Big Bang – Monster

  1. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    I think it’s amazing how Big Bang is still number 5 even after like 4 weeks on the charts with closed voting. VIPs are very powerful.

  2. VIPs there’s a Battle/Poll Between Katy Perry’s New MV and Big Bang’s Monster MV going on at! Big Bang Is In The Lead with 59% about 123,000 votes! A major lead ahead of Katy Perry! I’ve been voting like crazy since I came across it! (sorry if this upsets Simon and Martina :( ) I don’t mean to mention another site on theirs.

  3. I think this video so many people well not get it from the beginning  but as GD said about this Video you have to watch more than once to get the idea from it and i think the way they filming it and the lyrics that wrote it GD is really familiar to what happened for them last year and how people judged them and maybe some people saw them as Monster and they are not =) 

  4. IcyAurora

    So that’s how many FB votes we had ;)

  5. Okay guys we get it Monster won, but please vote Infinite back into first, they really deserve to go!!

  6. Ahahah!! OMG! I died — That was brilliantly done. Yes, the song was awesome — But, I have to agree, the video was a bit distracting. And Seungri DID say “You don’t say that tomorrow”, which confuses me. I’m like… “Are you a seer?” Maybe he’s the calculator seer? I’m kidding :) I love Big Bang still.

    Now, off to vote for Infinite — Though it’s probably my least favourite Infinite video and song to date — Not feeling it… Maybe it’ll grow on me?

    VIPs, please do help the Inspirit xD

  7. Hey fellow VIPS; if anyone’s still out there

    Can we please pitch together the way we did for this video, and help Infinite’s “The Chaser” get reviewed this week.  The Inspirits have been working so hard for the last few weeks to get it reviewed, their efforts shouldn’t be in vain.  We’re all one big Kpop family, so let’s do this thing!  Hopefully someone sees this and helps out. =)

  8. VIPs please help us Inspirits out on The Chaser. We’re into our 4th week already, so if Infinite doesn’t win this round, they never will for this song! :(

  9. IcyAurora

    Did anyone else notice that GD only has 1 horn?

  10. For WonderBang peeps, please help vote WG.

    • Nova_REMIX

      Erm…I feel that Infinite deserves their review before the Wonder Girls. The Inspirits waited for 3 weeks now. If anything, let them have their review first, because it’s do or die for them with F(x) and 2NE1 coming back.

      • Well its either Wonder Girls or INFINITE then. Its not like WG turn will be next if WonderFuls will let INFINITE win. Remember what happened to NU’EST?

        • Nova_REMIX

          I know and I remember, but there’s this policy the KMM has for songs. It can only stay on for a month before it’s pushed back into the stream. “Like This” has been on for one week. They have time to be reviewed. Infinite’s “The Chaser” song has been on the K-Pop charts for about a good three weeks already. Hence the “do or die” ordeal.

        • If people keep giving way to other artists then what will happen to them? f(x) is coming back soon and so is 2ne1. Wouldn’t it be safer if WonderFuls will go all out now rather than later. Newer songs does have the advantage in eatyourkimchi,

          Simon and Martina has reviewed Nothing’s Over, Be Mine and Paradise. That’s 3 already. What about the Wonder Girls? Only Be My Baby.

        • Nova_REMIX

          I never said the Wonderfuls couldn’t. At all. Bur do you think that the Inspirits who have fought so hard for 3 weeks should be downed out like this? That’s all I’m saying. Consider groups who have been on the charts longer. That’s all.

  11. BIG BANG is the best whatever they do:)

  12. FantasyNaily

    I love this song and video so much~~

  13. i was wondering, if you guys know, that you can perhaps explain the meaning behind Monster? it feels deeeep man

    • Nova_REMIX

      What someone stated on tumblr: 
      “Other than being an obvious love song taken from the perspective of a man coaxing his lady love into believing him of not being the monster that others have made her seem to believe, BigBang’s ‘Monster’ represents their struggles against the Korean media labeling them as ‘monsters’ (because of last year’s scandals). The cables represent the media, and Bigbang member’s ‘normal’ selves have a hard time running away from their monster-like identity (that the media portrays them as) because of the cable’s tangles. You can see that the walls are labeled with codes and so are the members (ex. Seungri’s forehead, Daesung’s chest, G-Dragon’s left arm). This really signifies the ‘labeling’ part. No matter who they are (or strive to be) and no matter what path they choose, the codes are written already. It’s worsened by the fact that even if they don’t take the paths of their first choice, the alternate path is labeled anyway. GD is out in the open in the midst of the bombing, and it’s clear that he’s the victim here because he’s not the one with the bombs (but I guess this can apply to the other members as well). He’s the one being targeted. But he’s the one with the horn. In one part, TOP is covered in darkness and only his eyes are shown. His identity is not cared for, and people cover him up to create their own vision of him. He’s not really a monster, but who cares? There is one part that the member(s) is/are kicking down statues. That’s them trying to break the stereotype of ‘standard beauty’ of music and trying their own styles. But that is frowned upon in the media. Every time the members go into the darkness, they ‘transform’ into monsters (most notably in the case of Taeyang and Seungri); likewise, every time people push aside BigBang’s true self in favor of the media’s portrayal of BigBang, BigBang becomes the ‘monsters’ that people fear and the members themselves fear. So the BigBang members run and run, but they can never escape (hence why the setting is taken place in a prison). They will be monsters, perhaps forever, as long as darkness (public’s biased view) and traps of cables (media) exist.”


      Other than being a love song, BigBang’s “Monster” is telling the VIPs and non-fans alike to not believe the stories that the Korean media has placed out there defaming their names. BigBang still loves and cares about the VIPs.

  14. shawolvip12350

    why is facebook 0?

  15. next week? IT IS A MUST!!!!!!!!!

  16. taeyang hair and daesung nose.. *-*

  17. BIG BANG’s still ALIVE . . !!!! VIPs r still ALIVE . . !!!!

  18. only complaint is taeyang’s hair lol

  19. Giuliana Flores

    i love this song!!!

  20. I really hope this won.

    INFINITE is going down now. What if they’re going down because they’re the one that got reviewed? I hope not.

  21. I Think I’m Sick… LOVEEEE THIS SONG!! They’re looking A-MAZING. Like the video concept!

    Cause… Baby I’m NOT a Monsterrrrrrrr

    LOOOOVE all of their “Monster” Looks!! <3333333333

  22. Azure Muse

    Totally Love LOVE MONSTER..Not sure what all the meaning is but they are all smoking hot ! I can not wait to see what you do on a review for this MV….  It just keeps getting better!   I really Liked WG too why does that never happen when I go to the mall? :) 

  23. I love this MV for some reason(hot korean talent ;P), though one part does scare me a bit, which is the part it shows Taeyang and that creepy bone curdling piano note 3:34 just made me kind of jump in my seat, but they continued on with more light notes after and made it seem not so bad. Though everytime I watch this, it scares me because that sound reminds me of some old black and white horror film!
    Anyway, the MV is totally brilliant and the lyrics are soooo beautiful! The are very brilliant.
    And, btw, does anyone see the girl at T.O.P.’s feet  2:39? I was wondering why they did that. I mean I know the song and everything, there is a girl involved, but if I was that girl, I don’t think I would be standing so close to a giant HOT man that has the one-step-can-kill vide goin’ on… and why did they make her blend into the white snow so much, to where people can’t see her the first time they watch it…hmmm…just wondering.
    The English is very good in this video, I think. YG knows the English of things. Go YG!
    Well, this is my first time ever writing such a long comment anywhere, but I love Big Bang so much and love anyone that love them, I wanted to leave a review comment on this awesomeness site! ^^
    Big Bang, you amaze me @.@

  24. ok. Daesung looks like a Thundercat. Taeyang looks like Sailor moon with the meatball head thing going on and his other outfit he looks like one of those foreign villains from a sci-fi/fantasy movie. GD looks like 4 from The Kids Next Door with the mushroom head. And TOP looks like the invisible man from league of extraordinary gentlemen. Anyone else notice in the part where he’s in a blizzard he’s actually a giant? There’s a little woman looking up at him in a white dress. LOL

  25. closetKpoper

    How can TOP be wearing a 1920’s French lady’s cigarette ad get-up and still look hot? I think it’s a super power.  Also pretty sure that Seungri threw a fit and refused to get fugly for the MV while Taeyang drew the short straw and had to get the fugliest. Poor Sol, he looks like Darkness from Legend. Excellent song!!!

  26. Now I know I’m about to get a lot of VIP’s hating on me for what I’m about to say, but oh well. First I would like to say I like this song, the melody is catchy and overall I like it as that. But everything else? Not so much, I just couldn’t get into their concept and music video at all. It was very dull and I just didn’t find them very attractive with the fake piercings and awkward hairstyles. I will say GD and T.O.P are my bias then it’s Daesung but I just couldn’t appreciate their style in the video. That’s all about I can say without seeming to ramble on but it’s not that I completely hate the song and video I just thought the concept although it was different it just didn’t seem to click for me.

  27. YES YES YES #1 baby! Can’t wait for Taeyang’s hair review and Top’s HAT! <3 (but i was kinda looking forward to thre stalker joke for Baby Good Night lol)

  28. imanftislandfan

    hope they win! :D