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Boyfriend – Love Style

  1. Yaay Bestfriend Vote vote :DDDDD

  2. omgossh i love this song they should totally review it !!

  3. vote vote vote ,tweet tweet ,tweet  do anything so boyfriend can win (love u boyfriend <3)

  4. good luck boyfriend hope u win :D

  5. Although they’re not usually the type of group/music I listen to, kpop or otherwise, I absolutely love Boyfriend. They’re so freaking adorable that I want to vomit sparkling clouds of rainbows and sunshine all over the place until the whole world is covered in them. … Yes, it creeps me out too, but it’s true! They’re so happy and quirky and I just eat it right up for reasons I will never understand.
    So, to sum up, I really don’t know why I like Boyfriend, but I like them and really hope this song can make it.

  6. I hope Boyfriend can get more votes! They deserve it!

  7. ShimizuChiharu

    boyfriend fighting~

  8. Animefilledsoul

    ohmygoodness i want them to win!… this is gonna sound a little weird, but i just counted all the votes for this song and i think that (idk why its #36) it is in the spot for 9th!(excluding the ones that were already reviewed of course) i want them to win so badly!!!

  9. ShimizuChiharu

    Let’s push Boyfriend to the top Bestfriends and get them reviewed!!!

  10. well fiddle faddle, prolly never gonna get reviewed but…
    c’est la vie

  11. It’s a shame this didn’t get reviewed..

  12. BOYFRIEND GO!!!!!!! lol i was sad that this was pushed to the 3rd page D:

  13. i voted alot , but i was so dissapointed to see BOYFRIEND in 18th place TT_TT  BESTFRIENDS KEEP VOTING!!!!!

  14. Best Friends and Kiss Mes and everyone else, lets unite and help vote for Boyfriend! :)

  15. Guys! We need to keep on voting! Must stay on front kpopchart! Bestfriends, fighting!

  16. I like the song it’s just now please don’t take offense in this but i think i found my grand mother’s curtains in their first outfit (flowery suit thing) but i really like the song :) 

  17. I would love Simon and Martina to review this song! Lol I personally think they pull off the outfits very well! :D In the future, I would want to see a bit more edgy Boyfriend.

  18. uuwwaahhhhh! so cute! simon and martina, review this song~!
    go minwoo!!!!!!^^

  19. boyfriend <3 waaa los amooooooooooooooo!!

  20. pls review it… i been waiting for u guys to review it! pls

  21. BoyFriend Hwaiting~!! we Bestfriend are trying our best for you guys!! Love you Youngmin^^

  22. They dropped down so much D;

  23. Ohh please give them a good review! They work so hard and are very attractive. PLUSSSSS this song is very catchy and awesome in general.

  24. please please please do this review!!!

  25. Keep voting, everyone!!!! :) Don’t give up! We’ll get them reviewed, somehow! :)

  26. Gosh It’s already at 7th place and SuJu is at first.
    LOL when EYK was not popular, the most votes a band can get is 1000.
    But now it’s 40000. So many changes.
    BOYFRIEND Fighting!

  27. boyfriend <3 i love this song, boyfriend come to peru please :D

  28. Thanks everyone for helping to vote! :D Fighting everyone in voting!!!!!! :)

  29. Boyfriend Fighting!! Best friends keep on voting and don’t let them fall off the chart!

  30. even though i voted for both suju and boyfriend i really really REAALLYYY!!! want boyfriend’s love style reviewed because to be honest super junior’s sexy, free , and single was extremely disappointing. Love style on the other hand is so something new, the song and its lyrics are so sweet and amazing, and come on these flower boys really know how to make a girls heart race :)

  31. As much as Super Junior is my first love, I kinda don’t wanna see their new MV reviewed. I just know that Simon and Martina are gonna keep ragging on and on about them dancing in weird costumes in oddly-lit rooms. It’s all true, but it’s not interesting enough to vote for.

    So, I’ll keep voting Boyfriend for another week! Boyfriend fighting!!!

  32. Boyfriend please!!! This is gonna be the first time that they reviewed Boyfriend!!!!!

  33. I want Simon and Martina to review this song!

  34. really want this to get reviewed!! fighting! (:

  35. i really want them to review this!!1 >.< i want them to talk about boyfriend since they haven't so far D:

  36. We should vote for them so Boyfriend can finally be on Music Monday! :) Please vote Bestfriends to make Boyfriend proud. Along with other bands, if you like Boyfriend or know Boyfriend, please support them. Thank you! :)


  38. Last time I checked we were ranked 3rd…this is going to be really difficult with Super Junior making their comeback as well. I really want to see our boys on KMM! We’ve gotta keep voting!

  39. i just came back from watching their “electric shock” review, and they’re right..super junior’s new song’s probably going to win the battle because well.. they’re popular.. i just think it’s sad that because boyfriend isn’t as popular as super junior, they can’t get reviewed..makes sense, becauase you have to know your audience to make your video more entertaining, but it’s just disappointing because i really wanted simon and martina to do a review on boyfriend’s “love style”….


  41. Yeeeees! I’m still here.
    I’ll just vote for SISTAR later. :D

  42. Thanks Kissme’s for help us!!
    Boyfriend and Bestfriends 5THING♥


  44. BestFriends!!!!! Lets All Vote Like Crazy For This Song Till It Gets On Kpop Music Mondays!!!!!!


  46. Why do people not like what they’re wearing? It’s all in high fashion, lol I’m just happy it’s not TOWIE fashion! In the flower suits they look aegyo ^.^ but hey everyone entitled to their own opinion

    • Hm? What’s TOWIE fashion?
      Lol, to me they look aegyo in SPITE of the flower suits. In any case, it’s impossible to smother aegyo that strong. xD

      • In England they have a reality Tv program called TOWIE (the only way is Essex) it’s where people where tan and provocative clothing. Personally I think it’s trashy, and in England, were I come from, slot of people are like TOWIE. Lol, so it’s a breath of fresh air when I get to see groups like Boyfriend, they’re so aegyo!

  47. hahaha I´m realizing they are literally flower boys lol

  48. I love boyfriend!!! I love their songs and performance!! please support Boyfriend XD
    and also thank to kissmes for helping us!! Love you Boyfriend!!!!

  49. BOYFRIEND fighting !!!!!! we will love and support you 4ever ^^ saranghae

  50. I am really diggin the beat to the song. So looking forward to having them reviewing this music video.

  51. kissmes THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us! we really appreciate it! i just shared this site with korean bestfriends so we might be able to make it!!!! gosh i’m excited if we can get simon and martina to do a review on boyfriend’s “love style”, it’d be soo awesome!!! korean AND international bestfriends, hwaiting!!

  52. I love you kiss me!!
    Thanks a lot

  53. I’ve waited alllll my life for Boyfriend’s music to be reviewd by Simon and Martina!! Now I guess it’s our chance ;) I seriously want to watch the review video before I die :9

  54. OMG kissmes thank you so much!!! let’s vote :)

  55. Everyone name ur biases, if u have any haha :) Maybe we can flood the comments section more LOL X_X

  56. Fighting BestFriends, KissMes and everyone else! :) <3 We can do it!!! :)

  57. Kinda disappointed that we’re still only in 3rd place, even with KissMe’s like myself supporting…
    I understand that it’s hard to win against Electric Shock, but how can After School be winning? T_T
    Well, even if we don’t win this Monday, I’ll keep voting until next week.

    Boyfriend fighting!


  59. TBH I rather have Boyfriend than AfterSchool XD

  60. I personally realy like the song and the dance!!! But these Outfits.. Oh my gooooood they’re so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad xDDDD The twins make me freakin’ out so much ‘cuz I always don’t know who’s who .____. Hope that they will get it to KMM^^”

  61. I just want to see Martina give her opinion on the members.

    And Simon making this dance NAST-AY? Too funny.

    Make this review happen!

  62. I wonder if they’ll get reviewed..

    • Probably not with the comments being hours apart.

      The videos that usually win have consistent support from the groups’ fans. (Or from other fandoms, if you can rustle up any fans from other groups to come support yours.)

      I’m not a BestFriend, so I’m not that concerned about them winning. But I still think their review would be WAY more amusing/entertaining to watch than a review of f(x), Sistar, or After School.

  63. Let’s get Boyfriend’s LoveStyle to 1st Place! Come On!

  64. This song is so addicting- totally playing on repeat in my head

  65. plzzzzzzzzz do love style 4 music mondays you’ve never done one of their songs and all the best friends would be soooooooo greatful to you guys!!!! thank you and i hope you see this!!!!

  66. Let’s vote,share,and comment! We need to get them to #1!

  67. Remember to comment everyone! More comments=more points for Boyfriend! Hwaiting~

  68. come on!!! lets vote and gei it reviewed PLS!!!!!

  69. Wait this still isn’t second?! Baaaaah! Come on guys! Lets get these votes going! I want Simon and Martina to talk about the old lady couch suits!

  70. Why are comments so slow on this video? The comments are hours apart….Boyfriend’s not gonna win, at this rate. People, don’t forget to comment as well as vote!

    On another note, I hope they fire the stylist that put them in that floral print. If it had to be flowers, couldn’t they have picked a floral print that doesn’t…well, make our eyes bleed? -__-;

  71. i really want this to get reviewed ;_;

  72. That airplane-looking dance at 1:12 is KILLING ME. fkslhgjurtiornviuwyaoew;ha
    SO CUTE >///<

  73. let’s try not to go down again!

  74. This really deserves to be reviewed! Boyfriend is so talented and they’re such great guys! They can so totally go far in their music careers and I hope they do. Keep at it boys because this Bestfriend will always be here to support you!

  75. So-so-so deserves to be reviewed! I really love Boyfriend and I can actually see them going very far in their music careers. Keep following you dreams boys because this Bestfriend will always be here to support you! (^w^)

  76. The twins probably creep Martina (and me o.o) out because they weigh as much as the average female idol in a girl group, if not less..
    Otherwise, I think Kwangmin and Youngmin are cute XP

  77. This deserves to be reviewed so bad!!!! Boyfriend I’ll always be rooting for you to do your best! In my eyes you guys can go really far with your music career. Keep following your dreams because this Bestfriend will always be supporting you!

  78. Go Kissmes and BOYFRIEND! I’ll vote also for Ukiss. :) FIGHTING.!♥

  79. Isabel Ruby

    this song has such a fun funky retro beat that sets it apart from other kpop songs….. really hope it gets reviewed

  80. Sigh so many groups are having their comeback next week/month. D:

  81. xdreamerx

    This song is freakin adorable :) and now that ukiss mv has been
    reviewed, i’ll put all my efforts into helping getting this song
    reviewed. good luck to all the bestfriends out there!! ^^

  82. i love boyfriend sense they began there english is good especially the jo twins

  83. I didn’t really like boyfriend (song) so much but love style is totally kickin’!! Keep voting guys, totally a good video to review!! let’s get it pumpin’!!!!

  84. To get more comments and points, I suggest that we start conversations.Here I’ll ask a question:What did you think Boyfriend when you first saw their debut song “Boyfriend”?

    • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

      I loved them! Whenever I felt sad, I always opened that song and listened to it and it ALWAYS made me smile. I wished they’d stuck to this aegyo image, but they didn’t. Theyre next song was a bit more serious, and so I lost interest in them, but now I like them. This song was aegyo too, but I liked Boyfriend more. Boyfriend has got to be one of my favorite Kpop songs of all time, no joke.
      But its like the only song from Boyfriend that I LOVE per se.

    • I was mostly impressed with the dancing, and at the same time I kept asking myself if it was really possible for a group to legitimately have this much aegyo. And now I know that it is. xD

  85. Let’s all work together! Kissmes and Bestfriends, hwaiting! ^^

  86. Noooo their now going down.. :c i wanna see what Simon and Martina have to say!! hope they make it…Boyfriend Fighting ^-^!!!

  87. WE ARE THE B.E.S.T. best among the R.E.S.T. rest!
    KissMes and Best Friends Fighting!

  88. I’m an After School fan but I really want Boyfriend to get reviewed. :(
    Boyfriend is the best!

  89. Fighting Everyone!!! :) Lets get boyfriend to the top! We can do it! :D

  90. I asked the STAR1s to help us. I just don’t know if they are gonna agree.

  91. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!

  92. i love this song and i wanna see what they say about the creepy twins ( id dont really think there creepy at all )

  93. They’ve never discuss about Boyfriend,I’ll looking forward to it ^.^

  94. Sooo…It’s not that I don’t like f(x) or Electric Shock. It’s that I freakin LOVE Boyfriend! This song is so snazzy and lolzy with the granny-style floral print. Good God, they look like they’re visiting a retirement home or something. xD

  95. i really want simon and martina to review this…i wnna see them

  96. On side note; LOL at the 69 stars. (Am I immature? Yes, I am.)

  97. NO, WHY??? D: I want this reviewed so bad… TT^TT

  98. I have a question for all of you: What is your favorite song by Boyfriend?

  99. love you boyfriend!!!!!!

  100. I’m not even actually a fan of these guys… But oh my god their outfits XD I’m voting just so i can see Simon and Martina’s reactions to them!!! I’m voting with you guys!!!

  101. I will keep voting for Boyfriend until they win! (^o^)/

  102. Thank you kissmes for helping out! Boyfriend fighting!!

  103. BTW does anyone think that the flower patterned suits remind you of the outfits in ‘The Sound of Music’? You know, the ones that she made from the drapes. I think it would be hilarious if Simon and Martina joke about it and stared singing Mr. Bro-ho-ho style.

  104. They have never been reviewed for K-pop Music Mondays so lets get this song reviewed !!

  105. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    guys don’t hate me but I really like the Sistar song! I think I’m going to go over there and vote Sistar because I think it has a better chance of beating f(x). Sorry!

  106. I want to walk around in the tube room. ;A; They light up, also!

  107. Nanananana! nanananana! nanananana! I’ve been singing this part everywhere. Gahhh~ It’s invading my brain.

  108. An Angel here to help bestfriends! I really love this tune and I find it a lot easier to listen to than f(x) So here I am~ BOYFRIEND HWAITING!

  109. The beginning is really my favorite part! They have all those funky horns… I wish it did that more in the song. And then… those face shots look like BB Cream commercials ~ Aw, such flawless faces.

  110. omg, flashback by after school are beating us! VOTE LIKE CRAZYYYYY.

  111. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    Sistar is here guys! It’ll be hard to beat them~

  112. Let’s all hwating together! We’re so close yet so far! ^^ We can do it!!!

  113. boyfriend…………..fighting1……….bestfriends always by your side……….

  114. Bestfriends will always unite just for Boyfriend. :)

  115. Never mind what the other fandoms think of Boyfriend

  116. Our new goal is to keep this in top 5. Never mind about winning.

  117. Don’t loose hope Bestfriends.. KissMes are still voting for this so KEEP VOTING~

  118. GO BESTFRIENDs & KISSMEs ! THough we ranked down… I still go for this goal !!

  119. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    AS is ahead *sad face*

  120. PLEASE review on boyfriend!!! pls

  121. OH NO! Afterschool took over Boyfriend!!! :OOOOOO
    Bestfriends let’s keep on voting!!!

  122. Quite possibly my favorite Boyfriend song. I can’t stop listening to it.

  123. come one bestfriends!!!

  124. Oh no! Boyfriend dropped to 4th 0.o

  125. Thank you KissMes for helping out Bestfriends! Let’s work together to get this reviewed!

  126. Let’s beat Afterschool and f(x)! Fighting~

  127. BestFriends Vote, share and comment!!! fighting!!! C:

  128. Fighting Best Friends, KissMes and everyone else helping to vote for Boyfriend! :) Thanks a lot too, everyone, for voting!!! :)

  129. this is no doubt a greaaaaaaaaaat song! ^^

  130. let us, bestfriends unite as one and dont stop voting for this song! fighting!!

  131. Boyfriend is so cute~… I love cute things!!! :3

  132. I really want Boyfriend to be reviewed! I love this song so much!!! I’m gonna vote for them all the time!!!

  133. I love that Kissme’s are helping out Bestfriends :’) There’s nothing better than love between fandoms!

  134. This is the first song by Boyfriend that I actually like, and oh my god do I like it a lot. I’m obsessed with it, it’s that good. I really hope this wins!

  135. I will be so happy if this gets reviewed :) Kwangmin is my number 1 bias!!! :D And the twins are not creepy! If anyone reading this thinks different, can you please explain why?

    • My sister says they creep her out because they look like aliens O.o I think it might be because they’re eyes are so big…? You know, for an Asian?

    • When I first saw the Boyfriend MV, I had to close it down halfway through because Youngmin creeped me out so much. I know it sounds harsh but it’s the truth… It was the huge eyes and blonde hair and they were so overly cute and stuff. I’m a bit ashamed to say I avoided them for several months after that… But now, after watching their MVs a couple of times, I don’t find them creepy at all – just super adorable and cute :) I guess their faces are just really special and take some getting used to for some people – and not for other people.

  136. since sistar is about to release their song ‘loving you,’ im kinda scared that theyre going to win. as much as i love sistar, i still want boyfriend to win !

  137. i seriously never would have guessed KissMes would be helping out.
    thanks so much guys! i know i’ll be voting for the next U-Kiss video to help you guys out (although i doubt you guys really need my help, but i do like U-Kiss’ music, so i’ll still help out anyways^^)

    • We’re glad to help! Although UKiss is my favorite group, I really like Boyfriend, too! And thanks for offering your help in voting for the next UKiss video! ^-^

  138. Fighting Best Friends! :) <3 Lets get Boyfriend's first review out! :)

  139. Just a question to all the Best Friends
    What was your first impression of Boyfriend?
    When did you first started to like Boyfriend?
    What made you fall in love with Boyfriend?

    • My first impression was, “CUTE!!! :D”
      I started to like Boyfriend as soon as I saw the video for Boyfriend. They are so adorable… And I love cute things ♥
      I fell in love with Boyfriend while watching all their personalities come out in Boyfriend Academy. Jeongmin is sooo cute and funny ♥ I didn’t realize until I watched that show XD

    • When I first saw them I thought that they were adorable!
      I started to like them when I watched their debut song Boyfriend.I loved that song SO much!
      I fell in love with Boyfriend when I watched M!pick.They were so cute and funny!

  140. guys keep going! i believe in these boys and their fans <3

  141. A question to all the bestfriends here:
    How do you lose weight?
    Water diet? Gym?
    Please suggest some tips on how to lose weight. ^_^

  142. Alright now that U-Kiss is reviewed, I can focus all my energies on Boyfriend now. I was sad that B1A4 and Infinite didn’t get reviewed but come on now Best Friends, these boys are adorable. LETS WIN THIS!!

  143. Ummmm… just one more comment.
    Do the JYP dance.
    It’s Like This Yo. Like This!

  144. I feel sad because f(x) has a bigger fanbase and a richer company that’s why they are more known. I gotta stop commenting now. My comments might be marked as spam. I might get banned. :(
    Let’s just sing this:
    Hey, we’re the best friends!
    I know we’re a bit craaazy.
    But we are united!
    For Boyfriend, Baby!

  145. Aigoo. We can do this!
    Bestfriends fighting!

  146. Awww, f(x) is still no. 1. What will happen if After School rank higher than us? T_T

  147. i really love boyfriend i hope that they win bestfriends fighting

  148. I wonder if they fought over who had to wear the full on floral ensemble. That would have been a rock, paper, scissors moment for sure.

  149. Weems Wong

    Boyfriend’s new song fits their style a lot :D

  150. Kwangmin is so fine!

  151. Win win win! How about 7000 votes 3500 Facebook 800 tweets 800 google plus 400 comments by Wednesday!! Can we do it?

  152. We can’t let after school Win! Vote every single day for boyfriend! Spread the news!! So everyone will vote for love style!!

    So not a fan of after school.. I basically hate them…

  153. Who’s your bias on BF? Mine is the leader, Donghyun ♥ (and maybe I’m the only one… xD)

  154. im not sure if im a kissme or a bestfriends im a vip but i do love both groups and really want this to get reviewed we have to beat f(x) bestfriends fighting

  155. this song absolutely deserves to be review! dont stop voting for boyfriend! ^^

  156. i like the beat and the song. feels like a throwback to the 80s lol. idk how i feel about the flower suit though. flower vest, sure. flower suit just looks like the garden threw up on u or u cut up ur grammys night gown…

  157. I hope that more kissme’s and best friends help out so that boyfriend can finally get onto music Monday’s. Even if they criticize the mv and song as long as it wins I am ok with it!! :D

  158. i really want to see simon and martina review this video :D

  159. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    Guys, did any of you watch the JoKwon video. What did you think of it?
    I actually want to get the JoKwon video reviewed more than Boyfriend tbh because the JoKwon video is just so WEIRD and will definitely be good material for KMM.
    But I’ll continue voting Boyfriend cuz I love you guys. :P

  160. i really liked this song…..just trying to get Boyfriend in #1

  161. dancingpartytime

    Why has it taken so long for me to watch this video?

  162. ♥♥♥love style♥♥♥

  163. i always wanted to see simon and martina review boyfriend for once ! :3

  164. Thank you so much to all the KissMes helping us Bestfriends out! Let’s work hard together! :) <3

  165. Love boyfriend, but i will say this is not one of my favs up i do like the dance and the individual shots of the members and well as the dance sequence under the tube lights. I hope that boyfriend gets reviewed next week, so i can hear their take on the English and the clothing that they wear in the video. boyfriend <3



  168. when I see this floral outfits it gives the impact of HAWAI FIVE-O for me …. I Like this song :)

  169. afterschool might catch up

    Hey, we’re the best friends!
    I know we’re a bit craaazy.
    But we are united!
    Forever Baby!


  171. i’m not yet done

    *whispers JYP* i’m still here
    *whispers vote for Boyfriend, this is a Jay Why Pee EYKSCLUSIVE :D*

  172. off to do my homework about teenage rebellion
    do post your opinions here regarding teenage rebellion (if you want to)

  173. Bestfriends, what is/are your favorite song from their new album?
    My favorite songs are Do and Super Hero.

  174. Who are your biases? I know a lot of bestfriends like youngmin, kwangmin, and minwoo. MY BIAS IS JEONGMIN! :D

  175. Hey I just met chuuuuuuuuuu!
    but here is BOYFRIEND
    vote LOVE STYLE maybe

  176. i sound crazy and i guess i should do my homework now

  177. we have come so far now. i remember that this used to be top 11 and now it’s top 3


  179. I’m so going to vote for this video just to see what Martina thinks about those floral print suits…. Interesting wardrobe…

  180. what else can I do to raise Boyfriend’s rank?

  181. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    So guys, I’m going to start a conversation to provoke commenting, K?

    What’s your LEAST fav kpop band? And your fav?
    For me, my fav is B1A4 (it was DBSK once upon a time *fangirl sob*)
    my least fav is … hmm this is hard. I don’t know. Maybe 2bic? then again, i’ve only listened to like 2 2bic songs so i can’t judge~

    • Favorite band: Boyfriend
      Least favorite: Most rookie groups, F.Cuz, Teen Top, and Super Junior. IDK. I just dislike many boy groups.

    • My most most most favorite is MBLAQ, followed very very closely by U-Kiss & Infinite. My least favorite hmm… Most girl groups are my least, I find very few girl group songs interesting. I do like that new Electric shock song however.

    • There’s no way I can narrow down to one favorite band, but I like U-Kiss and Infinite the most at the moment, and also CN Blue, FT Island, Super Junior, and B1A4.
      But for least favorite, I’m gonna go out and say “almost all girl groups.” It makes me feel ashamed as a woman when I see how they’re constantly marketed for their “sexy” dances and bodies. I literally can’t bear to watch like 90% of girl group MVs. realize that boy groups also show their “sexy” images, but their dances and MVs tend to focus on faces and cool dances, and don’t give me that feeling like I walked into a strip club. Yuck.
      But f(x) is my favorite girl group.

      • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

        yeah I get what you mean. But I also think it has something to do with the fact they’re girls, and as girls we don’t really get our eye candy from girl groups :P ~ I know a lot of guys who think the guy groups are ‘yuck’ and they only ever listen to girl groups ~

        • That’s a part of it, too, I guess, although I suspect that the guys who
          hate boy groups are more squicked out by the makeup, fanservice, and
          “girliness,” etc, than anything else.

          But seriously, I really wonder at the fact that hardly anyone ever
          comments on the emphasis on sexiness in a lot of girl groups–body
          waves, hip dances, butt dances, chest thrusting, tracing their body
          line, barely-there clothing… What, are they so desensitized to that female image that it
          doesn’t make their conscience at least twinge?

          It’s not that guy groups don’t have sexy dance moves, too, but it seems
          like the majority of their dances are just…dances, with maybe some
          face touching (maybe I’m biased because of the particular groups that I
          like?? xD). I like them because they tend to focus on the athleticism of
          the dancing. I get just as awed when I see dance covers by girls!

      • I agree with you so much right here. I thought I was the only one who thought this. OTL. Like (and don’t take this the wrong way), I think women are very beautiful and cute, but they’re not attractive when they’re wearing little clothing and dancing like a whore. I liked Wonder Girls’ ‘Be My Baby’ because they showed some class in it, and were not popping their ass out everywhere. Wonder Girls, at least from I’ve seen, has okay dancing.

        It’s fine to wear short shorts and tank tops and all, but… Not when you’re bending down in front of a camera to show off your butt XP

        I also do not like 2NE1 because… I don’t know why. I just don’t like them.

    • My favorite would be B1a4. But I also like SHINee, Super Junior, Boyfriend,and EXO. My least favorite would be most girl groups. I wouldn’t say that I don’t like any girl groups because I actually like two.Which is Sistar and f(x).

      • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

        High five to my fellow bilasaraptor! <3
        I actually don't listen to any girl groups tbh XD they just don't give me my eye candy, sorry~

    • My favorite is U-KISS. (I am super, super, SUPER biased towards them… It’s kind of ridiculous…)
      And, I am so sorry to tell you this, but… I think my least favorite (besides girl groups. LOL.) is B1A4… I don’t know why; the only voice I really like in that group is Baro’s. -_-; I’m very picky about singing voices. Which is why I don’t like many girl groups… Their voices are squeaky >.>

      • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

        lol nah it’s fine :P bilasa’s one of those groups which you like or you dont ~
        And I’m actually quite surprised almost everyone responded that they didn’t like girl groups. I thought I was the only one :P

        • I liked Beautiful Target, but that’s about it >.> I’ve listened to almost all of their songs, because my sister likes them.

          Same here >.> Most of the people I know that like KPop either LOVE girl groups, or are okay with them. I mainly just cannot stand them -_-;

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          Beautiful Target= epic :P
          it’s not that I can’t stand girl groups, but I feel like girl groups don’t make music for the music but rather for the video you know?

  182. Can you recommend me any good Boyfriend fanfics or Jeongmin-centred fanfics?


  184. U-KISS’s maknae, Dongho, and Boyfriend’s maknae, Minwoo, took a selca together recently… My top two biases… I almost cried at the beauty TT^TT

  185. KissMes and BestFriends soo adorable~ ^^ ♥

  186. Vote everyday!!

  187. I would like to thank all the Kissmes who are helping Best Friends vote for Boyfriend! You guys are awesome! :)

  188. Old lady couch suit pride! :D
    Gosh I love this song!

  189. I am loving these outfits so hard. How can I resist voting for them when they are wearing pink floral suits? Haha.

  190. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    comment are slow and that’s not a good sign if we want to beat f(x)! :)

  191. WAH! It’s really good to see that Kissmes are helping Bestfriends out!!! Kissmes and Bestfriends Hwaiting!!

  192. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    yay! Guys, we have an advantage over f(x) because we’re newer, so if we vote like crazy, we just MIGHT be able to make it! will be hard, but I’m willing to try. We need to also have like chats in the comment section and stuff. So if anyone wants to chat, I’m available :)

  193. My sister is afraid of the twins, too, haha~ Actually, mainly Youngmin O.o She likes Kwangmin because of his Pikachu fetish XD

    • Haha :D for me, I’m afraid of Minwoo only because, to me, he looks like the asian version of Freddie Highmore. You know, the kid who plays Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Every time he looks at the camera it’s like he’s luring me in to see his world of oompa loompas, squirrels, and extravagant candies. :P The U.K. flag on his jacket doesn’t help either. Not totally scary, but kind of creeps me out. Still adore him and the group!!

      a Kissme

      • He doesss! I love Freddie Highmore too, so it makes sense that I like Minwoo best. I associate Freddie Highmore more with his role as August Rush than as Charlie, so I don’t have the oompa loompa problem.

        • I love that movie as well :) I’m so happy that I’m not the only one that thinks he looks like him. Oh! And you are really lucky you don’t have the oompa loompa issue :P

      • OMG, THAT’S WHY I LOVE HIM. I loved Freddie Highmore in August Rush. Gosh, that’s such a great movie TT^TT I used to have a big crush on him XD

        Now it all makes sense… o.o

        • Yay! I’m not alone!!!!
          Oh, could you be ajar_kissme on twitter? I remember you from the live chat !! Didn’t realize it until now.

        • Yeah, that’s me ^^ I remember you too!! XD

        • Hey!!! Long time no….um…chat? :P How are you today. It’s pretty hot today. Windy, but hot. Um…I really don’t know what else to say, but I want to keep the conversation going to help with the voting…so…….help me! haha

        • I am good today :D I took a really long nap, and just woke up O.o It was seriously like 6 hours XD
          It is windy today :( I don’t like it. I hate the wind at practice (I’m in Colorguard), because it screws up everything and it’s hard to spin my flag D:<

        • I don’t think you can call that a nap anymore. That’s just deep slumber ! haha!
          Colorguard? Never heard of it….
          Yeah, I had a job interview today and I was using public transportation so every time i stepped out – *DRAMATIC WIND* – then fix my hair and then – *DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR WIND* -
          It was not fun, but I think I did well with the interview XD

        • Yeah, it really was just like sleeping. I hadn’t slept the night before because I watched a scary movie. LOL.
          Oh, nooo~… The wind always screws up hair on an important day :/ This is why I hate it. In sixth grade, I used to say I’d kill the wind at recess because it ruined my hair -_-;
          At least you did good, though :D

        • Haha what scary movie was it?
          Yeah for the interview I actually got to go on a scavenger hunt as one of my tests. How many interviews actually do that? They should have it more often.
          Feel like I should mention something about the MV about now…um….I LOVE IT !! :) KISSMES AND BESTFRIENDS UNITE!!
          Oh check out my newer comment about their outfits. Hope you find it amusing :)

        • The Woman in Black >.> So scary… I can’t sleep with my Harry Potter blanket anymore D’:
          That’s so cool! What type of place was it?
          The MV is so cute~ I love it :) But I did like I’ll Be There more… :/

    • Kwangmin has a Pikachu fetish? LOL, I’m pretty sure he’s my favorite now. xD

  194. I’m the opposite of Simon and Martina, haha. I liked their other videos better >.> BUT I love this song so much!! Minwoo and Kwangmin have improved so much ♥ If I would have them review any Boyfriend song, I would choose this one ♥ Because it’s a catchy beat, and there’s lots more to ‘make fun’ of X)

    Their clothes are just ridiculous… -_-;

  195. This song is sooo addicting. Now that U-Kiss won, I’m happy to help the bestfriends! Can someone please tell me who is who? I can only tell Minwoo.

    • The first one that appears in the MV, with yellow clothes is Donghyun, the leader, the that sings first is Jeongmin, the blond guy who sings after Jeongmin is Hyunseong. Than you have the twins, Kwangmin is the one with darker hair, he is one of the rappers, the other twin is Youngmin. And the maknae that you already know is Minwoo…

  196. Thanks KissMe(s) for willing to help us Bestfriend(s) out ^^

  197. Am I the only one who’s in Votezilla mode here?

  198. Since U-kiss already won, so I starting to wote for BF <33

  199. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    another kissme here to support the bestfriends!

  200. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    I LOLed when Martina said that the twins scare her :P

    • When did she say that? And why do they scare her? O_o

      • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

        in the K-pop chart update :P watch the playlist on their youtube channel :)

        • Claire Ryans

          Oh, okay! Thanks! I saw it, and it was funny, but I still don’t get why they scare her. ^-^

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          right? I think theyre absolutely ADORABLE. I love them~

        • Claire Ryans

          Me, too! I just don’t get how she’s creeped out by them, lol!

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          lol maybe because they act too aegyo, but us unmarried girls love aegyo on young guys so its ok

        • Claire Ryans

          lol, yeah! They were my first favorites when I first found out about Boyfriend! :)

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          yeah me too because they stood out as the twins <3

        • Claire Ryans

          BTW, I really like your username. I just discovered B1A4 a few days ago and I totally love them! ^-^

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          Thanks XD. yay, I am the ultimate Bana. Boyfriend and B1A4 are sort of similar in style so that’s why a lot of Banas are also Best friends :) Are you a bana or just a fan?

        • Claire Ryans

          Well I’ve just recently found them and only heard a few of their songs, so right now I’m just a fan. ^-^ I already love all the members, though, (especially Jinyoung and Gongchan :D), and it’s probably not long before I officially become a Bana :)

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          Yay, Bana community slowly expanding, that’s so good to see :’)
          yeah I LOVE jinyoung. i cant decide whether he shoudl be labelled cute or hot, he’s just so EVERYTHING @*$&*(^$. and I love gongchan too, but my second fav would have to be CNU. I don’t know why but that guy entrances me~ i love all of the members it was SOO hard to choose a favourite :P <- as you can see, I really am the ULTIMATE bilasa fangirl :)

        • Claire Ryans

          lol, yeah! Jinyoung really is good-looking (which I use to encompass all other terms such as cute and hot that could be applied to him :D) Personally, I think he and Lee Joon from MBLAQ look alike, especially when he smiles! I can’t choose a favorite between Jinyoung and Gongchan (I find that,coincidentally, most of my biases so far are maknaes), and I don’t know how I’ll be able to choose between the other members, either, although CNU definitely stands out to me and seems so adorable!

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          OMG i love Lee Joon from Mblaq! now that I think about it, yeah jinyoung and LeeJoon DO look alike~

        • Claire Ryans

          I know, right! I even found this picture online where Jinyoung looked eerily like Joon, and another one with two different pics of them side by side being compared with a caption that says “I see no difference”!

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          @google-a69f99095741199e2b862c03594fafaf:disqus I also think its like really smart and original to have a pair of twins in the same kpop group!

        • Claire Ryans

          yep, they’re my first twins I’ve ever seen in the Korean entertainment industry.

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          I also think its like really smart and original to have a pair of twins in the same kpop group!

        • Claire Ryans

          I remember when I first saw their first music video, and I saw one twin and then the other. Not knowing they were twins, I freaked out because I was like “How am I gonna tell them apart?!!? They look exactly alike!!!”
          Then I read the comments and was like “Oh, they’re twins! Cool!” ^-^

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          omg I thought that too! I loved their debut btw! <3 more than this song tbh.

        • Claire Ryans

          Me too. I showed my friends the song, and they thought it was cheesy and too cutesy, but I loved it! It was totally adorable! And I liked that song and music video better, too (especially in terms of cloths *cough*)

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          I love Boyfriend because they’re different than any kpop band I’ve seen. They have their own style, and its based off of aegyo which I LOVE.
          yeah I show my friends their debut too and I got all comments like ‘omg theyre so gay’ and ‘wtf how old are they’ and ‘this is for 5-year-olds’ and all of that stuff that we kpop fans hear so often :(
          I still watch the debut video and it never ceases to make me smile :)

          i actually like the clothes in the video. i feel like theyre making a statement with their bad fashion :P

        • Claire Ryans

          Their style really is different, which is what’s made me stick with them. They’re unique! So even when I don’t like their clothes, like here, I don’t mind really, but still :) My friends weren’t that bad, like they didn’t think they were gay or anything (probably because they’re into kpop, too ^-^), but they just didn’t like it. Oh, well, their loss!

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          haha yeah I am a loner kpopper here. I only have ONE friend into kpop and she moved overseas. Now i fangirl to myself~ its so sad :(

        • Claire Ryans

          Awww, only a few of my friends are into it, but I can’t imagine if none of them were :( The ones who are are ones who I got into kpop by showing them stuff, and then my other friends don’t even wanna give it a try.

          So how did you get into kpop? I got into it when one of my friends introduced me to kdramas and then started showing me kpop groups, and then together we got other friends into it :) But she graduated this year so now we can only talk about it through email and stuff.

          At least you can still fangirl with other fans online, but I know it’s not the same as having someone to fangirl with in person. :(

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          lucky ~_~ well i live in like a very sort of conservative environment so that’s why not many people are into Kpop althought i do try to get people into it but i always fail miserably~

          Well i had a friend who was into J-drama. (she’s gone now too)~ and so she got me ADDICTED. From J-drama, I began to watch a little K-drama and I downloaded the soundtracks and stuff, then slowly, I expanded and become a K-popper.
          lol yeah I always let out my fangirldom in online forums and EYK and youtube and AFF and stuff. :P

        • Claire Ryans

          Wow, what environment do you live in? I mean, if they don’t give Kpop a chance, what kind of music do they listen to?

          I have a close friend who’s into Jpop. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan (before I got into Korea, so now I wanna go to both places :D), and it’s her dream to go to Japan, too, so we plan on making it happen someday (going both places together)!Thanks to her I’ve found a few Japanese artists that I like, too. :)

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          I’m American and I live in the MiddleEast. People here aren’t used to the guys with long hair and makeup that dance and sing and stuff. But Kpop is slowly spreading there so it wont be long before I find someone! Plus there’s an advantage to being a lone kpopper~ there are a lot of Koreans there and so to them I’m special because I’m the only one into their culture! so its cool, I get pampered by Koreans. :P

          I like Jpop too :) (and some Mandopop!) but I don’t listen to it much because theyre not on youtube. Yeah I want to go to Japan and Korea and Taiwan as well. Plan on having like a one month trip to the Asias and just spend it touring my butt off. I really can’t imagine seeing so much hotness around me~ i’ll probably faint.
          What Jap artists do you listen to? I love Arashi personally. I also like Hey!Say!Jump! and Daikoku Danji. But tbh, theyre the only ones ive listened to so.. :P

        • Claire Ryans

          Wow, surrounded by Koreans! You’re so lucky! I don’t know any Koreans :(
          When I go to Korea and Japan, though, I don’t want to stay for just a month. I wanna stay long enough to have more than just the tourist experience; I want to have, like, the native experience to really see what it’s like. :)

          I’ve never listened to any of those Japenese artists (*makes mental note to check them out*). I like Younha (even though she’s Korean ^-^), and also some songs by Flow and Joe Inoue. :)

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          seriously? You don’t know any koreans? LOL then I must be lucky. I know quite a lot~ and I’ve dated a Korean ;) being the only one that likes kpop in the area really helps me with making good relations with them!
          i would love to live there, but I don’t think it will ever happen. If I go there, good enough for me!
          And i don’t know those japanese artists either :P

        • Claire Ryans

          Sadly, I am serious. T_T There aren’t any Koreans (as far as I know) where I live (but there are lots of Chinese!) And OMO! You’ve dated a Korean?!!!? You really are lucky! Like, REALLY lucky! :D

          I can’t say for certain that I’ll ever live there, either, but I really do hope to, even if just for a year or two.

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          aww :’( ~ and yeah, I did something most Kpop fans don’t have the opportunity to do, and I feel REALLY blessed because of that. too bad it’s over between him and me but it was fun while it lasted :P

    AS recently made their comeback so we really need to vote for BF

  202. I hope Boyfriend’s Love style gets reviewed. And also I hope other fandoms will help us Bestfriends to vote for them too!!!! GO GO GO!

  203. Yay~ Let’s vote and comment, please!!! :)

  204. Since my beloved UKISS is all set for Monday, I’m ready to support Boyfriend.

    After UKISS, there’s no one else that I particularly want to win, so I’m voting for the group/song I think would be most entertaining. Mostly, I just want to hear them say all the things you know they’ve been dying to say about Boyfriend. xDD (More talk on the creepy twins from Martina maybe?)

  205. Simon and Martina tweeted that they’ve already started scripting for this week’s KMM, and that means U-Kiss won. As a KissMe, I’ve been voting for U-Kiss’ Believe all week, but now I and other KissMe’s are here to get Boyfriend up in the rankings. Everyone, fighting! This is a great song by Boyfriend and it’ll be great if this is the first one of theirs to be reviewed on KMM.

    • Yeah, indeed.. I am new to simon&martina, but when I see their reviews from other kpop groups I always got laugh to them, the way they review the songs and the way they say it without a hurt feelings ^^
      Will they review the lyrics of the song?

  206. first listen: what kind of song is this?! “we’re high” “we’re right”
    second listen: hmm. its kinda good song.
    third listen: WHATATATATATA! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

  207. Since Ukiss won this week, I am here to help boyfriend! :) I am new to them so yeah~! :D

  208. It’s a really cute song >3<

  209. Comment, since those count too~ Let’s see… Question…

    Who’s your bias in Boyfriend and why? Mine’s Minwoo because he’s cute and the maknae :3 I love maknaes… -_-; (plus… His speaking voice is ADORABLE.)

  210. Let’s go guys! We own the third place! Let U-kiss be reviewed this week, next will be ours! o/

  211. Okay, now that they are scripting for U-KISS, I am here to support Boyfriend, my second bias group!!

    Boyfriend FIGHTING :D

  212. keep voting bestfriends!

  213. I think this would be a really FUN review :) It’s a catchy song and cute and lots of stuff to talk about :)

  214. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    I wonder when Boyfriend will be reviewed by S&M~ i don’t think this will make it next week unless U-kiss loses.

  215. i hope you guys would review this song because there is some stuff that would make really good material :D

  216. seriously felt guilty when Martina & Simon review this XD well …..

  217. Please Review it ! BOYFRIEND Fighting !!

  218. Please Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theyre the best. And theyre Cute!!!

  219. This is the first time I actually voted. I hope this video will get reviewed soon! :D <3

  220. boyfriend is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest! mansae! <3

  221. keep voting and commenting for boyfriend! ^^

  222. Lol they took the term “flower boy” a little too literally. Oh but I love the song. xD

  223. :O After School’s flashback has made their attack!

  224. Best Friends~ I have a proposition for you.

    If you have seen Simon and Martina’s kpop chart, U-KISS’s vote count will be weighed down soon. I am a Best Friend, as well as a KissMe, so if I get a bunch of KissMes to vote for Boyfriend next week, will you vote for them during the next few days so we can keep number one? I mean, I was planning on voting for Boyfriend like crazy next week anyway (SO not a fan of f(x) -_-:)…

    Are you in? :D

  225. Aaaaah. I’m turning into Votezilla! Voting for Boyfriend like a mad woman. XD

  226. Let’s strike the iron while it’s hot. CARPE DIEM~
    After School is coming back.

  227. Let’s go Bestfriends! Just two more places then we will become top 1. Although I doubt that we will win over UKISS this week. But we have the ability to win over f(x).

  228. I actually like this song even though they R a flower boy overload.

  229. please review >w< you have never reviewed their song

  230. They really need to do a Boyfriend song >o<

  231. I want this to win in the worst kind of way. Those outfits (made from curtains?), the jumping with splashes of color at the end….
    ahhhh bottomless material for S&M to work with, I don’t think it’ll win but I can always hope :D

  232. come on best friends! keep voting!

  233. boyfriend fighting!

  234. Keep voting guys!!!!

  235. Really happy that Bestfriends unite for Boyfriend. :))))))

  236. I’m so happy~~~~~~~~~~
    Boyfriend is on top of Teen Top. Tin Tap. Teen TOP. Big Bang’s TOP.
    LOLjk. I’m so lame.

  237. Please review since u guys did not do a Boyfriend song yet

  238. Come on guyz, let’s vote!!!!!!

  239. yes come on best friends!!! lets get above “like this”!!!


  241. Hope Boyfriend will get reviewed

  242. Review!

  243. boyfriend !! FIGHTING <3 I LOVE YOU !! MINWOO <3 : ) : ) : ) : )

  244. OMGEE just 4 more places then we could get to the top!

  245. This coreography is completely amazing…

  246. Please review I’m begging u guys

  247. This gives me a ‘good side of the 90′s revisited’ kind of feel

  248. So at first I thought why did a member has more outfits than the others.Then it hit me their are twins in this group.Other than that I thought that this song is really cute and catchy and they kinda reminded me of Super Junior in No Other must be because of the pink opening of the video but anyway I like it

  249. Boyfriend fighting!!!

  250. I LOVE their STYLE!!!!!! LOL

  251. I want to see a reviews for Boyfriend, since no one in their songs got reviewwd here…

  252. this is great song! very catchy

  253. Cuties!!! Nah… HOTIES!!!!

  254. If you refresh the page, you can keep voting!!! :)
    PLEASE refresh and vote! :D

  255. innocent mangkne with abs o-O

  256. the mv was kinda boring but
    still loving boyfriend ^^

  257. I really love them and this song is really catchy!

  258. vote everyday plz!

  259. fifth now – I hope they can get all the way to 1


  261. Fighting Best Friends!!! :) Lets get Boyfriend’s Love Style to be reviewed!!!! :)

  262. BESTFRIENDS, Boyfriend needs your support now. :-D

  263. Boyfriend is so talented……. :)))))))))))))))

  264. Go Boyfriend!
    Be the BEST among the REST!

  265. Ipapaglaban ko hanggang kamatayan ang Boyfriend!
    echos~ XD

  266. BOYFRIEND fighting!!!

  267. I’ll be honest: I’m not actually a fan of Boyfriend. I am SUPER DUPER curious what Simon would have to say about them. They’ve never done a KMM over Boyfriend, and I’ve realized what an atrocity that is considering all the fun inside jokes BANAs and KissMes, etc. get now because of EYK.

    So, I’m supporting Boyfriend.

  268. This song totally embodies summer spirit^^ This and Wonder Girl’s Like This make up my Summer Anthem :D

  269. <3 Boyfriend <3 want to see them on variety shows soon~ xD

  270. This song sounds like a commercial for a brand called lovestyle or something. It sounds good but I just can’t stop myself from seeing this as a long ad (kinda like chocolate love)

  271. nanananananananananana

  272. This song is addictive, like… srsly… It’s catchy and refreshing song! But their outfits…. It’s kinda hideous? LOL
    Oh. and the “we’re high we’re right” part… In my ears it sounds like “beehive we ride” and OMG… at the exact time they’re doing the “flying” coreography. XD~
    Overall I like this, the song, the cute coreo… but NOT THE FLOWERY OUTFIT!!! >o<
    Pliz do a review! You guys never reviewed them before… :(


  274. The lyrics in One Day is really cute. ^_^

  275. Just 4 more spots to go! >_<
    I don't think we will win against UKISS but we might win against f(x), BILASA, and Tin Tap. LOL. Tin Tap.

  276. Finally! We’re no. 6. We need more votes so we can ascend. Don’t forget to vote for Boyfriend on MNET too!

  277. Though this aint their best mv. i stilll wish tat it can be reviewed. other rookie had been reviewed!!! y is boyfriend taking such a long time?!

  278. i like it very much :-)

    * 4min * ^_^
    - youngmin- kwangmin- minwoo- jeongmin

  279. If we dont win for this monday, we can keep voting for the next monday!!! <3
    Im feeling motivated!! xDDD

  280. Boyfriend fighting!!!

  281. KEEP VOTING PLEASE!!!! :)

  282. <33333333333333333333333

  283. I wonder what S&M would say about their clothes in this MV! XD

  284. I definitely want to hear Simon and Martina’s comments on their wardrobe in this video. ^_^ Catchy song, though!

  285. keep posting comments everyday!!!

  286. love you boyfriend! fighting!!!

  287. 88888788888787778788888788888878788888788777878888777






    Saranghaeyo~~~ <3 ppyong~!!

  288. Love For BOYFRIEND.. FOREVER!!!

    Saranghaeyo Oppa!!!.. <3 <3 <3

  289. Best Friends fighting! :) Lets get Boyfriend’s Love Style to be reviewed!!! :D

  290. Kwangmin♥ Boyfriend Fighting♥

  291. i love this song♥so catchy^^…

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  293. boyfriend really does have a different style than other idol groups! <3

  294. keep voting for boyfriend! fightinggg~!^^

  295. OMGee we really need to go higher on the music charts! I feel so motivated now. ^______^

  296. keren…
    be success for the next!

  297. we really support the tape deck of his ten, so you will always follow every step of the group. minwoo one love. he’s so cute, lovable, and personality, jumping tone technology.

  298. I love it ! it’s a great comeback cannot wait to see more of them in the future <3

  299. AHHH!! These boys are too cute!! I’m confused as whether to vote for them or U-Kiss now. I guess I’ll be a two-time and vote for both. :P Curse my unfaithful heart.

  300. Everyone PLEASE keep voting for them!!
    Minwoo!!♥ (sorry he’s my bias)

  301. OMG ! Why you judge them by their outfit?? Judge them by their song and voice !
    They have strive for year >< Help them please Bestfriend TT___TT
    Make their song no. 1 !

  302. I think the outfits are adorable!!!!

  303. I hope boyfriend win for this week! >w<

  304. Youngmin and Kwangmin
    are so cute!!


  306. PLEASE!!!! kepp voting! keep sharing!! keep commenting!!!
    Even if is spam xDDDDD

  307. Keep voting guys!!!!

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