Boyfriend – Love Style

  1. Yaay Bestfriend Vote vote :DDDDD

  2. khiara mondragon

    omgossh i love this song they should totally review it !!

  3. vote vote vote ,tweet tweet ,tweet  do anything so boyfriend can win (love u boyfriend <3)

  4. good luck boyfriend hope u win :D

  5. Although they’re not usually the type of group/music I listen to, kpop or otherwise, I absolutely love Boyfriend. They’re so freaking adorable that I want to vomit sparkling clouds of rainbows and sunshine all over the place until the whole world is covered in them. … Yes, it creeps me out too, but it’s true! They’re so happy and quirky and I just eat it right up for reasons I will never understand.
    So, to sum up, I really don’t know why I like Boyfriend, but I like them and really hope this song can make it.

  6. I hope Boyfriend can get more votes! They deserve it!

  7. ShimizuChiharu

    boyfriend fighting~

  8. Animefilledsoul

    ohmygoodness i want them to win!… this is gonna sound a little weird, but i just counted all the votes for this song and i think that (idk why its #36) it is in the spot for 9th!(excluding the ones that were already reviewed of course) i want them to win so badly!!!

  9. ShimizuChiharu

    Let’s push Boyfriend to the top Bestfriends and get them reviewed!!!

  10. well fiddle faddle, prolly never gonna get reviewed but…
    c’est la vie

  11. It’s a shame this didn’t get reviewed..

  12. BOYFRIEND GO!!!!!!! lol i was sad that this was pushed to the 3rd page D:

  13. Pikachu Pocky

    i voted alot , but i was so dissapointed to see BOYFRIEND in 18th place TT_TT  BESTFRIENDS KEEP VOTING!!!!!

  14. Best Friends and Kiss Mes and everyone else, lets unite and help vote for Boyfriend! :)

  15. IEatPickles MacJuicy

    Guys! We need to keep on voting! Must stay on front kpopchart! Bestfriends, fighting!

  16. I like the song it’s just now please don’t take offense in this but i think i found my grand mother’s curtains in their first outfit (flowery suit thing) but i really like the song :) 

  17. I would love Simon and Martina to review this song! Lol I personally think they pull off the outfits very well! :D In the future, I would want to see a bit more edgy Boyfriend.

  18. IEatPickles MacJuicy

    uuwwaahhhhh! so cute! simon and martina, review this song~!
    go minwoo!!!!!!^^

  19. boyfriend <3 waaa los amooooooooooooooo!!

  20. pls review it… i been waiting for u guys to review it! pls

  21. BoyFriend Hwaiting~!! we Bestfriend are trying our best for you guys!! Love you Youngmin^^

  22. They dropped down so much D;

  23. Ohh please give them a good review! They work so hard and are very attractive. PLUSSSSS this song is very catchy and awesome in general.

  24. please please please do this review!!!

  25. Keep voting, everyone!!!! :) Don’t give up! We’ll get them reviewed, somehow! :)

  26. Gosh It’s already at 7th place and SuJu is at first.
    LOL when EYK was not popular, the most votes a band can get is 1000.
    But now it’s 40000. So many changes.
    BOYFRIEND Fighting!

  27. boyfriend <3 i love this song, boyfriend come to peru please :D

  28. Thanks everyone for helping to vote! :D Fighting everyone in voting!!!!!! :)

  29. Boyfriend Fighting!! Best friends keep on voting and don’t let them fall off the chart!