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BoA – Disturbance

  1. I loved the video, it totally suits the song! And both BoA and Taemin are goreous, who minds the age gap?

  2. I like this video so much, I want to see your review so bad. Waiting time is so long to me

  3. TaeMin is a man NOWWWW !
    Amazing, I love him more

  4. Coming back to comment on how great the vid is and the directing as well. Hope SM will use him as director other artist as well.

  5. i let time go by i shouldnt have WAAAAAHHHH *sniffle*

  6. It’s Taemin!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D *spaz spaz spaz* and now that the moment is over. I LOVE THIS VIDEO! <3 saranghae BoA!

  7. When they show a close up of her shoes…”Her shoes r cute” or “like her shoes”

  8. Gah I really liked this song! and Taemin looked nice but this isnt about him or their age difference. Its about a phenomenal singer who asked another proffessional to be in her video. Anways I hope this wins for Music Monday

  9. not impressed. the song was very monotone as was the video. it’s just random shots of Taemin (props for looking like a grown man) and BoA looking pretty and emotional over either her death or thier break up. it’s been done in k-pop so many times and in so much more interesting ways than this. at least when you get the oddly lit room full of well dressed people dancing it’s a dance you’ve never seen before.

    • lol then why are you here? butthurt that your favorite didn’t won? seriously some fans are just too funny. Not everyone will share ur opinion, you know? deal with it

    • then why are you here? There are more than enough people in this world who will disagree with you

      • Hi there. They stated their opinion in a respectful way and so there is nothing wrong with their comment. The Kpop charts are not made just for people who like the videos, you can also not like something about it either.

        Honestly though, they just contributed a point to this video by commenting. So I see this as a win- win for this video anyway.


        Edit: Is there seriously something wrong with people making critical comments? I see nothing wrong with them as long as they are made in a respectful way.

  10. I am not surprised that Taemin was chosen as the male lead in this MV. He has a natural chemistry with BoA and it shows from all those fancams of them at SMTown last year. This is a couple that I don’t mind shipping.

    I hope this gets reviewed because I think it’s a great MV – acting and direction-wise. Taemin really surprised me with his acting chops. BoA kept her cool throughout this vid until she sang the chorus for the last few times and her eyes started to water — that’s real raw emotion there. The seamless way the past and present scenes intertwined is beautiful. My favourite scene of all: Taemin about to kiss BoA and then banged his fist on the wall. Genius!

    The alternate endings are a bonus to me. The MV is epic even without the two different endings. This is one MV Kpop fans will be talking about for years, just like Lucifer, IMHO.

  11. i knew i had seen the guys face before. i was just like “omfg where have i seen him before…”
    i guess im not used to seeing taemin without long hair and a sombrero :3

  12. Guys, watch the BTS as well. Its awesome!

  13. Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen

    BoA won!!! Congrats!!!

  14. BoA was like my first interaction with k-pop without even knowing about k-pop.(I was watching anime and she sang the closing theme~) I hope you guys are able to review this video!

    • That happened to me too. Inuyasha introduced me to BoA, but I got into j-pop before k-pop in 2007. A year later I got into k-pop. I’m so glad BoA won!!!

  15. great song! Great voice and beautiful Taemin!!! I give this video a million votes! hehehe …. regards from Mexico!

  16. I love this song but it’s not really something Simon and Martina might enjoy reviewing… right? There isn’t like anything funny in the mv, it’s just really sweet :)

    • They actually actively promoted this video in the kpop charts update so… I think they would enjoy reviewing it =)

    • I was surprised Simon and Martina promoted it since they’ve said quite often they don’t really like ballads. Personally I found this video boring but I liked the song since I do like ballads. BoA is one of the best female dancers in Korea so I would rather have seen her doing a song and video where she danced. I feel they just wanted to do this video because they hardly do any girl singers and it’s BoA. And I can’t believe so many people voted just because Taemin was in the video. He didn’t sing or dance either even though he’s also one of the best dancers in K-Pop. I feel it was a wasted opportunity. They could have performed an amazing dance together.

  17. did it win?

  18. I hope it stays number one … BoA and Taemin :D

  19. I’m anticipating the live performance sooooooooo much!!!!!!

  20. I really hope you guys review this video because SM finally did something different!!!
    Plus the song was beautiful and the video is amazing

  21. BoA really needs the spotlight on this one! She’s been in the industry longer than any of the current k-pop idols yet is always outshined (still can’t believe she JUST had her first solo tour in Korea o-e’) by the overwhelming fangirl feels for k-pop groups *cough boy groups cough*. She has always been consistent with her comebacks, has AMAZING vocal talent, has AMAZING dance skills, and is sooo freakin cute with Taemin omg. I’m a Taemint but I love them together soooo much! I believe she deserves the spotlight!!!

  22. Please, oh please, let BoA get KMM for once!! There are SO MANY THINGS to talk about in this video. So many things. Just let BoA win. Ya’ll can vote for your oppas next week or something.

  23. taemin is so amazing in this mv. SERIOUSLY i love him and boa they are so cute together!

  24. hey! guess what?! Martina’s rant worked! GO MARTINA I’M A TAEMINT TOO!!!!!!! TAEMIN AND BOA!!!!!! (okay, I’m done)

  25. YEEEES!!! Finally a BoA song won!!

  26. Hooray congratss to all the ppl/ Jumping BoAs/ Shawols/ Nastys who have voted for BoA :D
    Finally we will get to see a review from Simon & Martina on Monday :D
    Yay …. <3

  27. We’re in #1! Now let’s keep it that way, Jumping BoAs HWAITING!

  28. FranFOD

    Did we make it???? I just woke up to see it in first place

  29. I’m 100% sure EYK will do the alternate ending skit xD

  30. We made it, ^^ I think….

  31. Did we made it?
    Votings are already closed …
    Are we still on TOP :D
    OMG…. I hope this is really happening …
    Simon and Martina reviewing BoA’s vid first time ever … :D

  32. This is really an amazing song, but… I can’t help but think that BoA and Taemin are in the same music video and they DIDN’T DANCE. If they danced together it would be freaking mind-blowing. :’D

  33. Thumbs up everybody who is here because of BoA and not just because of Taemin! :p

  34. LOL did all the BoA fans vote through the night lol…that’s a comeback!

  35. Yes… The votes keeps coming in :D
    Please stay on top for the last 47 minutes … :)
    Don’t stop voting :D
    Will celebrate and treat ppl if this vid get reviewed on Monday :D

  36. I own so much to you BoA, you were the one who got me into kpop the 1st time ^^ Congratz with 1st place! This will be 1st time you are rewiewd, I wonder what Simon and Martina thinks about you… :o

  37. I really want that hourglass -.-
    I wonder if it was awkward for Boa and Taemin to act this out ^^

  38. Support!! Support!!

  39. This MV is so……….. not SM!!! And it’s an intersting MV with two endings and artsy setting and such…. And also a storyline with Taemin acting >.<

    • I know, it is os not SM, but BoAs videos and songs are always something else. She has her own style. It is BoA mv not SM mv and I think she manages good to not be so much a SM robot neither! BoA fighting!

  40. Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen

    Keep it up guys! Make this the first video of BoA to be reviewed!

  41. YAY The video is in 1st place!

  42. The cuddly moments!! I’m so freaking jealous haha.. where is my own Taemin to cuddle with?
    Also, did anyone else crack up at the wall hitting scene?.. I’m sorry that just seemed over acted.. or maybe it was just the slow mo?

  43. sooner or later this must be reviewed! keep voting! :D

  44. think of simon&martina acting these scenes out XD

  45. OMG!!! I can’t believe my eyes :D This is really happening :)
    The vid finally reaches No.1 <333
    Hooray… Hopefully Simon & Martina review this :D

    Let this vid stay on top please … still 3 more hours left.

  46. I hope simon and martina already apply the choosing-one-from-the-top-three and choose this MV to be reviewed this week.

  47. Literally screamed when I saw this on my phone in a shopping mall. I had to hide in the toilet.

    I think SM made TaemBoA perform so many times so that we won’t cry (that much) when we see this video cos we are more or less used to this pairing. Well, at least for me I wasn’t too shocked when I saw them in the same MV.

    The lyrics are so sad, I cried when I saw the translation for this. Kudos to BoA for composing this song. I really want to ask her to ask her brother to direct all of the SM artists’ MV once. Just once and I am happy. Not that I am tired of them dancing in a box (I lied), but they need something like this, even for once. T^T AND SM artists – DBSK, SJ, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) (don’t get me started on them), EXO) should write their own title tracks too, it makes them more involved in it (Yes I know Jjong has done it once with Juliette.)

    TKIR: Taem has grown up so much. Sigh…

    • It’s called puberty :D *ahem* I agree that other SM artists (and K-Pop idols who can write a decent song) should be able to decide what goes into their music (or at the least the title track and not some random song the album that people might skip); I love K-Pop for its flashy concepts and costumes and what-not, but sometimes, I feel dirty for indulging into it knowing how manufactured these groups are (a perfect example – JYP wrote miss A’s “I Don’t Need a Man”, but that didn’t surprise me at all since JYP loves making sure he is all his artist’s title song). Knowing that BoA wrote this and Only One makes me love the song even more (they’re awesome songs *and* it proves that she has “real” talent, even though she dances like a beast and can sing circles around 90% of American pop stars).

  48. BoA is my favorite Korean (firstly Japanese) singer btw. and I fell in love with this song instantly. and the plot, omo. and taeminaaaahhhhhh youmakemefeellikethefirtisawminhoinhellobaby. minhoismyultimatebiasfyi

  49. Yay its first! such an awesome video! Her brother should direct all SM’s videos. Then maybe we’ll get to see more than just inside shady lit box rooms ;)

    Was thinking about what martina said about there only being boy groups that are voted up to be reviewd. Totally support the top 3 suggestion she had. Or maybee if they have a music monday on the last monday of the month where they review a kpop song of their choice?

  50. Really like the song :D
    And I agree, the ending options were a nice suprise.

  51. oh gosh, I need this video in KMM!

  52. Why did this take so long to get into number one? Honestly, it has a SHINee member in it, thought it would take less time…

    That said I really want to know they think of this video as it is really different, actually has a storyline that makes sense.

  53. AHH This is first on the kpop charts~~!!!! BoA video for Kpop monday please!!!!

  54. I really liked that they put to different endings. ^-^ It was actually fun to pick which one to chose ,but in the end i chose both of them. XD

  55. okay this might be the first BoA song ever reviewed o.O I’m quite surprised :) anyway so happy T_T

  56. Queen BoA for Music Monday, please!!

  57. Hoping that this gets reviewed. BoA got me into Kpop, and I like the fact that this has a plot, rarity for SM.

  58. This is just pure amazing! Queen Boa, Taemin FINALLY looking like a dude (and Taemin’s one of my faves in kpop, so don’t hate on me– I’ve always wished they’d let him move past the aegyo and show a mature look), great video— this had better win….BoA’s one of the best (if not the best) female artist in kpop history! and this song and video are solid!

  59. Is a BoA song actually gonna get voted in? :O! The shock of it all!!

  60. That.. was quick.. XDD Anyway, would LOVE it if this got reviewed, BoA and Taemin couple have so much diverse opinions XD Personally, I find them cute together, but I’ll never shake that feeling of a dongsaeng and his noona between them. I can’t really see them as equals tbh.

  61. love this song!!!!! I love the beat and taemin’s acting!! I WONNA JUST GIVE HIM A BIG HUG!!!! hope you guys get to review it!!!!!!! and i also love the fact that BoA composed and wrote this song!!!! YAY!!!!! i also love how you can pick the ending! :D

  62. I really like that the ending had two choices. Good job to BoA’s brother for doing something less SM like.

  63. I’m so evil. I’m hoping that this gets voted in so that it wouldn’t bother a music video that I want to be voted in next week. >:P

  64. BoA’s now no.1!!! Let’s keep voting~~

  65. Yes Boa the Queen must be reviewed this week! I wonder what Simon and Martina will think about the alternate endings

  66. BoA, you’re the ONLY ONE that should be reviewed this week, so let’s stand tall and create a DISTURBANCE in the votes amidst all the idol groups and finally step out of THE SHADOW.


  67. Kya~ BoA’s at no.1 :D

  68. I can’t get over how good the acting is here. I love that one part with Boa tearing up and then looking away from the camera at one scene. that’s exactly what people do when they’re crying and avoiding eye contact. it’s just so human. love it.

  69. I hope this MV wins!:D

  70. Yey, currently in 1st place. Let’s continue voting! Love Boa!

  71. I have enough of reviews on boys groups… voting for BOA for something different ^^

  72. ummmmmmmmmmm i know you guys want to review this song so……

    did you put it in first place on purpose so you can review it?(not saying i dont like this song just confused)

    • it’s based on the number of views. BoA’s video does have >2 million views so it’s in first place.

    • People just voted for BoA. Especially after the Kpop update, they were made aware that this video was on the charts. Also, the other videos which were in contention are much older and subject to chart decay.

      • Mwahahaha! Everything is going according to plan…
        The other top music videos will soon decay after BoA’s music video is voted in and will not get a chance next week.
        This leaves the top spot open for a particular music video and song that I enjoyed. >:)

  73. the only flaw in this MV is only … boa’s fur coat. I don’t think it fits the MV.

  74. with the power of Taemin’s fans this became the 1st song in the kpop charts XD

  75. Even Martina thinks this video should be reviewed! Lets make it happen. Boa’s songs are never reviewed and it’s a shame.

  76. I really can not believe any of boa’s song has been reviewed she is the FREAKIN’ QUEEN of KPOP! =) Go BoA!

  77. I hope we really make it becuase I know S&M would prefer doing a review of this video

  78. Woah, SMTOwn fans are really powerful when they join forces, got BoA’s video to first!

  79. i think it’s time to hear about a female. i like boy bands just as much as the next kpop fangirl but it’s time for a girl.

    and..and…bonus taemin from a boy band is in it acting all kpop-video-moody. and guys…guys…NO BOX. BoA and Taemin are out side breathing fresh air…they aren’t vampires. yay! okay i’m done now.

  80. Amazing what the kpop charts update can do for a video’s rank in the charts xP

  81. I really want this reviewed because: i love the song, the video is a great story, boa is amazing (as always), and the way taemin is portrayed is so different than he normally is! (plus hes my bias from shines lol)

  82. I started laughing in the middle of wanting to cry because of the Genie app add…I read it in Simon’s voice and remembered his rant XD

  83. 10 more hours guys lets keep this at 1st place ! The queen of Kpop deserves a KMM

  84. such a nice and sweet song by boa
    and enjoy seein taemin and his new hair style

  85. Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen

    BoA is really talented! Not many K-pop singers can do as many things as BoA

  86. this is awesome!!!!! this needs to make to music monday!!!

  87. Ok….best song ever. Never been a huge fan of all BOA’s songs…some here some there…but OMG Love this song, The video is great, the acting is great, the singing is great , the story line is great… I could go on. So happy it finally got to the top of the KPOP charts keep it up here guys! FIGHTING!

  88. Admittedly, the immature, irrational side of me is totally Jealous of BoA for all the cuddling she got to do with Taemin in this MV, but I do quite like it. The song is nice, and the MV is really unique with the choose your own adventure ending idea…

  89. Please review this!

  90. I hope this can be reviewed.. it’d be a pity if it doesn’t ^^’

  91. Love BoA, love the song and video. Definitely cried going that long seeing BoA and Taemin NOT dancing…that killed. Anyway, hope this gets reviewed :)

  92. BoA is the queen. Okay. Bye.

  93. I honestly didn’t recognize Taemin there lol. I guess I associate him with long hair/blond hair too much..

  94. i really wanted you guys to review it but its still 3rd place :(

  95. It makes me sad, that BoA will never ever get reviewed. But I understand it is the way that the voting system works. The video itself is so well done, great camera shots and tight editing. BoA has really shown a consistent sound and style that is really her.

  96. There’s something about this video that’s really similar to The Only One (lol not because it has BoA in it) in the way it’s been shot… I dunno… the colours and the clarity and the whole look and everything… Anyone else get the same feeling?
    I’m not talking about the sounds (although I’d say the music is similar in style)

  97. I really hope this videos gets reviewed. I would love to see your opinion on the mv and the two different endings.

  98. Oh wow this video has climbed to the top pretty quickly! :)

  99. BoA fans unite!

  100. OMG please you guys, please let’s get this video to number 1! Because I really want Simon and Martina to review this AMAZING MV!!! \(^_^)//

  101. I like how they shot two endings!

  102. If this doesn’t get reviewed I will be mad. EYK needs more BoA.

  103. ppl always compare boa to madonna when clearly she’s more like janet jackson. she has a soulful soprano and let’s not play, a kick ass leather wardrobe. they’re both incredible dancers and reinvent with age appropriate and sophisticated style. boa is clearly her own girl, but they both have a lot in common as performers, even in the way they do their runs. love them both. voting boa.

  104. Hope~~ This vid makes it on the top~~~
    Hehe~~ Want to see EYK do their ever first review on this vid, before BoA will release no more vids :/

  105. Don’t stop voting ppl….
    Martina wants this vid to be review so badly….cause of Taemin xD
    Yay… Vote to reach No.1 :D

  106. Taemin looks so mature now.. Simon should talk about how much of a *MAN* he’s become (x

  107. vote for this amazing song/video comeon is a self produce song and BoA’s brother made the video and breaks the SM formula let’s go BoA

  108. go boa

  109. Forget what other people say xDDD Just review it please~~

    I love CNBLUE & INFINITE but NOOO! this one deserve the place for Kpop Music Monday

    Needless to say the reasons, we all know them ;)

  110. Yay Taemin and Boa! Wait… Taemin and Boa, and there’s no dancing? Why is there no dancing in this video?! You don’t put these two together just to have them sit around! Granted, they were very cute together, but still!

  111. OMG I love BoA! She needs to win!!!<3

  112. Taemin? Now He’s TAEMAN! , I feel that this song is so honest, love how BoA and Taemin make us think that they really feel what the song says ( and make us believe that there is no almost 10 years between them) the sound… so soft and energetic. love it!

  113. I want this song to be reviewed because of Boa, but I have to admit, the video is BORINGG!! :-( sorry taemin fans heheh.

  114. BoA is the queen so move bitches! the queen is back!!!

  115. My vote is in for CNBlue this week(and the week’s basically over soon), but this mv totally needs to be next! (It’s also much newer, should get a chance if it keeps the slow upward trend CNBlue had).

  116. omg…why doesn’t this have more votes…AV ADSOVDNV”ADSOVIN ADIVNADOVNADSVIOND

  117. I want a solo female artist’s song to be reviewed for once. She’s had an amazing career spanning for more than a decade and right now she is sadly low on the totem pole of most international fan’s kpop fandoms.

  118. i agree with your decision of chose over the top 3 :D please review BOA ^^

  119. Taemin is a killer dancer, his singing ahs also improved by MILES and now he’s really developing his acting side as well. He’s grown up so much since that black bowl cut in replay XD Good job BoA, Taemin and BoA’s brother of course :D

  120. Although there’s a slim chance that boa will make it to first place for next week seeing as how sistar19 and infinite have both released new MV’s this week, I really hope I’m wrong and that a boa song can FINALLY be reviewed.

  121. Taemin looks so grown here!! :O omgggggg forever crying.

  122. i really like this song and this video and i hope that you will review it. I think this video is very touching and gentle. It’s for the first time when i can watch k-pop video again and again!

  123. Go Go Go!!! Vote Vote Vote!!! :)
    CN Blue suddenly makes the #1 spot…hope this vid gets the #2 spot…but still dont stop commenting or voting …

  124. I don’t understand how BoA was never reviewed for KMM isn’t she the queen of kpop ?


    simon and martina, please review this MV. T^T

  126. Why do i feel like taemin is the main character in this and not BoA? its not just that all comment are about him (including mine) but also in the mv more scenes are with him :D

  127. OMG pleaseee… this MV deserves to be reviewed.
    I hope we can make this MV reviewed in the end coz i’ll be highly anticipating! My fave kpop female soloist and my ultimate kpop bias ever in the same MV >____< So excited!!! Please keep voting for the queen!

  128. Okay ,,,, Still at #3 spot :/
    Comment, vote or tweet as much as you can to make it into the top spot… :)

  129. i reaaallly waant you guys to review this sooong! :3 i find it very artsy farts :3

  130. this video is beautifulll <3 it was very captivating… i hope you guys review this video!! there are to many guys in this chart! hahaha xD

  131. THE QUEEN IS BACK! Her vocals in this song are just amazing, as per usual, and the beat and rhythm of it are wonderful as well! I really hope there will be a dance version for this song, just like for Only One. I can’t wait to see her perform this live!

    On a side note, I was kinda dubious of the pairing at first because of the age difference, but they are too cute that I just can’t help but to disregard it! Oh gaaah, Simon and Martina, please review this!

  132. i loved the video, it was so interesting, and the song is amazing as well ;w;

  133. Taemin looks so grownup omg xD

  134. Woah… BoA is already at Number 3~ :D

  135. I really want you guys to review this mv. The song is perfect. The video is great music video because BoA’s brother directed it. I think that SM needs to hire BoA’s brother for the other groups because he is a genius. Also BoA is a amazing singer and I can’t forget Taemin. He looks so mature.

  136. hopefully this can be BoA’s first KMM :)

  137. SM OUTSIDE THE BOX OMFGGG!!! U GUYS GOTTA REVIEW DIISSSS >U<~~~ like omg this one is actually SO realistic and they're out there in different places and AHHH FEEELZ~ <3 The two alternating ending idea was REALLY cool too :D~!!

  138. Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen

    Who can possible be better than BoA? :D

  139. I really want this one to be reviewed!

  140. Yay…This vid has reach #3 already :D
    Don’t stop voting ppl :)
    Let Simon & Martina review this no matter what xD
    Go go go Fighting… ;D

  141. BoA is freakin’ amazing. She is so talented! Her brother directing skills are so flawless. TAEMIN OMG I BET HE’S HAPPY THAT HE LOOKS SO MANLY. TAEMAN will forever be our baby though

  142. TAEMIN!!!!!

  143. PLEASE let her win this!! She deserves it ;-;

  144. I’ve only been into K-pop for a short time but Shinee is definately my bias…but to see Taemin in this video is AWESOME. He definantly deserves to do more grown up roles like this, because as a 22 yr old woman there was no way I was falling for that super cute “innocent” image (I’m not a pedo lol). I’m really glad that we get to see him “act” more mature and have a wider range of emotion…on that note…I thought he was going to punch BoA in the face for a second there.

    Thank the K-pop lords that they decided not to make the vid that ridiculous.

  145. this video is highly unusual for sm, in a very good way. At first i came to the video because of taemin, but i sincerely liked the song and the video. I love the intro with the piano and the drums and i really like boa’s calm voice. It’s not very powerful or flashy as usual, but thats what makes the song so soothing. I look forward to listening to this in art class. :)

  146. I didn’t know there was a new boa mv out. O_O Jesus, is that Taemin? The makeup artists did wonder, I didn’t recognise him.

    This is really unlike any other SM video. It feels very real, and it’s not over exaggerated, cheesy or cringe worthy at all. SM, I was willing to give you a cookie but then I heard boa’s brother directed it. So, no cookie for you.

    Ha! Of course, that painting in the background had to ruin everything by stating it was not only a painting. But a EUROPEAN painting. Brilliant :D

  147. Anyone knows the model of the Samsung phone featured in this MV?

    • Idk… I just HAVE TO get a Samsung…I feel like it is the new kpop phone…. Like…Big Bang had Samsung Galaxy world tour and it is all this varitys of celebs that takes pictures and film with those. How lucky samsung is. God damn!

  148. We can do this Jumping BoAs! lets go!

  149. BoA comeback again, really??!! I thud it was done with only one and shadow. This one is more boring then the oter two in the beginning… But after a minute: I LOVE IT. But don`t it reminds you guys of “only one“, eh? I love all of BoAs songs… both old…and NEW ^^ Who said BoA would never come back. She will exist forever! :))) She is not old, I mean, I don`t know how old she is but she looks really beautiful and young in her. She is one of the most beautiful wimen in kpop. But that boy… He is really a disturbed weirdo… I mean… WHAT is he doing -”_- And come on guys, let`s be honest. At least I don`t think he is handsome at all. Haha… I am BoA fan, but I found out about her comeback, JUST NOW. Shame on me!!

  150. this has more views than the top voted songs but vote count is so much lower. what’s up with that!

    • Probably, there is alot of comments because, many likes the song… But many problably disslike it 2, so it is much to discuss. Also I think BoA fans are more devoted, but the fans of the other bands are brain-dead zombies who just click “vote“ idk just what I think It is fucking crazy I think BoA should win! ^^

    • The reason the vote count is higher is because those videos were released much earlier than BoA’s in fact like two weeks earlier. Therefore fans have enough time to rack up that many votes. However in terms of Eat Your Kimchi, older videos with many votes actually have it harder compared to newer videos.

      As for video views, that usually refers to the company it’s from and their publicity. The Big 3 usually do well in that area.

  151. i really want you guys to review this song <3 i think it was quite artsy fartsy :3

  152. Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen

    BoA rocks all the way!!! BoA is the best

  153. Come on we have to get this to the top!

  154. I would love to se you guys make a video on this MV

  155. I really hope this gets reviewed. Please please please. ):

  156. I love how this MV actually summarizes the meaning of the song. So even if you do not understand Korean, you’ll still understand what it means.
    And may I say that BoA’s older brother did an AWESOME job directing this MV!
    All the symbols of “Taemin’s girlfriend”, aka BoA, about Taemin missing her in this MV gives me the chills.
    Like on 0:59 seconds in the video.. how he’s imagining she’s there but she isn’t. And when she walked passed the mirror, her reflection wasnt there! AWESOME JOB BOA’S OLDER BROTHER!

    Overall, BoA’s comeback is EPIC! as usual~

  157. I’m totally a shawol, and Taemin will forever be my baby. HOWEVER. I will ship these people to the stars, the moon and beyond because they look SO GOOD together. Also, Taemin, UMMA IS SO PROUD♥♡♥ He’s all grown up and although he’s not the best actor, he did so well!♥♥

  158. CAN WE PLEASE PLEAS PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASE GET THIS REVIEWED. I want to hear what you guys have to say about the song, the mv, TAEMIN’S SUDDEN MANLINESS. It seems that Taemin has finally gotten his manmanpanties and has become manly man.

  159. this was such a fantastic video! so impressed with the filmography and of course BoA was amazing!! this needs reviewed!!! PLEASEEE!!!!!! “oh and who was that guy?” <—— said no one ever!!!!!!

  160. FranFOD

    Music Monday needs more females!! Vote for BoA!! (and this has nothing to do with the fact that Taemin is in the video…*cough*)

  161. Taemin looks like a 30-ish man in this. (I’m not a fan of SHINee do I guess it doesn’t offend me…) My friend refuses to associate herself with this video because Taemin kissed BoA… I love the song <3 BoA!! You have great music.

  162. When did Taemin grow up so much? D:

  163. I was just amazed when i saw this music video. Not only was the directing of it done very well, Like seriously its BOA, she is just a phenomenal person.

  164. What to do to let Simon and Martina review this video so badly…. :’(
    Really want to hear an opinion about this video from you guys….
    And your favorite Taemin … what do you think of him…. haha, no dancing from him this time.

  165. :D to be honest, i have nothing to say. im just commenting to raise the votes :D

  166. Whoa. so cool. The multiple endings!

  167. can u PLEASE review this video??? either this monday or the one after PLEASE??? i really wanna know wut u think of the video and of taemin and boa! have u reviewed boa before? still i wanna know if u like it or not. thanks!

  168. God, I wish they’d review it – it is out of the box, beautifully captured, the acting is actually quite good for a music video, the song is very calming (I doubt it’s Simon’s style but who cares, the song is nice), it has a very original feature in it – the alternative endings… if Simon and Martina are going to be disappointed with this then I can’t with them. Also, SHINee’s comeback is in a few weeks time so I can’t wait till they review it as well ^.^

  169. Vote Vote Vote for our BoA!! ^^
    Don’t Stop Voting … :)

  170. PERFECT! This should be rewieved!

  171. Let’s get this to no.1 guys ^^

  172. It’s not in a box… :D

  173. S&M, if this video ever get reviewed (which I think very unlikely with those boygroups’ videos T_T) can you do a brief review for Only One and The Shadow, too? =P

  174. MUST REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s BoA and Taemin. What more do you need!!!

  175. The song is just perfect…BoA wrote and composed it and Taemin’s in it. I dont know how you couldnt review it. And it’ll be the first BoA song you review! I hope you review this!

  176. This was very will done by BoA. I have only liked one song by her and that was her song Everlasting. This a very good song and very will made. One thing i love is the fact that Taemin looks so mature in this video. It really shows how much have a man he has growen to be and that he isn’t just a boy. from Flower boy to flower man haha. Either way now i have two songs that i like by BoA.

  177. Blueberries

    Wow you can actually choose ending. That’s so cool!

  178. I’m still so surprised that these solo queens don’t have the backing anymore to make it to the top of eat your kimchi charts. Only One didn’t make it, Shadow didn’t make it, and unfortunately this will probably get trumped by all the cute boy acts :/ Though there is plenty to talk about for KMM :/ On a lighter note, Taemin is looking better and manlier everyday! I like this couple!

  179. can someone explain the story? I´m not sure i got it right. It seems they had some conflict and now Tae has limited time to figure it out…am I close? ……love the idea, though.:D(sry for english….I´m not native :D)

  180. i think that this is a very artsy fartsy video :) i’m nominating this for the 2013 EYKAs.. yes, we are talking about the EYKAs already :) boa’s brother is a good director :3

  181. I IDOLIZE BOA <33 and little taeminnie is growing up.. ; u ;

  182. Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen

    BoA. I don’t know what to say. … BoA!

  183. this is just awesome! don’t think a BoA song has ever been reviewed on KMM and that is just such a waste. pls vote vote vote for BoA every single day so that this song has a shot at being reviewed!

  184. Review this vid please….don’t stop voting…. :D
    At least one BoA vid to be reviewed …. :)

  185. TAEMIN, When are we going to see you in your own drama????

  186. I just want to say,

    1. I love this song, BoA can do no wrong in my book, the song is smooth and the video has a decent plot, and TWO different endings!

    2. Taemin goon, our sweet lil maknae, you have grown so much since I first saw you in Ring Ding Dong :D almost didn’t recognize him actually, he went from sweet and cute as a button to smexy in less than a year

    3. Good use of the two Brohoho rooms(pretty sure those are the brick rooms) :D i like what you’ve done with the place, now THATS what I call decorating! XD

    We can DO this ma fellow Nasty Jumping BoAs! Let’s vote her #1, and finally get a female to the top! I know Sone’s (i voted for them too, i actually liked the video and song) got IGAB, but i think S&M will like this m/v WAAAY better! Not to mention Martina DID say that they were fans of BoA :D So let’s DO THIS! Jumping BoAs Hwaiting!

    • I’m the same.. she can do no wrong hehe~ Blatant bias, right there~ ^^

      • tell me about it. She IS the one who got me into K-Pop after all. AND she’s the Queen of K-Pop, how can I NOT love her?

        • Dudes/Dudettes I totally agree. Like it’s Kwon BoA helloooo, hands down peeps! Too bad there isn’t a dance version for this song, I would have loved to see what BoA had to do with the choreo since her choreos’ always so amazing even for slow songs *ahemOnlyOneahem*

  187. Can I just say that you guys HAVE to review this!! Haha I want to know Martina’s opinion on this music video since Taemin’s the main lead actor. And then, of course, the lyrics that goes with the video and acting.. Haha (Sorry. Frankly, I can’t get over the music video yet) And yeah, the video being unusual for SM (or is it because it was directed by BoA’s brother). And yes, it evidently shows BoA’s great singer-songwriter skills!! :D

  188. the endings thing was a great idea !! i’m glad sm did the effort to do a real mv. i hope they liberate their artists (especially super junior) from those stupid dance boxes

  189. they really should review this. i wanna see what their thought are on the endings

  190. This MV was awesome~

  191. is it just me that think boa is dead? because it just seems that way to me.. taemin’s and boa’s flashbacks of the memories they had… and then when he starts to act cold and i think taemin destroyed the whole room because she died and she died without him saying ‘i love you’ or goodbye.. and that’s why when we choose to go back to the past for one of the endings, he can see and talk to her… to prevent her death from happening… or if we choose let time go by, taemin is going to be stuck in the past… because he felt guilty.. i dunno… i might be looking too deep into this xD because if she’s not dead it doesn’t quite makes sense to me…

    • FranFOD

      No I don’t think she’s dead.

      If you read the lyrics, BoA sings about being in a relationship where the two people grow apart because the guy is becoming more and more indifferent and ignoring the girl. One day she snaps out of it and decides to break it off with him. She wonders whether he’s now crying over it and if he even cares that they’re over. “‘I love you’. Maybe I just wanted to hear those words” she says.

      So Taemin is playing a character that is indecisive about continuing his relationship with BoA. In “let time pass” he sits around contemplating for so long that BoA gives up on their relationship and walks away. “Back to the past” takes you back to the first scene in the video, only this time, instead of stopping at the front door and turning back around to take his scarf off, Taemin actually walks out of the door and goes to BoA and tells her that he really does loves her.

  192. I wish this gets reviewed, but it will pretty damn hard! since most fangirls will vote for the boyband they love :/

    if only thousands of elfs and sones and shawols can help us vote….but sadly most fans that favor SM artists will MOST OF THE TIME focus on one group and forget the others

    • FranFOD

      it is kind of sad, but true. I’m a shawol and Taemin is my bias, so obviously I’m part of the group that really wants this video to be reviewed (and no, I’m not part of the delusional minority that hates BoA for stealing Taemin from them). However, I voted for “I got a boy”, “Sexy free & single”, “Spy”, “Catch Me”, “Humanoids”, “Electric Shock”, etc when they were released. Would have voted for “Mama” too if I had liked K-pop back then. SM fans should support all SM groups.

      • I think the new Super Junior – Break Down MV will be coming quite soon with their boring BOX MV….and flocking ELFs will start voting for it and forget about this MV and will NEVER be reviewed again and again…this pattern keeps repeating over and over again :(

        can S&M convert super junior votes for this MV instead? –a

    • Yeah, I got into K-pop recently by listening to Pandora according to my likes I like SM artists and not just one group, then again I’m not a teenage girl…and I’m proud to say I’m an Shawol, ELF and Sone (and in that order ;) ).

  193. This video just needs to be reviewed! I mean…The Queen, no boxes, storyline, Taemin (<3), the 2 endings (really good idea, btw),… <3 <3

  194. wow im in love with this song and the video was awesome especially for an SM video that juss goes to show you how awesome boa is

  195. This one should really be reviewed!!! Let’s get it on top!

  196. I feel like it’s going to to be difficult for BoA’s MV to get reviewed >.<"


  197. this is a great mv, it deserves more votes! the queen of k-pop and my #1 bias (taemin) in the same video!!!!

  198. ermagherd….I think my SHINee bias just changed! Sorry Key! Taemin, I didn’t know you had this in you! Darn you SM for cloaking the hotness all this time!

    Of course BoA looks beautiful as always and the song is very sad and sweet.

  199. I love BoA, she’s just amazing and this song didn’t disappoint.The video is awesome too

  200. Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen

    BoA is very talented. Indeed she is the best in Asia!

  201. This was such a good video! I can’t think of anything S&M could criticize about it, except for the 8 year difference between Taemin and Boa, but they’re acting anyway so it’s all good!

  202. I liked how you could choose between a happy and sad ending. Unique concept.

  203. Ok first: this is an absolutely beautiful song, soft but with a good beat and nice melody with BoA’s amazing voice – it’s exactly my style :) BoA your songs just keep getting better and better!!!

    Second: The mv is really well done. I love the concept of time and the cuts between the present and past. I also like how BoA is there but she’s not ooohhh. Also it’s not in a box!!!! And there’s a story!!!!! AND THE TWO DIFFERENT ENDINGS ARE GENIUS!!!! It just makes the whole mv that more interesting and sets it apart from the rest. I really like BoA’s brother as a director – he should direct all SM vids.

    Third: TAEMINNIE <3 <3 No I should just call you Taemin because you're not cute or anything here at all. You've grown up and you're steaming HOT!! (steaming is a really weird adjective to use but whatever I ALMOST DIED, it was steaming). Anyway, he did a really good job at acting all sad and depressed and so did BoA. Although at times I did feel that some of the lovey-dovey-couple scenes were slightly more happy-fun-time-friend scenes but that's probably because I do know that there's a big age difference. If Taemin was just an actor who I didn't know then I think it would have been much more believable. But they did really well I think!! Especially Taemin who's been stuck in a box and only kissing windows for so long that he probably hasn't had much practise.

    Fourth: It is time that BoA, the Queen of kpop FINALLY gets a KMM^^^^^^

    Side note: is smashing stuff and then "reparo"-ing it and having lots sparkles falling to ground the thing at the moment??

  204. proud to be Jumping and of course to you BoA..Amazing Voice >3

  205. Amazing MV, one of the best from SM in recent years! :D

  206. Spread the love, people! We need to get S&M review this song! Get voting!

  207. I really hope y’all review this! I really like BoA :)

  208. OMG Taemin! Ok… Um… Well… It just don’t feel couplely to me? Maybe because I know who he is and he seems like a child compared to her. But I’m happy to see he’s really growing up. Nice change to finally see him in a man clothing, dating a girl ^^^
    I love the song and video, however! It’s such a shame, BoA never got reviewed before. Let’s do this!

  209. I really hope you guys will review this video. Seriously, two of my major biases here, but that’s besides the point. Point is, This video is different for SM’s usual videos, not sure if it’s just me, pretty sure it’s not just me. Plus, if I am not mistaken, besides BoA composing this herself, Her brother also helped direct it. Oh and the last and final reason…okay not so much a reason than me just wanting to say, I so ship BoA and Taemin.

    Jealous fangirl sitting in corner, don’t mind me xD

  210. Really liked this song! I think the concept was well done. Kudos to BoA’s brother

  211. This video makes my heart hurt T_T


  213. Amazing MV, not only has Taemin’s acting improved greatly but BoA’s voice is flawless as always ;D These two really do look good together ;P

  214. i love this mv!!…hope you guys can review it…i wanna know what you guys think :)

  215. I was really enjoying the song and the video, but then they had to add 2 different endings the listeners/viewers could choose from? Naaah, that through me completely off. Though the attempt at a fresh idea is commendable. The ending where he turns back time was just ridiculous though! Sorry…

  216. taemin is pretty much the perfect boyfriend in all their cute scenes together. ugh. so cute~ their age difference is still slightly creepy.

  217. this serisously needs to be reviewed, it’s a great video and it really does have a story to tell, it’s totally not SM’s usual style of MVs and i loved it. i’m really proud of this MV and i love BoA so yeah

  218. This was a FANTASTIC SONG and I think it needs to be reviewed!!!

  219. Reasons why i want this MV reviewed:

    1. BoA is a really talented artist and i like this song & MV

    2. The MV isn’t the usual SM(i want to see what S&M think about it) and i love the 2 ending option (pure genius)

    3.And a little personal request… in the top 10 rn only 2 MV are of girls … the rest only guys .. too many guys :)) xD

  220. I loved the song and the video! Definitely worth reviewing in my eyes! Everything was just so awesome *_*

  221. Shawols should promote this voting on tumblr! S&M deserve a different SM video after all the box MV’s LOL and this MV is really good and BoA’s song is great.

  222. This gave me too many FEELS ;A; I’m just Taemin biased though.
    honestly though, am I the only one who kind of laughed a little when he cried. I kept thinking “I bet they used eyedrops on him”
    Still very proud of Taemin and Boa for such a lovely MV.

  223. my poor Taeminnie! when he cried i cried! it hurt me to see him in pain. i was like nooooo Taemin don’t cry, it’ll be ok TT.TT
    i am determined for this to be reviewed by eyk! everyday i will be on here voting and spreading the word! who is with me?!?!?

  224. Taemin looks sooo…. not old…Mature !!! I really want them to review this MV because of BoA´s incredible song, the fact that her brother directed it (and did an amazing job) and because of how Taemin went from teenager with hair extensions to a really Manly Man in like half a year ?( his acting was also really good)

  225. I can’t choose which ending is better. Sad or Happy…

  226. this mv is so good and this is a really great song. i hope there will be dance ver with taemin. i wish this would get reviewed because this is the best mv by sm after such a looong time. like the go back to past ending.

  227. A kpop video with a story line!!

  228. Please do this for music monday! IT’S AMAZING XD

  229. I love this song so much. I heard it without watching it while doing homework and then watched it later and fell in love with it more I swear!

  230. This song is so pretty and both endings made me want to cry my eyes out… Good job BoA and co; y’all are awesome. If only SMe would allow their artists more freedom, we’d see more stuff like this XD

  231. I’m not an easy crying during MV’s but BoA got me this time and the song is perfection and the TaemBoa chemistry is magic <3

  232. This was so so beautiful ;;;3;;; I love seeing Taemin with Boa, they make such a great couple <3 I cried

  233. Can’t wait to see their take on this! FOR ONCE, SM gives a realistic video about love and heartbreak :)

    I know BoA’s brother directed it, so SM should get him to direct more videos!

    As for the song, BoA smashes it out of the park ONCE AGAIN!


  234. PunkyPrincess92

    BEAUTIFUL song and video!!!!! absolutely love it!!
    *sniff sniff* Taemin is all grown up!!!

  235. Vote Vote Vote…Hope EYK will do a BoA video…never see them review one of her before!!!
    Dont stop voting ;)

  236. This video is wonderful. There’s a storyline. BoA’s vocals are beautiful. And the two possible endings was a really good idea to make it more interesting, I reckon. I hope this can be reviewed for Music Mondays.

  237. An out-of-the-box SM video! And it has two endings… interesting, interesting! Taemin looks really mature here!

    • He does! I was really surprised about that. Then again I’m not really a Shinee fan so I don’t know whether it’s anything new for him. I think Boa and Taemin have an amazing chemistry between them in the video.

  238. It’d be good if Simon and Martina gets to review this, I reckon it’s going to be really fun:D

  239. This vid deserves to be reviewed! ><

  240. this is.. PERFECTION! taemins dancing with the queen of pop, does it mean taemins the king ? hehe

  241. this was a really really well made video. and taemin’s acting was impressive. i really liked boa’s composition! it’s so pretty~ and sad~ and beautiful~ ahhhh!! and omg boa’s brother is an amazing director!!! gotta it’s probably the best kpop music video i’ve ever seen!

  242. You do love Taemin, guise, we need no more reasons -w- ♥

  243. I like that song and video, but I really prefer Boa when she’s dancing. Some might say it’s because of the ballad vibe and stuff, but she did a dance version on Only One. I hope there will be a dance ver. to this song too.

  244. really love the works from the Kwon’s family If only BoA reveals that the piano is played by her oldest brother, then it’s completed LOL

  245. FranFOD

    I really hope this video gets reviewed. I’d love to see your thoughts on the option for 2 different endings. It hasn’t been done in any Kpop video that I’ve ever seen before.

    • I didn’t really understand the two endings. :/
      Can someone explain them to me?

      • You basically have the option to either reunite BoA and Taemin (“Go back to the past” – Taemin rectifies his mistake) or keep them separate (“Let time go by” – i.e., Taemin realizes the mistake he made and suffers without BoA). His mistake being that he doesn’t tell BoA he loves her and they grow cold and distant in their relationship. You can search for lyrics translations for more reference on this and form your own opinions! :)

  246. I love the two different ending options!!! I can’t remember a mv that has done something like this. That along with the change in scenery has made this my favorite SM mv EVER!!!

  247. the feels in this video are beyond comparable. FRICK. boa composed it. her brother directed it. taemin and his perfection. WHO CARES ABOUT THE 8 YEAR DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM.

    is it okay for me to be jealous ._.

    • FranFOD

      it’s actually only 7 years, but yeah, I agree.

    • Either BoA doesn’t look her age or the makeup artists did a number on Taemin. I did not recognize it was him (but then again, I’m not a big fan of SHINee, so XD) until people (read – angry fangirls) started saying it was him in the comments of the video.

    • I was quite jealous my dear. No worries.

    • i think the idontcaresevenororeight years age matter is the disturbance. the plot is really awesome and artsy, from drama-style mv like this.
      yeah, i’m jealous too.

    • I know- I totally loved the concept! The song is glorious and Taemin- holy …. omg, my feels right now. He looks great! WAH TAEMIN, ALL GROWN UP *SOB* AND HIS HAIR LORD SOMEONE HELP ME *faints* That aside- this song has been stuck in my head ALL day, and BoA is perfect~! So, she composes, sings, AND BURNS HOLES IN THE DANCE FLOOR? That is talent, man. TALENT.

      It’s okay- as long as I can be a little jealous too… ~_____~ I wish a guy would like me that much~~ *sob*

  248. i really hope you guys review this video!
    i mean seriously, its not SM’s usual box thing and their is a storyline, plus i want to see what you feel about the two alternate endings!

  249. Emilie

    I really want to know what you have to say about the alternate endings! It’s really interesting. :)

  250. Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen

    BoA is the best! Kwon family daebak!

  251. I LOVED this music video. Taemin is sooo good-looking and the story line was great also. I loved the two endings ^^ I always thought about it and asked myself why nobody did this and now BoA’s MV has two endings! I LOVE IIIITTT!

  252. I LOVE DISTURBANCE! I really hope this gets voted for Kpop Music Monday! <3

  253. Love the music video omg I really hope you guys review it <3<3