BoA – Disturbance

  1. I loved the video, it totally suits the song! And both BoA and Taemin are goreous, who minds the age gap?

  2. I like this video so much, I want to see your review so bad. Waiting time is so long to me

  3. TaeMin is a man NOWWWW !
    Amazing, I love him more

  4. Coming back to comment on how great the vid is and the directing as well. Hope SM will use him as director other artist as well.

  5. i let time go by i shouldnt have WAAAAAHHHH *sniffle*

  6. coffeekpoplover

    It’s Taemin!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D *spaz spaz spaz* and now that the moment is over. I LOVE THIS VIDEO! <3 saranghae BoA!

  7. When they show a close up of her shoes…”Her shoes r cute” or “like her shoes”

  8. daniegirl

    Gah I really liked this song! and Taemin looked nice but this isnt about him or their age difference. Its about a phenomenal singer who asked another proffessional to be in her video. Anways I hope this wins for Music Monday

  9. not impressed. the song was very monotone as was the video. it’s just random shots of Taemin (props for looking like a grown man) and BoA looking pretty and emotional over either her death or thier break up. it’s been done in k-pop so many times and in so much more interesting ways than this. at least when you get the oddly lit room full of well dressed people dancing it’s a dance you’ve never seen before.

    • then why are you here? There are more than enough people in this world who will disagree with you

      • Hi there. They stated their opinion in a respectful way and so there is nothing wrong with their comment. The Kpop charts are not made just for people who like the videos, you can also not like something about it either.

        Honestly though, they just contributed a point to this video by commenting. So I see this as a win- win for this video anyway.


        Edit: Is there seriously something wrong with people making critical comments? I see nothing wrong with them as long as they are made in a respectful way.

    • lokifairy

      lol then why are you here? butthurt that your favorite didn’t won? seriously some fans are just too funny. Not everyone will share ur opinion, you know? deal with it

  10. I am not surprised that Taemin was chosen as the male lead in this MV. He has a natural chemistry with BoA and it shows from all those fancams of them at SMTown last year. This is a couple that I don’t mind shipping.

    I hope this gets reviewed because I think it’s a great MV – acting and direction-wise. Taemin really surprised me with his acting chops. BoA kept her cool throughout this vid until she sang the chorus for the last few times and her eyes started to water — that’s real raw emotion there. The seamless way the past and present scenes intertwined is beautiful. My favourite scene of all: Taemin about to kiss BoA and then banged his fist on the wall. Genius!

    The alternate endings are a bonus to me. The MV is epic even without the two different endings. This is one MV Kpop fans will be talking about for years, just like Lucifer, IMHO.

  11. i knew i had seen the guys face before. i was just like “omfg where have i seen him before…”
    i guess im not used to seeing taemin without long hair and a sombrero :3

  12. Guys, watch the BTS as well. Its awesome!

  13. Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen

    BoA won!!! Congrats!!!

  14. BoA was like my first interaction with k-pop without even knowing about k-pop.(I was watching anime and she sang the closing theme~) I hope you guys are able to review this video!

    • Carla Gonzalez

      That happened to me too. Inuyasha introduced me to BoA, but I got into j-pop before k-pop in 2007. A year later I got into k-pop. I’m so glad BoA won!!!

  15. great song! Great voice and beautiful Taemin!!! I give this video a million votes! hehehe …. regards from Mexico!

  16. I love this song but it’s not really something Simon and Martina might enjoy reviewing… right? There isn’t like anything funny in the mv, it’s just really sweet :)

    • I was surprised Simon and Martina promoted it since they’ve said quite often they don’t really like ballads. Personally I found this video boring but I liked the song since I do like ballads. BoA is one of the best female dancers in Korea so I would rather have seen her doing a song and video where she danced. I feel they just wanted to do this video because they hardly do any girl singers and it’s BoA. And I can’t believe so many people voted just because Taemin was in the video. He didn’t sing or dance either even though he’s also one of the best dancers in K-Pop. I feel it was a wasted opportunity. They could have performed an amazing dance together.

    • They actually actively promoted this video in the kpop charts update so… I think they would enjoy reviewing it =)

  17. sasha092398

    did it win?

  18. I hope it stays number one … BoA and Taemin :D

  19. Just_a_kpopfan

    I’m anticipating the live performance sooooooooo much!!!!!!

  20. I really hope you guys review this video because SM finally did something different!!!
    Plus the song was beautiful and the video is amazing

  21. BoA really needs the spotlight on this one! She’s been in the industry longer than any of the current k-pop idols yet is always outshined (still can’t believe she JUST had her first solo tour in Korea o-e’) by the overwhelming fangirl feels for k-pop groups *cough boy groups cough*. She has always been consistent with her comebacks, has AMAZING vocal talent, has AMAZING dance skills, and is sooo freakin cute with Taemin omg. I’m a Taemint but I love them together soooo much! I believe she deserves the spotlight!!!

  22. Komo Pineconeseed

    Please, oh please, let BoA get KMM for once!! There are SO MANY THINGS to talk about in this video. So many things. Just let BoA win. Ya’ll can vote for your oppas next week or something.

  23. Kendall Ka

    taemin is so amazing in this mv. SERIOUSLY i love him and boa they are so cute together!

  24. Brandi Fenton

    hey! guess what?! Martina’s rant worked! GO MARTINA I’M A TAEMINT TOO!!!!!!! TAEMIN AND BOA!!!!!! (okay, I’m done)

  25. lokifairy

    YEEEES!!! Finally a BoA song won!!

  26. Hooray congratss to all the ppl/ Jumping BoAs/ Shawols/ Nastys who have voted for BoA :D
    Finally we will get to see a review from Simon & Martina on Monday :D
    Yay …. <3

  27. We’re in #1! Now let’s keep it that way, Jumping BoAs HWAITING!

  28. FranFOD

    Did we make it???? I just woke up to see it in first place

  29. I’m 100% sure EYK will do the alternate ending skit xD

  30. SugarBabyG6

    We made it, ^^ I think….

  31. Did we made it?
    Votings are already closed …
    Are we still on TOP :D
    OMG…. I hope this is really happening …
    Simon and Martina reviewing BoA’s vid first time ever … :D

  32. This is really an amazing song, but… I can’t help but think that BoA and Taemin are in the same music video and they DIDN’T DANCE. If they danced together it would be freaking mind-blowing. :’D

  33. SugarBabyG6

    Thumbs up everybody who is here because of BoA and not just because of Taemin! :p

  34. LOL did all the BoA fans vote through the night lol…that’s a comeback!

  35. Yes… The votes keeps coming in :D
    Please stay on top for the last 47 minutes … :)
    Don’t stop voting :D
    Will celebrate and treat ppl if this vid get reviewed on Monday :D

  36. SugarBabyG6

    I own so much to you BoA, you were the one who got me into kpop the 1st time ^^ Congratz with 1st place! This will be 1st time you are rewiewd, I wonder what Simon and Martina thinks about you… :o