Boyfriend – Don’t Touch My Girl

  1. i’m really want to hear your opinions about boyfriend!! xD

    i think you should review boyfriend’s BOYFRIEND MV!!
    it’s very addicting if you keep listening to the song!
    boyfriend~ eh! eh! eh!~

  2. simon & martina PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE would you make a review :3 

  3. yeah..TT__TT plz do make a video on one of Boyfriend’s songs… they’re srsly my best..i mean the BEST k-pop boy group ever!!..and u never made any videos on them TT__TT plz???? plzplzplzplzplzplz???? i BEG U simon and martina~!!!!!!!!

  4. stubbyhands11

    We need more votes on this so Simon and Martina to reveiw this on k-pop mondays!

  5. I would love to watch a review from Simon and Martina :)

  6. ..You gUYS aRE so Cute anD amAzing!!
    no Doubt you’Re goINg to Be supErstarS!!

  7. alexis flores

    I  bet they are going to say something about the part when young min says your tummy is cute

  8. alexis flores

    Why not??? PLEASE!!! wow i must sound superrrrrrrr desperate to you but c’mon it is the holidays right?

  9. alexis flores

    POR FAVOR!!!!!! Do a review on Boyfriend PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 1:00-1:01 0.0 hand sign!!!! calling a dog? :O

  11. Anonymous

    DO a review on boyfriend!!please!!! They need to be recognized for their hardwork

  12. Ooooooooh BIG CASE of Pastelpantophilia here, accented by pastel balloons. Impressive.

  13. Ellen Nguyen


  14. BOYFRIEND ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! KWANGMIN

  15. BOYFRIEND !!!!!!!!! KWANGMIN

  16. Ellen Nguyen

    Just pick it please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ellen Nguyen

    do this please

  18. Anonymous

    i love the jo twins!

  19. Waaa they totally changed their cute image from “Boyfriend” to fit this cool and Smexy image…yeah..Lovin it!! Boyfriend Hwaiting!! Kwangmin….I LOVE YOU!!!

  20. you must love their pants martina!

  21. Melissa Kim

    i love boyfriend

  22. Ellen Nguyen

    One Day Boyfriend is all simonanmartina will review because that’s how famous they’re going to get

  23. i wish simon and martina would review one of Boyfriend’s song.. that’s my christmas wish :)

  24. Katie Vuong

    Boyfriend is one of the kpop rookie group who is in sync. They might not be as good as infinite but they might be in the future. Their choreography is definitely not easy and it looks pretty precise and good. This dance should be in how to dance kpop 2011!!

  25. Hwaiting Boyfriend LOLs~ Heehee

  26. Let’s Go Boyfriend!!

  27. Elideth Tapia

    Boyfriend :3