Voting for Music Monday closes at 11:59pm Saturday (Korean time)

Big Bang – Blue

  1. Guys, vote for nuest here.'re not hoping to be reviewed anymore. We just wanna go out with a bang. Though it wasn’t reviewed. It was on the top 5 for 4 weeks. That’s something to be proud of.

  2. Big Bang <3 I love this song so much <3<3 YG Familly Familly Familly

  3. wow fantastic bigbang!

  4. ahh this song is just so refreshing to hear from them. :3 I WILL succeed in getting my non k-pop liking friends to at least like this song like your non k-pop liking friends do!

  5. uh WTF Y DID THE VOTES GO DOWN AGAIN?!?!!?!? IT WAS OVER 11000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. After listening to Blue, you really can sleep Tonight.

  7. estan guapos pero que eda son ellos realmente , what age are they. ? por que they have una vozes muy bonitas :)

  8. amasing a un muy bonito a un que no se que dicen ellos

  9. Superhero would be YG who found them!! he makes a lot of people able to listen to great music!

  10. I’m gonna follow zteffani al here since I can’t find the contest thread ANYWHERE on facebook. I would pick Daesung as a superhero, because…well…Daesung is what I would like to call the BOMD DIFFITY…yes, bomb diffity, and his superpower would be his EXPLOSIVE VOICE. Daesung got them pipes, so he would sing…and BOOM! explosiveness. I mean cars would become nothing but flying pieces of metal do to Daesung’s killer vocals….watch out because BOOM!

  11. Hi, Simon and Martina!
    My name is Stefani,

    To me, all the guys from BIGBANG are my superheros, thanks to them, my life is colorful. But I’d definitely choose Daesung. He has everything a superhero can have: he’s funny, kind, sweet and charismatic. He’s a guy with beautiful feelings and a big ♥.
    The super power i’ll give him would be: Invisibility, ’cause he’ll be using it in his favor (because some people say he doesn’t stand out). Also because he’d help everyone else, without expecting anything in return. He’ll do it anonymously
    Although lots of people think that being invisible is not existing, I think that what is important, you don’t see it with your eyes but with your heart. That’s why i believe that Daesung would be the perfect super hero.

    P.S: Simon, stop saying bad things about T.O.P, otherwise your nightmares will come true… MWAHAHAHAHA!!! 
    I know that there would be better responses than mine, but I’ll be very happy if you send me a t-shirt, but the CD WOULD MAKE MY LIFE! 
    You guys are AWESOME!, keep doing this great job! Congratulations :D
    Greetings from Venezuela! ^_^

  12. YES!! See You on Monday!!

  13. uhh….baby come back~~~~~~~^^

  14. Love, big bang -blue and 

    Request Bigbang – Bad Boy~!!!

  15. Big Bang FTW!!! Come on!! BB for Music Monday <3

  16. S&M, request BIGBANG – BAD BOY to be put on KCHART and to be reviewed :)


    Translation: Please review “Blue” by BIGBANG this week. It’s an excellent song, and T.O.P is incredibly man-beautiful. Thank you.

  18. I’m waiting for Music Monday, I hope this time it will be a special edition with 15 minutes long ^^. Love watching your videos! But if Big Bang is really gonna release 6 MVs, I think you guys should make a special segment/series for BB because VIPs will vote non-stop. 

  19. Touch touch! I mean….. BLUUUUESS heheeh BIGBANG! WOHOOO! 

  20. Waiting for that music monday :/

  21. music monday, music monday, music monday, music monday, music monday!!!!!! pretty pretty pretty pretty please~~~~~~!

  22. next week, everyone will be #BOOMSHAKALAKA

  23. this soooo freakin’ awesome!!!! woot woot!!!

  24. Good song~
    and plz do this song for Music Mondays
    For Martina’a sake :)

  25. With the next couple of videos included I think we are gonna have tons of BIGBANG for the next couple weeks and I can’t wait!!

  26. lol yeah get ready for weeks of bigbang :) THE KINGS ARE BACK hahaha >:D <3 <3 <3

  27.  Got my song last night! can’t stop listening to it.

  28. This is a pretty new sound from Big Bang and I totally love it. I’m anticipating what you have to say about TOP’s hair and Suengri’s earring. :D

  29. Big bang the greatest ever!!!!GD♥

  30. I can’t wait to see what S&M’s take on this mv will be! 

    but will be honest about my views on the video: its very, i dont like the girl, HATE what the stylist did to Taeyang..and yeah i do agree with a few blog reviews which say it shows more of New York than the boys..
    however, Im NOT letting Miss A win this one lol.
    I really am not a fan of Miss A’s song, though props to their video.

  32. awesome song ! 
    Bad hair style for seungri I guess. Spudgy inspired hairstyle for TOP works well but I still prefer TOP with blonde hair. 
    what’s up with parking lot and roof top? I don’t get it. Simon Martina observe… I know you guys are really good at observing videos ^^

  33. Again, BLUE is AWESOME

  34. TOP stole the Spudgy’s hair-do! D: LOL <3

  35. Must be IN MUSIC MONDAY!! YEAH!! ^^

  36. I’m singing in my BLUES~ BIGBANG FIGHTING!

  37. Please pick this as music monday! Please!!! 

  38. Love it love it even more the more I listen to it.

  39. Big Bang! <3

  40. can’t wait to see martina’s reaction :D and maybe simon going jealous (:

  41. Why the counter became 48?? The last time I saw is 7000 plus.. Crash?? 

  42. the counter’s awkwardly crashed again -.-

  43. Come one EYK, just make it official…BIGBANG obviously won & is getting reviewed!

  44. i get yelled at every time i say this video/song is way better then Miss A and that JYP doesnt make good music… but im just saying my opinion .. the people that say they dont like this video watch out cause if Miss A/JYP fans are this crazy these VIPs will kill you.. i just like talent thats all… I like JYPs song for Seven.. but I just think YG artists are ver talented.. so ..i just respond to th haters.. that im probably double there age so fight amongst yourselves.. but if you dont like Big Bangs stuff.. i promise i wont care 1 less person to come after you with a pitch fork

  45. Ohgad, look now, if Simon or Martina makes one negative comment in the video, we VIPs will be waiting at the doorstep with firearms.. juss sayin’ LOLOL

  46. I’m sorry for crashing your website. My fangirl side couldn’t help it ;; A ;;

  47. We VIPs be crashing their counter. Muwahahaha. 

    I sorry~ ^_____^ I hope that Martina and Simon aren’t grumpy about it. We love you!

  48. Please with a cherry on top review this song!!!!!!!!!!!!XO

                                                                                                  ♥Big Bang’s V.I.Ps’♥

    If you want to have this song reviewed on Kpop Music Mondays please comment or share or vote for Big Bang-Blue, but if you don’t have nothing to write just copy all the pleases above and paste them on the comments as much as you can for all the V.I.P.s’!!!!

  49. YaY! I witnessed a crash!! and because bigbang is so awesome, they will still win, even with only 13 votes XD

  50. Oops, looks like the counter crashed again… ^_^ I hope Simon and Martina don’t have too fix it each time, cause that must be pretty irritating…

  51. c’mon martina work ur miracles it’s big bang  we’re talking abt..we need big bang on music is too perfect not to be reviewed

  52. TOP singing..<3 love this songggg((: BIG BANG IS BACKKKKKK. yeah :D

  53. I voted! I love this song!!

  54. I wonder if other fandoms bow out when they realise BigBang is BACK!! (whenever they do come back) XD

  55. <3

  56. <3

  57. <3

  58. <3

  59. <3

  60. <3<3

  61. <3

  62. <3

  63. <3

  64. <3

  65. I’m so glad I have multiple accounts on various sites, just went in and voted for them through all my accounts >:D

  66. TOP sang. This comeback just got a bajillion times better. :D

  67. sheryl_altokun.saotome

    OMG!!!!! this song is awesome!!! ^o^


  69. i freaking LOVE this song!
    great comeback!

  70. I’m singing my bluuues (8) ~

  71. I think they are really popular lol

  72. 1000 comments!!! Come on VIP’s!! hehehe this song is … awesome… pretty much. I could listen to it all day!!

  73. only 7310 votes? What r VIPs doing :(

  74. More votes than Tick Tack! Yay!

  75. I kinda like the Big Bang MVs Kpop Monday special idea, with all 3 new MVs.

  76. yay, big bang is back!

  77. yey!! No. 1~!!!!!!! THIS SONG IS FANTASTIC!!!!

  78. VIP!!! Did any of you hear about what KBS is doing? They’re bringing up the past again, even AFTER Dae and GD apologized multiple times.Read this:
    And VIP on twitter sign this:

  79. The best song !! BIGBANG is ALIVE 

  80. Awesome they did this in Chinatown near my friends place

  81. soooooo in love with this song!

  82. I really want to know your opinion about this song :)

  83. bigbang awesome ~!

  84. common! Martina will go crazy again :D!

  85. let’s go vipsss fighting ^^

  86. only 193?? wae??!!!! >,< hehehe! LET'S GET THIS ONE TO THE TOP~!!!! VIPs—- FIGHTING~!!!!!! BLUE is SOOO AWESOME!!!!!


  88. All VIP’s out there check out the links and read what KBS did to BIGBANG! >:(

  89. 175 votes ?  i thought it was like around 6000 votes

  90. Uh-oh….we broke the counter again. :/ SIMON!! FIX IT!

  91. OMG .. why it’s only 99 .. why 

  92. system crashed again  … XD

  93. my one and only big bang blue <3

  94. Amazing Amazing Amazing… yeah pretty much.

  95. there’s something about this song that makes me so melancholic…but at the same time it makes me happy ~

  96. I can’t stop listening to blue! >_<

  97. I’m so proud of BIGBANG and my fellow VIP :3 Blue is nr 1 everywere~///< BIGBANG Hwaiting!!

  98. This song and mv def NEED a review.
    In Youtube, this mv was:~ Most viewed~ Most favorited~ Most liked~ Most discussed~ Got bronzed medal for trending~ BIGBANG | 3 days ago | 6,605,828 views~ 115,000++ likes in two days, 120,000++ likes in three days~ 80,000++ comments on the second day, 90,000++ comments on the third day~ The stat map is going darker and darker every day, covering the whole world!This song even hit the roof of melon 11 times in one day, for 8 straight hours. 18 times in just two and a half days! when the roof has just been raised. Nobody ever done that.
    This is persuasive enough ryt, simon?? martina??

  99. i m singing bluuuuuuuuuuuuues…


  101. 6,336,013 views in 3 days. Awesome. :D

  102. I think the MV would better if the end of the video is the beginning.
    I mean if I repeat the MV, it looks continue.
    This MV only almost like that.

  103. i love BAD BOY hahaha for a change lol

  104. BIGBANG!!! <3 


  106. Absolutely loved the song and the location. Nice to see them in my home borough, Brooklyn looking all Big Bang-like in front of the Cyclone. <3 

  107. They are beyong awesome, because of this they work so hard to give us first quality music and performances, They are in other level in so many ways. BIGBANGISBACK <3

  108. 6 MILLION VIEWS in 3 DAYS! 

  109. Yay! counters fixed. Just seen that we broke the 6,000,000 mark, Daebak!!

  110. Finally, BIG BANG IS BACK!! xD

    I totally love this song!! I’ve been playing it non-stop for the past few days (via this YouTube playlist on repeat mode –>, so it’s no wonder that the video has that many views! (if many VIPs were indeed like me. LOL.) And this is the first time that I listened to just ONE TRACK for days. As in really, I loved it that much! <3 Or maybe I just missed BB so much also that I wanted to listen to them until I can't stand it anymore. :))

    By the way, my favorite parts of the song are GD&TOP's rap verses and Daesung's parts. ^^ I remember getting goosebumps and teary-eyed the first couple of times I listened to the song.. And that is saying something.

    I hope this video makes it to KPop Music Mondays! It would be interesting to see what Simon and Martina thinks of the song and the MV.

  111.  Yay! Back #1…now vip’ss please try not to break the counter. lol.

  112. almost 6 Million views! :)

  113. VIP!! We are THIS close from reaching 6 MILLION! let’s do this!!! ^___^

  114. lets reach 10 million!!!1


  116. I love BigBang so much!!They deserve to win Inkigayo!

  117. Big Bang is awesome… i watch this and repeat Music everyday… i enjoy listening to it.. even its mean a sadness song..

  118. I’m singing my blues practically for 3 days straight now.

  119. Let’s reach 6 millions ~~!! Go VIPs all in the world! ^▽^

  120. 6 million views for today VIPs!!! LETS DO THIS ^__^

  121. let’s reach 6million views before the day ends vips!

  122. I’m singing my bluuuueessssss~

  123. VIPs! Let us all wear BLUE on the day of BIG BANG’s new album is being release! SHOW UR LOYALTY! (i am seriously spamming this =))

  124. Yessss Back on nr 1 again! :3

  125. WHAT??? WHY IS THIS NO.2 NOW????? NOOOOOO!!

  126. This needs more votesss :3 Lets go Nr 1~ 


  128. lol wow, breaking counters everywhere :)

  129. OMG! What happened to all the VOTES and GOOGLE PLUSES! I have been a very dedicated VIP and voted every day! Where did it all disappear to?! Please fix it! There were 6000 votes earlier today!


    yayyyy m/ :”> 

  131. OMG. NOOOOOOO. ONLY 100 votes ):

  132. whattt!! this is a mistake

  133. come on VIPs vote fr BigBang to b d next K-POP MONDAY video11111


  135. Lol how do we now only have 100 votes for Big Bang?

  136. what HAPPENEDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! omg! i freaked out when i saw miss A was on top… :(

  137. What happened to all of big bangs votes???????? it was on like double of miss A and now it has 88 votes something is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. num 2????? SIMON and MARTINA we all know who’s num 1 right??the counter should be fix before music mondays please tnx..:)

  139. Hope they get that counter fixed XD

  140. BIG BANG IS NUMBER 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. we broke it again!

  142. NOOOOOO!!!!!!! The Counter is broken!!!! 

  143. Is it just me or did the “green thumbs up and google+ votings just go down? Yesterday they were like more than 2 times as much….whats up with the voting? or am I just daydreaming

  144. Wow…that’s really amazing.  I figured Big Bang would be number one. Hmm… Maybe VIPs just broke the counter? :-P

  145. We crashed the counter again?? haha, at first it was annoying, but now I find it funny because that means there are so many VIPs out there voting for them.

  146. Calm yur tits. The system is just re-counting the votes because it can’t handle all those votes at once. I know there are tons of V.I.Ps out there so no doubt it gonna be #1. Anyways Kpop Music Mondays is probably gonna become Big Bang Music mondays for the next month and a half. lol

  147. this system is a flaw.. come on. This has to be number one. I mean look at youtube it has over 4 millions view.  How the heck does it only have 48 votes so far? Please Simon and Martina fix this, I really want you guys to review this awesome M/V. Come Martina you know you want to. 

  148. LOL i really don’t get why it’s not in #1 place XD i calculated all the points and Blue has more than Touch… maybe i calculated wrong?

  149. What’s up with the counter!?!??!

  150. The counter must be broken.  THE COUNTER MUST BE BROKEN.

  151. isn’t the counter broken?! 22 votes?!

  152. when I click on the chart I thought it was Bigbang-Blue but I accidentally clicked Miss A T_T..not only once but also yesterday..I want to see it on KMM so bad…tsk tsk..

  153. I really want to see what Simon and Martina have to say about this song! 

  154. what?! 15 votes only?! D: is something wrong with this? 

  155. Wow…we reached #1 already? As fast as we reached 5,000,000+ views. LOL
    Awesome, can’t wait till Simon and Martina’s kpop music monday on this :D


  157. this mv is sooo cooool i simply love it

  158. T.O.P looks so awesome and Seungri’s new piercings are so BA! UGH I can’t get this song out of my head! I totally don’t mind though :)

  159. i haven’t stopped listening to this in hours. and yay we’re winning guise, keep it up!! :D

  160. I just listened to this song over and over again while doing my homework at 3AM.
    I really love this song! It keeps me awake.

  161. <3 <2 <1 JUST ABSOLUTELY LUV IT


    :) LOLOL (: 

  163. i don’t really like the girl in the mv, i don’t really like daesung’s hair, i don’t really like top’s hair (is it blue cuz’ the songs name is blue ?? ICWUDT) BUT THE SONG IS STILL AESOME AND COME ON !! It’s BIG BANG :D

  164. punkyprincess92

    wwwoooohhh i love this sooooooooooooooooooo song much!!!!!

  165. seriously, y any other band even try to make their come back for this month? like im a fan of MIss A but im too busy jamming in Big Bang – Blue XD

  166. OMG yeahh BIGBANG IS BACK and MORE Alive than EVER BIGBANG THE KINGS ARE BACK right MArtina..??? ^O^

  167. I feel sorry for the rest of the kpop bands that doing their comeback and EXO better not think about debuting this week!! BIG BANG will CRUSH them!! hahahaha

    <3 BIG BANG!!

  168. I THINK We R GOING TO HAVE 6M by the end of the daY!! LETS DO IT!

  169. this song is great^___^!  Big Bang saranghae^,^!

  170. VIP: The fandom that gifted bigbang with FIFTY EIGHT MILLION votes at the EMAs. No wonder getting #1 on eatyourkimchi’s kpop charts was so easy….. ^___^

  171. First of all, I would like to say that BIGBANG is soooo back and no one can ever stop them!!! Kyaaa~ @martina Yes I know, you are spazzing too!! Kyaa~ Ok~ sooo.. This is such an amazing song and a sad song. The meaning is so powerful and beautiful that everyone loves it. What makes it different? Well, for me, it’s one of the unique yet amazing song of BIGBANG. And we all know that their songs is most likely hiphop/electronic but this? Gaddd~ what can I say except BEAUTIFUL and SUPERB!! sooo~ that’s all!!! I HOPE AND I KNOW BIGBANG CAN MAKE IT AGAIN!!!

  172. i love this song so much, and i love JD Relic’s english cover of it! I recommend everyone who loves this song to search up JD Relic’s english version on youtube. ^_^

  173. I’d like to know what they think of the girl running with her pinky finger stuck out.
    I mean…who runs like that??

  174. new teaser is out VIPS ! @eatyourkimchi:twitter  LOVE DUST ! the next NO. 2 (or 1) for Kpop CHARTS EYK!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. I love the song, but the video is kinda…well…there’s not much there. I’d love to see what Simon and Martina think. I also want to see Spudgy lack of dance at the end. Will he just run and put his paw over his eyes?

  176. All I can say is amazing after listening to the song!
    It’s totally different from other Korean music!
    BigBang is awesome!!!!!
    So I want to know how Simon & Martina feel about the song!
    I want to know your comments about the song!

  177. i wanna know the opinion of simon & martina about gd’s colour-changing-fringe :P 

  178. I want this on Music Mondays :)

  179. I’m sure Martina loves this and she’s probably listening to it right now:)))

  180. lol. the counter broke againn >.>

  181. the counter is broke again lol

  182. Indian/Pakistani VIP living in the U.S but wishes it was Korea :P

  183. i’m proud to be  Arab VIP .. ^_^

  184. Latina VIP since 2010

  185. blue!!! blue!! blue!! top is blue =D

  186. AMAZING Bigbangggg


  188. I’m singing my Bluuuuuuuuuuuues! BigBang is back! Everyone Rejoice!! and let us celebrate with a music monday in their honour!! dooo et!

  189. tooooooo amazing!! awesome comeback by big bang

  190. already so much views YOU CANT NOT DO THIS FOR YOUR NEXT VIDEO!!

  191.  Big Bang – you’ve been there through ups and downs of our lives through your musics, and I just can’t explain how happy I am to see you guys make a comeback with ultra-super-awemazing song.

    The Kings are back!!!!!

  192. VIPs! Let us all wear BLUE on the day of BIG BANG’s new album is being release! SHOW UR LOYALTY! 


  194. BIGBANG IS BACK!!! and with an amazing song!!! I just love the lyrics!! N i mean T.O.P could u please stop killing me u even dye ur hair my fav color!!! Plus we got running GD again!! (haru haru, lies, my heaven) XD


  196. Is anyone else reminded of Green Day’s WhatsHerName?? Blue bugged me for about an hour before I placed its familiar tune

  197. Big Bang all the way ^o^ 

  198. Dear Miss A: your song is really good, I really liked it… but let’s say your timing was terrible. 

    The Kings are BACK!


  200. please do this m/v because i’m soo confused and you guys are great at explaining it/analyzing it!

  201. I’m singing big bangs blues, I am just too happy to be blue!!

  202. Is there something wrong with the vote counter? It said BB – Blue had over 5,000 votes and then it went down to 2 votes. 

  203. there is no way miss A can beat this.. no offense but jyp doesnt make good music… ever

  204. Keep Fighting VIP’S!!!!

  205. i NEED to see this song performed live though…… <333

  206. whenever i see blue now, i think of bigbang<3

  207. Your have to do a review of this song!! I love it, is so calm, and so sincere, and the video go so well with the music, is almost perfect if not perfect…<3

  208. Bigbang makes my world blue :)

  209. big bang rules!

  210. now the votes are back up

  211. every time i visit this site to listen to this song (cause i cannot get it out of my head) the counter is broken

  212. bigbang<3 yur yur yur :P 


  213. vote counter, why do you keep breaking?? its kinda driving me crazy

  214. I think the counter its broken… :S

  215. The Number of votes decrease every time I check to see how we’re doing… weird no matter what though BIGBANG fighting!!!!

  216. I’m extremely happy that BIG BANG is back!! XD

  217. BIG BANG FIGHTING ! <333333

  218. is it just me or did the number of votes decrease?

    anyways this song is daebak!!! 

  219. lobe big bnag

  220. this song is amazing~~ <3 first it was strange to see the members with the colorful hairstyles… (except taeyang… still the same :P) especially gd.. the red and yellow hair with a red and PINK head?! urg…?!
    but still… the song is great! and daesungs voice… <3
    hearing top sing is another amazing part..
    oh, and seungris earring xD
    and yg got another foreigner in their video… making it "international" and so on. (i wish i was that girl! damn…)

  221. love this song! love the mv also!

  222. lol we broke it again!

  223. Big Bang – “Blue” for K-Pop Music Mondays!!!!!!

  224. My Mom nd brother love BIGBANG

  225. Clearly we broke the counter again XD

  226. I REALLY want to know Simon and Martina’s views on this song!

  227. Finally, after one long year of waiting, they’re back! 

  228. Looking forwards to the rest of the album. BigBang are truly talented.

  229. Love it. Another fresh BB track.

  230. i love this song, love the way they changed into a very cute boys, no matter the song they sing, all sounds awesome xD  

  231. Big Bang is ALIVE!! Blue FTW :D

  232. the song is on loop since yesterday!

  233. BigBang is so awesome, they broke the vote counter. XD

  234. whoa what happened to the votes??? S&M i hope you see this!! 

  235. i hate the fact that the counter broke down. this is not fair. BB already won fair and square. hope simon and martina noticed this..

  236. lol, in part, i think it’s better that the counter’s down cause that way ppl freak out and start voting even more :D

  237. que es esto?????? como van a tener pocas votaciones????… que estan haciendo con los votos ehhhh

  238. the counter refreshing itself is really annoying…

  239. Bigbang is back!! The kings!! Amazing start to all their promotions :3

  240. This is an amazing song and it NEEDS TO WIN!!!!!

  241. Oh well, the counter broke againn~ ;3

  242. I voted all night yesterday!! util 1am.. and now its just 65 votes>??
    must be Simon cuz he’s dont like top.. :P

  243. How come it has just a few votes? O_O

  244.  WTF? the votes were about 5000+ hours ago and now just 48 votes?

  245. De verdad!!.. BLUE para Music Mondays!! *¬*

  246. I wanna see martina’s reaction to BB comeback ( and TOP’s spudgy-like hairstyle) .. keep voting!

  247. Why did the number of votes suddenly drop? O__O

  248. BIGBANG for the win <3 VIP forever until whenever!

  249. 3rd going to 2nd than to 1st

  250. Why does it only say 16 votes? O.o

  251. Martina and Seungri have something in common now, weak ankles! 8D

  252. best song

  253. ah finally the system has gotten used to all the vips spammin it :D

  254. This song is great …*.*… the KINGS are back…♥


  256. I’m in love with T.O.P’s rap part :D

  257. Even though I thin Miss A’s MV is more interesting then Blue I think there’s plenty here to talk about. Random girl ghosting the actions of the bb boys, YB’s running, TOP sitting like a boss,  GD colorful hair hat, SeungRi’s awesomeness (filming with a hurt ankle like a boss) and Dae’s continued BAMFness.

  258. Wait.. does GD’s hair change from blonde to red throughout the video? o.o

  259. we are in the top .. that is good 
    keep voting 

  260. I already fell in ove with this song. I don’t think I can take 5 more. ;A;


  262. Oh please oh please oh please review “Blue” for Kpop Music Monday! I want to fan girl squeal over TOP *singing* with Martina! This song/video is beautiful, and it deserves the Simon&Martina treatment.

  263. GD is always running in their MV lol
    The King is back!

  264. They always come out with a masterpiece ^^ The kings are back!!!

  265. Lol One day to get them up to number 1 on music mondays

  266. I just love that song,I was so happy to see them back that I almost cried. The lyrics are so beautiful and the song is so soothing!

  267. I LOVE  YOU..!!!!!! BIG BANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  268. WAAAAAAA i just love the song!! G-D and TOP are the best they are soo sexys and their voices are …. ohhh!! i just love them!!! BIGBANG tu puedes!!!

  269. If you get to review this MV, I hope you have time to mention the possibility of the Leading lady having a double meaning. After reading many comments that she might represent the past, or mistakes, and not just love it would be interesting to hear your take on it as well as if you think the choice of Brooklyn added to the MV rather than just a means to be more acceptable to international fans by being in a more ‘familiar’ setting.

    On another note I hope Martina’s ankle gets better soon, take care of yourselves.

  270. Bigbang is gonna win and this time Martina will be happy!

  271. i only listened the teaser for about 40 s, and i knew i like it.. i didn’t expect the MV will have a great plot, but well, it has a great location,, it reminds me of one of a scene in CSI New York.. haha.. anyway, i love this song!

  272. I love this song but i wish gd could have rapped some more


  274. Love this song. Can’t believe the release date was on my birthday! Greatest present ever! Thank you Big Bang! (^o^) 

  275. top daebak, love the blue hair <3

  276. yupiiii the kings ….no son sólo idols…son artistas :D

  277. GD is a genius! Bigbang jjang :’)

  278. Seungri singing is heaven.

  279. They’re called BIGBANG for a reason <3

  280. i wanna see u guys review this soo badly…. but they’re going to have 6 mvs out later this week thoXD



  283. this mv, the song is daebak!!

  284. Wondering how come they’re in no. 4 spot. o.O 

  285. what happened… why is there only 41 votes.. it was like 4000 plus just now…

  286. Yes, I was also wondering about the votes. But at any rate, I really want to see Martina reviewing this. hehehehehhehe

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  288. what happened =  =? votes disappeared?

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  291. Crashed the counter again. As expected. Excellent. XD

  292. punkyprincess92

    WWWWWWOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  294. I’m singing my BLUES!!!

  295. wow bigbang took 1st in less than 24 hours i am so impressed

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  297. I loooovvveeeee this song soo much!!

  298. If there will be another mv for the second version of Blue will it be possible to review it then even though it is just another version?

  299. this song rocks!!! BIGBANG JE T’ADORE!!!!

  300. I love this song it feels fresh dreamy something new for what I was expecting :D I’m so looking forward to their next releases…

  301. VIP the best,… in one night we climb to TOP!!!! we are the best!! BIG BANG FOREVER!!

  302. I’ll support BIG BANG !!! the best group!!! love TOP :)

  303. even though the cinematography reminds me of Lonely, its the meaning,the melody and that line “I’m singing my blues..”  that gets me to listen to it more and of course its from BIGBANG! funny moments in the video:
    GD: forever running since Lies and Haru Haru
    TOP: awkward running
    GDYB: looked like they where scared of the girl that kinda looks like a dude sometimes (sorry) haha

  304. This is the first time I comment to vote for a video. Just because of bigbang,they are forever the best in my mind.

  305. Let’s get a million votes XD kekek BIGBANG FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    love the tone of the mv too. the boys are sooo back!

  311. I really really love this song and this MV GD running VI + DAE voices woaaaaah THIS IS THE KINGS

  312. Wow, its such a good song. The video’s pretty uneventful with no real plot, but it does match the slow, mellow sounds of the song

  313. I never commented on eyk site to vote for a video, but this time IT IS A MUST to review this MV because it’s LOVE AT THE FIRST LISTEN (does that make any sense? lol) I really love this type of song, but idk abt eyk team who are not so into ballad…. but please? for earrings on SeungRi’s ears, for Daesung’s bleached hair, Taeyang’s bold Mohawk, GD’s melodic rap and for TOP’s red long coats, please do a review of this….

  314. VIPs are always awesome. 
    I really can’t wait for the mini album to be released. 
    I would have bought all 6 versions but could only get 2. ):

  315. HAHA ! wow, VIPS! Y’all are awesome ; u ;
    Catching up with Miss A and even surpassing them! DAEBAK! :D <3


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  319. Oh my… I’m feeling sorry about YouTube and eatyourkimchi right now… My fellow VIPs and I probably have crashed this website, too. But what can we do… We just LOVE our boys, ya know~ ;P

  320. Woah! Finally. The Boys are back. Song’s great, though not what I expected. Can’t wait for the next one.

  321. I love this song!!! <3 Can't wait to get the CD *–*

  322. Can’t express enough how much I love this song!

  323. BB ALL THE WAY ~~~~

  324. when the other 5 mvs got released, the first 6 spot in eatyourkimchi for music monday will be conquered by bigbang.. XDDD

  325. Few hours ago, it was like on #6….then BOOOM it just skyrocketed to #1 LOL I cannot wait for that Kpop Mondays episode!!!!

  326. this song go deep in my heart. 

  327. I hope Simon and Martina will address how their going to handle the influx of BIGBANG videos. Will they just let us win every week that’s coming up? 

  328. Just awesome and brilliant…. I’m singing my Blu….uu…es ♥

  329. Big Bang is back and widely welcomed!! :D
    Let’s keep up the votes and make sure that we secure 1st for Big Bang ^0^


  331. whooo!! bigbang reached the top quickly

  332. not even 24 hours and they are already on top. If they are really going to release a song everyday. I am sorry to every group because they don’t stand a chance. 

  333.  this is a nice change in music

  334. i like the song but i don’t know what to say to either seungri’s haircut or to taeyangs’s head scarfs/reverse bandana thingy with his zebra pants(oh god why?!).

  335. I like the melody

  336. big bang is going to dominate music mondays for the next few weeks. also i can’t believe how fast big bang got to the top of the list. i knew it was going to place first place, but not this fast.
     VIPs hwaiting!

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    Loving this song~~~

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    woooooo!!!! GOO BIG BANG!!!

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  342. I remember likes being higher than this ==;;;

    but this is an amazing song and really deserves to be the song for this week. :)

  343. Their best video so far…simple yet refreshing just like the song itself…..

  344. Okay, this is lame cause I was voting on here earlier and the count was 2841 (likes), 2052 (fb), 36(G+), 593 (Twitter), and 394 (comments)….why are the likes back down to 66 likes?…I don’t understand…

    Btw I remember because I added the points up on my calculator. ^^

    • It’s now 3384 likes, 2152 fb, 20 G+, 617 twitter and 432 comments! 

    • There will be a huge influx of traffic all at the same time, so the page vote will crash, but the server is still calculating it, so then it refreshes and re-updates everything.  It’s like on YouTube when a video have 303 views but 34,600 comments. Eventually when the crazy initial viewing stops, the computer can put up the views. Hard to explain!

  345. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! BIG BANG!!!!

  346. Big Bang is the best! It’s a beautiful video, matchs perfectly with this ballad soft and melancholic. I really like this song, I can’t stop to listen it

  347. Big Bang! So glad to see that their comeback is being received so well.

  348. Fellow VIPs…can you let this video be reviewed next week? Because let’s admit…once BIGBANG is out, no one can stand a chance against then for Music Monday. Jay Park’s video has been on here for 3 weeks, after this week, more BB vids will be out and that means Jay will probably never be reviewed. I am a VIP but I am also a Jaywalker, and I love them both equally. After Jay Park’s video gets reviewed, I will do all I can to get all of Big Bang’s vids to be reviewed. Let’s be honest, there’s really no rush since Big Bang can get on Music Monday probably whenever they want. (Because durr…they’re just amazing like that). But I really do think Jay deserves to be reviewed too…since this will probably be his last comeback for a while. (He said so in his ‘Thank You’ section on his album). So please please please spare some votes and save them for next week? Gosh I seem delusional, but I really do want JP to be on Music Monday. Thank you to all of you who read this. VIPs & Jaywalkerz forever!!

  349. c’mon peeps lets get serious the best band in all of kpop is back… so its pretty much a solid BAMF BBMMMM!!!!! Bamf Big Bang Music Monday March Madness! ASSA!!!!~~~

  350. no puedo votar … PORQUE !! T_T 

  351. Breathless!!

  352. Y’know.. I’m starting to like my husband’s- er, Seungri’s- hair now ^^

  353. BIg Bang Blues!!! I know you want to review them Martina. :D VIPS UNITE <3

  354. VIPS!!
    lets get all 5 of their videos on music monday!!!^^

  355. Amazing new song by Big Bang. So emotional and heart warming. Glad to be a part of their comeback. <3 

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  357. i dont know why r some people seems to compare Big Bang’s previous songs with this song..i mean,get real people..i dont care ’bout all those stuff..what i really CARE is that Big Bang IS BACKKKK!!!*scream* LOL and they r GREAT!! i’ve freaking missed them all this while and i’m not gonna let some people said they r the same..DUH!GET REAL!!

  358. TAEYANG<3 the bandana is back!!!!

  359. I got a freaking Google+ account so I could promote this video.  I AM A VIP

  360. Big Bang is the best!
    Long live the kings! 

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    • are they on #1? last time it was but then now they’re on #5! does it only happen to me?

      • yeah its kinda prob on the page…coz if its goes down should be round the second but its down to num 5..then earlier the num of votes keeps on refreshing..not fair :(

        • jiyongyongvip

          yeah.. and look at the numbers! the numbers of votes, shares, and comments are above Touch! how is it possible that we’re on #5? guess VIPs really broke the system! >:3

  364. DAEBAK!

  365. Yes! Hopefully this will be reviewed next week ^ ^ SO HAPPY xD

  366. It’s time for BIGBANG Specials :DD

  367. what a nice song to listen! good job big bang!

  368. go go go VIps this year is our year XD!

  369. i find it pleasant they gave SeungRi a decent amount of visible camera time considering he neither has the most extreme transformation nor did he sing that much in this song

  370. This is such a great comeback song! It really showcases all the member’s talents very well and I’m sure there’s some deeper meaning to the video that I just haven’t figured out yet. Wanna help me out with that Simon and Martina?

  371. so true ! XD

  372. I really love the song and the music video is nice. (: i can kind of sense the members’ emotions in this song. (: i simply adore them. they are super talented, hands down.

  373. the num of votes keeps on refreshing..but atleast they are currently on #1 spot..hope this will be review on Monday..:)

  374. VIP!! we made it! #1!

  375. Let us not discuss just how many times I have played this song…

  376. PERFECTION = BIGBANG alive is so beautiful and so soothing and u can hear the pure emotions in their voices so well.

  377. when the rest of Big Bang’s videos come out, Music mondays will turn into music 7 days a week – Big Bang edition! So excited to watch the review for this and laugh bc I know they are huge fans like me

  378. I feel like this will only bring the site into a frenzy but BIGBANG will release a new mv every day ending on the 29 with Alive, so trust me, one way or another BIGBANG will be on music mondays

  379.  I must say this is by far my favorite Big Bang song ever.
    Side Note: Martina remember to calmly breath while spazzing and having epic fangirl moment. I’m sure T.O.P would hate for anything to happen to you (ohh yeah and Simon too lol).

    You guys are the best..

  380. Martina, I think TOP changes his hair as often as you. Maybe you should coordinate. <3

  381. Im gonna be so BLUE if Eat Your Kimchi didnt end up made this KPop Monday

  382. I am pretty sure Martina will do this song for KPop Monday without any vote! She’s a true VIP hahaha

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  384. MARTINA….. GIRL YOU KNOW U   CANNOT    LET A MV W/ T.O.P GO BY WITH OUT BEING REVIEWED RIGHT????  Anywayz look at our OPPAHS!!!! Coming to America to shoot MV’s….forgetting to inform me *cries in corner…. guess i hav to wait for the Alive Tour!!!!! BIGBANG HWAITING!!!!!!!!!

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    :3 This is probably one of the most beautiful hiphop song I’ve heard.

  386. This song is awesome! It has to win. >:3

  387. BIGBANG!!!!!!!!!!! omg i am dying of anticipation

  388. I watched them go from 14th to 1st VIPS UNITE!! lol im so excited :)

  389.  I  would like to thank Big Bang for making me late for my classes today just because of the release of this song.  IT WAS WORTH IT!!  ^^*

  390. LOVE THEM!! SO happy they are back. I was soo worried that they were gonna disband after all those incidents last year, but they are strong, they are awesome, and they have concerned!! GLAD there back, and stronger than ever! VIP for Life! 

  391. really want to see this on music mondays

    come on VIPs!

  392. : ) I cant wait for their concert…cause they r gonna have a world tour and stuff..or something like that …right? XD..livenation?  I love them <3

  393. Music mondayssss,i want to sing my blues on this monday…

  394. Music Mondayz s’il vous plait!

  395. music mondays!!! pweez! 

  396. WAHHHHH AMAZING SONG!!!!! Been playing it nonstop since it came out!!!

  397. I freaking love their new track, The vibe of it is…i can’t explain it in words. Maybe you guys can help? ^__^


  399. omg awesome!! i hope we get this for music monday!! also Martina can spammmm with the rest of us!

  400. Can’t. Stop. Listening. This song is really beautiful. ♥

  401. This MV is both gorgeous and brilliant!! I reeeaaally hope we get a Music Monday for it.

  402. kruhgisthtkrubaiogbeu


  403. I love this song a lot :)

  404. BIG BANGGGGGG!!! AHHHHHH!!!! okay. sorry. fangirling over.

    until 5 seconds later. 

  405. MARTINA!!! GIRL ARE YOU CRYING!!! TT___TT omg its the comeback of the century! the century, i say!!!!

  406. BIG BANG is awesome. I love this song so much

  407. Whoo! I’m so glad they made it through those incidents. 
    Love the song, it’s so beautiful~
    I hope they don’t overwork themselves during their promotions.

  408. I love this song so much.!!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear it live

  409. I’m definitely a fan of the BIGBANG Special Music Wednesday idea and have you guys review all of their videos :)
    Also, I’m loving how chill this song is.
    But what’s going on with GD’s hair? Um…

  410. big bang has done it again!

  411. i think that the video is very artistic and the song is gorgeous and we all know that Martina would have a TON of fun reviewing this video xD

  412. I’m really proud of the boys for overcoming the hardships they had to go through and releasing this awesome song and awesome album and i wouldn’t be surprised if this video gets over a million views in one day, VIPs lets make that happen

  413. Wow! Great song! I am so excited for their comeback!!!

  414. there is no way simon & martina don’t review bigbang’s mv!

  415. @JYP BIG mistake putting Miss A’s new album out the same week as Big Bang! poor girls… this is high quality music and your just not cutting it no matter how many whispers of your name you put in ,,, 

  416. i hope s and m fix the voting soon. twice it has reset

  417. SOOO AWESOME!!!! LUV IT!!!

  418. I hope the votes from before get added back~we should have at least 400 by now :)

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    this song is daebakhad it stuck in my head for the whole dayloving itttt!!!!!!!simon and martina you must review this song for music mondays!!!!!

  420. I’m singing my blueeeeees :3

  421. BIGBANG will BEAT Miss A!!!..!!!!

  422. I love their style ^_^

  423. Big Bang Yay!!!!!!

  424. keep voting VIP’S we can do iit!

  425. Who else remembers the EMA days??…you know with the voting and all :P 

  426. Don’t worry about the votes, eatyourkimchi’s facebook said its just a temporary glitch. :) Keep voting!

  427. This is definetly going to be on Music Mondays, because anything else would be ridiculous ♥

  428. kruhgisthtkrubaiogbeu

    Why did the votes suddenly go down O_o

  429. umm…S&M please fix the voting!!!! I wanna see BB on music monday :)

  430. sorry, i know i keep on posting a lot of comments but i really want their mv to be reviewed 


  432. ok the green button is messed up. it wen from 300 to 14 


  434. this week is a full on BB week

  435. I was already a VIP. I became a proud VIP during the EMAs. Now I’m a “Heart is bursting with never ending LOVE” VIP :,) 

  436. kruhgisthtkrubaiogbeu

    go big bang domination :D

  437. c’mon vip’s lets get the votes up to a thousand

  438. I’ve always really liked BIGBANG, but this song totally made me a VIP. 100%.

  439. They’re finally back <3! I missed them so much ): 
    I will.. love them forever x__x

  440. i love this song! can’t wait until monday!

  441. big bang! can’t wait until next week :D

  442. I love bigbang and always will! i’m so exited for their long awaited comeback!~ :D

  443. kruhgisthtkrubaiogbeu

    big bang big bang big bang big bang <3

  444. Yes pleasee~~ I missed my Daesung so much :(

    Big Bang Hwaiting~ <3


  446. Love the song …Love BIGBANG!!! <3

  447. They are back. && They are ALIVE! <3 

  448. Just…. Beautiful. Perfect. BIGBANG. 
    It made me cry… T_T
    Especially when Daesung came out to sing. ㅠㅠ


  450. Idea: Since Big Bang is planning to release 6 music videos (!!!! XD XD !!!!!), maybe you can just wait, let other music videos take the Music Monday spots, and do an ultralong video later that’s reviewing all of the BB MV’s that made it to the top spot.  IDK, just a thought.  It’s just, as much as I love BB (I’m a VIP, definitely XD) I feel bad when they take over and push other great songs to the side just because they’re Big Bang–same thing when other big groups do that.  

  451. BIG BANG COMEBACK! I’m so happy! :D:D:D


  453. i <3 da song and big bang …..bluee…..

  454. Loving this song!  So mellow and lovely…

  455. i like their other songs better, but i guess this one is good too…

  456. kruhgisthtkrubaiogbeu

    I love this song alotttttt.

  457. I’ve listening to this on repeat since it came out! <3

  458. I am in love with this song ♥♥♥

  459. Simon & Martina said that the vote would be wonky for a while, just keep voting, it’ll be fine :)

  460. I think the green button counting is still messed up. There should be more than 300 likes when the video has been shared more than 1000 times 

  461. yessss walk on that roof

  462. beautiful song!!! LOVE IT!

  463. This was a smart choice to use for their comeback song after what happened.

  464. at first i didnt love it, BUT now im completely in love with it!!! GO BIGBANG!!!

  465. Big BAng For The Win :D Saranghae Oppas

  466. i hope this monday stars whit Big Bang Blue! :D

  467. I just love this song within the first minute I was listening to it x)

  468. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH BIGBANG IS ALIVE!!!!!! Im so happy. I love T.O.P. so i love that he is sort of singing. I love bigbang.


  469. 2.020 votes for FB and now 1.040 :are you fucking kidding me?:  

  470. They might as well just film the review now.

  471. Is it just me, or did GD’s voice get huskier? I like it ;)

  472. OMG! BIG BANG! I’ve been waiting for this for forever!

  473. VIP for Life!!!

  474. So good. I totally love GD’s and TOP’s singing voices. *^* Lyrics are amazing, as always.. =3

  475. OMG VIP SPAZZ ATTACK!!!! Is it just me, or did the members each get 10x hotter? AND DAESUNG IS SO SEXY WITH BLONDE HAIR!!!!!!!! And the whole video was so artsy and nice and the song is AMAZING. The thing is, I just got into kpop this summer and became a VIP so this is my first time in the fandom when BB has actually been releasing stuff. So i’m like majorly excited and REALLY want S&M to review this :D And S/O to my bias GD for looking amazing and sounding like a hottie AGAIN <3

  476. I’m singing my BLUUUEEESSSSS!!!!!!!

  477. Really enjoying this.

  478. Finally, they’re back, and they are stronger than ever. I’m so excited!!!

  479. I have been waiting for this and i’ve never been happier! this song is so cool and can’t wait for the next one

  480. SOOO HAPPY that the boys are back!! <333

  481. OMG… Reminiscent of Love Song much???? Love it!!!!

  482. I love the style in this video :DD 
    It’s my new favourite song :3

  483. I have a feeling all Big Bang’s songs in Alive album will fill up top 10 music monday’s chart this week.


  485. yay bigbang is back c’mon vip’s lets get this vid to number one


  487. loll… the system has broken 4 times so far.. i wonder how much the votes really are..

  488. Please review this! I know you want too~ ;3

  489. First three seconds and I was obssessed~ <3 Guess how many times I've listened to it since the first time I heard it? Every second in between~~ ㅋㅋ
    <3 it~~ (guess their absence didn't diminish my VIP-ness whatsoever~~)

  490. lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove

  491. loved this so much =]


  493. Dear iPod,

    Get ready to play this song nonstop for the next few days until the album or another song gets release. And please don’t die on me… :-)


  494. You know you want to review it Martina XD
    Your hubby is in it :P

  495. hey how the green thing is in 9????? how?

  496. BIG BANG IS …. T_T  i dont know what to say…. BIG BANG i love you!

  497. Best early birthday present EVAR.

  498. did we brake the counter

  499. I was spazzing for at least an hour straight when this song was released. It’s just.. perfection. It’s so beautiful <3

  500. beautiful song and amazing video! <3

  501. Just watch this reach #1 in the next few hours XD

  502. VIPs broke Youtube and Eatyourkimchi’s chart. lolll…

  503. This song is so beautiful! Such a smooth addicting beat

  504. I can’t take it!
    Everytime I see Daesung in the video I want to cry.
    And I’m falling for TOPs soft voice!
    I hope to see them when they come to Europe for concert^^

  505. BIGBANG!!!


  507. Yea BIGBANG!!!!!!!!! 

  508. YOU HAVE TO REVIEW THIS *_* please? :)

  509. we are just in losing because is the first day, so don’t forget to vote everyday!!

  510. I want to see Martina happily dancing walking around because Big Bang comeback!!

  511. how much do you want to bet that half the review is martina fangirling over bigbang’s comeback. and top. definitely top x3

    • She’s gonna have the bokeh background with her happy face on. Like SUPER ecstatic tranced. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were helping us VIPs vote. I kinda feel bad. Had to betray not only Jay Park, but Miss A on this one, But after listening to this song consecutively for 3 straight hours and STILL going strong, I have to say it’s fucking worth it. I AM SO GODDAMN HAPPY!!!!!!~ <333333333333 We already crashed the counter on EatYourKimchi AND Youtube. We VIPs are fucking EPIC.

  512. This is a beautiful song, I am sure the rest of ‘Alive’ will be the same! I’m really curious to hear what you guys have to say about it! :D

  513. I vote this video for Kpop Music Mondays! Can’t wait to see your reaction/review about the song and MV and about the members’ new styles as well. :P

  514. everytime i try to click the send or like button after hovering over facebook, it just brings up twitter. what the flippers is going on here  ;~;

  515. does anyone else think that GD’s voice sounds like he has a cold?

  516. …really? 415 votes? YOU GUYS SUCK! VOTE HARDER! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE I SAY!

  517. Wow Can’t believe its already at nr 7 <3 GO GO VIP's!!!….and …other …ppl who like this song cus …its all great and uh… I just really want this on nr 1 :3



  520. YES!! They’re back!! Finally!! This MV was just mazing and the song is just awesome!!

  521. Sorry Miss A, you are going to have to wait a week. BigBang WILL be reviewed this week. Martina and Simon are VIPs before anything else.



  524. <333333333 THIS SONG their voices are SOOOO goood in this song, EARGASM! the flow of this song IS daebak!

  525. VIPs,, we can do it! Let them be #1 on the chart.. cs we are VIP!

  526. bigbangfosho

    I LOVE this song. I would love to see a review by you guise. I want to see Martina’s reaction to TOP, and I wanna see if it is the same as mine [fangirl] 

  527. Blue is an amazing song with an awesome beat! I am so glad Big Bang is back!! =)

  528. it’s so different from previous BIG BANG and still so beautiful and meaningful. i’m replaying it again and again … the kings are back ♥


  530. Totally pure singing… Only a single english line inside.. I think! 

    Its just them showing what they love to do.. Music! To all their fans.. You can really feel the saddest in the song.. But the beat is like they are changing, moving away from the saddest.. The MV was also nicely done! ITS JUST THE KINGS ARE BACK!! 

  531. Love this song simple goes a long way!!! <3

  532. pls VIPZ make this to music mondays

  533. Lyrics = poetry. Music = magic. This MV was perfect.

  534. big bang is back baby

  535. I want to say something before I continue speaking about vote,… I love Taeyang hairstyle…my gosh…with that thing in his head….Blow my mind…sexy…and even if I thought that Daesung with blonde hair will be Fail…he looks hot…

  536. OMG SO PERFECT love the feel of the whole MV and it matches with the feel of the song BB FIGHTING. Just one thing abt the song and MV is that i wish there were more seungri in both song and video. 

  537. I was unsure about their comeback but I really like this song!! GO BIG BANG!

  538. Just B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L 
    like it’s said in a comment its like a mix between the old and new Bigbang and i like it
    I guess everyone are singing their bluuuuuuuesss tonight
    A simple MV for a perfect song 
    I love that other fandom like it too 
    Bigbang unify kpop community and stop fanwars


  540. SOO incredible!!! bigbang will always manage to pull it together and create an amazing single/album!! even though i could understand a little, i almost started crying the song is so sadd

  541. keep voting!!! big bang deserves sooo much!!

  542. replaying this all the time… sooo amazing

  543. strong comeback, worth the wait!

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  629. you have to review this..GD’s hair is changing from yellow to red/pink..

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  640. I love this song! It’s so beautiful

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  642. It’s so soft…. and I wish they’d find a prettier girl xD but I love it!!! I keep listening to it.. 

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