Big Bang – Love Song

  1. Absolutely LOVE the song :)))))))))))) 

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  4. this is my favorite song…. I love this song!!!

  5. I will have to contradict my GD baby on this:
    I love this love song. 

  6. Love,love & love this song~BigBang for the definite win~

  7. Arnimal Kaul

    Best video of the year, no doubt

  8. Favourite song of the year by far! Cinematography is awesome, it’s classy and T.O.P sounds sexy as hell


  10. Anonymous

    I hate this love song..i hate this love song..aah cant keep myself from singin this song!! <3

  11. I can’t hate this love song!!!!

    I LOVE YG & BIGBANG <3333333333

  13. the best music video of the year.. BB fighting


  15. The Love Song I will never ever HATE! ^^~

  16. this video is fresh n awesome. they all look superrrr good here

  17. love love L-O-V-E this song, is amazing!!!!  love love love L-O-V-E BIGBANG!! with all my heart

  18. I love this song <3 and the mv is cool, so dreamy and just awesome :D AND BECAUSE ITS BIG BANG TOO :D :D 

  19. this is the best music video i have seen this year

  20. This is my shower-karaoke song~ ^^

  21. I love this love song! I mean very very very love! love to the hell!

  22. VIP4Daesung

    Honestly, this song is really amazing! The look and feel of the entire thing, the way they kept it simple, and yet used complex camera angles and set, it meshes so well! I was simply dumbfounded when I saw this.

    The song itself has such a strong message, and rather then creating a music video that was to over the top, and detracts from the song, this MV only adds to it. All the dance and movements are somewhat together while still holding on to each of the members personalities…it’s just to AMAZING for words…for real.

    This has to be one of my top Big Bang music videos, ever. Plain and simply, it is amazing!

  23. Although I have already commented most of my thoughts on Bigbang’s Tonight MV, I’d also like to comment on Bigbang’s Love Song MV as well.
    This song stood out to many people because of the tune, but how it relates to many. This song/mv also the first song, if I’m not mistaken, that TOP has sung slowly rather than his usual rap.
    The dancing to this MV was not in sync which was surprisingly intentional to help amplify the atmosphere of the music video as well as the meaning of the song.
    The music video is also unique in it’s way as it’s shown in black and white, again helping to create more meaning; having no colour in life is dull and not meaningful.
    They created the music video really well and as many have said, this is probably the song of year 2011 for Bigbang and many VIPS as well :)

  24. Anonymous

    This is my favorite MV and song this 2011 of Bigbang. 
    It has some kind of..distinct..or unique(?) beat~~ that is very soothing
    to the ears~~ It is like a mellow rock that I like so much :)

    The MV is awesome. Knowing that it is like a one-take. 
    They are the first group to initiate an MV like this and i think
    they used the latest model of camera to shoot :)

    And Lastly, the message of the song and as well as the message of the video :) it’s awesome!

  25. this MV is absolutely beautiful, one of my favorites of all time<3 

  26. el video de esta cancion es simple pero muy cool!!! adoro como salen y me encanta la cancion… los amo!!

  27. el video de esta cancion es simple pero muy cool!!! adoro como salen y me encanta la cancion… los amo!!

  28. Still an amazing song since the first I heard it.  Fabulous start from a 2yr3mths off^^

  29. Is my favorite song of all. Not much more to say, everyone already said it all down here. I know it was difficult for them to record the mv, due to the smoke, I saw the making off. And it’s different from another kpop mv, and it gives me a good energy. Anyway, i really love this love song.

  30. I love this choreography for Love Song! Each member shows their unique character in the small chorus dance. The music video is AMAAZZINGG! It’s filmed so so well and the boys look just amazing in their suits. And unlike all the other K-Pop groups they can have their own individual style whilst still being able to be seen as a whole group. BIGBANG FIGHTING! plus TOP is amazingly hot, so… doesn’t this automatically win?

  31. It took this song 43 days to become the most played one on my iPod, defeating the song which has had that place for a year. Thank you Big Bang for widening my perspective of music and for opening the kpop world for me. 

  32. Nora Dahlberg

    Being a V.I.P. means a lot of things, though there are two characteristics that are most important above all: one, it means being a fan and two, it means supporting Big Bang through everything, good or bad.
    This year has been a tough one for BIg Bang as memebers went had person issues and hardships.  This year has also been enormously successful. Numerous albumns by both individual members and the group as a whole have been released, including three hit singles.  “Love Song,” the single that took The Big Bang Special Edition Albumn to the top, has been many people’s, including my own, favorite.  Fans stayed up ’til the late hours in the night and morning around the world to try and get the first peek at the spectacular MV that opened up with with a grayscale desert world and the introduction of T.O.P.’s husky voice.  The video goes on to introduce Daesung, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Seungri, first, second, third and fourth respectively.  The many illusions of the camera, such as the world to appearing to be in slow motion yet the singing is still on tempo and the look as if the whole thing were shot in one take shows skillful craftsmenship.
    The song of course, is inronic, in the way that though Big Bang “Hate this love love song,” the group leads fans all over the world to fall in love with their own love song.
    What about the dance?  Isn’t this about the “How to Dance Kpop Style 2001″?  Big Bang’s signature dance  in “Love Song” may not be the most complicated, but in that way, it fits the style of the song and MV perfectly.  The application of the groups dance calms the heartbroken emtions invoked by the lyrics.  Not to mention, this is a dance that everyone is capable of doing while having fun (not to mention crying if the song hits you that hard).
    I feel as though I’m writing a novel here, but that’s how much I care.  Simon and Martina already did a review of this MV on Music Monday’s when it frist was released and they said much of what I did here, but I want to share what I think, because I’m a V.I.P. and I love a support Big Bang.
    Big Bang Fighting!!

  33. Anonymous