Boyfriend – On & On

  1. Kim Lazenby

    It’s been awhile. But I listened to the song again and I still enjoyed it and the video really made me feel better. Great job guys. Reviewed or not, I’m gonna have to buy this one too. ^^

  2. Jordan Smith

    YAY! Aegyo! They need to get more buff before they try to be “manly” and hey you can always be manly later play up the cuteness as long as you have it.

  3. Nicole SoRa

    I Yah, this is an awesome song (I’m hoping someone gets my laaaame joke…). Even though they switched their image a bit, it’s still pretty amazing. On and On just shows Boyfriend’s natural cuteness…unlike some earlier stuff. They’ve gotten better for sure! Boyfriend Fighting! :D

  4. Shannon Charlotte

    Guys~ I love this video. I really do. I had almost given up on boyfriend. I really had. but then i stopped and watched their Hello Baby (Which was amazing by the way) and thought to myself that I should take a look at all of their music again, and it just so happened that On and On came out right when I was doing that. I fell in love. There is something about the way that this song was done. It is cute, but not too cute, just like they’re having fun during the whole music video and that made me so freakishly happy. I hope that they come out with more music like this and that next time they promote it, because I feel like this song could have done even better had they decided to promote it.

  5. Teru Bouzu

    Definitely my favorite song and video of theirs so far! It probably helps that this is the first song where I’m not scared of the twins. They blinked!! It must mean their not Monster Killer Robots after all, right?! :P

  6. Parsacarly

    Wow it’s finally made it to the top 3!!! I listen to this song all the time on my ipod… it’s so cheerful!

  7. VBNinja

    I really like the refreshing sound of this song. Although its got a very basic pick-up and still is “very Boyfriend” its a really cute (as always) song and MV. Ever since this song came out, I listen to it almost every day!

  8. Please do a music mondays on BOYFRIEND cause u only reviewed janus. & they are not that popular you know.. D: Simon will be like “noooooo” D: Nyehehe. EYK fighting!

  9. Please make On&On as music mondays because BOYFRIEND is not that popular D: I’m sure simon will be like “noooooo” >:D EYK fighting!

  10. Amanda Georgiou

    I think that BOYFRIEND switching between different styles is just a way to attract different type of fans. Like the cute innocent image would attract the noonas and the strong manly image would attract younger fans? I don’t know but this video (thankfully!) lacks that forced cuteness that they had in the beginning (Boyfriend era) and feels more natural and it’s a fun video! ^w^

  11. Jessica Lewis

    I love this song and the video is just so naturally cute and loveable. :) It’s a shame this didn’t manage to make it into the top 3…

  12. WanFang

    I will be the 100th commentor :)
    Though i noe it is impossible for tis to be reviewed, i hoope all the Bestfriens will unite for their next ocmeback. which i think is after SISTAR. Maybe mid July. tis MV really showed 2 things. 1: Boyfriend is losing ALOT popularity or 2: ppl dun like their cute style cause the views r really depressing. hope their new comeback would be like Janus or IYAH.
    But i hav to admit, i miss their cute side, thus, thanks starship for releasing tis MV and song.

  13. WanFang

    Y didn’s S&M tok abt boyfriend in the kpop chart update? they gt a higher rank than the wonder boyz one. at first i saw ‘Boy’ i tot it would be Boyfriend. Really hope tat at least S&M will tok abt tis MV at the update :(

  14. tiranical

    what i really like about this song, from the first listen to now is that by the end of the song i feel like i’ve been riding on a rainbow unicorn and just landed in a bubble refreshed!

    the video may not be following a them or a plot, but they did film in very relevant places in Japan, which is cool to me because *cough* i lurv manga/anime *cough*

    and as for choreography.. who didn’t smile silly after seeing Jungmin go all Goku kamehameha / Naruto Rasengan on the other members xD

  15. HenryBestfriend168

    Henry 你最棒!
    这首歌, Trap, 很让我感动.

  16. Carlotta Di Molfetta

    This time, in this mv, i had really serious problem in distinguish the twins XD
    they confused me exchanging hairs color tone.
    But at the end i won and understood who is who! yhayyy

  17. Kristen Hinderliter

    I hope this one holds on to make it into a kpop monday or an update. because this was a great change from what you normally see in videos, like, NOT A BOX. and like cool use of their surroundings. while there is not plot, there is not a single girl to all of them. it’s kinda nice.

  18. Has anyone mentioned the similarity between this and One Direction’s One Thing music video?

  19. DaniS18

    please please do this video!! the song is really nice and awesome also dot a good rythm my non k-pop friends like it!

  20. I love their cute concept!! This is officially my second favorite song by boyfriend!! (:

  21. lili love

    This video should be featured, I like it when artist are themselves and actually look like their haveing fun and I think they did an awesome job at it . Plus I couldn’t stop smiling through the whole MV ^^ !!!!

  22. lili love

    I think this video should be featured . I like video’s when artist are being themselves and actually look like their haveing fun ! And I think they did a good job at doing that I couldn’t stop smiling through the whole video ^^.

  23. Awww that video was so adorable~ And the song was so catchy :’)

  24. Frances Sanchez

    up with the ranks :) hope they rank 1st..

  25. Chloe Tran

    This song is so catchy! i keep coming back to it :)

  26. I really like this mv. The song has a fun, light sound, which the video matches well. But the thing that I find the most charming about this mv is the way they just have fun like a regular bunch of friends: pranks, the anime meme, the goofing around…love it.

  27. Nicole SoRa

    I’m really liking this one. ^.^

  28. Fern Yaraporn

    รักพวกแกจัง boyfriend

  29. Shawol Kate

    that was really cute~~~ same track name as VIXX tho? hmmmm Boyfriend! What are you trying to say….XD just kidding BOYFRIEND (and VIXX) FIGHTING~~~

  30. disqus_XrHn169QDW

    CUte or manly concept, idec. I just love them and I’ll continue to support them! FIGHTING!!!

  31. Syer Syahirah

    i keep press the refresh button..
    don’t know why..this song really make me crazy..^_^

  32. Raine

    How cute…and generic. Both song and video. But, the song is strangely catchy. Good writing. It’s all in the transitions. It’s what Exo’s wolf is missing and Shinee’s Why So Serious.

    • Nancy Smith

      i completely agree with you. some other songs maybe very overrated with no nice sense in melody of the music. this song was very nice and catchy :)

  33. Nurul Hasanah Fidya

    Keep Vote for Boyfriend On & On ^^

  34. lee qiao ling

    love boyfriend 4ever!!!!!! all of them have charms!!! this mv makes me feel happy all time!!

  35. Grasha Non

    I really feel so natural watching this video and even if they are compared and bashed. I think they deserve credit. This song is s alive and I have got to admit on of the most soulful song they had released.
    I hope if this get reviewed, the video would t least be appreciated and the growth of boyfriend as a band will be seen. Not to many bands depends on the sincerity of their music and for me boyfriend always has a sincere message for their fans.

  36. I used to think HyunSeong gets the least attention because of his looks but the blame is on his hairstyle, BUTT in this MV, I love him, I love HIMMMMM and ALL of them also… I fell in love with all of them instead bias one..

    • Nancy Smith

      i love all members! <3 :)

    • WanFang

      I AGREE!!! I hate it when he dosent style his hair and its all flat.. Cause tat means less ppl wll notice him. haha.
      He has been my bias since DTMG era! He can potray 2 image vey well. cute and sexy+charismatic!! With his fringe styled up, he became the sexiest and coolest guy (i think. haha) among BF. and when his fringe is down, he becomes a pretty boy(for eg. in tis vid!)

  37. Boyfriend is more suitable with this bright image.. They are more sexy and cute this way.. at least to me.. I love this MV and the song so much!! <3

  38. This is Boyfriend. The shining and bright and happy them. This is why I love them the most!!! On & On thinking, loving and missing them..

  39. Franchezka Isabelle

    I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE IT WINS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. T-ara forever

    i like the song it’s catchy