Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

  1. Guys, vote for nuest here.'re not hoping to be reviewed anymore. We just wanna go out with a bang. Though it wasn’t reviewed. It was on the top 5 for 4 weeks. That’s something to be proud of.

  2. this just makes me want to dance :D BOOMSHAKALAKA <3
    G- RAPunzle is looking good in this mv :3 looove the daesung part ^^ with what happended last year to him.. first, i didn't knew much about it but after seeing healing camp, i know what happended and how much daesung suffered. so i want to say: Daesung Oppa, I'll be one of those who'll be cheering for you ^^ get your head up and i hope you can be happy again ___<

  3. is a visual shock! LOVE IT ! GO GO GO BIG BANG!

  4. big bang is the best ! yeah fantastic babey!!!

  5. Big Bang is AWESOME!

    Just need this to make the video! Big Bang is the Awesome’st band in Koreaa!

    VIPs united!

  6. WoW! Fantastic Baby…. This song grew on me….Anyway pleading all VIPs to help the A’s to vote for Touch which has been 2nd to BB MVs for 3 weeks. Thanks. G-D Jjang.

  7. I can’t stop listening that song…The best song of Big Bang ever…I really like it…*___* !!! I love you Big Bang,Croatia!!

  8. caligrl1293

    This song is just amazing! And the MV is ;lasdkfj;asdlkfja;sdlkfja;sldkfj <3

  9. for me this mv means a lot for both BIGBANG and VIP. so fantastic!

  10. Ms. Cha'e

    hey.. do you guys know the actual no. of votes that we managed to accumulate for this vid? 

    is 10305 + 5136 + 1069 + 2580 + 1198 = 20288 the actual number?? 


  11. Chiara La Rosa

    It’d be funny if Fantastic Baby the japanese version got onto kpop music Mondays next week.

  12. TheTaintedBlackRose

    two yeys!!!!! one for” fantastic baby”, and the other one is for, “i can comment again”!!!! XDDD

  13. come on VIP let’s vote for Miss A we been 
    hold them up for 3 weeks 

  14. i think in korea, it is not monday anymore. have they started going on their holiday to japan? they said they will this week. hopefully they will be able to post the KMM video. this make me feel nervous. haha!!

  15. donnayin87

    patiently waiting……….waiting for music mondays to be uploaded……..

  16. la la la i like BIG BANG< la la la I LOVE BIG BANG ……la la la I LIKE BIG BANG !!!!!!!!! happy VIP!

  17. Great, 2 VOTES now again = =

  18. What time do they usually upload?

  19. lalilulelo2

    let’s get 10000 votes before simon and martina upload KMM!
    boom shakalaka!

  20. Waiting now… and I do hope Simon is wearing a long red wig…

  21. So,, it’s obvious now that EYK will review BIGBANG for three times in a row on KMM

    Horray for BIGBANG

  22. i addicted to this video…..
    i love it.

  23. can somebody PLEASE TELL ME , how many MV’s are going to be released? is it only 3? im sooo confused PLEASE TELL ME :(

  24. Thuy Anh Nguyen

    Anyone think VIP should vote for Miss A for next Music Monday? I don’t know about you, but I feel bad that we blocked their video for three weeks. Plus I rather Miss A video gets review than EXO…

  25. did you see Daesung’s body like omg i thought i was going to die when i saw that. Love the whole video and i can say this is my favorite video from them and like everyone has bee saying there is a lot of symbolism i this video and there is a lot of color as well. Like wow just wow have this song o replay all day everyday

  26. I clicked on the green button then the votes went down. oops 

  27. ToDaeLove

    yayyy music mondays tomorrow :D

  28. Do any of you draw? Please draw GD in Rapunzel’s tower. I would die laughing and save that photo FOREVER. xD

  29. TOPfanatic

    i think everyone knows they will be a winner yesterday in inkigayo,,you see how rookies distance themselves on the stage and how the members said “yehey” when they won,its as if its an expected event lol.,good job in the comeback stage compare to the TOnight comeback stage ,.This one was more enjoyable to watched.

  30. How did this go from having 1200 votes by its self, to only 83? 

  31. June Hong

    i just think that bb should really be reviewed….!! I mean, EXO is just a new rookie group, and I don’t really see something THAT great in them… But this video is just so full of symbolism, rather than the HISTORY… just filled with lights and other stuff. I mean, this video really marks the “return” of the kings!! Please review!


    VIP’s do you see the comeback???
    it was AWESOME i really love the intro !! awww and the KVIP’s fanchant was amazing!!

  33. :P be nice to know that acutal number of votes since we keep killing it. its down to 14 :P