BoA – The Shadow

  1. Why is this not on the first page ?!?!

  2. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THIS IS #26?!!????? *epic sad face*

    • spiralyte

      I just saw that too.. :(((((((((
      It’s the decay rate.. As newer videos are released, older videos get bumped down faster. It’s so that the newer videos have a higher chance of getting reviewed, along with the votes and shares, etc.

      Sigh. BoA, I’m still fighting for you.
      You’ll get a review one day. </3

  3. spiralyte

    OMG She’s back up to 8 !!!

    We can do this guise!!!

    While I’m here, I wanted to ask – wouldn’t it have been cool for one of the boys to have danced “The Shadow” with BoA? Like, they danced “Only One” with her… Well, on second thought, “The Shadow” is more of a BoA song, one she wrote about herself so I guess it wouldn’t work if another person danced with her.. (But that’s what makes it powerful and great.) <3

    Anywho, I'm probably just trying to make another opportunity for Hyukjae to dance with BoA, so excuse my feelz. XD

  4. spiralyte

    BoA keeps dropping, and I slowly die a little more inside…

    It’s sad that because of the decay rate this video will just keep falling until it disappears on the chart.. It happened to NU’EST and now I really feel the pain… It just makes me hope and pray for a Simon & Martina Super Special Arbitrary K-Pop Music Monday, because this video REALLY deserves an honest review. I don’t think they’d have anything bad to say about it.

    At all.

    Well, BoA, I’m still fighting, and I won’t give up! After all, you’ve been doing this for 13 years and you haven’t given up, so why should I?

    “I wanna show you what I mean” – Always Keep the Faith ! <33333333

  5. The Shadow is dropping!! Guys, we can do this, as long as we stay dedicated!

  6. Maaaannn, it just keeps falling down in rank :/ Too bad it wasn’t released more recently!

  7. doodman13


  8. spiralyte

    I find myself singing myself silly to this.

    BoA has such a captivating, strong voice. It’ll really be a shame if this isn’t reviewed.

    BoA-unnie fighting!!

  9. Taylor Humphrey

    i love this song :)

  10. I need more vote! We need a review! Love BoA <3

  11. BoA needs to be reviewed! She is the queen of K-Pop after all!

  12. please guys, let’s make this happen!

  13. why has the video not been reviewed yet or maybe i’m just being a fangirl. i don’t think BoA gets as much love as she should from most people. I love how her set are usually light but not super blinding or flashy or… the same repetitive set.

    • spiralyte

      It hasn’t been reviewed yet because we need to get it to the top, which means more people need to vote and share on a daily basis, and comment on an hourly basis with relevant comments to the video or live performance.

      I agree with you, BoA needs more love, which is why we need to vote/share more! BoA and “The Shadow” Fighting ~!! Her sets are always relevant to her songs.. <3

  14. spiralyte

    I kind of loved how BoA performed this song live before actually releasing the music video.
    Because then when I saw her amazing army camo outfit at the end, I FLIPPED. /the feeeeeeelz


  15. 4th place guys! We can bring it up!
    Has anyone been trying to learn the dance? My friend is trying to teach me the finger tutting part at the beginning, but it’s just too fast. :( Ah well, practice makes perfect!!

    • spiralyte

      I’m trying to learn the finger tutting as well.. She just does it so sharply, the only thing I can get is the box and flourish at the end. xD

      You’re right though, practice makes perfect! And if we keep working hard at this, BoA-unnie will get a review!! Even though ZE:A just beat her down to #6 (#5 really because “One Of A Kind” is bumping down).. We just have to keep BoA on the main page! Fighting!!

      • YES! A fellow comrade in finger tutting tutelage~ I’ve gotten everything up to speed EXCEPT the ending flourish. I don’t know… after getting the first part down, I guess my brain gives up XD
        And I’m still commenting and voting away~~ Every now and then I also use Twitter share because I don’t want my friends to get mad at me for spamming it all the time XD BoA hwaiting! Shadow hwaiting!

  16. Also still can’t believe they’ve never reviewed a BoA video! Afterall she is the queen of K-pop!

    • spiralyte

      If we keep fighting and voting, she can eventually get the review! :)

      • Geez, I left for 5 minutes and it’s down to 6 :C WHHAAAA!

      • Yeah I noticed! hopefully she can beat out Kara or T-ara to be reviewed after a 2 week install of GD!
        Also I really hope that if it does get reviewed they use your exo correlation!! SO brilliant! XD

        • spiralyte

          GD will probably release “Crayon”‘s MV by then though… All those weeks in between, gah I’m really worried unnie won’t get a review, but I refuse to give up! Nasties have power, that’s obvious – we can do this, guys!

          And oh, thank you so much. I’m glad so many people like that wacky idea. xD I just try to contribute to the following.. Simon and Martina are really the amazing ones for thinking up all this craziness for us to love in the first place. <333

          But honestly when I first saw the lighting and the set, I instantly thought EXO's ethereal intro in the beginning of "MAMA." And she's sitting atop a tree for Christ's sake – the correlation is OBVIOUS. xDDDD

          Also – I'd love to see Simon in a tree for that one. EPIC TREE SKIT FTW

        • Dang! I like GD, TOP, Big Bang and all, but I think I like it more when they get to review a whole bunch of different groups! I mean I loved Blue, Bad Boy, and Fantastic Baby but I would have liked to have seen a break in the 3 consecutive weeks of BB at the beginning of the year!
          It doesn’t help that I’m for sure SM biased! I love all of them! From H.O.T. down to EXO! <3
          Guess I better suck it up and get ready for 3 weeks of GD :/

          And totally thought of History when the first scene came up! You're right even the lighting feels similar! Also that dress!!!! SO, SO, SO PRETTY!

        • spiralyte

          I agree! I love me some YG.. I like when their reviews are varied as well, but they let us vote, so we dictate! (Except Junsu, but that’s fine by me.) And truthfully, they could review whatever they wanted and I’d still be fine with it. xD

          I’m an SMTowner too. <3 I really just want to see BoA reviewed, especially since "Only One" didn't get a review as the title track – but in my opinion, "The Shadow" is stronger. It's a great follow-up track with a fantastic video that I can totally see Simon and Martina loving to review! And they haven't yet reviewed BoA, which is just – gah, HOW LOL

          We'll see. We have to keep voting and fighting for BoA so she can at least stay on the main page. I asked NU'EST fans whose MV dropped to the 3rd page to help out kindly if they could.. I've been voting for NU'EST as well, hoping they finally get a review. The power of many is powerful, lol~

          Isn't it though ?! FILTERS ARE SIMILARRR LOL
          I mean it might just be an SM thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did it on purpose to correlate EXO with BoA since she is one of SM's original talents!

          I love her dress, zermahgahhh. She's so flippin' gorgeous. *__*

  17. I feel like this is her best song to date!

  18. spiralyte

    I wouldn’t be surprised if BoA has a harder time now since everyone’s so busy donating to help S&M out with their new studio ! Then again, that would be the entire K-Pop Chart, huh? xD

    I was rewatching this today (for like the bajillionth time) and I caught on to Simon and Martina’s Janet Jackson reference. BoA is definitely Janet Jackson-esque here… Especially in that hat. But now that I think about it, even the song and dance have their Jackson correlations. Awesome. :D

  19. spiralyte

    Thought I should mention how much I seriously love the camera angles in this video.. My favorite is when the camera makes it appear as if BoA is walking in mid-air, then she lays down on her bed and you feel retarded for only just realizing it was an upside-down angle. Oh BoA, making us babo’s over here with your awesomeness. xD

  20. spiralyte

    Yayyyyy 1 million views !!!!

    BoA jjang! You guys are awesome! BoA would be proud ! :D

  21. Commenting again :)
    I really wish BoA performed this more… As a SONE and SHAWOL, I sometimes get bored while watching a billion of their live performances, and I could barely even watch Only One (she had some weird interactions with the background dancers in that one), but in Shadow, the dance just seems so effortless and know-you’re-awesome sexy that I watched her performances for an hour >_>
    As for the MV, BoA with the ship captain’s hat is ayyyyy sexay ladayyy

  22. spiralyte

    Nearly 1mil ! BoA go, go, GO!

    Aw, I love BoA’s fandom. ~<33

  23. Simona and Martina! you just….you just HAVE to review Boa, I mean its B.O.A as in T.O.P ya know? She is the legendary Queen of kpop, and one of the oldest sunbaes among the entertainment industries as well~! gogogogogo Shadow is such a badass song(choreo, lyrics[by the way makes sense]) yeshhh~

  24. Axel Hachiko

    ç__ç I can’t see the video, not shared with my country ç__ç seriously SM aren’t you global? But I want this reviewed anyway yes, please vote vote!!!

  25. Come on guys, let’s at least get BoA to 1mil views!!

    Maybe Simon and Martina will see our efforts and take pity on us… =. =

    JK! Come on, let’s do it !!! BoA JJANG ~~~

  26. Lucy Huang

    I love this song so much! It’s so catchy! ^^ The tune and rhythm is awesome :D

  27. spiralyte

    It doesn’t even have 1 million views yet… I feel so sad suddenly. :(

    Ah, the double standard of K-Pop groups….

  28. spiralyte

    I vote for this video so many times a day, I really think that if we keep fighting, BoA will get a review! Come on guys! BoA 화이팅!!!!

  29. I love this song! Sure, I liked Only One, but Shadow is just so freaking amazing, I can’t stop listening to it.
    Even if you guys never review it, I’ll vote for it for as long as it’s on the charts. It’s one of my favorite K-Pop songs of the year.

  30. I think BoA needs to be on kpop music mondays. cause she is the queen and i really would like to see one of her songs reviewed….

  31. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    sharing it with friends through facebook (their FB page or someones email) or Google+ gives 4 points each. Thats gonna have to be the key to going up the charts quickly if we want her song to be reviewed.

  32. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    I totally agree BoA is so underrated. But i think it could be because the “in” thing right now is groups and i guess sub groups. Not so many solo acts which is such a shame. Im from NYC so as far as I know groups are the most popular thing but i could be wrong.

  33. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    DANG! BoA was in 4th place and then totally got bumped back down to 6th place!! NO BUENO! Cmon Nasties!! Lets bump BoA back up!

  34. I’ve never been a FAN fan of BoA (except for Every Heart from Inuyasha), but this new wave of Korean promotions she’s been doing have caught my eye. As a girl, I really respesct her for dancing without looking cheap. She’s fully clothed, and doesn’t spend the whole time making sexy faces at the camera and showing off her curves. I really respect that, and a lot of K-pop girl groups could learn from it (OK, I know it’s their managers). She rocks at dancing and her confidence itself makes her sexy.

    • Marta_Loves_Spudgy

      Omg! Every Heart is such a classic! I loved that show but I was so upset at how they ended it. -__- oh well. BoA can still sing her heart out. lol! Pun intended.

  35. kr somnium

    to me, she is THE SEXYIEST lady I’ve ever known in kpop 
    dance, sing, expression etc.
    I’ve really anticipated only one to be reviewed…. :’-) 

  36. review Review REVIEW !!! è___________é

  37. aswin nalliah

    why boa never in kpopmusicmonday