D

    enjoying the new songs, but i can’t say the same for their new ‘concept’! there are always hits and misses! :)

  597. Taeyang must have been freezing during the shoot. At least he’s wearing a hat to keep him warm.

  598. I like it #BIGBANGALIVE  ,, and there is a girl for each one lol

  599. LOL..BIGBANG listen to your advise.. #BIGBANGALIVE

  600. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be a waste of your money buying this album. It’s all worth it.#BIGBANGALIVE

  601. I love the gangster feel to this song! And i can’t stop looking at Taeyang’s pants :P

  602. it was 100+ votes a while ago and now 32 o.O wow,tons of voters tonight huh :D

  603. more than 1 love interest? here u go…


  605. Hahaha did you notice the crotch shots at the end? But yeah, there were more girls this time… but I have to wonder, were those real people just working when they were walking by OR EXTRAS?! DADADUM

  606. wonder how many times the counter is gonna break on this one ^^

  607. ahhh this is way better than i thought it would be. thanks bigbang for exceeding my expectations!

  608. #BIGBANGALIVE Big Bang is bacckk!! <333

  609. However, I must say — this song bores me to death. Plus there’s a terrible cut you’ve GOT to talk about at 0:53 — Somehow Daesung is standing in front of the same restaurant and it switches from nighttime to day time! Look at the sky! They were careful about the lighting but…yeah. Sloppy for YG. There are a few more of those night-day jumps! Simon, tear this video apart!

    • lol? i thought the day and night cuts were deliberate? just seems too obvious for it to be an accident. lol. and…. i totally love this song!! it’s like my favorite off the album! haha. we just have different tastes bro. it’s cool.

  610. Come on V.I.Ps vote for them like crazy…I want to have a whole month of BIGBANG Music Mondays! I want Martina spazzing like crazy & Simon , sick & tired of HEARING BB!!!


  612. christine_628

    OMG Simon & Martina’s going to looove this, they finally got diff girls for each boy ;) & which also confirms that the previous video with one girl signifies their past and they’re not crushing on the same girl :P 

  613. There is more than one love interest, for once.  

  614. Tae Yang’s disappearing cap magic trick, Dae Sung’s fail-suave almost-hover hand when he tried to place his hand on the girl’s shoulder, GD’s hair slapping his own face because of the wind, TOP and his equally as emotionless girlfriend, Tae Yang’s nonsensical dancing and fish lips, Seung Ri’s… wait,  i think Seung Ri’s the only normal one in this music video. good job, maknae! hahahaha.

    • TOPfanatic

      thinking the same thing hahahha  but i still love the song its just that there are some scenes like Top’s girl..i dont know why i find it funny and daesung’s scene while following the baby sound so cool as btw(sorry.. my randomness again)

  615. This music is SO DAMN GOOD, OMG!!! LOVE IT!!!

  616. i can imagine martina is spazzing right now

  617. just bought the album on iTunes. i’m dying.

  618. toooooooooo good the whole album is priceless!!

  619. cloiebuggeater

    Hey, Simon and Martina got their wish: multiple girls :D

  620. lol with all the vids that big bang’s gonna release, i bet theyd be doing reviews for the for more than a month!