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Big Bang – Monster

  1. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    I think it’s amazing how Big Bang is still number 5 even after like 4 weeks on the charts with closed voting. VIPs are very powerful.

  2. VIPs there’s a Battle/Poll Between Katy Perry’s New MV and Big Bang’s Monster MV going on at! Big Bang Is In The Lead with 59% about 123,000 votes! A major lead ahead of Katy Perry! I’ve been voting like crazy since I came across it! (sorry if this upsets Simon and Martina :( ) I don’t mean to mention another site on theirs.

  3. I think this video so many people well not get it from the beginning  but as GD said about this Video you have to watch more than once to get the idea from it and i think the way they filming it and the lyrics that wrote it GD is really familiar to what happened for them last year and how people judged them and maybe some people saw them as Monster and they are not =) 

  4. So that’s how many FB votes we had ;)

  5. Okay guys we get it Monster won, but please vote Infinite back into first, they really deserve to go!!

  6. Ahahah!! OMG! I died — That was brilliantly done. Yes, the song was awesome — But, I have to agree, the video was a bit distracting. And Seungri DID say “You don’t say that tomorrow”, which confuses me. I’m like… “Are you a seer?” Maybe he’s the calculator seer? I’m kidding :) I love Big Bang still.

    Now, off to vote for Infinite — Though it’s probably my least favourite Infinite video and song to date — Not feeling it… Maybe it’ll grow on me?

    VIPs, please do help the Inspirit xD

  7. Hey fellow VIPS; if anyone’s still out there

    Can we please pitch together the way we did for this video, and help Infinite’s “The Chaser” get reviewed this week.  The Inspirits have been working so hard for the last few weeks to get it reviewed, their efforts shouldn’t be in vain.  We’re all one big Kpop family, so let’s do this thing!  Hopefully someone sees this and helps out. =)

  8. VIPs please help us Inspirits out on The Chaser. We’re into our 4th week already, so if Infinite doesn’t win this round, they never will for this song! :(

  9. Did anyone else notice that GD only has 1 horn?

  10. For WonderBang peeps, please help vote WG.

    • Erm…I feel that Infinite deserves their review before the Wonder Girls. The Inspirits waited for 3 weeks now. If anything, let them have their review first, because it’s do or die for them with F(x) and 2NE1 coming back.

      • Well its either Wonder Girls or INFINITE then. Its not like WG turn will be next if WonderFuls will let INFINITE win. Remember what happened to NU’EST?

        • I know and I remember, but there’s this policy the KMM has for songs. It can only stay on for a month before it’s pushed back into the stream. “Like This” has been on for one week. They have time to be reviewed. Infinite’s “The Chaser” song has been on the K-Pop charts for about a good three weeks already. Hence the “do or die” ordeal.

        • If people keep giving way to other artists then what will happen to them? f(x) is coming back soon and so is 2ne1. Wouldn’t it be safer if WonderFuls will go all out now rather than later. Newer songs does have the advantage in eatyourkimchi,

          Simon and Martina has reviewed Nothing’s Over, Be Mine and Paradise. That’s 3 already. What about the Wonder Girls? Only Be My Baby.

        • I never said the Wonderfuls couldn’t. At all. Bur do you think that the Inspirits who have fought so hard for 3 weeks should be downed out like this? That’s all I’m saying. Consider groups who have been on the charts longer. That’s all.

  11. BIG BANG is the best whatever they do:)

  12. I love this song and video so much~~

  13. i was wondering, if you guys know, that you can perhaps explain the meaning behind Monster? it feels deeeep man

    • What someone stated on tumblr: 
      “Other than being an obvious love song taken from the perspective of a man coaxing his lady love into believing him of not being the monster that others have made her seem to believe, BigBang’s ‘Monster’ represents their struggles against the Korean media labeling them as ‘monsters’ (because of last year’s scandals). The cables represent the media, and Bigbang member’s ‘normal’ selves have a hard time running away from their monster-like identity (that the media portrays them as) because of the cable’s tangles. You can see that the walls are labeled with codes and so are the members (ex. Seungri’s forehead, Daesung’s chest, G-Dragon’s left arm). This really signifies the ‘labeling’ part. No matter who they are (or strive to be) and no matter what path they choose, the codes are written already. It’s worsened by the fact that even if they don’t take the paths of their first choice, the alternate path is labeled anyway. GD is out in the open in the midst of the bombing, and it’s clear that he’s the victim here because he’s not the one with the bombs (but I guess this can apply to the other members as well). He’s the one being targeted. But he’s the one with the horn. In one part, TOP is covered in darkness and only his eyes are shown. His identity is not cared for, and people cover him up to create their own vision of him. He’s not really a monster, but who cares? There is one part that the member(s) is/are kicking down statues. That’s them trying to break the stereotype of ‘standard beauty’ of music and trying their own styles. But that is frowned upon in the media. Every time the members go into the darkness, they ‘transform’ into monsters (most notably in the case of Taeyang and Seungri); likewise, every time people push aside BigBang’s true self in favor of the media’s portrayal of BigBang, BigBang becomes the ‘monsters’ that people fear and the members themselves fear. So the BigBang members run and run, but they can never escape (hence why the setting is taken place in a prison). They will be monsters, perhaps forever, as long as darkness (public’s biased view) and traps of cables (media) exist.”


      Other than being a love song, BigBang’s “Monster” is telling the VIPs and non-fans alike to not believe the stories that the Korean media has placed out there defaming their names. BigBang still loves and cares about the VIPs.

  14. why is facebook 0?

  15. next week? IT IS A MUST!!!!!!!!!

  16. taeyang hair and daesung nose.. *-*

  17. BIG BANG’s still ALIVE . . !!!! VIPs r still ALIVE . . !!!!

  18. only complaint is taeyang’s hair lol

  19. i love this song!!!

  20. I really hope this won.

    INFINITE is going down now. What if they’re going down because they’re the one that got reviewed? I hope not.

  21. I Think I’m Sick… LOVEEEE THIS SONG!! They’re looking A-MAZING. Like the video concept!

    Cause… Baby I’m NOT a Monsterrrrrrrr

    LOOOOVE all of their “Monster” Looks!! <3333333333

  22. Totally Love LOVE MONSTER..Not sure what all the meaning is but they are all smoking hot ! I can not wait to see what you do on a review for this MV….  It just keeps getting better!   I really Liked WG too why does that never happen when I go to the mall? :) 

  23. I love this MV for some reason(hot korean talent ;P), though one part does scare me a bit, which is the part it shows Taeyang and that creepy bone curdling piano note 3:34 just made me kind of jump in my seat, but they continued on with more light notes after and made it seem not so bad. Though everytime I watch this, it scares me because that sound reminds me of some old black and white horror film!
    Anyway, the MV is totally brilliant and the lyrics are soooo beautiful! The are very brilliant.
    And, btw, does anyone see the girl at T.O.P.’s feet  2:39? I was wondering why they did that. I mean I know the song and everything, there is a girl involved, but if I was that girl, I don’t think I would be standing so close to a giant HOT man that has the one-step-can-kill vide goin’ on… and why did they make her blend into the white snow so much, to where people can’t see her the first time they watch it…hmmm…just wondering.
    The English is very good in this video, I think. YG knows the English of things. Go YG!
    Well, this is my first time ever writing such a long comment anywhere, but I love Big Bang so much and love anyone that love them, I wanted to leave a review comment on this awesomeness site! ^^
    Big Bang, you amaze me @.@

  24. ok. Daesung looks like a Thundercat. Taeyang looks like Sailor moon with the meatball head thing going on and his other outfit he looks like one of those foreign villains from a sci-fi/fantasy movie. GD looks like 4 from The Kids Next Door with the mushroom head. And TOP looks like the invisible man from league of extraordinary gentlemen. Anyone else notice in the part where he’s in a blizzard he’s actually a giant? There’s a little woman looking up at him in a white dress. LOL

  25. How can TOP be wearing a 1920′s French lady’s cigarette ad get-up and still look hot? I think it’s a super power.  Also pretty sure that Seungri threw a fit and refused to get fugly for the MV while Taeyang drew the short straw and had to get the fugliest. Poor Sol, he looks like Darkness from Legend. Excellent song!!!

  26. Now I know I’m about to get a lot of VIP’s hating on me for what I’m about to say, but oh well. First I would like to say I like this song, the melody is catchy and overall I like it as that. But everything else? Not so much, I just couldn’t get into their concept and music video at all. It was very dull and I just didn’t find them very attractive with the fake piercings and awkward hairstyles. I will say GD and T.O.P are my bias then it’s Daesung but I just couldn’t appreciate their style in the video. That’s all about I can say without seeming to ramble on but it’s not that I completely hate the song and video I just thought the concept although it was different it just didn’t seem to click for me.

  27. YES YES YES #1 baby! Can’t wait for Taeyang’s hair review and Top’s HAT! <3 (but i was kinda looking forward to thre stalker joke for Baby Good Night lol)

  28. hope they win! :D

  29. Well this kinda sucks. Well I’m foremost a VIP but I was waiting for this weeks music monday to be Infinite’s – The Chaser. 

  30. im so excited on what story will simon and martina come up to regards to the meaning of the video…cant wait for next monday!

  31. I like the wonder girls song and dance it was really fun to listen to, but our boys BIG BANG their music video is on another level and the lyric to the song was deep.

  32. Hope this made it up to number 1 in time! but why isn’t counting fb votes?


  34. Definitely BIGBANG!!!! NO Doubt!!!!!~~~~

  35. Definitely BIGBANG!!!! NO Doubt!!!!!~~~~

  36. youareinmyheaven(dot)tumbl(dot)com/post/24329293795
    the meaning behind the monster MV hihi :)  

  37. I’m very curious to see what Simon & Martina will say about the literal plot of the MV. For once I feel like I fully understand the plot, and it’s just so cool. I want a book out of this! Or a movie! So many questions left unanswered (about Project Monster and about the subjects/monsters). It’s kiling me!  And of course there’s also the deeper significance of the lyrics, as well as the interesting style of the music itself (the change of pace and style, etc). I hope Simon & Martina don’t disappoint and talk about all this stuff :).

  38. *happy dance* Love this video still! So… Much… Meaning! Happy Monday, VIPs!

  39. please review it! till now, i can’t figure out what’s the meaning of every scene in the mv. please! u r like a translator to us!

  40. I Totally love the director of this video! 

  41. i love me some bigbang anytime .. n the deeper meaning and thoughtfulo interpretations jus addded to my fangirldom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333

  42. I love this song is veryyy cool!!! BIB BANG!!! Is the best! >0<

  43. Monster is just BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE!!! I totally love their monstrous concepts, metaphores & Big Bang is truly a Trendsetter <3 !! & Only BIG BANG can wear those ridiculous hairstyles with STYLE & still look good!!

    song is good, MV is creative…AWESOMENESS to the max!!!

    Simon & Martina, I know u guys r gonna critic their hairstyles to the max but pls..dont be too mean on them haha. =P

  44. Has Simon and Martina explained why BB and WG’s FB points are still zero?

  45. Woot Big Bang fighting!

  46. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  47. Lol, Bigbang jumped to the first place in one day xd

  48.  Looks like Daesung stole Seshoumaru’s fluffy. No wonder he’s running away in fear.

  49. For those Wonder Bang fans, if this gets reviewed today, please vote for WG next. Thank you in advance.

    BTW, can anyone explain why Big Bang and WG’s FB points is still zero?

  50. Ok, so I’m getting a little annoyed at the sour grapes over in the Infinite video comments. Firstly, Simon and Martina have favourite artists, and they are bloody entitled to that right, just as Infinite fans are entitled to like Infinite and BB fans are entitled to like BB.  What annoys me is some people seem to think that they are secretly jacking the votes up for one artist. Keep in mind that they did mention Wonder Girl’s coming out too, so you can’t say ohh all they ever do is advertise Big Bang. It is up to the fans to vote. Is it really Simon and Martina’s fault that BB has a big fan base? Stop blaming them and if you want Infinite reviewed, then just frigging get your supporters to vote for them. You had a two week headstart on BB, I’m sure a lot of you voted as much as you possibly could, but BB has been around longer and as such would probably have a more established fan base. I’m sure Simon and Martina wouldn’t have objected to reviewing Infinite this week if they won over BB, just stop being sore losers whining about how BB will get reviewed anyway and how Infinite fans have been waiting ages and vote Infinite in next week. Far out.

    • Some INSPIRITs have become annoying now ever since INFINITE started winning last year.

    • thumbs up to you..i also read some comments and they were saying its S&M’s fault why BB’s on the TOP now..they didnt even bother to think that BBs fan base are larger than them, logically if all of vips vote all over the world ..being on the TOP is possible..tsk tsk 

    • Okay, so I’m an Inspirit and VIP.
      Yes, I’m a little disappointed. However I think it would have been “fairer”, and I’m saying in general, if S&M established a fixed deadline (like a time when votes stop counting) so nobody will complain. I think that’s mainly why some are a little sour. If we had a specific deadline, you’d just have to accept who won. Not having that just makes people speculate about S&M “biased” choices (not that I do).
      And the whole purpose of having people voting is for it to be fair ^^
      So yeah, if they fixed the deadline prob, it would be fine

    • We VIPs are a LARGE fan base. I think others tend to forget that. If you want your video to win, you need to vote for that video. I feel sorry for Infinit fans (I’m one, too), but BB has been around longer, so fans are more established. Just vote for your favorite, it’s that simple. ;/

    • No one is being a sour loser- the majority of people are complaining because it isn’t fair that S&M randomly post-pones when the voting ends, which isn’t fair to people that have been voting all week to keep a song on top. If they would have stuck to their regular time-frames- Infinite would have been reviewed this week.

      They need a counter that states exactly when the voting ends, that everyone can see and this wouldn’t be a problem.

      It doesn’t matter what two bands this is between- its more of a complaint on how the system can be manipulated to have a different outcome depending on when they say they want to stop counting votes.

      • URRRGGGHHHH I hate to say this, because I’m SUCH a diehard EYK fan, so I always defend everything they do, buuut – they did delay the deadline this week. Sunday morning (my time), the time when they usually pick the winner, Infinite WAS on top. They should’ve won, in fact, they might’ve won (we don’t know for sure yet right?).
        So, it is possible that S&M did delay picking their video because they were waiting for BB to be on top. That IS a possibility. BB’s video IS much more interesting, after all. But from what I know of Simon and Martina, they are the most fair and honest people in the world. Like, seriously.
        1. They are now in Canada, not Korea. Their entire schedule has been shifted by a day, which is why everything is coming out about 10 hours later than usual (last music monday was released 4pm Tuesday afternoon, Australia time). In spite of that, their deadline for choosing music mondays was only a few hours off. They did it Sunday morning (right after breakfast, if you read their tweet), just like they usually do. Maybe the issue here is which timezone they should follow? Lol so complicated.
        2. Their servers were completely out of whack. BB fans and WG were all voting at the same time, and while usually only one fandom can crash their servers, they managed to keep it up. But as a result, Facebook sharing doesn’t really work – have you noticed that BB’s Fb count is still on 0? If all the votes had updated on time, I believe BB could’ve made it to No.1 in less than 4 hours (like they did before), with plenty of time before the deadline. I can’t prove anything here though – just possibility.

        As a side note, I’ve absolutely loved all the Infinite songs that S&M have reviewed previously, and also some that they haven’t (like BTD) – I play all of them in my car – but this one is pretty average imo……if we’re gonna miss one MV, I wouldn’t mind if it was this one. Just personally. DONT KILL ME >_<

      • Everyone needs to calm down. Simon and Martina are on vacation and are home visiting their families. Be happy that they’re doing videos at all. They’re dedicated enough to take time out of their vacation to script, film, and edit for us. Of course the time frame is different. Be thankful instead of complaining about things not turning out how you want them to. We’ve all had times where we’ve been sad that a video we really wanted to see reviewed didn’t make the cut. But that’s no excuse to come on here and act like big smelly trolls.

    • Ahh, I’m not upset about that. If Big Bang and Infinite were released at the same time, sure Big Bang’s fans would suceed and it would have been reviewed fairly.
      It’s the fact that Infinite were at the charts all week, then because Big Bang’s MV came out, the way that the votes are counted is flawed. It does it by the most popular on that day? So even though Infinite got the most of the votes, Big Bang still wins? Also, considering they were running later this time around, you think they would have took into consideration who was at the top when they would do their normal editing etc.I personally think that Big Bang should have been put for voting the week after, that way it’s fairer, on the people who have been voting the entire week and managed to keep them #1…

  51. i love monster 
    i love big bang
    i like g dragon
    i love g dragon
    i need g dragon

  52. this was released like a day ago and now it’s on the top spot….VIPs jjang!

  53. i think there’s something wrong with the likes on facebook

  54. will it be possible for them to review it now?

  55. We CRUSHED the other competitors…CRUSHED THEM

  56. love Seungri’s voice in this MV, it’s sweet and nice <3 like in Blue.
    Ah,  hope simon and martina will review this's really worth talking about.
    watched all the other MVs in kpop chart but somehow nothing that pops out for me, WG is cool but like many said just dancing.JJ Project seems also cool so that would be my second choice.
    all the others are again…. the same boy band dance style MVs sorry…not offending anyone but that's my opinion.hope infinite fans don't kill me *O*

  57. BIGBANG!!!! WG video is a fun dance in a mall.. its nice but how much u can review on it.. just enjoy it.. BUT BIGBANG’S MONSTER, AMAZINGLY INTERESTING!!! wanna know what u think about it!

  58. Sorry Wonder Girls but BIGBANG rocks !!!!! :)

  59. Love this video and i love this song xD

  60.  Love this MV so damn much! They did such a great job! Proud to be a VIP <3

  61. after i saw this video… i did something that I have never done since falling in love with k-pop… i begged my mom to give me money so i could pre-order the top version of their still alvie album XD

  62. Mindblown. I love the crap outta this song & Big Bang.. but Infinite should be getting reviewed tomorrow. I still fail to understand the voting system, Infinite’s numbers are WAY higher.. eh I give. They can expect to hear A LOT about them being biased tomorrow.

  63. Heyy thats a little unfair..i voted like HELL for Infinite!

    • So did the VIPs and also consider how the BANAs and Joyous feel. I’m a VIP and before BigBang came back with “Monster” I voted for Infinite. Complaining is not going to help the situation. Voting will.

      There are three major contributing factors that made BigBang top Infinite. First, the VIPs are a HUGE fanbase, both in South Korea and internationally in comparison to Infinite’s. Second, BigBang’s video is newer than Infinite’s. Third, and probably the most crucial, the one who gets the top spot is the one who gets the most votes in just ONE day. BigBang got a slew of votes in one day in comparison to Infinite who managed to get that many votes in a span of weeks.
      P.S. By commenting on the BigBang page, you also contributed a vote to BigBang’s “Monster.” Just a quick FYI.

  64. So proud of VIP for getting Big Bang to number one!!! 

  65. This song made me tear the first time i watched it with the MV and now knowing the lyrics I tear every time, the passion and feelings they sing it with deff portray the pains they endured <3 omg I would never leave you BB, I know you aren't a monster… I know <3

  66. over 3 million views in a day…that’s amazing 

  67. This video TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY. I ‘LOST MY MIND,’ rippito-flippito style. I mean, Big Bang is my favorite anyways and has been for years, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. So when this came out, I pounced on it with excitement but uncertainty, and WOW!! I mean, WOW!! The song was amazing – GDragon and TOP’s rapping was amazing, and Daesung’s powerful vocals coupled with Taeyang’s emotional ones and Seungri’s quieter singing parts made this song my favorite Big Bang song since ‘Love Dust.’ And the music video - let’s just say, author that I am, I instantly came up with a story behind it and am already 2 chapters into the novel called “I Still Have a Soul” based entirely on this song and music video. I totally love GD’s reddish hair, TOP’s cape, Seungri’s purple eyes, Daesung’s wild hair and – - nose ring? — and Taeyang looks awesome (except for that awful hair, which looks like Mickey Mouse ran into GD from Knock Out and lost). All in all, this was SUPER amazing, and I only wish it could be as long as T-ARA’S music videos!!

    • It’s so nice to see another another writer! This song inspired me, too! TOP and Daesung’s characters definitely inspired me! This video is amazing!

      • Another writer? YAY!!!! Many many happy! (whoops, Mir quot on a BB video. Ah well). Do you blog??

        • I used to have a blog called “Freewill Scribbler.” I just took down a lot of work to save since I don’t have time to maintain it anymore. Once I started teaching English and humanities, my time disappeared. Then I had a case of writer’s block and I couldn’t finish the story I was working on, then I saw this video and all my creativity flooded back! Now to find time…

        • Ah, well – time has a way of slipping through our fingers. =) But now that your writers block is gone, you ought to start writing again! You must! I will cheer you on!  I’m a blogger myself; I’ve been doing it for almost five years now. =)

  68. BIGBANG !!!!!!! always BigBang<3


  70. BIGBANG!!!!! i was expecting them to be reviewed till next week… but i stood corrected…:)) cant wait…

  71. Wow I love this song more than Fantastic Baby and i never thought that I will ever said this.Pure awesomeness.Thank you guys.We love you.And you know it.FIN

  72. sooo… they won already? 

  73. does anyone can explain about the storyline of this mv to me?

  74. I love the mv and song. Not much to say that hasn’t already been said repeatedly.  I don’t know that I will ever feel like this about another group’s songs.  Still haven’t found anyone to touch Big Bang. No doubt that Big Bang will always hold my heart…BUT  I want to know how stiff Taeyang’s hair is to stay like that.  You would have to use superglue on mine for it to stay and that is after you use a ton of hairspray.  Really the stylists’ ability on them just amazes me.

  75. Big Bang fighting!!!!!! <3

  76. Can’t wait to see what Simon and Martina’s opinion on Taeyang’s hair is! 

  77. Let’s get them to win and make Simon mad! ^^

  78. Daesung is totally my bias but MAN TOP looks gorgeous in this MV!!!..!!

  79. youtube surpass 3 million views! omg so happy !

  80. Guys, Simon and Martina uploaded a pic. Its a clue on what they will do in Music Mondays. Are they gonna do Monster? Please say it is so.

  81. big bang is the best boy band in the world!!!!

  82. Awesome song please highlight the bridge part in the song Daesung, Seungri (especially) & Taeyang *sigh* I hope you guys will review this mv. Thanks!

  83. i hope anyone of you guys can reply to this. i usually care so much in kpop charts only when BB is listed in music mondays. so, i am not familiar with the changing voting system. can you tell me or did S&M did mentioned in one of their videos. i might not notice it though i watched all of them. hopefully it will be BB this week. im so nervous.

  84. soo weird…i swear there were more votes for this vid an hour ago >.< and the fb bug! it needs to be fixed :(

  85. i love u, mah sweet monster :x Big Bang is the best >..<


  87. im proud VIP!!

  88. big bang is so HANDSOME!!! MOnster is daebak!!=)

  89. At first, I really wasn’t sure what to think of Monster, but now I kinda sorta…. OH WHO AM I KIDDING, I LIKE IT. 

  90. it went to the top where it should belong. ^_^ 

  91. sexiest monsters i’ve ever seen.

  92. even without the fb votes, we’re still no. 1!!

  93. Facebook button didn’t work? S&M, pls fix it 

  94. TOP IS GORGEOUS. GD looking good! So is Daesung! Sengri’s KAJIMA part is to die for. Um, no comments on Taeyang’s Mickey Mouse Hat. He personally loves it though haha. 

  95. Big Bang all the way! Their mv was really cool, creepy, sexy, and hot looking. I am still speechless. X_X

  96. When does S&M script? BB is first right now, but did it become before or after S&M started scripting? P.S. Wow, BB was in 5 (or 4) when I went to bed last night…

  97. I am… speechless they’re just so… wow

  98. Totally waiting for Simon and Martina’s take on their costumes and hair… Voting for this one!

  99. I <3 BIG BANG!!! All the way :D

  100. its so sad how the fans of infinite soo furious about BB being on Top, i really cant blame them but VIPs are like this, we support BB ,why blame it to S&M?or BB?or VIP?seriously  kpop fans is one of the scariest people on earth LOL..

  101. can’t wait for martina’s celebratory dance…

  102. Woot woot~ First without any FB shares! :D

  103. I want this video reviewed because I want to see if S&M can pick up on the symbolism. There’s a TON of it in this video! 

  104. I love Infinite but I don’t think V.I.Ps should step down from voting I like both videos but I would rather see Monster reviewed than Chaser if only for the comments about the strange hairstyles lol

  105. I know for a fact that it’s going to be INFINITE tomorrow, and I don’t mind! LOVE BOTH INFINITE and Big Bang. :D

    I don’t mind waiting an extra week for Big Bang’s AWESOME MV review. :)

  106. I’m saying this as a VIP and an Inspirit, could some people step back down from voting? I know you guys really want to get this song reviewed, but why not Infinite first? Their popularity compared to Bigbang or the Wonder Girls is small, so I don’t think they will have a chance to get this reviewed. Thanks. 

  107. big bang !!!!!! figthing

  108. #baby I’m not a monster *dance*

  109. Haha I knew that if I checked back today Monster would be number 1.  It was number 7 last night.  I am excited to see them review this tomorrow! :]

  110. who cares about them other videos. this one’ll be fun to hear what simon and martina think

  111. Even though the FB share link doesn’t work, BIGBANG still managed to be #1! Great job VIPs!!!!

  112. BIG BANG FOR LIFE !!!!! Taeyang’s hair, TOP’s  rich lady clothes :), GD’s mushroom hair, Daesung nose accessories, and Seungri sexiness, I wouldn’t have expect any less from Big Bang. They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  113. how i see them
    GD: Demon
    TOP: Vampire
    Taeyang: Minotaur
    Seungri: ShapeShifter
    Daesung: Werewolf

  114. BIGBANG “MONSTER” Codes Meaning ★Seungri: N+3xRX.
    N is 14th alphabet,R is 18th alphabet ,X is 24th alphabet。
    14+3×18×24=1310,1+3+1+0=5=BIGB­­ANG.★GD: 9Ae-7331
    9Ae=915,915-7331=-6416,-6+4+1+­­6=5=BIGBANG.★Daesung: BNFz 03s4
    b=2,N=14,F=6,z=26,s=19 (2+14+6+26)x(0+3+19+4)=15 1×5=5,5=BIGBANG All the codes in the mv will get 5 the final answer ^^ 5 means BIGBANG

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    waw every second is a MASTERPIECE

    • so true!!! I totally agree with you!! the song is awesome! good music, great lyrics, bigbang xD honestly i can’t choose all 5 of ‘em are awesome in the video haha 

  124. hahah and the facebook votes arent even counted
    big bang ftw

  125. Anybody knows if Big Bang is eligible to win on music shows for ‘Monster’ (mcountdown, mubank and inkigayo)?? I’m wondering because they’re not promoting this song in korea at all…

    Now that the Kings are back, I'm waiting for the Queens!! 2NE1 nolza!! <3


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  132. BIGBANG <3 .. forever VIPS.. for those who left you when you were in need doesnt deserve to be called VIPs in your life.. I feel that Kpop videos have been extremely developing their styles and music videos concept.. a true leading example would be BIGBAN, they set the standard so high for any Kpop artist or even worldwide. this is one of the best (creative,stylish,bizarree)  music videos i've seen along with fantastic baby, if this doesnt get the end of year award for best music video.. i would go mad.. they also DESERVE best artist/album/song/music video of the year at LEAST… their vocals were effin amazing, all memebers had the time to shine and melt the VIPs hearts.. Lastly, WG also did an amazing job topping the charts with BB.. if WG had a concept (like Party Rock Anthem-all turn into shuffling freaks) , it would of captured more peoples attention but either way BOTH songs are AMAZING.. I LOVE BIGBANG #PANDAMONSTER #DAEDAEMONSTER #GDMONSTER #TAEMONSTER # TOPMONSTER

  133. I think that this video distracted me from the song. They sound like the cool BIG BANG that I know and love, but the video was toooooo muuuuuch. I did like Fantastic Baby but in this video I was just trying to find all the monsters. It would have been great to see each of  them act along side a female counter part so that the ‘monster’ theme would be more powerful.

    • the meaning of their song wasnt targeted for love nor women.. but people can interpet it in different ways.. most VIPS said that the song shows the emotion and pain the bigbang was dealing with years back and it was dedicated to their fans who left them.. i think?? idk.. but this video wasnt toooo mucccch..

    • this mv has been interpreted by many as a reply to the media and fans who left BigBang during their hardest time, depicting them as monsters.

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    Definitely my ultimate favorite mv’s of all time. GAHHH.. FACKING PERFECT.

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    • They started scripting today :)

      I just hope they started scripting after Monster won.. I think that was around 10 or 11 AM for them, so we’ll probably get reviewed :D

  140. I love Bigbang! Love the song, love the video. But did anybody notice how it won’t let you promote the video on facebook? I had to share it via youtube so that point might not count.

    • Yeah I emailed S&M about it and they said that they’re working on it :) The vote probably didn’t count, but we won anyways XD

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  144. At first I was actually thinking “Wow, a M/V where there is no girl and they actually are singing about love and not leaving and such!”
    But after watching the video for the 6th time, I think, I actually discovered a female in this M/V at 2:40, she is just right there by T.O.P’s feet, just so tiny that I needed to watch the video so often to actually see her. xD

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  150. Devastated Inspirit here :( We’ve been waiting for 2 weeks… I knew this would happen.
    I’m also a VIP but I wanted Infinite to be reviewed first since BB will always have a chance no matter who it’s up against.
    I’m so so sad ;n; And Infinite watches KMM so yeah ._.
    Okay, finished ranting.

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  158. And the music video award of the year goes to…… ;) 

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  160. infinite video has been on the chart for 3weeks. they calculate the points of everything including mv views i guess. and they divide it with the no. of days the mv stay in the chart. 


  162. How come this is number 1? Does the MV views are taken into account too? Sorry I’m new and I voted

  163. this mv is not just a mv, but a film which can inspire people a lot.

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  169. avande garde gone wild.. omona!! o.o… not sure how it relates to the lyrics of the song… aside from taking it literal but.. o.o indeed.. gotta luv YG stylist.. just happy to see them back promoting this yr!! :)


    hours ago, i just commented that if we can make it to tomorrow’s music monday, then we are vips. that was only a joke. because i thought it’s going to be hard to defeat infinite (since it’s on the top for a long time), and now….. i’m speechless. :D

    they haven’t even had time to put this video to kpop charts update! 
    Oh God i feel sorry to infinite :(

    • Actually, it’s really EASY to defeat a video that’s been on the charts a longer time because all votes are divided by the number of days on the charts.

      Also, Infinite never got a Kpop Charts Update showcase either because they didn’t do one before going to the concert in CA. So Infinite never got any promotion whatsoever from EYK. Very sad :(

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  172. no offense to inspirits, but theres no need to be devastated about The Chaser not being reviewed. I love the mv for it too, but I feel like they’re overreacting. All inspirts should be grateful that they at least get to see INFINITE promote and win, us VIP won’t get that. So please be happy with us :) 

  173.  Wait, what just happened? But Yay!

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    Otherwise, they seem to be experiments like those in Resident Evil (the movie) while T.O.P is a more handsome version of Van Helsing!

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  197. Simon said that when they get back from breakfast, they will be scripting Music Mondays. Can someone tell him about the FB bug? I think we won actually. Yes IINFINITE had more votes but they are also an older song. Monster just came out yesterday and look how high the score is. 

    I know we won VIPs. I know in my heart that we did.

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  207. The intro part made me giddy = =

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    I especially like the intro.

    Football pads FTW!

  219. I love this MV! Even if it’s a tad… peculiar o.o Taeyang, GD, Y UR HAIR SO STRANGE?!
    Daesung – Y U NO TAKE SHIRT OFF IN MVs MORE!? Is niiice ;D

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  227. Monster this week. B1A4 nest week (if the didn’t do it yet), and Wonder Girls the week after that.

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  229. I’d love this MV reviewed , but…. I’m pretty sure it’s Japanese. And diddn’t Simon and Martina tell us that they wouldn’t be reviewing anymore japanese singles/MVs? …Granted this is Big Bang and the MV is amazing and very interesting.  So maybe it will be review? But then again, probably not.

  230. LOL! Just showed the M/V to my sis for the first time and at 0:47 (The first part where T.O.P starts to rap and he is shown in that black outfit) my sis was like “Just got the shivers!”

    That’s what I call “The T.O.P effect” xD

  231. Big Bang you can talk so much about this mv it’d be pretty interesting.

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    Love the song and i want it to get to #1 faster. *pouting*

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    they are really not just a kpop idol anymore.
    they are now true artists on world wide level.

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  237. this MV has many things to talk about it,they look gorgeous, lyrics are touching, acting is great, yg invested HUGE money, the intro and ending is great “i think i’m sick”…This MV is billion dollar baby !

  238. I really Really wanna know what you guys think about this song!!!  MARTINA, DO IT FOR T.O.P!

    • I think this song shows how they suffered  from people judgment from what happened last year .. from that lyrics that GD wrote it you can see what is he trying to show us that from one mistake people judge him and maybe even they called them MONSTERS for me i guess after all we are humans we can do mistake every day but the main points we can learn from this mistake and not do it again 

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    C’mon VIP’s

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  253. liked the Wonder girls song but the mv was kinda dull in comparison. 

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  255. I love the styling even tho I have to admit that Taeyang’s hair is odd but at least he has clothes on. He made an effort!! Taeyang the Minotaur! 

  256. Although the shaky parts gives me a headache, everything was just so symbolic it became so beautiful in my eyes! I can’t wait for it to be reviewed! There is so much meaning here I can’t wait for what they have to say! Please win!!!

  257. I think the whole placer should look like Area 51 in Sibirien :DD

  258. Yeah BIG Bang is back !! I love the rap part at the beginning , but I missed G-Dragon and his flames like in the teaser . 


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  271. I listened to the acapella and instrumental versions from itunes and I think this is soo good. its like art . so beautiful song

  272. Loved the mv and Gd’s mushroom hair ( I guess its just me). But what the heck is up with Taeyang’s hair and the hat top is wearing? It should be kept aside when watching horse racing in Ascot. Sorry Top. I know you can pull any look but this one, you did too but barely.

  273. 0.0 MUST REVIEW !!! this video is so freaking amazing !!!

  274. Dear VIPs,
    Please hold out votes or at least vote for INFINITE at the same time :)
    We know BIGBANG is royalty and the MV was amazing and they never cease to amaze, so they’ll get reviewed no matter what, but I’d want INFINITE to have their review first since they watch the show and inspirits have waited this long.
    I can’t wait for both to be reviewed ! :)
    I’m a VIP and Inspirit so no fan wars please ^o^

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  281. An AMAZING SONG! :)

  282. Simon and Martina what’s wrong with the FB points.

  283. We’d be number 1 if the FB points is not 0. INFINITE is an old song. Has Simon and Martina chose a winner yet? I hope they resolve this FB thing first before they choose if they haven’t chosen yet.

  284. Do cool videos have to contain snow landscapes?

  285. I’m guessing there is an issue with facebook, but if there wasn’t. You bet we’d fucking be number 1! 


  287. YG never fail to suprise VIPs

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  290. You can share on fb if you click on the like button under the video. It will ask if you want to share on fb and twitter. If you have already done it then click to unlike then click to like it again. It doesnt show but it does share then.

    I really like how their mv is interesting with something new not just the same old…Still I find it a little confusing, maybe there will be a continuation although I dont think so :p lol
    I really like their images although Tey’s mickey mouse hairstyle is quite funny :)

  291.  Omg how can these boys be so wonderful? C’mon VIP’s vote vote vote ♥

  292. Looking forward to Monday! :D  I hope you put a lot of time discussing their fashion including G-dragon’s Spudgy inspired hair.

  293. TOP looks the most normal out of all of them lol

  294. nkzerhgvisuldfsnivheegsmoiuaebhijogfmviuenhog;eognueb5r!!!!!! IT HAS COME ><

  295. BIGBANG’s MV is so explosive,powerful and awesome. Plus the World loves BB,please review this dope MV!!

  296. BIGBANG’s MV is so explosive,powerful and awesome. Plus the World loves BB,please review this dope MV!!

    • Much as I love this MV and I am also a VIP, let me just warn you that you have a big chance of getting banned, your posts getting deleted, and your posts not counting in favor of this MV because spams are not allowed here.  #justsaying

  297. BIGBANG’s MV is so explosive,powerful and awesome. Plus the World loves BB,please review this dope MV!!

  298. Were they trying to be “monsters”? thus the hairstyle and all? because if they were, they did a good job..

  299. BIGBANG’s MV is so explosive,powerful and awesome. Plus the World loves BB,please review this dope MV!!

  300. BIGBANG’s MV is so explosive,powerful and awesome. Plus the World loves BB,please review this dope MV!!

  301. BIGBANG’s MV is so explosive,powerful and awesome. Plus the World loves BB,please review this dope MV!!

  302. BIGBANG’s MV is so explosive,powerful and awesome. Plus the World loves BB,please review this dope MV!!

  303. BIGBANG’s MV is so explosive,powerful and awesome. Plus the World loves BB,please review this dope MV!!

  304. BIGBANG’s MV is so explosive,powerful and awesome. Plus the World loves BB,please review this dope MV!!

  305. BIGBANG’s MV is so explosive,powerful and awesome. Plus the World loves BB,please review this dope MV!!

  306. I can’t accept all of their hairstyle in this video , but the song is really cool !!!

  307. mostdefinitelyincredible

    4:19: GD’s slim wrists – perfect way to end the MV much.

  308. BIGBANG’s MV is so explosive,powerful and awesome. Plus the World loves BB,please review this dope MV!!

  309. BIGBANG challa ga 

  310. This is sad. If only we are allowed to vote more than once per day. I know that if all the VIPs in the world vote once per day i know that we surely can win but not all of us has the access to do so in just one same day.

  311. here we go, big bang monsters

  312. Martina Happy Dance Time!!

  313. I’m going to sound nerdy, but the end scene of the video reminded me of the last scene of Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” when the Monster and Dr. Frankenstein (Yes, the monster is NOT called Frankenstein) were out in the Tundra. I haven’t looked the the eng sub, but if I were to guess, I would say that the girl is the creator (Dr. Frankenstein) of the monster (bigbang), and nothing will convince her of anything else. 

  314. this video is so foerce and meaningfull. although taeyang’s hair is kinda lulzy. i hope martina or simon will do some hairstyle parody. by the way, whatsupp with your facebook poll? why can’t i promote this vid in order to increase this vid points?

  315. fulfilling my “duties” as a fan girl. liking, sharing, commenting and even making a youtube account just for bigbang. YAY BIGBANG! (hope this one point helps!)

  316. seriously they need to review this song! epic mv and song!

  317. “N+3xRX. N is 14th alphabet. R is 18th alphabet. X is 24th alphabet. 
    14+3×18×24=1310. 1+3+1+0=5=BIGBANG.
    The equation on GD’s arm: 9AP-7331. A=1st alphabet. P=16th alphabet. 
    9×16-7331=-7187. 7+1+8+7=23. 2+3=5=BIGBANG.
    The equation on Daesung’s back: BNFz 03s4. B=2nd alphabet, N=14th alphabet, F=6th alphabet, Z=24th alphabet, S=19th alphabet
    2+14+6+24+0+3+19+4=72. 7-2=5=BIG BANG”

  318. ……………………………………………I’m just speechless…………………………………………………………X_X

  319. BIG BANG!!!!!!! This video….A+

  320. This MV is awesome! GO BIGBANG!!!

  321. The facebook thing is not working -_-

  322. anyone notice that there’s a woman in the video? 2:39 Top’s even looking at her… creepy ://

  323. Is it me, or the facebook thing is 0? That should be impossible lol

  324. To keep it interesting, why don’t you review the worst placing video once in a while. Please note, I am not talking about this video. It’s going to be #1 choice for Monday’s KPop Music Mondays.

  325. There’s no one shot that the 5 all together… <3


  327. Can’t stop watching this video!!! 

  328. ok vip’s lets get’er done! .. this video is sick! and dae is hot!

  329. This is awesome!! 

  330. I love all of GD’s looks in this video.. Except that bowl cut look. >.>

  331.  Never fails to disappoint :)

  332. I am a huge fan for Taeyang!but in this music video, i saw people keep comment and said something bad about his hairstyle, i really feel sad.i think taeyang will getting hurt by the weird hairstyle, but i have no ideo who are them doing this for him.poor taeyangT^T


    • What pisses me off is that people are so friggen retarded… lol like It’s obv for like a costume-like Monster feel that they are trying to portray and people judge the hairstyle as if he was going to go out walking like that or something. I hope he doesn’t get hurt either =[

  333. they are so beautiful *U*

  334. BIGBANG u are MONSTER! ;)

  335. BIGBANG’s new MV is SOOO amazing, it deserves a review from EYK really badly. Go BIGBANG!


  337. I think we crashed it :O the comment counter above isn’t accurate…


  339. GD’s shroom hair really looks like something else…

  340. That’s not the Statue of Liberty at the end, is it?

  341. Theres a woman between TOP’s legs at 2:38

  342. VIPs:It’s the home stretch. All or nothing. LET’S DO THIS!

  343. AHHH I LOVE Seungri’s voice from 2:02-2:17!!!

  344. MARTINA! I have a proposal: make us able to vote more than once per day so we can get this amazing m/v reviewed! Please? :O

  345. You know we are vips when we can make it for TOMORROW’s music monday :p

  346. Oh Lord.. Taeyang is so HAWT! I’m choosing to ignore the Mickey Mouse hair. :]

  347. love the mv and the song is just i want this mv to be reviewed!! :)

  348. Too bad they aren’t going to perform this live, would love to see the dance for this. And the costumes. LOL

  349. uh, I really want Big bang for Music mondays this week.

  350. Big Bang achieves an all-kill with “MONSTER” on real-time music charts!
    it cant be denied that they are monster on digital charts…


  352. dancingpartytime

    Okay, is it just me or is Google+ not working anymore either?

    • dancingpartytime

      Nevermind! I could +1 but I couldn’t share the video without the window disappearing to fast, but I was able to use the tab button to navigate.

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  354. TOP’S SINGING KILLS ME. It’s so amazing :)

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    Review this plzz ~~~


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    Ok, there’s a word and I don’t quite know what it is but I know what it means (cinematography, maybe?) and IT is freaking awesome at the beginning, I love how you kinda feel like your the monster as you lope across that courtyard thing.
    Like the smashing of sculptures as they sing about not being a monster. Love that Daesung’s first line was “I love you.”
    Not digging Taeyang’s torpedo rolls. Pretty blingy necklace though.

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  365. dancingpartytime

    I just noticed that VIPs have managed to get this video to 5th place without a single facebook share. Imagine how much higher we’d be if the system wasn’t broken :P

    • Actually, it’s 4th :DDDD One of the videos was reviewed but is still there for some reason. Don’t forget 1 vote limiting! And if it worked, we’d be like in 1st :P

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    If Baby Good Night doesn’t win this week, (and it won’t without a miracle,) I want this to get the review. I know Big Bang will probably win next week if it doesn’t make it this time around, but I’m dying to know hear what Martina and Simon think about this video.

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    WE NEED YOUR VIEW ON THIS MARTINA! please review it T^T

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  380. I love how the mv is creepy but I hate GD’s mushroom hair and Taeyang’s weird-divided-and-rolled-mohawk!

    GD, being fierce and all, looks awkward with that shroom and Taeyang looks like Perez Hilton in Britney’s intro video for her Circus Tour.

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  397. The video is a treasure trove. Hollywood explosions, X-men meets horror movie costumes, crazy hhair styles, half-naked bodies. It’s like a darker Fantastic Baby.

  398. afghdgfhkg DAESUNG. unf. 
    his voice. his hair. his eyes. his.. *melts

  399. AAHHHHH 10 hours ago | 960,015 views WE CAN MAKE 1 MILLION IN 12 HOURS! LET’S DO THIS!

  400. Why is it not registering the FB likes? Did we crush  this aspect on the poll? cause its not even registering my vote

  401. We’re going up!! Hey, is it just my laptop, or has NO ONE promoted this from FB??I find that the counter broken or something???

  402. I think if FB sharing worked, this would be so much higher T^T

  403. Please VIPs hold off voting until Infinite gets reviewed! Inspirits have been patiently waiting for weeks for this and it would crush us if Bigbang got reviewed instead. We know for a fact that infinite watches S&M so it would make them so happy! Also, if you wait until next week it meand Simon and Martina will have more time to script it, which means better quality!
    You know Bigbang are going to get reviewed, so why the rush? Please let infinite have their time!

    From a fellow VIP and Inspirit :)

    • since today is sunday,and bigbang video came out on saturday, simon and martina probably already  chose infinite because i think they script on the weekends and big bang’s video didn’t rise to #1 till last night/today. so infinite is probably getting reviewed for monday, and big bang for next week. no worries :)

  404. I’m really happy that this video made it on the list!!! BIG BANG ALL THE WAY!!

    But I am concerned with something. I thought that after UKISS’s last Japanese promotion there was a rule made that only Korean videos that artists are promoting in KOREA would be on the list. That being said, as far as I know, Big Bang is NOT going to promote this song… So does that rule mean that even if an artist isn’t promoting a new song, as long as it is in Korean, as oppose to Japanese, then it can be on the Kpop Charts??? Just curious for future reference!
    Can’t wait to see this song reviewed!!

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  420. I loved GD’s single horn .. I wonder why though? hmm 

  421. <3 

  422. Just like it happend to: wow, fantastic” and i would go: “DANCE! wooohoooo, i wanna..”
    From now on, whenever someone says: “I love you”, my mind will instantly go: “baby, i’m not a monster!” :))

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  424. I love BIGBANG! They’ve literally changed and saved my life. I don’t know what’d I do without them! And my, TOP looks beautiful <3 They've really done their best for this comeback. Even after people hating on them, they still got love and support from the VIPs who would never turn their backs on them, and also gaining new fans. I love you BIGBANG, thank you. (: <3

  425. bigbangfosho

    There’s so much you guys can talk about, and this song is pure awesomeness 

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    So I’ve signed in w/ my facebook and will this count! Love this vid! So much! Must know what you guys think! Sorry Infinite fans (what do you call fans of Inifinite?) but this vid is DAEBAK! Love it <333

    AND…. TOP!!! HE IS SO HOT!

  433. looks a bit like the hat that Laurieann Gibson but still top is gorgeouse

  434. If only the voting hadn’t changed…. We would  definitely  get this reviewed this week like with EXO… Now we just have to comment instead..

  435. Okay This Video Is Freaking PERFECT! I swear simon and martina I am warning youuuu If you don’t do kpop music mondays about Monster I will do it for you there is soo muchhh to talk about. First their monters glowing identity number was sooo sexy. TOP on his phantom of the opera shadow scene with this cowboy hat…when I thought that he couldn’t get any hotter he did!!!! GD sexiness with that red hair, he actually looked like a dragon for a few seconds there. Daesung even thought he had a weird nose piercing it was sooooo cool since they were suppose to be monster. Seungri looks just too damn hot,  and honestly I don’t find him very hot I still think he is adorable. Taeyang…emmm.. besides his sailor moon like bling bling and his hair rolls I think that he looked smoking hot also. Oh God I still can’t get over this video!!! Martina you muuuuuuuuuuuuuust make thiiisss oneeeeeeee!!!

  436. awww ”i think i’m sick” at the end sounds just like a baby when his tummy is MV ever <3

  437. Let’s get this reviewed VIPs! We only have until tomorrow!

  438. I really enjoyed it except for that scene when TOP was just in some snowy field. I didn’t get it and it looked cheap. On the flip side, TOP had a cape and a funny hat, which makes up for it. 

  439. gd is a monster with a i am about to cry face…lol

  440. this is just too awesome.

  441. omg i love this MV XD ahh they all look so hot omg g dragon i would love to get to know you one day!!!!! ahhh so i loved all of the effects in this MV not much dancing but i loved the effects, styles, and vocals they all conducted XD great vid :D

  442. I prefer this getting reviewed over Infinite. The music video was kind of boring. The only thing actually interesting wast the car being flipped.

  443. I hope Daesung didn’t actually had piercings for those things in his nose! And I think Seungri is very unique in this M/V ^^

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  446. Love it!!! Totally love their wonderful voices and creative clothing and hairstyles. <3

  447. Woah! I really like the MV for Monster. Personally, I find Daesung’s messy blond hair incredibly attractive! ^_^

  448. Oh TOP, you beautiful creature, you.


  450. GD looks like a little foxdemon at one of the shoots outside with his red hair. Thats before you discover that its not an ear but a horn^^

  451. GO VIPs

  452. TOP looks amazing in this video. His sexy “I’m a vampire masquerading as a vampire hunter” look is now my desktop image. ;)

  453. Erm, V.I.P’s . . . it’s official, we broke youtube. The counts when you search backtracked to 306 and the one one when you click the vid is only 100,000 when there was more on the search count before, almost a million. Erm, great job???

  454. like the part when gd rises up tangled  in wires..feels like guliver

  455. AAHHH… still in recovering process…o(OwO)o 

  456. this is amazing , the craziest mv , by far …

  457. Oh Taeyang’s hair. I personally like the hair in the teaser better with his belt…bondage…outfit….thing.

  458. I love you; baby I’m not a monster. :D


  460. misspricilla

    wowwww just so epic. the music the hair the prison(break)……
    but the only part i found kinda odd was, when they were running and then bummm… stop for a moment just so we can see super HD close ups …and they were rather funny ( esp. poor Top i know he is my biased and all but i  only could think of this : must hold laugh in… insert meme here :} …..)

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  462. despite my dislike with the hair style choices, I am completely in love with the song. BIGBANG never disappoint me!!! the song is awesome. 

  463. this is too awesome! just i LOLed so hard on Taeyang’s hair and GD’s [one] hornXD

  464. I should have gone to sleep about an hour ago ut I’m still sitting here watching it. Its so good^^

  465.  This video is fucking crazy. I fucking love Big Bang.

  466. The last scene with the snow and the “monster sounds” reminded me of Frankenstein the monster from the book not the movies. 

  467. This song is so inspirational! I couldn’t find a good story t write and now after hearing the song only once I was able to write an entire story line.  

  468. BIGBANG!!
    The MV is just just…I dont know how to say it, but its really COOL&GOOD!!!

  469. just keep commenting that’s a help if you can’t be persistence on voting 

  470. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE. I don’t wanna wait till next week 

  471. OMG i know who’s gonna be reviewed =D

  472. I think VIPs will have no problem getting this video to no1 by Monday! Let’s go!

  473. I’m voting for these guys simply because I can’t wait to see how Simon and Martina examine it XD This video was soooo odd XD

  474. Where are all the VIPs that got BIGBANG reviewed 3 weeks in a row? 

  475. Okay, is it just me or is this song about an abusive boyfriend who’s telling his girlfriend not to leave him because the fits or anger or whatever go away, and that he really loves her? But then she leaves anyways…?

  476. ok…who else noticed the couple of moments of SUPER cheesiness (i.e. TOP as a giant in the snowy mountains?) :P But overall great song and great video :D

    Also, only TOP can look so pretty while running out of an exploding building while handcuffed.

  477. VIP fellas
    ❤  ! let’s make it this video for this Monday for sure Simon would love to talk about Taeyang been shirtless 

  478. Wow, BB is already #6! Way to go, VIPs! ^^

  479. Its looks/hears better and better every time i see it. I’m going to be humming and singing Daesungs part at work and make my coworkers think im crazy again^^ 

  480. you should definitely talk about the numbers that appear on seungri’s and daesung’s face!!!

  481. This is the first time i have ever commented, liked and shared on both Facebook and google + a video on the kpop charts….now I do all of these just to show my support for the one and only Big Bang! :)

  482. So awesome!! This video is so incredible!!! I love the hairstyles. I really like the sound of the song. Can’t stop listening to it.

  483. BB for sure is a beast!

  484. Am I the only one having problems with the facebook sharing button? I wanna send to my sister

  485. oooh did you see the girl in front of TOP in 2:39?!

  486. I love you, baby I’m not a monster.

  487. this video is awesomely insane, soo gooooood!!!

  488. COME ON! WE CAN DO IT VIPs!! This MV is perfect. =D

  489. I seriously hope this is on next weeks KMM!

  490. ·                                 TOP’s 2 monsters are:A giant monster who is from the cold of Europe and a vampyre.
    GD’s 2 monsters are:A clown from the US and a legent goblin from Japan.
    Seungri’s monster is:A killer doll with beautiful scars on the face.
    Taeyang’s monster is:The monster suffers from violence. He can’t control his power.
    Daesung’s monster is:A monster from Asian with tattoos and a very charp nose.
    -That is not something they “made up” They are monsters. Those monsters are legent myths from different countrys

    ~Credit to youtuber who put this up, not me!!!

  491. Can’r wait for this to be reviewed

  492. Blurberry

    Usually Big Bang video’s have a story but I think this is more like just different styles and music. Well, I like it too. I just wish there would be little more storyline and suspense.

    • it has one, there are two points of view I’ve read so far
      this take by ‘ancor’ on Alkpop the BB article. “”The video is quite sad if you pay attention to it. They are all test subjects (the numbers they have are not only the equation for 5=big bang, but also their subject number). They are being held in a facility and they each escape. Each one of them was being tested to see if they could withstand being fired at by bombs and if they could also fight hand to hand combat. The part where they each run into a room full of dummies and they smash them, you can tell that it was a place where they were put to fight. What I find interesting is that they all escaped at different times but in the end the only survivor was GD. He was the only we saw emerge from the ruins.”and another much longer on AKP lol 

    • Here is the other comment
      Monster mv: Labels.The mv represents bigbang’s struggles against media’s labeling them as ‘monsters’ (because of last year things). the cables represent media, and bigbang member’s ‘normal’ self have a hard time running away from their monster-like identity (that the media portrays them as) because of the cable’s can see that the walls are labled with codes and so are the members (ex. seungri’s forehead, daesung’s chest). this really signifies the ‘labeling’ part. no matter who they are (or strive to be) and no matter what path they choose, the codes are written already. it’s worsened by the fact that even if they don’t take the paths of their first choice, the alternate path is labeledanyway. gd is out in the open in the midst of the bombing, and it’s clear that he’s the victim here because he’s not the one with the bombs. he’s the one being targeted. but he’s the one with the horn. in one part, top is covered in darkness and only his eyes are shown. his identity is not cared for, and people cover him up to create their own vision of him. he’s not really a monster, but who cares? there is one part that the member(s) is/are kicking down statues. that’s them trying to break the stereotype of ‘standard beauty’ of music and trying their own styles. but that is frowned upon. every time the members go into the darkness, they ‘transform’ into monsters (most notably in the case of taeyang and seungri); likewise, every time people push aside bigbang’s true self in favor of the media’s portrayal of bigbang, bigbang becomes the ‘monsters’ that people fear and members themselves fear. so bigbang members run and run. but they can never escape. they will be monsters, perhaps forever, as long as darkness (public’s biased view) and traps of cables (media) exist. Credits to the owner (toptopia)”

  493. It would be like breaking the law if a Big Bang music video isn’t reviewed for KMM.

  494. so many different outfits and hairstyles in this musicvideo i LOVE it ♥

  495. also, g dragon looks alarmingly like kyo from the jrock band Dir en Grey

  496. love g-dragon’s hair! go big bang!!

  497. BIG BANG makes my life better <3 Proud to be a VIP!!


  499. Anyone notice the girl at TOPs feet during the snow scene? Tons of comments bout it on youtube now.

  500. OMG at 2:39 why is TOP standing on a mountain….? Martina please explain!!

  501. are you serious? NO ONE has promoted this on FB??? 

  502. BIGBANG needs to get to number 1!!

  503. For like 10 seconds or so Taeyang had a shirt on :O But yeah I want this to get reviewed cause I found “The Chaser” By infinite quite boring :/


  505. awww i would seriously love this for KMM … so much to talk about ^^ really like it 

  506. we’re actually #6 this is doable ,, they just need to delay the scripting of *the chaser*

  507. This music video must be reviewed, there is SO MUCH SYMBOLISM!!! 

  508. BIGBANG!!!!!!!!!!! OMG the MV is EPIC! 
    TOP’s 2 monsters are : A giant monster who is from the cold of Europe and a vampyre.GD’s 2 monsters are : A clown from the US and a legent goblin from Japan.Seungri’s monster is : A killer doll with beautiful scars on the face.Taeyang’s monster is : The monster suffers from violence. He can’t control his power.Daesung’s monster is : A monster from Asian with tattoos and a very charp nose.- That is not something they “made up” They are monsters. Those monsters are legent myths from different countrys.

  509. Song is so pretty~ /playsonrepeat

  510. OMG!!!please you have to review this video please!!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!! i totally love it and i know martina as well!!!! >///< omg!! all the VIP´S are like crazy!!! please!!!!!  BIGBANG MUST WIN!!!! 

  511. On a makeup and costume creativity scale, 5 out of 5!

  512. something is up with the facebook counter ):

  513. Is anyone else getting the Wicked Witch of the West feel from TOP and his hat?

  514. Even more amazing now that someone actually put a sub up! Gotta reveiw no matter what else is released please!!!

  515. This song. I can’t stop listening to it. I LOVE the beginning with T.O.P and GD, especially T.O.P’s deep singing voice. He should sing more often because he’s amazing! I love how Seungri has more parts than usual; his voice fits perfectly with his parts. I won’t forget to mention how awesome(or should I say daebak) Taeyang and Daesung sound. The song is so simple yet complex and gives me the chills from it’s pure amazingness. 

    I actually think GD looked ADORABLE with his ‘shroom hair >u<. I also really liked his red hair (in both styles). OMG. HIS HORNS. ADORABLE. Taeyang's hair was…. um… Sorry, it was really odd. Don't worry Taeyang, you still managed to look good. Daesung= super sexy amazing wolf. Seungri was very adorable too. Now T.O.P was simply AMAZING. He really pulled off the colored contacts, and even when half of his face was morphed he looked stunning.

    I really liked the video too. The concept was great as well as the acting. I think this M/V deserves 3 thumbs up, but I only have 2, so I guess I'll have to find another.. XD

  516. Woot 7th! Still no FB votes though? D:

  517. This song is so awesome. From GD&TOP’s restrained and passionate raping, to Taeyangs rising and falling of intensity in his voice to match the song, to Daesungs super powerful rock voice, to Seungri’s beautiful soft and sweet voice. It is perfect.

  518. Idk if it’ll make it to this Monday… but we sure have to try! =D I admit I voted for Infinite and B1A4 and more to support them, but now ALL SPEED WITH BB! =D <333

  519. I voted on facebook but they still say; 0 votes , o.o

  520. BIGBANNGGG <3

  521. I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  522. Additionally, when I look at the end as GD stares off to the city, I sense a sequel to this video…

  523. This is an amazing song and too bad it cam out so late so we’ll have to wait a week but I guess it won’t kill me lol 

  524. this mv is pure music monday fodder!!! It’s crazily awesome

  525. Big Bang!!!!!!! Wonder girls has a good song, but Big bang’s is better.

  526. It’s too late to beat Infinite but we can still beat Bilasa!!!

  527. can’t wait untill this is on music moday’s

  528. This video is perfect. This song is perfect.

     And for the Illuminati pushers, from the GD cut of the new version of Still Alive:”In this age of sentimentality, my apologies and regrets are supposedly a devil’s broadcast scarier than the mass brainwash into worshiping.Don’t assume things.”

  529. awwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  530. this mv and song are masterpieces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  531. I love you baby i’m not monster 

  532. OMG!!! i love tjhis video, is awesome!!! BIGBANG GOOO!!!

  533. Interesting… Aside from Tayeang’s crazy SpaceBalls hairdo…and Daesung’s S&M nose piercing….i like it :)

  534. really love the i love u part…

  535. BIGBANG- the sexiest “non” monsters to ever walk the earth <3

  536. kinda wish top had more parts in this song, but i DO like that he actually sang a bit!! ^^

  537. This MV (and the song) is just tooooo perfect, it HAS to be reviewed ! 

    All those feels .. fellow VIPs understand me..

  538. they should have looked more like monsters…that would definitely had hit harder with the chorus, I’m not a monster

  539. is it just me or does top sound like he is in a perfume commercial when he first starts talking at the beginning of the music video 

  540. Ahhh! I love them!