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Block B – Nillili Mambo

  1. Ivy Pottorff from West Saint Paul, Minnesota.

    Is there any specific reason why you started your musical career besides the fact that you like singing?

  2. I’m waiting the interview >< !

  3. haha how is this staying in 5th place lol

  4. thisisjustforfunval

    A week ago the only things I knew about Block B was the song/MV Nalina and that there was a member named Zico. Now, I’ve listened to Nillili Mamboo probably 50 times in two days, now a little more bio on them as a whole, seeking out live performances and that I’m completely in love with P.O. Plus I know want to go and watch everything Block B to learn more about each member, especially P.O. It’s been a long time since a band has given me that feeling.

  5. Fighting! Block B!!! I .< :B


    1)Zico, how did you get into rapping? And why do you have so much swag O.o2) Do you think you might be able to perform sometime in America soon? If not, you should try :D3) Can you guys do aegyo?I’m a huge BBC, so if you guys could just tell them that they are the reason I started to like Korean HIP HOP (of course I’ve loved kpop for so long, but hip hop not so much…) that’d be great :p
    Name: Carolyn Hsu From Southern California.

  7. block b!!! fighting1!!! bbc follow block b!!

  8. So Block B basically WON and I can’t wait to see the review this afternoon. :D

  9. Can’t wait to see the review!! ^_^

  10. The Nillili Lalala dance is friggin amazing!

  11. So this vid really showcases Vietnam…the crappy music, the stereotype of Viets eating anything that move, dodgy nail salons and the gambling,let’s not forget how dodgy the places they shot in Vietnam looks. Which, I think sets the scene wonderfully for the video, and is a great location to shoot the video, I can’t comprehend why all the Vietnamese people are going gaga going Vietnam is so beautiful etc etc. Not saying that all of Vietnam is dodgy, but the places in the vid didn’t exactly scream VISIT MY COUNTRY. So before anyone says you don’t know anything, yes I have been to Vietnam and I am Viet, Also no offense, but the girl in the video sucked as in, she sucked at acting and was all emotionless poker face when kissing, poker face when saying bye, but laughs when she’s interrupted??

    • Well I think they chose “dodgy” places to give an underground and “pirates/gangster” atmosphere. I think the visual of the MV is really beautiful and exotic. But yeah, that actress wasnt the best one eh? At least, because the kiss was so fake, hysteric fangirls won’t go on a rampage because she touched Jaehyo! XD

  12. catchy song! definitely a number #1 track material!

  13. This comeback is insanely good~~~!!!
    I love them!

  14. Nililili lalala nilili ya nilili mambo ~

  15. This song has the power to grow on you like nobody’s business. I find myself going back to the video more and more. This video is hilarious with all the little joker moments. How can you not love them?

  16. I think that.. It’s Block B time!!! xD

  17. come on bbcs we can keep this up for a few more hours

  18. Everyone vote for Epik High plz!!! Simon & Martina are fans of them, and they haven’t been able to review them before. Plus, this is their comeback and they deserve it~

  19. omg!!!!! i’m totally in love with thisssssss <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 teehee pirates ;3 such a strong comeback but my fav part has to be ukwon's u< <3 <3

  20. never mind we did win

  21. did we win??

  22. thesweetestlittlekpopper

    This is the song that really made me fall for Block B! I think i’m a BBC now~! <3

  23. I think… I think what I like about this video is that I feel like it tells a proper story.
    I know that a lot of MVs seem to tell a story, or at least hint at one, but this one feels like an ACTUAL story, with characters and everything. I don’t know why I feel that way, but it’s particularly around the part where they meet up with (I don’t know anyone’s names) the guy with the case of guns. Yeah… Or maybe the bar scene before it. Makes it feel very much like you’re following the story in some movie.
    I like it =)

  24. I’m so glad they’re back!!!! Both BAP and Block B are my ultimate biases, but I have no idea how to join their official fan clubs since I can’t understand the Korean at all. x_x

    I hope they make it on Music Monday. I know I replayed their album to death and kept watching the mv.

  25. I know everyone is loving the Kyung vs Chicken part, but honestly, that part where Zico has the suitcase and shows it to Taeil! GOLDEN! Taeil doesn’t know there are diamonds inside. He’s just like: SUITCASES! I LOVE SUITCASES! PARTY HARD!

  26. Dear International BBCs, I made a special FB account just so that ALL my FB friends are BBCs :). If you dun mind making me happy, ADD ME! :) Thx in advance.


  28. omg bbcs everywhere TT_______________TT i love you guys!!


  29. votiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

  30. If we get a Block B interview I hope S&M don’t chose the boring questions again D:

  31. BBCs vote in Mcountdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. BBC’s did you see Simon and Martina’s tweet about being on the phone with Block B’s management? They might actually be getting an interview. They asked on their twitter,
    “@eatyourkimchi: Just out of curiosity: if we did interview Block B, what would you want us to ask them? You know…just for curiosity’s sake :D”

  33. Hello BBCs, and congrats on your win this week!

    I have to favors to ask. 1st if someone have the lyrics translations for Zico’s two new songs, and 2nd… if some of you can help us with Epik High Dont Hate Me it will be much appreciated!

  34. this song and mv is amazing and i loved it the first time i saw it :D

  35. congratz guys, you won! now can some of the nice people here PLEAASEE help epik high win for next week? kumawo in advance <3 <3


  37. GO BLOCK B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND LOL THE ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Virginia Quílez Sánchez

    Wow! Love this boys. The song is just awesome! :D

  39. This song is full of awesomeness! Just wondering, on the side, when will facebook voting start to work again hm…

  40. Stylish and catchy song.

  41. I have been waiting for their comeback and I was thinking they would ‘lower’ their self-esteem because of what happened earlier, but no. They are the same Block B as always and I love the fact that they didn’t care about their haters and moved on with being these awesome weirdos. This is one of the reasons why I am a proud BBC.

  42. WAH!!!!!! DID YOU GUYS SEE SIMON & MARTINA”S TWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. When he throws a kiss ahhhhhhhh :D

  44. I really hope it’s Block B they just came back and the fans are pumped for them

  45. speechless…that’s all

  46. block b fighting!

  47. Omg. I was so really was happy for Block B’s return that I’ve been waiting for months and yes Nillili Mambo! Such an awesome and cool song! And this satisfies me for an epic song for this when it was exam day, I can’t get this song outta my mind but still okay coz they da one who inspires me and keep me determined on answering a test paper. The music video is soooo awesome! Just before the MV came, the teasers are OMGGG like I wanna screaaam!!! >__ Especially I love Kyung’s teaser :””> so cool. But all are amazing. And Jaehyoo.. omooo :OO HEHEHEHE. He would make a good actor on that kind. Hehehe. & Jihoon’s hair and his voice. kyaa! Zico and his Jamaican Beggar looks __ And their dance! COOOOL BDDD MMM/ and seeing that they created their dance steps, produce their own song, and compose is awesomme. They really deserve in the K-pop industry. Thats what makes a Kpop for they have the freedom to create and their abilities. Also eVol. The StardomEnt. Just that Cho PD produce the best! Damn why are they created?! Hahaha. Thanking their parents though. I wanna see themmm perform live and would really love the chance to meet and greet them live. :))) Knowing in the age that I am still young, I LOVEEE THEM! ♥ I would never ever replace them for their style, music, and such that cause their imperfections to the eyes of those who don’t like them will always be perfect to me, fellow BBCs, their family and friends, and God. ♥♥♥ Forever a PROUD BBC & supporting them til the end. Never gonna leave outta their sight. <33333

  48. Definitely not a disappointing comeback! I’m so proud of my boys, zico you amaze me every time! I have to say ukwon stood out to me in this video, keep working hard block b, bbc are supporting you all the way! excuse me as i go to replay this song for the hundredth time

  49. Just all of this is perfection, Block B, Nillili Mambo, the mv, the whole album.. dear lordy asdnsdisnadsapidmeawdasnoasdn /faints/

  50. com’on everybody lets tap tap move your body!

  51. I wanna see martina and simon with pirate costume XD

  52. i love this song.. they are back. they dont care what the haters think. n they do what they feel like doing i love that about them.. i am a BBC and i am proud. fighting guys

  53. ahhh this video is so great in so many ways!! I’m glad they’re back!! the song is sooo amazing you can’t not dance to it when it comes on!! ♥

  54. the whole album is awesome! not just this song….they came back STRONG! i love these boys!

  55. OMG I love BLOCK B!!BBC for life!!^^

  56. Did anyone else find the melody slightly familiar?
    At least the the beginning of the verses and chorus. I keep getting the feeling that I’ve heard it somewhere.

    Either it’s the trumpets and instruments and it reminded of some classical piece I’ve heard somewhere or something..

  57. I am PROUD to say that I AM A NEW BBC :)

  58. ummmmmmmm just asking but it seems like the kpop charts page has been hacked by (obviously) a Cheon Myeong Hun fan. Someone report it to simonandmartina? that kind of promotion seems a little(or…) too much? anyway it jumbled the stuff on the page all round and disturb me a little. someone please do something ASAP!

  59. I loved this song since I first heard it and I love the ending. Am I the only one that found Jaehyo’s hairstyle really attractive?

  60. Ahahahaha love the ending :p

  61. That hand massage Zico receives doesn’t seem too comfortable with all his rings on xD aren’t you supposed to take of your jewellery for something like that? or because he’s a pirate is he afraid someone will steal them? :P

  62. love you losers!

  63. love this song and mv. The very end is hilarious along with Park Kyung and the chicken

  64. This MV deserves a 15 minutes review

  65. What’s with the creepy white eyes & the chicken? Random.

  66. Not a BBC, but I would love to see the epicness of a Simon and Martina video review of this :D

  67. Great job BBC’s we’re doing great! :)

  68. I bet Simon’s out buying a new wig today :)

  69. Congratulations to Block B!! this is really an interesting video. Plus they filmed it in Vietnam!!!! Since this video has already won, could you please please please please help vote for Miss A? its been so long since we’ve had a girl power type video reviewed! pretty please? thanks if you do!!

  70. KoJunTVXQ

    Please do BLOCK B!

  71. KoJunTVXQ

    nirriri mambo

  72. KoJunTVXQ


  73. Congrats BBC’s. This is going to be an awesome KMM. I can’t wait.

  74. OMG Did Block B win?? :D

  75. genial el video y la cancion!

  76. Please review this song!!! The video is so cool!!

  77. They are so amazing !!! and them album is PERFECT !!! No joke is so badasse ans Where u at ? beautiful !!! <3

  78. BLOCK B —-> Best Comeback.

  79. What’s the time difference between South Korea and New York City? I need to know when midnight has happened for Simon and Martini and Block B’s secured the top spot (:

  80. Block FTW!!!! I freakin LOVE THIS SONG!!!!

  81. another kpop video in which guns are apparently useless xD (beating up a guy with a gun in your hand…
    but I can forgive that because THIS SONG IS AMAZING AND BLOCK B IS AMAZING! <3
    kyung's rap is the best thing in the world. I always repeat it about 4 times every time I listen to the song xD poor guy didn't get any chicken :<
    BBCs, let's keep this at #1 ^^ (and don't forget to vote on mnet as well)

    • Blueberries

      The only excuse that I have came with not using guns are that gunshot makes a noise so it might attract civils and polices attention too..

      • Oh, thats actually a pretty good explanation. Add in the fact he isn’t the one they were chasing, jail time for murder isn’t in the plans if it is the wrong person.

  82. Go BLOCK B! BTW BLOCK B’s official facebook page wrote a status saying to vote for them on EAT YOUR KIMCHI! One of the biggest Kpop/Korean Blogs in the world!

  83. Lots of faults with the plot but I couldn’t care less – the song is AWESOME! Bought it on iTunes as soon as I heard it, and the whole feel and atmosphere for the MV was just brilliant! Has a Jack Sparrow feel to it :’) love it!

  84. And one more thing I don’t know much about this group but I am going to assume that the blonde haired one in the suits with the ponytail is CAP who everyone is saying looks like T.O.P….and he does I thought top was Cameoing in the video for a minute there lol. He is a cutie! Luckily he gives of a different vibe then top so I feel like he is still a different person.

  85. I think the song and video was pretty good however one thing I CANNOT over look are those hideous things crawling out the back of that persons head! who the hell came up with that hairstyle. As a person with dreadlocks I DO NOT APPROVE of that hairstyle. Why is the front spikey and trimmed and then all of a sudden in the back he has sloppy, ugly thick dreadlocks hanging there? I know it’s supposed to give him a rebellious look but at least do dreadlocks all over or pick another hairstyle. It’s worse then the American Mullet smh. It’s a shame because he is cute too! I love the rough boy image but hate that hair on top of his head.

    • His hair is short in real life and it looks good. So, I don’t know where the idea for the dread-mullet thing came from…it’s very hideous lol. But he did have actual dreadlocks at one time.

    • In an interview they recently did he said that he wanted to bring back the dreads since the fans loved it so much when he had a style similar to that before. He said it was perfect since it fit the “Jack Sparrow” pirate theme.

  86. really awesome song! and zico, SO BADASS, SO MUCH SWAG!!! and i like how po does the hair side swept… EFFING HOT?! and ukwon….. i think im in love.

  87. It feels good to be on the winning side XD it’s the first time in a long long time since the video I most wanted to get reviewed actually got reviewed.
    Anyways, good job BBCs :)

    • I’m glad to hear that! Hopefully we keep it that way! :)

    • Agreed! (Although I’m a KissMe too so them winning was very great.)
      It feels even more rewarding because it’s the first week it has been out and not long 3 week battles :’D

      • 3-week battles are terrible.

        • AudreyKoopman

          I know. So stressful and exhausting and, in our case, unfortunately heartbreaking :(
          But! They do lead to meeting awesome people haha, lots of time to chat.

        • Haha yes, I’m getting super happy seeing people I’ve talked to (when we tried to get nu’est on top). For this week I was more interested in Epik high knowing Block b will win for sure and I really love this mv so I’m really happy to see something I wanted to win actually win.

        • AudreyKoopman

          I’m hoping over to the Epik High page now lol. I’m kinda sad that I only just listened to their music..thankfully Fuuko has that marvelous playlist so I can catch up on everything :P

        • I actually only new around 20 songs myself so i’m listening to her entire discography playlist(fuuko did a great job) right now (I’m at 26/184), I still have a long way to go but they are great so I’m having a lot of fun.

        • AudreyKoopman

          I don’t even know where I am in that thing haha. I start somewhere new, or I think is new, every time. But I’m loving it so much.

  88. BBC’s We made it! congratulations!

  89. This song is so addicting!! Also, Kyung and the chicken… Hahahahaha

  90. blooooooock b

  91. Block b ♥ ! Block b ♥ ! Block b ♥ !Block b ♥ !Block b ♥ !Block b ♥ !Block b ♥ !

  92. Nillili Mambo !Nillili Mambo !Nillili Mambo !Nillili Mambo !Nillili Mambo !Nillili Mambo !Nillili Mambo !Nillili Mambo !

  93. Llalalala ! Nillili Mambo ! Rock and Roll ! ♥

  94. I absolutely love their fearlessness in this video!!! And the wanted posters reminded me of One Piece lol

  95. ZICO ♥ ! :*) ZICO ♥ ! :*)ZICO ♥ ! :*)ZICO ♥ ! :*)ZICO ♥ ! :*)ZICO ♥ ! :*)

  96. Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :)

  97. Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :)

  98. ZICO is The only one guy who looks good & sexy on locks..

  99. Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :) Nillili Mambo ♥ PERU ♥ BLOCK B :)

  100. Nillili Mambo ♥ Nillili Mambo ♥ Nillili Mambo ♥

  101. Yyayayayya ! mee Encanta Block b !! Geenial La cancion Loveeeed !!!

  102. guys, we need to remain vigilant, that really worries me win Miss A, and there is nothing I want more than Block B is elected, girls! fighting!

  103. Block B already won o/ yay congrats babies I love u ZICO and UKWON hahaha<3

  104. I’m so glad to see them comeback with such a bang. This song and the album as a whole shows how versatile as an idol group. This is just simply amazing after eight months.

  105. Super MV!! Love all the details!! Brilliant Song!! *_*

  106. So… The sausage festival will continue!! Yay! Yay?

  107. need a longer version tbh this is just perfect khdflhdsfkasgfjaj maybe make something like TVXQ – Before U Go full version who has 3 songs in it? IT WOULD BE REALLY AWESOME SDFBAJHGFJAGFHMSDGFSAMGF STARDOM PLEASE MAKE IT COMES TRUE ;A;

  108. For a brief second I thought it was B-Bomb in make up at 1:34 :D :D :D And Taeil looks reeaaally good in this video. :) I wonder what Simon and Martina have to say about the clothing and hairstyles

  109. It’s 12:01 AM in Seoul right now!!! WOOT!!!! BLOCK B WON!!!!

  110. Zico has modernized the Mulet and made it look cool

  111. two minutes left!!! GO BLOCK B!!!

  112. So I don’t really consider myself a Block B fan (nothing against them, I just haven’t been in to them) but this song/video has really grown on me. I can’t get the chorus out of my head, I think they did a really nice job with this one.

    • their whole album is perfect. you should check it :D try Mental Breaker~ it will break your mental o<-<

      • Do you mean this newest album? I haven’t listened to any of the songs but Nillilli Mambo yet but I will check them out. When the video for NalinA came out I really enjoyed that song but couldn’t really get in to their other songs on the album so I was worried this would be the same. Thanks for the advice though.

  113. WE’VE GOT TO PRESERVE GUYS!! 1 DAY TO GO! COME ON, WE CAN’T LOSE TO SAY As!!! (though im a say a myself. :D)

  114. this could be the soundtrack for the pirets of caribbean

  115. That ending was so cute! :3

  116. i usually don’t listen to a whole album but just random individual songs. but blockbuster was beyond amazing because every song is so good. i love these musicians very very much.

  117. BBC ever since their debut and I’ve been waiting for the day when they get recognition. Hope they win 1st and appear in Variety Shows more.

  118. I love block b and their dedication to their fans…I will always support them through all of their troubles…I hope it gets reviewed for music monday, it feels like ages since nanlina was released!!! GO BLOCK B!! :)

  119. Mdrr c le clip de tt les ten mdrr IL SN TROO FORt LES BLOCK B jsui vers une BBc mdrr il ya tt dans ce clip la musique est génial le clip original en plus sa leur conrespan biien a leur univers je dis CONTINUER COMME SAA !!!!!!!!! mdrr

  120. I love block B…I will always support them and how they work hard for their fans…i hope it gets reviewed for music monday :)

  121. Im sooo voting for this because of the awesome song and mv + Jaehyos nipple :-)!!!!

  122. Niliili lalala lililiya nillili mambo~ COMMON EVERYBODY STEP STEP TWIST YOUR BODAAAY <3 BLOCK to the TOP…..Im really proud to be an BBC right from the beginning….Block B/BBC/Stardom ent family is just the Best!

  123. LOVE this song and their album and this mv and Block B omgggg >w< just so cool :D hope that they will stop getting hate from that past controversy and get popular! cuz those boys are soo damn talented :D

    • They are talented indeed and I have faith, they will succeed, they are dedicated, they had made so much sacrifice, we have an awesome leader at our lead!

  124. please bbcs!!!!! they have to win!!!!! dont let them lose 1st place!!!!!!

  125. I really really want this song to win 1st place, Miss A and Epik High have already proven themselves. Block B needs this.

    • You are right, Block B needs recognition! They might have really dedicated fans that work a lot to help them but they need more recognition, they worked so hard for this.

  126. Iam not a bbc but I am quiet in hip hop and Zico definetly is on my TOP 3 ever !
    and this time he really goes totally balls out I absolutely LOVE this video ;)
    especially after the things they went through this year Iam really proud on them <3

  127. i hope they can win 1st with nillili mambo, they deserve it. block b hwaiting!!!

  128. block b <3333

  129. I want to show girl power but then again this song is just awsome. i guess i choose music before gender. But come on guys how come secret did win.

  130. Who’s look do you like the best in this video (like, hair, clothes, etc to go with the character)?
    I think I’d have to choose Kyung, idk, I just love the outfit he wears while chasing the chicken and the fact that it is tucked in XD

    • Well, I don’t now all of them but I immediately fell in love with B-Bomb but that was with his voice too…

      • Oh, I understand entirely. B-bomb has been my bias since they debuted. He is sexy, no doubt about it. And his voice sounds amazing in this song! He is so perfect!

    • I like Zico the best. Probably because he’s got this Captain Jack Sparrow thing going on and I just think pirates are cool, lol. I also really like his contacts, I think the two different colored eyes are fascinating but also give off this slightly creepy vibe, which, when paired with his dreads, really gives him that pirate captain feel.
      Kyung was cool too, I am absolutely in love with his black and red jacket. I wonder if you can buy it from anywhere.
      And lastly: B-Bomb. This man is determined to ruin my bias list, and he’s doing a very good job, but Zico will prevail! I absolutely love his short hair and his voice in this is amazing: overall, he’s just hot^^
      Oh and Taeil was hot too. I’ve thought he was attractive from the beginning, but the short hair coupled with the eyebrow piercing makes him even hotter imo.

      • I was never really attracted to Taeil…but this video….damn him. And the piercing really really bumps up that attraction (piercings are hot lol).
        The only reason I couldn’t pick Zico was the dread-mullet he has. I don’t like that at all haha. He surprisingly pulls off the floral coat. AND HE HAS PLAID PANTS!!!!! (I love plaid stuff for some unknown reason)
        B-bomb has been my bias since debut. I loved the decent chunk of lines he got in this song. His perfect face and perfect voice, tis love!

        • I liked the dreads, but they did look a little weird, lol. But he doesn’t have the dreads anymore!! His hair is the same color as when he had the dreads but now its spiky and it looks really good on him ^_^

        • AudreyKoopman

          It looks really really good on him. Though the most recent live performance I saw his hair color matched the video, but his hair was the pretty dark gray for the showcase they had a couple days ago…I actually preferred that color on him (not that he doesn’t look smoking now haha)

        • He looks hot in any hairstyle, lol

        • AudreyKoopman

          Very true haha

  131. I love Block B!!! They’re awesome, and their song is 아 영어어렵다 맘에든다를쓰고싶은데쓸수가없다….

  132. When they came out with Nalina, It was EPIC. I had no idea how they were going to possibly beat it. This song is a miracle. Makes me anticipate their next album even more.

    • I know right? It’s like, they’ve grown so much musically since Nanlina while still keeping to their style (which makes sense when you get Zico and Kyung creating practically the whole song lol). Like Simon said in the kpopchart update, I’m so glad they didn’t try to comeback with something more tame.

  133. Block B jjaaannnnnngg!! please review it:d:D love you guys:D!

  134. I’m so in love with this song :X

  135. I love stardom entertainment. I just recently learned that EvoL was part of Stardom, and I loved EvoL. I think Stardom ent is the only kpop company in which I truly love ALL artists under it.

  136. aren’t they gonna win on any music program? They deserve it,aren’t people sick of stupid same old same old songs!

  137. (Мне лень писать на английском(googl в помощь))
    Я надеюсь вы, все таки, снимите угарный видео обзор про них)) Ведь они такие классные!С любовью из России =*

  138. this was a wacky mv and i hope it will be on kmm just because it will be hilarious~

  139. I hope block b wins this week and then epik high wins next week :]
    I’m not really a fan of girl groups because I’m kinda tired of the cute little high heel dances ^^” no offense!! (if anyone has an awesome and badass song and dance from a girl group let me know! something like 2NE1′s I am the best :] )
    Girl groups have to do a lot to impress me XD maybe it will happen soon though??

  140. I hope block b will win

  141. this song is so badass! I’ve been walking around singing nilili lalala nilili ya nilili mambo for days now!
    but I can’t stop imagining the BBC doing a documentary about Zico’s live XD

  142. Love this, it’s awesome, hot, funny and just perfect.

  143. I would like to point out the following:

    1: Zico is being a cockblocker, stopping Kyung from making dinner and Jaehyo from making out.
    2: Kyung giving no shits about money or diamonds. He just wants to make dinner gdi let the man fry his chicken in peace, Zico!

  144. I love this Song. It’s different and catchy. The music video is like one piece meets pirates of the Caribbean, Love it <3

  145. I wish there was a girl group this Music Monday but this song is just so… so… cool!

  146. love it

  147. The chicken chase man………… that’s all you need to know!

  148. Voting for this because of how awesome this song and mv are + Jaehyo’s nipple :)!!

  149. Huahaha it looks like this will win this week, Epik High next week, and then B.A.P. the following? Then it should be about time for After School’s comeback and then perhaps I can get lucky and have a ton of people unite to get a female group to win again. (Or all of my plans could get shattered, egh w/e…)

      TKIR: I’m with Simon when he said he was afraid that Block B would come back and seem more reserved and tamed and less badass. I’m so glad they proved me wrongg XD BBC FO LIFE.

      • Oh I totally forgot about HyunA, drat! She might ruin all my plans, especially since they said her new vid is most likely going to be 19 and up or w/e.

        • iloveminhyun

          >.< do you know the comeback date for After School? Pledis has a tendency to be late with the release unless they specify a date. I think I'll go insane if Pledis makes it to the top 3 again and doesn't get reviewed.
          btw, I thought Hello Venus was coming back before After School… ?

        • I think Son Dam Bi or w/e her name is was supposed to also because I was gonna have to see if I liked her or not.

          Very vague but this is all we got (that I’ve seen) “According to Pledis Entertainment’s managing director After School will be releasing their sixth Korean single “when the cold wind begins to blow” in the fall. Their Comeback with their sixth single may be in October or November”

        • iloveminhyun

          oh yes, I heard about Son Dambi. She was meant to come back last month and Pledis probably postponed her. We just have to wait and see XD

        • You see any of the vids of NU’EST at K-Con?

        • iloveminhyun

          of course! I woke up at 6:00 am and saw it live lol.. What did you think of After School’s hoobaes? Pretty impressive right? The best performance that night, in my opinion ^^

        • I never know when all these things are happening. Most of the time it’s dif time-zones so I wouldn’t be on anyway but this one I could have been. I watched them and some of 4Minute is all, lol I loved them trying to speak in English (and 4Minute too).
          (I just had to google hoobaes) Yeah they were pretty good, and I figured you had.

  150. I’d love for EYK to review them. Not only because its one of my favorite groups or that its their comeback after 8 months but because its a really good song and I think the mv protrayed the storyline very well. Each character/member was introdused nicely without confusion and the switching of the suitcases was done well too and remove the chance of confusion. And of course all the funny moments. And Simon can point out the english again too^^ because there were some strange stuff there=P Everybody okey dokey Taeil?

  151. 7ONTHEBLOCK translated Block B’s Showcase Press Conference.
    They talk about the album, concept (Zico actually mentions Johnny Depp!), teasers, and their thoughts on the Thai interview.
    Lol at Zico’s ending remark.

  152. ▒▒████████▒██▒▒▒▒▒██████▒██████▒██▒▒██▒▒▒▒████████▒▒▒██▒██▒▒ ▒▒██▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒▒▒██▒▒█▒▒█▒▒█▒ ▒▒██▒▒████▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒████▒▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒████▒▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒ ▒▒██▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒▒▒██▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒ ▒▒████████▒██████▒██████▒██████▒██▒▒██▒▒▒▒████████▒▒▒▒█▒█▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒

  153. I’m torn between Epik High and Block B. So I’m voting for BOTH of them. But honestly, I wanted Simon to rate Block B’s Engrish so badly lol. I know Epik High’s English is perfect coz Tablo is fluent, but PO’s is just kkkk. gonna be so much fun to watch!! kyaaa

  154. ▒▒████████▒██▒▒▒▒▒██████▒██████▒██▒▒██▒▒▒▒████████▒▒▒██▒██▒▒ ▒▒██▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒▒▒██▒▒█▒▒█▒▒█▒ ▒▒██▒▒████▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒████▒▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒████▒▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒ ▒▒██▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒▒▒██▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒ ▒▒████████▒██████▒██████▒██████▒██▒▒██▒▒▒▒████████▒▒▒▒█▒█▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒

  155. The moment I heard their teaser, I knew i was going to love the song!!! I spent like 3 hours waiting, I mean sure it’s not as bad as other people’s waiting, but I was just highly anticipating!!

  156. commonn. they’ve gotta review dis………….

  157. i would really like to see this reviewed and see simon and martina’s opinions …. i think i would be funny

  158. Block B is an amazing group with so much talent and they are probably the realest group out there. They seem like you could sit down and just chill with them and that’s really rare. Despite that, they came back with an amazing new song and MV. I mean a pirate concept? Who even thinks of that? Brand-new Stardom is amazing. Proud BBC~

  159. Block B..I think has an awesome mv and song to be reviewed!!!!!! They have always been fun and this time is so much fun and entertaiing! This video has so much to be reviewed on. I love Block B~~~~~~so happy they’re back w a coool ass song!!!!

  160. I hope these guys win. This song is so catchy! And the video is very different from most kpop mvs.

  161. Best comeback yet!

  162. Review this video

  163. this video is awesome! swag pirate themed! zico love <3

  164. I’m glad that they’re still keeping their own style

  165. I didn’t know that they filmed this in Vietnam. Awww Ukwon

  166. This song is really amazing, I wished Taeil had more parts though.

  167. If Block B does win this week, I hope Simon and Martina will tell us what Nillili Mambo means. I think it must be a Korean slang.

  168. In this week’s “mugshot” edition, we ask you who has the better mugshot : TOP’s “bingu” mugshot in Turn It Up, or Zico’s derp face mugshot in Nillili Mambo? ;D

  169. I am so, so satisfied with this comeback! Everything from the song and video is just so amazing. :D And the album is definitely worth buying. :)) Gahhhh~ I just love Block B so much! <3

  170. I don’t think I can call myself as a BBC but damn I love them as if I am one!
    Zico’s “Bye guys~ Hi ladies~!” LOL I wonder how guys felt xD

  171. Come on BBCs let’s get this on Music Monday!

  172. aaa… black dragon♥.♥

  173. Love this song. Love all the guys they each bring their own type of feel to the video and song. Was glad to see Taeil with a different hair style though. The bowl cut made him look so much like a child. This video gives a better look at each one and you can really see their ages in their styles and acting. PO though looks so grown up but so adorable at the same time. Just love it.

  174. ok, it needs to be said : Zico has a lot of swag, but man, that floral coat has GOT TO GO. NOW. :P

    • I think it works for the image they’re trying to pull off. I actually didn’t even notice it was floral until someone pointed it out to me haha

    • Floral coat? *watches again* Ooooh I see XD I didn’t even notice it. Too focused on their faces XD

      • haha, really? For me it was too eye-catching to miss! :P

        • As I said, too busy looking at faces XD But that’s because I’m still working on who is who. I mean, I know who is who, but I want to memorize every detail so that I can tell in the next video as well. Because I knew who was who in Nalina, but then I watched this one and was like “Um…I know… Zico and P.O and Jae….but everyone else…*reads comments to figure who is who* Ah, there we go, got it”
          But now I know, and I can name them in older videos that I hadn’t watched before, so I figure I’ve got it ^^


  176. This seriously needs to be reviewed! Block B is by far the most awesomest K-Pop group of ALL time~! =DDDDDDDDD

  177. Aaaaah I really love this song and this video, I don’t even know what to say :0 I love the outfits, how it’s shot, the lighting and the story of it also! I really hope this gets the review~

  178. I’m glad they’re number 1 this week :D boys deserve it!

  179. lol Was I the only one who squeaked “yes sir” when I heard Zico say “BBC follow me” the first time I watched this and almost didn’t pay attention to his rap because my fangirl heart couldn’t take his flying kiss. This video continues to make me laugh out loud no matter how many times I watch it (ESPECIALLY the part at the end. XD These boys always seem to appear when I need a laugh. ^^) Gosh, I’m so glad Block B didn’t get knocked out of their game I’d have been super disappointed. I wanna see more videos like this by them. (Any excuse for me to stare at Zico… Nahhhh I’m kidding 8D). Speaking of Zico I almost flipped out when I saw the contacts I just… They look really cool on him! (side note: I hope his eyes didn’t get irritated by them even a little because that feeling sucks! ><) PO though, he never fails to look older than his age and that red coat (and the pinstripe suit as well) makes him look so sharp. Kyung and Taeil so much older than me and I think they're both the cutest badasses ever. lol Block B make good pirates, I'd be on their crew! 8D

  180. so proud

  181. I showed this video to my brother (he’s not a kpop fan) And out of all the kpop videos I showed him, this is the only one he seemed to be interested in. Good job Block B.

    • That’s a major achievement, kudos to you! I’m still trying to get my brother interested in kpop. I haven’t showed him this song yet, but I showed him Zico’s teaser for it and he was pretty impressed :)

  182. is it just me, or do some of the members of this group resemble other kpop artists, like T.O.P., Changmin, Donghae, etc?

  183. I’m not a Block B fan but I’m voting for them because this MV is absolutely AWESOME

  184. BBCs, lets vote for BLOCK B on MNET too!!

  185. They filmed this in VIETNAM- My Country !!! Hooray :)))

  186. Oh geez we only have a few hours left and I have to go to bed soon :O. I really hope Block B wins because it’s could definitely help them gain more exposure (plus of course the MV and song are great).

    Please keep voting !!!!

  187. I’m not a BBC but I really love this song and the video is visually stimulating. I hope it gets picked.


  189. Random things I’ve just noticed:
    -The little open room that U-kwon is goofing off with the gun in has a pirate flag in the window or whatever.
    -The bar Zico is in at the end (and in his teaser) has a giant wheel on it that is supposed to be, I’m assuming, the steering wheel for a pirate ship.
    -Jaehyo and his date pretty much have matching hair lol.

  190. Everytime I refresh my page after like 5 minutes there are a hundred new votes!! Go BBC’s!!


  192. I just realized!! If we want Block B reviewed for EYK! We have to win this week because Epik High made their comeback and next week I doubt Block B will get reviewed! SO vote away!!

  193. My favorite parts in the video are
    -Kyung and the chicken (Onew would be jealous)
    -The fail trigger “oops” XD (I think his name is Jaehyo?)
    -The ending~ (Zico is my fav so far *^*)

    • U-kwon is the failed gunslinger haha. Jaehyo is the guy with the ponytail who runs away from there with one of the briefcases.

      • Ah, forgive me I’m still learning their names x3 I only know Zico and Kyung Q_Q

        • AudreyKoopman

          Haha, you’re fine, nothing to be sorry about. There are a lot of new viewers here and I’m always happy to help :)
          Besides, I went through the same thing when I first found them.

  194. I’m rooting for Miss A to win.. but this is an awesome video.

  195. Ok my god the epicness!! let me first off say i am (was!!) not a B Block fan and this is the first song i have heard from them, earlier today i was like OMG at epic high kick but i realized it was not going to make so i throw my vote in with Miss A’s girl power massage song, that i must say is nice and refreshing, and i didn’t even think about checking out B-Block. I end up watching this as part of play list mode and it took about 3 seconds into the song for me to fall completely and utterly in love with this. By the end i was jumping up and down dancing like a crazy fool in my dorm, i had to watch the video a second time. there is so much to love about this video i…..cant…..even…..oh god the ending…. i feel like a kid with a new toy!!! the boy in red with the eye patch YOUR VOICE IS PURE SEX ON A STICK oh so raspy and deep!!!! i can officially say Block B you just gained a new fan you have my vote all the way!!! love love love this!! Now off to find and buy this song!!!

    • The pure sex voice on a stick’s name is P.O (or Pyo Jihoon). Aaah the spazzing, the first time I saw the video I was like hyperventilating and flipping everything around me. It was such a precious and wonderful moment only another fangirl/boy can understand haha! XD (my boyfriend judging’s stare while I watch some video of kpop is always epic hahaha)

      • spazzing is right LOL, i just read through my post so so many spelling mistakes. The crazes have more or less worn off, still love the song, and video, but i have found my inner peace. i have learned a very important lesson: one should not type and fan girl at the the same time!!

    • Pure sex voice on a stick is maknae P.O :p

  196. guys lets work hard and keep block b on top!~

  197. I’m not a fan of hip-hop, but this is my favorite Block B song. The MV has a story, is entertaining, and it’s funny. After this MV I’m seriously considering becoming a BBC. :3

    • They have a lot of ballad and r&b type songs as well (: You should definitely check them out! Block B has a lot of variety.

      • I know a few of their songs already like “Freeze” “NalinA”, & “Tell Them” Can you suggest more for me? ^_^

        • Hmm songs I think aren’t too hip hop ish are: Mental Breaker, Romantically, 11:30, Close My Eyes, Action, and Synchronization 100%. If you’re into the cutesy stuff Bba Bba Bba Bba is a song they did for as an OST. My personal favorites are U Hoo Hoo & Is It Only Me? (I believe that’s the english title). Hope that helps !

        • Yes! It helps a lot ^^ I’ll get to those soon, but for now I’ll keep voting for Nillili Mambo~

    • You should! We have a lot of fun! Most BBC I know are just happy being happy to put their swag on while derping and having fun! There’s A LOT of inside joke in the fandom but don’t let that discourage you and ask around if you don’t understand some of the thing we say… like B-Bomb being the temptations of the wolves (he introduced himself as that in a tv show haha). Or Jaehyo and the tree (he randomly twitted that word alone in the past…) lot’s of fun! XD

      • I’m behind on my variety shows XD I was supposed to watch the one with Block B a while ago, but completely forgot. I don’t remember what it’s called. Q_Q

        • SparklyTheCrow

          Start with 7ontheblock youtube channel! They are the most popular subbers of Block B stuff. They will subs the new Match Up season too, I really can’t wait to see that but I do understand too that it’s a lot of work so I’m patiently waiting! ^_^

        • I know how you feel. I usually end up watching things raw and laughing at things I don’t understand xD

        • SparklyTheCrow

          Well it was worth to watch the raw of the first ep of the new Match Up season just for the banana dance! XD

  198. im just going to keep spazzing over this video!!!

    • They will win if we keep voting, sharing and commenting (but not spamming). I really want that MV to be reviewed, especially after hearing Simon and Martina say that this video is perfect for k-pop music monday!! I’m sure it’s going to be a really entertaining review! Let’s go BBCs we can do it!!! ^_^

  199. I don’t get how to vote on the google plus thing it only let me vote once??

  200. I liked the setting of the video it had the right touch to what they were trying to convey. I also liked the sharpness of the video. Not bad Block-B.

  201. OFFAS!!! They are the bomb!!!

  202. The boys really showed good acting skills!

    • Haha, let’s put it like that:
      1 – Zico, Kyung, Taeil, Pyo, U-Kwon, Bibum
      2 -
      3 -
      4 -
      5 -
      6 -
      7 – Jaehyo
      Oh Jaehyo don’t worry I love you even if you keep derping around! XD

  203. I love a bunch of different Kpop groups, so I don’t classify myself as just one type of fan. Block B is one of those groups. So I am here voting for Block B as a multi-fandom girl ^^

  204. These guys are purely awesome!!!!

  205. Like this video especially the grunginess of it all makes it seem likely that something dodgy would happen only thing after he shot the gun shouldn’t he have been shot back not beaten?? It gangster types they don’t care

  206. lol i tried learning Kyung’s shimmy from Mental Breaker teaser XD it makes you instantly happy, but i’m pretty sure only Kyung can do it perfectly~

  207. Block B is such a hard-working and awesome group, but I’m not only proud of them, I’m really REALLY proud of all Block B Clubbers out there! I love you everyone! and I really hope Block B know how much international fans they have, and that we care so much about them!

  208. im voting for Block B…just cuz their new album and song is awesome..

    ~from a Baby

  209. man this has to be my favorite block b song ever

  210. Omg. Block b. <3

  211. Block B is back and they came back with a BANG! I love how this is classic Block B, the silliness and awesome rapping . It’s just plain awesome :D

  212. We’re number 1 right now guys but keep voting!! Block B fighting!

    • Yeah, we never know what can happen in the last couple hours so let’s keep voting, sharing and commenting!! As much as I’d love to see Miss A and other girl groups reviewed, I really wanna see Block B reviewed more then any other group out there.

  213. You guys we have to share this on twitter and face book!! We’re lagging!

  214. I love this MV is just so freaking awesome DDD:

  215. WE CAN DO IT BBCs! :D

  216. I am seriously too happy that they’re first right now and will be even more happy if EYK reviews them! Tbh, I love love love Gain’s Bloom (both the music video and the song) and I adore Miss A, but in terms of what will be the most fun to review for MM – Nililililililililii Mambo wins. Hands down. Plus to think of how much Block B went through last year (was that last year?) and them still being able to come back stronger than ever really makes me want to help them win in something. As well, as EYK said, there is more of a story behind this MV which will give them lots to talk about. It’s fun, catchy, and just as awesome as Nanrina. Here’s to Block B! Fighting~~

    • It seems like it was so long ago but it was actually just earlier this year that everything happened. I think it breaks down to being 8 months ago?…I just hope they have a lot of success with this song/album.

    • You are not the only one. I missed them so much, and every BBCs missed them as much. They’ve been through so much stuff, but we were there waiting for them, because we knew that they deserve it, they deserve our patience, they deserve our love!

  217. This is probably their best song since debut.

  218. 说实在话 这次BLOCK B的专辑每一首歌我都超爱 ! 他们的音乐真的很棒! 可能他们不是最棒的 最会唱 最会跳 ,可是他们的努力我们BBC 看得见 而且他们真实的一面是很难得可以在众多韩团里找到的

  219. Yeah! Block B is back! C’mon BBC’S!!!

  220. BLOCK B!! =D Voting for this hopefully it will win and then Epik High next!! =D<3333

  221. Jaehyo nipplleeeeeeeeee <3

  222. I just loved this video, the concept was really original, the song is really catchy and the video looks amazing. Not to mention the fact that i just love Block B in general

  223. Come on guys they have to win!

  224. Whether this song or Don’t Hate Me by Epik High wins this KMM is going to be the best in a while. Obviously I want this to win, for my BBC pride, along with the epic ness of the video, but either way KMM is going to be hilarious!

  225. i like it becuz they pick a very original and brand new settings that compliment their badass hip hop image!

  226. I love the ending. It’s just hilarious. Lol. ^^

  227. This song is RIDICULOUSLY good. Let’s get it reviewed this week, because Epik High’s video is great too! By the way… P.O. iloveu <3

  228. BBC don’t forget to vote on M Countdown as well! You can vote once a day! We were in 1st place yesterday but now we’re in 3rd! Let’s get our boys an award this time!

  229. Ahahah, that was an amusing video. xD Clumsy criminals.

  230. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the dance at the chorus is supposed to be. Are they cheering? Using two imaginary back scratchers? PLEASE HELP I UNDERSTAND NOTHING

    • Someone was giving translations to their showcase on twitter and U-kwon explained there that it had something to do with drums (the first part of it I believe)…I don’t really remember and I don’t really understand it.


  232. I remember when they were just baby rookies at their debut. It’s been nice as a BBC to see them grow ever since. Now so proud that my babies are now Men!

  233. To see this song after that scandal, its brings be so much relief. Love being a BBC since their debut and never regrets it. So proud of them!

  234. This MV and song is epic. I’ve watched it so many times already. :D
    Too many parts that I like so I can’t pick a favourite part D: I have to say I really love their setting choices though. (Y)

  235. BBC ever since their debut and never felt so proud. I was shocked by Nalinalina because they improved so much despite still being rookies. Nillilli Mambo is amazing and exceeded my expectations. Never Regrets being a BBC and so glad that I did not.

  236. BBC ever since their debut, never regrets it. So proud of them!

  237. I have been following them ever since their debut and never feel so proud. Nalinalina was amazing and surprised me because they improved so much. Nailliilli Mambo blows my mind and expectations so much.

  238. The dance isn’t really great but I like it :)

  239. Short and sweet? xD
    Block B, I missed you! Welcome back with another amazingly awesome track & MV! ♥/

  240. Let me just point out that that girl at 2:02 is actually smiling while the guy gets ripped away from her xD
    Love this video (I can’t decide If I want this or epik high to win but I guess this will be reviewed first anyways)

  241. Brittainy

    I came back from kcon and eyk’s hiatus all set to vote for tvxq or epik high – but now that I’ve seen this video my plans went right out the window! This song is soooooo… booty rawkin!! No literally, I just spent the last 20 minutes prancing around my house.

    I’m not a BBC but I’ll be pretty disappointed if this MV doesn’t get reviewed. The plot, costumes, song, acting… everything is awesome and there’s so much for S&M to talk about. Kpop videos are almost never this interesting! ^^ I really love the attitudes of these boys, and I love that they didn’t get rid of their rebel image after that controversy. I’m really happy that they came back strong with such a well-done new album.


  243. The lyrics-OMG so egocentrical again!!!Hehe that’s my boys!!!
    Ahhh, Block-B ( i wanted to write all of the 7 names, but you’d all get bored T_T) they remain youthful, even though they matured themselves and developed their music! :) I’ve been waiting for this comeback for i don’t know how long, because i was counting in days and hours, and i’m so happy to see they presented a regular cd with such a high quality and show they have so much potentials (we all know they can become true artists, i’ve been wondering though-lost in my fantasies-, if i could see some of them acting, hehe! All the songs are great and fantastic, but Nillili Mambo it’s more than catchy, it’s addicting! And the MV, in which everyone has their stories- it’s impossible to be fed up with this! I can’t even say i’m past my excitement phase (probably will move on to the next phase, when they make another comeback)
    Hehe, i also wonder who stole the money/treasure in the suitcase at the end (i bet it was either Zico or B-Bomb)
    BBCs let’s give our support to our boys, so they can continue what they could not do for the last 8 months! You’ll surely become Blockbusters, you nutheads!!! :P

  244. OMG I totally fell in love with this song! and the whole album! i love the ending of the MV lol made me laugh ^^

  245. This song is just DAEBAK!

  246. i hope this gets reviewed on Monday…..

  247. Since someone pointed out to me that all of the guys had wanted signs, I looked for them and here they are. Also I have some stuff to point out:
    -Zico’s already obvious derpy face xDDDD
    -P.O.’s 5:5 hairdo. LOL he looks like he was taken out from HOT or other 90′s male idol group xD
    -And last: can someone tell me why are Taeil and B-Bomb posing like models?? They’re pirates (at least on the video). Pirates, from what I know, don’t pose.

    • Taeil’s shot was a surprise one, taken while he contemplated life. Obviously. B-Bomb doesn’t look like he’s posing to me, more like lifting his head after the photographer shouted “You punk, look into the camera!”.

      • Maybe Taeil was figuring out which candies he was going to buy when he reached the shop.
        And B-Bomb was probably fixing his clothes in the belief it was going to be a full body shot (?)

  248. this song is OKEY DOKEY OH YEAH

  249. Zico’s eyes creep me out a bit but its okay cuz hes zico anybody else id prolly wouldnt be able to handle it.

  250. At about :55 that move Zico does. Does anyone else see B.A.P’s Power? Everybody say, hatechu xD

  251. For those wondering. I posted this on youtube too but maybe you haven’t seen it yet so here we go… :p
    “Nillili Mambo” is a traditional Korean saying that dates back to ancient times, used in various songs to bring energy, life and enjoyment to the music.

  252. GO BBCs!!
    vote in MCountdown too!!

  253. His hair, I want it. That pinky mullet dread thing, i cannot explain, I just love it, get it on my scalp now!

  254. grrr, the gray icon is really ugly X_X someone needs to change it.
    anyways, Block B seems to have a thing with MVs taking a super long time to start the song~
    not that I mind, I enjoyed my Zico eye candy in the beginning XD

  255. this video is amazing. i really want EYK to review it. it has a fresh storyline, they’re not stuck in a oddly lit room (SM <3 but just nooo) and the song is just plain awesome

  256. Keep Voting, Sharing and commenting! We can get this video reviewed! Must hold this spot until Saturday night!

  257. I’ve been listening to this song for 3 days everyday when i come home from school. I need serious help…

  258. Block b is incredible! I’ve loved everything they’ve released ^^

  259. Kwon was really cool with red hair but other than that their new style rocks!

  260. seeing these boys happy and smiling again makes me a proud BBC <3 :) I absolutely love this song and MV and album <3 everything is perfection !!!

  261. I love the MV starts out all badass-ish and then turns into something silly and fun. Definitely one of my favourite MVs of the year! :)

  262. Its been a long break I hope everything works out for them and I really would like to see them topping all the charts!

  263. This MV is a must to be reviewed! Better vote vote vote! Epik High is #3 already in couple hours :O

  264. There goes my longish rant:

    Well shiver me timbers (I can’t believe no one is making pirate jokes), what an MV! How cool is the concept? Modern day bandit/pirates are strangely appealing to me, much more than the traditional pirates would be. I love this kind of mix and it was executed perfectly – it matches the music and the atmosphere of the song. But what gets me even more is their silliness and let’s-make-fun-of-ourselves approach.
    • Unlike in Nalina, here all of the guys had parts matching their personalities and showed some surprisingly convincing acting Epecially U-Kwon and P.O with his acting ambitions. It’s hard to believe he’s the youngest of them all.
    • He and B-Bomb, who’s known for keeping it cool, make perfect gamblers. And apparently they’re playing… Mahjong. And kicking asses. And running away with the speed of light.
    • U-Kwon is beaming in every take, dancing like he’s having the time of his life and making the best faces possible with the empty barrel scene.
    • Taeil not looking like an elementary kid anymore! Whoop whoop! I wondered why on earth they kept turning him into a baby. He’s the oldest, rides a motorbike (at least used to) and has a thing for tattoos and piercing, both of which he acquired in the past few months.
    • And then they gave Jaehyo an-almost-kissing scene with a pretty, scantily clad girl. Not to mention he’s not sharing her with anyone else! Props for that. He’s all smug, playboyish and did very well. Of course, they wouldn’t let him get away with it just like that – he had to get interrupted (and flipped off in the teaser). Block B, forever picking on Jaehyo.
    But boy, was that hat ugly. What even is this thing? At first looked cowboyish, but then I started to get some matador vibes from it, maybe because of those ginormous gloves.
    • Now, I’ve never paid much attention to Kyung until his Teaser came out (HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAGNIFICENT PIECE OF AWESOMENESS? ). I was convinced nothing would beat it and expected him to act all cool again in the MV, but he proved me wrong. The chicken chase will forever have a special place in my heart. Roosters aside, his rap sounded really good. I liked it much more than in their previous songs (maybe excluding LOL).
    • Zico’s mullet with pinkish blond dreads and Marilyn-Mansony contact lense jumped out at me out of nowhere, but come on. It’s Zico. I bet he had a good laugh over this. I don’t find it aesthetically pleasing, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to look as freakish as possible. Mission accomplished, captain. Since I got on the topic of captains: he has this wonderful Jack Sparrow thing going on and I love every bit of it: his moves, dancing, walking, arms-flailing and the little conducting impromptu at the end. He’s just perfect for that look.
    • I believe the ending needs no commentary.

    TL;DR: What a little masterpiece.
    I applaud anybody who read this thing through. And I could still go on.

  265. I’m really proud of these boys. They are really working hard, and I hope them everything they dream for! I really wish one day I can see them performing live!

  266. that was just AMAZING! <3

  267. how come th3re is no pic

  268. yay block b

  269. common theres a chicken chipmunk voices and PIRATE THEMED how can this not be reviewed……its my new 강남 스타이르 mv so the best for the year

  270. Ahh I’m just so proud of Block B for persevering through everything and coming back with an amaaazing album and it makes me so happy to see so many non-BBCs showing them love! Seriously, thank you so much everyone who took the time to come here and vote. I can’t even contain my happiness at the reception this album is getting. Block B fighting~

  271. This must be voted like hell, or else Epik High might win… BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION LET’S VOTE!

    • I’m so conflicted, I just wish S&M would make a double hephap edition of K-pop Music Monday with both Block B and Epik High.
      <3 British Broadcasting Corporation.

      • Omg that would be AMAZING if they did!! I’m so conflicted too. I love Block B (the name is a big giveaway xD) and this video is the best thing ever, but it’s Epik High.. I love them too ;-;

    • BBC Must Unite Together To Make Them Win! I admire Epik High but BlockB really needs this for their career.

  272. I love the ‘okey dokey’ part of this song. It gives their badassness a cute edge. ^^

  273. Please keep voting and tell other BBC to vote too

  274. I love epik high but i want this MV reviewed….

  275. eventhough I’m Cassie (and I still would like to see Catch me) I hope this video will be reviewed because it will be interesting and Block B are awesome =] also the video has a story but Catch me doesn’t so they’ll have more things to talk about =]

  276. absolutely adore this song!!!1 zico is jvjhawihfajzdbvlsh~~~ jus wow!!!!!
    and for once its an mv with a S-T-O-R-Y!!!!!!!!! like seriously … it needs to be reviewed!!like NOW! NOW!~~

  277. Waouh! It’s just epic. Nothing else to say (okey dockey xD)

  278. *__* I do really want this review . . .
    I think they look So awesome . . . The music . . . the MV . . . the out fits , , , Kyung THE CHASER . . .

  279. I like this! Where can I watch the full movie?

  280. i know 1 thing: Block B 아이들이 get better and better d(^o^)b

  281. This song is way to hot!!!

  282. ohmaygawd. i was surprised when i saw nillilimambo in top 1!! 2 more days to go!! KEEP ON ROCKING, BBC!!!

  283. block b is the coolest group ever! I really get addicted everyday whenever i hear all of their songs. haha! let us all support our block b! let’s go BBC! ^_^ <3

  284. omg this song is amazing!!!!!

  285. I love Taeil’s solo on the album~ <3

  286. This song is just epic. I knew from the moment I saw the first teaser that this would just blow me away, and guess what? It did. It’s so catchy and makes you want to listen to it over and over and over again(which I am doing quite frankly lol)


  288. Everything about this comeback (from the teaser to the mv to the live performances) is amazing… I didn’t think Block B could top the Welcome to the block album………………………….but they just did and they did it with perfection!

  289. Go Go Block B are the best….Greetings……….Latin America from Colombia

  290. This MV makes me wonder why I don’t know anything about Block B, this song is fabulous.


  292. For all the swag kpop groups always want or claim to have, Block B are the only ones I’ve seen so far that actually have it. Flawless.

  293. Are they in Brazil?

  294. quick introduction (so Martina won’t call Taeil “The guy who wore glasses” like in Nallina review >:P)
    ZICO – The guy with blond hair (+ hair extention) and contact lens
    Park Kyung – The guy with red/orange hair who chase the chicken LOL
    P.O – Has deep voice, blond hair :3
    U-Kwon – Wears sleeveless shirt
    Jaehyo – the guy with a girl at a bar, ponytail
    Taeil – The guy who eat lollipop
    B-Bomb – Who kicked the guy after won the mahjong game with P.O

    (…bzzzt sorry for my bad grammar OTL)

  295. Now this is what a MV should look like! SM should take note.

  296. It’s their fault for getting their stuff stolen. Who leaves a suitcase full of diamonds unattended?

    • I know, right? And I had thought the gangsters from Secret’s Poison were the worst for tattooing a code number on themselves, but leaving a suitcase of diamond unattended? I guess they thought that since it’s Korea the diamonds were safe. Silly gangsters, don’t know Block B is back?

  297. I’m so freaking in love with this song, mv and their performance, and love their outfits, especially P.O’s red coat ^^ I’m just gonna go spazz in my dreams now xD Good night BBCs <3 Can't wait till I get my CD! =DD

  298. They went 1st so fast! o.o Block B are always perfect in my eyes! I love them more than any group!

  299. This MV is crazy and fun, lord ukwon should act in some movies.

  300. Love the concept :)

  301. I love this song so much!!! They really deliverd <3
    Also the MV is soooo funny and fun to watch. I see new things everytime I watch it!
    These guys are so talented and not afraid to step outside the box.
    And U-kwon… please don't ever stop smirking <<<333

  302. Love this song they keep growing so much through their music this comeback was worth all the stressful waiting

  303. It’s on the top of the kpopcharts. Let’s keep it this way for another 24 hours! Just keep voting!:D

  304. BADASS to the next level. This comeback is too much for kpop to handle.

  305. I feel a little guilty. It seems like boy groups are taking over eatyourkimchi XD ~
    I mean with BlockB probably taking this week, and BAP next week, and maybe Epik High the following week, it seems like girl groups won’t ever have a chance.
    I love Miss A’s new song, and I would love if it were reviewed, but this song is just too good to not be reviewed. I’m not voting for Block B because they’re my attractive oppas and because I’m their crazy fangirl, but because the MV is totally epic and it just can’t NOT be reviewed. Sorry Miss A fans…

    • Yeah I just had to say something to someone who is just assuming that everyone voting for Block B is a crazy fan girl, a term I find to be a bit much ( and generalises and trivialises a group’s appeal) because not everyone voting for this video is a BBC or are girls.

      I never listened to Block B before ( I have heard of Zico a lot though) but this video was engaging and fun and I could see why many people were pulled to vote for it.

      As much as I may admit to being shallow when watching pretty boys dance (100% is a prime example of that for me) I always look at content first, because them being attractive can never overshadow being crap for me.

      • I like you. Saw you on the Miss A page and I think what you said was very fair and articulated really well. So thanks for that! =D

        That’s one thing I really like about kpop- there’s a lot of really awesome, quality music, but it’s also okay to embrace your shallow side! Kpop is, after all, a form of entertainment. As a girl, I really like the badass, empowered concept and it makes me feel like a boss~ >D But I also enjoy feeling girly and feminine and silly. I think both sides are equally good and both reflect what it means to be a woman!

        • Hey, thanks, I saw you said that you don’t have much time anymore to comment right, but this video pulled you right in. :-p.

          There is nothing that says that you can’t go from bombastic in your face girl powah messages to swooning over a guy. It’s my prerogative if I want to find a guy attractive. And honestly I am attracted to this video because it’s crazy and fun and not because I find anyone particularly hot.

      • Blueberries

        I liked Miss A song really much and it’s message but this mv is just too fun to not vote.

        Generally I try not to be a “crazy fangirl” who stans only her favorite groups and I try to vote for mv and song that I like best but well.. it doesn’t always work that way. Usually you just like your favorite groups mv’s more cause you have already those famous “feels” for them so it’s hard to start exatly from clean board. And yes it goes too pretty much like: “Omo my bias is so hot in this one” and in the end love is blind…

        Anyway for me this times choice was quite from clean board cause I’m not BBC or Say A though I like some of boths previous songs. So I voted group whose mv I enjoyed most :)

        Though I also agree that Kpop Music Monday’s do need more girl groups…

        • I actually try to watch and comment on every video that is posted here, but of course the ones that are more interesting and have more people commenting will start more conversations which will push the points up.

          I know what I am biased for, so I don’t deny that if they posted something I liked I would vote for it. But that’s because I like it, not because it is that group and I will vote for them regardless.

      • People are saying that?
        Well, honestly I am a big BBC and I really want these boys to get as much exposure as possible after all the drama earlier this year. But, I can honestly say, even though I’m attracted to their looks, this video is great! And I’m saying that because I’ve seen a ton of comments on here, youtube, AKP, all over from people like you. They’ve never heard Block B’s music before or they don’t like Block B, but they love this song and video. Even saw one that said they were an anti fan because of the Thailand thing but they said this song is winning them over.
        And even if we were just all crazy fangirls, I don’t see the problem with it as long as the video has something to talk about.

        • Yes, from what i have read about the incident they did supreme dumbness. But they seem to have hit a chord here that is really winning people back. I honestly just downloaded this album and some of their older stuff because I was intrigued and have heard good things before, but nilili mambo made me want to go check out everything else. I can’t say that I am a huge fan yet, as I still only can pick out the rappers.

        • AudreyKoopman

          I honestly think things were blown way out of proportion over that. I get that they said something stupid which was seen as offensive, but they’re a group of goofball boys who are still in that ‘dumb’ stage of life lol. But man did things get crazy with the netizens, they harassed family members and made suicide petitions for them that got a shit ton of signatures. How can people do that? It’s just crazy. Kind of like the whole ordeal with Tablo…I don’t get people sometimes.

          Haha, thats understandable, the rappers stand out more.

          I hope you like it all! :)
          Their hard hitting songs have a very similar feel, but they also have songs with different styles, idk I’m bad at explaining technical things with music haha. Do you mind me asking which older songs you got?

    • I agree with all of this completely. Maybe it’s a sign girl groups need more excited/story MVs. I have been a BBC from the beginning, but because I love their music, same with all of my bias groups, whether male of female.
      This song has been stuck in my head since it came out. I even woke up humming the chorus.
      And the MV is that entertaining I’ve shown it to my non-kpop friends and they loved it, too. That’s why I’m voting, because it got my friends to finally download some kpop; it’s that entertaining

    • if u don’t keep voting epik high will win this week.. is already on the chart
      any way tis MV was awesome I’m BBC but a YG lover too so I will support both MVs.. today will be hard for me :(

  306. This video is awesome. It’s like watching a Jackie Chan film with lots of intricacies and humor, of course. And Zico’s hairstyle (dread) looks like Jackie Chan in Who Am I. XD I like how this mv is serious in the beginning but hilarious in the end. Then the chicken killer or I should say the-chicken-killer-wanna-be scene cracks me up. Why on earth did he try to catch the chicken with a pan? XD And there’re still other funny scenes too. It’s rare to find a hilarious video in Kpop nowadays. :)
    P.S. I notice saying “BRA” has become a trademark in every Stardom’s song I’ve listened to. But this time Block B said “BRR” instead. I guess the “A” have gone to Miss A then. lol

  307. my BBC feels are coming back again! The whole album is amazing! This friggin video needs to be reviewed! SIMON & MARTINA, DO YOU HEAR ME!? THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF THE BEST MVS OF 2012!! Fellow BBCs, lets maintain the top spot!

  308. This… is… awesome!!
    Great Comeback!
    Block B ~ AY!

  309. What’s going through the minds of Jaehyo biased fangirls “I wonder if that girl realizes how dead she is?”
    Sorry, I’m sleepy, and slightly bored XD

  310. Hope block b will win for KMM! I love this song and mv!!

  311. I really love the song and the MV !!!
    I’m a cassie and I was voting for TVXQ for weeks and I’m sad it’s not getting reviewed, but It’s OK since this GREAT MV is number one and I hope it will get reviewed ..

  312. OMG!!! BBC’s we’re number one!! Let’s keep it here!!

  313. i love this song

  314. Block Freakin B!
    Enough said…
    *drops mic && wlk away*
    *returns to pick mic up*
    Seriously though i keep singing this song at the most random moments.
    Especially U-Kwon’s part!
    Block B Epic..

  315. I just love their concept this time. The whole modern pirate is so unique.

  316. watching the mv i find :
    1)is that girl naked with jaehyo but whats with the pirate outfit
    2) 1:57 P.O ‘ya know im sexy’ face
    3) kyung with the chicken and chasing after it
    4) the girl with jeahyo keeps a straight face
    5) ulwon’s face with zico’s ‘woops’
    6) zico finding there is nothing in the case and pointing the gun at the other
    members as they runaway with high voices (made you laugh)
    7) after watch the mv all you remember is jaehyo nipple

  317. This song totally deserve a review. A really good MV and song. <3

  318. Each member of “Block B” is different from others. Everyone can do something special. But together they are like BANG!!!

  319. It is not letting me promote on FB and I’m getting mad…… >_<

  320. Ermahgerd, my favorite groups are releasing songs so close to each other! Block B and B.A.P, eff yes. can life be any more perfect right now? Okay, first of all, Kyungcumber and the chicken xPP And ho-lee-crapsicle Zico is sooo hot in this video…I like all their new looks actually,. Aish, poor Kwonnie got his butt kicked.

    I also really love the album. My favorite song is No Joke. It’s bad ass. What are your fave songs guise??

    • I love all the songs, but I’d have to pick Movie’s Over first (because of Zico’s beautiful voice) and then Mental Breaker (because, how can you not like that song??) haha.
      (Oh, you’re a Baby too? I’m for real dying here with Block B and B.A.P. so close behind…all my

  321. Woah. That sure didn’t take long for them to reach the top of the charts. o:

  322. I am horribly distracted by Zico’s single creepy contact. And the hair. I mean, Jiho, you are an attractive boy, but the hair. You are pushing it.

    Title song and Movie's Over are my favs rn:)

  324. I feel bad because I know EYK probably wants to review TVXQ’s Catch Me and Cassie’s have been working super hard on that (so i want that to happen for them) but I really want to see them review this! The song is awesome but they would also probably have a blast with the video LOL the chicken scene!!

    • I feel bad too, tbh. I’m a hardcore Cassie and I think Catch Me is an epic song with super cool choreo! Plus there’s the matter of wanting to do well for them, to get them the review they deserve, so I kinda feel sad that we didn’t get them a review. But to be honest, the mv for Catch Me was pretty boring and standard for SM. I’m not sure if it would be a great video for KMM, so I’m okay with it not winning. (What’s really a shame is Secret’s Poison and Orange Caramel’s Lipstick didn’t win- both have EPIC mvs and great songs, imo!). But Block B has done such a fantastic job with this and the mv is just so creative and unique. I really think this is an mv worthy of a review… hope we can get them one!

      • Yeah I think Catch Me will “expire” before the deadline anyway.

        But really I just liked your comment and am commenting because you said Orange Caramel’s Lipstick deserved to win. :P

        (But honestly Poison was rly good too)

    • Honestly I don’t think that they would mind doing a review on this music video since it’s also album of the week…

  325. We’re first?! Yippee!! ^^ Why is the header icon next to Block B – Nillili Mambo appear as “. . .” instead of a screencap from the MV? o_O

  326. It’s at the top of EYK charts, now it just needs to stay there until Monday comes. Or Saturday; I think that’s when they start filming music monday.

    • The deadline is midnight sat Korean time. Which is Saturday morning for me because I am in the EST time zone.

      TKIR: these guys are pretty crazy. I love the manic nature of this video but even more so I love the way it is shot, with the high contrast that makes certain colours pop while others fade.

  327. Ack!!! I LOVE that this song is at the top of the EYK K-pop charts!!! bustered and I were able to watch it right when it came out, and then we watched it several more times!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this MV, this song, and what I’ve heard of their new album so far!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

  328. JAMAICAN BEGGAR HAS RETURNED! sorry for the all caps, but I am so excited that Zico has dreads again :D yes, it is actually more of a mullet dreadlocks, and yes they may not be as awesome as during their “Tell Me” promotions, but I am still really glad to see them again :) Any one else a fan of Zico’s dreads?

    • I am! I love his dreads! I remember that a lot of fans were happy when he sadly bade them farewell, but I was sad. xD He looks sexy and edgy to me~

    • I converted my little cousin to Kpop, and she solely refers to Zico and his beloved dreads haha. and omfg why is it a dread-lock mullet? Who decided on this? “Zico, dude, you know what the hip youngsters fdo? They dread half their hair, leave the top normal, and cut it in a mullet.” “Are you sure… o_O?” “Absolutely!” Someone in the biz has it in for Zico’s swag bro…

      • I think they were trying to be original by trying something new… and I have to say they succeeded, I don’t think I’ve ever seen mullet dreadlocks before xD I would have preferred if they had just went with full dreadlocks. But oh well, Zico still looks great :)

    • I liked them during the earlier promotions, but these…I think the whole mullet aspect really turns me off. Plus I’ve seen his gorgeous gray hair style he has going on now in the live performances haha.

  329. I love that Block B took the time and effort to make an interesting mv with an actual plot and storyline, but there are so many loop-holes in the plot that I can’t help but laugh a little. Seriously, what is going on in the mv? Where did the diamonds go? What are your guys’ theories? :)

  330. This song has been on repeat since it came out xD

  331. sooooo…. Simon is purchasing a dreadlock mullet as we speak…

  332. yay number one

  333. everything okey doeky!!!! nalili lili lala mambo!!!!!!!! bobin to the music music! this song is groving grovin!!

  334. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  335. block b in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye guys!!!!!! hi ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woot woot!

  336. I’d give anything to have Kyung look at me the way he looked at that chicken hahahaha! XD ok sorry… -_-’

  337. I am so glad to come back from work and we’re still in first ^^

  338. Pleaseeee review themmmm! :D

  339. OMG! Just came back from work and I’m so happy to see the video in first position. But are Simon and Martina doing a review this monday? I really hope so! And thank you all Block B Clubbers! Let’s continue to vote, share and comments!

  340. Haha. This song has pure, basic Engrish, but it also has old time English. I would like to see how Simon rates this xD

  341. Zico : good Bye guyz , Hello ladies
    Me: Hello baby :) hehehe lol
    Love BLOCK B soo much

  342. This is just amazing. The whole thing!! video, music, concept, the whole album is freakin incredible !

  343. unicornsgalaxy

    I see a lot of comments saying that this reminds them of pirates….I just don’t get it. It reminds me more of like the a Quentin Tarantino movie…like From dusk til dawn (you know with out the vampires)…or that movie with Brad Pitt that was set in Mexico I think.

    • Yeah that’s why I never rly joined in any of the pirate comments, they’re everywhere and I’m just like ….ok.

      Because they are on a boat at the beginning? LOL

    • me too I see more of a Mexican or Western/Old west type theme

      • I would still think pirates because it is more in keeping with their culture. Mexican bandits culture is so far removed from them. Pirate culture still exists in Asian waters. Also, the dreads, the sailing into harbour on a boat being all boombastic also says pirate to me.

        I do think the wanted poster had a slightly ‘old west’ vibe to it, but even the pistol which was used makes me think pirate and not bandit.

        • I see your point. whatever they were going for I like it. but what happened to the diamonds? that’s what I want to know

    • But their concept is supposed to be pirates…maybe not like ‘argh’ pirates, but like modern day pirates. The video plays on the whole thief aspect of pirates going after some big prized item (the jewels). They have very subtle and yet not so subtle things to give the tiny hint of pirates: Zico’s dreads, his eye, Jaehyo’s pirate hat (though I think it looks more like a cowboy hat with the rest of the outfit), P.O.’s eye patch, the boat. I feel like those are little things to keep ‘pirate’ in mind without going full on Jack Sparrow lol.
      In the live performances some of the costumes have a more ‘argh’ pirate feel, long coats, tassels on the shoulders, ruffled thing around their neck (like, Captain Hook looking thing).

      • Kyung’s ruffle haha, it was so classy omg I must go watch the perf again! XD

      • unicornsgalaxy

        Ok I can see the pirateyness (I think I just made a word!) a bit, but honestly it makes more sense to me to think of them as like Asian Mexican Bandits. They remind me more of bandits than pirates.

        Either way the MV still reminds me of something that Quentin Tarantino would make. :)

        • Altough I saw the pirate thing since the beggining, I just can’t stop thinking of old movies (Like some of the ones Jackie chan and Bruce Lee used to appear in) with asian gangsters, like the yakuzas, in ugly, dirty rooms with just a flary bulb and that. Hence in my head they’re gangsters, not pirates.

        • I think they are gangsters, yes, but Zico’s character had the glass eye and the dreads so the pirate vibe was given off as well. pirates are basically gangsters anyway.

          But then again, pirates also usually operate from the sea. Although on my island the most famous pirate we had actually operated from land. He would trick ships into wrecking themselves onto the reef by hanging lamps from trees to make them think it was the light house and go and loot their boats once they were stuck.

        • That exactly, I get that they are portraiting pirates because of the outfits, hair and everything, but tne video setting and all it’s so similar to those movies I can’t help to think of gangsters.

        • AudreyKoopman

          Oh, I totally see the Tarantino-esque feel of the video and how its filmed and all that good stuff.
          As for the pirates, I think going with the concept of just bandits or something would’ve worked just fine, but Block B is pretty weird so them going with ‘pirates’ works haha.

        • boomshakalaka_7

          I understand what you mean. Even though I think that the mv has a pirate vibe, the opening scene with Zico getting pampered and that traditional music playing reminded me of an asian mob/bandit scene :P

    • I was talking about this with Natz… how quenting of Guy Richie… It is a good video. The chicken deserves a name!

    • I don’t think its the video that reminds people of pirates as much as the song. Especially in the beginning, the song has a Pirate of the Caribbean soundtrack kind of sound to it. However even the mv does have a modern take on pirates, what with the looting, stealing and general rowdiness that people generally associate with pirates.

      • Especially in the beginning when they are sailing into The harbour like ‘yeah, here we are to loot and pillage and snatch your wimens’

        • boomshakalaka_7

          Exactly! Although they kinda would have needed a better boat to do that…I mean where were all the pirate cannons? How can they attack anyone, or steal anything?Maybe that’s why they wanted the diamonds in the first place, to buy a better boat xD

    • It reminds people of the Pirates from One Piece especially in the beginning where they are sailing into the harbour and Zico has this Jack Sparrow Vibe I think with the dreads and the crazy.

      I did say before that it reminded of those insane Guy Richie movies like Snatch and Lock, Zstock and Two smoking barrels. Much more so than a Quentin Tarantino movie. I don’t know Guy and Quentin have different feels even though they are both insane. they should so collaborate, like with the Grindhouse movies.

  344. I AM SO HAPPY!! I have been a BBC since their first teaser. They are so talented, and I am absolutely loving their comeback! I may be wrong, but they seem to be the first k-pop group to go with a pirate concept, which is very cool and original.

  345. The MV is too awesome not to get reviewed! Simon & Martina just have to review this on Monday <3

    Keep voting guys, keep it #1


  347. ZICO! and TAEIL! with a badass eyebrow piercing, whatttt?!?!? this comeback is gonna be epic

  348. So many mispronunciations/engrish in this!!
    That line “Everything okey dokey” besides the cheesiness it has (and somehow they make it sound a bit manly), I tought it was “(some jibberish) junkie monkey” xD
    And the already famous “balls like this”
    And also this line “We bobbin to the music music this song is groovy groovy”. Just. What?

    I love this song and MV but I can’t help to see all the silly stuff this has xD

    • Yeah I hate songs that talk in beginning and I hate Engrish but yet I still DLd this song lol.

      I mean the Engrish is just talking at the end, so obvious and so horrible. Foe-ever and next rev-o kill me everytime.

      • It’s a good song overall, but their korean accent just make it less serious than what it is supposed to be xD

        • Yeah the whole “hard” concept kind of is deflated by Engrish.T.O.P. has done it a few times and I can’t help but lol.

        • This is not engrish but TOP spelling “Ghetto electro” just kills his “manly man” image and makes you see that he’s just an akward tall man xD

        • boomshakalaka_7

          OMG, i remember that from their “high, high” mv! It took me forever to figure out what they were trying to spell!.. but maybe that’s just me :P and then I had to look up “ghetto electro” because even though I’m a native english speaker, I had no idea what that meant

        • I didn’t knew what it was until I saw S&M’s review like 6 months ago, haha, I died of laughter, because that just doesn’t make sense at all!! Electronic rap my ass!! Simon and martina’s explanation makes more sense xD

        • I had the same problem. It took me a while to figure out what they were spelling. Simon and Martina confirmed it for me and I was still confused.

        • And he seriously is not even that tall. He’s like 5’9″ at the most.

        • With tall I mean taller than me (5’7″) and that’s kinda tall-ish, right?
          Hahaha yes, I seriously love it how in Weekly idol, idols have to shamelessly reveal that their profile heights are false with silly excuses xD

        • LOL! 5’7” is not tall! I’m like somewhere between 6’2” and 6’4” and I see taller people than me all the time (some even younger than me). But then again, none of them are Asian.

        • For a girl, and in my country, that’s tall. Like in my last two years of High school, I was the tallest in my homerrom classes and, well, I kinda never used heels (also, I don’t like them) because if I lift up myself more than 5 cm, I tower every girl in the school, and even around a third part of the guys ._.

        • Well yeah for girls it’s different lol but you were talkin bout T.O.P. and PO or w/e the dudes name is lol.

          But yeah

        • I am 5’8″ and am considered tall for a girl so I guess for a guy maybe he would be tall ( I don’t consider a guy tall unless he’s 6′ like my dad is). I still don’t think he’s that much taller than me and plus they have those shoe insoles that most Korean guys wear too. Don’t ever trust them! They lie.

        • I really also don’t consider a guy tall until I have to look up to see his face, which doesn’t seem to be TOP’s case at all.
          Lol, infamous insoles, they make us believe things that aren’t.

        • Lol, that’s exactly my problem being moderately tall for a girl. I really can’t take them seriously lying about their heights.

        • I imagine in my head the day I get to take a picture with them and bam! they’re not even 10 cm taller than me -_-”

      • “Next rev-o” is definitely the best engrish in the song! Once its heard, it can never be unheard :P

    • I totally prefer it as “balls like this” now. xD Block B has some balls to go all out like this, gotta love it!~

    • “balls like this” ? lol I thought it was “bounce like this” XD

    • Am I the only one who didn’t hear ‘balls like this’? Haha, I think I’ve become so accustomed to Engrish that some little mispronunciations don’t even phase me, unless they are totally epic like ‘next rev-o’ hahaha, I love that part. Oh, or U-kwon’s ‘hot’ sounding like ‘hard’ in Nanlina.

      • As for me, I didn’t even care to check what he was saying, because it’s their accent, you can’t really help it. Until someone said: “I hope he’s not saying balls like this”
        And then I checked and all my inner “let’s find all the silly this video and song have” unleashed.

  349. ‘We be big pimpin”
    I am so done with them lol

  350. I Hope They review Block B

  351. I CAn’t Wait

  352. Block B is BACK <3

  353. Their live performance was so BOSS!!!!!!!

  354. I’m glad that zico’s hair on live performance has no fake dreadlocks. I like it that way. :)

    • Seriously? I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of Zico with dreadlocks, real or not

    • I love the coloring in the live performances. That gray color looks really good on him to me. And, I personally like the short hair for him too. The mullet-dread thing….I don’t really like it. His old dreads looked really good though.

  355. It sounds like the beginning says ‘balls like this’. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s saying. Anyway, I decided that they’re the worst gangsters ever. I mean, no bullets in the gun, no getaway cars, losing what you stole, etc. Seriously, Block B, get it together. xD

    • LOL and don’t forget the failed chicken chase (I bet real gangsters wouldn’t fail at such an easy task). And like they know Zico is being chased for whatever crime and they’re just hanging around screaming and dancing on top of a boat. Such a great way to go unnoticed xD

      • *ahem* ALL the members had ‘WANTED’ signs. However i do understand Zico can be quite distracting >.<

        • All of them? Oh, I didn’t pay enough attention then haha.
          If their good looks aren’t enough, that whole “I’m so badass I’m just going to make a lot of noise with my pirate/gangster friends on a boat in the middle of a crowded city” really doesn’t help them while they’re a bunch of outlaws trying to do their gangster stuff xD

        • boomshakalaka_7

          Really? Where were they in the mv? i only saw Zico’s.

    • true, but the people they’re running from aren’t so smooth either. haha twice they had guns pointed straight at the members, but P.O. managed to take down that guy with a punch and Ukwon only got lightly beaten while maintaining perfect hair XD but he is ukwon after all.
      and who leaves ginormous diamonds unattended? they pretty much asked zico to take them!! lol

    • whyyy?? i never heard “balls like this” before, but now that you mentioned it, I can’t unhear it xD

  356. I have to say, I got to know who BlockB were when the scandal happened, before that, if you talked to me about Block B, I would have just nodded without knowing anything about them.

    That being said. I still don’t loooove them, like fangirling love… I think that is because the one pulling me into this group is only Zico. That boy can rap and you can see he is really talented and has the attitude. With a talent like that and so young, I’m looking forward to see him grow and evolve as an artist. Keep it up!

    • I guess is time to get to know the other members… I may be surprised.

      • You will fall in love. At first when they promoted their first song I really hated them, but then I watched the first season of MTV Match Up for B1A4 but got totally hooked on these 7 dorky, derpy, and funny guys. They really have unique personnalities, they may not be the most talented dancers or singers out there, they lack in some department, but they are fraking hard-working and passionate. They don’t hide, they are themself. It may not be perfect like what other idols groups show us, but that’s what make them perfect for me.

        And it’s always really funny to follow their interactions on twitter! XD

        • Heh, I’m a BIG Big Bang fan so I know a thing or two about imperfect idols… but, if that’s one of the reasons you like this group good! Like you said, sometimes is better when you can see someone being who they really are, even if that means making mistakes and not be perfect!

    • Its also impressive that Zico helps produce/ write all (or at least most) of their songs. The guy is indeed talented :) i believe he also used to be an underground rapper? Which would explain his amazing flow and rhythm ;D

      • Indeed, He is impressive. I love the mixtapes he like battle royale. I hope his company gives him the freedom to go forward.

        • boomshakalaka_7

          Battle royale was amazing! I respected him even more for having the courage to speak out about problems in the media. Also, the fact he is making mixtapes just shows how passionate he is about music and how talented he is. To me, he is not just an idol, but a true artist. Did you also listen to “I’ll Treat You Better Next Time?”

  357. Keep it up BBC’s! We’re at number 1 and we must maintain this position until Saturday night!!!!!!
    I love this song to death!

  358. My fave part is U-Kwon’s part, but in the video, I loved when Kyung was chasing the chicken XD and when U-Kwon had a gun mishap.

  359. okay I really like this song I feel like a pirate when I sing the chorus xDDD

  360. Let’s go BBC!

  361. that’s right BBC show them who we are :)

  362. wooot wooot! I hope this will be reviewed! =)

  363. Am I the only that thinks of the “Hey Mambo, mambo italiano” song when you see the title of this? Hahaha

    No, just me? >.> Ok


  364. 3:50 what did he say?? It’s the voice behind nillili mambo

  365. Ok so I love this song but when the guys see that his gun is not loaded he goes oops does not make sense that they beat him up while the other guys had guns they should have kill him that’s just my guess it looks weird in the video being best up by the gun lol I found it funny I love the song n the video.

  366. I am really looking forward to this being reviewed it’s so worthy of it, no dancing in a box this is a real plot with a cool concept.

  367. Somehow the choreo in the chorus is so “trolly” lol omg block b trolling! lol Forever BBCs!!!

  368. Love this track and MV so much!!! I’m really looking forward to what Simon and Martina might have to say about Kyung and the chicken, for sure, hehehe~ ;P And no doubt they’ll come up with something funny to say about the whole pirate theme :D

  369. I want to see Simon’s who trying to chase a chicken around the house. Block B!!!

  370. Honestly I usually don’t DL songs that have random talking at the beginning or have noticeable Engrish in them, but there’s just something about this song that I had to DL it even w/ talking at the beginning and Engrish at the end.

  371. My fave, definitely, is the dude at 1:27 but I don’t know his name. I’m not a HUGE fan of Block B so could someone plz tell me who that is? Who are your favorite(s)?

  372. According to popgasa: “Nillili Mambo” is a traditional Korean saying that dates back to ancient times, used in various songs to bring energy, life and enjoyment to the music.

    Sooooooo Nillilli Mambo doesn’t have a real meaning, it’s just a chunk of words that sound cool to make people feel happy when they hear it.

    And apparently not related to the actual mambo rhythm.

    • Yeah this song and A-Yo by SHINee when I looked up Eng sub version there are terms in the chorus and I’m like “That isn’t English!” Now I know..
      Yeah A-Yo by SHINee says “A-yo, when it’s tough

      Doong tah dak, lean on the rhythm, oh” I’m assuming Doong tah dak is like the same thing because when I google it, I get brought to A-Yo’s lyrics lol.

      • Yes, I was puzzled with that Doong tah dak too, “Why is that in korean?, Korean isn’t as complex as chinese to make that specific part to not have a translation!!”

        • Maybe they just thought it flowed and sounded cool too lol.

          Hmmmm speaking of A-Yo, I might have to put this song on my playlist… Lemme see what I can work out.

        • Your playlist gets changes like 3 times a week lol, it’s so hard to keep it at just 30, right?
          I just don’t have control on that and my K-pop playlist is at almost 200 videos (which is the limit for user-generated playlists)

        • Well me being very indecisive doesn’t help either lol yeah it has changed probably like 50x since I 1st created it lol.

          I thought 30 was already pushing it so I don’t want to do more, but it’s soo hard to decide! lol

          Well also I’ve been doing it based of songs pretty much because there are some I included that the vids suck and some vids I want to include but I don’t like songs enough to say they’re top 30. But if I make it bigger I feel like no1 will even mess w/ it (Not like they really do right now anyway lol).

        • Well yeah, 10 it’s way to short and if it goes over 30 you never get to listen all the songs in a single shot,
          Like we would have to make a list for “videos worth watching” “just the song is okay” and “this is so long I don’t even” (T-ara mini movies anyone?)

        • Yeah I even cut out beginnings and ends of vids that weren’t part of song to try and cut out some time. Already almost 2 hours and idt many ppl are gonna sit and watch my playlist for two hours lol especially when there are quite a few of the same artists. (I did cut two OC songs out tho. Proud and ashamed of myself at the same time…)

        • I usually put music when I’m writing stuff for the blogging site I “work” in, and I have to deal with those no-music parts of some MVs, it gets annoying as you actually have to go back to the YT tab and fast forward it >_<
          So those 2 hours kinda work, if you only plan on doing something else while you listen to it on YT.

        • Well yeah lol I have the MVs (most) and English subs in them tho as if ppl are gonna watch lol.

        • In the case your playlist is to keep record of the songs/MVs you like at the moment, so I guess it’s ok, mine is full of Dance versions (since they usually have just the song and nothing else) so I can just hear the songs while I do stuff.

        • Well it’s pretty much just the songs lol I just put the MVs for visuals I guess. I just edited them so there isn’t much filler.

        • Just to keep the relevant part on the MV, that’s good, that way is enjoyable, plus with the english subbed ones you can know what they say :)

        • Yeah unfortunately a couple didn’t have Eng or they were in description but I did best I could. Honestly I almost posted all of OC’s w/o English, they translate so cheesy. They just don’t work in English lol.

        • Hahaha, Gosh, I remembered I laughed a lot when I read Aing’s eng translation, just so cheesy, and even cheesier with the dance moves that were exactly what the song said xD

        • That song is def the biggest offender. I mean the chorus is like idr… random and makes no sense. Ugly ugly ugly ugly!

          Milkshake has some major Nana Engrish too lol. But yeah they’re pretty much all cheesy beyond belief.

        • Totally. I mean, the whole thing is nice but the lyrics WTF?!?!
          However, what can we expect? engrish in K-pop seems to be a requirement for it to be an okay song lol.

        • Something is lost in translation apparently.

  373. the best band in the world <3
    real talent~
    real beauty~
    only they
    BLOCK B <3

  374. I really hope he didn’t say “balls like this”…. Duz anyone know what he really said?

  375. YESSSSS we got Block B to NUMBER 1~! Keep it going guys!!! :D

  376. by far favorite block b mv and one of the best mvs i’ve ever seen! so much swag, but still cute and hilarious, bringing out each member’s style XD ukwon WOULD forget the bullets yet still look insanely sexy, kyung WOULD have a chicken, and they WOULD run around vietnam like badasses and then end up with nothing like derps :D love them!

  377. We goin to the top foever, we gon take it to the next revo!

  378. zico is the only one who can pull off those dreads..if it was someone else…(lemme just go throw up)..

  379. an epic tale of 6 pirates, a cowboy…. and a chicken xD
    really funny mv and awesome song :P I like it ^^

  380. I’m quite positive that this MV is going to be reviewed 8D
    There is just sooo much to talk about! I really like their music, I think I have to spend more time actually knowing these guys ^^

  381. awww yiss good job BBC’s first place! let’s keep this here now :D

  382. YES! BBCS, keep it up until monday! We can’t let anyone beat us. ^♥^

  383. zico’s rap is a no joke! as well as PO and Kyung… damn!! PO’s deep voice.. i really want him to make a collab with TOP.. just imagine their voices together!!! //chills//

  384. I’m glad to see them at number one before I go to work ^^ BBC fighting!! This song was stuck in my head last night while I was trying to sleep XD

  385. They’re takin it to the next Revel!!! This is serious

  386. U-Kwon’s expression ,when he realizes that the gun is empty, is priceless!!

  387. Yes!! Just checked back and so happy to see them at number one! I just can’t get this song out of my head (not that I want to). Love the humor in the video.

  388. First reaction was WTH? Next was Awesome

  389. I like how when the dude doesn’t have any bullets instead of shooting him with THEIR FULLY LOADED GUNS they just beat him with them.

  390. I’m not a fan of them but I really love this song! Maybe I’ll start to pay more attention to them!

  391. yusss, we’re first! I squealed in excitement when I saw that!
    Anyways, does anyone know what Nillilli Mambo means? I heard it was an expression and not really words with meaning. Does anyone here know?

  392. WOOOOOOH! okey dokey!

  393. Lol guys I love this mv block B came stronger n better let’s vote for this one for music Monday come we can do it.

  394. Great song! And the BEST ENDING ever. XD I just looooooooove it. Keep up the good work Block B

  395. They HAVE to win! I mean, this is a real video! With a real storyline and an amazing song!!

  396. All right, what does Nillilli Mambo mean?

  397. First thing I hear: BBC… *sigh* I feel so proud to be one

  398. Guise.. I have a question.. Why is it that whenever I try to share videos from here on my Google+ the share button just disappears before I can get to it? Does anybody else experience this or is it just me? :/

    • me too, i don’t understand why!

    • It always does that for some reason. I think that is something they’re working on for the redesign. What you have to do is hold your mouse over the button so that the window for sharing it pops up. Then, keeping the mouse over the button, you use the tab key to move through until Share is selected. Then you just hit enter.

    • I think it still shares it tho because it does the same for me but the G+ share button is red after I try.

  399. Oh sweet baby Jesus, we’re in first place now! I am irrationally excited by the prospect of hearing Simon and Martina comment on Jaehyo’s inappropriate sexytimes action

  400. Kyung, you make my heart flutter when you chase that rooster.

  401. I pulled a serious WTF face when I first saw Jaehyo with that tragic hat. I’m so confused. Is he a… cowboy? With oven mitts? Poor man got cockblocked by Zico anyway.

  402. Im so proud of our boy’s. :) #BlockBisBack

  403. All of them were just so awesome in the MV and the teasers! (especially Kyung, so awesome! Shakin’ baby). Loved PO and his sexy, of course, deep voice and hair! Zico was so cool, loved the dreads! and B-bomb was WCDHIJKWBNJ@! And U-kwon was just …omy goodness just to much to take from all of them! ♥ BBC loves you! :D

  404. Kyung is so innocent! All he wants to do is kill and eat a chicken with a frying pan. Poor Kyung! :>

  405. Note to self… Do not leave dinner up to Kyung! xD LOL

  406. Damn, kpop is evolving. Honestly BBC is bring it to the next level.
    Blocktober is freakin AMAZING!!!!!!

  407. NILLILI MAMBO~ omg this song is awesome :D
    kyung’s parts were definitely my favourite :3 his rap was amazing, and the chicken thing was really funny xD
    why did that guy beat up ukwon when he had a gun in his hand…? >_<

    • For some reason in K-pop video land guns are useless to kill enemies (and just used for dramatic deaths -like in MBLAQ’s This is war-), so maybe they go like “My gun sucks, I better start punching the other guy”

  408. Zico. The man who looks good with mullet dreads >u<


  410. This is stuck in my head

  411. THIS MV AND SONG IS AWESOME!!! I have always been a fan of them… Even tho I love them and their song, I still can understand why there are people who doesn’t like them. They got some sort of special style that not many people like, but I love it!! >3<

  412. Not only this song is epic from them infact their whole album is like a freaking paradise made out of awesomeness (also known as Block B ^^) The album showed that Block B isn’t just hip hop but that they can do alot of different styles, but still stick to their roots. I think that’s what I love most about them. I mean like even though they do all these other styles you still know it’s Block B because they give a certain vibe which is just recognisable. (If that makes sence XD)

  413. I’m not a BBC but I’m really fond of Block B’s music, this is freaking amazing. I’ve had it in my head since it was released, this needs to be reviewed :D

  414. This song is SO GOOD. Block B never disappoints. Their energy is incredible!

  415. I kinda hate that I have to vote for both this and “I Don’t Need a Man”. Both songs are AMAZING! :D

    • this song is better in fierceness though. i didnt get the message miss a was trying to spread since they sung a ‘badass’ message in a weak way, while block b keeps this fierce thing up in their video despite the humour. so i’ll keep voting for block b.

  416. I downloaded the whole Blockbuster album and I am liking it a lot so far. I don’t usually download whole albums, the only ones I have ever downloaded and liked the the whole album for are Wonder Girls, BigBang and Tablo/ Epik High and Tasha ( who are not Kpop). I really like it.

    • It’s awesome how they can make such different songs (because as far as I know they are very involved in the whole album making process) and pretty much all of them sound so good you can’t hate them.
      Even those ballad-like ones are quite enjoyable for me.

  417. I’ve haven’t spazzed as much as I did before this song came out in such a long time!!!!!!!!!

  418. someone needs to do a block b / b.a.p mash up. so I can EXPLOOODEEE

  419. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their new album! They make us BBC’s so proud ^^

  420. When I first got into Block B I had no idea about the scandal. They seemed like a pretty fun group who were just enjoying what they were doing. So I decided to find out a little bit more about them. That’s when I found out about the scandal, even though they did something not so great I still stuck to them ( thus I became a BBC ). I mean people make mistakes right? …. So yeah long story short I fell in love with this group form frist glance. And this album just blows my mind that words cannot explain my emoition. !!!!! :D

      • Real question…? ah, geez… This has been argued into the ground… I’m surprised you don’t know. I didn’t know when I first got into Block B either, but then I got really irritated and began defending them and POOF. BBC. Anyway there was this interview in Thailand after a huge flood and the boys behaved a little inappropriate because they’re a hyper and silly group. Zico said all they could do was donate their money, one of them jokingly asked him how much he had, he answered 7 won, they laughed. Thailand felt insulted, like the lives lost weren’t important to Block B. The boys suffered A TON and it almost looked like their career might end. I’m so thankful that they fought on through all that pain. BBC’s are a wonderful and supportive group!! Proud to be a BBC.

    • me too that’s my story also heheheh ^^

    • It was such a dumb over blown up controversy… YAY for mor bbc’s :D

  421. I really love the MV and the song too …

  422. This sound is addictiv!! Vote it up!!<3

  423. This song NEEDS to be reviewed! BBCs let’s make it happen. >:D This song is brilliant and totally unique over other kpop songs!

  424. If this doesn’t get it I will be sooooooooooooo sad!!

  425. The MV is awesome xD soooo dorkkkk and swag at the same time! i roll (like a buffalo) out of laugh by thinking how you guys will review this xDDD!| PLEEEEEASE! REVIEWWWWWWWWW!!!

  426. We are still #2 :O omg the competition is tough. keep voting guys!

  427. Those who not like the song…. well Zico stolen their diamonds. :D If that don’t come for next monday, then Simon and Martina’s are stolen too!! :D Yes, Martina your DIAMONDS!!! :D C’mooon!!! They are two asdfg to ignore! II like other song too but the best in the chart is here :D ….. Martina- he will them again if… :DDD Joking.. I’ll like the next Mmonday video witchever your choice is……. but i’ll love it if it’s this one :D ^-^ P.S. Simon, i’m sure it won’t be the best thing for your pocket to buy her new diamonds :D ~

  428. LOL @ the end xD
    Everyone is running away screaming and P.O. just calmly walks away xD

  429. I really want this reviewed~

  430. Have you noticed that the woman zico is with at the beggining has a long white dress? o_O
    And at the end I imagine the dialogues:
    Zico: Okay, let’s see what we got (booty/loot if you wish, since they are pirates)
    The rest: Yes leader!!
    *opens suitcases*
    Zico: ¬¬ You freaking kidding me? We almost die because of EMPTY SUITCASES. You dumbasses!! I’ll kill you all!!
    [The others run away screaming like sissy girls]

  431. This guy the bomb…

  432. This would make a crazy and fun KMM!!!! Hope it gets reviewed!