Boyfriend – I Yah

  1. Boyfriend hwaiting! (。’▽’。)♡ Sarangahae Minwoo Oppa ♥

  2. MarVi

    I want another boyfriend review.

  3. How many times can we vote?? ^__^

  4. It not that i dont like this mv it just i think boyfriend is much better with their cutesie style and kwangmin you killed my world when u dye your hair purple. Im sorry starship entertaiment but i think you’re pushing too hard on kwangmin image what happen to all the other singer it look like this whole mv is only for kwangmin and the rest of the member are just like those music in a movie

  5. i Yah is the best MV ever!I just love it!

    Sarange o boyfriend!!! Youngmin u r the cutest Memberfrom boyfriend!!!!! I love u Youngmin!!

  6. I wanna see Music Monday on Boyfriend-I yah…^___^ since there were alot of netizens saying that this mv was a disturbance of school violence…I’m like…How is that when some the kpop mv shows the same thing? Like 2am I was wrong (them fighting each other at the end…), etc….>_<

  7. Alysha Li

    I love this song soooooooooooo much please review it :)

  8. SugarBabyG6

    One is ugly… -__-

  9. This has got to be one of the best Boyfriend songs ever next to Janus. Even though the story doesn’t make much sense, it still has an addicting beat and the story keeps you entertained throughout the song. And their voices sound very crisp and clear; like the music isn’t overpowering their voices. I hope they continue to strive away from the cutesy boy concept at least for a little while, though it is good; it’s nice to have it change once in a while. Now if only the girl groups could do more powerful songs and have extremely hard-to-learn dances instead of just being cutesy and just doing aegyo in front of the camera the whole time (the girl groups are good but change is nice too).

  10. Soo Bin Cho

    hwaiting <33

  11. love their hairstyles here *v*

  12. SugarBabyG6

    Common, some of them are NOT beautiful -_-

  13. Best friends we tried really hard but unfortunately we did not win :(

    Now can u best friends help SISTAR19 with there new comeback and get it reviewed :)

    Starship family Fighting !!!
    Boyfriend <3 ( I yah is amazing)
    SISTAR <3
    K.will <3

  14. sgdhasgd!!! I really love this song!! AMAIZING!

  15. Joccy Min

    OMG!boyfriend i luv u guys sooooooo much! i think starships do watch eat your kimchi and i ll try to vote everywhere for u guys!!

  16. Lets keep voting everyone…we can do this!!!

  17. ok boyfriend needs to win.. this video is so amazing and i need to know more about korean schools!! bestfriend let us unite like last time.. the last minute commenting !! let us vote!!

  18. Kyaah This music video is really <3
    They look so cooooooool :DD

  19. Boyfriend!Boyfriend!Kyaaaaaah :DDDI hope you’ll win.

  20. Happyjoy2

    After watching this music video so many times, I just saw somethings that made me giggle a little bit.

    1. Kwangmin is being scolded by the teacher for being late and the girl sees him being scolded. The teacher didn’t see her. Why didn’t she just sneak away so that she doesn’t get caught? lol.

    2. How can Jungmin understand what the girl is saying if neither talked to each other? lol.

    3. The girl is waiting at the bus stop and is looking at her report card. Then, Kwangmin sits down next to her and barely sees what she is holding, but she over reacts when she notices that he is right there next to her. Hmm….Why you over reacting, girl? Are you embarrassed of your grades? You don’t want him to see it. ;) lol.

    Not bashing, just randomness after watching so many times! :)

  21. Happyjoy2

    We can still make this #1! We still have 2 days! We gotta really put in our all if we want to make this #1!

  22. Aaah, holding on still ;-; C’mon guuuuyz

  23. Happyjoy2

    I am proud to be a Best Friend. Best Friends certainly have a “Fighting!” spirit. To stay up in the charts for this long is quite impressive! Usually MVs start to go down on the charts after a MV has been released for a while, but not IYAH. There is still hope! We just need to put in some extra effort to get the MV to #1! We can do it! We just need to keep voting, sharing, and commenting! :)

  24. Lesley Lai

    Youngmin<3 oh gawd please do a video of this! i have been waiting so long and it never seemed to say "eatyourkimchi uploaded boyfriend iyah" on youtube-_-

  25. I know that this has probably been on here too long to be reviewed, but this is such an amazing video! I really hope this pushes through.

  26. how is cnblue coming in front when boyfriend is above them in most categories?

    • Wan Fang Goh
      Wan Fang Goh

      Tats because IYAH MV was published earlier than CN BLUE, and on EYK, theres a decay system tat when a MV reaches a week old, only a percentage of the votes will be counted. Tis is to allow other MV to hav a chance to get reviewed…

    • Happyjoy2

      Sorry to say this but CNBlue does have a bigger fanbase than Boyfriend. But by the look of how Boyfriend has been on the top 5 for a while I think Best Friends have a strong support and perseverance. :)

      • haha i meant in the voting system, i don’t know about now but before, their votes were lower then this

        • Happyjoy2

          Ah, ok. Well, I know that voting is like 1 point and then sharing is I think 2 points and then commenting is 3 points? I’m not sure with the exact points, but I know that certain categories hold certain weight in how to get a MV to #1.

  27. Where is my adorable Boyfriend? I don’t want them to grow up…

  28. WE NEED OT VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS MANY WAYS AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Happyjoy2

      I’m with you on that! If Boyfriend was able to stay in the top 5 for this long, that means there is still potential for #1. Best Friends just need to put a little more effort now to get it to #1!

  29. I feel bad voting against C.N.Blue but Boyfriend is my favorite and I would love for another of their videos to be reviewed!

  30. Happyjoy2

    I want to see how Simon can mess up the choreography for this song. I bet it would be really hilarious!

  31. [Jeongmin] Nan da watjanha geoui nege gatji
    Motalgeomyeon aecho baraji anhasseo
    [Donghyun] Jogeumman deo jebal jebal
    Neo malgoneun eobseo neo bakken eobseo

    [Youngmin] Tto dugeun dugeun georyeo simjangeun gamyeon soge
    Gamchugo neol matgesseo
    [Hyunseong] Tteugeowojineun mameun chagaun bam barame
    Gamchugo neol gatgesseo yeah~

    [All] Nae aiya dalkomhan gotongi millyeowa
    Aiya beoseonal su eobseo
    Nae aiya bandeusi sone neol neokesseo
    Aiya nae aiya yeah~

    [Minwoo] Run to me dallyeowaseo jebal
    Nareul hollige mandeureonoko ga eoseo (eoseo)
    [Kwangmin] Listen to me daeche myeot beoneul malhaeya
    Dwae neomanhan yeojaneun eobseo

    [Jeongmin] Gidarijanha naega neoreul heorakhaejundamyeon
    Eotteon daegado batgesseo
    [Donghyun] Isseojullae geogi geogi
    Dagagal teni jaba jul teni

    [Youngmin] Nan chageun chageun naga
    Siseoneul naege jaba gadugo neol matgesseo
    [Hyunseong] Duribeondaeneun neoreul
    Nae pume ana gutge butdeulgo neol gatgesseo ye~

    [All] Nae aiya dalkomhan gotongi millyeowa
    Aiya beoseonal su eobseo
    Nae aiya bandeusi sone neol neokesseo
    Aiya nae aiya

    [Minwoo] Come to me naegero wa jebal jom bwa
    Andeullini simjangttwineun sori
    Look at me now jedaero bwa ppatppatan
    Gogae naega dollyeojulge see my eyes
    [Kwangmin] Talk to me mal jomhaebwa mal jomhaera
    Andeullini saranggobaek (gobaek)
    Museun iri isseodo ni
    Pumeuro dallyeoga i will go back (i will go back)

    [All] Ni apiya cheoncheonhi gogaereul dollyeojullae
    Apiya ni nun bol su itge
    Ni apiya tteollineun nae mam jabajullae
    Aiya.. Nae aiya

    [All] Nae aiya dalkomhan gotongi millyeowa
    Aiya beoseonal su eobseo
    Nae aiya bandeusi sone neol neokesseo
    Aiya nae aiya

  32. I’m almost there, going to you
    If I couldn’t have you, I wouldn’t have wanted you from the start
    Just a little more, please, please
    I have no one but you, I only have you

    My heart pounds again
    But I’ll hide myself with a mask and face you
    I’ll hide my passionate heart with the cold night and the wind and I’ll have you

    My I Yah – a sweet pain washes over me
    I Yah – I can’t escape
    My I Yah – I’ll definitely put you in my hands
    I Yah, my I Yah

    Run to me, run to me and please shake me up and go, hurry (hurry)
    Listen to me, how many times do I have to tell you? There is no girl like you

    I’m waiting for you
    If you allow me to have you, I can take any price
    Will you stay there?
    Because I will go there and catch you

    I am going to you step by step
    I’ll catch and trap your eyes as I face you
    In my arms, I’ll hug you, who is looking here and there
    I’ll hold you strongly and I’ll have you

    My I Yah – a sweet pain washes over me
    I Yah – I can’t escape
    My I Yah – I’ll definitely put you in my hands
    I Yah, my I Yah

    Come to me, come to me please
    Look at me, can’t you hear my heart beating?
    Look at me now, look at me
    I’ll turn your stiff head for you, see my eyes
    Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me
    Can’t you hear my love confession? (confession)
    No matter what happens, I’ll run to your embrace
    I will go back (I will go back)

    I’m in front of you, will you slowly turn your head?
    I’m in front of you so your eyes can see
    I’m in front of you, will you catch my trembling heart?
    I Yah, my I Yah

    My I Yah – a sweet pain washes over me
    I Yah – I can’t escape
    My I Yah – I’ll definitely put you in my hands
    I Yah, my I Yah

  33. I really like this music video even though it’s my first time watching a whole MV of Boyfriend. I can’t really think of something that Simon and Martina (or myself) could criticize in this MV except for the fact that this video has an open ending (which I normally hate) and you don’t get ‘I Yah’ the first time you listen to it (it’s about a love triangle “I.Y.A.H = I You And Him”). I hope this gets reviewed. <3

    • Happyjoy2

      I don’t know. I always thought Iyah (아이야) meant baby because in Korean the 아이야 means baby. And translating the lyrics, it feels like the word baby seems more fitting in context and makes more sense. But hey, anyone can interpret it differently. Interesting perspective. :)

    • thank you so much for commenting!! i finally know what i yah means now :)

  34. Go Boyfriend! Fighting! This comeback is daebak and I hope it gets reviewed soon ^_^