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Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

  1. Guys, vote for nuest here.'re not hoping to be reviewed anymore. We just wanna go out with a bang. Though it wasn’t reviewed. It was on the top 5 for 4 weeks. That’s something to be proud of.

  2. this just makes me want to dance :D BOOMSHAKALAKA <3
    G- RAPunzle is looking good in this mv :3 looove the daesung part ^^ with what happended last year to him.. first, i didn't knew much about it but after seeing healing camp, i know what happended and how much daesung suffered. so i want to say: Daesung Oppa, I'll be one of those who'll be cheering for you ^^ get your head up and i hope you can be happy again ___<

  3. is a visual shock! LOVE IT ! GO GO GO BIG BANG!

  4. big bang is the best ! yeah fantastic babey!!!

  5. Big Bang is AWESOME!

    Just need this to make the video! Big Bang is the Awesome’st band in Koreaa!

    VIPs united!

  6. WoW! Fantastic Baby…. This song grew on me….Anyway pleading all VIPs to help the A’s to vote for Touch which has been 2nd to BB MVs for 3 weeks. Thanks. G-D Jjang.

  7. I can’t stop listening that song…The best song of Big Bang ever…I really like it…*___* !!! I love you Big Bang,Croatia!!

  8. This song is just amazing! And the MV is ;lasdkfj;asdlkfja;sdlkfja;sldkfj <3

  9. for me this mv means a lot for both BIGBANG and VIP. so fantastic!

  10. hey.. do you guys know the actual no. of votes that we managed to accumulate for this vid? 

    is 10305 + 5136 + 1069 + 2580 + 1198 = 20288 the actual number?? 


  11. It’d be funny if Fantastic Baby the japanese version got onto kpop music Mondays next week.

  12. two yeys!!!!! one for” fantastic baby”, and the other one is for, “i can comment again”!!!! XDDD

  13. come on VIP let’s vote for Miss A we been 
    hold them up for 3 weeks 

  14. i think in korea, it is not monday anymore. have they started going on their holiday to japan? they said they will this week. hopefully they will be able to post the KMM video. this make me feel nervous. haha!!

  15. patiently waiting……….waiting for music mondays to be uploaded……..

  16. la la la i like BIG BANG< la la la I LOVE BIG BANG ……la la la I LIKE BIG BANG !!!!!!!!! happy VIP!

  17. Great, 2 VOTES now again = =

  18. What time do they usually upload?

  19. let’s get 10000 votes before simon and martina upload KMM!
    boom shakalaka!

  20. Waiting now… and I do hope Simon is wearing a long red wig…

  21. So,, it’s obvious now that EYK will review BIGBANG for three times in a row on KMM

    Horray for BIGBANG

  22. i addicted to this video…..
    i love it.

  23. can somebody PLEASE TELL ME , how many MV’s are going to be released? is it only 3? im sooo confused PLEASE TELL ME :(

  24. Anyone think VIP should vote for Miss A for next Music Monday? I don’t know about you, but I feel bad that we blocked their video for three weeks. Plus I rather Miss A video gets review than EXO…

  25. did you see Daesung’s body like omg i thought i was going to die when i saw that. Love the whole video and i can say this is my favorite video from them and like everyone has bee saying there is a lot of symbolism i this video and there is a lot of color as well. Like wow just wow have this song o replay all day everyday

  26. I clicked on the green button then the votes went down. oops 

  27. yayyy music mondays tomorrow :D

  28. Do any of you draw? Please draw GD in Rapunzel’s tower. I would die laughing and save that photo FOREVER. xD

  29. i think everyone knows they will be a winner yesterday in inkigayo,,you see how rookies distance themselves on the stage and how the members said “yehey” when they won,its as if its an expected event lol.,good job in the comeback stage compare to the TOnight comeback stage ,.This one was more enjoyable to watched.

  30. How did this go from having 1200 votes by its self, to only 83? 

  31. i just think that bb should really be reviewed….!! I mean, EXO is just a new rookie group, and I don’t really see something THAT great in them… But this video is just so full of symbolism, rather than the HISTORY… just filled with lights and other stuff. I mean, this video really marks the “return” of the kings!! Please review!


    VIP’s do you see the comeback???
    it was AWESOME i really love the intro !! awww and the KVIP’s fanchant was amazing!!

  33. :P be nice to know that acutal number of votes since we keep killing it. its down to 14 :P

  34. This group can do any type of music. <3

  35. Hey VIPS! I’ve been voting for all of BB’s videos every week and I’m thinking that after Fantastic Baby is reviewed we should go vote for miss A because they did kind of get screwed over. That and I’d much rather see them get reviewed than EXO… :)

  36. have you guys seen the live performance of this? I THINK I DIED <3

  37. I think that this song and mv are my favorite. I totally agree with angel29.

  38. this is a weird mv but i love it

  39. I just watched their comeback from SBS Inkigayo, and Wow, it was AMAZING! I felt like i was at their concert watching them perform live! :D

  40. Yay! Music Monday! Here we come! Wow Fantastic Baby! XD

  41. Yay! For kpop music mondays! <3

  42. To all the people saying that a 3rd Bigbang review on Music Mondays is unfair:

    It’s totally fair! Just like every other fandom, VIP’s are working hard on voting! If the video you want reviewed isn’t winning, chances are, you’re just not working hard enough. I remember when it was Block B’s comeback, BBC’s voted like crazy, they were up against FT Island and others and managed to win. 

    Stop complaining already.

  43. Pleeaaasseee! vote for bigbang fantastic boy!!!! XD

  44. This video was really really powerful….

  45. I’ll just say this: G-D stole Martina’s hot pink hair XD!

  46. This is a great song and I feel that is deserves to be reviewed for the sole reason that this is the song that made me a true VIP. First it was “blue”: I saw the soft, sentimental side of them. Then it was “bad boy”: I saw the bad boy rapper side of them. And finally it was (wow) “fantastic baby”: This song showed me the let loose and party side of them. These were the single three songs that made me decide to become a VIP. I’ll I have to do is learn their names and then it will be official. I think it would be great if you could review all three of them together in a row.

  47. This is a great song and I feel that is deserves to be reviewed for the sole reason that this is the song that made me a true VIP. First it was “blue”: I saw the soft, sentimental side of them. Then it was “bad boy”: I saw the bad boy rapper side of them. And finally it was (wow) “fantastic baby”: This song showed me the let loose and party side of them. These were the single three songs that made me decide to become a VIP. I’ll I have to do is learn their names and then it will be official. I think it would be great if you could review all three of them together in a row.


  49. big bang is korean dream!!!

  50. You know, every time after Dae’s high note, then TOP says “wow, fantastic baby.” I get the feeling that TOP is praising Dae~~ XD I dunno…TODAE FOR LYFE! XP

  51. Did anyone else notice that GD had a dragon ball tattoo…. 

  52. I think Martina’s complaint will be ” T.O.P Y u not SHIRTLESS??” teehee

  53. I just saw them perform this on Inkigayo, I must say, they absolutely killed it. TOP and Daesung especially – even my mom was impressed.

    On a side note, addressing the people who find it unfair that BigBang are owning the Kpopcharts: They’re currently topping all the charts in Korea. Why would it be any different here? Other Kpop artists, especially the big groups, are in fact avoiding promoting at the same time, considering how big BB’s comeback is. EYK’s charts are as fair as they come, in fact one of the most spam-proof polls I’ve ever seen. They review the most popular videos amongst their viewers. It would actually be ‘unfair’ if they decided to give BigBang special treatment (like a 3in1 BB special review) just because….they’re doing well?
    If anyone MUST be blamed, how about the other kpop groups for either A) not having the guts to promote at the same time, or B) not making their songs/videos appealing enough to us.

    Anyway, I’ve never really understood the big deal behind who gets reviewed for KMM – I enjoy them all, regardless of what they review. If people want to be introduced to a broad variety of music, watch KCrunch!! That’s what they’re for right? The Indie playlists are particularly good. I watch KMM to see S&M goofing around and having fun. :)

  54. i love this song so much :3 that during every schoolbreak, i play this song on my ipod :3
    first, i wasn’t such a fan of GD’s haircut but it looks awesome in this mv :3
    and OMGooosh SEUNGRI IS HOT! when did he become this hot ? o.O anyways, though i think it’s awesome that they finally have asian women in their clips again (not as in blue and bad boy where the women weren’t asian), i dislike the fact that the asian women were dressed in catlish, HOE-ish, easy to own,… outfits.. i mean, it maked them look very cheap..

    anyways, I looooove the song <3 so eveeryone SHOULD vote for this song :D

  55. I would really like to know the actual number of votes that videos get… I know they mentioned that his one got around 20k, but still. :3

    • Do you mean votes as in the green ‘thumbs up’? If you just want to know how many people voted for it, I usually go by the number of Facebook likes, because most people have facebook (unlike G+), and you can only vote once. Then again, there might be people who would rather not spam their facebook friends and so stick to the green votes…

  56. Big Bang won Inkigayo!!!yeay

  57. I FEEL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. holy crap..the counter crash once again.lets hope it is a good sign


  60. I want to see Simon & Martina dance to this song! LOLOLOL. :))

  61. Now we got Ain’t No Fun (My fav out of the album), Love Dust, Daesung’s Solo WINGS left :3

  62. I guess I’m just a hardcore YG stan. I fxxking love this video and song. 
    Daesung, chained to a wall all alone…. Daesung, standing outside smoking broken cars…. Daesung, falling onto the supporting arms of the pro-music masses… WHADDAYA MEAN IT’S NOT SYMBOLIC? 
    I love how Taeyang really got into the video. He looked so intense and fierce and sexaaaaay. I loved the Auto-Mail arm looking thing he was wearing near the end. 
    And GD has never looked so smoking hot in a music video. That hair-do is awesome. The people who did his hair and makeup for this video legit deserve an award. I especially like when he’s in the striped suit and his hair blends into the tubes at his feet and his eye makeup looks like a bruise. Very hard-hitting. 
    My theory about Seungri’s get-up is that the cat girls represent the fickle fans, the anti-fans, the “netizens”. The people who’ll rub and snuggle up with them one minute and then turn around and strike with their claws the next. The double-edged sword…. I like it. 
    Finally, I just wish that TOP would stop sleeping with his eyes open and get involved with the video. It’s not until the very end that I get the feeling that he views this video as anything other than a photoshoot. This song has him spitting some quick and fierce raps… why doesn’t he show a little more enthusiasm? 

    So yeah. That’s my feeling about this video. :)

    • I think for TOP the whole photoshoot idea was what he was going for. I saw someone’s comment about how TOP had to become the poster boy for BIGBANG, so they could still be “relevant.” He did a lot of CFs and actual photoshoots for magazines. 

  63. Before I die, i NEED to go see their CONCERT! :)

  64. raise your hand if you loved gd’s constantly changing hair



  67. The live clip of this song AMAZING! Especially GD “Catch Me On Fire” EPIC!

  68. I love this song and video. I’ve been singing it non stop all week  :’)

  69. This song is a really good song! =) The video has a lot of colors in it. I like some things, but not others. I can’t wait to see the Music Monday for this song.

  70. Boomshakalaka, boomshakalaka… I need to finish grading essays but can’t!

  71. I LOVE this video!! and the Sonng!! I especially love it live!!! this video is very culturally informative, I learned that those two animals are actually traditional dancing lions.. or something, TOTALLY COOL. BIGBANG is always spreading the Korea Love!!

  72. Still loving this songs several days after listening. :) I keep listening. Wow, fantastic baby. :DDDD

  73. Wow Fantastic Baby. In love with these boys <3 always have always will (:
    Big Bang Hwaiting! <333

  74. This MV is so freaking crazy!

  75. Did I hear Martina right? Thought she said there was like 20 000 votes…. I might’ve heard wrong though….

  76. Is T.O.P wearing Spudgy??

  77. WOW, FANTASTIC BABY. i think Alive might just be my favorite album ever.

  78. lets get this reviewed again

  79. I find it kinda strange that they complain about BB being reviewed for the 3rd time, I mean they haven’t even released anything in a long long while. So it’s unfair?? :p I dont think so, as someone said they’re just more in demand… lol Lets have them reviewed again!

    • agreed! It’s not like they have a comeback every 3 months like other groups. We honestly hear from them like once a year and every year it’s the same people complaining that there is too much BB but if it was their group then it’s ok…if people are sick of BB don’t click on the video…super simple

    • They are just upset because their group did not get reviewed. It is not unfair in my opinion. Martina and Simon were clear that only the videos that are most requested by fans will get reviewed and if that means BigBang in three straight weeks then it’s BigBang. If they say that their favorite groups deserve a chance to be reviewed too, well their group did when their video was added on to the kpopchart to be voted on. And if the group do not make the votes then it is just too bad. If they say that their favorite groups is really good, well there are several other good groups that do not even make it to the chart or get voted on either. It is just the way the system works. It think it is unfair that some people accused Martina and Simon of being bias on the votes and those who accused them of it do not know how to be good losers. 

  80. i love their version of dancing. 

    You have no adia Of how many times i HEARD TO THESE SONG >< 
    BUT .. I'm Just Curious About what they have to say about EXO .. BUT STILL LOVE IT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  82. I love this song live… :D

  83. Thank Simon for deleting the spams in that world-record-with-a-bunch-of-teasers-and-prologues group thread. It’s so unfair if they keep spamming like that. BIG BANG FTW!

  84. I hope the broken counter is a good indication for whos gonna be on monday.. EXO, ReallY??? the song isnt that great, my sister who is a slight fan didnt even like it, why are they second on the list?? all the jelly fans who coudnt get their groups video the past few weeks must have banded together!! hehe

  85. seriously exo fans? wanna beat bigbang? dream on.. zzz….

  86. I love all the symbolism in the video. On the other hand… G-Dragon reminds me of emo Rapunzel…

  87. 10 votes?! vote counter I’m gonna kill you!

  88. bigBAng@@@ Be Popular!!! hehe just kidding, that is totally unnecessary 

  89. TOP serious face + BOOM SHAKALAKA dance= LOL Hahaha they are so pure

  90. I really like this video because it’s so colorful~ The “boom shakalaka” was stuck in my head for DAYS! O.O I love Big Bang tho so it’s perfectly fine. ^^ What made me cringe a bit were those fluffy-sesame-street-looking monsters. O.o Taeyang~ omg… I DIE! >_<

  91. GD’s hair is just… At least he’s having fun with it. And it’s better than just the black hair that he had in Bad Boy.

  92. ewwww I watched like two second of history, sure thats not long enough to judge a song, but it was not cool enough to make me watch more… BIGBANG FIGHTING!!!

    p.s. I dont believe in second prologues

  93. DAMN..the counter crash once again…actually im sooooo boring…someone please talk to me…

  94. what happened??!!! why the votes get reset!!!!!!! it was 10k few days ago, it was 70++ just now. and its 10 now?!!!

  95. title says it all…WoW fantastic baby!

  96. i heard this mv got 20k votes from update, cmiiw

  97. I vote for this for music mondays definitely!!

  98. this mv needs to be reviewed.. please!!

  99. I wish Big Bang’s MV will be reviewed by Simon and Martina for three consecutive weeks! :D Martina will be very happy ㅋㅋㅋ ;)

  100. I don’t normally watch kpop vids more than twice but this MV is different. I feel that I have to see it twice everyday and I don’t even know why. 

  101. a great culmination to their three MVs for this mini album

  102.  ok..VIPs crash the counter once again..nice VIPs

  103. commenting again as i don’t want exo to win…>.>

  104. BIG BANG all the wayyyyy!!!!

  105. seriously, eventhough this video is kinda lulzy, but it has a lot of meaning and symbolism. i hope you’ll review all of it in music monday :)

  106. SHINeeVIPofCassiopeia

    The twitter vote is back to 50, did we VIPs crash them counts again? :P

  107. I’m worried about G-Dragon. How many weaves does he have!?

  108. Ahhh~ can’t wait for this review! :D and then Exo next Monday. ^^

  109. by far the best of the three videos released. full of fun wacky imagery and inventive styling. the song itself is genius, of course.

  110. I cant wait till Monday! I want to see Simon & Martina’s opnions about the video!

  111. rah just say Big Bang wins one more time :p nobody can’t beat ‘em !

  112. i think its broken cz im voting but the number didnt change

  113. Can’t wait for simon’s expression when this WIN…which it will!!
    Martin are gonna scream “FANTASTIC BABY” DAESUNG~ <3

  114. BIGBANG winning again : )

    Awesome, can’t wait for your hilarious review ! : D

    lol this song woke me up this morning as it came on when I was sleeping. It’s funny how you can listen to music all night and then suddenly one song wakes you up for no reason. It’s Saturday, I should be sleeping until noon.

  116. Votes – 7419
    FB – 4460
    Twitter – 931
    Google – 2220
    Comments – 1003
    Rank – 1

  117. So no one else noticed the weird lion dance-ish creatures in the fantastic baby video at 3:24-3:40?

  118. Fantastic Baby is stuck in my and is now my new ringtone
    this song is just awesome

  119. im disappointed with the counter..

  120. Shouldnt it be more votes by now?? More than 7393 I mean… Anyway can somebody tell me why Exo is 2nd even though it seems that Miss A has more votes?

    • The counter crashed many times since the begining, so yes it should be more votes… :s maybe exo fans share more ? ’cause a vote = 2 points but share (google or facebook) = 4 points, it’s more important ^^

      •  Well all the points above are more so that why I think Miss A should be 2nd but made thoose counters are also broken lol

        •  Well as long as Fantastic baby wins :D hahaha no I just want to understand how this works. Like does the MV only have a certain period it can win or can fans keep it here until it win the review?

        • Actually the ranking depends on wich video is popular now. One video might have more votes but if in the last week it hasn’t gotten many votes and a new Mv comes and fans come and vote for it a lot during the week, even it the new video has in total less votes, its average of votes per week is higher so it’ll rank higher.

          Simon and Martina explained it in a video i think, or in a facebook post when they addressed the whole teen top not getting reviewed issue.

  121. S&M I’m going to ask you again when reviewing this song no matter how long it ends up to be do not cut it short :D

  122. big bang fantastic baby :D

  123. does anyone understand this video? i love BB but what the heck is going on?
    and whats the BOOM SHAKA LAKA from?

    • Boom Shaka Laka means “who’s the boss.” It is an expression often used in Basketball game when you score. When you said it it’s like rubbing your victory on your opponent’s face. There are many symbolism in this mv :).

  124. how many times is the counter going to break???

  125.  HAHA! Go to vote again, discover the counter is dead again. XD

  126.   the counter just crashes, cracks, craps LOL

  127. what is wrong with the counter???it suppose to have more than 10 000 votes already..

  128. 27 votes??seriously??yesterday more than 1000 votes..kidding me??

  129. OHHHHHHHHH CRASH AGAIN??!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA everytime I came to vote, it crashes D:

  130. 18 vote, seriously?! WTF

  131. BigBANG is the best!

  132. ” 85 million years ago.,the earth’s greatest band was placed into chambers and was sent into orbit, Music needs them now! its time for BIGBANG’s returns” (still alive song….)”

    opening of 2012 BIGSHOW concert…:)

  133. i love how they won at Music bank (KBS) and their show was being shown on the other channel SBS …double slap on the face lol

  134. Wow, fantastic baby. :D Keep it up, boys!

  135. I love Fantastic Baby..BoomShakalaka , this song is amazing :)

  136. i LOVE GD’S HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. wow ….i have this on replay….fantastic baby!!!

  138. BIG BANG ♛


  140. Why they put all the members shirtless except for TOP??? that’s not fair TT__TT

  141. BIGBANG FTW!!

  142. my response to everything is now: wow fantastic baby

  143. i love you daseung and your leather pants.. can big bang do the crotch airing dance like exo? .. too much?

  144. hey how come I checked that day the vote was already 5000+ and it drop down to 1000+ again? did the vote counter broke? how can this happen!!! OMG

  145. T.O.P. really doesn’t move his lips that much… ._. I didn’t notice until now. LOL.

  146. i was listening to this song when my little bro barges into my room and then starts listening to it…
    5 minutes later, he searches it up on the computer next door to my room and all i hear from there is WOW FANTASTIC BABY and BOOM SHAKALAKA :D

  147. Monday come faster ;A; can’t wait for Simon and Martina’s view on this ♥ ;D

  148.  1st again ! Wow, fantastic baby

  149. y does dis only hav 1000votes????

  150. Let me just say, I am loving Daesung’s pants at the end of the video, I also really like GD’s lips ;)


  152. Hahaha I am starting to believe Miss A will never make it lol

  153. talk about “visual shock”

  154. Big Bang is the best. I love this song and the music video is awesome. And i’m really curious to see what will be your comments XD

  155. Only BigBang can manage to get to the top of KMM chart in a day. get anoyed by some rookies’ fans comments. Thinking about beating BigBang? at least try to beat Miss A first. duh.

  156. nothing will ever compare to this beauty

  157. did you see that hey’re in the thie 3 first places in Billboard Kpop Hot 100 ?! and two more in top 10 ? this is the Big Bang year !

  158. Monday needs to hurry up! >.<

  159. Big bang fantastic

  160. This song is FANTASTIC BABY! :D

  161. I saw a live for this song and OMGDSHKADSJCUKHASIDJAK. That’s all.

  162. we keep crashing the system.. -___-

    • IKR.  And somehow, it doesn’t surprise me anymore.  It’s when the Google counter crashes that I panic.  I hope it won’t happen again.  I really want Fantastic Baby on KMM. 

      1679 – votes
      4336 – FB
      886 – Twitter
      2180 – Google
      959 – comments
      16576515681 – number of times our vote counter crashed

  163. wow exotics are catching up o.o comment like crazy people!!

  164. Who else watching this at least 5 times a day?
    I just don’t get bored with it or the song.
    There’s so much good stuff to enjoy. Their styles, the symbolic imagery and metaphors, etc etc. <333
    Probably my favorite Big Bang MV to date…! :)

  165. Congrats on two music show wins already BB! Looking forward to the comeback stage on Inki this sunday! Loving the crazy style and meaning behind the video/lyrics! The Kings are back and I am loving every minute of it!

  166.  i hope that you guys will review bigbang’s ‘fantastic baby’ first and then review exo’s ‘history’ :D
    please do both!~

  167. Awesome Song! XD BIGBANG FTW!!!!! 

  168. I feel so sorry for Miss A xD

  169. This video… My gosh! xD It seriously needs a music monday review! Cuz it was SUPER amazing!! I’ve watched it probably about 1000 times now xD

  170. the number of votes should be 5000+ now :(


  172. Saranghye Big Bang

  173. Big Bang just won in Music Bank. LOL.  

    • I know! The irony there cracks me up!! 

      • Everyone is laughing at KBS now.  They put up a set of fabricated evidence stating it is too soon for BB to comeback and all we see is Big Bang dominating all charts.  Now they have no choice but to award Big Bang since Blue has not relinquished it’s lead (Instiz and Melon) since they released it on the 22nd of Feb.

        Big Bang just needed this one win in Music Bank to make a statement.  Other groups can have the other weeks.

        Boom Shakalaka!  Wow, Fantastic Baby!

  174. I wanna dance dance dance

  175. Bigbang’s Fantastic Baby for Kpop Music Mondays! :)

  176. creepin'kpop


    My new ringtone!

  177. now this is the type of mv that I would expect from Big Bang :D BOOM SHAKALAKA!

  178. Hi! Someone finally replied to you!! ^_^ And no, spamming is not allowed.

  179. GD’s “HUH?!” face. KYAAAAA Can’t get enough of it! SO HOT. *faints*

  180. boom shaka laka!!hottest mv ever!!^^

  181. we play it cool BIG BANG FTW

  182. I wanna see you guys go crazy over it =3

  183. this has to be my favorite mv as of recently XD

  184. gahhhhh!!! i love them so much xD



  187. BB first! lolol..

  188. Big Bang is ALIVE. The King of KPOP is back with BOOM SHAKALAKA!

  189. Big Bang :D!   

  190. BIG BANG = SEXY MEN, Exo – Boys. COME ON NOW. This is simple.. or should I say simper.

  191. :P we keep killing the vote counter

  192. i can’t stop visiting youtube and play this MV, it’s contagious

  193. PLEASE JUST REVIEW THIS. GD’s hair alone would worth to review it!

  194. I VOTE MANY TIMES DAILY- Im POSITIVE we going to get it this Monday :)

  195. I know VIPs, it’s normal to be scared.. But let’s think clearly. How proud the EXOtics will be when they know us, the BigBang’s armies, are afraid of them. just keep voting, sharing, and comment. we won’t lose. cs we gt bigger fanbase here.

  196. Scared EXO will win… must comment a bajilliion times LOL

  197. I Love T.O.P.s raps in this they are so fun to sing.. rap along to XD

  198. i am so addicted to this song right now!!! “wow. fantastic baby” has become the new and acceptable “cool story bro” among my friends :D

  199. this song has to WIN!!! exo can suck my toe!!! D:<

    • why do u seem afraid? cmon.. VIPs, we cant get scared by anyone (let alone rookies) cs.. u know, we beat Britney Spears and even Justin Bieber! Big Bang are just awesome like that.

      • I agree you shouldn’t be scared but I am afraid SM fans can be crazy obsessive with their voting
        NVM I forgot the counter keeps crashing and we have like 5k+
        I got scared when I only saw 600 and I never saw more than that when I come on here everyday to vote lol

  200. Everything about anything Big Bang releases is awesome ^^

  201. Not sure if i like gd-punzel or the picture of perfection (TOP) better.

    Also dae abs y/y


  203. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 this made "fantastic Baby" the coolest thing to say EVER!!! hahaha 

  204. Simon and Martina must be preparing the props for the video right now.  I see Simon wearing a long wig…

  205. There are too many hilarious things in this video…

    I wonder what you guys would say about this…:P

  206. why thumbs up doesn’t work and there are only 679 votes : (

  207. love the boom shakalaka part sooo much!


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    Boom Shakalaka 
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    Looking forward,


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  312. irritablevowel

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    And i think I can say that Simon WILL or at least SHOULD talk about GD’s HAAAAAAAAAAAAANHHHHH sound thing he makes.. it’s very similar to Simon’s own HAAAAANH sound

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    I’d like to say to every people complaining : please, watch the things you say. How would you react if people started bashing SUJU (if you’re an ELF), SNSD or B2ST for instance ? If your favorite group happened to be on kpop music mondays three weeks in a row, you wouldn’t complain, would you ?  And you would tell haters to get lost wouldn’t you ? So it’s the same for VIPs :) Anyway, no one’s crazy enough to release a song while Bigbang is promoting so you are not missing out of much.  Just relax and enjoy S&M’s review !

  321. Umm, just a thought, but why was I strangely reminded of Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense? Anybody else had the same thoughts? Of course, Big Bang is waaaaay hotter than Brown Eyed Girls, especially bingu TOP and his green eyebrows.

  322. I was just on youtube watching this video (again) and I saw someone’s comment: ”
    it’s based on what they’ve been through recently. GD with marijuana case wears long hair because they took GD’s hair for sample, Daesung with 2 cars relating to his two 2 accidents, TOP is dressed like a soldier relating to Mc Mong dodging military duty while Seungri was said as a flirt so that’s why he is surrounded by girls. Taeyang, I’m not sure about it”. Seems legit to me. Any explanations for Taeyang’s story?

    • Thats kinda interesting. Everyone always calls Taeyang a Church boy, so maybe thats the monkness, and then when he’s in the sewer (or where ever) thats him just trying to break his image of churrch boy into shiny underground raver. Yup. hehe

    • also, I reckon T.O.P. is more in the modelling vein, rather than the MC Mong thing.. He has been doing a lot of modelling, and he is up in the pictures for everyone to look at :D

  323. hahaha last week my sister said it would be TOTALLY LAME if they did ANOTHER BigBang Video, and that simon and martina should intervene. This week I said “poor say A’s, they have to wait another week” and my sister said “the videos not that good anyways..” Fantastic Baby!! has changed her mind XD


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    • U know what, even Simon and Martina finally replied to one of Miss A’s fan (coz they keep on whining -.-’) on Youtube about BIGBANG’s continuous win.

      They basically said Miss A’s fans are not the only one who wants to be reviewed. There are John Park’s fans too and etc. So they said only preventing VIPs from voting will be unfair to VIPs.

      Even Simon and Martina don’t find it wrong for BIGBANG continuous win because we, VIPs, win purely by votes. We don’t cheat our way to the top. Simon and Martina don’t give us an upper hand either. It’s that simple. People likes BIGBANG more ;)

      BIGBANG is fantastic baby <3
      Boom Shaka Laka to whiners, haters, and jelly people.

      • Where did you see this? Can you give me a link or something. I wanna see what they said.

        • It’s on the comment box of Music Monday – Bad Boy.. since I was one of the earliest people to comment, I happened to see it. You can try looking up at the earlier comments (around the first couple of page) on that music monday vid.

        • Thuy Anh Nguyen

          Thanks! I never thought I would get an answer!

    • Don’t hate on Say A’s please! Imagine if you were in our position, be honest. You’d be kinda upset too. I congratulate BB on all their success, they’ve had a tough year. But Miss A is kinda new (they debuted only 2-3 years ago) so they aren’t as well known as BB. We just really want them to review the video. So please, quietly savor your success.

      •  I dont hate miss a …i actually like some of their songs…but for fans to comment on bigbang page or send e-mails to simon/martina complaining about vips..i really dont like is what it is just accepted it and vote your best for your bias thats all im saying….

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    My younger sister and I were watching this video and we found it so amusing! I love big bang <3

  340. It’s like star wars and naruto and 2ne1 in one video clip…so cool and yet I still would not show it to someone who has never in his life saw any kpop music video…:)

  341. have you seen how many fantastic baby reaction videos are on youtube???? OMG

  342. punkyprincess92

    this should be the Rapunzel edition or the DragonBall Z edition!!!!

  343. im in love with GD’s image.

    TOP in the painting frames is beyond cool.

  344. Ahah, three weeks in a row (and lovin’ it). Go Big Bang! XD (And I’m not even a big VIP)

  345. i don’t get other people’s argument of how its unfair to review big bang more than once. and i read a comment that said something about always doing big bang is annoying. 

    1- its fair because its based on our votes. if you want your video reviewed then vote for it, stop whining. 
    2- its been 2 mondays…2! they act likes its been 2 years or something. like calm down people. 

  346. It’s just awesome. Love the concept.

  347. G-Dragon’s hair is awesome and the owl is right down evil.. Awesomness! Please review this video! ^^

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  350. WOW yesterday it was 4th place… VIPs are the Best fans ever xD (i’m a vip too)

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  352. VIPS lets make sure we keep this mv number one until monday…lets keep voting..

  353. Why are people surprised about Daesung having abs? Did no one see “What’s Up”?

  354. Wow… some folks put way more thought into this than me. I am sure BB appreciates it…but I appreciate the half naked men the most!

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  360. T.O.P is living ART. He knows it, he flaunts it ;p  XD

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  364. Taeyang ma man~~~ He’s going up in flames if he gets any hotter >v< I like the body arts! The yoga pose…mmm…it's like Park Bom in Can't Nobody. Ahhh~~~ maybe they're both showing us HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BODY: YG STYLE!

  365. GD’s hair is “growing” on me…I think he’s straight trolling us XD Lovin’ It!

  366. I don’t get this anymore X.X What is dis D<

  367. LOL! Vote count now is 4 =)) The counter has crashed once again x.x

  368. Really hope for this to be on KMM next week

    BIGBANG totally loves EYK.
    After they use your style,, now they even use your phrase

    I think they have to share some royalty to you guise

  369. Still my favorite MV of the three. :D “I just can’t get enough, I’m addicted to my love[s]…” TOP is hot; Taeyang is really sexy here, and Daesung… when did you get so gorgeous!?

  370. Please fix the video counter. Since the video was posted, it keeps resetting x.x The count keeps decreasing everytime I check :x :(

  371. what’s wrong with your counter…… 

  372. GOD! I LOVE this song! It is just so amazing! There is so much going on in the mv and the guys look incredible (cant get enough of all the nakedness :P)! I like when big bang makes this type of music ;) Please review it next monday!!!! We know you want to :P

  373. O.O so what does this mean…is our vote being added together since the counter keeps crashing…it should be number one right now right?

  374. this page is cursed… why does this counter keeps resetting ? (maybe it’s a plot from the black army… o.0)

  375. Hope it doesn’t lose because of the counter crashing.  On a more important note….who’s the lucky person that got to draw all over Taeyang’s body?!

  376. RESET?????? This was way up high when I last checked. What happened?

  377. This music video is one of the weirdest ever and only they could pull off a sexy weird. ㅋㅋㅋ
    Anyways, That is one radical transformation of image right there! Anyways, I loved every bit of it especially Daesung’s sexy topless body~ However, this video is not something I would want to replay over and over and not get tired of it. I could do that with “Blue” and “Bad Boy” but for this, unfortunately, no. I don’t know. Something just looks weird to me. Taeyang’s stiff neck, T.O.P’s green Manliner, Seungri’s… Can’t explain it but, yeah.

    However, I love the song! VERY MUCH~ I also love the video, but i’m not too obsessed with it :(

    That’s why I want this on music mondays to see what Simon and Martina has to say! :)


    The counter for vote and google keep on crashing..-.-’
    It was 300+ just a couple hours after it was uploaded and now a day after it must’ve been more than 1000…


  380. So when I watched this for the first time (which was on the day it was released FYI) I was like: 
    “ohhhh WOW an owl did they get it from Hogwarts… O.O WOW GD YOUR HAIR O.O /eyes pop out/… okay what’s with the mask-wearing people o.o (and I repeated this for the next few times I saw ‘em)… OH WOW TAEYANG DEFROSTING! Nananananananana~ eh the mask on GD o.o uh whut Taeyang’s movements on the throne O.O GD sitting on top of the wastepile (?) like a BOSS :D OMG TOP and his GUYLINER makes a return!! … umf UMF DAESUNG WHY ARE YOU CHAINED UP LIKE THAT AND TOPLESS SOMEMORE /dies/ YOU’RE MAKING ME HAVING ALL SORTS OF INDECENT THOUGHTS :/ UMF UMF MUSCLES FLEXES /drools/ … oh hai Seungri finally we see our strong baby LOL.. BOOM SHAKALAKA~~~! … NO HANDS OFF MY BABY SEUNGRI STOP MOLESTING HIM!!! (while secretly wishing to be one of those girls)… wow TOP’s eyebrows match his hair LMAO… GD’s lips are DA BOMB. TAEYANG YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN AND SMELL LOL, CHILLAX! … Daesung why are you dressed now I still haven’t finished eye-raping you yet :/ but DAMN you’re seriously rocking the BLUE tuxedo…! Never thought a blue tuxedo would look so hot on a guy but the resident smiling angel has proven me wrong! … and where are you falling to? o.o and cue the ripping off of masks and Big Bang partying like there’s no tomorrow~ (btw stylist please stop making Dae wear tight pants eg Running Man, it’s not helping VIPs remain sane with him topless in this MV)… AND LOL I thought that was some overgrown DOMO hahaha!!! … LOL BAE AND RI PARTYING HARD AT 3:48 LMAOOOOO … YES our KINGS on the thrones with their CROWNS! Love the ending!”

    LOL seriously. That was my response. But of course I didn’t post it on Youtube since they have a limit of 500 characters.

  381. I really love GD’s hair… GD fighting!!! BIG BANG FIGHTING!!! ^___^ #BOOMSHAKALAKA


  383. plz simon&martina!! i want fantastic baby to be reviewed on Music Monday!!! plz!!!


  385. We need more Green, lightblue and red votes~ VIP’s GOGOGO~

  386. The vote counter seems broken.. -_-’

  387. OMG… MA KINGS…. love all of your MV <3

  388. Dit we break the counter again?? The green number’s reset..? :s

  389. One day and already at #2!. This song is so freaking catchy even my non K-pop liking family loves this song.

  390. One of the more strange MVs I’ve seen, but then again, it’s Big Bang. No matter how weird it is when you have Big Bang in the mix it at least is acceptable to an extent. (NOTE: I’m NOT bashing Big Bang, how can I when they’re my bias group?) That aside… I’m agreeing with some tumblr-ers. Daesung, why are you not chained in my basement?! If you are, my house would probably be BOOM SHAKALAKA (ie exploded into smithereens thanks to Big Bang). XD

  391. Hope we get this to see this video for KPop Music Mondays next week! ^o^ Voting for Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby. ^_~

    If indeed this makes it for review next week, I wonder what skits Simon and Martina are going to come up with.. Haha.

  392. oh nooo we  need to keep voting!!

  393. This song BETTER GET REVIEWED!!!!! 

  394. KEEP VOTING!!!! BIG  BANG deserves a review of this amazing MV, and VIP’s too!! wow BOOM CHAKALAKA!!

  395. vote vote guys ^^ VIp fighting ♥


  397. Did the vote counter crashed again? xD I really hope this could be reviewed! Cause, ALL of them looks so super awesome in this MV!!

  398. Many parts of fantastic baby in this preview wasn’t in the actual mv though.. :si just noticed it after few times of watching it..

  399. TOP first part in the MV… so many French reference xD me gusta :p

  400. oh and more thing… i love gd’s hair… y people keep complaining.. tsk.. ><
    it's ur opinion to not like it.. but no need for complaints.. just saying.. ;)

  401. lol something wrong with the votes.. i guess the page can’t keep up with all of us voting constantly xD
    but it gets on my nerves cause i try to “promote video on google” and i cant…. x.x
    anyway~ i can’t wait for music monday ;D

  402. this video is so cool
    is just they’ve overcome the difficulties and stand up again

  403. I don’t get the owl…Or GD’s hair.

    • My take: Owl, I think represents YG.  It took flight/action when things were getting rough.  Before it all started, the owl was just monitoring, letting things be.

      As for the hair, it’s long and scarlet (color for sin).  It puts emphasis on that part of the body which ultimately betrayed GD.

  404. Hedwig is in the video!!!

    Enough reason to review this.

  405. Can you explain the symbolism please???

  406. Did the vote counter crash again? xD Lol.

  407. Martina GD copied your hair!!!

  408. I’d be interested in your analysis on this vid! Though I can predict a bit of it, mentioning Taeyang’s perpetual shirtless state for starters :D

  409. They deserve another monday. Further, I don’t get the plot. 

    … KMM always tell me the plots! Same goes for warrior and stuff. I didn’t get it! Now I do >D

  410. @3:20 YG got their own homemade 360 degree camera..haha

  411. Simon must mention something about the boom shaka laka which he sometimes used to say a few times in previous videos! What does he think about that, haha

  412. this mv has so much symbolism, i’m sure you’ll enjoy analysing this :D (boubouh’s english… 2 out of 5… i’m sorry, i don’t knoxw if my english is correct :s)

  413. yay BIG BANG  IS BIG BANG!!!!

  414. big bang really deserve another monday!!!!

  415. Can’t wait for you guys to scrutinise the video. Don’t you dare miss any symbolism yo!

  416. im very sorry for miss A, i love their new mv too~ but..i still vote for BigBang!

  417. Yay! Number 1! :) I can’t wait to see this video’s review on Kpop Music Mondays <3 This video is full of swag, sexiness, yet, full of meaning and symbolism. :) Love Bigbang to the bones! :))

  418. It’s a addictive song and the video is so sexy. I really want EYK review because I want understad all symbols and you knows a lot about it. BIGBANG ♥

  419. wow. fantastic baby…. <3 

  420. i guess its 3 bigbang mv in a row for eat your kimchi ! :p

    Martina must be really happy hahaha ;p;p
    bom shakalakaaaaaa

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    • Yeah, I read some stuff on the other videos….yikes! People are not happy. *arrows slides to vote button*
      And I really do want to see other artist reviewed *hovers over “vote”*
      But what can we do? Miss A will definitely get it next week…..right?
      *votes for Fantastic Baby.*

    • yeah but they don’t come out with an mv every 2 month so after fantastic baby there is no more and everything will go to normal^^
      but let us enjoy this 
      and simon and martina are happy to review it because its fun i gues and interesting (they had things to tell …like a lot  so…)

  436. The years have been good to Daesung. Age is definitely on his side. 


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    •  The good person in me feels bad…for how VIPs kind of rape everything and make it hard for other great stuff to get some light…
      But the inner VIP in me screams “SERVES THEM RIGHT FOR COMPETING WITH MY  LOVES!”

      I’m really conflicted, because I liked Touch and a few other stuff that has come out…but I can’t..quite…stop…fangasming over BB.

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  446. Awesomeness, I just had to comment again. Seriously the best song for me ;D

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    I realized EVERYTHING after seeing the “No Music” sign xD

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    End result: They can do anything. ANYTHING.

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    • Look it up on youtube! but the jist of it is a man Kony,kidnaps kids in africa, fources them to kill there parents, and has the boys turned into soldiers and the girls turned into sex slaves! but please look it up on youtube!

  465. love TOP’s expression when they were dancing~ x3 lol!

  466. Warning to all the people in my dorm– fangirl wattage at Solar.
    Just when I think that TOP can’t get any sexier…things like this happen.Also, I have a new-found respect for GD with this album. He’s been doing just absolutely amazing. Lastly: DAESUNG NEVER CHANGE YOUR HAIR!! /drools

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  486. Muhammad Asyraf Aminuddin

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    Simon and Martina, PLEASE review this video!

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  498. Ah TOP looks so FINE in this video!!! his eye make-up is sexy, his voice is sexy and well hes just SEXY!!!<3

  499. Each one of their new MVs are awesome in their own way. I think I liked the outfits of this one the best. 

    I suppose I’d like a little more enthusiasm from TOP. He just seems so awkwardly not into it. 

  500. How they look~ O_o GD – O-M-G~!!! TOP – for some reason I think he is so cute in this MV ^^ Taeyang is an agressive warrior~ Daesung’s abs are so AWESOME! And Seungri is a sexy player~ ^^

  501. First time I watched this I was like “OMG~ O_o Woooow~ Hahaha XD” But watching the second time I saw that the MV is not perfect and it has some scene that I saw in 2ne1′s videos… eh but stil THIS IS AWESOME~ And this is my fav song from the album~

  502. Is the counter broke AGAIN?? Seriously, a couple of times already and this is out not even a day. I came here hours ago and the votes were definitely higher than this..-.-

  503. I’m now expecting a music video a week, BigBang!

  504. I think the whole video is full of symbolism and I’ll just do this frame by frame and sorry for the grammar as I go from video to the events of last year, it’s a bit confusing.  Anyway, here goes my take on the video:

    GDragon’s hair is long and scarlet in this video.  Long and scarlet to emphasize it was his hair that betrayed him and caused him to be called a sinner. He even has a bruised eye because of it.  Behind him, there are people asking him to stop his career. 

    Then we see a frozen Taeyang who was in a frozen state for a while.  We see a cross tattooed on him symbolizing his faith.

    Then we see what seems to symbolize the VIPs and the rest of their supporters coming in groups fighting against the people who want to suppress the music.  At first, they are shown to be helpless, not able to beat those with tools and defense for battle.

    GD sees the fighting and the commotion that is happening because of him but is not able to do anything.

    TOP remains with his clean image.  When they were on hiatus, he had the most CFs at home and abroad: NZ (North Face) and NY (Calvin Klein). He was reduced to being a poster boy during that time.

    Taeyang in a white room naked surrounded by supporters dressed like monks.  Helpless, he may have been in a good place (YG building or their dorm) but he was still heavily guarded and unable to do anything because any move or statement from him could be misinterpreted. Remember that tweet he posted after GD’s case came out?  That was a mess that never happened again. And the monk suits, because he kept to his faith this whole time.

    Daesung is chained.  Last year, both because he had no choice and also didn’t want to for fear of judgment.

    Dance, I want to dance, dance, dance.  That was all they wanted to do when all these were happening.  According to BigBang, it was when they realized they’ve been taking forgranted their activities and wanted, more than anything else, to perform again.

    VIPs finally winning after fighting for BB to go on with the music! *tears*

    Seungri only receiving scratches in the midst of the commotion and getting attention, like TOP but was not completely satisfied.

    All of Big Bang at the scene of the battle after the dust settled.  Time for reflection and re-assessment.

    TOP is ready!

    GD, with black and white lips in white clothes.  Some people believed in him and some still called him a liar long after he has repented.

    Taeyang with one arm cast in metal, another one normal… slowly getting his strength.

    Daesung at the scene of a car wreck.

    Daesung falling from the sky but his supporters caught his fall.  *tears again*

    VIPs and BigBang celebrating, dancing boom shakalaka which means “who’s the boss” and “in your face” after their return.  They are indeed and very much alive!

    Without the symbolism, this video is an eye candy.  But for fans of Big Bang, this video is more than that as VIPs around the world went through this ordeal with them last year and are dancing to Boom Shakalaka now that the boys are back.

    Thank you, Big Bang, for coming back!

  505. Ah Big Bang you have completely dominated music Mondays for almost a month now…. Well I’m not complainin’

  506.  BB 3 weeks in a row ?! why not :)

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  508. This video is sooooo awesome! One of the best of BIGBANG :-)

  509. Why is bad boy and blue still part of the k-pop chart thing? Shouldn’t they be gone since they already reviewed those?

    • No, last I heard, the system is votes per days the video has been out. I guess people are still voting for the MV’s or they still have a high ratio of votes/day.

  510. Keepin’ this song on repeat. :D

  511. Someone on youtube: “Police were the anti fans, protesters were the VIP.
    notice how GD doesn’t face them while everyone else fights, it was his
    time of self reflection. Also, Dae in a scene with wrecked
    cars…coincidence? and when he was chained to the wall, it was his time
    where he went away and never left the dorm. See how Tae is slowly
    coming ‘alive’. There’s a lot of symbolism in this video. in the end,
    VIP win over haters and the Kings return to their throne >:D”

  512. I don’t usually watch a video more than once in one sitting but I watched this 3 times already. And OMG Daesung = HOT!!

  513. I wonder what Simon thinks of GD’s Hadouken at 3:16. Haha actually EYK was the first thing I thought of when I saw that, because this is where I was introduced to Hadouken!

  514. Hope it gets to Music Monday :D


    EPIC! <3

  516. I love BIGBANG!! obsessed with this mv 0_o


  518. Finally it is available in Korea!!  Can finally watch it..!!!  but.. GD’s hair…

  519. I’m viewer 302. Wow, Fantastic Baby!

  520. this video is AMAZING!!!!!!

    WE CAN DO IT!! <3!

  521. honestly i worry when the counter gets above 200. That means people are not voting enough to crash it.

  522. Someone on youtube: “Police were the anti fans, protesters were the VIP. notice how GD doesn’t face them while everyone else fights, it was his time of self reflection. Also, Dae in a scene with wrecked cars…coincidence? and when he was chained to the wall, it was his time where he went away and never left the dorm. See how Tae is slowly coming ‘alive’. There’s a lot of symbolism in this video. in the end, VIP win over haters and the Kings return to their throne >:D”

  523. wow fantastic baby !!!!! omh i screamd like idane when i saw deasung with half naked body…..!!!!!!( instant drool continuing for ….forever ) and the song is very catchy ( when i listen to it i have the feeling i  am a selebrity and wlak slow motion cat walk ( no 360 degree came…lol) <3 big bang are unbelivable !!!!!!!!!! love u all !!!!!!!

  524. Can’t decide if I love picturesque TOP or tied up Daesung more…definitely love them both, though. This video makes me like the song a whole lot more.
    Okay, GD, I will say your hair is gorwing on me, but I wouldnt object to you changing it. At all.
    Um…Taeyang looked kind of really scary at that part where they zoom in and out on his face. It’s cool, though.
    As for the “boomshakalaka”? I can’t decide if I hate it or not…on one had..hello flash back to , what, the 90s? On the other hand…it’s so dark catchy.

    Bottom line:  Ovaries=explode. Thumbs up and a 8.5/10. :D (Because I still can’t decide if I like or love the song.)


  526. BIg Bang 3 weeks in a roww people! LGI! Martinaaa don’t you love ittt? LOL

  527. Amazing!! 
    This video work is comparable to the very best in the world!

  528. 1) Martina, did TOP steal your glasses? lol

    2) I’m really liking GD’s hair :)

  529. The video is awesome, the song is amazing! c:

  530. SORRY MISS A..I love BIG BANG MORE :)

  531. I really, really wanted to mess up GD’s pretty lipstick.

  532. i actually like the song better than the MV. i wish they were more silly with it! rather than put out all that…creepy…staring…even if they’re hott…so much staring T^T and taeyang’s hair!!! WHYYY *[]* beef jerky head! daesung tho…pheeeewwwwwwwee! i am happily amazed. and i like gd’s hair (not the super long orange stuff) and intro

  533. OMG BIG BANG!!

  534. it’s one success after the other. loveloveLOVE this video:) so different, so unique, so THEM. BigBangHwaiting!!!

  535. This MV reminds me of Narnia!!!

  536. ninirobinsondiederichs

    Oh lord! this was good! i didn’t really like the song when i first listened to it, but this video is powerful, not really then best story line, and although Sengri’s part was a bit Bleh ( the  girls crawling all over him… its been done…getting sick of it), i still like it overall!
    to the five boys: HWAITING!!!

  537. Let’s go, BIGBANG! Add another amazing song to the list. :>

  538.  LOL  I’m almost starting to feel bad for Miss A… kinda =P
    It’s gonna be a long time until Miss A gets a review, and I’m sorry girls, but I loved BIGBANG first!  VIP for life <3

    Also, did anyone else spazz when Dae showed up on screen or was that just me? :x

  539. I’m so sorry, but i will vote for Miss A next time…this time for real, i promiseee!! But this, this have to be reviewed by you guys!! you are the number one! and this MV have a lot of things for you to comment, don’t you think? :) 

  540. Wahh such a fun and colorful video. After Blue and then Bad Boy I figured they’d release a dance song and mv, but even the teaser did not prepare me for this. It was great though, and I saw Daesung… :D

  541. This is definitely my favorite MV so far! It’s so futuristic and fun! GO VIP!

  542. I am dying to see when Simon and Martina say about this mv!
    Wow, Touch has been staying in the top three for a long time now. :)

  543. Let’s do this VIP’S 3 weeks in a row!!!


  545. This video is insane in the best possible way. I love it!

  546. Seungri shaved his belly LOL

  547. where did all the likes go >.< it better get fixed! 

  548. BIG BANG for week three of Kpop music monday!!! yay!!!

  549. Yes! We need to make it Big Bang week for three consecutive weeks! That’s a record setting, isn’t it?

  550. Really, how awesome would it be to have Big Bang on Music Monday three weeks in a row?!  

  551. Some people complained about DG’s hair in allkpop but all i can say is, I LOVE HIS HAIR!
    [I'm a sucker when it comes to guy's with long or unique hair] The hair suits him, he looks sexy in a badass kinda way. And he probably is the only guy who can pull off these kind of crazy hairstyles.
    And i really like the video too~ ^_^


  553. come on V.I.P’s lets get another week of Bigbang kpopMM >:DDD 

  554. this has to be my favorite music video of 2012 so far

  555. We keep breaking the counter here. ^^;

  556. the counter keeps breaking :( I wanna see the numbers of viewers and voters… Tomorrow it should have changed…I hope. Seriously 302 viewers? hahaha

  557. Hahah, fantasic stuff right there! :D

  558. i love GD’s changing hair color!!!


  560. BIGBANG MUSIC MONDAY for the WHOLE MONTH!!! FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  561. Is it bad tht i have to stop the video liik every 20 seconds because i get too excited nd start to totalli spazz out over them???

    Big Bang is making a huge comeback nd im loving every second of it!!!!!! ^_^

  562. lol, Taeyang must really hate shirts. At the begining he isn’t wearing one eventhough he is clearly covered in ice :)

  563. Is it just me or are there a lot of Ulzzang faces in this? :p

  564. Please! This one is the most fun so far, I bet Martina and Simon have some great stuff to say about this one~

  565. I just saw this video and oh WOW was it Hot!  They did such a great job of shooting this.  The first scene looked like something straight from an anime.

  566.  no minni is doesnt deleted the comment! MORE BOOMS AND SHKALAKAS

  567. this needs to get to the top! BOOM SHAKALAKA

  568. love this video <3
    only two minor things urk me though:
    1.TOP's lips hardly seem to move during some of his verses 
    2.GD's lipstick (can't explain, maybe if the white wasn't so dominate and the colours  were reversed?)