BoA – Only One

  1. This was 7 months ago but I wished Simon and Martina will review past videos as well and review this or The Shadow T_T BoA deserves reviews for this song! ;A;

  2. Lazarusrising

    I hope the dance version will be considered as part of the whole review.

  3. Kanin Mungkarndee

    awesome dance and voice! 

  4. please review this video x.x

  5. This video probably won’t get reviewed but I think it should get mentioned in some sort of way. The dance is AMAZING and the song is excellent. BoA even composed it herself! She really is a queen of music and I’m really enjoying her comeback. BoA is not old and she is not boring; she is different from all those Kpop “idols” and brings us something new. JU,PING BOA FOREVER!!!!!!

  6. I’m really surprised by how low this is on the list o.o BoA is the queen in so many Kpop fans’ hearts – she’s been in the industry for so long and everyone who actually knows anything knws BoA

  7. OMG please please please make a review about her and this song!
    seriously, she is the QUEEN OF KPOP. the powerful choreography, the great charisma … just please review this song and MV, pretty pleaaaase I’m begging youuu. T^T

  8. She totally deserves this! Just an amazing song and dance. I don’t normally like promo songs either so I hope this gets reviewed! Next will be GD! 

  9. BoA released a music video for The Shadow recently.  Since Only One wasn’t reviewed, we need to get The Shadow to win.

  10. pumpkin_spice

    please please please review this!!!!! BoA unnie deserves to have at least a special mention if not the whole review.  She is like one of the most influential kpop artists.  I mean she was the one who first got me into the whole Asian music movement back when I was in 4th grade along with Utada Hikaru.

  11. Ji Youn Moon

    보아 the shadow 도 정말 좋아요.. 컴백쇼 영상 올려주세요^^

  12. i like it. all of it..boa,the song, the dance and the backup dancers too..
    one of them kinda lokk like CNU(B1A4)..the guy wearing white shirt,glasses and has a ponytail.

  13. OMG… its on 7th..
    Hope Simon and Martina could review BOA’s next music video

  14. Jessica Baylor

    vote and share this video on facebook (be sure to use the link above her video) so she can be no. 1!!!!

  15. Let’s keep voting^^ Don’t give up! :)

  16. Kanin Mungkarndee

    this one for review please !

  17. i think it’s too late, but i really hope this still get reviewed…

  18. Jessica Baylor

    go BoA go!!!!

  19. I really like this song.. and the full album :)

  20. Commeeeee onnn Revieewww Dx

  21. Hey Simon and Martina, just like in your review for 2NE1’s I love you promoting people to vote for Psy, why won’t you do the same for BoA?  

  22. herp derp

    *sigh* 7th place… I’ll be voting for her every day but it looks like BoA won’t be having a Music Monday. :(

  23. T_T Why is BoA on the 7th place
    i want to see simon and martina make this video

  24. jazminjhnsn

    even though the drama ver. of this video is pretty poop and makes little sense….i like it and want it to be reviewed and the dance ver. is 10000x better

  25. Myriah Sosa

    I really really hope she gets the review. With all the other groups, I’m glad people like Psy and BoA can still be popular as soloists.

  26. So close guys! We can do it! 

  27. I want this video to be reviewed :)

  28. if they do review this song, i hope they review the dance ver mv, it’s much better than the drama vers….

  29. Michael P

    BoA <3 Queen of K-Pop!

  30. im still hoping this video would be reviewed…BoA fighting!! :) <3

  31. This video deserves to be reviewed >_<

  32. I think BoA should win, since she’s an artist for a long time and THIS SONG FRIKIN ROCKSSSSSSSS. Anyway, BoA Hwaiting! SMTOWN Hwaiting!

  33. Really hoping this will be reviewed ! ><
    BoA <3

  34. go go boa. reviewing this is more worth it.

  35. アメリカはどうなんだ??