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BoA – Only One

  1. This was 7 months ago but I wished Simon and Martina will review past videos as well and review this or The Shadow T_T BoA deserves reviews for this song! ;A;

  2. Lazarusrising

    I hope the dance version will be considered as part of the whole review.

  3. Kanin Mungkarndee

    awesome dance and voice! 

  4. This video probably won’t get reviewed but I think it should get mentioned in some sort of way. The dance is AMAZING and the song is excellent. BoA even composed it herself! She really is a queen of music and I’m really enjoying her comeback. BoA is not old and she is not boring; she is different from all those Kpop “idols” and brings us something new. JU,PING BOA FOREVER!!!!!!

  5. I’m really surprised by how low this is on the list o.o BoA is the queen in so many Kpop fans’ hearts – she’s been in the industry for so long and everyone who actually knows anything knws BoA

  6. OMG please please please make a review about her and this song!
    seriously, she is the QUEEN OF KPOP. the powerful choreography, the great charisma … just please review this song and MV, pretty pleaaaase I’m begging youuu. T^T

  7. She totally deserves this! Just an amazing song and dance. I don’t normally like promo songs either so I hope this gets reviewed! Next will be GD! 

  8. BoA released a music video for The Shadow recently.  Since Only One wasn’t reviewed, we need to get The Shadow to win.

  9. pumpkin_spice

    please please please review this!!!!! BoA unnie deserves to have at least a special mention if not the whole review.  She is like one of the most influential kpop artists.  I mean she was the one who first got me into the whole Asian music movement back when I was in 4th grade along with Utada Hikaru.

  10. Ji Youn Moon

    보아 the shadow 도 정말 좋아요.. 컴백쇼 영상 올려주세요^^

  11. i like it. all of it..boa,the song, the dance and the backup dancers too..
    one of them kinda lokk like CNU(B1A4)..the guy wearing white shirt,glasses and has a ponytail.

  12. Simon and Martina, our kpop masters, oh please explain what is going on. IMPART YOUR KNOWLEDGE UPON YOUR READY SUBJECTS

  13. OMG… its on 7th..
    Hope Simon and Martina could review BOA’s next music video

  14. Jessica Baylor

    vote and share this video on facebook (be sure to use the link above her video) so she can be no. 1!!!!

  15. Let’s keep voting^^ Don’t give up! :)

  16. Kanin Mungkarndee

    this one for review please !

  17. i think it’s too late, but i really hope this still get reviewed…

  18. Jessica Baylor

    go BoA go!!!!

  19. I really like this song.. and the full album :)

  20. Hey Simon and Martina, just like in your review for 2NE1′s I love you promoting people to vote for Psy, why won’t you do the same for BoA?  

  21. herp derp

    *sigh* 7th place… I’ll be voting for her every day but it looks like BoA won’t be having a Music Monday. :(

  22. T_T Why is BoA on the 7th place
    i want to see simon and martina make this video

  23. jazminjhnsn

    even though the drama ver. of this video is pretty poop and makes little sense….i like it and want it to be reviewed and the dance ver. is 10000x better

  24. Myriah Sosa

    I really really hope she gets the review. With all the other groups, I’m glad people like Psy and BoA can still be popular as soloists.

  25. if they do review this song, i hope they review the dance ver mv, it’s much better than the drama vers….

  26. Michael P

    BoA <3 Queen of K-Pop!

  27. im still hoping this video would be reviewed…BoA fighting!! :) <3

  28. This video deserves to be reviewed >_<

  29. I think BoA should win, since she’s an artist for a long time and THIS SONG FRIKIN ROCKSSSSSSSS. Anyway, BoA Hwaiting! SMTOWN Hwaiting!

  30. Chiisako

    Really hoping this will be reviewed ! ><
    BoA <3

  31. Theorist

    go go boa. reviewing this is more worth it.

  32. もう日本に来ることはないのか?

  33. Wheeee GOGOGO BOA UNNIE! :D This MV is really worth reviewing, who would think that such a gentle song could have such an impactful dance :) BoA IS the Queen of K-pop without a doubt :) Even though I like other groups such as SHINee, FT Island etc, but BoA is my very, very favourite solo artist and in terms of talents also, I think BoA is the best, she has it all in her :) 

  34. “I hope, BoA, I shall not offend you if I state quite frankly and openly that you seem to me to be in every way the visible personification of absolute perfection.” – The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde, slightly altered by me. :)

  35. Well I voted for this video almost everyday…..but what I really want is, that the vote buttons on the eyk site get 4 pts instead of 2 pts. Not everybody has facebook or google account.
    Would gladly be happy if that could change a bit. Cause the votings on the eyk site counts more than on the social networks one. We visit the eyk everyday to vote, promoting it on Twitter, Facebook and Google is great. But the points to the voting section is what kinda upsets me.

    • fuuko4869

      Strange, just the other day people were asking me if the points for voting could be reduced, because they say it requires the least effort.
      Can’t please everyone *shrugs* But thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass it on. :)

  36. BoA is awesome, BoA is the QUEEN <3

  37. I hope that BoA will be chosen soon to reviewed!

  38. Unfortunately, the Drama Version has been blocked in the US for some reason… But I did get to see it before that happened. Personally, I love the Dance Version much better. Is it possible to switch which video appears on the KPop charts without deleting all the data and starting over? BoA really deserves to get at least ONE review on EYK. Especially this style. It’s so refreshing compared to all of the other things being put out and reviewed on EYK these days.

  39. C’mon, let’s put our girl on top~~

  40. Jessica Baylor

    let’s keep voting and commenting and sharing this video so we can get BoA to the top!!!

  41. This video really deserves to get reviewed ^^ the dance choregraphy is too awesome not to get a chance to be reviewed ><

  42. kpopwillneverstop

    I can’t tell you guys how much I’ve listened to this song let alone watch the MV (well, mainly the dance MV). Seems like this is the first time we actually see BoA promote herself (after all, she composed this song and one of her brothers is the director, Metaloz, of both versions of the MV). She is truly the diamond of the kpop industry and if it wasn’t for her, no korean idol would be able to make in Japan (Even DBSK had a hard time getting famous in Japan). Pls EYK, even if this doesn’t win, you guys gotta do something for BoA. Perhaps K-Pop Tribute Sundays for not just BoA, but older k-artists that have paved ways (like Seo Taiji and The Boys, 1tym, Leessang, Tiger JK & Yoon Mi Rae have helped bring in hip-hop, Fly to the Sky brung in R&B, Shinhwa established the multi-member groups).

  43. this is just epic! i really love this song! the drama video is a bit… strange and awkward to watch… i felt like cringing at some bits because it was just boring. but i liked the bubbles though. the dance mv though… NO WORDS TO EXPLAIN THIS AWESOMENESS! can i borrow some of BoA’s coordination here?

  44. I really want this to get reviewed/:

  45. Cecilia C

    This song just grows and grows on you. Her most recent live performance made me love this song even more!!

  46. We can get BoA to first place! Let’s go!

  47. C’mon BoA fans, we can do this! We can get our Queen of Kpop to No. 1 (Get it?)

  48. I really hope this gets reviewed! This is currently my favorite song! <3

  49. I really hope ‘Only one’ gets reviewed on music on mondays ><

  50. How come people aren’t voting for this?! Teen Top had many reviews before, BoA has none!

  51. How come aren’t people voting for this! Teen Top has had many reviews, BoA had none!

  52. wwwwwooooooooooo BBBBBOOOOAAAAAAAAA

  53. I loved the choreography for this video and I wish the drama version had more of that, yet the drama version is also amazing!!!

  54. BoA’s been on the charts for like 3 weeks now… can’t let Teen Top beat us >.<

  55. She’s the Queen! Come on, this song should be #1. Korean should be thankful that she decided to comeback to Kpop first. She can forgo Korea and goto Japan/US at anytime.

  56. i hope BoA get’s reviewed. >_<

  57. I hope BoA’s ‘Only one’ gets the chance to be reviewed on Music on Mondays

  58. I really hope BoA’s music video will be reviewed on EYK Music on Mondays ^^


  60. phlight

    BoA proved that she can be a very versatile artist with just this one song. Composing this song herself proves how much she has developed her musicality throughout these years, while pairing it with a complicated and meaningful interpretative dance proves that she’s still open and capable of doing other genres of dancing perfectly.

    It’s like watching an actual performance in So You Think You Can Dance—only this is a Kpop lyrical hiphop song—which is a fascinating feat.

  61. This song is amazingly beautiful and the dance is stunning <3 Go BoA! :D

  62. A good choreographed dance for a ballad, I love it! :D

  63. I hope she eventually gets reviewed…just wondering but are there any new releases next week? Boa will always have my vote!

  64. I really want BoA to win because you guys have never reviewed any of her songs! Teen Top can wait!

    • fuuko4869

      I really want her to win toooooooooooooo T_T She’s like my childhood role model, so pretty and talented, and it’s so hard to believe how young she still is – 3 years younger than Dara and Bom from 2NE1, to put it into perspective.
      Yea I know I’m a moderator and all but I’m biased and I know it!!! UGH!!!
      I think its last chance will be this week, if it somehow manages to rack up enough votes/shares/comments in spite of its decaying points due to age……

      Otherwise, we can wait for her next MV, which might be more up-beat and interesting and thus might convince more people to vote for it. Viva la BoA!!! (^o^)/

  65. Jessica Baylor

    keep voting!! we can do it!!

  66. Vicbunny

    after teen top, i hope only one will be reviewed!

  67. omg this is hopless :( i do wish BoA’s only one gets reviewd this week but teentop are winning >.<

  68. why this song has such few comment D:
    i love this song so much! and to me, BoA is the only one who dance so incredibly awesome to a not-so-fast-song! usually i find it awkward/weird when people dance to slow song, but BoA dance is just rawrsome! really hope this song gonna be review next week!
    fighting! :D

  69. Emily Le

    omg this is hard i want you guys to review everything!!
    but this song……….*MIND BLOWN*

  70. smtownsj

    Really hope BoA’s Only One will be Eat Your Kimchi’s first review of a BoA song.

  71. I hope this comeback has made people stop discounting her as a veteran and just see her as a current artist, she’s only 25, yeah she’s been around a long time in kpop, but she’s proven again and again that she has staying power and can contend with the grace, talent, and beauty of any debut-ees!

  72. hikaru1412

    Hm, after adding up all the points, BoA should be in first, at least if I added them up right. Why is she in second?

      • hikaru1412

        OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH, okay, now it makes sense. Didn’t know the part about the daily popularity thing. Cool that you have such a system set up. Though it makes me wonder if we have a new week and it makes a video first place because tons of people vote during that week cuz the video just got put up, but then the older videos who have been racking up votes for a while will always be less and below this video because of the difference in time of when it was placed on the chart. Doesn’t seem fair ONLY in that aspect, unless you can bring me more understanding. :D

        • fuuko4869

          Well….it’s just how the charts were designed; it’s made that way to give newer videos an advantage.
          If we used the system where the most votes wins, no matter how old it is – there are currently 13 unreviewed videos with more total votes than BoA, which means if BoA were to ever get reviewed, it would be 3 months from now – assuming that no other video manages to overtake it in the next 3 months (yeah right).
          By then, this video would be old and forgotten, and she might’ve released a newer song, but obviously there’d be no chance of reviewing that newer one until all the old ones are reviewed, which probably wouldn’t be for another 6 months – get what I’m saying? :S

  73. taeminoppasaranghae

    Oh so so close from a music monday! Come on Jumping BoAs and Souls!

  74. Ow, I think BoA’s Only One video will not be reviewed. So sad…

  75. Alyssa S

    I prefer the dance version, but i really hope to see this one reviewed! BoA is legendary!!

  76. Though it’s not one of those really remember-able hits with beats made for clubs and a really catchy chorus, this is a good song! I want to see BoA being reviewed in a Kpop Music Monday!!

  77. Seriously, this song is stuck in my head. It was even playing in my head when I was writing an entrance exam for college and the midterm exam in my school. Luckily, I wasn’t that distracted with the song. That’s how addicting this song is. LOL

  78. :D Please do a music monday on this! with the dance version or both!!!

  79. andrew benitez

    How do we get her back on top? keep voting everyone!

  80. mariolawpanda

    I love this song. I wish it gets reviewed.

  81. I am so in love with this song. It’s simple and good, but sticks in your head. It’s really really good.

  82. BoA you’re still my number one, only one!

  83. Come on guys, we can do it! Keep voting! :)

  84. She seems to be getting so much hate lately >.<
    I hope she gets reviewed and people actually see her talent before bashing her skills as an artist, dancer, and singer!

  85. BoA is the Queen of kpop!!! BoA Unnie fighting!!! s2

  86. Cassandra Mae

    Why is BoA not number one here? I would’ve thought the “Queen of Kpop” would get more votes than this /:

  87. diamond22

    All members of SMtown should be in EYK MMondays:) fighting!!^^

  88. A nice simple song that is easy to listen to with some nice choreo!

  89. Boa is finally back with a new single, and it would be amazing to make a review from the Queen of KPOP!

  90. I really admire how BoA can pull of a simple song in such beautiful way! The choreography on the other hand was really unexpected, yet I can’t stop replaying the dance video. I keep finding myself singing along to the song all the time now – its getting a little scary..


  92. i dont get BoA has most of the votes and yet still in 3rd place >=

  93. Aww She’s number 3. How does this ranking work anyway? Why is she suddenlt no. 3 when she has more points than teen top. Oh and for fans of teen top please give BoA a chance. Teen top can still be reviewed next week yes?

  94. I love her very much! She is the Queen of K-pop. No doubt.
    But I love the dance ver of MV.

  95. I want this MV to be reviewed!!!!!

  96. Angeline Juan

    She’s still in the top 3, guys & girls! Let’s keep on going strong, and maybe we will be able to reach #1!!! :D

  97. Alyssa Ong

    BoA hwaiting~! Only One hwaiting! You deserve to get reviewed!

  98. Please vote multiple times a day! And watch the dance version of this song too!

  99. Guys keep voting !!! I seriously want our Queen to get 1st place…Sad thing is that our fanbase is often smaller than idol groups =.=”
    Hwaiting BoA !!! Hope that she’s gonna win in music shows next weekend as well :)

  100. T.T no entiendo por q esta tercero este vídeo si tiene mas votos q el segundo.


  102. agnes lanza

    so who are the dancers

  103. Aren Kheel

    BoA’s a legend guys! Honot her by bumping her up! ♥

  104. Ah I hope this will be reviewed!

  105. BoA definitely deserves to be reviewed above the others this time. The song is simple, sweet and addicting to the core. Let’s go on BoA fans!

  106. Lets get BoA to no.1!! keep sharing the video it’s the best way to get the points up!!

  107. BoA is the best! Keep voting guys!

  108. Come on Jumping BoAs! I mean, it would be nice for EYK to talk about BoA for once.

  109. At this point, I don’t think BoA will be able to score up to No. 1 or
    receive a Kpopmonday review from them. Teen Top just took second and
    well this song is without gag/ electro pop/ and is not a group.

    I should of been realistic about her fanbase and that she could of
    easily fluctuated out of spot no 2. I guess the closest she’ll ever get
    to a review from them is a kpop cocktail crunch mention which they have
    done for her before (eat you up). Man, I really wanted Martina to say
    something about her in a wondrous long segment consisting of more than a
    minute. :/

  110. Dyania ハナーフィ

    beast is gonna be reviewed this coming monday. hope BoA can hold on until the next week cos Teen Top is just behind us!! I REALLY REALLY WANT THIS TO BE REVIEWED! IN ALL ITS AWESOMENESS GLORY!!! come on its BoA for goodness sake! VOTE EVERYDAY GUISE! I KNOW I AM!

  111. It would be nice to see this reviewed by Simon and Martina. I’ve been in love with BoA since I was young. Whenever I want to get away from the mainstream modern KPOP songs, I always turn to BoA (even her JPOP songs are awesome). Hope Simon and Martina make comments on both the Dance Video and Drama Video.

  112. andrew benitez

    I was very pleased that she sang live on MCountdown. Now I cant wait for Simon and Martina to take on “The dance” for this!

  113. Oh please win!! Boa just needs one more spot to be on the top! I’m also curious about Simon and Martina’s opinion about the dance version :)

  114. BoA is the best dancer! She should have her MV reviewed!

  115. I cannot stop watching the video and replaying the song on my iPod!

  116. Peter Chu

    I really hope we can vote this to the top spot! I think KMM can help everyone appreciate BoA and her hard work and contributions to the world of kpop. Also, I want to hear Simon and Martina’s comments on the two videos!

  117. Keep Voting on BoA And It will be reviewed! Hwaiting! We’re number 2 now!! :D

  118. Nancy Lu

    Only one.. /
    Only you!

  119. BoA is the only artist that I’ve followed for so long (2004) and the first kpop artist I listened to. Even though I like a lot of other groups and artists now, every time I see her perform or sing, it just makes me think “this is why I like her so much and she’s always the best to me”.

  120. Jennifer Le

    really want BoA to win (:

  121. I really hope this makes it!! this song is really beautiful!!!!

  122. Anyone new to this page please watch the dance version as well. The dance version will make you fall in love with this song. I promise!

  123. Teen Top is coming up fast and they have a big fan base here on EYK. Don’t think BoA can hold on until next week (since Batoost obviously has this one coming up). But it is nice to see that she does have some fans posting here. Look at her Youtube view count!! She is still a star!

  124. Here to support BoA! I am a big fan of BATOOST but I like BoA more. :D

  125. Mr.Kimchi

    the dance version is fantastic baby

  126. Hm, BoA is currently at number two. If we continue to vote for her, after B2ST, it will be BoA, right? Keep voting guys!

  127. taeminoppasaranghae

    Oh i hope this gets reviewed, she deserves it!

  128. 別れの曲かと思っていたら、違った??かな。でも落ち着いたいいメロディでした。

  129. This song <3 <3 <3 <3 Oh… my…GOD!!! I absolutely love love love love this song. I mean at first I was like ehh to the beginning then once it started playing I loveed it :D

  130. Que lindo tema! Hermoso! Estaría bueno que lo hagan en Music Mondays. Pero después de B2ST ^___^

  131. I agree on all points! My very first K-pop artist was BoA also!! Let’s give BoA lots of love and help her be recognize by the more recent fans of K-pop! ^^

  132. Angeline Juan

    In case anyone is interested in her singing LIVE and dancing LIVE [with Eunhyuk], here is the link:

    Definitely had to re-watch a couple of times… she really is singing! :D

  133. eunyuluv

    Queen of kpop is back!! this song just keeps growing on me….and now i loveee it :)

  134. She’s almost there! I hope she gets the recognition she deserves! Boa is such an awesome dancer and singer! So two more spots to go……Also, the couple dance part is HOT (especially if the other dancer is Yunho :] )

    • JenniferSakraida

      The good news (sorry Nuest fans) the Action video is kind-of old, so it might loose it’s rank soon. But I doubt BoA will make it past B2ST. You hear me BoA fans, I don’t think you can do it…. vote and prove me wrong… or something.

  135. qwertyboy123

    The queen is back!

  136. Come on, Jumpings! Let’s put the queen on top!!

  137. WE’RE ALMOST THERE!!! Let’s vote the Queen of K-Pop to #1 I’m a b2uty, don’t get me wrong i love the B2st boys, but I was a Jumping BoA first, so she gets my vote overall!

  138. i think although boa’s song dont make it to kpop music monday, it should’ve been given special mention, like in kcrunch cocktail….. omg how i miss kcrunch cocktail….

  139. mojamoja

    I’m hoping this will get reviewed after batoost :(

  140. lokifairy

    Boa!! I hope this will be reviewed!!

  141. The QUEEN OF KPOP is Back! she deserves a review!

  142. Great Song, i really want you guys to review it :D

  143. BoA… :D..Please I want this to be reviewed, BADLY :<.. Go BoA! :D

  144. Really amazing video by an amazing artist. Really hoping Simon & Martina get to review it.

  145. man one of the best things ive seen in kpop this is amazing !

  146. BoA + Nappy Tabs Choreo = Amazing Comeback <3

  147. devina indargo

    BOAAAAA…..I really loooovveeedd her new album, especially Only One, it brings back old memories. BoA is the first singer who makes me fell in love with Korean songs, she’s a Queen of Kpop, no doubt about it ^^

  148. I’m like addicted to this song !!!!! It’s replaying and replaying and REPLAYING!!! When I first heard it, it was “ehh…” And now it’s like “WOAHHHH!!!” especially with the dance version too O.O

  149. i really want this to be reviewed!! the song and the mv are both amazing! and ofcourse the queen of kpop is flawless as always♥ and did you see that it was Simon&Martina’s wallpaper on their laptop in the latest Music Mondays?:DDD

  150. I’m going to cry if this doesn’t get reviewed.

  151. I really love Nu’est and I want them to be reviewed, but this song is amazing and I owe my interest in kpop to this girl.

  152. BoA deserves to win! How could Nu’Est? They’re a rookie group! BoA is the queen! Come on, this is BoA’s first comeback in 2 years. She deserves to get reviewed. Nu’Est will probably have other comebacks, but BoA might not in the coming years. Please vote more for her!

  153. Love Boa.
    We need to get her on top so she can be reviewd * A*

  154. yeni tio

    I wasn’t into KPop when BoA first debuted, but I know of her because her name was huge despite being inactive domestically. I felt that Hurricane Venus didn’t do her enough justice since it was a very long awaited comeback. But this one, OMG! I couldn’t stop replaying (and refreshing to help add her view counts)! Unlike the now very common autotuned songs idol groups showcase, this song proves to be very refreshing. Somehow, it is very addictive too and it’s stuck in my head for quite some time. The choreography has quite a heavy emphasis on the hips and legs with controlled power. As a dancer, I would just like to point out that it is really hard to control the amount of strength you put in body parts. For example, it will be easier to throw out a baseball with full strength than to control it and throw at a fixed 70%. (oops sorry I could carried away) So BoA really did a very very good job as you can see that the dance moves are very precise and coordinated. Really wish she can get the recognition she deserves in this race against other idol groups.

    • JenniferSakraida

      I agree. I love this song. I think it works so well because it is so different from what has been going on in Kpop. I like it, but I get do get over “autotuned.” This song makes me think of BoA’s Japanese releases. Very simple, and elegant. Plus this dance is AMAZING!

  155. she disappears into bubbles like the little mermaid at the end. ㅜ_ㅜ

  156. the queen is back!! ^.^ really like this song, this mv and the dance!!

  157. andrew benitez

    keep voting for BoA! I would love for them to review her videos!

  158. simpleandclean99

    I really love this song! i really wish this can get reviewed! it so pretty!!!

  159. Cecelia Xu

    omgg, i loveeee boa!! this song is just really great with the dance ver

  160. The first time I listened to BoA was when in 2005 or 2006 when her korean music video and single “Key of Heart” came out. I’ve been a fan of her ever since then, and even now 7 years later, I’m still proud to be called one of her fans. She has grown so much as an artist, performer, musician, and over all as a person as well. She’s so talented and even after all those years as an artist, she still manages to remain humble and down to earth. This single reminds me a lot of her old music. The melody is very pleasant, soothing to the ear and the choreography is just smashing! I love most of the songs on her new album as well, and it’s just very sad and regretful that it seems like she’s not getting nearly enough attention and credits as she deserves. But regardless of whatever happens, she will always be the queen of K-pop to me, and NO ONE, will be able to replace her, nor would they dream of accomplishing even half of what she did for the k-pop industry or the Hallyu wave. PERIOD. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN.

  161. BoAさんも24歳ですか。大学で言えば卒業ですね。でも元気そうで何よりです。^^

  162. BoA Jjang!!!! I hope gets to be reviewed after Batooost! It’s still possible right?

  163. I am usually bored by the dances in most kpop video’s, but in the case of this mv the dance was my fav part.

  164. I hope Boa gets reviewed this week or next week! She’s such an awesome dancer and singer! By being reviewed, alot more people (new to kpop) will be able to see her talent!

  165. Boa! Boa! Boa! jajajajaja! I would really like it if this song would be reviewed :)

  166. I just watched the video with the english translation and it is so amazing that she wrote this! Great lyrics! Thanks EYK for turning me onto BoA

  167. Holly Tan

    Althought I liked her newest style of upbeat, hip-hop-y, and dance-y songs, I’m glad she came back to a song like this. It really reminds me of her back in the day :P

  168. such a perfect song with such a perfect dance and singer is pure bliss! <333

  169. New kpoppers need to learn to respect BoA. This k-pop boom is definitely because of hers!

  170. michiehaha87

    This should definitely be in the top 3 at least!! BoA has surprised us with a very clean dance and am amazing song! and like someone else said, for the SM choreographer to take part in the video too, must be a big thing! – lets make it a Music Monday review people! :D

  171. Honestly speaking, when BoA first released this song for her comeback I thought it was a bit to simple and plain. But now I´m regretting thinking so, cause the song has stuck on my head and I can´t stop replying the song. There´s nothing really catchy or flashy about this song, but it´s just the simple yet beautiful melody complimented with BoA´s sweet and tender voice that makes the song beautiful.

    The dancing in the dance MV is so amazing and so good. BoA is really admirable, and I realized you don´t need flashy clothes, sexy or provocating dances, or showing skins to draw attention. Just simply good songs, determination and powerful yet clean dances is enough. BoA´s comeback was a classy and good comeback.

    I really wish this could get reviewed for KMM, then maybe younger kpop fans can get to know more about BoA the Queen of Kpop. Cause without BoA I doubt kpop would be as it is today.

  172. I really hope her MV gets reviewed! I love this song!<3

  173. pumpkin_spice

    the queen needs to get a kpop review!!!!! I’m forever jumping for BoA!!! :D <3

  174. I dont know if you can add links (so I didnt) but there is a video on Youtube of a performance of this song (dance) and BOA is dancing with Taemin.

    • fuuko4869

      you can add links as long as they’re relevant to the artist/video :)

    • Angeline Juan

      She also did the dance with Yunho… and it was just announced that Eunhyuk will be her partner as well.

      • i saw that. They looked so good together. Love Yunho when he is not all glammed out and is just himself…

        • Angeline Juan

          Both dances were great – I’m more preferential to emotional dancing, so Yunho wins hands-down. The dance with Taemin, however, was smooth… very, very smooth–I think the dance style fits the choreography better? It makes me wonder how the dance with Eunhyuk will be like, because he and BoA seem to act awkwardly around each other, hehe.

        • lokifairy

          yunho is soo tall haha XD Yunho’s & BoA’s dance had more emotion but Taemin’s and BoA’s dance was great and Taemin is also not so tall like Yunho. It looked better :) & Taemin and Boa will dance again. They pre-recorded it :) Well I think Eunhyuk dance will be great too ’cause if he start to dance than he is a dancer and he will forget everything else :) *my english sucks again sorry*

  175. Yeah we are a number 4. I dont know if we will ever make it to number one but its nice to know that this video has gotten this far!

  176. Olivia Lin

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!!! You guys have always said that you wanted to review BoA, and this is her best single yet!!! PLEASE REVIEW!!! <3 BoA FIGHTING!

  177. Patrick Oldeman

    loving this

  178. kr somnium

    THIS HAS TO BE REVIEWED!! Come on, Jumping BoA!!
    I’m soooooooooooo glad that I can listen her new song.

  179. Fuad Mustaqim

    Go go Boa go, let’s dominate k-pop one more time (^o^)/
    #I wish to see Boa collaborated with my 9 angels in this song :D

  180. Fuad Mustaqim

    Go go Boa go, let’s dominate k-pop one more time (^o^)/
    #I wish to see Boa collaborate with my 9 angel in this song, that will be awesome :D

  181. I really want this video to get reviewed, both this and the dance version. They’re both truely great, and BoA IS the goddess of k-pop!!

    Don’t mean to sound harsh but Nu’est and Wooyoung’s songs will get kicked off the charts soon anyway cos they’ve been around for about a month so hopefully that’ll help a bit. But we really should GET VOTING~

  182. Tasha Swinney


  183. cassieve

    BoA was one of the first kpop artist I started listening to and is one of the few my non-kpop friends are happy to listen to. She is an amazing artist that stands outside of the mold. Loving the new song and dance <3

  184. Tiffany

    Jumping Boas!! Lets try to get this to Music Mondays!!

  185. andrew benitez

    I cant wait to see the full performance from her. I love the dance version

  186. Sonia St-Germain

    I like Boa I am not sure I like the video though it’s just… cliche a lot

  187. Let’s keep voting so it gets reviewed, guys!

  188. I really really really want BoA to win!! The queen is back people!

  189. Youme Gim

    Seriously cool dancing… You must review. LOL I’m just commenting to vote.

  190. O.o I could have sworn I made a comment here like an hour ago but now I don’t see it. Did I accidentally get mistaken for spam? Just stated that I liked the dance version.

    • I see your comment about the dance version.

    • fuuko4869

      No, it wasn’t marked as spam, although the Disqus spam-bot does accidentally delete comments sometimes.
      I’ve noticed that Disqus doesn’t always show ALL the comments when I access it from this page (the video’s comments), but I can see all of them from the moderator page. Strange. It’s as if Disqus can’t load all of its comments on one page if there’s too many of them. I’ll look into it.

  191. Wow, I really like the dance version.

  192. Happy to see Boa mentioned on the Kpop Charts update list.

  193. The choreography is amazing :D~
    this is the real BoA~

  194. im glad that the comments section here is different from other videos where fans just write the name of the idols hundreds of times :) YEHEY for BoA and her awesome fans :D

  195. This video and this song just need to be reviewed :) Boa <3

  196. Leina Grace

    I’m so happy to see BoA up on the charts!

  197. so kind of boring except for when BoA explodes into BUBBLES! Also, who is this handsome young man in the video?

    And yes, BoA totally kills it in the dance version

  198. This video really blew me away and it’s my favorite video in a really long time, so I hope it gets reviewed! Everything about the dance version is just perfect. The clothes and background is simple yet nice, and the choreography is just fantastic and so is the dancing. It’s so, so, so synchronized and powerful – definitely better than most groups out now, girls or guys. I suppose it’s because they use professional dancers + BoA :DD especially the couple dance in the middle! Awesome choreo :D it really brings BoA back to the scene finally, yay!

  199. BoA Comeback! queen of kpop is here (y)

  200. i want this reviewed too more comments just keep talking about her tell your friends

  201. Alyssa Ong

    I really really want this to get reviewed!

  202. notice syper junior sistar fx miss a tara big band 2ne1 any yg artist wonder girls some of jyp are excluded from that smtown your on notice box videos and not sexy video not cool

  203. kpop has some draw back with too many guy and girl groups and over sexy oh wait not sexy artist see any gna video but boa a real rtist

  204. i though that because i only ever heard them sing jpop songs

  205. boa and youhna are two artist i never knew untill later were kpop artist i thought they were jpop artist

  206. i wonder why hammer pants in the dance video come back in korea

  207. i hate the guy in the drama version fashion king sucked like shinning heritance

  208. i really wish the dance version was the offical

  209. boa toured all over united states to promote her english album you know united consist of more then two cites

  210. i really wish korean groups toured like boa

  211. boa has a great english album similar to this album

  212. Love this song. Can’t get enough of it.

  213. andrew benitez

    BoA live! The dance is amazing!

  214. Love BoA :D I used to listen to her all the time when I was about 13.. that was like 8 years ago LOL. I thought she was Japanese for a really long time too haha.

  215. A beautiful song, but the embedded adds just drive me crazy. >.< Hope SM will get rid of them with time, it just disturbs the watching of the M/V.

  216. I like this song it seems so soothing like a lullaby.

  217. fuuko4869

    Sorry we can only embed one video at a time, and we usually use the drama version;
    But here’s the dance version for those who want to watch it again:

  218. This video has more views on Youtube than any of the other views above it (except for PSY) here on the charts. But I guess her fans don’t know that much about EYK. But if EYK did a review on her, alot of her fans would come over here.

  219. change this back to the dance version!!!!! lol <3 BoA

  220. JenniferSakraida

    Yeah. I remember BoA and Baby V.O.X being the top artists from Korea for me. XD I’m voting for this since it is so different (FINALLY) I think Simon and Martina new things other than super hot boys singing and dancing in rooms.

    I am not a HUGE fan of the video- are they going to combine the drama version with the dance version and doing some weird new video tease?

  221. BoA song is so much different from the other songs coming out now. It’s like returning to the beginning, but with a modern flair. The dance is amazing and so is the song. Please review it!!!!

  222. andrew benitez

    I cant wait for her live performances!

  223. Come on everyone! KEEP ON VOTING!!

  224. To be honest I dont know if I would have liked this song as much if I had seen the drama version first. But after watching the dance version so many times I got to really like the song.

  225. dalzomb

    I like the dance version better. I usually dont like girl dances cuz I find them boring but I thought her dancing was really good. I had never paid attention to BoA until I saw her at SM Town LA ’12 and she looked like a really cool person.

  226. emotiveinstinct

    This deserves a review ! Queen of KPOP, and c’mon they’ve barely reviewed anything about BoA. She’s worked so hard. Her album is actually really good also ! I highly recommend people to get it. It’s such a beautiful album.

  227. Desiree Wilson

    love BoA…. Love Go Ah In

  228. I hope SM mention this in their kpop chart update. Both videos…..

  229. Finally some quality music in Kpop.. I’ve been into Kpop for years now and I havn’t heard anything like this one. BoA is definitely the queen. She knows what she is doing and I know that she has put alot of effort and true feelings for this song.

  230. BoA is amazing! She shows her awesome acting skills in this showing why she is the queen of KPOP!

  231. beautiful song, dance, singer + diversity in the backgrounddancers. Two more words, love it.

  232. Bad ass dancer. Seriously awesome. Hope she gets reviewed.

  233. I really wish Only One can get reviewed! BoA has like never been reviewed by EYK! :(

  234. I really want EYK to review BoA’s MV! She deserves so much more credit than what she gets from new kpop fans. Not only is this song refreshing from all the electo, dance songs coming out, but it was also written by BoA herself!! To top it all off, the choreography for this song is absolutely amazing! There is a reason why BoA is the queen of kpop. She is such an amazing artist and despite all the accomplishments she has already made, she still continues to grow as an artist. BoA is still my NO.1, my only one. <3

  235. plz review the vid + dance totally deserve it!

  236. I was really surprised at how much I ended up loving this song. I didn’t like hurricane venus or copy and paste because it made her look really old. I mean she’s only 25, a little bit older than SNSD’s Taeyeon. but yea the song is totally awesome, the dance is even better! No wonder everyone calls her the original dancing queen! I hope that she gets are review because I would to hear simon and martina’s thoughts on BoA and her successes. BoA untie hwaiting!!!! ^_^

  237. lavenderzebra

    The choreography in the dance mv is REALLY good, and unique too! If this gets reviewed, I hope the dance version is talked about as well.

  238. I’m really impressed with BoA! Not only is her dancing top notch (lol what’s new?) but this is also a song she composed herself. It’s not something you usually see. How awesome is she? Can’t wait for her live performance. I’d really like to see what Simon and Martina have to say about Only One

  239. Tiffany

    yayy!! lets make this go on music mondays

  240. Ninjaraj

    I think it’s funny how BoA just released the song “Only One”, and J.Y. Park came out with “You’re the One”. Similar idea, but different takes on the same theme.

  241. Are they going to review both MVs if they do her review? I loved the drama version but it was way too depressing for me especially understanding the lyric translation and small details. The Dance Version is just as powerful, I guess you could say they both offer something great.

  242. i’d really like this video! and the dance version too with BoA flawless dancing skill!

  243. I hope the drama version will push her higher in the charts.

  244. this has to be reviewed! this is what you call a dance ver. MV.
    but im confused the video posted is the drama ver. but the views counter showed is for the dance ver. ???

    by d way, i have not over u on replay.

  245. Only One really describe love in real life. Everyone has their special person in their heart :(

  246. harubyday

    GUYS!! VOTE SHE WENT UP TO number 9


    If you guys don’t review this video, at least talk about its wonderful, superawesomeamazing dance. BoA IS BACK PEOPLE. BOW KPOP CITIZENS, FOR THE QUEEN HAS RETURNED.

    She’s also not doing the typical SM video anyway, so you guys have things to talk about, yes? XD


  248. Looks like SM transfered the votes to the drama version from the dance version. Although I like the dance version better, I still like the song and will continue to vote. At least we are on the first page now.

  249. Woo go BoA! Come on make it a solo artist two weeks in a row! This week the amazing PSY, next week BoA!

  250. I’ve been BoA’s fan for soooo long (almost a decade?). I hope she gets the recognition she deserves as a veteran singer and an awesome dancer!

  251. After watching the drama version… don’t you hate it when you have a whole speech/scenario figured out in your mind, you know exactly what you’re going to say and do, and then when the time comes nothing goes the way you planned… sigh… but I’m sure that didn’t happen to BoA… she’s too tough for that ^___^

  252. andrew benitez

    Im very excited for her return!

  253. Man do I love this new come back, the song and choreo are in absolute harmony with one another and BoA is making her return to the kpop scene in illustrious fashion. I really hope that you guys do at least something for this vid. i know the fangirls have the say here but I think this kind of masterpiece definitely needs recognition.

  254. I seriously really admire Boa’s dancing skills. I loved her in eat you up the most <3 I think she pulls off the choreography really well. Even though I think the dance is a bit too hard hitting for this song, I still think it is really cool and unique :)

  255. wthouse

    I’m surprised they didn’t put the drama ver here. Whoever choreographed this is really smart—making the dance really flow nicely with the song, despite the song being ‘slow’ as compared to a typical dance song, and perhaps not as upbeat. And not to mention the emotion in the small movements of the dance.

    And it’s always nice to see Queen BoA dance :) I’m glad she still keeps her roots in the choreo. And I love her voice in this song.

  256. I really hope this gets noticed by Simon and Martina. They will surely love this.

  257. cassieve

    The Queen is back <3

  258. I adore Boa.. and I love this song! It shows a really soft side of her, as opposed to Hurricane Venus and Cut and Paste!
    I really hope that this song gets reviewed :)

  259. BoA when she debuted with her song “Eat You Up” got me interested. and then after that I looked back at her other stuff.

  260. all I gotta say is i felt more of the emotion of the song from the choreo than the dramatic version. but the song was awesome either way. let’s get this to #1

  261. BoA is THE Queen of Kpop. This song is a nice step away from all the flashy and loud productions from SM as of late. It’s fairly simple, and the choreography by NappyTabs is awesome!

  262. BoA is my alltime favorite singer..! This music video made me very happy; it shows that she hasn’t lost her touch through the years.

  263. And now the drama version is out!

    It’s ok to post links as long as they are relevant :) ~ Mod

  264. Pikachen

    The drama version just came out!

  265. It’s tough since I don’t know if we’ll be able to compete with boy groups or groups in general. . . :/ But I really wanted to see what they had to say about this since 1) they have never done a review for BoA and the said the wish they could 2) look at that BoA action right there 3) it’s not completely SM typical. Heck if they even mentioned it in one of their crunch cocktail lists, that would be awesome.

  266. keep on voting and commenting! we have to win!!! for BoA!!!!!!!!!

  267. Angeline Juan


  268. kr somnium

    Finally we’re on first page!! :-D

  269. BoA is BACK!! Awesome choreography!!

  270. well we are at number 12….. still on second page but with a few more votes we can move to the first page :-)

  271. i think the video deserves at least some special mention if it doesnt get a full review, just cause of the epic dance and BoA’s composing skills. And BoA is a queen.
    Check that, BoA is THE Queen!
    I’m voting hardcore for Beast right now but I really really really loved both the video and the song, and I was once a Jumping Boa anyways, so it brings back old memories :’) She keeps growing even more as an artist, I wish she received much more credit – some stupid new fans keep calling her “old” and “boring” and yet I haven’t seen such simple but quality dancing from leading “idols” in a loooooong time…
    BoA is still the one and only untouchable Queen of kpop, don’t you forget that!

  272. BoA is The Best …. I <3 U BoA Go Go Go to THe Top

  273. plz review! the dance for this is so cool and i think you guys would hve a great time reviewing it!

  274. Kevin Berry

    I would really love to see you guys reviewing her because I feel like solo artists in Korea don’t get the recognition they deserve. Not to mention she is the undisputed queen of Kpop and you haven’t done any reviews for her. :(

  275. with almost 2million views in 2 days, i really think this video deserves to be reviewed! Come on Jumping BoAs! even if it doesn’t get reviewed, we can try our hardest to get it there! BoA FIGHTING!

  276. This song is AMAZING! I’m glad you put up the dance video instead of waiting (forever) for the drama version (even if it does have Yoo Ah In). I also love that the dancing itself is so energetic even though the song itself is sweet and kind of slow. It could be jarring but BoA makes it work for her.

  277. kr somnium

    did you know? she compose&wrote this song!! she’s a great singer, also a great musician

  278. fuuko4869

    Whenever I see the thumbnail, I can’t help looking at the non-asian dude on BoA’s right.
    He kind of reminds me of Sean Evaristo (Big Bang’s choreographer).

    Btw, I’ve only heard this song a couple of times, but I often catch myself humming to it. Just shows. It’s pretty good. :)

  279. dothrakiwomanwarrior

    Great song, and Hey! Proof that SM is capable of doing a music video outside of a box with a storyline that actually makes sense! Exciting! I’d love a review of this, and I’m so glad BoA’s back!

  280. I have to say, that this is one of the best dance videos in an oddly lit room ever. The drama version is coming out soon though. So I wonder whether eatyourkimchi will review this video or the other one??? and also, this is the most multicultural group of backup dancers so far!

  281. simpleandclean99

    i wish this could win but it doens’t look like it TT_TT BoA fighting!!!

  282. The Queen of K-pop is back~! BoA unnie jjang!

  283. BoA comeback to remind kpop Idols that she is still the Queen and that she needs to be remembered as the one who pioneered kpop in the world….

  284. taeminoppasaranghae

    Jumping BoAs and Soul vote for our Queen of KPop XD !

  285. Only BoA can have great choreographers as her back up dancers…. that just shows that she is indeed Queen of dance floor and Kpop… i’ve seen a lot of hollywood singers great dancing but BoA dance is so smooth, effortless and natural….and her voice is really a beat of an angel…

  286. the Only One Queen is Back BoA kwon ♥♥

  287. Leina Grace

    BoA was the first K-pop artist I was introduced to, so I have a bias toward her. She opened the door to the wonders of K-pop for me! :D

  288. Leina Grace

    I’m soooooo happy BoA is back! This was the sound that made me fall in love with her to begin with!

  289. I have LOVED BoA since I first heard her one of the ending themes to Inuyasha, she was the first asian artist that i heard for the first time and then got hooked onto. and it still amazes me that she’s my age lol

  290. awesome.can’t stop watching this.BoA is the best <3

  291. BoA was also the 1st kpop artist I was introduced to.
    She was the one who successfully won me over to kpop.

  292. I’ve waited so long to watch her dance like this again. I kept rewatching No.1, Amazing Kiss, Atlantis Princess…all the old days videos and performances for her top notch dancing…and finally it’s back!!

  293. I love it! Reminds me of the No.1 days. I love how she’s still so slick with her dance. I love the locking, popping, tutting…etc. The choreo is just filled with awesomeness!

  294. keep on voting people!!! we need more votes!!

  295. turtletyper

    BoA ♥♥♥ amazing as always!

  296. kr somnium

    i want to see EYK review so much………
    it has to be reviewed! must be reviewed!

  297. kr somnium

    i love it! oh my….

  298. come on people! dont slack off! keep on voting, commenting and sharing so our perfect queen can win!

  299. BoA is awesomeness. Plain and simple. She was the first artist that I listened to in kpop, and I’ve followed her ever since and always loved her music.
    Her American album remains one of my favourites! So many awesome songs, it’s a shame she wasn’t a bigger hit there.
    Unfortunately Simon and Martina don’t seem to know about the Queen, and the EYK fan base doesn’t seem to have many BoA fans…. but I still hope this song gets reviewed!


  301. I love BoA’s comeback song. I’ve been supporting her for about 7 years now and I know chances are slim that she will be reviewed on EYK, but I am going to do all that I can to see her get close to the top.

  302. BoA, damn she blew me away with this song. I have this on replay. The dance is amazing, and the drama version! NO MORE BOX SM!

  303. THE QUEEN OF K-POP IS FINALLY BAAAACK ♥ Jumping BoA’s No.1, our Only One, she never fails to amaze us. I have no idea how she made such awesome choreography work with this kind of song, but she did it and she did it marvelously!

    All her back-up dancers are famous choreographers; the blonde one with the glasses is actually Shim Jaewon, SM’s performance director. AND SHE STILL SHINES AMONG THEM. Just wow.

    (one of the back-up dancers looks a bit like Seungri or is it just me…)

    More k-poppers need to know of her awesomeness, seriously. I really, really, hope this gets reviewed^^ Maybe after Batoost/BAP?

  304. I think I’ve already watched this video around 20 times. LOVE IT.

  305. OH MY GAWD!!!! i have been waiting for BoA unnie’s comeback since i heard about it in April!!!!! She has come back, and stronger than ever! the choreography is fantastic, AND she wrote and composed this song HERSELF!!!! she is amazing, no wonder she is THE QUEEN OF K-POP!!!!! BoA FIGHTING!!!!

  306. yay BoA!!!!! she is so awesome in this!

  307. BoA deserves the respect of every single k-popper around the world!

  308. Goblinchild

    =sways= I wish I could dance like she does…………=dreams=

  309. emily629ny

    The Queen of Kpop is back with an amazing song! The choreo is OUTSTANDING, the hardest stuff I have seen from an artist, even SM artists, who usually have outstanding and very hard choreographies, in a LONG TIME. The DRAMA VERSION OF THE MUSIC VIDEO IS ALSO OUT!

  310. kr somnium

    no more to say. it’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  311. I really hope she gets reviewed! She’s definitely my favorite singer+dancer in kpop!

  312. This video is just sooooo freakin’ awesome! The song, the moves… Boa proves that she can still be in the game with all the new groups that’s popping out now. The Queen of Kpop came back to take her throne, yo!! Boa jjang!^^

    Vote, people. VOTE! :)

  313. Keep voting!! I would love to see BoA get reviewed on KMM.

  314. BoA, I love you since I was 11. Now I’m 20 and I’ll always support&love you ♥ You worked hard, we know. And we’re really thankful for your hard work, because you bring us again a PERFECT SONG and a PERFECT CHOREO ♥
    BoA Jjang, you’re still my #1 ♥ You’re the Only One ♥
    Love from a Brazilian fan ♥

  315. Awesome!! BoA is soooo awesome. from the concept to the moves, everything is just perfect!!
    really really love it <#

    the review of this MV is a MUST xDD

  316. That is so true. I don’t think she’ll make it on EYK, but that’s okay, she’s still super awesome!

  317. I love her songs, dancing and style. I like the fact that she’s an awesome dancer and dances with so many guys from all nationalities. I found out about her via anime, Every Heart on the Inuyasha soundtrack. I thought she was Japanese, but didn’t look into it much then. I recently stumbled across her songs starting with Energetic and found more songs by her. She is TOTALLY amazing! This song is so refreshing. Love BoA!!!

  318. This seriously needs to be reviewed. IT’S TOO AWESOME. From the dance to her beauty.

  319. Anton Stark

    BoA is Back! This song is sooo good!
    I like this MV as well, no dimly lit rooms and it really shows BoAs dancing skills.


  321. calea2011

    Yeah I’ve been waiting for the actual Music Video, but the Dance Version is pretty epic too

  322. Corina Cudebec

    BoAjjang! I really would love to see Simon and Martina review this even though they aren’t ones for slower paces music. The dancing is amazing and the song is beautiful.

  323. she deserves all the votes! SHE IS THE ULTIMATE QUEEN OF KPOP!

  324. i love her!! i been her fan seens little
    and iam still her fan now this will never
    change. i love u BoA

  325. She’s the queen of K-pop and that alone should be enough reason for you guys to review her new MV! <3

  326. scarletttrish

    Yay, the Queen is back with an amazing song! :D

  327. fuuko4869

    I started listening to BoA back in high school, and only because I thought she was Japanese…. :p

    Ahem. In other news: Just a short notice in regards to the comments, please refrain from making short/generic comments such as ‘BoA <3' or 'Vote vote vote!!' It gets tiring for other fans as well :) There's so many great things to talk about in this MV, so go for it!! ^^b

  328. so yeah…. freaking awesome song. not the typical electro kpop i’m used to hearing. great change of pace in terms of music. love the dancing. OBV BoA is awesome singer and dancer. we need to vote this video

  329. aSHINeeKEY

    Yayyyy BoA, the Queen of Kpop, is back!!!!!!
    I’m in love with the song, the choreography, and just everything about BoA and this video♥


  331. subduedobsession

    I really love this song and find the video really refreshing from SM!
    I can’t wait for the live performances~
    The Queen is back!!

  332. Even SM’s Perfomance Director dance as her backup dancer

  333. Though the chance of BoA’s video getting reviewed may be slim with all those boy groups competing as well, I still have hope! Go BoA! BEST COMEBACK

  334. I love this dance version better!

  335. her dance and song cannot get any better!!!

  336. harubyday

    Let’s get this to the top!!

  337. Yay!! Finally!!
    Really love this song.
    Yoo Ah In looks really hot here!!

  338. I love when BoA composes….her style is so damn beautiful….really missed fangirling over her…. ♥

  339. And BoA once again shows why she is the best damn solo artist in KPOP.

  340. LolaLoveee

    That “street and buildings” look familiar!

  341. love BoA! And the dance is sick! I really like the part when she’s like laying on her dancers, never seen that before!

  342. AuroraCoddled

    I really enjoyed the dance in this one! :D

  343. Finally!! been waiting for this to be put on here!! LETS VOTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :DD

  344. BoA will always be the best single singer ~


  346. Omg, I voted first <3 BoA, i love you~