Boyfriend – I’ll Be There

  1. boyfriend is soooo amazing!!!! please!!! Simon and Martina PLEASE!!!!! Do make a video on them TT__TT i BEG U!~!!!! plz plzplzplzplz???????? i’d be more than happy, more than appreciated to see them on ur music monday channel TT__TT that’s one of my BEST WISHES ever!! plz ..sobsob..

  2. <3 i love boy frien ^^

  3. i love you boy friend

  4. stubbyhands11

    …This needs to be review… WE NEED ALL THE BOYFRIEND FANS!!!


  6. alexis flores

    Please do a review on Boyfriend if not the other song than this one PLEASE!! See how polite I am being I said please I don’t say that to very many people unless I’m really desperate. =P

  7. alexis flores

    POR FAVOR!!!

  8. Bestfriends, let’d do our work!! haha

  9. THIS MUST would be great if it is reviewed..

  10. It would be incredible if simon and martina were to review on this song! ^^


  12. Anonymous

    i really want them to do this for music mondays and I really want them to win! BOYFRIEND must be know through out all the world! Bestfriends vote them!

  13. I love boyfriend give them some attention please :)

  14. I want you guys to review this! XD

  15. Can I comment again? keke. Not spamming right? Anyways, I think there aren’t much English in this song to talk about. And Simon’s so gonna parody the knee rub floor thing, for sure. And the plot, they’re gonna say something about Boyfriend dancing in a snowglobe. ok done. 

  16. waaa the “where are you move” is the cutest!!

  17. soelai ^o^

    Boyfriend catches my heart by this song… love it… it has the OST song feeling~~ and JeongMin’s out-of-the-blue hats :D

  18. **Boyfriend’s KNEE DANCE**.. I really love it.. Boyfriend fighting…this song keeps on popping out of my head,, ♥♥

  19. Anonymous

    I just have to say, as a Mjnnesota girl (we love our Canadian neighbors!) that this music video is an extremely unrealistic representation of winter. I know, from personal experience, that if you kneel down in the snow you can expect your pants to get soaking wet. Yet somehow Boyfriend manages to stay completely dry. They’re also wearing clothing that would very likely cause frostbite if you wore it outside in the middle of winter. So my conclusion? Well, it’s simple really, and it just confirms what I’ve been saying for a long time; they’re actually not humans, they’re gods. :)

  20. Even though they are a new group, I think Boyfriend should deserve it; review this video. please.
    Boyfriend grew up so much in their style and being manly. REVIEW them!!!