Big Bang – Blue

  1. Guys, vote for nuest here.'re not hoping to be reviewed anymore. We just wanna go out with a bang. Though it wasn’t reviewed. It was on the top 5 for 4 weeks. That’s something to be proud of.

  2. Big Bang <3 I love this song so much <3<3 YG Familly Familly Familly

  3. wow fantastic bigbang!

  4. olivialoveskpop

    ahh this song is just so refreshing to hear from them. :3 I WILL succeed in getting my non k-pop liking friends to at least like this song like your non k-pop liking friends do!

  5. uh WTF Y DID THE VOTES GO DOWN AGAIN?!?!!?!? IT WAS OVER 11000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. After listening to Blue, you really can sleep Tonight.

  7. Estrellitaluna

    estan guapos pero que eda son ellos realmente , what age are they. ? por que they have una vozes muy bonitas :)

  8. Estrellitaluna

    amasing a un muy bonito a un que no se que dicen ellos

  9. Mybigbang

    Superhero would be YG who found them!! he makes a lot of people able to listen to great music!

  10. doremeduck

    I’m gonna follow zteffani al here since I can’t find the contest thread ANYWHERE on facebook. I would pick Daesung as a superhero, because…well…Daesung is what I would like to call the BOMD DIFFITY…yes, bomb diffity, and his superpower would be his EXPLOSIVE VOICE. Daesung got them pipes, so he would sing…and BOOM! explosiveness. I mean cars would become nothing but flying pieces of metal do to Daesung’s killer vocals….watch out because BOOM!

  11. Hi, Simon and Martina!
    My name is Stefani,

    To me, all the guys from BIGBANG are my superheros, thanks to them, my life is colorful. But I’d definitely choose Daesung. He has everything a superhero can have: he’s funny, kind, sweet and charismatic. He’s a guy with beautiful feelings and a big ♥.
    The super power i’ll give him would be: Invisibility, ’cause he’ll be using it in his favor (because some people say he doesn’t stand out). Also because he’d help everyone else, without expecting anything in return. He’ll do it anonymously
    Although lots of people think that being invisible is not existing, I think that what is important, you don’t see it with your eyes but with your heart. That’s why i believe that Daesung would be the perfect super hero.

    P.S: Simon, stop saying bad things about T.O.P, otherwise your nightmares will come true… MWAHAHAHAHA!!! 
    I know that there would be better responses than mine, but I’ll be very happy if you send me a t-shirt, but the CD WOULD MAKE MY LIFE! 
    You guys are AWESOME!, keep doing this great job! Congratulations :D
    Greetings from Venezuela! ^_^

  12. YES!! See You on Monday!!

  13. uhh….baby come back~~~~~~~^^

  14. Love, big bang -blue and 

    Request Bigbang – Bad Boy~!!!

  15. Big Bang FTW!!! Come on!! BB for Music Monday <3

  16. Melisa Bano

    S&M, request BIGBANG – BAD BOY to be put on KCHART and to be reviewed :)


    Translation: Please review “Blue” by BIGBANG this week. It’s an excellent song, and T.O.P is incredibly man-beautiful. Thank you.

  18. I’m waiting for Music Monday, I hope this time it will be a special edition with 15 minutes long ^^. Love watching your videos! But if Big Bang is really gonna release 6 MVs, I think you guys should make a special segment/series for BB because VIPs will vote non-stop. 

  19. Touch touch! I mean….. BLUUUUESS heheeh BIGBANG! WOHOOO! 

  20. June Destiny Lim

    Waiting for that music monday :/

  21. music monday, music monday, music monday, music monday, music monday!!!!!! pretty pretty pretty pretty please~~~~~~!

  22. next week, everyone will be #BOOMSHAKALAKA

  23. this soooo freakin’ awesome!!!! woot woot!!!

  24. Good song~
    and plz do this song for Music Mondays
    For Martina’a sake :)

  25. JasmineAnastasia

    With the next couple of videos included I think we are gonna have tons of BIGBANG for the next couple weeks and I can’t wait!!

  26. ToDaeLove

    lol yeah get ready for weeks of bigbang :) THE KINGS ARE BACK hahaha >:D <3 <3 <3

  27.  Got my song last night! can’t stop listening to it.

  28. Big bang the greatest ever!!!!GD♥

  29. I can’t wait to see what S&M’s take on this mv will be!